"The Stalin period of the Comintern is, to this day, the most powerful period in the entire history of the proletarian international since the founding of the I International of Marx and Engels."

Comintern (SH)

March 5, 2019





On 5 March 1953 , the outstanding world-proletarian leader,

J. V. Stalin, died.


The whole progressive world mourned the loss of that

steeled disciple and successor of Lenin,

that great 4th Classic of Marxism-Leninism.


Stalin's legacy is immortal.





March 5, 2019



Messages of Solidarity



Message of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of the 66th day of death

of comrade Stalin

March 5, 1953 – March 5, 2019

On the 66th anniversary of the death of Comrade Stalin, we send our Stalinist-hoxaist greetings to all comrades around the world, especially our warmest regards to the Russian and Georgian Section of the Comintern (SH).

One can not talk about Comrade Stalin without highlighting his influence on the international labor movement. Just as the history of the I Internationale is inseparably connected with the names of Marx and Engels, so the history of the III International is forever connected with the names of Lenin and Stalin.

The Stalin period of the Comintern is, to this day, the most powerful period in the entire history of the proletarian international since the founding of the I International of Marx and Engels.

Not a single leader of the world proletariat was ever faced with the task of leading such enormous masses of millions of workers and peasants in all countries of the world - no one else than Stalin!

In Stalin, the working masses around the world saw their leader, who guided the great ship of socialism in the interests of the liberation of the world proletariat and the working people of the whole world.

In Stalin, the millions of workers saw their teacher, from whose classical works they learned and learn how to successfully fight against the class enemy, how to create the conditions for the final victory of the world proletariat.

Every word of Comrade Stalin has decisively changed the balance of power between capital and labor in the international arena.

The source of Stalin's influence lies in the fact that the correctness of the perspectives he has pointed out in the consciousness of the working masses of the whole world has been confirmed by the world-historical experience of the victorious socialist revolution.

Our mourning for Comrade Stalin is mixed on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Comintern with irrepressible hatred of all those who openly or covertly deny or tarnish his services to the Comintern.

To this day, the Trotskyist lie has been spread: Stalin would have reversed Lenin's bulwark of the world revolution, the Soviet Union, and allegedly "betrayed" Lenin's Comintern. Stalin's leadership of the Comintern in the "Third Period" has been demonized and, in consequence, made responsable for the degeneration and liquidation of the Comintern. The Cominten (SH) has fought against this lie since its foundation.
The Comintern of Stalin was betrayed and not vice versa. The truth is:
The greatest victories of the Comintern are unthinkable without Stalin. Since the death of Lenin, the Comintern has been aligned and equipped with Leninism so faithfully, so clearly and so convincingly by no one else than by comrade Stalin.
Lenin began with the Bolshevization of the Comintern and Stalin completed the Bolshevization of the Comintern, while Dimitrov de-bolshevized the Comintern.

" Bolshevization" in words and de-bolshevization in deeds -this is the phenemenology of the revisionist Comintern policy of Dimitrov.

According to the application of the method of dialectical materialism, Dimitrov's policy of "Bolshevizing" was nothing other than a de-bolshevization, because the Comintern had been already bolshevized by Lenin and Stalin.

The VII World Congress led by Dimitrov was exactly the opposite of the Stalinist VI World Congress and thus the turning point to the revisionist degeneration of the Comintern.

The bourgeoisie characterizes Dimitrov as an "submissive executive body of Stalin". In truth, Dimitrov had deceived Stalin, had deceived the Comintern and the whole world proletariat. Anyone who tries to present Dimitrov as a Stalinist is, in fact, an anti-Stalinist, a neo-revisionist, a parrot of the anti-communist histography of the world bourgeoisie. Who dares to deny that the modern revisionists praised Dimitrov and demonized Stalin? Dimitrovism is expression of Anti-Stalinism.

And all those who try to drive a wedge between Lenin and Stalin, who try to construct an alleged "antagonism" between "Stalin's Comintern" and the "Comintern of Lenin", are enemies of the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin, are supporters of Trotzky, are henchmen of the world bourgeoisie.

Stalin was not only the leader of the Soviet Union, the leader of the bulwark of world revolution, but with his leading Comintern activity and all-round support of the individual Sections, Stalin also proved to be the guiding star of all communist parties in the world. Stalin was the greatest leader of the world proletariat ever.

A life long, Stalin has faithfully fulfilled his oath that he swore at Lenin's grave:


And to the congratulations on his 50th Birthday Stalin replied:

"You need have no doubt, comrades, that I am prepared in the future, too, to devote to the cause of the working class, to the cause of the proletarian revolution and world communism, all my strength, all my ability and, if need be, all my blood, drop by drop." (December 22, 1929)

Stalin kept his word until his last breath on 5 March 1953.

The 66th anniversary of Comrade Stalin's death is for us Stalinist-Hoxhaists a day of struggle against those who condemn Stalin's approval of the dissolution of the Comintern wrongly as a "betrayal" at his principled Marxist-Leninist stance toward the Communist International. Stalin continued excellently the work of the Comintern of Lenin, namely like no other. Why on earth would this most faithful disciple of Lenin have wanted to destroy the work of the founder of the Comintern?
What did Stalin approve? Did he approve the dissolution of the Stalinist Comintern or the dissolution of the degenerated revisionist Comintern ? That's the point which makes the difference !

Thus the betrayal at the Comintern was not committed by Stalin, but by those who turned away from the Leninist-Stalinist course of the Comintern. The betrayal was committed by right-wing leaders of the Comintern, who proved to be capitulators and liquidators.

Dimitrov was the gravedigger of the Comintern, the gravedigger of the world party of the world proletariat, the gravedigger of world capitalism.

The 66th anniversary of the death is a day of struggle against those who want to replace Stalinism with Dimitrovism. These "innovators" of Dimitrovism , these neo-revisionists, are the ones who want to "protect" Stalin and Enver Hoxha from Stalinism-Hoxhaism. But just as little as Marx, Engels and Lenin can be "protected" from Marxism-Leninism, can Stalin and Enver Hoxha be "protected" from Stalinism-Hoxhaism. History cannot be denied: The five Classics fought for the proletarian International, while Dimitrov liquidated the Comintern.

And trying to "protect" the world proletariat from refounding the Comintern - that is nothing but protecting the power of the world bourgeoisie from the power of the world proletariat. Instead of fighting for the world socialist revolution, the neo-revisionists are fighting against us, the defenders of the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin.

Lenin and Stalin embody the hopes of all workers for the bright future of world communism, without exploitation and oppression.

Lenin and Stalin, with the successful construction of socialism in the Soviet Union, have shown all workers in the world the way to successful construction of socialism on a world scale.

Lenin and Stalin embody the spirit of proletarian internationalism, the unification, the mutual help and support of the workers of all countries in the struggle for their liberation from world capitalism.

Lenin and Stalin embody the victory of the October Revolution and thus the belief in the victory of the world proletarian revolution.

Lenin and Stalin embody the invincible power of the Bolshevik Party of new type on a world scale, the power of the Communist International.

Every fight against the Comintern is a fight against Lenin and Stalin, a fight against proletarian internationalism, against the world proletariat, against the world socialist revolution, against the construction of world socialism and world communism.

That's why you can not defend the Comintern without defending Lenin and Stalin.
And just as Lenin and Stalin defended the Comintern against "left" and right opportunism, so we too today must defend the Comintern (SH) against "left" and right opportunism. This is the most important lesson for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Comintern.

Stalin personally played a key role in the drafting of the Comintern program which was abandoned by Dimitrov and is defended by the Comintern (SH).

Of great importance to the defense of the Leninist Comintern was Stalin's struggle against Trotskyism, which was sealed with Trotsky's expulsion from the Comintern.

Under the leadership of Comrade Stalin, the CPSU (B) demolished the Trotskyite-Zinovievite bloc ideologically and organisationally and its influence within the Comintern. By means of Stalin's presentation on the XV. Party Conference "On the Social Democratic Deviation in our Party" (November 1926) and his speech at the VII. Extended Plenum of the Executive Committee of the Comintern "Once again on the Social Democratic Deviations in our Party" (December 1926) the CPSU (B), the Leninist unity of the Comintern was ensured ideologically and organizationally.

In its resolutions, the enlarged plenum of the executive committee of the Comintern branded the followers of the Trotsky-Zinoviev Bloc as splitters who had degenerated to Menshevik positions.

Just as the founding of the Comintern had been impossible without Lenin's fight against the betrayal of the Second International, so the consolidation of the Comintern was impossible without Stalin's struggle against Trotskyism and the anti-party Bukharin-Rykov group.

Of particular importance for the victory over the Bukharin-Rykov group was Stalin's speech "On the Right Danger in the CPSU (B)" (at the Plenum of the Moscow Committee and the Moscow Control Commission in October 1928) and "On the Right Deviation in the CPSU (B) "(at the Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU (B) in April 1929). In these speeches of Stalin the Rightists were exposed as enemies of Leninism, and the Comintern was thus welded together on correct Stalinist positions. For this purpose, we also published the article last year:

Long live the 90th Anniversary of the

Sixth Congress of the Communist International

In November 1931, Stalin published: "On questions of the history of Bolshevism", where he branded the Trotskyist falsifier of the history of Bolshevism. Stalin showed that Leninism arose, grew and strengthened in the ruthless struggle against opportunism of all branches.
The Bolsheviks were the revolutionary organization in the world that had defeated the opportunists and centrists and that purified the Comintern from opportunism.

However, the liquidation of the remnants of the Bucharinist-Trotskyists within the CPSU (B), carried out by Stalin, did not automatically mean that these spies and wreckers had been liquidated completely in the Comintern and in all her Sections, too. These counterrevolutionary elements within the leadership of the Comintern (such as Dimitrov, Kuusinen, Ulbricht, Pieck, Togliatti etc.) hid behind the "oath on Stalin" since the 1930s in order to prepare the liquidation of the Comintern and its Sections behind the back of Stalin.

Under the dominant influence of Dimitrov, right-wing opportunist leaders prevailed at the Seventh World Congress, betraying everything that Lenin and Stalin had taught about the Comintern. The Comintern leaders abrogated the old Leninist decisions of the Comintern and the Stalinist Comintern program, and set out on the path of capitulation and peace with the bourgeoisie.

Stalin's Bolshevik Comintern tactics of demarcation from the social democratic parties and subsequently their internal decomposition by means of anti-fascist and anti-socialfascist unity propaganda served his world-revolutionary offensive against world imperialism. The aim was the preparation of world-wide armed uprisings with the support of the Red Army. Against this dangerous offensive of the worldwide conquest of Communism, the anti-Comintern pact was made. Previously, Dimitrov had not been set free by the fascists without compensation. He received his traitor's reward for promising to creep into the leadership of the Comintern, namely for the only reason of bringing the Comintern to a standstill and finally to its liquidation without upcoming of any internal resistance.

Dimitrov, according to the will of the fascists, dissolved the Comintern, founded by Lenin and successfully continued by Stalin, thus opened up the revisionist door for the individual communist parties. That is, not only to ally with bourgeois parties, but to merge with them, which meant not only the cessation of the ruthless struggle against the bourgeois parties, but also the complete liquidation of the communist parties of a new Bolshevik type.

Thus Stalin's revolutionary united front tactic was transformed into a revisionist-reformist united front tactic against Stalinism. This treacherous act was the signal for the creation of the anti-Stalinist world movement of the modern revisionists, who could globally spread unhindered after Stalin's assassination on 5 March 1953.

The dissolution of the Comintern - this is the anti-Leninist anti-Stalinist legacy of Dimitrov, which is today implemented by the neo-Dimitrovists, the ICMLPO, as a weapon against us, the genuine continuators of the Comintern.

What answer can we give to the neo-Dimitrovists?

We answer to the neo-Dimitrovists in the words of both the founder and the faithful continuator of the Comintern:


"The International has not fallen and will never perish." (Lenin)


"The Comintern is the holy of holies of the working class." (Stalin)


And what about the words of the Stalinist Comintern program dropped by Dimitrov?


"Expressing the historical need for an international organisation of revolutionary proletarians-the gravediggers of the capitalist order-the Communist International is the only international force that has for its programme the dictatorship of the proletariat and Communism, and that openly come out as the organiser of the international proletarian revolution." (1928)


And what is the meaning of § 1 of the Stalinist Statute of the Comintern?


"As the leader and organiser of the world revolutionary movement of the proletariat and the upholder of the principles and aims of Communism, the Communist International strives to win over the majority of the working class and the broad strata of the property-less peasantry, and fights for the establishment of the world dictatorship of the proletariat, for the establishment of a World Union of Socialist Soviet Republics, for the complete abolition of classes and for the achievement of socialism-the first stage of Communist society." (1928)


On the 66th anniversary of the death of Comrade Stalin, we comrades of the Comintern (SH) swear to put into action this legacy left by Stalin, without sparing our lives.



Long live comrade Stalin– the glorious 4th Classic of Marxism-Leninism!


He will live forever in our hearts and minds!

All capitalist-revisionist lies and calumnies will never erase comrade Stalin's glorious legacy!

Long live the glorious CPSU (Bolsheviks)!

Long live Comintern of comrades Lenin and Stalin!!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism!


Long live world socialist revolution!

Long live world proletarian dictatorship!

Long live socialism and communism at a global scale!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the world party which is the only authentic defender and follower of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

The Comintern (SH) is the only organization that authentically honours comrade Stalin’s red banner!


On occasion of the 66th anniversary of the death of Stalin the Comintern (SH) decided to publish a special website "Stalin on the Comintern", a collection of his speeches and writings.

Comintern (SH)

Wolfgang Eggers

5 March 2019



March 5, 2019

66th Day of Death


Messages of Solidarity

Greeting Message from our Egyptian comrades


Dear Comrades !

We today in the 5th of March remembering the tragic event of the death of the 4th Classic of Marxism-Leninism , the brilliant teacher of the world proletariat, the leader of the world revolution , the leader of the Communist International (Comintern), the leader of the former socialist camp which emerged under the victorious banner of comrade Stalin's Red Army after the predatory imperialist barbarian war that have been waged against the peoples of the world in general and the soviet people and the proletariat's dictatorship in particular, the beloved leader of the world proletariat and all of the oppressed people, the dear comrade Stalin.

Comrade Stalin, and Stalinism is being fought cruelly and facing a 'great' distorting by Arab reaction and bourgeoisie, side by side with revisionism (with all of it's masks) including Pesudo-'Stalinism', and for sure and precisely the Trotskyist Ideology.

Every revisionist ideologies plays it's role for distorting Stalinism even by taking a 'stalinist' mask through the revisionist shameful and pragmatic positions in all the fields of the battles.

Comrade Stalin, the man who was leading the Soviet people after the death of the Great Teacher Comrade Lenin, the man who helped the building of the USSR from Zer0, from a very backward agrarian society to a great industrial countries where the workers from all nationalities living hand by hand with no hate with a great solidarity and real unity that resulted to make them all stand for their socialist motherland to defend it from the invaders with no hesitation because they actually own their motherland! (thanks to socialism and comrade Stalin who led with the Bolshevik Part it's construction), the man whose enemies of all of world's bourgeoisie themselves have said by their tongues how great his works was in all the fields for the sake of the happiness of the whole soviet people and the liberation of the whole of world proletariat. Later they went in hypocrite typical-bourgeoisie actions hand by hand with the whole of world burgeoise and 'communists' (read:revisionists) to distort the picture of this man.

Sadly the effect of the ideology of world bourgeoisie remains and heavily influencing the people and deceiving them, they won in drawing the picture of Stalin in the peoples minds in that dirty way, Stalin the man who did everything good became a kind of 'vampire' or 'monster' who was just killing, tens, thousand, millions, billions, trillions of the people (unironically) (!) even in the communist movement and side by side with the anti-stalinist Trotskyist Ideology which distorts Stalin's legacy and works in a very childish 'revolutionary' way and that sadly influencing a lot of Arab and Egyptian communist youth, there is also the ideologies of Maoism, Dimitrovism, Pseudo-'Stalinism', even Pesudo-'Hoxhaism'! All of them have one aim if not even to attack comrade Stalin 'openly' and praising him just in words we all know that they are standing against him in deeds and against his teachings exactly like Khushchev and his gang of traitors!

The bourgeois intellectuals , the revisionist intellectuals never said something true about him, and if they tried to show how 'honest' they are in 'some' points they work in distorting it from the other side, there can not be any 'truth' that could be taken from world bourgeoisie and her world revisionism.

If the one really needed to know "Who was Stalin?" In reality, then he should read his works and study it, to read those who lived by his side and have seen him like Comrade Enver Hoxha and the old Bolsheviks, but not to read such an anti-stalinist mainstream stupidly made yellow-books by world bourgeoisie and her intelligentsia.

Although comrade Stalin is facing a great crusade of distorting and mad attacks of world bourgeoisie and revisionism, comrade Stalin and Stalinism win AGAIN a great place in the heart of the freedom loving and working people and among a lot of the progressive and communist elements because the lies of world bourgeoisie is being fought and the truth will shine again till it will blind for ever world bourgeoisie and world revisionism and will deeply dig their grave by the hand of the world proletariat led by the only World-Party that really defends Comrade Stalin, and Stalinism - the Comintern (SH)!

Long Live our beloved C.Stalin, the 4th Teacher and Classic of Marxism Leninism!

Long Live Stalinism!

Long Live the victorious banner of Comrade Stalin! Long Live the victorious banner of the world socialist revolution!

-Egypt's Section



Messages of Solidarity


To our Russian comrades of


March 5, 2019

Dear Comrades of enverhoxha.ru !

We send to you, to the Russian proletariat and to the former Soviet peoples, our militant greetings on occasion of the 66th anniversary of Comrade Stalin's death.

The immortal life and work of Comrade Stalin can not be abused or obscured by any anti-Comintern demagogy.
Today, on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Comintern, we defend Comrade Stalin as the great leader of the world proletariat and the Comintern, just as Enver Hoxha did it.
Long live Comrade Stalin!
Long live the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin!

with Stalinist greeting

Comintern (SH)

Messages of Solidarity


Greeting Message from our Russian comrades of



Hello Comrade Wolfgang!

On the memorable anniversary of Stalin's death, together with sorrow, we hold high the banner of the outstanding successor to the cause of Marx, Engels and Lenin!
Long live the great Stalin!
Long live the teachings and work of the five classics Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Hoxha!

With communist greetings












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Über die Komintern

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