8 nëntor 1941

Rroftë ditën themelues të partisë së Punës të Shqipërisë!




8 nëntor 2017


Përshëndetje e solidaritetit

në anglisht


Greeting Message of the Comintern (SH)


on occasion of the founding day of the Party of Labour of Albania [8th of November, 1941],


on the 3rd founding day of the Albanian Section

[8th of November, 2014],


on the 6th founding day of the German, Georgian and Portuguese Section of the Comintern (SH)

[8th of November, 2011]


 We are also greeting our new Russian Section,


as well as our Yugoslav and Greek Section (which are still under construction).



Dear comrades of all Sections of the Comintern (SH) !

On this historic day, we celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the Party of Labour of Albania (PLA) with comrade Enver Hoxha at the head,

and simultaneously we celebrate the

founding day of our Sections of the Comintern (SH).

First, we like to honour the founding of the PLA and Enver Hoxha, the founder and wise leader of the PLA and the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism.


Dear comrades of the Albanian Section !

The Comintern (SH) sends to you flaming world communist greetings on occasion of the 76th anniversary of the founding of the Party of Labour of Albania with Comrade Enver Hoxha at the top.

Yesterday we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution and the founding of our Russian Section.

The founding of the Party of Labour of Albania was based on the teachings of the October revolution, on the teachings of the Bolshevik party with comrade Lenin and Stalin at the head.

Comrade Enver Hoxha said:

"The lessons of the October Revolution, the experience of the III. International in general and of the Bolshevik Party in particular, served the Party of Labour of Albania and the Albanian workers as a guide to their revolutionary path and inspire us in the fight for freedom, independence and socialism ."


The 8th of November 1941 was the turning point in the history of the Albanian people, when the foundation of socialist Albania was laid.


The PLA has not only gained the victory of the revolution and secured the dictatorship of the proletariat for more than 40 years, it has built not only socialism in the own country with great success, but it has also made the greatest internationalist contribution to the world proletariat and the proletarian world revolution.

The PLA led the Albanian people to victory over the fascist invaders through relying on the own forces, but well-known, this happened as part of the anti-fascist world front under the leadership of Comrade Stalin. Today the Albanian Section is a detachment of the Comintern (SH) that will propagate, prepare and perform the socialist revolution in Albania as part of the socialist world revolution.

The socialist Albania was constructed under the leadership of Comrade Enver Hoxha on solid Marxist-Leninist positions and showed the whole world that - even under the conditions of the brutal imperialist-revisionist blockade, even under conditions of severe crises, which went through the bourgeois-revisionist capitalist world - it was able to fearlessly advance on the path of socialism, basing the own forces on the support of the world forces of proletarian internationalism.

The history of socialist Albania is the glorious history of the victorious leader of the international struggle against modern revisionism in power. The socialist Albania with Enver Hoxha at the head raised the banner of the global anti-revisionism by a maximum of what was feasible for a socialist country for the development, support and kindling of the struggle against modern revisionism in all countries of the world.

History has confirmed that the defeat of modern revisionism in a country - even if this country was not yet so far developed as the socialist Soviet Union - is not only possible or probable, but also victorious in practice. Albania's struggle against modern revisionism was a prime example of the practical application and defense of the Marxist-Leninist theory of the revolutionary class struggle in socialist class society.

Socialism was achieved by blood and sweat of the Albanian people. And it will cost even more blood and sweat for the restoration of the dictatorship of the proletariat. However, we communists all over the world are convinced about the fact that the Albanian people who have built up socialism, will also be victoriously reestablish socialism, which will shed in new radiance.


We Comrades of the Comintern (SH) cherish the PLA of Comrade Enver Hoxha and the Albanian people for decades in unbroken loyalty. There is no other organization in the world who adheres so steadfastly and faithfully love to you. Our love and devotion to you is based on the principles of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism. The socialist Albania has done for the world revolution the greatest contributions and sacrifices, and therefore it is the honorable duty of the world proletariat, to give the Albanian working class and the Albanian people the solidarity that they deserve and need in the struggle for throwing off the yoke of enslavement of their exploiters and oppressors.

Dear comrades of the Albanian Section !

We swear to fight shoulder to shoulder with you until the victory of the socialist revolution in your country, until the re-establishment of the Albanian dictatorship of the proletariat, until the restoration of the socialist Albania in the spirit of comrade Enver Hoxha.

The founding of Sections of the Comintern (SH) in more and more countries of the world, exactly on the 8th of November of every year, this is a great honour for us but also a great obligation to march jointly forward to the world socialist revolution under the glorious banner of the Party of Labour of Albania, under the banner of the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism, comrade Enver Hoxha !


Long live the 8th of November 1941, the founding day of the PLA of comrade Enver Hoxha !

Long live the 8th of November 2014, the founding day of the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH) !



Dear comrades of the Sections !

There is now the Albanian Section in the homeland of the 5th Classic Enver Hoxha, in Albania.

There is a Georgian Section in the homeland of the 4th Classic Stalin, in Georgia.

There is now a Russian Section in the homeland of the 3rd Classic Lenin, in Russia.

And there is a German Section in the homeland of both the first Classics Marx and Engels, in Germany.


Dear comrades of the Sections in the homeland of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism !

It is a great honour for you to fight shoulder to shoulder under the banner of the 5 Classics for the world socialist revolution. But it is also your mutual obligation that you never allow any class enemy in the homeland of the 5 Classics or anywhere else on this earth, to stain the names of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha.

It is a great moment in the development of the Comintern (SH) that we have now achieved - on the 8th of November 2017 - the full completion of Sections in the homelands of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha !

With our 4 Sections in all these homelands of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, the Comintern (SH) is equiped with the basic strength of founding new Sections around the world under the banner of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism!

At this stage in the development of the Sections of the Comintern (SH) no one will be able to claim that the Communist International exists on name only.
The Comintern (SH) has become a conspicuous factor in the communist world movement. The time when our opponents tried to pretend that the founding of the Comintern (SH) "never happened", this is a thing of the past, now and forever - thanks to our Sections, thanks to our friends all over the world.

The Communist International is the party of the world proletariat, a party, united by the Sections of the countries in order to achieve jointly the victory of the proletarian world revolution, without which victory of revolution in one country cannot be guaranteed.

World capitalism is only eliminated if it is removed in each single country. Without the socialist revolutions in the countries there is no world socialist revolution. World-Socialism cannot be created without socialism in each single country. Only based on its Sections, the Comintern (SH) is able to lead and secure the world socialist revolution and to build up world socialism successfully.


On the 8th of November we celebrate the founding of our Sections and we take the opportunity to thank all comrades for their loyalty towards the Comintern (SH) and for their tireless work and their courageous and self-sacrificing fight for the world socialist revolution in their country!

May the Sections of the Comintern (SH) prosper and consolidate with every new year!


Long live the Sections of the Comintern (SH)!

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism

- Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Long live the world socialist revolution!

Long live the socialist revolution and dictatorship of the proletariat in every country of the world !

Long live the dictatorship of the world proletariat!

Long live the World Socialist Republic !

Long live world socialism and world communism !




Wolfgang Eggers

on behalf of the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)!

8th of November, 2017








Bisedë me një grup punëtorësh të shtypshkronjës

«Mihal Duri» dhe me disa bashkëpunëtorë të

Institutit të Studimeve Marksiste-Leniniste

4 nëntor 1968




8 nëntor 2016



Përshëndetje e solidaritetit

në anglisht

8 nëntor 2016

Greeting message

of the Comintern (SH)

to the Albanian Section

Long live the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Party of Labour of Albania
the 2nd anniversary of the founding of the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH)

Dear comrades !

The Comintern (SH) sends to all Albanian comrades, to the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH) revolutionary greetings.
The Comintern (SH) likes to thank you for your revolutionary fight during the second year after the creation of your new Section.
All comrades of the Comintern (SH), all Sections, congratulate you today on your second anniversary.

The 8th of November 1941 was the turning point in the history of the Albanian people, when the foundation of socialist Albania was laid.

And November 8, 2014 was another turning point in the history of the Albanian people, when you laid the foundation for the restoration of socialist Albania.

All these years were years of heroic struggles and battles for the triumph of revolution and socialism. Your most painful experience was the loss of happy life in a socialist society. We share your hatred against all those traitors who betrayed and destroyed your beloved socialist homeland. We support your firm determination to turn your hatred into the revolutionary struggle for the re-establishment of socialism in Albania. Socialism was achieved by blood and sweat of the Albanian people. And it will cost even more blood and sweat for the restoration of the dictatorship of the proletariat. However, we communists all over the world are convinced about the fact that the Albanian people who have built up socialism, will also be victoriously reconquer their socialist achievements. That's what the enemies of the Albanian people fear most. And that's why they are not tired of slinging mud at you. But you have proved to never give up your struggle against anti-communism in Albania. You rely on the invincible ideological weapon of Stalinism-Hoxhaism, on the glorious heritage of the Party of Labour of Albania, and on international support from all comrades of the Comintern (SH).

The Albanian Section, which was founded two years ago, marches on decisively and without hesitation onto the glorious path of the Party of Labour of Albania.

The Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH) will always be better connected with the Albanian working class and the Albanian people with each new year, and one day you will lead the class struggle to victory. The day will come when the dictatorship of the Albanian bourgeoisie will be overthrown, when the foreign imperialists will be expelled, and the dictatorship of the proletariat re-established under the revolutionary banner of Comrade Enver Hoxha.

We know that you Albanian comrades must fight under difficult conditions of illegality. You are threatened by the social-fascists who dare to block the influence of the Comintern (SH) in Albania. The open and hidden social-fascists try to discredit our members and to keep them away from their struggle for the socialist revolution. Be watchful, comrades! Adhere strictly to the rules of illegality that Enver's Party has taught you during its glorious liberation war against the fascist occupiers and their quislings! The Comintern (SH) and all her Sections stand solidly at your side and support you with all our strength.

Today, the Albanian people experience the consequences of the world capitalist crisis firsthand, and they will protest, fight and rise up. In order to unify the liberation struggle of the Albanian people under your communist banner, it is necessary that you build up a strong Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH).

We know, that you Albanian comrades are still suffering from the current situation of the split within the Albanian Communist Movement. It is therefore the most urgent task of the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH) to overcome the primitiveness of individual circle-groups who are competing among each other instead of beating jointly the rule of the capitalist bourgeoisie. The split of the various groups means a weakening of the Albanian communist movement as a whole. It is necessary to establish a revolutionary united front under the joint banner of Comrade Enver Hoxha. Only through the struggle for unity can the Albanian communist movement be transformed into strength. However, the unity of the Communist groups in Albania can only be achieved in the struggle against opportunism - against the opportunists and not together with the opportunists.

The unity of the Albanian Communists rests on the common will and on the common action to turn Albania back into a socialist country. But that is not yet the only decisive point. The decisive factor is revolutionary unity for the armed overthrow of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. A new socialist Albania can flourish only through the violent socialist revolution. Unity can therefore only exist with those forces which follow the revolutionary path of the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH) which is guided by the teachings of Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

Therefore it is indispensable to draw a clear line tirelessly and obstinately between us and the Albanian opportunists, the lackeys of the Albanian social-fascists.

The unity of the Albanian Communists will be successful only on the basis of Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

Dear comrades,

The PLA with Enver Hoxha at the head has taught you everything how the revolutionary struggle for socialism in Albania is to be conducted. It is now important to implement these valuable teachings consistently and to strengthen the Comintern (SH) in Albania.

The Comintern (SH) and her Sections wish the Albanian Section a lot of success, courage and endurance. We are sure that you will overcome all difficulties in the future , namely in the same way as the PLA has overcome all difficulties in the past.

The victory will be ours if we follow firmly the banner of comrade Enver Hoxha!

Honor and glory to the 75th anniversary of the PLA!

Long live comrade Enver Hoxha - the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism!

Long live Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live the socialist revolution in Albania!

Long live the Comintern (SH) and her Albanian Section!

Long live the unity of all Albanian communists under the banner of Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Wolfgang Eggers
on behalf of the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists!
November 1, 2016



8 nëntor 2015


Përshëndetje e solidaritetit

në anglisht

Greeting message

of the Comintern (SH)

to the Albanian Section

Long live the 74th anniversary of the founding of the Party of Labour of Albania
the 1st anniversary of the founding of the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH)!

Dear comrades !

The Comintern (SH) sends to all Albanian comrades, to the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH) revolutionary greetings.
The Comintern (SH) likes to thank you for your revolutionary work that you have done in the first year after the creation of your new Section.
All comrades of the Comintern (SH), all Sections, congratulate you today on your first anniversary. We know it very well - the first year was not easy for you. You have had to cope with numerous problems. Nevertheless, you have made great contributions to the Comintern (SH), we are proud of having you in our ranks and thank you so much.
We would like to express our internationalist solidarity with you and we wish you all success for your coming battles. You have faithfully sticked to the ideas of Stalinism-Hoxhaism, and we are sure that you will achieve new victories. You are the successors of the glorious Party of Labour of Albania, and all our hopes, confidence and courage rest on you.

The founding of the Communist Party of Albania on November 8, 1941 marked a decisive turning point in the history of the Albanian people. Only under her leadership the Albanians could sweep away the Italian and German fascist occupiers by means of the national liberation struggle. Guided by the lessons of Marxism-Leninism the PLA was leading the people's revolution to victory and established the dictatorship of the proletariat. The formerly most backward country in Europe became a beacon of socialism. Through the achievements in building socialism and its principled foreign policy, the People's Socialist Republic of Albania had once great reputation and many friends in the world.
With her blood, the Party of Labour of Albania defended freedom and national independence of Albania against all internal and external enemies, against imperialism and reaction. The PLA has constantly revolutionized the whole life of the country, consolidated the dictatorship of the proletariat, and educated all the people in Marxism-Leninism, in the teachings of Comrade Enver Hoxha who was not only the founder and leader of the Party but also the blacksmith of the legendary, unbreakable unity of party and people.
Comrade Enver Hoxha taught that the history of the Albanian Party of Labour is a
"sharp and powerful ideological and political weapon for the revolutionary steeling of Communists, for the working class and the whole people, to resolve the major current problems." 

The history of the Party of Labour of Albania was written with the blood and sweat of the Albanian people.
As the history of the Albanian Party of Labour shows convincingly: the victory of the socialist revolution in Albania was based on the invincible ideas of Marxism-Leninism. Socialism triumphed over revisionism and reformism on all battlefields.
As history shows, unfortunately, the Party of Labour of Albania had been transformed into a bourgeois party after the death of comrade Enver Hoxha. The decomposition of the Party of Labour of Albania by the revisionists paved the way for its transformation into a social democratic party.
As the history of the Labour Party shows, the degeneration and decomposition of the glorious Party of Labour of Albania took place from increasing positions of revisionism and from revisionism to open reformism. The betrayal of the revisionists took place in the ranks of the party.
In words "continuation" of the Marxist-Leninist line of Comrade Enver Hoxha and in deeds transformation of the Marxist-Leninist Party into a social democratic, a bourgeois party – that is the nature of the betrayal of the Albanian revisionists at that time.  

And today's revisionists in Albania?
They continue to hide their betrayal of the Albanian Party of Labour, their betrayal of Comrade Enver Hoxha, namely behind a nostalgic “red” façade.
But a true communist holds up not only the revolutionary banner, but sets the teachings of the Party and Comrade Enver Hoxha into practice.

The Party of Labour of Albania developed in the armed struggle against the fascist occupiers and the traitors. And it is this armed fight which needs to be continued against the imperialist invaders and the bourgeois lackeys in your own country. The revisionists keep silence on the necessity of the continuation of the socialist revolution in Albania.
There is
not the slightest chance for the revolutionary spirit among today's Albanian revisionists. The Albanian revisionists cling to the golden days of the former socialist Albania without preparing the weapons for the socialist revolution. The Albanian revisionists even deny to propagate the violent reconquest of the dictatorship of the proletariat. They deny Stalinism-Hoxhaism.
All the less, Albanian revisionists are interested in the world socialist revolution. Yes, they do not even propagate the necessity of the armed socialist revolution in their own country.

Today, the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH), one year after its establishment, is in the very first period of her construction. You are now fighting in the period of the restoration of the revolutionary Albanian workers' and communist movement, in the period of development of your correct political line and your ideological reconstruction, in the period of the promotion of Stalinism-Hoxhaism, in the period of overcoming the division and fragmentation of all Albanian revolutionary forces, in the period of ideological, political and organizational preparation for the coming class battles, for the overthrow of the Albanian bourgeoisie by the armed socialist revolution, for the re-establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat as the most important Albanian contribution to the world socialist revolution.
The revisionists seek to prevent us Stalinist-Hoxhaists to achieve these revolutionary goals. Their intent is to harm us, to prevent and impede the prospering of the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH). The social-fascists are still active and rummaging in the dark. They have overthrown the dictatorship of the proletariat and they must never be underestimated. They are still a great danger for the regaining strength of the revolutionary communist movement in Albania. Without their defeat there will be no liberation of the working class and the Albanian people.

The Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH) has set itself the task, based on the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, to re-establish the legendary unity of all Albanian communists, of the Albanian working class and the whole Albanian people, while the revisionists aim for thwarting the unity. They want that kind of “unity” between opportunists and revolutionaries for the purpose to get the revolutionaries under their control, to force them to capitulation.
On behalf of world imperialism, the revisionists are trying to extinguish the revolutionary fire of communism everywhere in the world, especially in Albania where the “danger of the restoration of socialism” furthermore exists.
The struggle of the Albanian Party of Labour in defense of Marxism-Leninism in the own country has always been inseparably connected with the defense of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement. The Albanian Party of Labour was the party that has implemented and defended the proletarian internationalism the most consistent. The PLA stood at the top of the world revolutionary movement, led by Comrade Enver Hoxha.
The Party of Labour of Albania was fighting not only for the individual interests in the own country, but primarily for the overall interests of the world proletariat, namely not only for the revolutionary transformation of Albania, but for the socialist world.

Whom, instead, do today's Albanian revisionists support?
The Albanian revisionists do not support the Comintern (SH) and her Albanian Section, but all the revisionist parties and various international groupings and associations. The aim of the Albanian revisionists is to isolate the comrades of the Albanian Section, especially to hamper our anchorage in the Albanian working class.

In this message of greetings to the Albanian Section we would like to dwell on two main burning questions concerning the strengthening of the Albanian communist movement. We hope that our advice will be advantageous for your struggle.  

Let us first turn to the question of the struggle for the unity of the Communists in Albania, and then turn to the question of combating petit bourgeois nationalist influence within the communist movement of Albania:

First the question of unity:

The fragmentation of the communist forces in Albania is still one of the main causes of the relative weakness of the revolutionary movement in Albania.
But we also know that there are still today upright revolutionary communists who have committed themselves to the one or the other group because of this or that reason. They all cherish the hope that one day the unity of all communists in Albania lead to the membership in a single Bolshevik party, in a party that continues to implement the revolutionary line of the PLA with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top.

The Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH) directs her urgent appeal to all Albanian communists, closely to join us and to overcome the predominant, petty-bourgeois rivalry in the various left-wing organizations. Our goal is the unification of the Albanian working class and guidance in her revolutionary class struggle.
But how can the Albanian working class be united in the revolutionary class struggle, if we do not even unite as Communists?
Everyone will agree with the truth that the unity of the Albanian working class will be impossible without unity of all the Albanian communists.

There are no antagonistic contradictions that hinder the unification of the Albanian Communists. Only those contradictions among Communists are transformed into antagonistic contradictions if the one or the other Communist group turns to the position of the revisionists and opportunists, if they insist on their sectarian position, or if they stop fighting principled against the revisionists and opportunists. The unity of the Communists can not be successful on the basis of opportunistic compromisism. Neo-revisionism and Stalinism-Hoxhaism are irreconcilabe, because the one ideology serves the bourgeoisie and the other the proletariat.

What does the Albanian working class, the Albanian people need for their liberation ?

They need unity of the communists under the guidance of a single unified, strong, monolithic Bolshevik Party, but not three or four circle-groups who call themselves "parties". The Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH) is firmly convinced that overcoming the circle-group system is essentially for the strengthening of the Albanian working class and the communist movement (see: the lessons of Lenin in his struggle against circle-groups who deny the formation of one and only Bolshevik party on a national scale - “What is to be done?” - chapter “The Primitiveness of the Economists and the Organization of the Revolutionaries" ).

Show us a communist who does not fight for unity. Such a “communist” does not exist. Communists are the most consistent fighters for the principles of communist unity. There are only the revisionists who seek to keep us isolated in different groups, who try to divide us and who spread mistrust among us, for the purpose to isolate us. That is why there can be no unity with the revisionists, with the opportunists because they are enemies of the unification of the communists in the one and only communist party. No unity for the sake of unity. There will be no unprincipled unity among communists. Unity on the basis of the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism - this is the first and most important principle of the unity of all communists in Albania and around the world. Those who ignore or violate this principle, harm the unity of the Communists and those “communists” have no place in the ranks of the party.  

Between us Stalinist-Hoxhaists on the one hand and the opportunists on the other hand, there can be no reconciliation, there can only be a irreconcilable struggle. Without formation of the majority of the Albanian working class against the influence of neo-revisionism, revisionism, reformism and all hues of opportunism, there will be no victory of the proletarian revolution, there will be no united, independent, socialist Albania.

It is therefore one of the most urgent tasks of our Albanian Section, to achieve the unification of all revolutionaries, of all communists in demarcation to all the opportunists, a principled unity (not to be confused with "left" sectarianism) and with a maximum of elasticity (not to be confused with rightist-opportunistic assimilation policy towards the revisionists).
The Albanian working class will decide for herself, whether the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH) will be recognized as the genuine vanguard party of the Albanian proletariat, whether the workers ultimately follow our political line and its practical implementation, whether they follow us in the socialist revolution in Albania.
The Albanians can reach their true unification only if they distance themselves from the hidden and open opportunists, if they draw their principled demarcation line on the basis of the lessons of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism.

What are the reasons for that there are still several small insignificant organizations in Albania?
What causes the split in the revolutionary movement in Albania?

The decisive reason is the following:
All these groupings – without exception - are not led by the workers, but by representatives of the petty-bourgeois intelligentsia. In a Bolshevik Party, the working class must have the lead, as this was the case throughout the history of the PLA in life time of comrade Enver Hoxha.
The Albanian working class can only be convinced about the revolution, if we re-acquire their confidence in everyday class struggle, especially in the workplace, where the exploitation is sharpest. But also at home and on the street, there are all the Albanian unemployed and all those who are turned into a social outcast and poverty. Above all, it is necessary to make known to the workers that we do not belong to those traitors who had overthrown the dictatorship of the proletariat in Albania. In the contrary, we are the most consequent fighters against these traitors, who are still trying to fool the working class in Albania. We have to prove to the workers in word and deed that we fight uncompromisingly and relentlessly against the revisionists and all hues of opportunism.

The influence of the petty-bourgeois individualism plays a not insignificant role. Undoubtedly, it is the petty-bourgeois rivalry that makes it more difficult, the unity of communists. The motto of the petty-bourgeois competition thinking is well known:
"Every group for itself!" - / “Each group fights the other”!
In one way or another, the petty-bourgeois groups try to influence the revolutionary movement in Albania by their divisive means. They are the supporters of the spirit of vacillation, confusion and opportunism within the communist movement. They are primarily a source of factionalism and fragmentation, a source of disorganization, a brake on the development of democratic centralism, without which, the Bolshevik party can not exist and fight.
There are mainly single petty-bourgeois intellectual comrades who contribute more or less to the fragmentation of the revolutionary movement in Albania. The influence of the petty bourgeoisie within the working class in general, and that within the communist movement in particular, must not be underestimated. In the Albanian class society the petty bourgeoisie exerts everywhere negative influence on the working class.
The prevailing circle-groups in Albania that is organizational expression of the prevailing influence of the petty bourgeoisie. The circle groups weaken the Albanian revolutionary movement, paralyze it and make it disoriented. Under such adverse organizational conditions flourish many anti-communist tendencies, flourish neo-revisionism, flourish the betrayal of Stalinism-Hoxhaism, flourish the betrayal at the PLA of comrade Enver Hoxha and the betrayal at the communist world movement. The Albanian working class needs its own unity on a national scale and simultaneously the Albanian workers need the unity of the world proletariat on a global scale. The Comintern (SH) and her Albanian Section will prove to be the only successful instrument for the creation and guarantee of this Stalinist-Hoxhaist unity

Now we come to another important problem within the Albanian revolutionary movement:

The struggle against the influence of Albanian nationalism within the communist movement in Albania.

Hoxhaism is an ideology that originates undoubtedly from Albania.
The national origin makes Hoxhaism not automatically to a nationalist ideology.
The nationalist ideology is the ideology of the Albanian bourgeoisie, and thus a hostile ideology which is directed against the Albanian proletariat.

If the lessons of Enver Hoxha were nothing more than applying them to the particular circumstances of Albania, so you would have to speak of a purely national and only national, purely Albanian and only Albanian phenomenon. However, the teachings of Enver Hoxha are an international phenomenon rooted in the whole international development, and not only an Albanian phenomenon.

Hoxhaism is the ideology of the working class, both on an international and national scale.
Hoxhaism is the theory and tactics of the dictatorship of the proletariat in the period of capitalist-revisionist encirclement.
Hoxhaism has historically proven that the dictatorship of the proletariat can become the communist world center, can be become the basis and the lever of the socialist world revolution - even in a small country such as Albania.
Hoxhaism is the highest expression of the universality of the world-proletarian ideology and consequently ideological guideline for the direct and immediate creation of the socialist world.
Hoxhaism has proven that socialism can flourish for more than 40 years, even under the worst and most difficult conditions of capitalist-revisionist encirclement of one of the smallest and less developed countries in the world.
Hoxhaism, this is the teachings of the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism, of Comrade Enver Hoxha, the beloved son and leader of the Albanian people, the leader of the world proletariat.
Hoxhaism constitutes the highest level of development of the ideology of the world proletariat, namely the most advanced ideology of the Albanian proletariat in particular and the most advanced ideology of the world proletariat in general.

Comrade Enver Hoxha said:
"The strength of the Albanians does not emanate from support of any great powers, but lies in themselves, in their proud patriotic sentiments, in the Marxist-Leninist ideology, the correct line of the Party, in the steel unit with the party, and in the support of true communists and the proletariat and peoples around the world." (Enver Hoxha)

Enver Hoxha rightly highlights the revolutionary significance of the patriotic feelings of the Albanians. Albanian patriotism is a strong lever of the national and social liberation. The point is that comrade Enver Hoxha taught us that we must never separate patriotism from Marxism-Leninism. If we separate patriotism from Marxism-Leninism, then patriotism is doomed to the defeat, serves to the bourgeoisie and not to the proletariat. Bourgeois patriotism serves the capitalist world, proletarian patriotism serves the socialist world. This is what distinguishes the class-character of the proletarian from the bourgeois patriotism. And it is precisely the lack of this basic distinction which determines the harmful influence of bourgeois nationalism in today's Albanian communist movement.  

In words “for Enver Hoxha”, “for the proletarian patriotism”, but in deeds against Enver Hoxha, against the proletarian patriotism - that is the essence of Albanian revisionism in the national question.

It is precisely the essence of the so-called national "Hoxhaism", to separate patriotism from Marxism-Leninism, or rather subordinate Marxism-Leninism under patriotism.

What is National "Hoxhaism" ?

National “Hoxhaism” is the anti-Hoxhaist ideology of Hoxhaism's adaption to the Albanian nationalism. National “Hoxhaism” is a bourgeois ideology which aims for the falsification, the decomposition and finally the liquidation of Hoxhaism. The demarcation line of the Comintern (SH) against all nationalist distortions of Hoxhaism is hereby defined:

National “Hoxhaism” is Anti-Hoxhaism !

The national "Hoxhaism" is essentially related to the national "Bolshevism", which started from Russia and spreads all over the world.
[see: theoretical article of the Comintern (SH): "National" Bolshevism = anti-Bolshevism]

In contrast to the national "Bolshevism" (which serves the Russian imperialism), national "Hoxhaism" is expression of national ideology of a small country (Stalin called this special form of nationalism = "local nationalism").

The Albanian nationalism is an ideology with which the Albanian bourgeoisie presents herself as the so called "savior of the nation" against foreign domination of Albania, as the "defender" of self-determination and independence of the Albanian people. However, this is a lie. The Albanian bourgeoisie is not the "savior" of the Albanian people. In the contrary, the bourgeoisie is exactly that ruling class which exploits and oppresses the Albanian people as lackey of the foreign imperialist. The Albanian bourgeoisie betrays the Albanian nation and has shamelessly sold out Albania to the foreign imperialists.

The only force in Albanian which saves the Albanian nation – that is the working class which represents the true national interests of Albania. A free and independent Albanian nation can only exist as a socialist Albania and not as a capitalist Albania ! The Albanian working class is part of the international working class and thus represents not only own national interests, but is fighting mainly for the overall liberation of the workers of all countries. That is the meaning of proletarian internationalism in the national question. 

Lenin teaches:
“Those who seek to serve the proletariat must unite the workers of all nations, and unswervingly fight bourgeois nationalism,
domestic and foreign. The place of those who advocate the slogan of national culture is among the nationalist petty bourgeois, not among the Marxists.

Bourgeois nationalism and proletarian internationalism – these are the two irreconcilably hostile slogans that correspond to the two great class camps throughout the capitalist world, and express the two policies (nay, the two world outlooks) in the national question.” (Lenin, Volume 20 pages 25 - 26)

National “Hoxhaism” as the ideology which denies the internationalist character of Hoxhaism, is
in effect instrument of bourgeois nationalism among the Albanian workers.

Many national "Hoxhaists" belong to the Albanian petty bourgeoisie which behave allegedly in contrast to the Albanian ruling class (sometimes with radical criticism at the rule of the bourgeoisie). However, in truth, these nationalist elements are lackeys of the bourgeoisie, especially in the fight against us communists. They fight with their nationalist picture of “Enver Hoxha” against our internationalist, communist comrade Enver Hoxha for the purpose to deceive the masses.

Our criticism at national “Hoxhaism” does not prevent us communists from unity with the patriotic Albanian workers. We must convince them of communism, we must win them for the socialist revolution, for the re-establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat. Patriotism of the workers is indispensable part of their class-struggle. 

To whom belongs Enver Hoxha? Only to the exploited and opressed Albanians or to the exploited and oppressed of the entire world? He belongs to the world proletariat and to the exploited and oppressed peoples of the world !

The national "Hoxhaists" praise Enver Hoxha as a "national leader", as a national "statesman", as national "commander", etc .. No doubt, of course Enver Hoxha was even the best one, but in the spirit of proletarian internationalism and not in the spirit of bourgeois nationalism !
So what about Enver Hoxha, the international
communist leader of the world proletariat ? What about Enver Hoxha, the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism ? Do the national “Hoxhaists” defend comrade Enver Hoxha as the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism ?
Not at all. The national “Hoxhaists” keep silence on the 5
th Classic of Marxism-Leninism and they deny the profoundly proletarian internationalist, communist nature of comrade Enver Hoxha. Above all, the national “Hoxhaists” deny the lessons of Stalinism-Hoxhaism. The national "Hoxhaists" want neither a communist Albania, nor a communist world because national "Hoxhaists" are anti-communists.

It is historical fact that the Albanian social fascists misused the person and work of comrade Enver Hoxha for the destruction of the glorious socialist nation of Albania. The Albanian social-fascists had been and are still the most dangerous enemies of the socialist nation of Albania and traitors of the national question..

Therefore, we support all Albanian revolutionary forces who fight with us against these social-fascist traitors (especially the followers of the revisionist clique around Ramiz Alia). But we do, in no case, support those forces who misuse comrade Enver Hoxha in their struggle against us Stalinist-Hoxhaists.

The Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH) struggles for the revolutionary overthrow and destruction of the capitalist Albania. And we struggle simultaneously against the re-establishment of the revisionist, social-fascist Albania !

We struggle for the re-establishment of the socialist Albania in the anti-revisionist spirit of comrade Enver Hoxha, for a socialist Albania, based on the lessons of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism !
We Stalinist-Hoxhaists do not want such kind of Albanian socialism, which can be transformed into capitalism. We want a socialist Albania in a socialist world. We want an Albanian socialist revolution as part of the world socialist revolution. We want the proletarian dictatorship in Albania as part of the dictatorship of the world proletariat because this is the only way to eliminate the inevitability of the restoration of capitalism in Albania and around the world. That's our most important lesson about the betrayal of the Albanian revisionists. And this most important lesson must be propagated within the Albanian working class.

With the national "Hoxhaists", with these anti-communists, we communists can not and will not unite because they are enemies of the Albanian working class and enemies of the working class of all other countries, enemies of proletarian internationalism and enemies of the proletarian world revolution.

Those who regard with hatred the workers of foreign nations, are nobody else as those who regard with hatred the proletariat of their own country !

The workers of the world belong to the one and only international class of the world proletariat.

Those who hate the world proletariat, cannot love the proletariat of their own country.

And those who love the world proletariat can not hate the workers of this or that country.

Those who hate communism, cannot love comrade Enver Hoxha. And those who hate comrade Enver Hoxha, can not love communism.

Belonging to the international class, the workers do never subordinate the revolutionary interests of the world proletariat under single national interests. And Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha did never subordinate national interests under international interests of the workers. This is what makes the fundamental difference between the national "Hoxhaism" and the true internationalist Hoxhaism.

The national "Hoxhaists" reject not only the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, but also the dictatorship of the proletariat. That is why the national "Hoxhaism" is used as an ideology of the petty bourgeoisie, which is neither willing to be subordinated under the bourgeoisie nor under the proletariat.
The advent of the national "Hoxhaism" is an indication of the impending changes in society in Albania - a harbinger of the open clash of revolution and counterrevolution. Especially the petty-bourgeoisie fears these class-clashes because she is torn between the camp of the bourgeoisie and the camp of the proletariat. Therefore, the national "Hoxhaists" aim to divert the Albanian working class from the revolutionary class struggle.

Instead, we Stalinist-Hoxaists use the struggle against national oppression of the Albanian people as a lever for their social liberation. We subordinate the national struggle under the social class struggle.

In contrast, the national Hoxhaists. They do not only subordinate the class-struggle under the national struggle, but moreover try to replace the class struggle by the national struggle. This is in the service of the reactionary counter-revolution and not in the service of the socialist revolution.

Without having solved the international social question, you can not solve any single national question in the world.
Those who separate the national liberation from the social liberation, make themselves henchmen of capitalism.

And the Albanian revisionists are stooges of the Albanian bourgeoisie:
“Internationalism” in words - nationalism in deeds - that is the nature of revisionism in the question of national liberation of the Albanian proletariat. The Albanian revisionists were the forerunners of the decay and demise of the once so proud socialist Albanian nation!

If the Albanian revisionists of today rave about the socialist Albania and boast as its only "defenders", then they only mean the restoration of their former revisionist power in Albania! That is the truth, and this truth, the true communists in Albania must never forget. It is therefore the task of the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH) to defeat the Albanian revisionists and opportunists not only in social, but also in the national question.
Only we Stalinist-Hoxhaists can solve the national question of Albania. We will never leave the national question in the hands of the nationalist Albanian bourgeoisie and petty-bourgeoisie, and in no case in the hands of Albanian revisionists and social-fascists !

We are for the national reunification of all Albanians, because we Communists advocate the self-determination of all the peoples of the world, in general, and in particular, the self-determination of small nations such as the Albanian nation.

But the right of Albanian's self-determination excludes Albanian chauvinism, excludes nationalist hatred against neighbouring nations. We Communists fight for the unity of the proletarians of all countries. We fight for the unification of all nations under the leadership of the world proletariat! We are fighting for a united, independent, socialist Albania in a socialist world !

The national "Hoxhaists" argue to form a national bulwark against international finance capital, a bulwark against imperialist invaders. Well then. But this bulwark cannot be built together with those reactionary domestic forces who oppress and exploit the workers and peasants. This bulwark was successfully built by comrade Enver Hoxha, was the great bulwark of the Albanian socialist nation. So, the only genuine bulwark is a socialist bulwark. And this socialist bulwark can only be permanently guaranteed under the leadership of the world proletariat at world power, can only be achieved by the internationalist and not by the nationalist struggle.

Either the Albanian working class will re-establish socialism by support of the world revolution, or the world revolution will be victorious by support of the re-establishment of socialism in Albania. Either way, the victory of socialism in Albania and socialism around the world will be a final victory. It will be a victory of the abolition of the inevitability of the restoration of capitalism in Albania and throughout the whole world.

The socialist revolution in Albania is not a private matter of the Albanians. On the contrary. It is a matter of the working class around the world, the matter of the world proletarian revolution. And the victory of the socialist revolution in Albania will be inevitable, because the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH) will be guided by the invincible teachings of Comrade Enver Hoxha and the glorious history of the Albanian Party of Labour, whose 74th anniversary we celebrate today, on the 8
th of November 2015 !

Long live the first anniversary of the founding of the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH)!
Long live the 74th anniversary of the Party of Labour of Albania under the leadership of Comrade Enver Hoxha!
Long live the socialist revolution in Albania and the re-establishment of the dictatorship of the Albanian proletariat!
Long live the united, independent and socialist Albania in a socialist world!
Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism - Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!
Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism!
Long live the world socialist revolution and the dictatorship of the world proletariat!
Long live world socialism and world communism!
Long live the unity of all communists in Albania!
Long live the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH)!
Long live the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)!

Wolfgang Eggers
on behalf of the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists!
November 6, 2015


* * *

Përshëndetje e solidaritetit

në gjermanisht


Grußadresse der Komintern (SH) an die albanische Sektion

Es lebe der 74. Jahrestag der Gründung der Partei der Arbeit Albaniens
der 1. Jahrestag der Gründung der albanischen Sektion der Komintern (SH)!


Die Komintern (SH) sendet allen albanischen GenossInnen und der albanischen Sektion der Komintern (SH) revolutionäre Grüße
aus Anlass des 74. Jahrestages der Gründung der Partei der Arbeit Albaniens
am 8. November 1941
und zum 1. Jahrestag der Gründung der albanischen Sektion der Komintern (SH)
am 8. November 2014.

Liebe albanischen Genossinnen und Genossen !

Die Komintern (SH) möchte sich bei euch für eure revolutionäre Arbeit bedanken, die ihr im ersten Jahr nach der Gründung eurer neuen Sektion geleistet habt.

Alle Genossen und Genossinnen der Komintern (SH), alle Sektionen, gratulieren euch heute zu eurem 1. Jahrestag. Wir wissen es sehr wohl - das erste Jahr war nicht leicht für euch. Ihr habt mit zahlreichen Problemen zu kämpfen gehabt. Trotzdem habt ihr einen großen Beitrag für die Komintern (SH) geleistet, worauf ihr zu Recht stolz sein könnt.

Wir möchten unsere internationalistische Solidarität mit euch zum Ausdruck bringen und euch für die kommenden Kämpfe viel Erfolg wünschen. Ihr habt treu am Stalinismus-Hoxhaismus festgehalten, und ihr werdet neue Siege erringen, denn ihr seid die Nachfolger der ruhmreichen Partei der Arbeit Albaniens, aus deren Geschichte wir alle große Hoffnungen, Zuversicht und Mut schöpfen.

Die Gründung der Kommunistischen Partei Albaniens am 8. November 1941 bedeutete einen entscheidenden Wendepunkt in der Geschichte des albanischen Volkes. Nur unter ihrer Führung konnte es im Nationalen Befreiungskampf die italienischen und deutschen faschistischen Besatzer verjagen, die Volksrevolution zum Sieg führen und die Diktatur des Proletariats errichten. Das ehemals rückständigste Land Europas wurde zum Leuchtfeuer des Sozialismus. Durch ihre Erfolge beim Aufbau des Sozialismus und ihre prinzipienfeste Außenpolitik hat die Sozialistische Volksrepublik Albanien einst großes Ansehen und viele Freunde in der Welt.

Die mit Blut erkämpfte Freiheit und nationale Unabhängigkeit Albaniens verteidigte die Partei der Arbeit Albaniens gegen alle inneren und äußeren Feinde, gegen Imperialismus und Reaktion, indem sie das Leben des Landes ständig revolutionierte, die Diktatur des Proletariats festigte, das gesamte Volk im Marxismus-Leninismus und in den Lehren des Genossen Enver Hoxha erzog und die unverbrüchliche Einheit von Partei und Volk schmiedete.

Genosse Enver Hoxha hat die Geschichte der Partei der Arbeit Albaniens bezeichnet als

"scharfe und mächtige ideologische und politische Waffe für die revolutionäre Stählung der Kommunisten, der Arbeiterklasse und des ganzen Volkes zur Lösung der großen aktuellen Probleme."

Die Geschichte der Partei der Arbeit Albaniens wurde geschrieben mit dem Blut und Schweiß des albanischen Volkes.

Wie die Geschichte der Partei der Arbeit Albaniens lehrt, basierte der Sieg der sozialistischen Revolution in Albanien auf den Ideen des Marxismus-Leninismus. Der Sozialismus siegte über den Revisionismus und Reformismus.

Wie die Geschichte leider auch zeigt, ist die Partei der Arbeit Albaniens eben durch den Revisionismus und Reformismus in eine bürgerliche Partei verwandelt worden. Die Zersetzung der Partei der Arbeit Albaniens durch die Revisionisten bereitete den Weg für ihre Verwandlung in eine sozialdemokratische Partei.

Wie die Geschichte der Partei der Arbeit zeigt, fand die Entartung und Zersetzung der ruhmreichen Partei der Arbeit Albaniens durch den von den Revisionisten eingeschlagenen Weg zum Reformismus statt. Der Verrat der Revisionisten und Reformisten vollzog sich also in den eigenen Reihen der Partei:

In Worten "Fortsetzung" der marxistisch-leninistischen Linie des Genossen Enver Hoxha und in Taten Verwandlung der marxistisch-leninistischen Partei in eine sozialdemokratische, in eine bürgerliche Partei – das kennzeichnet den Verrat der albanischen Revisionisten damals.

Und die heutigen Revisionisten in Albanien ?

Sie verbergen weiterhin ihren Verrat an der Partei der Arbeit Albaniens, ihren Verrat an dem Genossen Enver Hoxha, hinter einer nostalgischen roten Fassade.

Aber ein wahrer Kommunist hält nicht nur das revolutionäre Banner hoch, sondern setzt die Lehren der Partei und des Genossen Enver Hoxhas in die Praxis um.

Die Partei der Arbeit Albaniens entwickelte sich im bewaffneten Kampf gegen die faschistischen Besatzer und die Landesverräter. Und eben dieser Kampf ist es, der heute gegen die imperialistischen Eindringlinge und die bürgerlichen Lakaien im eigenen Lande auf revolutionäre Weise fortgesetzt werden muss, damit die Partei wieder ihre alte Stärke erlangt.

Bei den heutigen albanischen Revisionisten ist aber in der Praxis nichts vom revolutionären Geist der Gründung der PAA zu spüren. Die albanischen Revisionisten klammern sich an die goldenen Zeiten des einstigen sozialistischen Albanien, ohne für die sozialistische Revolution zu kämpfen, ohne die Rückeroberung der Diktatur des Proletariats zu propagieren, vorzubereiten und durchzuführen, ohne die einst revolutionäre Partei wieder aufzubauen, ohne sich dabei von den Lehren der 5 Klassiker des Marxismus-Leninismus, ohne sich vom Stalinismus-Hoxhaismus leiten zu lassen.

Die albanischen Revisionisten interessieren sich nicht für die sozialistische Weltrevolution. Ja, sie propagieren noch nicht einmal die Notwendigkeit der bewaffneten sozialistischen Revolution in ihrem eigenen Land.

Heute befindet sich die albanische Sektion der Komintern (SH), ein Jahr nach ihrer Gründung, in der ersten Periode ihres Aufbaus. Das heißt, in der Periode der Restauration der revolutionären albanischen Arbeiter- und kommunistischen Bewegung, in der Periode der Entwicklung ihrer richtigen politischen Linie und ihres ideologischen Wiederaufbaus, in der Periode der Propagierung des Stalinismus-Hoxhaismus, in der Periode der Überwindung der Spaltung und Zersplitterung aller albanischen revolutionären Kräfte, in der Periode der ideologischen, politischen und organisatorischen Vorbereitung auf die kommenden Klassenschlachten, die den Sturz der albanischen Bourgeoisie durch die bewaffnete sozialistische Revolution zum Ziel hat, das Ziel der Wiedererrichtung der Diktatur des Proletariats als wichtigster albanischer Beitrag zur sozialistischen Weltrevolution.

Es sind die Revisionisten, die uns Stalinisten-Hoxhaisten an der Verwirklichung dieses Ziels zu hindern suchen. Ihre Absicht besteht darin, uns Schaden zuzufügen, den Aufbau der albanischen Sektion der Komintern (SH) zu verhindern bzw. zu erschweren. Die Sozialfaschisten sind immer noch aktiv und wühlen im Dunkel.

Die albanische Sektion der Komintern (SH) hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, die Einheit aller albanischen Kommunisten auf den Lehren der 5 Klassiker des Marxismus-Leninismus wieder herzustellen, während die Revisionisten dagegen an der Vereitelung dieser prinzipienfesten Einheit interessiert sind. Sie propagieren die Einheit der Revolutionäre mit den Opportunisten, also eine Einheit der Kapitulation vor der Bourgeoisie.

Im Auftrag des Weltimperialismus versuchen die Revisionisten das revolutionäre Feuer des Kommunismus überall auf der Welt auszulöschen, so auch in Albanien.

Der Kampf der Partei der Arbeit Albaniens zur Verteidigung des Marxismus-Leninismus war stets und unzertrennlich mit der Verteidigung der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung verbunden. Die Partei der Arbeit Albaniens war die Partei, die den proletarischen Internationalismus am konsequentesten umgesetzt und verteidigt hat. Sie stand an der Spitze der weltrevolutionären Bewegung, allen voran Genosse Enver Hoxha.

Die Partei der Arbeit Albaniens kämpfte nicht nur für die Einzelinteressen im eigenen Land, sondern in erster Linie für die Gesamtinteressen des Weltproletariats, nicht nur für die revolutionäre Umgestaltung Albaniens, sondern für die ganze Welt.

Wen unterstützen die heutigen albanischen Revisionisten ?

Sie unterstützen nicht etwa die Komintern (SH) und ihre albanische Sektion, sondern all die revisionistischen Parteien und ihre verschiedenen internationalen Zusammenschlüsse und Vereinigungen.

In unserer Grußadresse an die albanische Sektion möchten wir auf zwei brennende Fragen der albanischen kommunistischen Bewegung eingehen. Von ihrer korrekten Beantwortung wird euer Erfolg im kommenden Jahres entscheidend abhängen.

Wir wollen uns zuerst der Frage des Kampfes für die Einheit der Kommunisten in Albanien zuwenden, und dann auf die Frage der Bekämpfung des kleinbürgerlich-nationalistischen Einflusses innerhalb der kommunistischen Bewegung Albaniens eingehen:

Die Zersplitterung der kommunistischen Kräfte in Albanien ist nach wie vor eine der wichtigsten Ursachen für die relative Schwäche der revolutionären Bewegung in Albanien.

Wir wissen aber auch, dass es heute immer noch aufrechte revolutionäre Kommunisten gibt, die sich der einen oder anderen Gruppierung aus diesem oder jenen Grund angeschlossen haben. Sie alle hegen die Hoffnung, dass eines Tages die Einheit aller Kommunisten Albaniens in einer einzigen bolschewistischen Partei wieder hergestellt werden kann.

Die albanische Sektion der Komintern (SH) richtet daher ihren Aufruf an alle albanischen Kommunisten, sich eng zusammen zu schließen und das vorherrschende, kleinbürgerliche Konkurrenzdenken in den verschiedenen linken Organisationen zu überwinden. Das Ziel ist die Vereinigung der albanischen Arbeiterklasse im revolutionären Klassenkampf.

Wie soll sich aber die albanische Arbeiterklasse im revolutionären Klassenkampf vereinigen können, wenn wir Kommunisten uns untereinander noch nicht einmal einig sind ?

Jeder wird uns zustimmen, dass uns nur die Einheit stark macht, dass es ohne Einheit der Kommunisten auch keine Einheit der Arbeiterklasse geben kann.

Es kann unter Kommunisten keine antagonistischen Widersprüche geben, die ihrer Vereinigung entgegenstehen. Widersprüche unter Kommunisten verwandeln sich erst dann in antagonistische Widersprüche, wenn sich die einen oder anderen Kommunisten den Revisionisten und Opportunisten zuwenden oder wenn sie aufhören, die Revisionisten und Opportunisten prinzipienfest zu bekämpfen. Die Einheit der Kommunisten kann nicht zum Erfolg führen auf der opportunistischen Basis des Versöhnlertums. Der Neo-Revisionismus und der Stalinismus-Hoxhaismus stehen sich unversöhnlich gegenüber, denn die eine Ideologie dient der Bourgeoisie und die andere dem Proletariat.

Was die albanische Arbeiterklasse, das albanische Volk zu seiner Befreiung braucht, ist eine einzige einheitliche, starke, bolschewistische Partei, aber keine drei oder vier "Parteien". Die albanische Sektion der Komintern (SH) ist fest davon überzeugt, dass die Überwindung des Zirkelwesens wesentliche Voraussetzung für die Stärkung der albanischen Arbeiterklasse und der kommunistischen Bewegung ist.

Zeigt uns einen Kommunisten, der nicht für die Einheit kämpft. Es gibt ihn nicht. Kommunisten sind die konsequentesten Kämpfer für die Einheit. Es sind nur die Revisionisten, die uns an der Vereinigung zu hindern suchen, die uns spalten und Misstrauen unter uns verbreiten, die uns zu isolieren versuchen. Deswegen kann es mit den Revisionisten, mit den Opportunisten keine Einheit geben. Eine Einheit um der Einheit willen, kann es nicht geben. Eine prinzipienlose Einheit kann und wird es nicht geben. Das ist der erste und wichtigste Grundsatz für die Einheit aller Kommunisten in Albanien und auf der ganzen Welt. Wer diesen Grundsatz missachtet oder verletzt, schadet der Einheit der Kommunisten und hat in den Reihen der Kommunisten nichts zu suchen.

Zwischen uns Stalinisten-Hoxhaisten und den Opportunisten kann es nur einen unversöhnlichen Kampf geben, denn ohne den Großteil der albanischen Arbeiterklasse dem Einfluss des Neo-Revisionismus, des Revisionismus, Reformismus und anderen Spielarten des Opportunismus entzogen zu haben, wird es keinen Sieg in der proletarischen Revolution, wird es kein vereintes, unabhängiges, sozialistisches Albanien geben.

Es ist daher die dringendste Aufgabe unserer albanischen Sektion, die Vereinigung aller Revolutionäre, aller Kommunisten in der einen Vorhutpartei des Weltproletariats, der Komintern (SH), voranzutreiben – und zwar prinzipienfest (nicht zu verwechseln mit "linkem" Sektierertum) und mit einem Maximum an Elastizität (nicht zu verwechseln mit opportunistischer Anpassungspolitik).

Ob wir dann die albanische Sektion der Komintern (SH) tatsächlich die Vorhutpartei des albanischen Proletariats ist, wird letztendlich unsere politische Linie und ihre praktische Umsetzung, wird die albanische Arbeiterklasse selber entscheiden, wenn sie uns auf dem revolutionären Weg zur proletarischen Revolution für ein vereintes, unabhängiges, sozialistisches Albanien folgt.

Die albanischen Kommunisten können ihre wahre Vereinigung nur dann erreichen, wenn sie sich von den Opportunisten offen distanzieren und sich von ihnen für immer trennen.

Wo liegen die Ursachen dafür, dass es immer noch mehrere kleine unbedeutende Organisationen in Albanien gibt ?
Worin besteht die Spaltung der revolutionären Bewegung in Albanien ?

Der entscheidende Grund ist folgender:

Alle diese Gruppierungen werden ausnahmslos nicht von den Arbeitern geführt, sondern von Vertretern der kleinbürgerlichen Intelligenz. In einer bolschewistischen Partei muss die Arbeiterklasse die Führung inne haben, so wie das in der gesamten Geschichte der PAA der Fall war.

Die albanische Arbeiterklasse kann man nur für die Revolution gewinnen, wenn man sich wieder ihr Vertrauen im täglichen Klassenkampf erwirbt, vor allem in den Betrieben, dort wo die Ausbeutung am größten ist. Aber auch auf der Straße, wo all die albanischen Arbeitslosen sind. Vor allem muss man den Arbeitern zu erkennen geben, das wir nicht zu den Verrätern gehören, die in Albanien die Diktatur des Proletariats gestürzt haben, sondern dass wir diese Verräter bekämpfen, von denen es in Albanien noch viel zu viele gibt. Wir müssen den Arbeitern in Wort und Tat beweisen, dass wir kompromisslos und unnachgiebig gegen die Revisionisten kämpfen.

Der Einfluss des kleinbürgerlichen Individualismus spielt eine nicht zu unterschätzende Rolle. Zweifellos ist es das kleinbürgerliche Konkurrenzdenken, das der Einheit der Kommunisten erschwert und schadet. Das Motto des kleinbürgerlichen Konkurrenzdenkens lautet bekanntlich:

"Jeder gegen jeden!"

Auf die eine oder andere Weise üben die kleinbürgerlichen Gruppen auf die revolutionäre Bewegung in Albanien ihren spalterischen Einfluss aus. Sie tragen den Geist des Schwankens, der Verwirrung und des Opportunismus in die kommunistische Bewegung. Sie sind vor Allem eine Quelle der Fraktionsmacherei und Zersplitterung, eine Quelle der Desorganisation, ein Bremsklotz für die Entfaltung des demokratischen Zentralismus, ohne den eine bolschewistische Partei nicht existieren und kämpfen kann.

Es sind vor Allem einzelne kleinbürgerlich-intellektuelle Genossen, die zur Zersplitterung der revolutionären Bewegung in Albanien beitragen. Man darf den Einfluss des Kleinbürgertums auf die Arbeiterklasse im Allgemeinen, und auf die Kommunisten im Besonderen nicht unterschätzen, denn in der albanischen Klassengesellschaft übt das Kleinbürgertum überall negativen Einfluss auf die Arbeiterklasse aus.

Das vorherrschende Zirkelwesen in Albanien ist nicht zuletzt Ausdruck des vorherrschenden Einflusses des Kleinbürgertums. Das Zirkelwesen schwächt die albanische revolutionäre Bewegung, lähmt sie und macht sie orientierungslos. Unter solchen schlechten Bedingungen des Zirkelwesen gedeihen viele anti-kommunistische Strömungen, gedeiht der Neo-Revisionismus, gedeiht der Verrat am Stalinismus-Hoxhaismus.

Kommen wir nun zu einem weiteren wichtigen Problem innerhalb der albanischen revolutionären Bewegung
– dem Kampf gegen den Einfluss des albanischen Nationalismus innerhalb der kommunistischen Bewegung Albaniens.

National-"Hoxhaismus" ist Anti-Hoxhaismus !

Der Hoxhaismus ist eine Ideologie, die zweifellos aus Albanien stammt. Der Hoxhaismus, das sind die Lehren des 5. Klassikers des Marxismus-Leninismus, des Genossen Enver Hoxha, dem geliebten Sohn und Führer des albanischen Volkes.

Das Herkunftsland macht den Hoxhaismus aber nicht zu einer nationalistischen Ideologie.

Die nationalistische Ideologie ist die Ideologie der Bourgeoisie und nicht die Ideologie des Proletariats.

Der Hoxhaismus bildet die höchste Entwicklungsstufe der internationalistischen Ideologie des Proletariats, nämlich die am weitesten entwickelte Ideologie des albanischen Proletariats im Besonderen und die am weitesten entwickelte Ideologie des Weltproletariats im Allgemeinen.

Wenn die Lehren Enver Hoxhas nichts weiter wären, als deren Anwendung auf die besonderen Verhältnisse Albaniens, so müsste man von einer rein nationalen und nur nationalen, rein albanischen und nur albanischen Erscheinung sprechen. Die Lehren Enver Hoxhas sind jedoch eine internationale Erscheinung, die in der ganzen internationalen Entwicklung wurzeln, und nicht nur eine albanische Erscheinung.

Der Hoxhaismus ist die Theorie und Taktik der Diktatur des Proletariats in der Periode der kapitalistisch-revisionistischen Umkreisung.

Der Hoxhaismus hat historisch glänzend unter Beweis gestellt, dass die Diktatur des Proletariats selbst in einem kleinen Land wie Albanien zum kommunistischen Weltzentrum werden kann, zur Basis und zum Hebel der soziaslistischen Weltrevolution.

Der Hoxhaismus ist höchster Ausdruck der Universalität der weltproletarischen Ideologie und Leitlinie für die direkte und unmittelbare Schaffung der sozialistischen Welt.

Der Hoxhaismus hat bewiesen, dass der Sozialismus über 40 Jahre lang erfolgreich ausdgebaut werden kann, selbst unter den schlechtesten und schwierigsten Bedingungen der kapitalistisch-revisionistischen Umkreisung eines der kleinsten und am schlechtesten entwickelten Ländern der Welt.

"Die Stärke der Albaner liegt nicht in der Unterstützung irgendwelcher Großmächte, sondern in ihnen selbst, in ihren stolzen patriotischen Gefühlen, in der marxistisch-leninistischen Ideologie, in der korrekten Linie der Partei, in der stählernen Einheit mit der Partei, und in der Unterstützung der wahren Kommunisten und des Proletariats und der Völker auf der ganzen Welt." (Enver Hoxha)

Enver Hoxha hebt zu Recht die revolutionäre Bedeutung der patriotischen Gefühle der Albaner hervor. Es geht hier nicht darum, den Patriotismus zu leugnen. Es geht darum, dass man den Patriotismus nicht vom Marxismus-Leninismus trennen darf. Wenn man den Patriotismus vom Marxismus-Leninismus trennt, dann ist der Patriotismus zur Niederlage verurteilt, dann dient der Patriotismus nicht dem Proletariat und nicht dem Volk, sondern der Bourgeoisie, der herrschenden Klasse. Das unterscheidet den proletarischen Patriotismus vom bürgerlichen Patriotismus. Und eben der Mangel an dieser grundlegenden Unterscheidung bestimmt den schädlichen Einfluss des Nationalismus in der heutigen albanischen kommunistischen Bewegung.

"In Worten für Enver Hoxha, für den proletarischen Patriotismus, aber in Taten gegen Enver Hoxha, gegen den proletarischen Patriotismus - das ist das Wesen des albanischen Revisionismus in der nationalen Frage.

Es ist eben das Wesen des so genannten National-"Hoxhaismus" beides voneinander zu trennen, bzw. den Marxismus-Leninismus dem Patriotismus unterzuordnen.

Der National-"Hoxhaismus" ist dem Wesen nach verwandt mit dem National-"Bolschewismus", der sich von Russland ausgehend über die ganze Welt ausbreitet.

[ siehe hierzu der theoretische Artikel der Komintern (SH): "National-"Bolschewismus" = Anti-Bolschewismus" – ].

Im Gegensatz zum National-"Bolschewismus", der dem russischen Imperialismus dient, ist der National-"Hoxhaismus" Ausdruck der nationalen Ideologie eines kleinen Landes, den Stalin allgemein als "lokalen Nationalismus" bezeichnete.

Den National-"Hoxhaismus" definieren wir als Anpassung des Hoxhaismus an den albanischen Nationalismus. Er ist eine bürgerliche Ideologie zum Zwecke der Verfälschung, der Zersetzung und schließlich der Liquidierung des Hoxhaismus. Die Demarkationslinie der Komintern (SH) gegenüber allen nationalistischen Verzerrungen des Hoxhaismus ist hiermit gezogen:

National“Hoxhaismus“ = Anti-Hoxhaismus !

Der albanische Nationalismus ist eine Ideologie, mit der sich die albanische Bourgeoisie gegenüber dem albanischen Volk gern als „Retter der Nation“ vor der Fremdherrschaft über Albanien präsentiert, als "Verteidigerin" der Selbstbestimmung und Unabhängigkeit des albanischen Volkes.

Die albanische Bourgeoisie ist aber in Wahrheit nicht etwa die "Beschützerin" des albanischen Volkes, sondern ganz im Gegenteil, diejenige Klasse, die das albanische Volk ausbeutet und unterdrückt, die die albanische Nation verrät und schamlos an die ausländischen Imperialisten verkauft hat.

Nur die albanische Arbeiterklasse hat die wahren nationalen Interessen Albaniens vertreten, aber niemals die albanische Bourgeoisie. Die albanische Arbeiterklasse ist Teil der internationalen Arbeiterklasse und vertritt damit nicht nur ihre eigenen nationalen Interessen, sondern kämpft vor Allem für die Gesamtinteressen der Arbeiter aller Länder. Das eben bedeutet proletarischer Internationalismus in der nationalen Frage.

Lenin lehrt:

„Wer dem Proletariat dienen will, der muss die Arbeiter aller Nationen vereinigen und den bürgerlichen Nationalismus, sowohl den `eigenen` als auch den fremden, unentwegt bekämpfen. Wer die Losung der nationalen Kultur verficht, der gehört unter die nationalistischen Spießer, nicht aber unter die Marxisten“ (Lenin, Band 20, Seite 10).

Die National-"Hoxhaisten" gehören dem albanischen Kleinbürgertum an, und deswegen vertreten sie nicht offen die bürgerlichen Ideologie. In Worten (zum Teil "links"radikal) grenzen sie sich sogar von der albanischen Bourgeoisie ab, aber in Wahrheit sind sie Lakaien der Bourgeoisie, insbesondere im Kampf gegen uns Kommunisten. Das hindert uns Kommunisten nicht, alle patriotisch gesinnten albanischen Arbeiter freundschaftlich zu behandeln und sie vom Kommunismus zu überzeugen, also sie für die sozialistische Revolution zur Wiedererrichtung der Diktatur des Proletariats zu gewinnen.

Wem gehört Enver Hoxha ? Nur den Albanern oder der ganzen Welt ?

Auch die National-"Hoxhaisten" begeistern sich "für" Enver Hoxha, als einen "nationalen Führer", als "Staatsmann", als "Kommandanten aller albanischen Patrioten" usw..

Aber einen kommunistischen Enver Hoxha, diesen internationalen Führer des Weltproletariats, den 5. Klassiker des Marxismus-Leninismus, den lehnen sie ab.

Sie leugnen den zutiefst internationalistischen, proletarischen, kommunistischen Charakter des Hoxhaismus.

National-"Hoxhaisten" sind Anti-Kommunisten.

Die National-"Hoxhaisten" wollen weder ein kommunistisches Albanien, noch eine kommunistische Welt.

Deswegen setzen diese Leute die Rückeroberung des sozialistischen Albaniens des Genossen Enver Hoxha absichtlich (zur Täuschung) gleich mit der Rückeroberung der Macht der albanischen Sozialfaschisten und verunglimpfen damit die ruhmreiche Partei der Arbeit Albaniens unter Führung des Genossen Enver Hoxha.

Wir Kommunisten aber wollen keinen albanischen Sozialismus, der sich wieder in den Kapitalismus verwandeln lässt. Wir wollen ein sozialistisches Albanien in einer sozialistischen Welt, wollen eine albanische sozialistische Revolution als Teil der sozialistischen Weltrevolution. Denn erst mit der Diktatur des Weltproletariats wird die Unvermeidbarkeit der Restauration des Kapitalismus in Albanien und auf der ganzen Welt beseitigt. Das ist die wichtigste Lehre aus dem Verrat der albanischen Revisionisten. Und diese wichtigste Lehre müssen wir Kommunisten in der Arbeiterklasse unbedingt propagieren.

Mit den National-"Hoxhaisten", diesen Anti-Kommunisten, können wir Kommunisten uns nicht vereinigen, sie sind Feinde der albanischen Arbeiterklasse und Feinde der Arbeiterklasse aller anderen Länder, und werden von uns Kommunisten dementsprechend als Feinde des proletarischen Internationalismus und als Feinde der proletarischen Revolution betrachtet und bekämpft.

Wer den Arbeitern anderer Länder mit Hass begegnet, der hasst auch das Proletariat im eigenen Land !

National-"Hoxhaisten" stellen die nationalistischen Eigeninteressen über die Gesamtinteressen des Weltproletariats.

Genosse Enver Hoxha aber ist und bleibt mit Marx, Engels, Lenin und Stalin einer der größten Führer des Weltproletariats. Als Kommunist hat der Genosse Enver Hoxha die nationalen Interessen Albaniens so glänzend wie kein anderer in der Geschichte Albaniens vertreten, aber er hat dabei die nationalen Interessen niemals über die Interessen des gesamten Weltproletariats gestellt. Das eben macht den grundsätzlichen Unterschied zwischen dem National-"Hoxhaismus" und dem wahren Hoxhaismus aus.

Der National-"Hoxhaismus" lehnt nicht nur die Diktatur der Bourgeoisie ab, sondern auch die Diktatur des Proletariats. Deswegen ist der National-"Hoxhaismus" eine typische Form der Ideologie des Kleinbürgertums, das sich weder der Bourgeoisie, noch dem Proletariat freiwillig unterordnet.

Das Aufkommen des National-"Hoxhaismus" ist ein Anzeichen für die bevorstehenden gesellschaftlichen Veränderungen in Albanien – Vorbote des offenen Zusammenpralls von Revolution und Konterrevolution. Die National-"Hoxhaisten" verfolgen das Ziel, die albanische Arbeiterklasse vom Klassenkampf abzulenken, auf bürgerliche, nationale Bahnen zu lenken. Anstatt, wie wir Kommunisten, den Kampf gegen nationale Unterdrückung des albanischen Volkes als Hebel zur sozialen Befreiung zu nutzen, und den nationalen Kampf dem sozialen Kampf unterzuordnen, geht es den National-"Hoxhaisten" darum, den revolutionären Kampf zur sozialen Befreiung durch den nationalen Kampf zu ersetzen, bzw. diesem unterzuordnen. Ohne die internationale Frage zu lösen, kann man heute keine einzige nationale Frage auf der Welt lösen. Und um dieses Ziel zu vereiteln, versuchen die National"Hoxhaisten" offen (und teilweise versteckt hinter revolutionären Phrasen), die albanische Arbeiterklasse vom Stalinismus-Hoxhaismus fern zu halten, fernzuhalten von der einzigen Ideologie, die den albanischen Arbeitern den Weg zur Befreiung weist.

Wer aber die Frage der nationalen Befreiung von der sozialen Befreiung lostrennt, der macht sich zum Handlanger des Kapitals.

Und auch die albanischen Revisionisten sind Handlanger der albanischen Bourgeoisie:

Internationalismus in Worten - Nationalismus in Taten, - das ist der Revisionismus in der Frage der nationalen Befreiung des albanischen Proletariats. Die albanischen Revisionisten waren die Wegbereiter des Zerfalls und des Untergangs der einst so stolzen sozialistischen albanischen Nation ! Wenn die albanischen Revisionisten heute vom sozialistischen Albanien schwärmen und sich als dessen einzigen "Verteidiger" brüsten, so meinen sie damit die Restauration ihrer einstigen revisionistischen Macht in Albanien ! Das ist die Wahrheit, und diese Wahrheit dürfen die wahren Kommunisten in Albanien niemals vergessen. Es ist die Aufgabe der albanischen Sektion, die albanischen Revisionisten und Opportunisten nicht nur in der sozialen, sondern auch in der nationalen Frage zu schlagen.

Wir sind für die nationale Wiedervereinigung aller Albaner, weil wir Kommunisten Verfechter des Selbstbestimmungsrechts der Völker sind, insbesondere für die Selbstbestimmung der kleinen Völker wie das albanische Volk. Wir sind aber sehr wohl gegen den albanischen Chauvinismus, gegen den nationalistischen Hass gegen andere Völker, egal ob es sich um ein großes oder kleines Land handelt. Uns Kommunisten geht es vielmehr darum, dass sich die Proletarier aller Länder vereinigen. Wir Kommunisten vertreten den Standpunkt: Weltproletariat - vereinige alle Länder!

Der National-"Hoxhaismus" soll angeblich ein „Schutzwall“ gegen das internationale Finanzkapital sein, ein Schutzwall gegen imperialistische Eindringlinge. Aber dieser Schutzwall kann dauerhaft nur durch die Führung des Weltproletariats garantiert werden, also durch den internationalistischen und nicht durch den nationalistischen Kampf.

Die albanische Arbeiterklasse erobert den Sozialismus zurück vermittels der Weltrevolution, oder die Weltrevolution siegt vermittels der Rückeroberung des Sozialismus in Albanien. So oder so wird der Sieg des Sozialismus in Albanien und in der ganzen Welt ein endgültiger Sieg sein, der weder der albanischen noch der internationalen Arbeiterklasse wieder weggenommen werden kann.

Die sozialistische Revolution in Albanien ist keine Privatangelegenheit der Albaner. Im Gegenteil. Sie ist Sache der Arbeiterklasse der ganzen Welt, die Sache der proletarischen Weltrevolution. Und der Sieg der sozialistischen Revolution in Albanien wird unvermeidlich sein, denn die albanische Sektion der Komintern (SH) wird sich dabei auf die unbesiegbaren Lehren des Genossen Enver Hoxha und der ruhmreichen Geschichte der Partei der Arbeit Albaniens stützen, deren 74. Gründungstag wir am 8. November 2015 gemeinsam feiern.


Es lebe der erste Jahrestag der Gründung der albanischen Sektion der Komintern (SH) !
Es lebe der 74. Jahrestag der Partei der Arbeit Albaniens unter Führung des Genossen Enver Hoxha !
Es lebe die sozialistische Revolution in Albanien und die Rückeroberung der Diktatur des albanischen Proletariats !
Es lebe das vereinte, unabhängige sozialistische Albanien in einer sozialistischen Welt !
Es leben die 5 Klassiker des Marxismus-Leninismus – Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin und Enver Hoxha !
Es lebe der Stalinismus-Hoxhaismus !
Es lebe die sozialistische Weltrevolution und die Diktatur des Weltproletariats !
Es lebe der Weltsozialismus und der Weltkommunismus!
Es lebe die Einheit aller Kommunisten in Albanien !
Es lebe die albanische Sektion der Komintern (SH) !
Es lebe die Kommunistische Internationale (Stalinisten-Hoxhaisten) !


Wolfgang Eggers


im Auftrag der Kommunistischen Internationale (Stalinisten-Hoxhaisten !

6. November 2015




''Sot, më 8 Nëntor të vitit 1941, përfaqësuesit e tè tri Grupeve Komuniste, të Korçës, të Shkodrës dhe të ''Té Rinive'', të mbledhur né seancë plenare dhe pas diskutimeve konstruktive me frymë komuniste, duke i bazuar né mandatin që u kanë dhënë shokët e grupeve të tyre, Themeluan Partinë Komuniste të Shqipërisë''. Kush ështé pro, té ngrejé dorén."

8 nëntor 1941 - 8 nëntor 2015




Partia e Punës e Shqipërisë lindi, u rrit dhe u forcu a duke ndjekur me besnikëri mësimet e Marksit , Engelsit, Leninit dhe Stalinit.



Historia e Partisë së Punës së Shqipërisë







Kur lindi Partia…/hox…/albanian/eh_kurlindipartia1.html…/hox…/albanian/eh_kurlindipartia2.html…/hox…/albanian/eh_kurlindipartia3.html




10 vjetori i Partisë Punës Shqipërisë

1941 -1951

Partia Komuniste Shqiptare (tani Partie Punës), u formua më 8 Nëntor 1941, mbi parimet e marksizmë-leninizmit dhe në shëmbëllën e Partisë mëmë ngadhnimtare

Bollshevike. A j o u formua me çkrirjen e grupeve komuniste të cilët i kishin dhënë hov lëvizjes punëtore të Shqipërisë.

Kjo ngjarje pati një rëndësi të madhe për historinë e popullit shqiptar sepse për herë të parë u formua një udhëheqie politike popullore e cila mundi ta grumbullojë gjithë popullin rreth Frontit Nacional-Çlirimtar dhe ta mobilizojë atë në një luftë heroike kundër okupatorëve nazifashitë dhe klikave reaksionare të brëndëshme, gjer në çlirimin e plotë të atdheut.

Gjatë gjithë historisë së tij , populli shqiptar ka luftuar heroikisht për lirinë dhe pavarësinë e tij kombëtare dhe nuk i është përulur kurrë zgjedhës së huaj, sado e fortë dhe e egër që kjo ka qënë. Pesëqint vjet më parë, nën udhëheqien e heroit kombëtar Gjergj Kastriotit (Skëndërbeut) populli shqiptar mundi të çpartallonte hjerën pas tjetrës të gjitha hordhitë e sulltanëvet të Turqisë që kërkonin të skllavëronin vëndin.

Këto tradita trashëguan më vonë edhe luftëtarët e çlirimit si Themistokli Gërmënji, Mihal Grameno, Çerçis Topulli etj., të cilët luftuan trimërisht kundër okupatorit dhe kundër rrezikut të jashtëm. Këto tradita dhe kjo dëshirë e pashuar për independencë dhe për liri e ngritën përsëri më këmbë popullin shqiptar kundra ekupacionit fashist më 1939. Populli shqiptar e priti me luftë okupatorin italian dhe gjerman dhe nuk e ndaloi luftën e tij gjer në çlirimin e plotë të Shqipërisë. Gjaku i patriotëvet shqiptare, gjaku i Mujo Ulqinakut, i Qemal Stafës, Vojo Kushit, Vasil Shantos, Misto Mames, etj. u bë kushtrim lufte për gjithë popullin shqiptar i cili nën udhëheqien e partisë mundi të çlirohej jo vetëm nga skllavëria e huaj, po edhe nga shtypja dhe çfrytëzimi i brëndëshëm.

Nën udhëheqien e Komitetit Qëndror të Partisë me ne krye shokun Enver Hoxha populli shqiptar ngriti në luftë e sipër ushtërinë popullore si armë të fuqishme për çlirimin dhe mbrojtjen e atdheut dhe organizoi pushtetin e ri pupollor si mjet për ndërtimin e socializmit dhe për lulëzimin e vëndit. Aparati i shtetit fashist dhe i feudoborgjezisë

u çkatërrua dhe në vënt të tij u ngrit pushteti i masave punonjëse — demokracia popullore.








8 nëntor 2014

Gezuar 73-vjetorin e PKSH !


Lavdi Stalinizem-Enverizmit



Rroftë themelimin e

seksionit shqiptar të

Kominternit (SE)!







Urime nga e gjithë bota

Mesazhet ...



themelues Deklarata






Drejtuar gjithë njerëzve të ndershëm kudo në botë, atdhetarëve të flaktë shqiptarë, luftëtarëve për përparim e drejtësi shoqërore, komunistëve të vërtetë shqiptarë, kujtdo që është i gatshëm të sakrifikojë për Atdheun dhe gjithë popullin shqiptar!



Trazirat në vendin tonë po kërkojnë të rikthehen me një egërsi edhe me të madhe nga ato të viteve të kaluar. Rivaliteti i përgjakshëm imperialist midis SHBA dhe Europës, hap pas hapi, etapë pas etape, me goditje sistematike, me një cinizëm kriminal të pashembullt, po synon coptimin territorial të atdheut tonë dhe asgjesimin fizik maksimal të mundshëm të popullit dhe rinisë shqiptare. Skenarët e huaj, të cilët po veprojnë për një kohë të gjatë në Shqipëri, janë qartësisht te lexueshëm! Kush nuk i dallon këto, është naiv, kush i dallon dhe hesht, është frikacak dhe si i tillë i shërben krimit. Fjalët lapidare të Julius Fucik:''Njerëz, ju dua, Jini vigjilentë!'', në realitetin e sotëm shqiptar, mund të shqipërohen akoma e më thjeshtë:''Vëllezër, Zgjohuni! Po na vrasin sy ndër sy!''

Sot, klasa politike e vëndit, pa përjashtim, është tërësisht e inkriminuar. E neveritshme dhe kriminale, e trashë në demagogji dhe amorfe në kulm, hordhia e politikanëve tanë noton sa në detin e përgjakshëm të krimit, aq edhe në gjirin e ndyrë të korrupsionit. Të shitur moralisht dhe fizikisht, tek të huajt në rrugë agjenturore, skllave e mjerë dhe servile e bindur dhe e zellshme e tyre, kjo klasë të korruptuarish politikë, është deklaruar hapur kundër lirisë dhe pavarësisë së vendit tonë, kundër interesave të popullit fukara. Të presësh zgjidhjen e krizës nga kjo klasë, do të thotë të pranosh me vetëdije e përulësi agoninë e vdekjes. Pikërisht këtë kërkojnë politikanët tanë borgjez. Pikërisht këtë muk pranon populli ynë heroik. Populli shqiptar nuk është rob i fatit të tij, por zot i vetëvetes dhe përcaktues i fatit.



Kështu përjetësisht në shekuj dhe përjetësisht në shekuj i panënshtruar populli ynë, ca më pak mund të nenshtrohemi sot.
Ne, komunistët shqiptarë, jemi thellësisht të bindur, se krizën e sotme aq të rëndë, të projektuar e gatuar nga imperializmi i huaj, kryesisht ai amerikan dhe reaksioni vendas, mund ta zgjidhë vetëm populli shqiptar, pa nderhyrjen e huaj dhe kundër ndërhyrjes së huaj. Komunistët, janë mishi dhe gjaku i popullit tonë të përvuajtur, vetëm atij i falemi, para tij përulemi dhe vetëm atij i besojmë.



Tashmë është e qartë se sistemi kapitalist është një sistem i shtypjes dhe i shfrytëzimit, i padrejtësisë dhe pabarazisë shoqërore, një sistem i kalbur, që drejtohet kundër interesave themelore të popullit tonë, që fryhet e majmet mbi fatkeqësitë e popullit!
Kapitalizmi pra është shkaku i vdekjes sonë të përditshme, burimi i të gjitha të këqijave, që na kanë pllakosur.
Etja për fitime lind vazhdimisht krimin e dhunën, korrupsionin dhe mashtrimin, drogën e prostitucionin. Por ky fenomen, nuk është vetëm fenomen tipik shqiptar, por i përbotshëm dhe gjithnjë në zhvillim. Dhe këto plagë të qelbura rëndojnë mbi shpatullat e tua o populli im, të nxijnë jetën, te kositin femijët.
Kur shpirti yt i revoltuar, shpertheu si vullkan në Kryengritjet e viteve të kaluar (Lexo: tragjedinë e Otrandos të vitit 1997, dhe po ashtu atë të 21 janarit 2011), në thelb këto kryengritje mbarë popullore drejtoheshin, jo vetëm fëlliqësirave të shtetit fashist berishjan, por edhe kundër vetë sistemit kapitalist në përgjithësi. Por fitoren tënde, të paguar me gjakun e bijve të tu të pafajshëm, e përvehtësuan të tjerët me demagogji. Ata që dje të lëpiheshin për votën, sot të kanë kthyer krahët, ndërsa, ata, që dje të mbytën në gjak, sot të kërkojnë votën?! Krim dhe mashtrim, zgjidh e merr! As njerën, as tjetrën. Tashmë populli ynë e ka të qartë, ai e ka zgjedhur rrugën e tij, më të veshtirën, por më të drejtën, të mbrojë interesat e veta, të



Vëllezër të dhimbjes së përditshme, Ju, që me pikëllim në zemër, baritni të heshtur rrugëve a trotuareve, që keni mbushur sheshet e ''Omonia''-ve të qyteteve tona me shpresën e vakët për një punë disaorëshe, Ju, që në mbrëmje ktheheni kokëulur në shtëpitë tuaja, me xhepat bosh, duke iu shmangur shikimit pytës të fëmijëve. (S'ka punë, s'ka bukë!!!).
-Ju, shitës nder tegza e kioska, që lumturoheni, kur iu qesh fati dhe siguroni bukën e ditës,
-Ju, 'të punësuar'' pa kontratë dhe pa asnjë garanci, nga pronarë vemdas apo të huaj, me paga qesharake, sa për të larë gojën,
-Ju, ushtri e mundimshme e emigrantëve të panumërt, ushtri e brengës dhe e halleve të mëdha, ju, që me djersën dhe gjakun tuaj, me jetën dhe me vdekjen tuaj, siguroni mbijetesën e familjeve tona,
Ju, bijve të djersës së ndershme, gjer dje - armatë e lavdishme e klasës punëtore heroike shqiptare, e nderit dhe krenarisë së atdheut, sot - të flakur e të përbuzur në mëshirë të fatit,
-Pra, të gjithë ju, që e ndjeni më shumë peshën e rëndë të shtypjes kapitaliste, ju drejtohemi:
-C'DO TË BËJMË? A do ta lejojmë sistemin kapitalist të na cfilitë edhe më tej? Kush nënshtrohet vdes, kush nuk bashkohet me luftën e shokëve, thyhet e nënshtrohet. Vetëm të bashkuar mund të mbrojmë interesat tona, të drejtat tona, liritë tona! Të bashkohemi pra e të organizohemi fuqishëm! Flakni teserat partiake, që s'ju hyjnë në punë! Te gjitha partitë janë kundër jush! Denonconi tradhëtarët sindikalistë oportunistë, të cilët janë vegla të bindura të kapitalit dhe kundër jush!
Rikrijoni sindikatat tuaja me njerëz të ndershëm e të vendosur, besnikë ndaj interesave e aspiratave tuaja. Asgjë nuk fitohet pa luftë!



Gjithë jetën u ka qarë syri për tokën, ndërsa sot qan toka për ju, që ndër shekuj jeni vrarë e prerë për Shqipërinë, kurse sot ''demokracia'' ju vret për një gardh, që për lavdinë e kombit tonë, jeni e vetmja fshatarësi në botë me tendenca historikisht përparimtare, djepi i historisë tonë kombëtare, ne, komunistët shqiptarë, ju bëjmë thirrje: bashkohuni me puntorinë e papunë të qyteteve, me vëllezërit tuaj të gjakut e të mundimit, të luftës e të përpjekjeve dhe do ta shikoni se jeni të pathyeshëm! Vetëm një aliazh i tillë punëtor - fshatar, nën udhëheqjen e një Partie Komuniste të vërtetë revolucionare, e tipit staliniste-enveriste, mund ta shpetoje atdheun e popullin tonë, si dhe mbarë puntorët në të gjithë botën nga katastrofa.



A nuk ka ardhur sot koha, ku të gjëmojë edhe zëri juaj për mbrojtjen e lirisë e të pavarësisë së vërtetë të atdheut, të dinjitetit tonë kombëtar, të interesave të shenjta të popullit? Mjaft na gërricën veshët kukuvajkat apo sorrat ''intelektuale'', që vajtojnë cdo ditë vetveten! Ne i drejtohemi atij ''brumi të ardhur'' nga populli, intelektualëve të ndershëm - atdhetarë, demokratë të vërtetë e përparimtarë, brenda dhe jashtë vendit: Bashkohuni me masat popullore! Shkrijeni zemrën tuaj individuale me zemrën e madhe të popullit, merrni prush nga prushi i tij dhe atëhere do të kuptoni forcën tuaj të vërtetë, atëhere jeta e juaj do të marrë një kuptim të ri, do të ketë bukurinë e fisnikërinë e luftëtarit. Populli pret shumë nga ju, ai shikon tek ju udhërrëfyesit e tij të sotëm dhe jemi të bindur, se këtë besim, ju do ta meritoni me luftën tuaj.



Edhe pse të rrethuara vazhdimisht nga vdekja, shpirti i juaj rrezaton vec prush e dritë. Nga zemrat tuaja fisnike nis rrugën e gjatë lufta e jonë për drejtësi e barazi, mirëqenie për të gjithë e përparim shoqëror. Sepse ju e ndjeni shumë-fish egërsinë e kapitalizmit, ndaj edhe jeni luftëtaret më të spikatura kundër tij. Ju jeni streheza e sigurtë e virtyteve tona, nga Ju marrim bekimin për luftën tonë. Kapitalizmi synon të shkallmojë cdo gjë të shenjtë, që ju keni: Virtytin, fisnikerinë, moralin, bijt tuaj, jetën tuaj. Si mund të lejojmë ne, që sistemi kapitalist të na vrasë cdo ditë, të na vrasë kudo, të na vrasë cdo gjë?
Komunistët, i bëjnë thirrje nënave dhe motrave të shtrenjta, të organizoheni kudo e të veproni me inisiativë, të bashkoheni rreth Seksionit Komunist (SE) Shqiptar, si e vetmja forcë politike e pastër, e vendosur dhe besnike deri në vdekje të interesave tuaja të shënjta!



Kapitalizmi është armiku më i egër i rinisë. Ti, që je lulja e jetës, nuk ke të sotme, nuk ke as të ardhme, ti, që je vetë e ardhmja e shoqerisë. Asgjë për jetën, gjithcka për vdekjen. Duan të vrasin shpirtin tënd të pastër, të fashitin zemrën tënde të zjarrtë, të errësojnë mëndjen tënde të kthjelltë. Sistemi i sotëm kapitalist, ky sistem i vdekjes, kërkon të errësojë kontributin tënd të bukur fizik e shpirteror.
Është e vërtetë, që në ndonjë rast, bisha matrapaze borgjeze të ka kafshuar, të ka hapur plagë, ka injektuar vrerin e saj te verdhë, duke synuar vdekjen tënde. Por ti, pranvera e jetës sonë, nuk mund të vdesësh, nuk thahesh, nuk vyshkesh.
Kjo nuk do të ndodhë kurrë, kurrë! Sepse ti, rinia jonë e pasioneve të bukura njerëzore, je e pamposhtur, si vetë populli ynë, që të lindi e të rriti. Ti e tregove vehten në revoltën e pranverës 1997, të 21 janarit 2011, kur shperthimi yt vullkanik gjunjezoi klikën më të egër fashiste të Europës. Përpara kë sprova të reja, të vështira e plotë rreziqe, por të lavdishme.
Ti kërkon rrugëdaljen tënde të plotë e të sigurtë, më të drejtën e më të ndershmen. Dhe këtë rrugëdalje ty, rinia jonë e vuajtur por heroike dhe e palodhur, ta mundëson sot e përgjithëmon Seksioni Shqiptar (Stalinist-Enverist) ku ti aty do të gjesh vetveten e humbur, do te gjesh mishërimin e ëndrrave dhe aspiratave tua të bukura, do të gjesh ato karaktere të paepura, burrërore, besnike deri në vdekje, qe ti i kërkon në luftën tënde fisnike. Lufta jonë pra, ideali ynë komunist, është i pandarë nga ëndrra jote për një jetë të pastër, të drejtë, të bukur, vërtetë njerëzore, për BOTEN E RE. Kjo jete te perket ty, rinia jone, sepse e meriton me luften e sakrificat e tua për atdheun dhe kombin.



Për kapitalizmin shqiptar dhe jo vetëm për atë, po bien këmbanat e vdekjes. Jo socializmi shkencor, JO, por kapitalizmi që ndodhet në fazën e tij të fundit, po përpilitet në agoninë e vet. C'do ditë e më tepër, populli ynë po i kthen sytë nga idetë komuniste. C'thonë komunistët, c'po bejnë ata? -Pyesin njesin njerëzit e thjeshtë.
Situata sot në Shqipëri si dhe kudo në botë, dikton pa diskutim daljen në skenë të flamurit fitimtarë të 5 Klasikeve të marksizem-leninizmit: Marksit, Engelsit, Leninit, Stalinit dhe Enver Hoxhës. Ne nuk i lëpihemi borgjezisë kombëtare dhe asaj ndërkombëtare për të ligjeruar ekzistencën tonë. Do apo nuk do borgjezia dhe lakejtë e saj revizionistë e neorevizionistë, Seksioni Shqiptar në Internacionalen Komuniste (Staliniste-Enveriste) po e ligjeron vetë koha, vetë historia. Ashtu sikurse gjatë historisë të lavdishme 50 vjecare të ndërtimit socialist me sukses në Shqipëri, ashtu edhe sot, në ditët tona, komunistët e thjeshte shqiptarë dëshmuan me prova, se mbetën bijtë më të denjë, më besnikë, më të ndershëm e me të vendosur të popullit shqiptar. Komunistët janë mishi dhe gjaku i popullit, të gatshëm të sakrifikojnë edhe jetën e tyre për interesat e larta të atdheut.
Por, këtë duhet ta meritojmë cdo ditë e cdo orë me punën tonë, me luftën tonë, me qëndrimet tona parimore.
Komunistët e Shqipërisë nuk maten me fjalët e bukura, por nga veprat që kryejnë. Një veprim sado i thjeshtë kundër sistemit kapitalist, vlen shume herë më tepër se njëmijë fjalë të bukura. Komunistët e vërtetë nuk i ndajnë fjalët nga veprat. Kjo është ABC-ja e jetës dhe e figurës së tyre.
Ne kemi nje rrugë të gjatë përpara, plot thjeqafe të rrezikeshme, por gjithsesi të lavdishme dhe jemi të vendosur ta cojme ate deri në fund. Këto nuk janë slogane e fraza boshe. Ky është betimi ynë, është detyra jonë historike. Kush nuk ecën dot me dy kembët e me zemër të hapur, duhet të dalë nga radhët.
Sot, mbi glob, në të gjithë botën, po fryjnë erërat e fitores. Socializmi si e vetmja rrugë shpëtimtare, po troket fuqishëm në vetëdijen e popujve, të cilët po ndërgjegjësohen gjithnjë e më shumë për interesat e tij.
Seksioni Shqiptar (Stalinist- Enverist) U bënë thirrje të gjithe komunistëve të vërtetë kudo në botë, të futemi me thjeshtësi në gjirin e popullit e në ballë të tij, medoemos në ballë të tij, që zemrat tona të rrahin një me zemrën e madhe popullore, të dëshmojmë me vepra të gjalla, se jemi bijtë e bijat e tij të vërtetë, se dijmë të luftojmë, të sakrifikojmë e të fitojmë me cdo cmim.
Deviza jonë e perjetëshme është:''Me popullin, për popullin''. Parrulla jonë luftarake, thelbi i strategjisë tonë, sot e në të ardhmen, do të jetë:


''Për një Shqipëri të bashkuar, të lirë e të pavarur, për një rend demokratik popullor, socialist!''


Rrofte diktatura e proletariatit ne Shqiperi si dhe ne gjithe boten!

Lavdi 5 Klasikeve te Marksizem -leninizmit:

Marks, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Enver Hoxha!





* * *


Rroftë 8 nëntor 1941 !!

8 nentor 1941 Lavdi PKSH



Trimat nuk vdesin kurr.

Trimat nuk vdesin , rrojn gjithmon ne zemer e ne shpirtin e trimave.


(Kushtuar themelimit të PKSH-së, më 8 Nëntor 1941)


Kur trojet shqiptare, po rënkonin
nga thundra e robërisë,
Më 8 Nëntor 1941, flakëroi –sulmoi,
Një dritë-rrufe,
Mbi armiqtë, -në qiellin e Shqipërisë!
Rinia heroike shqiptare,
Po betohej me grushte lart!
Komandant Enveri i tha jo reaksionit,
Kur përpëlitej e zvarritej përçartë!
Djaloshi Qemal Stafa,
Po e jepte kushtrimin:
Ta luftojmë fashizmin!
Lokemadhja Bije Vokshi,
Me revolver e bomba në duar,
Si Shote Galica e Norë e Kelmendit,
Ju bënte roje flakadanëve,
Për lirinë e vendit!
Emin Duraku, ylli i Kosovës Kreshnike,
Do lidhej si gjaku me zemrën,
Në qëndresë kundër nazi-fashizmit,
Përkrah rinisë heroike!
Nexhmije Xhuglini, dibrania guximtare,
Erdhi si Shqiponjë në Konferencën e Partisë,
Do të luftonte tërë jetën krenare,
Përkrah "Shpatit", viganit të Shqipërisë!
Buzëqeshi si Dielli, andej nga Peza,
Babë Myslimi me shokë;
Kur e freskoi lajmi si era:
Rinia në Tiranë, po betohej për këtë tokë!
Haxhi Lleshi, si shkëmb mali,
Po i bashkonte, malësorët:
Do luftojmë për liri, o vdekje,
Deri t´i shporrim gjakësorët!
Si vetëtimë mbi male e qytete,
Përhapej betimi; armikut do ia bëjmë fora!
Vojo Kushi partizani, me gjoks sulmoi tankën,
Gjorgji Martini, Sadik Stavileci, te Kodra e Kuqe,
Me heroizma micsokoliane, e lartësuan Tiranën!
Vringëllonte, Hysniu, andej nga Vlora!
Lufta e forcoi besën,
Lufta e kërkoi qëndresën,
Lufta kishte dhembje-gjaku!
Lufta, e rriste shpresën!
Lufta e vrau robërinë!
Lufta e vrau tradhtinë!
Lufta çlirimtare, aspiroi Fitoren!
Ta gëzojmë lirinë!...
U therën keq, gjakatarët kryeneçë:
Bishat e Hitlerit, bishat e Musolinit,
Ikën andej nga erdhën:
U strukën në Romë si qyqet,
U mbytën turpshëm nën gërmadhat e Berlinit!
Ata, që popujve liridashës,
Tmerrshëm, vrershëm ua nxinë jetën:
I mbuloi tmerri dhe vreri:
Prandaj, e vranë veten!
Gjysmë shekulli drita e 8 Nëntorit,
I ngrohu shqiptarët, nëpër botë:
Fikja e kësaj drite të madhe:
Shekujve, nuk arrihet dot!

Suedi, 8 Nëntor 2006








Publisher "8 NËNTORI», TIRANA, 1981 


Gezuar 73-vjetorin e PKSH !