The Communist Manifesto



written by Wolfgang Eggers



For the Communist Manifesto in words, but betrayal at its practical implementation - that is


Against the betrayal of the revisionists at the Communist Manifesto only in words, but following the path of the revisionists in deeds - who trample under foot the Communist Manifesto- , that is



Neo-revisionism, or more simply, globally renewed revisionism, is the ideology of the world bourgeoisie to privately exploit the Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels in order to utilize it against the world proletariat and its world socialist revolution. With other words: in order to beat the world proletariat at its own game.

The world bourgeoisie is forced to misuse the weapon of the Communist Manifesto for her own class interests by means of the revisionists, because alone with her own weapons the world bourgeoisie can not escape her downfall.

The struggle against world revisionism can thus be explained in a derivative dialectical form like this:

Expropriation of the world capitalist private property of the Communist Manifesto, thus re-socialization of the Communist Manifesto.

with other words:

It is our task to tear the Communist Manifesto out of the hands of the World Revisionists and bring it back into possession of the world proletariat.



Let us briefly answer the question:

What is today's significance of the Communist Manifesto and how is it to be applied to the present concrete conditions of world capitalism ?

The history of all previous society is the history of class struggle.

This class struggle is developing today mainly between world proletariat and world bourgeoisie , namely to its highest boiling point - towards the world socialist revolution. The ultimate goal of today's class struggle is the overthrow of the world bourgeoisie, the elimination of world capitalism, and the building of world socialism under the leadership of the world proletariat.

The world capitalist society of today has polarized all classes and split them into two major antagonistic world camps, the bourgeois world camp and the proletarian world camp.

The weapons with which the world bourgeoisie has defeated the socialist society are now directed against the world bourgeoisie herself.

The world bourgeoisie has not only forged the weapons that bring her own death. She has also globalized world capitalism because she has to follow the law of capitalism.

The world bourgeoisie has also globalized the world army which leads these weapons - namely the globalized world proletariat.

The unification of the world bourgeoisie determines the unification of the world proletariat.

The workers of a single country had temporarily triumphed, but the real result of this victory was not only the direct creation of the socialist society in this or that country. The long-term unification of the workers as a globalized class is the objective presupposition for completely unfold global class force for the direct overthrow of the entire world capitalist system.

The living conditions of the world bourgeoisie are already destroyed in the living conditions of the world proletariat, which is without property.

The world bourgeoisie is incapable of remaining the ruling class of world capitalism any longer and imposing the law of profit maximization on world society. The world bourgeoisie is incapable of dominating the world because she is incapable of assuring the existence of the exploited classes themselves within their global system of exploitation. The world bourgeoisie is forced by the law of capitalism to lower the exploited classes to a position where she has to feed them instead of being fed by them.

World society can not live in perpetuity under the rule of the world bourgeoisie, that is, its survival is no longer secured under the conditions of the world capitalist system.

With the globalization of the world economy, the world bourgeoisie deprives herself of all global foundation, whereupon she produces and appropriates the products. Above all, it produces the world proletariat - her gravedigger.

Last not least the world bourgeoisie also produces unwantedly the communist leaders of the proletarian world movement, who emphasize the question of changing the relations of ownership of the material and mental world production as the fundamental question of the communist movement. The globalized solution of the property question is to abolish globalized private property through the liberation from globalized wage slavery. From globalized wage slavery, the world bourgeoisie draws its world wealth. Simultaneously, the world bourgeoisie is destroying the economic basis of its own world power by destroying the existence of the classes which she is subjugating and exploiting.

The world proletariat unites all countries against the world bourgeoisie in order to step on the world stage as the ruling class and to forcibly eliminate the old relations of production of world capitalism.

The world proletariat not only annihilates the prevailing world capitalist relations of production, finishes not only the luxurious life of the world bourgeoisie, but also eliminates the conditions of existence of all previous antagonistic class society.

The world proletariat abolishes all classes in general, and thus (later) including its own world domination as a class. In place of the old bourgeois society, with its classes and class antagonisms, is the Communist World Association, in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all.

The communist world revolution is the most radical break with all previous property relations of all previous class societies.

The highest aim of all Communists is the classless, that is to say, propertyless, world communist society. With this goal in mind, the Communists support the world revolutionary struggle against the world capitalist relations of production and the prevailing social and political conditions of world capitalism.

We fight for the immediate, daily interests of the world proletariat, but in the current world revolutionary movement we also represent the future of the world revolutionary movement - communism.

We communists want to make the world proletariat aware of what is going on in its head. In reality, it is not its own proletarian consciousness that dominates, but a foreign, namely the class consciousness of the world bourgeoisie. Mental production is determined by material production.

The prevailing ideas in the minds of the world proletariat are therefore only the ideas of the ruling class. Because of this, the class consciousness of the world proletariat becomes more and more contradictory, the conflicts in its consciousness intensify. What the world proletariat perceives on the basis of its own experiences in the real world, that is to say, its real class position, is becoming less and less in accord with what is daily inoculated in it by the world bourgeoisie. The world proletariat thus gets deeper and deeper into a conflict of consciousness with the bourgeois world view, by which more and more pressure is put on the workers. The revolution in the mind is the prerequisite for the revolution in the workplace and on the street. The class consciousness is then revolutionary if it is completely in accordance with the objective situation of the class and purified from prevailing bourgeois-revisionist consciousness. That is what we call revolutionalization of the globalized consciousness of the world proletariat. The Communists help the world proletariat solve this conflict of consciousness. We awaken, activate, and revolutionize workers' awareness, first, by always clearer recognizing their own globalized class position. Secondly, they are increasingly aware of the relationship of their own class to all other classes and become aware of their leading revolutionary role in the globalized class society.Only a class-conscious worker will gain knowledge of scientific socialism and be guided by communist world ideas which are the beacon-fire on his way towards liberation and emancipation.

The proletarian ideology is at the same time the spiritual weapon, the spiritual tool, what and how something is to be done so that the world proletariat really reaches its goal of liberating itself.

We communists are the obstetricians of the revolutionalization of the consciousness of the world proletariat.

The world proletariat gives birth to world revolutionary consciousness in four steps:

At first, the workers are becoming themselves conscious about the influence of bourgeois-revisionist ideology which has caused the self-estrangement from their own class.

The revisionist ideology is of the purpose firstly, of making it more difficult for the workers to free themselves from the prevailing influence of the bourgeois ideology by which they are enstranged from their own class. And secondly, in case of failure, to falsify the proletarian ideology with the intention to restore bourgeois consciousness.

Secondly, the worker feels the enslaving pressure of the bourgeois-revisionist ideology in his head, gets aware about the class-conflict of the two antagonistic ideologies, acknowledges the bourgeois character of the revisionist ideology which is nothing else but the bourgeois ideology, masked with the "proletarian ideology".

Thirdly, the worker withstands the bourgeois-revisionist ideology, combats it and finally gets rid of it in his head and struggles consciously against revisionism.
All these three steps are pre-condition of the fourth step, namely to learn how to get world revolutionary consciousness:

Fourthly (and finally), the world proletariat by itself paves the way for the conscious adoption of the proletarian ideology (freed and purified from the revisionist ideology) by which the door opens to gain entry into scientific socialism. Scientific socialism is the only genuine liberation theory of the proletarian class, that is the theory which shows the way to liberation, which gives the opportunity to orientate oneself in the respective situation, to understand the inner relation between the world proletariat and the daily world events of the class society, moreover to foresee the world events and not only to recognize how and where they are currently developing, but also how and where they will unavoidably develop in the future.

The struggle against revisionism teaches the world proletariat that it cannot free itself from the bourgeois ideology without being aware of the ideological betrayal of he bourgeoisie.

World revisionism is the mask of the world bourgeoisie to deceive and to defeat the world proletariat with the weopon of its own proletarian ideology. World revisionism is the restoration of the bourgeois ideology in the head of the workers, namely on a gobal scale.

The Communist Manifesto is the guide for the world proletarian revolution, and the guide for the overcoming of revisionism.

In the Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels, the world proletariat finds all the basic building blocks for the abolition of world capitalism, for the construction of world socialism, and ultimately for the construction of communist society.


How is it possible that the goals of the Communist Manifesto are still not accomplished after 170 years ?

The world bourgeoisie prevented this by means of her revisionist ideology with which she deceives the world proletariat until today!

Every further development of the proletarian ideology was always brought in contradictions to its origins which were once created by Marx and Engels.
This is also true in regard of the latest development of the proletarian ideology - Stalinism-Hoxhaism. The neo-revisionists are leading the way to descredit Stalinism-Hoxhaism. It is the leading way how the world bourgeoisie behaves towards Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

Is the world bourgeoisie still watching us Stalinist-Hoxhaists and waiting for the things to come that will need to come? No. Not all all. The world bourgeoisie is increasingly forced to take action against Stalinism-Hoxhaism, which is why she must - as for instance - "defend" the (revisionist falsified) Communist Manifesto against Stalinism-Hoxhaism. And for that purpose she needs her lackeys, the neo-revisionists.

The world bourgeoisie herself does not exist without her own ideology; she uses its own ideology as a weapon in the class struggle against the world proletariat.

The world bourgeoisie is aware that the world proletariat can only complete its historic mission if it has eliminated the rule of the class of the world bourgeoisie, namely on a global scale. Today, the ideology of the world bourgeoisie has developed into such an ideology that provides it with a guide to survive, that is, to get rid of her gravediggers, to undermine and dstroy their revolutionary ideology and actions.

For the world proletariat, the Communist Manifesto is the guide to the world socialist revolution. For the world bourgeoisie, on the other hand, the revisionist distortion of the Communist Manifesto is a weapon to preventing the world socialist revolution and to maintain world capitalism.

Thus, the ideology of the world proletariat and the ideology of the world bourgeoisie are increasingly hostile to each other, namely all the more as the class society approaches to the world socialist revolution. Economic liberation also implies the ideological liberation of the world proletariat.

We have already shown theoretically how the world bourgeoisie has historically managed to reconvert the socialist society of a country into capitalism and we unmasked thoroughly the revisionist theory of capitalist restoration. We have shown that the world bourgeoisie used modern revisionism for this purpose.

We have already explained in detail why revisionism is bourgeois ideology on the formal ground of proletarian ideology.

We have also found that the revisionist system is subject to the law of capitalism, namely to maintain the pursuit of profit maximization which the revisionists had hidden behind the mask of socialist phraseology.

We also know that modern revisionism in the last resort produced the ideology of the developing enemy classes in socialist society. And we have learned that all this happened only by applying the law of revisionist molting process, which means that the new bourgeoisie had transformed the prevailing socialist consciousness of the working class of a socialist country into the prevailing revisionist consciousness of the new bourgeoisie.

Normally, the world bourgeoisie could finally sleep more quietly, but this is impossible for the simple reason that socialist consciousness can never be completely extinguished under capitalist conditions - not even by revisionism. Socialist ideas can not be eradicated as long as world capitalism exists and thus as long as the world proletariat must fight for its liberation.

Especially in the former socialist countries, there are still remnants of socialist ideas that can be reactivated at any time, and therefore the conflict of consciousness will increase, namely between what once was, socialism, and what has become out of it, capitalism. And it is the crisis in the development of world capitalism itself that does leave this discrepancy not untouched in the consciousness of the workers, but obviously makes the doubts about and hate against capitalism grow ever larger.

That is why the bourgeoisie continues to need not only to fuel anti-communism, but also to spread neo-revisionist consciousness in the working class to deceive it.

In times of globalization, the consciousness of the working class is also globalizing, so that there is an even greater danger for the entire world bourgeoisie than ever that the world-socialist consciousness will develop in the world proletariat. The world bourgeoisie is therefore looking for a guide on how it can influence the world socialist consciousness of the proletariat in such a way that it will be prevented from its further development and forming. She would prefer to dig out the outmoded "modern revisionism", but this one was specifically used to restore capitalism and was unmasked by comrade Enver Hoxha's Marxist-Leninist world movement and is has been burned out.

The world bourgeoisie is thus forced to subject the proletarian ideology to a global overhaul, to a new revision and correction, in such a way that it is tailored to the new globalized conditions of the world proletariat, namely preventing the workers from the world socialist revolution.

So the world bourgeoisie no longer needs Soviet revisionism, it does not need any more Chinese revisionism or revisionism of another country, but what it needs is a globalized revisionism, thus the neo-revisionism. The world bourgeoisie no longer has to subject to a revision the proletarian ideology in this or that country , but it must subject the globalized proletarian ideology, thus Stalinism-Hoxhaism to a revision, a revision of the most advanced theory of the world proletarian revolution.

The world bourgeoisie knows very well that we Stalinist-Hoxhaists do not sleep , but feverishly work on the Stalinist-Hoxhaist revision of the last stage of development of our Marxist-Leninist theory of world revolution, that is to develop it creatively in regard of the conditions which have changed.We are conscious about the necessity, that our theory of the world socialist revolution must be worked out on a much higher qualitative niveau than it had been the case in the period before globalization. The race between the Stalinist-Hoxhaist revision and the bourgeois revision of the theory of world socialist revolution decides on victory or defeat of the world proletariat. The world bourgeoisie must win this race between the further development of the theory of the socialist world revolution and its bourgeois falsification, because this is no longer just about avoiding another defeat of the bourgeoisie in a single country, not just to lose an individual capitalist country, but to lose the whole capitalist world system which means the end of all previous antagonistic class society. The world bourgeoisie has studied the General Line of the Comintern (SH), which has set the new strategy and tactics of the proletarian, world socialist revolution. The way of the revolutionary world proletariat has already been described and can be pursued practically! The world bourgeoisie knows the world revolutionary danger of the writings of the Comintern (SH) and will try to tear it to pieces. World bourgeoisie will seek to defame Stalinism-Hoxhaism as an ideology that is allegedly "incompatible" with the Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels, an ideology which purportedly "contradicts" with the Communist Manifesto.

What follows from all this?

The bourgeois revision of today's further development of Marxism-Leninism, the bourgeois revision of Stalinism-Hoxhaism-that is the ideological basis of world revisionism - that is the tactics with which the world bourgeoisie tries to beat us with our own weapons.

What is world revisionism ?

World revisionism is essentially a global counterrevolutionary, ideological tool of the class politics of the world bourgeoisie for adapting the revolutionary movement of the world proletariat to the world capitalist system with the aim of maintaining the system of worldwide exploitation and oppression and thereby restrain the world proletariat from its liberation.

What is the law of world revisionism ?

The law of world revisionism is the law of the world bourgeoisie to deny her own ideology and to take over the proletarian ideology as a mask for the purpose to escape from her own downfall. The law of world revisionism is determined by the unavoidable necessity to lead the ideological class struggle against Stalinism-Hoxhaism on the formal soil of Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

Who is the social bearer and sustainer of the world bourgeoisie ?

To answer this question, we return to the "private appropriation of the Communist Manifesto". The "private appropriation of the Communist Manifesto" is worthless and ineffective to the world bourgeoisie without simultaneously securing the support of the exploited and oppressed classes.

For revisionism (in general), and for world revisionism (in particular), the same pre-condition is valid: without its agency, without its political department, without its pacemaker, without its social bearers, without its helpers and accomplices within the workers movement, the world bourgeoisie is in itself taken alone, neither able nor able to apply the law of world revisionism at all. Without their agencies in the labor movement, the application of the law of world revisionism is impossible! World revisionism can only penetrate into and ifiltrate the consciousness of the world-revolutionary communist and working-class movement by means of the globalized social bearers of the world bourgeoisie.

The social bearer of the world bourgeoisie within the communist and workers' movement is essentially recruited from all people from all strata of society of the globalized world, including the labor aristocracy, the petty-bourgeois intellectuals, the lumpen-proletariat, scoundrels, provocateurs and other criminals, especially the national and international apparatuses of all exploiting and oppressive states such as secret services, police, justice, army, but also from fascist, bourgeois, revisionist, anarchist parties and organizations (etc., etc.).

The world bourgeoisie subverts with its agencies not only (from within) the revolutionary organizations of the working class on a national and international level, but also builds her own "proletarian", "revolutionary" counter-organizations to confuse and to split the revolutionary movement, thus to harm the unity of the world proletariat and its allies. Specifically, these are people who have been expelled as traitors, agents, and degenerate elements from the Communist Party and other revolutionary workers' organizations. There are also fluctuating elements in the ranks of the revolutionary scene that can be easily recruited by agent services of the bourgeoisie. Their dangerousness consists precisely in the fact that they are communistically trained, have experiences in the class struggle, know the revolutionary organizations from the inside, that they have learned the language of the workers, that they know the ropes within revolutionary movement, especially in the illegal work, and they camouflage themselves very well and hide their true face more carefully than anyone else.

What is the molting (sloughing) of modern revisionism ?

The molted (skinned) modern revisionism is neo-revisionism. In this molting process, Neo-Revisionism gives a new "anti-revisionist" mask to modern revisionism after modern revisionism was theoretically unmasked and defeated as a hostile ideology within the Marxist-Leninist and working-class movement.

Today, the neo-revisionists are already hiding behind the mask of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism to fight Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

Neo-revisionism is the newest form of revisionism, born of modern revisionism, created for the purpose to prevent the transition from the first period of socialism in "one" country to the second period of world socialism. Neo-revisionism is thus the highest, most developed and most dangerous form of all previous forms of revisionism.

Neo-revisionism is the negation of the negation of modern revisionism.

Neo-revisionism is that revisionism which tries in vain to breathe new life into the corpse of modern revisionism. Neo-revisionism, as also all previous forms of revisionism, refers to the Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels in order to keep the world proletariat away from its liberation and to bind it to the world imperialist system of exploitation and oppression for all eternity.

What lessons do we learn after 170 years?
The Communist Manifesto must be defended by us in our fight against neo-revisionism. Today, without Stalinism-Hoxhaism can the immortal revolutionary ideas of the Communist Mainifesto not be victoriously realized in practice.

Long live the 170th anniversary of the Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels !
Down with neo-revisionism, the today's betrayal at the Communist Manifesto !

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is today's ideological guide for the practical implementation of the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels !




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