Vasily Ivanovich Ardamatskiy





Part One 


   Chapter One


   It was July forty-first year - the war with Russia was in full swing ...

   Michael Eric Axel waited patiently destination. Every morning he came to Tirpitsufer in Abwehr headquarters, primarily directed to the Protocol Department - order did not come. Axel - enough proven Abwehr officer not to be nervous and to know what is waiting for him in front of a worthy cause. Temporarily, he worked in the systematization of intelligence. This was also a pleasant experience - every day, every hour, at least according to the reports, watch as German troops break into the steel wedges country Bolsheviks take their city, spreading fear and panic out there. With a few jealous feeling he read information gathered from reconnaissance commando center "Saturn", which together with a core group of troops was aimed at Moscow. Before the beginning of the campaign he expected that "Saturn" will be charged to him. He really wanted it and was amazed when the chief of "Saturn" Zombaha appointed - one of the "gray colonels" Abwehr; these colonels and only so famous that they are immaculate biography.

   Axel in military intelligence, just five years, but his track record has a lot of serious business ... The main course, Madrid. He was sent there in 1936, when General Franco rebelled against the Spanish Republic. At the University of Madrid then came a young German scientist - a lanky, with a pleasant, intelligent face. He was interested in documents and evidence of the decay of the Byzantine Empire as a result of the Fourth Crusade, in infinitely far XIII century. Prior to becoming an employee of the Abwehr, Axel three and a half years he studied in Frankfurt, Goethe University, the history department, so that in the guise of taciturn man of science, he was not so hard to mislead even educated people and justify the prefix "Dr. "on his business cards. However, we all know how easy it is to get in Germany doctoral title.

   Axel regularly went to the archives of Madrid University and worked with ancient manuscripts and documents. There he worked until noon and in the afternoon engaged in exploration - recruited agents studied the mood of the republican capital.

   Franco's troops, backed by Germany and Italy, were preparing for a decisive attack. These days, Axel received orders to go through Portugal in the port of Cadiz and on a certain day and hour to go up there on board the Argentine steamer "Angel" ...

   He did as instructed, and in the captain's cabin of the steamer saw Wilhelm Canaris, head of the Abwehr.

   Bound profession nothing surprising restraint welcomed chief Axel and stretched out, waiting for orders.

   Canaris in black tunic civil sailor sitting on swivel chair. Without rising, he is quiet, muffled voice congratulated Axel awarding him the rank of captain.

   - But you know, we rank in the Abwehr - a relative thing, certainly only one thing - a talent scout. - Black oily eye Canaris brushed by Axel tall figure downwards. - However, when there are both, you can enjoy ... - Taking a second pause, he smiled amiably.It was a great reward for Axel.

   Canaris elastically threw its dense pogruznevshy body out of the chair and, going up to Axel, said:

   - I read your reports. There's all true?

   Axel was silent, but he could not hide the hurt.

   Canaris bottom up expectantly looked at him. Displeasure by moving his thick eyebrows and stepped back, he showed Axel on the sofa.

   - Sit down, Captain. What you too impressionable ...

   Axel sat in the corner of the sofa, uncomfortable crossed his long legs.

   Canaris leaned back to the window, from the cabin was dark, and Axel stopped to see the face of his boss.

   - The Fuhrer poses new challenges ... - spoke softly Canaris. - Brand new ... Franco will soon be the last offensive. We help him. In Madrid, Barcelona and other cities urgently need to create groups of faithful, well-armed men, which will strike at the right time in the back country. Franco will advance on Madrid with four columns, our troops will be the fifth. Your opinion - this can be done? Sit down, please. - Canaris sank into a chair and sat sideways without turning to Axel did not want to disturb him to come to the exact answer.

   - The Spaniards are very peculiar ... - Axel started.

   - I am well aware of the Spaniards, they can be to deal with the strong-willed people they go willingly.

   - The degree of reliability ...

   - The main force of the "fifth column" should be people for whom victory would mean their red death - interrupted Canaris. - The principle of selection will guard you from making costly mistakes.

   - Anarchists take? - Axel asked cautiously.

   - Only the blind role, people who oppose any power, dangerous ...

   Each new question Canaris intercept with increasingly blurred, but Axel was in no hurry to settle. He distinctly remembered a saying Canaris that confidence is born, when they die doubt. The work was worth it to have a good think about it.

   - Having begun this work, we put our great personal risk, and I feel all the time now counterintelligence behind her - said Axel.

   - I agree - there is the risk ... - Canaris bowed his head, his eyes hidden under bushy graying eyebrows. - Yes, someone will fall and die, - he continued. - Maybe you do. And who then bring the matter to the bitter end. - Canaris paused again, allowing Axel feel heard. - And most importantly, - he continued - Fuhrer tells us, any society, any state at the time of great turmoil blind and deaf ...

   It was a crazy thing ... Forgetting Baldwin of Flanders, Axel from dawn until late at night hovering around Madrid on the occasion bought an old camel case "Fiat". He recruited his faithful people in a "fifth column", to obtain weapons and dump it into the recesses. He was so brazen that the hotel where he lived, took two more rooms, put them in your head - there were two Spanish Falangist, his assistants, who were openly recording wanting to fight in the ranks of the "fifth column".

   Everything went like clockwork, and at the right time "fifth column" took to the streets of Madrid, its defenders attacked from the rear and this contributed greatly to the fall of the city.

   Canaris remember Axel, and he returned to Berlin on Tirpitsufer already major.

   In the spring of 1939, Axel received a new responsible job and hastily left for the Soviet Union. His legend has been recognized by the Madrid so successful and enduring that it decided not to replace, but only a little tweak. He again went to Leningrad as a historian of the same name. And again, he was interested in the intricacies of Byzantine history.

   - Quest Fuhrer urgent, but it does not mean that you should rush - Canaris said farewell to Axel. - Three of the four months, I think you have enough. Knowing you as a master of doubt ... - he smiled - I do not wish you luck, I firmly believe in it ...

   At nine o'clock in the morning, Axel appeared at the State Hermitage - always in the same modest threadbare suit, long-legged, slow, careful with bright eyes behind his glasses. Soon he had worked with him called employees by name and patronymic, cute Russian mangled names, laughing and apologizing for it. He explained that he was born and grew up in Riga, that his father was a partner in Russian German commercial firm, and his best childhood friend was a Russian boy. Since then, he speaks Russian, very bad, of course ...

   He was very serious, slow, silent, did not waste a single minute on idle talk and rarely got up from his seat behind a large oak desk, littered with ancient manuscripts. When the museum staff went to the buffet for dinner, he remained in his place and once sheepishly explained that the buffet is not provided its modest budget. For the same reason he does not live in the hotel, and in the office of the German consulate.

   - Now we have all the facilities in Germany given to military science, and we historians - simply beggars - sadly he finished and frightened eyes widened not heard if anyone else outside his bold statement?

   Employees sympathetically and understandingly sighed, letting him know that there is nobody here to fear, and dragged him to the bar.

   After rounding the work Axel deserted Palace Square, walked past the Admiralty, St. Isaac's Cathedral huge bypassed through the square and headed to the hotel "Astoria". There he dined long and tasteful - Russian cuisine after Berlin ersatz gave him great pleasure. Had a dinner, he bought in the lobby "Astoria" newspaper and walked through the dark area in a rectangular building of the German consulate, where really lived, but not in the office, he said, and in a lovely room, which gave him the consul Sommer, his colleague in the Abwehr and an old acquaintance. Evenings together they searched for information agents who worked at the consulate were reports in Berlin and discussed the memorandum of Leningrad, which had to write Axel. Before going to bed, they allowed themselves to a game of chess. And always the game arose same dispute ...

   The longer Axel lived in Leningrad, the more hit him this huge, unlike other Russian city. A consul in Leningrad did not see anything special, except that it, like any other industrial city, a lot of plants, and hence many dangerous proletariat. Sommer impressions laughed at his colleague and called them ladies'. Axel called scholastic position Sommer and dangerous. And as in any dispute, for Axel gradually brightened the truth ...

   On this trip, the main task was to make Axel memorandum of Leningrad. Such memoranda of six Soviet cities were prepared at the request of the Fuhrer. Hitler wanted to know not only the military capabilities of each of these cities, but the composition of the inhabitants, their way of life and mood. Axel understood the complexity of the challenge ahead and a little annoyed that he was asked to do more in Leningrad and recruitment agents - for two such serious cases, not enough time.

   Come New Year's Eve. Consul on Christmas days left for Moscow to spend their holiday among the German Embassy. Axel for the New Year consul ordered to book a table in the "Astoria". With him go two girls from the Consulate - Consul secretary Laura and employee encryption of Clara.

   Their table was on the dais in a side gallery, where a good view of the whole room, the center of which stood a large tree with a red five-pointed star on top. Axel watched with great curiosity, as the hall was filled with people - surprisingly different in age, demeanor and even clothes. Nearby, a large table, sat company civilian mariners. Ladies tried to keep them casually and majestic, but they managed it badly - the atmosphere was elegant restaurant is unusual for them. Aloof closely clung table gaggle of young people. The guys were dressed like Axl seemed carelessly, two of them were even without ties, sports shirts with an open collar. And their women, on the contrary, carefully dressed up, curled, lip tint. Craning their necks, they are eager curiosity looked around and whispered.

   Axel companions were dressed simply, held at ease, they seemed to have nothing to do all that is happening around. Laura with her almost white hair falls on the shoulders could be considered a classical type of Nordic women, this Aryan - the consul Sommer was not a bad taste. Klara - long black eyes and black hair curled large rings. She was also beautiful in its own way.

   Whence it came on top of all the familiar voice of the announcer - began an official New Year's greetings by radio from Moscow. Everyone stood with glasses in their hands. Congratulations Axel seemed too long, he watched in amazement as carefully and seriously all around listened to what Moscow said. He showed his eyes ladies that need to stand up, and they went quietly with glasses in their hands.

   Finally heard the anthem. There was a discordant cry of "Hurrah!". Clapped champagne cork. Clinked glasses. Heard the cries of people kissing, again shouted "Hurrah!" And laughed.

   Axel went nuts with their ladies and told them softly:

   - For the Fuhrer ...

   - Transparent ... transparent ... - they replied in unison and drank.

   Overall cheerful hum grew louder.

   At the next table stood a huge mustachioed man in a black jacket sailor. He knocked loudly on a plate with a knife, seeking silence at his desk, and raised his glass filled.

   - For our beautiful women! - He said loudly hoarse bass and handed the glass to clink, to as large as himself, lady.

   - Hooray aaa! - Men shouted, standing up.

   Axel raised his glass and said quietly, my girls:

   - I agree with what a mustache.

   They moved the glasses and drank.

   Now in a small space, free from the tables formed a close throng of dancers.

   Axel danced with both girls in turn, soon tired and asked for mercy. He wanted to see what was going on in the room, it was just interesting.

   In Russian it is not clear what that combined focused discipline that made them stand for ten minutes listening radiorech from Moscow, and genuine spontaneity, fun. People obviously unfamiliar in the early evening, quickly acquainted, moved the tables and sang songs together ... Fun becoming increasingly noisy.

   In the second hour of the night to their table with a glass in his hand filled approached by a young man in a tuxedo. Tuxedo was it a little high, though with someone else's shoulder, but the starched shirtfront clung beautifully strong chest and swarthy neck. He was tall, with curly dark hair and a beautiful face - such a person is called Axel Valet: they were hard to find what some specificity.

   - Happy New Year! - He said good German, shuffled his feet and reached for a glass to Laura, to clink glasses. Laura sat motionless and apparently did not see him, but the stranger, not at all embarrassed, he continued: - We have a New Year's Eve all - friends ... and as a friend I have come to your aid ... - he turned to Axel. - I beg your permission to dance with one of your ladies.

   Axel gave her maidens themselves to resolve this issue. They both stood up, and they all laughed. Axel went to dance with Clara and Laura danced with a stranger.

   - Dance great, but very drunk - said Laura, returning to the table. - Recently divorced. Surname - Gorin ... Works counsel in publishing and in what is still two places. If she do not lie, of course ...

   After the second dance Laura reported:

   - Says that he has grown hateful his company, stuffed us.

   - No way - warned Axel and asked briskly: - With lyrics climbs?

   - And how! - Laura laughed. - Here and now is not staring at me and all raises a glass with a value. Said that I have a divine figure.

   - When prompted, give him my number - smiling, said Axel. - I ask who you are?

   - Your secretary. And you're a scientist, on a business trip.

   - Well, Laura, in place Sommer I would keep you no secretary.

   After another dance lawyer Laura summed up to the table and unceremoniously sat on an empty seat. Immediately behind him came the shapely figure of Master of Ceremonies.

   - Excuse me, but, I think you mixed up tables, - he said, bowing.

   - I sit where I want, - offended lawyer. - Or, in our country it is forbidden?

   - No, why? Sit where you want, just make our guests did not mind - Managing explained.

   - We do not mind, sir help me in dancing - joked Axel and manager apologized and walked away.

   Lawyer a long time could not calm down, ruffled his thick dark hair, shaking his head and muttering all of their right to sit anywhere, even if it is right and not written in the Constitution.

   Axel watched for new acquaintances. "If you pretend it does it perfectly ..." - he thought, and said to his girls, it's time to go home.

   Get rid of the drunken lawyer had hard work ...

   Two days later he called Laura, and they met on the island.

   Soon took their second date.

   - Nothing but light flirt - strictly instructed Axel.

   - No! I'm going to marry him, his blue eyes, does not discourage me! - Laura laughed ...

   During the second interview followed the third, fourth. Axel first published the stories of Laura, a lawyer and studied more and more convinced that this person may submit to his interest. Passed, however, some time before Axel Gorin met again and decided to recruit him.

   Brief data for a portrait in Leningrad recruited agent. Codename Davis. Compiled by Major Axel based on a four-month follow-up.

   Michael Gorin (G.). Age - 38 years. A lawyer by education. The German language. Comes from the old Petersburg intelligentsia family. The father was also a lawyer, died in 1931. Mother is dependent on him, he said, - cantankerous old woman, from behind which he ruptured his wife. He lives with his mother in a separate apartment in the center, on the Nevsky Prospekt. Is an associate consultant at a publishing company and part-time in YUVELIRTORG and trading port. Frivolous in relationships with women.Currently in development is sure his affair with an employee of the consulate L.Sharp, whose work in this direction deserves encouragement.

   Stimulus Agent Davis - his belief that he deserves a much better life than the one he is forced to carry. State system it is irrelevant, since their political beliefs he does not. Has a certain tendency to Western life, to clean her home side - beautiful, good things, entertainment, etc. Despite the good earnings (he works in three places), constantly in need of money. Good and fashionable dresses. Reckless gambler. Drink moderately, but intoxicated misbehaving controls. He is convinced that the West eventually give him a beautiful and rich life, wants and will try to earn the right to do so. Currently its main drawback - not involved in the affairs and sites of particular interest. In the near future it is possible transition to work closer to the desired objects. He is making efforts in this direction.

   However, now it gives very useful information about the mood in the motley among the urban intelligentsia.

   Summary: a promising agent ...

   By signing this document, Axel was sure recruited useful and promising agent. But no matter how Gorin confirms the general concept that Axel developed for Leningrad and Leningrad. Why he is indifferent to the city where he was born, grew up and lived all his life?

   Not the city is to blame for the fact that he did not had the fate which he wanted? Sometimes he speaks critically about the regime, but Axel sees this only for the love of jokes, and not what some conviction. All this is necessary to find out more ...

   They met more often and every time a new location. Gorin pretty quickly mastered the basic techniques of conspiracy memorize simple code for written reports, cryptography technique. He lived on the Nevsky, in a huge house with a complex thoroughfare, where there were many corners, what that projections alley, entrances were located in the deep recesses. Axel came here in the afternoon and took a long walk around the yard.

   In the evening he brought home a stack of fresh Gorin German magazines and a thousand rubles for the received information from him.

   The room was cozy lawyer, burned a large lamp with a silk shade. From the receiver he heard a subdued sad music. In the window breeze blew who brought it from the smell of lilacs. When the mother brought the coffee, introduced her to Michael G. Axel:

   - My German friend, antifascists, who, alas, can not live at home.

   Mother stopped for a moment on the guest indifferent look and left.

   They talked quietly, sitting on the couch, covered with a velvety carpet of Bukhara. Behind the thick glass tower clock silently and slowly floated shining disc pendulum.

   Axel looked at the light through the glass bulb filled with brandy, and suddenly alive asked:

   - What if war? What will you do?

   Gorin long silence with a serious face.

   - With whom the war? - He asked.

   - We assume that with Germany.

   - I'll wait for you - and Gorin said softly, raising his head, looked at Axel, as if asking whether he replied.

   - But what do you do with your patriotism?

   Gorin shrugged and raised eyebrows, eyes closed.

   - And how to react to it your mother?

   Gorin's eyes widened in surprise:

   - And she do with it? I have long grown out of short trousers.

   - To view the German mother is equivalent to the law, - said Axel, sipping brandy.

   - Obviously, we have the law abolished in revolution - grinned Gorin.

   Watch recaptured quarter. Muffled roaring Nevsky heard honking cars, trams calls.

   - Do you love your city?

   - I want him to love me - laughed Gorin - conversation frightened and fascinated him with its sharpness.

   "Hypertrophied ego" - and naturally thought Axel asked:

   - Do you like Dostoevsky?

   - No. I read "Crime and Punishment" from a purely professional interest, and nothing of Th. I have every kind of idiosyncrasy to psychopathy - Gorin said with conviction, though in fact he repeated word for word what once in his presence, his father said.

   - If you tried Raskolnikov, what would be your verdict?

   - Op equal to! He had the right to live without need.

   Axel read somewhere that among the legal profession there are such psychological rebirth, when their minds blurred the line between the desire to justify a particular offender and crime in general. But everything was still simple: just Gorin has long been willing to commit a crime in the name of the vulgar purpose - to live better than they live now. Well, an agent with such an internal spring, too, can do a lot.

   Gorin suddenly thought that the Germans showed themselves not in a very favorable light, and decided to rectify the situation. He ran his fingers through his thick hair, ruffled them and said:

   - I myself know so many different characters types that sometimes I get scared ...

   - Dostoevsky just sang this bundle Russian soul - said Axel and began to say goodbye ...

   Brief data for a portrait in Leningrad recruited agent. Codename Lyudmila. Compiled by Major Axel based on a six-week follow-up.

   Real full name - Kligina Nina (V.). Age - 28 years. Brought up in an orphanage. Bright, beautiful appearance. She predicted the stage or cinematic career. After school, came to Leningrad to become an actress. In the Theatre Institute has not been accepted.Received controller film-makers in the club, where he immediately noticed was her appearance. She promised the role and even legally married, but always cheated. Nevertheless, she went into her coveted circle of film-makers. He currently lives alone. Has a room in a shared apartment. Embittered. Envious. Keen interest in the expensive things. Adores secular lifestyle, the rotation of movie stars. Currently works as an assistant director at the studio. Easily converge with men.

   Using an agent to be careful, but the good that it can be large, given unrestricted access to her acquaintances.

   Recruitment done with all the formalities with the assistance of a good friend Ludmila - our agent Davis.

   Summary: An agent with hidden great opportunities.

   Brief data for a portrait in Leningrad recruited agent. Codenamed Ruby. Compiled by Major Axel based on monthly observations.

   Real name - Gennady Sokolov (I.). Age - 29 years. Peasants northern Russia (Vologda region). Until 1929, my father had a cheese factory, then it was confiscated. Father was attainted and exiled. Subsequently, he went missing. Agent at the time was 20 years. Together with his mother, he moved to Leningrad, where the mother's brother worked as a janitor. Settled it. Private agent studied the photograph and the last 6 years working in the farm "'s studio." Travels frequently (prospectively for us) in the summer - the resort in the winter - on call - at weddings, funerals, etc. (You should consider the use of its capabilities as a photographer, to move freely around the city).

   Stimulus agent - a thirst for revenge for his father. Money is not interested. If you do not know his biography, hatred agent to Soviet power may seem pathological. Currently actively use it risky, it can easily attract the attention of the Soviet political police. On this account he made a rigorous explanation.

   Summary: in situations of extreme order Rubin agent can be invaluable.

   Consul Sommer did not approve of agents recruited Axel - he did all Russian thought unreliable.

   - I'm starting to believe their little man, only to learn that in his veins German blood, - he said.

   - Now, when Germany entered the world arena, for our intelligence is nothing more dangerous than to be considered trustworthy alone Germans - Axel mind. - In an emergency, all your pure German footage will surface, because every sparrow in the city knows that they are Germans.

   - Among my agents, my dear friend, many workers who came here from Germany to help their class brothers build world communism. Caesar's wife above suspicion.

   - Do not forget, my friend, that Caesar was not a stupid man, and, in any case, he's smarter than his wife - retorted Axel Sommer ... But do not give up and one day, with a faint smile, solemnly handed Axel coded message from Berlin:

   - On the subject of endless dispute have our colleague, elegant toothpick. Congratulations ...

   "Lyudmila clamp or develop. When solving facing great problems you can hardly rely on prostitutes "- read Axel.

   - You rejoice prematurely - not hiding anger, he said the consul.

   - And I'm not happy at all, - said Sommer. - I just think your shots more reliable.

   Axel evening in Berlin sent a coded message:

   "At number 08/1503

   Allow myself to challenge your 1503. Prostitution in our understanding here, and women like my object set. Especially near the diverse world of art. Typically, this is a failure in the profession, trying to make it up to the proximity with the people of the world that has not accepted them in their manufacturing sector, and is now reaching them by accessibility feminine. Like any reasonable woman, and this is also not easy secretly worried that her life is a failure, it does not become neither wife nor mother. Here is exacerbated straight to oblivion propaganda asserts with each fence, on the radio and in the press that you all roads are open and reachable for any purpose.

   Moreover, it is very clear and hurt himself sees other women really achieve much, while nothing special, they do not differ ... "

   "... Some of this humble themselves, rejecting leave their world, and go to the common flea life and maybe find happiness there. Others, such as our object, clinging to elect the world by any means, but there is no commercial trade body. Here satisfaction spirit extreme way. Recruitment object I built for oncoming traffic.

   Item 1. You deserve a life.

   Item 2. The fact that you are unworthy of you life eked out a guilty society that proclaims attention only to person.

   Item 3. With this company you can join the fight. Clandestine activities elevate you above all who humiliates you now.

   Item 4. If there is a change in society, and perhaps not without our help, your fate will change radically. Those who now commands you turn into insignificance.

   Object has passed through all these points, never entered into an argument with them and taking them are granted. And if you object to excite anger and specify the address for this anger, the agent can be extremely useful to us in all situations, including in critical. Finally, now we can manage her acquaintances, and it opens unlimited possibilities. "

   A few days later the consulate came encryption:

   "Objection Ludmila removed ..."

   Came the day when written memorandum Consul Axel took to Moscow, and from there he was transferred by diplomatic pouch to Berlin.

   Axel touching farewell to the staff of the Hermitage and the steamer went home ...


   Chapter Two

   Coming to the Abwehr, Axel went operational in the hall, where in this early hour of the card going to the officers. From the first day of the war, Admiral Canaris prepared him for Tirpitsufer atmosphere accentuated restraint. One day - it was much earlier, when German troops drove the British to the steep bank of Dunkirk - Canaris found the card officers who talked about the war with rapturous exaltation. Admiral imperiously raised his hand, and in the ensuing silence instantly sounded distinctly his low, almost guttural voice.

   - So you can act only at the races. On the battlefields killed Germans who unlike you are not watching it from the window ...

   He went out, stepping on the heels of boots - so he went when very angry ...

   Since the operational hall Abwehr always stood chinnaya silence, and these morning meetings at the map wags dubbed "morning prayer" ...

   Today, the "morning prayer" Canaris did Axel sign approach. Admiral, who was head and shoulders below Axel awkwardly took his arm and led him into the interior of the hall.

   - I want to go back to your memorandum of Leningrad, - he said. - Take read it with fresh eyes and thirteen zero zero come to me ... - Admiral went just swinging gait sailor - a stocky, short-legged and thick, graying head topped with a large ...

   Axel took the elevator down to the underground floor, which housed the archive. While looking for the desired folder in his head, one after another flashed assumptions needed memorandum why? .. Nothing wrong with that can not be, it is certain that in Leningrad, then not only gathered important information about the city, but tried to make sense of it and uncover the dangerous features of this city.

   Voice in radioreproduktore thrice uttered his name and invited to enter the hall number two to the table number thirteen.

   In the halls of the Abwehr archive tables stood in what that strange mess. But it just seemed like a mess - they were so that working at one table could not see what was on the neighboring.

   Axel learned from afar on your table with the familiar blue folder sticking out her card accompanying orange.

   Axel began flipping paper and suddenly startled eyes widened - in front of him was a page from top to bottom otcherknutaya thick line of blue pencil. Special order forbade Canaris Abwehr employees leave on documents which would, however traces. What is it? Who did it?

   Axel quickly leafed through the folder to the end - blue pencil was otcherknut entire last section of the document: "... Some remarks psychological nature." Axel focused and began to slowly read this section:

   "For residents of Leningrad characteristic sharpened love for his city, his pride in belonging to it. This kind of local patriotism, even causing them to behave in a special way. Dispute between Leningradites and Muscovite about whose city is better, has become traditional. For a Leningrad doubt on this score does not exist.

   Leningradites consider their city the most beautiful in the world. (On a note: after seeing many cities in the world, I do not find equal Leningrad).

   Leningradites consider their city the most intelligent. (Note that the crowd really Leningrad favorably with, say, Moscow.) Leningradites consider their city to the shrine of the revolutionary history of the state. (Recall that here perfected notorious Russian Revolution.) Leningradites consider their city a living monument to the entire Russian history. (Indeed, Leningrad - it countless monuments of Russian history, including the beautiful and priceless.) Curiously, the official cult of monuments of history are not observed. Moreover - even royal palaces and the Hermitage Museum are in pretty poor condition. "

   Axel looked to the end of the section and remembered how, drawing conclusions, he then grinding out each word as mortally afraid to overstate the importance of collected facts in this section and be in someone else's eyes bad observer, and hence poor scout.He read otcherknutoe again, trying to imagine that someone else is reading. No, everything is written exactly a good thing, and it's all very, very important, especially now, when the German troops rush to Leningrad.

   But he could not calm down - blue pencil inspired great concern, and he thought about the last sentence of his memorandum: "If you need to create a strong Leningrad" fifth column ", will make it very difficult ..."

   Exactly an hour Axel walked into the office Canaris and stopped at the door to see who was sitting in a chair Chief of General Staff Colonel General Halder.

   - Go, go here - boomed Halder, pointing to the empty chair opposite him.

   Axel sat in a low chair, holding on her lap Zadran folder.

   - So, you have acted in Madrid? - Asked the general. - Great job! I would place among the monuments of Generalissimo Franco, set them himself, one would have erected in honor of your "fifth column". Huh? - Halder turned to Canaris and deep voice laughed, showing suspiciously white teeth.

   Canaris indifferent viewed his korotkopalye hands lying on the table.

   - The fact that we have applied in Spain - continued Halder - sample was then tactical innovations. The motto "Barbarossa" - a totality. However, our sacred duty - to do everything not to become total and our losses. You lived a long time in Russia? - Halder asked, staring at Axel watery, light eyes.

   - Seven months. - Internal voltage Axel grew in anticipation of decoupling conversation.

   - Many, many ... - said the general, heavy eyelids drooping, silent.

   At this time in the radio, which operated muffled behind Canaris came fanfare signal preceding transmissions from the Eastern Front.

   - Add the - asked Halder.

   War correspondent spoke directly from the transit camp for Russian prisoners of war ...

   - I asked our officers, many Russian here, they could not answer, said: "Think for yourself ..." - voice trailed off, from the receiver even heard a sound like someone moaning continuously on one dismal note. Then the reporter through an interpreter interviewed prisoners. All of them said that the war with the Soviet Union has already played, and expressed joy to be alive and were cultured in German captivity ...

   Halder lifted his hand and lowered Canaris sound.

   - These are Russian, you knew in Leningrad? - Asked the general.

   Axel did not answer immediately.

   - I think ... our propaganda ... not really ... - he said evasively, although it is well known that when Halder can be any curse propaganda.

   - Uh uh, leave it - winced Halder. - Our business - the war itself.

   - But it is dangerous for our soldiers ... - more confidently continued Axel. Seeing that Halder is what awaits clarification, he added: - I have read the dossier on Brest - too much emotion, misunderstanding the situation and exorbitant surprise that the Russian did not immediately surrendered. You should at least know a little bit nature of the enemy.

   - Do you know his character? - Squinted Halder.

   - Anyway, I know that in Russia romanticized Border Service that their border troops have to fight particularly hard.

   Halder heavy eyelids quivered.

   - We are approaching the Moscow and Leningrad, both goals are ambitious - he said softly. - About Leningrad there are different opinions. Fuhrer said as what the land on which stands Leningrad, please return the sea ... There is another opinion - keep this city as a decoration. As decoration - pointedly repeated Halder. - I read your memorandum. Now you do not want to change it?

   - Is that what some would have found a more accurate word - Axel replied.

   - This will you do when you write a memoir. In the meantime, I have to you a practical question. You write that there are very difficult to create a "fifth column". But not telling until the end - you undertake for this venture, or it should leave. Huh? - Halder turned to Canaris.

   - We do this - Canaris said impassively. - But you can not our problem considered in isolation from what the army is doing. You understand that the city raise against himself only in an atmosphere of panic and fear. It was at this point the army should crack the door of the city as it was in Madrid.

   - But when the broken door, the house consists of strangers ... - Halder said and looked at Canaris.

   - The question of how many strangers left to lie beyond the threshold of the house. Pervasive loss can turn defeat into victory, you know it better than me ... - calm, even voice answered Canaris.

   Axel breathless listening to their conversation, he knew what his fate is being decided now.

   - I want one - a clear understanding of your options - separately and loudly said Halder.

   - In the next two or three days we will present you a comprehensive document ... - Canaris said.

   When Halder heavily rising from his chair, left, Canaris was silent, staring at his hands, his eyes screwed up. And finally asked:

   - All the same, it is difficult or impossible?

   - It's hard. Very difficult - Axel said softly. - At Madrid does not seem to be.

   Canaris stood up and began to walk along the wall, hidden dense curtain, behind which was a huge map of the world.

   - You clear the strategic importance of Leningrad? - Admiral stopped and looked up to where on the map, behind a curtain, was designated Leningrad.

   - Yes. And I read a note to the Führer, General Field Marshal von Leeb.

   - Well ... - Canaris again gently paced the carpet along the wall. - So, you know what it means for Germany not to take Leningrad. Do not take! - Suddenly he asked loudly and stopped. Head held high and shaking his finger, he repeated: - Do not take! Do not! .. - And after expressive pause asked: - You would not want to change the conclusion in his memorandum?

   - No, - Axel stood and stretched.

   - Even if you know that based on your output may be canceled our impact in Leningrad?

   - Leningrad joint efforts will be taken - and we Army. As in Madrid.

   - What are you hoping for? - Canaris asked, walking along the wall.

   - In a prophetic indication Führer once lightly subjected me doubt - Axel said, as he watched his boss.

   Canaris and stopped blankly, looking at him expectantly.

   - The state of great turmoil in the hour blind and deaf. Remember, as in Spain, I tried to counter this danger risk, and you advised me to believe the Fuhrer?

   - Yes, yes, that's ... - as if to himself Canaris said. He turned to the wall and pulled back the curtain. Taking a pointer, Admiral afar sights on the spot where the large letters was written: "Petersburg".

   - Given the nature of the city - said Canaris tone lecturer - will solve all the speed and daring actions started at exactly the moment chosen ... in exactly the chosen time - repeated Canaris. And he continued: - Group "North" will attack the city with all its might.She will be given a part of the troops of the "Center." On the eve of the day of your city will be subjected to a total processing artillery and from the air. On the shoulders of panic you raise your strength and achieve what else will resist in the city. I repeat: the pace, courage and accurately selected hour.

   - I'm ready to do this exercise - Axel said firmly, without any pathos.

   - So you waited for his case - and the admiral said, coming closer, Axel shook his elbow. - Immediately contact with officers of the first and second segments, they were engaged at different times of Leningrad. All that they find useful for yourself, take.

   - We will act in parallel? - Axel asked.

   - Their business - everyday intelligence and sabotage in the Soviet rear directly to the front, and that is to say, the background for your business. Their forces are unsuitable for you, the agents you should have its own, particularly reliable and skillful.

   - I was worried about time, here's fall Novgorod - said Axel.

   - He had to fall twelve days ago - said Canaris and finished: - We act according to our old principle - a leisurely speed. But we must do everything that you just took the starting position in the city.

   Canaris had already gone to the table and suddenly turned back:

   - Yes, I forgot: must congratulate you to obtain the rank of colonel. Very happy for you ... - He did not come, however, to shake hands with Axel, but only waved his hand in greeting. However, in the Abwehr all knew that Canaris titles does not give much importance ...


   Chapter Three

   August 15, 1941, the Germans occupied Novgorod.

   Above the town black smoke billowed. He slowly melted into a clear blue sky. Another shooting was heard on the eastern outskirts of the city. On the marketplace just herded prisoners taken in the battle for the city. Over the ancient church, penetrating smoke, with disturbing cry flew clouds of jackdaws. Streets that a few minutes ago swept gray green cars and motorcycles rattlesnakes, just died - not a single person, no matter where you look.

   Commander of Army Group "North" General Field Marshal von Leeb not wait to see them at first taken a big Russian city.

   Field Marshal went to the huge outdoor "Maybach" with far forward of a powerful motor and a sloping rump. When the car is the front tires began to slide gently into the road pit, Field Marshal too heavy body crawled with leather seat and then he angrily picked up and again sat very straight, massive head held high.

   Field Marshal wary, with some sort of burning interest in looking at wooden house, which seemed to him poor and ugly. Long wooden fence. On unfamiliar flowers, looking down from the small windows. Shrilly on layavshego puppy run for machines. Pigeons sitting on the ridge of the roof.

   "And this is Russia?" - Field Marshal asked myself ...

   Near Field Marshal respectfully him otodvinuvshis sitting youthful colonel with a beautiful dark face. Surrounded by Field Marshal joked that brought Christman Field Marshal for the rare male beauty, but seriously saying that there is nothing worse than an evil cunning adjutant general. Who knows, maybe, Field Marshal, whose massive, saggy face was very ugly, and just kept to himself this colonel to constantly remind everyone how cheap stands on a large military account male beauty ...

   Now, after a sleepless night, his eyes were sleepy handsome colonel. Performing order of the Commander, the second day he picks up maps of the area traversed by the Army Group "North" - Field Marshal wants to find out where, in what has been a miscarriage battles that wrecked the original plan of attack. Colonel struggled with drowsiness, but continued to follow the Field Marshal.

   Von Leeb turned to him and said, pulling up for a picture smile drooped lower lip

   - If all Russian cities are not worth starting this war.

   - Backward country - willingly Christman said.

   - But why did they fight so well over the wooden shack? - Field Marshal suddenly raised his voice and glared at the Colonel, as if he was responsible for the fact that the Russian fight hard. Christman thought it best to remain silent.

   - And it's not such a big city - kept nagging von Leeb. He sat up and looked back - there was a cloud of dust in gleaming lacquered back machines in which generals and drove magnitude smaller.

   Car abruptly shook, and Field Marshal collapsed on the seat. He opened his mouth to lash out, but at this time because of the rotation suddenly just surfaced on the green wave snowy hillside church. Together with the black smoke she repeated in the river.

   - Stop, damn you! - Shouted von Leeb.

   The entire line of cars stopped gradually. Back machines, recently shone in the sun faded, covered with thick dust of the road.

   Field Marshal looked at the church.

   - Very nice. Phenomenal! - He said. - Black smoke - this is war, and the church - the god of war. Huh? - He looked at his adjutant and, without waiting for an answer, turned away - what can think of God this beautiful colonel, who at heart but Hitler, there is no God? Sam von Leeb - a devout Catholic. Hitler does not like him for it, or, more precisely, did not like ... Everyone knows about their conversation during the appointment of Field Marshal Commander of Army Group "North".

   - I tell you more Catholic than warlord - only half-jokingly, half seriously said then Hitler.

   - The more I am a Catholic, the more military commander - said von Leeb. Fuhrer was left with no choice but to say that he respects any conviction, if it is to the benefit of Germany's rebirth ...

   That's why now, no one in the suite did not allow himself to smile even that stood in front of the commander of the Russian Church.

   Suddenly, a black veil tearing, low low on machines with a howl swept the plane. Someone managed to shout: "Achtung!" But this cry covered laughter, everyone could see that it was a passenger "Junkers" coming in to land.

   Von Leeb sluggish gesture ordered to go further, but soon on the side, shady street signal motorcyclists escort car stopped again.

   "Maybach" Commander stood before the red brick building with a sign skosobochilas "Pharmacy". Running up on their toes quartermaster headquarters opened wide the door "Maybach" and held out his hand to the commander:

   - Please, Mr. Field Marshal, this is your temporary home, just for today.

   The first person took in Novgorod commander was Colonel Axel.

   Field Marshal was sitting in a small room at the card table in Voltaire chair. The walls were shifted pharmacy counters. It was very crowded. Field Marshal had nowhere to put his feet, he pulled them aside and because sitting sideways. Upon entering, Axel confused, not knowing where he was to become, to be before the eyes of the commander. Von Leeb nodded on a stool, standing at the window.

   - What do you want, Colonel? - Tired and quietly asked von Leeb.

   His faded, light eyes, he looked neat colonel form Axel. Field Marshal hated staff Neat, but now stood before him Abwehr officer, special service, and he had to help him - this is specifically requested Berlin ...

   - Very much, Mr. Field Marshal - respectfully leaning forward, said Axel. - Starting with the premises that would satisfy our specific requirements and ending with soldiers to guard him. Transport, communications ...

   - Wait a minute - the commander stopped him. - Somewhere there, behind the door, are my adjutant and my stenographer. Invite them, please ...

   Axel dictated stenographer their long thoughtful requirements. Field Marshal ordered to immediately decipher dictated and put his neck on the list.

   - Nothing is forgotten? - He asked. - I promised Berlin to do everything you ask ...

   When the stenographer came, Field Marshal suddenly asked:

   - You really help us in Leningrad?

   - I hope so ...

   - What? - Asked the Field Marshal, is put in hand to his ear: in his 65 years he has heard does not matter.

   - I hope that we can help the army - Axel said loudly.

   Field Marshal nodded and said softly, as if to himself:

   - Russian war better than we thought.

   - More grandiose your progress - Axel said with conviction.

   Field Marshal looked at him:

   - If you held with me, I would have demoted you for shameless flattery - he said seriously. - For your information, I do not execute orders on terms no Fuhrer nor the results. This - having before Russian huge advantage in power! I should note that the information on the weak commitment to its Russian political regime was clearly false. Who is responsible for it ... - Pink, with a mesh of veins, sagging cheeks quivered slightly Field Marshal in a smile: - Do Not Admiral Canaris?

   Axel prudent after a pause said:

   - Two years ago I reported from Leningrad that in case of war, the struggle for this city will not be easy.

   - I wonder - why? - Raised eyebrows ragged field marshal.

   - Russian, like all normal people - patriots of their country and Leningrad for them is also a symbol of history, - said Axel.

   - It is strange that the character they began to fight back in the near Siauliai - von Leeb said grumpily.

   Field Marshal, with his head to one side, looking at Axel - pose was ironic and demanding eyes and expectantly. He waited until the Abwehr colonel answer, but without waiting, he asked

   - How many of your people will act in Leningrad?

   - Ten - twelve.

   - Just what? - Field Marshal surprised. - Haider promised me much more. We have already suffered losses impermissible and must take the city a little blood. - He emphasized the word "small" and snorted angrily.

   - I dare to tell you, Mr. Field Marshal - Axel began cautiously. - We are, starting a business in Madrid, there was even less. And when the time came to act, the city was knocked down. Blow was applied, of course, is not we, but we created the now famous "fifth column".

   - Maybe, maybe - Field Marshal growled and suddenly a new revival asked: - And who are those with whom you start dealing in Leningrad? The Germans?

   - No, sir, Field Marshal, is Russian.

   - En lish! - Field Marshal handed surprise. - Of the prisoners? Yes they will sell you for pfennig.

   - We took the Russian environment of old Russian emigration, they lived with us in Germany. Chose the most reliable.

   - Maybe ... maybe ... - Field Marshal nodded his gray head. Apparently, he wanted to talk about all this with an outsider. - And the local Russian - something inexplicable. I questioned one. He did not even realize who he says. All of us are blind and miserable servants of war, and he, you know, a fighter for the happiness of mankind. What a nightmare it is ... - And suddenly, without any logic von Leeb added: - I would like to see their soldiers the same fanatics.

   - By all accounts, our soldiers are fighting fearlessly - Axel replied cautiously.

   Field Marshal pale eyes suddenly darkened, knotty hand lay on the card-table, curled into a fist.

   - Do you want the truth? When the enemy crushed appliances, our fearless. When the enemy perseveres, our diabolical start to show foresight. - Field Marshal and stood with his hands behind his back hunched, walked along the pharmacy counter. He stopped in front of Axel, who, trying not to show haste stood up too.

   - A Russian go to our tanks with hand grenades. Take grenades like that, pressed against the stomach and thrown under the tank ... - Von Leeb showed how to make Russian: put his hand to his convex and saggy stomach. - You know about this? And if you know you reported this to the Fuhrer?

   - Russia is doomed anyway - Axel replied, without betraying its relationship to the words of Field Marshal.

   - Then hurry to Leningrad - advised that indifferently.

   At this time, a muffled growl standing on the window shown in the phone and the door ajar adjutant alarmingly reported that with the commander urgently wants to speak his chief of staff.

   Von Leeb stepped to the window and picked up the phone, why is it carefully examined, and finally put it to his ear.

   - Yes, sir, - he said angrily, and then paused for a long time, but his face is no longer indifferent, he looked at Axel as though inviting him to share his surprise. - Good. I agree ... - finally he said, and threw the handset on the window sill, from the bottom up quizzically looked at Axel: - Want to hear the news, Colonel? In the near Staraya Russa Russian counteroffensive began. I am now authorized the order to turn back part of his forces, interrupting their movement to Leningrad. I hope that you rush to Leningrad and give me the opportunity to report to the Führer once about how well you helped me. I wish you success ...

   The next day Axel unit were transferred to several small houses on the quiet outskirts of Novgorod street. The area where the houses were, was circled double row of barbed wire. On both sides of the street was closed, and at the intersection appeared communicating booth and gates.

   In one house settled Russian. In another - the Germans. Axel with his adjutant Lieutenant Tsvigelem took a separate house, standing in a dense garden. The spacious house is located next to the node connection. From it in all directions stretched wire. In the stone barn at the gate was equipped with a garage for two cars.

   Special division of the Abwehr codenamed "ACF 104" started to act. Letters and numbers of its name means that it is listed among the "104 Abwehr team" and is its affiliate. But reckoning it was so formal that even the head of "Abwehr Team 104" Colonel Schimmel long time had no idea of ​​what they do Axel and his men.



   Chapter Four

   Russian agents division "ACF 104" gathered in the house, which was given the name "operational room." This house has been recently inhabited, and it still nothing has been done to turn it into office space. Apparently, its inhabitants fled at the last moment, things intact remained in their places, and it seemed that now someone will come from the street or from another room that Abwehr agents came to visit and wait for the owners to come.

   Participants sat in a large, high room on old, old tired bentwood chairs at an oval oak table. Harsh tablecloth, neatly folded, lay on the sideboard.

   Axel was sitting in a wicker chair, leaning comfortably on curved handles, and, smiling, considering the table surface - it was all scarred and stained. He looked back at the sides where a huge buffet hung two portraits: prim lady in a white blouse with a complex conical hair and mustached men in what that uniform.

   - Well, here's a Russian house, please ... - Axel said. - The house is still full of Russian spirit, but we feel great here and start their business. The same Russian house and there, in Leningrad. And we are now in practice verify the correctness of our Fuehrer brilliant idea that at a time of great turmoil and blinded state fade away. Before I watched it in Madrid ...

   Axel began to talk about his work in Spain.

   - It was quite simple - he said. - Nothing special there, I did, met people kept conspiracy. That's it. I was an ordinary hotel guests can be a merchant, or maybe a journalist. And at that and the other job is to meet people. So I met ...

   Axel deliberately chose a simple story, knowing what it meant for these Russian confidence in their upcoming work. He had any means to instill confidence in the people sitting in front of him.

   Upright like a mannequin with a protruding chest and laid back sloping shoulders, listening to Axel Colonel Alexander Winkies. This fifty-year, but seemed completely untouched by time, intelligent and discreet man was clear and close to Axel. Before the Russian Revolution he made a brilliant career at the General Staff. Revolution threw him abroad, but he was, as others, in the depths of moral decay, knew where he needed to be, and settled in Germany, giving all their knowledge and power of the German army, or rather - its military intelligence. He hates the Bolsheviks, and his hatred is understandable and concrete. Father owned a colonel in the Russian huge parkland. Revolution took away everything. And when the old man tried using a shotgun to defend themselves against a peasant, they hung it in front of the house on the century-old linden tree planted by the great-grandfather. Colonel says that paternal land he does not need, he does not want to start all over again, but also wants to use the same lime as the gallows ... Near Migunova sits rubbing the shaved head to gloss, well-knit, broad-shouldered Nikita Cheptsov. His father belonged to the St. Petersburg apartment houses, sauna, and he wants to get them now ... Gregory Zhuhin native of Kharkov, there are bequeathed to his elder brother two cinemas, but he knows that his path in Kharkiv lies just across defeated Leningrad, and therefore do whatever he ordered.

   All they think too much and suffered long in exile and revenge those from whom they became poor pilgrims to foreign lands, has become their main purpose of life.

   Axel really need to impress these people that everything will be as easy as it was with him in Madrid - will only have to meet the right people and reliable to observe the strictest secrecy. Offensive of the German armies developed, which means that every day panic in the city will increase, she rages life of the city, its population split, and many of those who today Reich dangerous tomorrow will fulfill all orders of his command.

   - I assure you, the main character of the action in Madrid and here the same - Axel continued vigorously. - There are, however, purely national characteristics of the population of these cities. Spaniards are an irresponsible, impenetrably dark and terrifying poor. All this and I made a bet. People living in Leningrad, not careless. On the contrary, they are too nervous and suspicious. But this simple conclusion for us - in every possible way to improve the conspiracy. Culturally, the population of Leningrad immeasurably higher. Money for the Spaniard and bullfights - everything for them he is ready to give his life. For a Leningrad, in any case, I think, for most, and especially now, the material question is not important. Leningrad care much more about what we have already said many times, and what everyone has read in my memorandum.

   Telling Axel was watching his listeners tried to understand the status of each. But all equally hard and carefully listened to him. Unless Maxim Mikhailovich Braslavsky was immersed in what is his thought, he listened, closing his hand a tall, handsome forehead.This Russian was not like the others, and Axel has long watched him curiously - the Braslavsky in Russia there were no material interests, instead he carried a strong charge vain desire to become a major figure of Russia's future.

   Axel suggested asking questions, hoping that maybe this will open slightly more mood of his people. But there were no questions. All agents were quite thorough and multilateral training to now, on the eve of the operation, not to ask about anything that touches the core of the upcoming case before it.

   - In the tactical development are two ways to recruit in a "fifth column" - suddenly tough corrosive Esipov voice said. - One way - through our agents in the city. The other, so to speak, self-going, as stated in the design, in a geometric progression. Here in this progression while I see the risk of progressive ...

   - Both methods of recruitment can not be considered in isolation from one another - Axel replied. He did not want to give Esipov express their concerns in more detail. - They are best regarded as coming one after another step of the same work recruitment.First, of course, recruitment is on the instructions of agents, so you enlist, say, ten people. But then each of the ten did not give us the people close to him from the environment, and those for whom he is committed?

   Esipov listened and nodded slowly bald head, but then he said:

   - I'm not talking about that, sir. We are statistics out there that every fifth adult - a secret agent of the NKVD. Is it possible to ignore this statistic when recruited people will give us growth in at least twenty people?

   - In your terms, Mr. Esipov is an element of demagoguery - Axel replied. - You seem to forget that these average statistics can not be applied to the specially selected group of people, especially, you know? This ratio may already be one to one hundred.

   - But the world will be more than a hundred people - calmly said Esipov.

   - I understand your concern - Axel replied - and I would like to offer you, gentlemen, conversation, frank to the end. We can not assure you that at the time of your activities Russian counterintelligence stop their dangerous work for us. Yes, gentlemen, life scout full of dangers, but from the enemy intelligence we have reliable protection - vigilance and good conspiracy. If we remember this, we will not have to engage in sophistry counting clogging our environment enemy agents, we just have to deal with them.

   Axel closed the meeting, went into the garden and sat on a bench under a spreading oak. It was windless and stuffy. The black sky faded star peeped. Somewhere far to the east, barely audibly grumbled war. In the neighboring garden gay voices heard German soldiers. They're prepared bath, chopped wood, laughed and did not know how to be in the wash bath ... "Here it is, the greatness of the new Germany! One word Fuhrer - and his soldiers are already deep in Russia, neither hardship nor blood, no force can stop what is happening - the greatest of wars steel shaft rolls across the plains of Russia. Here is a new history of mankind ... "- Axel thought in his soul rose lofty ecstasy lump in his throat ...

   He got up and went to hardly noticeable path underfoot he rustled the fallen leaves. Branches clung to his head bent to go was uncomfortable, ridiculous ...

   He returned to the bench, sat down, lit a cigarette and began to think again about the great events of the great Fuhrer, Germany and its great soldier, about his participation in the great victorious war ...

   Diary of Leningrad

   Came to Leningrad along the northern road through Tikhvin and Mgu1. Straight road already cut enemy. Drove a long time, often stayed. Anxiety jerky locomotive horns, yelling "In about zduh!". Nearly all fled into the field.

   The next stop in the forest - there were planes. Black crosses on the wings. I've seen them in Riga, but this time the aircraft were seen as something very clearly - humpback, gleaming glass front and streaming from the following screws on the wings - crosses.They flew low, probably seen our train, but why was not bombed and shelled. We stood and looked at them. Hit the idea that there, in the cockpit - the people that they are now looking out for us and that they have now one thought - as soon as possible to kill us. But they know our Pushkin, and we - their Goethe. And finally, amazingly, incredibly, it all happens in the XX century, when we were on the radio can hear Beethoven on the other side of the earth ...

   Already beneath the Leningrad German plane flew at low level flight over the train shooting with machine guns. In our car bullet ripped the ceiling in the hallway and went to the floor.

   Leningrad has never bombed, but the city was preparing for this. Do storefronts and are being built shields that showered with sandbags. People glued paper strips window - what does it give? At night on the roofs of air defense duty posts.

   Went to the front. Next Army Staff not allowed. Said that outsiders have nothing to do. Since when is war correspondents have become strangers? Explained that now is being rebuilt, some parts are assigned to the reserve, and recent intrudes on their space, it is impossible to drive on the roads ... It is clear - we are retreating.

   At the headquarters of the army I was allowed to be present at the interrogation of a German paratrooper. German was 25 years old, tall and handsome, straight Siegfried. I was prepared to write, hoping to return to Leningrad with combat correspondence "interrogation of prisoners ..."

   Colonel, in points, similar to the teacher started questioning:

   - Name?

   - Adolf Hitler - said loudly German. He smiled arrogantly, and a deep scar on his cheek wiggle like a worm.

   - Name? - Once again asked the colonel.

   - Adolf Hitler - said the German, and I thought he winked at me.

   Cabin jumped - close the gap bomb or shell.

   - What are you interested yet? Hurry, my comrades already knocking on the window - German laughed.

   In the colonel came into the hut. Covered in dust, even his eyebrows were sivymi dust strewed on the floor with him.

   - What's going on? - He narrowed his eyes bloodshot.

   - Just started questioning fellow divisional commander - Colonel said. - The prisoner said that his name was Adolf Hitler.

   - Adolf Hitler? - Divisional Commander why that delighted the colonel asked to translate and said: - It's great that we captured to hit Hitler himself! What luck! Just here we have a representative from the radio, and now we'll give him a sensation.

   German translation listened, nodded, but stopped smiling.

   - We will be pleased to put Adolf Hitler to the wall and shot - the colonel turned to the colonel. - Make the protocol ...

   He went out, leaving a dust cloud in the sunbeam.

   I thought this Siegfried scared. But he only asked if what some judicial procedure. The colonel explained that during wartime, he caught as a saboteur and bureaucracy is optional.

   - For my death you will pay so dearly that the execution give me pleasure - said solemnly parachutist, and it seemed his insolent eyes burned with a blue flame ...

   Entered guards, one of them - a giant in the form of a sailor - German lifted from his chair by the collar as a puppy. And suddenly the German shouted

   - Ayn moment! Ayn moment!

   The sailor looked at the colonel, who thought for a moment and quietly ordered:

   - Carry out the order.

   Sailor pushed the door of a nazi, but he rushed back to the colonel, shouting:

   - I'll tell you everything! We dropped twenty people! I know gathering place!

   - Carry out the order - repeated softly Colonel.

   German fell to his knees and tried to escape from the hands of the sailor, but he again took him by the collar and threw it at the door.

   - Why do not you listened to him? - I asked.

   - All killed. He is one of the landing live ... - said the colonel.

   Correspondence called "Adolf Hitler on his knees begging for mercy ..." A few days later learned that the correspondence did not go on duty editor, not without sarcasm said he would give the correspondence when its symbols will be closer to reality ...


   Chapter Five

   Approaching midnight, but in the waiting room was full of people Zhdanov, and from that moment, as the windows were shifted heavy curtains, as if time has stopped here. Assistant Zhdanov and then called on the phone, called the Smolny all new people.These were the heads of the various institutions or enterprises of Leningrad, they knew each other well and now sat and stood in groups, talking quietly.

   The chief of the NKVD Kouprin Andrey Zhdanov appointed reception at zero zero. Requested better prepare to talk was the most dense and productive. Kuprin certainly worried - Zhdanov was not only a member of the Military Council of the City and the secretary of the regional committee, but the secretary of the Central Committee of the Party.

   Kuprina terrified inability to operate in a new environment, where each was given a grain of experience in battle, and every mistake could cost blood. He envied those two hundred security officers who went to the front - everything is clear.

   He was going to be honest about his doubts Zhdanov him no one else to make such a confession ...

   Office door as it opened a little shaky, and in the dark vestibule large figure seemed familiar Kouprin director of one of the Leningrad plant. Cases in this plant have always gone well, and the director was, as they say, in plain sight. Husky, always noisy, cheerful, he is now out of the office pale, haggard, anyone not looking. In the waiting room was very quiet.

   Shuffling on the red carpet, plant manager went to the door, and at this time Kouprin offered to go to the office ...

   Ceiling light was extinguished, burned two canopy on the wall and a desk lamp. Low-light scenes office seemed even more. Left, on a long table for meetings were arranged military maps.

   Kuprin stood before the table and waited for him to pay attention, but Zhdanov long sharp movements pencil wrote something in a large notebook. He looked very tired and annoyed. His face was swollen, unhealthy white and looks like a little tight poured, swagger, which have all seen in portraits. He was wearing civilian clothes dark blue, white shirt with a soft collar, black tie. On his lapel - a red flag icon deputy.

   Zhdanov stuck a pencil in a glass, leaned back and pulled his tie:

   - Why stand?

   Kuprin sat on a chair and put it in front of a folder.

   - Duhotischa terrible ... - Zhdanov held the back of his hand across his forehead, looked at her, and, taking out his handkerchief, wiped his hand carefully.

   - We have two enemies now - fascism and our civilians irresponsibility - dry and he said angrily, as if continuing the previous conversation. - Only that I was the plant manager. The war for him is not opened yet. All - in past glory. What do you think of what he came? Consult as soon restructure production on a war footing? Not at all! Requested the book almost the entire plant! At least eyewash about the product to said front! I said, did not have guidance on this matter. Huh? - Black shining eyes closed for a moment Zhdanov, he turned his head, as if he pressed shirt collar. - Guidance was not. Huh? Ask him: you have a son? There are already at war. And this is not an indication for you? Silent. And if I ask, they will kill your son, because it does not have enough rifles? .. - Zhdanov closed his eyes again and said softly: - Irresponsibility ... - And suddenly straightened up, sighed loudly and said loudly: - People mobilized, and they wait for instructions! - Several times in silence and took a deep breath and continued: - Josef told me that he was in Leningrad do not worry, the Petrograd workers realize that the only victory we provide full military mobilization of all forces. And here are some St. Petersburg leaders have not understood ...

   Pridvinuv to her plump red folder, Zhdanov took out several sheets - Kuprin afar learned their daily reports and saw the fields sweeping question marks in red pencil.

   - One consideration general comment: I think, beyond the power of one person to lead the affairs of the state security department and custom front - strongly Zhdanov said. - Do you agree?

   Kuprin bowed his head.

   - And what are still silent? Like power? Waiting for instructions?

   - I raised this issue.

   - Where? When? That suggested?

   - I wrote to his immediate supervisor - began Kuprin and immediately stopped, realizing that said the wrong thing.

   - What are silent? - Rudely asked Zhdanov. - Remember that you do not have a more direct guidance than Leningrad party organization?

   - That's right - Military Kuprin said.

   - That's right ... so exactly ... - grumbled Zhdanov, leafing through the summary. He put them on the table and said: - That's what worries me. Job front of Intelligence and Counterintelligence is clear - they are busy fight with the enemy, so to speak, face to face.But what happens here in the city? - Zhdanov continued, pointing to reports. - Check talkers. Fines and nonsense. The city itself cope with windbags. Marauders, speculators and other scum - Business police and assault battalions. And you have to think about the testimony of German Major - those that you sent me. Mayor stated clearly and unequivocally - German command expects an explosion inside the city. So?

   - It is certain - vividly confirmed Kuprin, rejoicing that conversation suddenly approached the cases which he thinks all lately.

   - Do you understand what kind of explosion they reasoned?

   - I think I understand.

   - A summary shovel shovel in rumors? - The voice sounded loud and Zhdanov stress.

   - I do not believe in the possibility to organize attacks - Kuprin said stubbornly.

   - In an attempt to organize it?

   - Trying they can as much as ...

   - Oh, you let them? - Sarcastically asked Zhdanov. - Or maybe smarter prevent any such attempt in the bud? You understand that any bastard in especially difficult circumstances for us inevitably raise its head? You'll see it in time?

   - We're always thinking about it and yet must first stop for those who can come out - began Kuprin but Zhdanov interrupted him:

   - So you have delivered exemplary thing that you can prioritize, whom, in what order miss? - Eyes Zhdanov - mocking and serious at the same time - suddenly became very large pale face.

   - In our view, the greatest danger is direct their agents. Remedy ...

   - There is one? - Interrupted again Zhdanov.

   - Their consulate here to act proactively.

   - Did you sleep?

   - We even before the war were met with their agents.

   - What do you mean - bumping? How blind? And now seen the light?

   - More than two hundred of our experienced staff members went to the front - Kuprin said, thinking that this figure will explain his idea of ​​the unfair ridicule Zhdanov.

   - You would like to gain two new? No item in the lymph! - Separately Zhdanov said and gently tapped pudgy fist on the table. - And every diversion in each penetrated the city saboteur or got out into the light homegrown villain - they will all be entirely on your conscience! Your conscience is ready to withstand such a test?

   Zhdanov demanding watched Kuprina swelling under his eyes twitched nervously. Kuprin tensely silent.

   - I mention went to the front only to show our primary concern for the front line - finally said Kuprin.

   - That's right - suddenly agreed Zhdanov. - But what next? Trishkin caftan?

   - Why? And at the front and in the city for us the main goal - the ones on whom they can rely on.

   - Can or calculated?

   - Do not catch the difference ...

   - They claim that all of our state - a colossus with feet of clay, and that we have rushimsya. That our ideas are alien to the people and so on and so forth. They can climb ahead, really hoping for, say, a panic in the city. What do you say about this?

   - It seems to me that we should separate what they shout on the radio, what can take and take real strength: their army, intelligence. Plus, of course, as more adventurous style action. But the uprising in the city they can not.

   - And if they still try?

   - Leningrad crush them. Population help us.

   Zhdanov stared at the long table with cards and suddenly smiled faintly:

   - Do not I have talked to the version with the uprising. I also have no doubt fidelity Leningrad revolution and Soviet power. But then it turns out that you have nothing and do?

   - In such a huge city with many dangers public.

   - Yes, there will be able to shoot us in the back! There are saboteurs! Criminals! You defuse them?

   - I just wanted to report to you in more detail about our work in the city - began Kuprin, opening folder ...

   He returned to his Foundry Street Voinov. The night was cloudless, the northern light, there are those in Leningrad in August, they are as a reminder of the white nights of June. Kuprin decided to go to the Neva River ... gleamed and seemed alarming. In pearly gray sky dark fishes bobbing balloons and if you look closely, it becomes apparent faded star ... Kuprin seen it all, but then unaccountably - all that was familiar, dear, but nothing is not the hurt soul. He thought about the conversation in the Smolny. Zhdanov said that the KGB simply do not have the right to work is bad, they should merge with the heart of the city, to feel his every pain. And lurking in the scoundrels must be cleared before they even try to lift a finger.

   Turning a corner on Foundry, Kuprin collided with patrol. They were sailors - a young Red Navy commander and two with rifles over their shoulders.

   - Pgedyavite pgopusk - lisping commander demanded. Returning the pass, he picturesquely at Marine, waved honor.

   - Night quiet? - Asked Kuprin.

   - Quiet ... if you do not believe that there is a war - said the commander, and because he did not skartavil one iota, it seemed that he said it quite different, more mature voice.

   Tsokaya shod heels on the stone, the patrol went to the Neva. Blue spotlight stuck in the sky, cut it in half, disappeared and the sky became darker. Somewhere very remote thundered - not storm, not the war. Towards Kouprin raced blinking pritushennymi headlights passenger car - probably the Smolny ...

   Climbing up to the fourth floor, Kuprin summoned his deputies. Makarov came very quickly - his office closer, and it is generally more agile. Lean, always sporting smart, sharp in his movements, he was not particularly pretty Kouprin his arrogance and tendency to argue for any occasion.

   - Well, how was it? At or below? - Asked Makarov entering.

   Behind the door he heard a deep voice Streltsov, he had entered, but then turned back and opened the door, said something to the duty.

   - I beg your pardon ... - he muttered, sitting down at the table Kuprina.

   - What happened? - Asked Kuprin.

   - Twice requested to clarify the order of evacuation of our families - like peas on the wall! And as a result - a call from the city committee, give place tomorrow and who can leave, we do not know.

   Streltsov was outraged, but spoke slowly, he never took the time.

   - Well, so what, that's all the same it was in Smolny? - Makarov asked impatiently.

   - With regard to our reports said that we take on top, rumors gather, hunt talkers. Comrade Zhdanov said that for the reliability of the rear, the entire city for peace we are responsible.

   Kuprin recounted his conversation with Zhdanov.

   - Need to plow deeper - fact - broke the silence Streltsov.

   - What do you mean? - Asked Makarov.

   - Remember, we closed the case Denikin think his name Bruno? - Asked Streltsov.

   - There was nothing to hold on, - said Makarov.

   - Major Grushko Today reported that this is the Bruno disappeared and there is every reason to believe that he went to the Germans - Streltsov said slowly. - Here, I think this is just an example of shallow plowing.

   - When we get passed? - Asked Kuprin.

   - Less than a year - said Makarov and said: - Here, you, we listened to a report about the case Grushko together and covered it.

   - I do not remember - said Kuprin. - Let's call Grushko, let recall.

   Kuprin was glad that the conversation at the beginning found concrete - from general discussions and exchange of views, it is rather tired.

   Major Grushko city champion in sambo, as many strong people, ashamed of his mighty figure. Here and now, going into his room and greeted him, he quickly sat down at a long table near the door, putting in front of a thick case.

   - We decided to go back to the case of Bruno. Remember? - Kuprin said.

   - How could I forget ... - Grushko said softly, but his voice was heard strong trumpet notes.

   - Remind the essence of this case ...

   Andrew Bruno Adol'fovich until recently worked as the head of one manufacturing plant workshops. The first time they are interested in about six months ago, when it received a request for Odessa. There long tried hiding large Denikin counterintelligence, and he testified against what is Bruno. This Bruno fled from the Red Army to Denikin and white handed secret documents. On this reading serious attention until several years after the trial ... and soon began to look the same in Odessa, found in the archives of the court case. It turns out that in the twenty-second year of Bruno tried for evading military service - while it was not a war, and he was given two years probation. Treason trial was not known. Odessa prosecutors announced Bruno wanted, and he was easily detected in Leningrad, where he lived since 1929. When he was summoned to the NKVD, he brought a whole folder votes. Everything said about him on the court in Odessa, he categorically denied. But confirmed the evasion of military service and a criminal record for it and said that a false entry in his military affairs did the same for a bribe counterintelligence Denikin, who then worked at the Odessa military. Confrontation was impossible to arrange - CID long shot. No other data was not, and did not look for them.Case closed, and Bruno left alone ...

   - Yesterday evening phoned employee workshops and reported that they had gone head. I checked, he still said three weeks ago that he was going to Gatchina for his daughter, and did not return - Grushko finished his short story.

   - Maybe he's sick? - Asked Makarov.

   Grushko raised in disbelief their wrestling steep shoulders.

   - Wait - Kuprin said. - In the Red Army, he served?

   - First, he was an officer in the royal - Grushko said, looking into the matter. - Then in the Red, then - Denikin, and then - evading service was back in the Red. Motley picture ...

   - What we had a check? - Asked Kuprin.

   - Weak - Grushko said quietly.

   - I beg you not to estimate, but exactly what was done - thick black eyebrows Kuprina converged in one line.

   - Interviewed his immediate superiors, colleagues posproshat, all gave excellent performance. That's the whole check.

   - That is to dig on top - said Kuprin. - It is very useful that we stumbled upon this example. It is urgent to send a man to Gatchina.

   - And if Bruno's not there? - Asked Makarov.

   - And if he's there? - Interrupting, said Kuprin. - Decision made. What do you Grushko?

   - I want to remind about another person. Remember the case of fire on the new ship? Someone there to witness the passing Davydchenko.

   - I remember very well - we were biting elbows that they could not judge him - said Streltsov.

   - Davydchenko also lives in Gatchina. I still believe that all the equipment for arson then kept him - said Grushko.

   About friendship and Major Major Grushko Potapov know at all management levels. Can not smile without looking at them when they are next: giant Grushko and frail Potapov with strong glasses on his nose, not even by reaching his friend's shoulder. They are friendly families, although living in different parts of the city, go to visit each other, so they called - make froze city from north to south or vice versa, depending on who was going to whom.

   Late at night they went out of control and stood at the entrance to the deserted Foundry prospectus.

   - You offered me? - Asked Potapov.

   - Makarov.

   - Rush with their families because of this?

   - Sam ordered.

   - Okay, that our will be together.

   - I do not believe that Bruno there, you'll soon be back.

   - What say home?

   - Service, what else ...

   - And you can not carry?

   - When? At nine to Streltsov. Trucks - ten.

   In fathomless dark sky came the hum of the invisible plane, both involuntarily looked up to where carried his night watch our fighter. Grushko laid a heavy hand on his friend's shoulder:

   - Until the morning. Olga hello.

   - Nadia ...

   And they went - each to his own - and long heard footsteps each other ...

   Diary of Leningrad

   Formed what is life: I live in the hotel "Astoria" in the cheapest room - Chief Accountant of Moscow radio can sleep peacefully. I go to the front with a convenient opportunity, but really did not see or understand what is happening there. The military, which has to say - some dark, others themselves do not know, others are panicking, and a fourth in the near future, threatening to crush the enemy. Come figure in all of this ...

   Daily radiokorrespondentsii dictate to Moscow on the combat readiness of Leningrad, the Valiant Labour Leningrad and martial valor of the defenders of the city. But all this is true - the atmosphere in which he lives, works and fights the city of Lenin, very bouncy. Not a shadow of panic. Look at Nevsky and amazed - rages, as in peacetime. Only more war in the crowd.

   The hotel is full of evacuees from the Baltic states, but long they do not stay here, they are sent further inland. The other day in the cafe "Astoria" attached to me drunk Estonian, kept asking me with anguish: "Tell me, fool, why I left his native Tallinn?"

   In Leningrad, Moscow writers appeared bright and Slavin. They miraculously broke through here in a car - on what is foreign, large, black. We all gasped, amazed how cleverly they managed to slip in Leningrad. What their fellow driver Haskin - guy with shalymi eyes.

   And suddenly Svetlov said:

   - Shame on you, think about what you say, come to your senses, sweet! Scary are not happening that we have slipped, and that we - the Soviet people - are forced to slip into his own city of Lenin. Think guys over this. And then you realize that we have experienced with your car is not a heroic episode, but right wild, shrill shame! Do you understand? Shame! Our valiant Haskin suffered the shame of being in the most active position, because he twisted the steering wheel. And we with Slavin from conventional cargo distinguished by the fact that on our backs did not have the inscription "Net", which, as we know, means the weight without packaging. That's it, my dear ...

   It's time to think seriously about the war and his place in it and their responsibility. It's been two whole months of the war ...



   Chapter Six

   Legend developed in the Abwehr for N.P.Cheptsova

   Nikolai Chernyshev. Nonpartisan. Alone. Born September 2, 1905 in the city of Pskov, in the family of a railway bridge builder. Lived in Pskov until 1924, when his father was transferred to the southern road. The family settled in Kharkov. Father in the same year died of typhus. Nicholas had to quit school and go in an aircraft factory. Turner. In 1927, as a result of an accident in the shop received a disability (lost three fingers of his right hand). Then until 1929 he worked in the same factory deputy head of the House of Culture. From 1929 to 1935 - Deputy Director of Culture and Recreation Park in Kharkiv. From 1935 to 1940 - Chandlers Voyentorg. Hired, a service place - the city of Vitebsk. Since 1940, as part of a special group of works Voyentorg service of the Red Army entered the Baltic. In connection with the war - the evacuation. Lost his column, independently reached Leningrad, looking for work.

   First transition Cheptsov across the front was appointed September 15, but it became known that a decisive attack on Leningrad begin earlier in the first decade of September. Axel was concerned that his man was in before the onset, and Cheptsov went through the front of his birthday, the sixth of September. He should stay in Leningrad long. He was ordered to get acquainted with the situation in the city, to conduct various experiments initial implementation, agents and selectively check back.

   Cheptsov was thirty-nine years old. It was a stocky burly short thick legs, his big, bald shaved head seemed grown into shoulders. On his face in the service card says "no distinguishing marks," and it emphasized - such persons in the exploration appreciated.

   In 1917, the father brought fifteen Nikita abroad. My mother died a year before the revolution. His father died in Germany in 1932, leaving his son a shoe factory. Thirty Nikita Cheptsov not wish to mess with skins and eternally dissatisfied workers and sold the factory. Money vanished quickly. Helped shortstop, who promised him a happy future. Once in Munich beer, friends showed him their leader Adolf Hitler - Ridiculous Man is not the German view. But there came a time when this man became Chancellor of Germany, and his friends took Cheptsov very high positions. But they have not forgotten him, and soon Cheptsov gunship already wore the uniform, and later - black tunic Gestapo - he was entrusted with inspection and cleaning living in Germany of Russian emigration. Then he was transferred to the Abwehr. A year ago, he was sent to the Baltic States, where he acted as one of the organizers of the repatriation of the Baltic Germans to their homeland, but his main responsibility was the recruitment of Russian emigration agent for the Abwehr and Gestapo. Immediately after returning from Riga, he was added to a special group dedicated to Russia, and hence got to Axel.

   Axel, of course, knew that people Cheptsov Gestapo. He knew that without a spy from the Gestapo did not leave, so let this be better than not enough stars in the sky stalwart. Cheptsov Axel said frankly that he has in Leningrad purely personal interests - he kept hereditary ownership documents bread warehouses and commercial buildings. Axel decided that this interest Cheptsov eventually be stronger Gestapo attachments and make him go out of their way.

   Selecting a candidate for the first march across the front Axel stopped at Cheptsov also because in case of failure would be better if it will be linked to the Gestapo man and not the Abwehr. Much more disturbing others Axel: Cheptsov learn that he goes first, then suddenly went limp, became overly preoccupied ...

   They checked out at noon. The soldier, who was sitting behind the wheel of brand new, painted in the color of the frog semi-open "DKV", apparently the first time drove with speed switch on the front panel, often confused the speed and the car suddenly stopped, then jumped wildly forward. Soldiers swore softly.

   Axel long in a small car was uncomfortable, he sat in the back seat, legs bent to the side, and all the time felt they knees Cheptsov. It was disgusting. He was irritated by the newcomer oilskin raincoat, creaked with every movement. His angered soldiers, poorly leading car. And most importantly - it angered that he went on this trip just because of the fact that the agent, whom he trusted, suddenly limp at the last moment - so it seemed. However, Axel was able to fine-control.

   - Worried? - He asked gently, touching Cheptsov elbow.

   - Yes ... a little ...

   - Scout for the moment of introduction to a new environment is always the most exciting ... It's like a first date. Huh? I even envy you ... - Axel cheerfully looked at Cheptsov and saw sadness in his small gray eyes. - Do you know what the most common misconceptions in looking at our profession? - Axel continued. - Assigning us superhuman capabilities. Scout same - ordinary man, except that the other bolder. And people also counterintelligence. When they first encounter - it's two people, and nothing more.Here you are standing before the security officer, whom he sees? Voentorgovsky activist, escaped from the Baltics to Leningrad. He sees a man in a nice strong military tunic, without buttonholes, but with officers belt and boots on the personal order. In general, no doubt, before him voentorgovets. If you too will believe in it, nothing else in the security officer you can not see. He is also a man, not a magician. If he still will notice your hand, just wants to help you. Right, you should never exaggerate the human capabilities of the enemy. This is dangerous ...

   - I understand that - Cheptsov smiled weakly. - In the fortieth in Riga, I've seen them. And they told me - too. Care that here - Russia ...

   They turned on the earth road, heavily battered troops passed. Talking was difficult. Machine and then collapses into the pits. They began to look around, but could not see anything - the road grew thickly plated dust boring alder.

   - Learn native nature? - Axel asked.

   - My own nature - Berlin Grunewald - Cheptsov said.

   The car jumped over the potholes ...

   In the division headquarters were waiting for them. They were transferred to the armored division commander and headed the battalion position where Cheptsov will move the front line.

   Front, beside the driver, sat division commander - Colonel quite youthful, obviously, from "Frenchy" - so called officers, nominated during the French campaign. In the back seat between Axel and Cheptsov squeezed like a gypsy, a tall, tanned chocolate Colonel. When the car started, he said Axel ear

   - Pleased to meet you, I'm Lieutenant Colonel Restel, heading to the eighteenth army department "One C".

   Axel heard of this department and Lieutenant Colonel. They shook hands.

   - I want to see how you do it. - Restel showed Cheptsov eyes on.

   - Technology primitive - Axel smiled, he did not want to lead the conversation in the presence of Cheptsov ...

   Of dilapidated brick barn on the outskirts of the village burnt down far opened view of the ground - well visible and the train station, and just to the right, next target Cheptsov - a small town that tomorrow ok reconnaissance must be busy.

   When darkness fell, the division commander, sent for his front line two groups of scouts. One - to the city, the other - to the station. Soon both groups called themselves the enemy machine-gun fire, and gun emplacements were fixed artillery observers. Once the scouts returned fire attack began on Russian positions, and then from the right side diagonally, heading to the station, went two tanks.

   Cheptsov bye Axel thanked for assistance division commander, crossed himself and went out of the barn. His footsteps died away in the dark. The division commander asked in surprise:

   - Russian?

   - Yes. When he must move about? - Axel asked.

   - An hour later, not sooner.

   - I do not have time to wait. I beg you, if that's easy, let me know the result after the corps headquarters.

   At the headquarters, waiting refueled gasoline car, Axel spoke with Colonel Restelem. They sat at a table in a cozy little garden behind the house occupied by the division commander. Garden sleepily rustled leaves faded and dusty, but it was warm for summer.Colonel ordered his coffee and leave them alone.

   - I see your not from Russian prisoners? - Asked Restel.

   - Burned by the prisoners? - Axel asked, he was not going to go into details. This Restel was over-confident and a bit annoyed his impudence.

   - Oh no ... Special burns until it had - said Restel fun looking at Axel black eyes. - You just need to find among them scoundrels. And then do not worry.

   - And how is it that you define them?

   - In your eyes - and chuckled Restel continued: - Brock - the notion of a supra-class, and even supranational supranational. Brock individual and international.

   - But still, how do you find them?

   Restel Axel felt interest and began to talk seriously.

   - In war rascal starts with cowardice. I am primarily interested in how this individual was captured. Here is a case. Individual himself ran. Its put a bullet in the buttocks. 'm With him intimate conversation about his former life and the life of his future, unless, of course, does not happen to him death, from what I told him do not give any guarantees. And see - the individual most precious jewels on earth believes his own skin. Yikes! Trap worked! All further the game goes on the skin like a harp.

   - But he did and you will be a coward, - said Axel.

   - Effective Date simplest formula: the individual learns that he will live on this sinful earth only as long as is true to me and carry out my orders. Slightly to the side - death. And he goes on this line, like a locomotive through the fog. No, years, Colonel, believe me: Russian scoundrel useful to us as anybody.

   From the east came the distant rumble of artillery fire.

   - Not where we were? - Axel asked, listening.

   - North ... far north ... - Restel said, suddenly becoming very serious.

   - Then go back to the scoundrels. I would like to note that the man there said the rascal, for us is not a scoundrel, and we accordingly have to treat him.

   - There is no contradiction! - Restel said. - The time comes, and I caressed his scoundrel even give him the order. But first, my rascal knows that he is a brute, based on their criteria Russian behavior. And this is his for the time being no need to argue. If you immediately give him to understand that his meanness for you - a valuable gift, he will sit on your head. And if you see that you are very generous with affection, he will deceive you with the first test ...

   They talked about the Russian scoundrels, sipping aromatic coffee in the cozy garden on Russian soil, hearing her warmth, her autumn smells. Above them was a dense black sky in a rare Russian and faded stars ...

   At this time Cheptsov already approached the outskirts of town. He calmly walked all the way. Gardens snuck up a back alley near the church and went to him to the city center. Ahead, he saw the silhouette of the truck and heard voices. Came closer and stared. Two women carried heavy boxes from the warehouse, and the man - it was a chauffeur - arrange them in a truck.

   - God help - said Cheptsov, coming closer.

   - If you are with God, help me, - and angrily replied huskily woman on the shoulder taschivshaya box ...

   Cheptsov silently grabbed her and threw a heavy box on the truck. He began with the women carry the boxes until they loaded the car body.

   Women driver and Cheptsov sat side by side on the logs to rest.

   - Local will? - The woman asked with a hoarse voice. Cheptsov in the dark he could not see her.

   - Local ... - he smiled. - I'm from the countryside itself Riga feet I measure. A career I voentorgovets. Dotorgovalas here ...

   - Look, Grunya our friend for all fatalities. And I run a shop here, this is my store. Three days a truck could not interrogate. Nobody do not care, and it happened that, you know, give store manager here.

   Somewhere in the city center dry cracked shell gap, and immediately above the roofs there wreathed pink spot. Cheptsov knew artillery began processing the city, an hour here go tanks. But for some reason it started before the time of which it was said at the headquarters of the division.

   - Come on, babonki. - The driver got up and walked quickly to the car.

   - Do not shudder! - Hoarsely shouted after him head shop. - Boxes babonki then dragged, let cool at least a little.

   The driver did not answer, climbed into the cab and started the engine. At this time a shell hit behind the warehouse, air blast tore off his roof, the entire whole, and by throwing her across the street, set the hut in front of the house.

   Store manager became quickly get into the cab, the other standing on the wheel, easily leaped into the body and squeezed it between boxes.

   - Where are you going? - Asked Cheptsov.

   - In Leningrad, where else ... - replied the woman. - What, are you staying?

   - A lift?

   - Get in, get a move on! - Angrily shouted the driver.

   Close another shell exploded. Clods rattled on the roof of the cab chauffeur. Truck dashed on. Cheptsov thrown into the back of a backpack, grabbed his board and ran and threw his body into a muscular machine migrated.

   Above the town rushed whooping continuous light artillery and a fire breaks. It seemed that the black sky is about to split from the continuous rumble.

   Truck without turning on the light, raced over glowing streets and Cheptsov prayed only one to the driver got lost in the burning city and brought the car from under fire. "So much for the detailed calculation of the German - he thought. - Well, what would I do if I did not have this truck? "And suddenly Cheptsov with surprise and dismay discovered that he cares about how he gets to the city, and does not think about the great danger that threatens his life already Now. After only one projectile on the road machine, and it will spread with these boxes, which smells of soap. Yes, it's silly, silly thrice see only danger in security officers ...

   The driver evidently knew the road well - truck pretty soon burst on the highway, and the city covered by the fire left behind ...

   On the outskirts of Leningrad truck turned off the highway and drove up to the gate, over which a semicircle, overlaid letters on the grid was displayed: "Database potrebsoyuza."

   Cheptsov thanked the women and began to say goodbye to them, but they invited him to breakfast. "It's like a first date - remember the word Axel Cheptsov and smiled: - do not look like anything ... But ..."

   In a neat lodge sizzling bacon on a huge frying pan. Whence it came director of the base - the fat man with pink, suffused cheeks. When he learned that on the basis of guest kind of war, he brought half-liter bottle and began questioning.

   - Everyone drank, - sullenly replied Cheptsov. We had to start life taciturn man.

   - Germans saw? - Asked the director, his blue eyes were genuine childlike curiosity.

   - From a distance.

   - From a distance, it is better, - said the director of understanding. - Near they can easily tear off the head.

   Drank to victory over the enemy. Then for the motherland and Stalin. Director immediately osolovel like, limp and led to his philosophy.

   - Well ... we lived - he said wistfully. - It hurts to live well. The hour has come to pay. German sausages ... He ate sawdust, honestly, he read in the newspaper. Oil he had never seen. He offered cannon instead of oil. Here he is with hunger and angry as hell.Eager to gratuitous shamovki to our oils, to our hams. And we still cheshemsya.

   - They said - no inch of land will not give up - ironically put in head shop, combing his thick graying hair.

   - Do not give up! - Suddenly yelled director and banged his fist on the table, his face flushed, was purple.

   - It can be seen ... - Grunya nodded at Cheptsov. - From the very measures the span of Riga.

   - Main account ahead - ominously proclaimed director and spilling vodka began to pour himself another.

   - When Hitler all of us to the gallows vzdernet, huh? - Quipped head shop.

   Director drank.

   - It was a mistake, Nina, that you have appointed store manager - he said sadly. - Politically immature person you are.

   Head shop rose from the table and walked out of the hut. After it came out and Grunya.

   - Good riddance - Director called after them. - Baba Baba there at all times. Right? You call it like?

   - Nikolai Petrovich. - Cheptsov looked at his watch and hurried. - Time for me.

   - Where it is time? - Director drunkenly pyalil eye on Cheptsov.

   - I'll go look for the bosses.

   - What a fool. Why do you have heads? Itself you will find when you need it and have yourself shlopochesh overcoat and everything.

   Cheptsov showed his hand.

   - Is that ... the Germans? - Director blinked.

   - No, for a long time ... Thanks for shelter and affection, good-bye ...

   Diary of Leningrad

   Two days was at division headquarters. They firmly hold the ninth day of the defense. I want to write on the theme "Stop the enemy at any cost." All commanders approve topic, but when I say that I want to show the experience of their division, they decisively away from the conversation.

   Dangled uselessly in the division headquarters - no one, apparently, does not take me seriously. Finally in the evening the captain took pity on me Solomennikov, elderly, gray-haired shtabnik. What is his position, is not understood. By age and appearance would be his brigade commander, and he - the captain. All his face burned by the sun, and looked through the white skin wrinkles.

   I do not know why the captain took Solomennikov for my military training, but he took me to stay the night, and we talked all night. Rather, he said, taught the mind to reason. He served in the Russian Army in the First World War and the German sees no stranger to war, or, as he put it: "Teuton, I'm not a novelty."

   - For Germany, this war with us - hopeless disaster ... They do not take into account the main thing: we can win only by destroying cleaned the entire population, and that they can not afford. No one is beyond the power - the state can not be destroyed, even the smallest. They have already napobezhdalis to Poland, France and so on. And each of the country for Germany as the beginning of a cancerous tumor, and this tumor and political and economic, and moral, and of course, the military ...

   Dark hut, on the shelf is the captain, flicker light cigarettes. Hear smooth, calm voice Solomennikova:

   - Wicked and simply stupid to assess the progress of the war on undelivered cities. I try to instill even company commanders the ability and desire to see not only what is right under his nose, and the most distant prospect of war ... And I advise you. You sneered about brave statements of combat reports. Vain. In these valiant deeds of our soldiers - the main fear of Germany and the main feature of the war that we are currently ...

   Russian character - that's still a problem for the Germans. German comes to us from under its tiled roof and from the toilet, white tiled walls, looking at our peasant houses under thatch or squatting in the garden and can not understand why living in hellish huts Russian man goes to his death, protecting these same hut? Germans lose the war, but they did not understand what was going on ... I would like to advise you: write the truth in his radio, just what is really going on, and you can never go wrong. Today we retreat - it's true. Do not be afraid of it. Enemy comes, but it carries a significant loss ... And the end is still far away ...

   Maybe others understand everything without seeing you, dear Captain Solomennikov, but for me this meeting was necessary to extremes.

   I, you see, is not enough and finely thought about the war. Like recently Svetlov joked that revision requires him to "basement correspondence", but what he can fill a whole newspaper basement if he sitting in the basement bomb shelter about this great war knows only one thing that they kill ... Today he returned from the front. "The further back, closer to the soldier, the calmer the soul, and, obviously, to gain complete rest, just have to become a soldier. However, there are often killed, but, by God, it is better to be killed than to live in ignorance shaking neurasthenic "- he said, and, as always, it was not clear, he laughs or seriously.

   Svetlov rights. Do not met him at the front and his captain Solomennikov?



   Chapter Seven


   For several days Potapov lived on "own" country house under the name of Dmitry Trofimovitch Turganov. Reddish beard made his face quite different. In the gray, worn jacket order and crumpled trousers tucked into his boots, he was like an intelligent person, dejected life - walking, head down, hunched shoulders, looked askance at his feet through the thick wire-rim glasses. Several times per day Potapov out on the main street corner and watched as the troops were moving with them - refugees.

   Front approaching. At night the western sky wiggled purple reflections and the sound muffled, distant thunder. Gatchina through thicker walked our retreating troops. The town quickly emptied, residents got over Leningrad.

   Had to decide what to do. Potapov has long sought the house where she was the daughter disappeared from Leningrad Bruno. It was very close to the cottages, "bought" Potapov, a little closer to hunting lodges. A neighbor said that the old Bruno has long been coming for my daughter and took her away, saying - in Leningrad. Entrance to the house boarded up, but the windows are covered with shutters only. Potapov opened the shutters and looked through the window - the furniture was in good order, lay on the floor track, the piano was not closed cover. It seems that the owners were going to be back soon ...

   Davydchenko obviously waiting Germans. He owned half of the small cottages near the church, in the heart of town. The owners of the other half went to Leningrad, and decided to stay Davydchenko throughout the house - he smashed the door nailed shut, broke the barrier of his belongings and dragged someone else's half. He led what that fussy, nervous life: that bustled with an ax on the site, then ran away with a worried look what is in the city.

   Potapov called Leningrad, and reported on the state of affairs. In order against Bruno was complicated: wait until the last possible and if Bruno appears and refuses to return to Leningrad, stay close to him. Davydchenko had to make timely to go to Leningrad.

   But how to define the very last opportunity to which he had to wait for the Bruno? War Thunder very close, on the veranda glass ring incessantly. The rain started, rustling the tin roof, then died down. And now go smoothly, deftly, with a monotone noise ...

   Middle of the night. Every hour, every minute to Gatchina can break the Germans. Potapov recently returned from Bruno cottages - all still there. We had to sleep but he could not make himself.

   Just a few days had passed, he left Leningrad, but it seems that since eternity. Just today, he was talking on the phone with Grushko, but now, at night, this conversation has seemed unreal ... Foundry ... Big house ... Pasha Grushko ... Olya Vova.

   Even goodbye to his family really could not. Night escaped home for a few hours. Yet reached - he lived near the Baltic station - already began to grow light.

   Did not sleep at home, recently received a call from the economic department and warned that the truck would pick them at ten o'clock.

   When Potapov entered the room, not even turned Olga. She was sitting dejectedly on a suitcase in the middle of the room, sank to clasped hands. Mother-in-law, Nina, sat with a book on his favorite spot in the corner near the desk lamp.

   Potapov sat next to Olga at the suitcase and took her by the shoulders.

   - Olya, from us to you depends nothing - he said.

   Olga raised her head, and he saw her thin and aged face.

   - Do not run out Volovei - dry voice said Nina.

   Volovei - their neighbors in the communal apartment - a large working-class family.

   - We're not running, Nina - as he could calmly replied Potapov. - A time comes oxen also evacuated, is not invented for us alone.

   - Personally, I do not go to your Ural.

   - So you do not love your daughter, her grandson - Potapov said wearily and said: - All laid, Olga?

   - I do not know ... do not know ... what a nightmare it is ... - barely audible Olga said.

   - He alone knows and understands everything - sarcastically said mother-in-law.

   Potapov silent. What could he say to his wife and her mother, except that they do not leave simply do not have rights. And leave. Tomorrow, not today, soon, at ten o'clock. He can not tell them anything else ... "We need to talk with Olga now, this very minute ..." - he thought. They have long been seen only in fits and starts, but in the early morning hours, when he left the house. And now, very soon, he will ...

   - Look, I'll stay with you, - said Olga suddenly and hugged his neck and pressed her head against his chest.

   - About Vovka think ... - said Nicholas, also hugged her. - Understand, Olga, my dear, you are sent away from danger, is hard war. For you, do it!

   Olga raised her head and became silent, with tears in his eyes to look at her husband.

   - Look, girl, everything will be fine - he continued, taking her head in her hands. - It's not one you are going, you will be our representative - still organized like that. Understand and you do it, Nina.

   - Dad, you've seen a live Fritz? - Came from behind the screen Vovkin voice.

   - What is that, and he could see, you do not worry - it is not clear quipped mother-in-law.

   Potapov looked at Olga and saw her as she was on that summer day in Peterhof and then, at their wedding, when the guys from the Baltic and her girlfriends institute here in this room, sang songs, danced and screamed without end: "Go on about rko on oh oh! "He never able to tell her about his true love, about how she needed him always, always ...

   They were married for almost ten years ago. Potapov was then freshly baked shipbuilder engineer, first worked at the Baltic Shipyard. She has studied at the Pedagogical Institute. Met by chance in the summer, in Peterhof, and New Year's Eve has played a wedding. They loved each other and, to tell the truth, especially not thought about how their family life, the main thing - that they will be together. A year later, his mobilization of the party were sent to the NKVD, and the work every day from morning until late at night. The job can not be home to even talk. When in 1934 was born Vova, Olga had to interrupt their studies. While her mother lived in Smolensk, from the very beginning she did not approve of the marriage and Olin refused to come to Leningrad, to help her daughter. Came only three years ago, when he became grandson grow up and when convinced that Olga will never fulfill her advice about divorce. Life began four people in one room ... not very easy it was ... And still, despite everything, it was happiness. Was! ..

   Potapov suddenly woke up. Glancing at his watch, he jumped out of bed and made some sharp arm movements - to work. Splashed in the face of a handful of cold water, wiped his and went to Davydchenko.

   Potapov entered the front garden cottages and immediately saw its owner, who buried underground fence for a mound of earth. As of canvas pants, sandals and a long sweatshirt with soft belt Davydchenko did not look like the picture in the case - there his face at all pretty, but now, when he looked at cautiously approaching Potapov, his face, dry, with a hooked nose, with angry and fearful gray eyes, did not cause any sympathy.

   - Hello, neighbor - Potapov said.

   - Do not have the honor of knowing, - replied dully Davydchenko.

   - Can introduce - Turganov Dmitry Trofimovitch my cottage on Green Street.

   - And say, neighbor ... - Davydchenko annoyance with what that shovel stuck in the soft earth mound of earth. - Well, what can I do? Wait, wait, Green, say, street? And you are not that crazy, which before the war had bought rotten house?

   - Why is it rotten? House as the house - offended Potapov.

   - So the whole town knows that his bug eaten. They have long searched for abnormal.

   - And then ... found - sadly smiled Potapov. - And just maybe I'm not as crazy as soon seem.

   Davydchenko stared at Potapov.

   - It's like the same order to understand? - He asked softly.

   - Very simply, who need my problem?

   - A A A A? - Extended indefinitely Davydchenko. He looked questioningly at Potapov and suddenly jerked close the gap shell or bomb. Where is ringing the broken glass.

   - Damn! I can not get used to ... - he muttered.

   - From the war, as from death, will not leave ... - Potapov said philosophically.

   They were silent. Morning drop-wider and brighter. Sun splashed on wet the tops of the trees and they sparkled like decorated with beads ...

   - So you have decided that ...? - Asked Davydchenko.

   Potapov long handkerchief wiping glasses, looking at the sky through narrowed eyes.

   - Still think - he said. - And your advice?

   Davydchenko, squinting his eyes, watching Potapov.

   - The question, what is it German? Such as we draw it, or ...

   - You can check only by experiment - grinned Potapov. - Guarantees us with you no one will.

   - Maybe when they find out ... - Davydchenko suddenly began to pour ground vigorously in a bucket, took it to the house and said there: - We do not because they are dangerous? May not be moved at all?

   - There are no guarantees - repeated Potapov.

   - Half a lifetime's worth, - sadly and said with quiet anger Davydchenko and emptied the land for the board.

   - Then at least you have lived in it, but I bought is called. At the time of the rope on bitches throw ...

   An hour later, they were sitting at a table under an apple tree and was finishing a bottle of vodka. Davydchenko noticeable limp, spoke more openly.

   - No one knows in advance where it will fall ... - he said, turning his empty glass on the table. - I then called one man ... He took my daughter in-law and went to meet the Germans. But he is good, he is German blood ... And maybe, I foolishly, I did not go with him? Huh?

   - Themselves said, do not know where you fall ... - Potapov said. - And for your friend I do not vouch, though he is German.

   - And he's not my friend, - said Davydchenko with dignity. - I told him at the time for giving daughter betrothed. And I, too, he said, think about it. I'm pondering how: if the Germans break through here, then I will break in the city, did not keep it on the road of a thousand miles that we talk about these forty? So, by all accounts, the most sensible thing to sit here and wait what will happen.

   - In Leningrad battle will be a great - Potapov said.

   - It should no longer be there to climb.

   - And then it will be hot. Here German rears its located. Red Army beat here is night and day. That will not burn, the Germans needed. And in the city, we all are going among its ... - thinking aloud Potapov.

   - Maybe I should any of their worse strangers - Davydchenko muttered.

   - And it's true! Neither do I. And I did not find there-laws - agreed Potapov. - A German chuzhey yet.

   Davydchenko raised his head and looked at Potapov.

   - I do not know about you, but God saved me, but it would now I graft somewhere in the taiga wilderness - he said.

   - And what happened then? - Asked sympathetically Potapov.

   - Thank God, not happened, thundered past, - responded Davydchenko. - There are honorable people - killing themselves and not given out, saved, it can be said, the kingdom of heaven.

   - Commerce? - Asked Potapov.

   - Well, what can now be commerce? So in my time I have two - and miscalculated - said Davydchenko pouring from a bottle into a glass of your last drop.

   - I do not anymore. - Potapov cast him out of the remaining half of his glass of vodka. - For something to our fears with you over ... - They drank, ate bread.

   - I know, too, drive on life ... - continued Potapov. - On the twenty-ninth year of their passport not live. Think sweet?

   Potapov Davydchenko then listened very carefully, gazing at him with angry eyes, then suddenly began to follow the bee, hover over the table, and then lifted up his eyes and looked over the fence somewhere.

   - But all the same in his stones will hide more reliable - Potapov said. - So, probably all think. Saw the shaft knocked refugees in the city? Come and see ...

   They went out to the main street and stopped on a hill near the bridge. On the highway from the palace towards Leningrad randomly moving cars and people. Moved as it slowly, precisely in this movement for the people there was no point. Hiking refugees wandered sadly along the edges of the road, looking down at his feet and talking, each on the back was a difficult burden. They did not raise their heads, even when the sky was heard roar of planes.

   Davydchenko stopped near the old man in a straw hat and jacket chesuchovom he rolled before a heavily loaded wheelbarrow.

   - Excuse me generously ... - he said. - But in the morning did not smoke, cigarette case your being in nervous excitement, left the house ...

   - Where are you? - Davydchenko asked, taking a cigarette.

   - From the very Luga go ... - The old man looked at the highway, eagerly lighting a cigarette. - Who is coming from. Here and there people from Riga. I came here, to stay with relatives, but the house is packed. In Leningrad, I have a sister.

   - Do you think there is paradise awaits you?

   - What would I not there waiting, still, - said the old man sullenly. He picked up his car and, without turning, shouted: - For cigarette humbly thank you! ..

   Separated from a group of people and ran over to him a tall woman.

   - Good people, do not give water? - She shouted from afar.

   - We do not live here, my dear ... - began Davydchenko but Potapov interrupted

   - Come ...

   They entered the yard of the nearest house. Its windows were boarded, and, apparently, a long time. Feral cat myauknuv, darted under the porch. Found in the yard well. Davydchenko holding a bucket until the woman saw.

   - Thank you, guys, thanks, family - she said, catching her breath and wiping his face with a handkerchief. - I will go to catch up. Thank you. Goodbye. And then you? - Hurriedly she said, heading for the gate.

   - We'll make ... - answered Davydchenko.

   - Look, look ... - turned to him a woman. She was very young, handsome face, and black hair was touched with gray bloom - not the dust, not gray. - And you can see that I've seen. I waited for them, Herod, all did not know how sick mother haul. They came, yuk the entire village, urinating in the street, catch chickens. And then went home. For what that village half an hour ... and shot down ... mom too. - Beautiful face contorted her, and she ran to the gate running.

   Potapov and Davydchenko silently returned to the country. Sat down again under the apple tree.

   - I want to say about that - suddenly strongly Potapov said. - When the Germans come to town, we can safely come back - they have in fact that that a property is recognized. So we will be back. Immediately then, when they come, in a temper and can shoot.And in order to be more ...

   Davydchenko resolutely stood:

   - Yes. Decided. Go to nail his palace. Can not pull more ...

   Diary of Leningrad

   Morning - the occasion on the front. The road to the front shorter. Even from a distance began to feel uneasy at the forefront of that ... At the railway crossing bus met with the wounded. They say - German began a new offensive.

   Three kilometers came under brutal and, as they say, personal bombing. Rest up in the swamp. When the bombs exploded, swamp swayed. As if the earth under your belly goes huge waves. Scary - wildly. Only one bomb fell on the highway near our "emki" - not a single scratch.

   Two days hanging out in the area. In artillery, infantry have, last night at the Specials and revtribunaltsev. Always remembered Captain Solomennikova. All else seems to me now. German thronging again, but that's not what I had seen at Riga in the first weeks of the war. Now it's different, and most importantly - if other people - not lost, skewed fear people who do not whisper.

   Been on the receiving point the medical battalion. Heard wounded soldiers swearing excitedly as told about the fight. So people behave, which pulled out of the fight, but they have not yet dodralis. A very young boy with a fractured hand said: "They'll plague (the Germans), climb, a machine gun from the belly, yelling as on fire - on the psyche shake one word. And we wait for a blocked shot and then give ... Surely as half of their time clearing. And the other half lay. We - there. They jump and run - passion as bayonet do not like. But some still climbed melee ... - He sighed funny so childish, and firmly swore. - One - hefty bastard - butt as zhakhnet me right elbow ... That bastard! Huh? "The boy is small, thin, and his hands are small, like a girl. It turned out Muscovite.Projectionist working in the club. Called for half a year before the war. He was taken to the surgeon, he turned and shouted: "my name record - Kandobin. Alesha Kandobin. " And again, I remembered the captain gray.

   Night at the NKVD. Came to them voentribunala workers. Army fights, but they are fighting within the army - with cowards, traitors, looters and other rubbish. They told different cases, not for printing course. For example, a coward and a traitor, who, when his companions were going to attack the death, hid in a ditch and made a bow ...

   I ask: who are these villains? Where did?

   Special department with tribunaltsami only look at each other. A colonel of the tribunal said: "The people - farm complex, multilayered, then all may be in the crevices. This, that his arm shot - just a slug, and so did his parents - brought it so that everyone - you, son, but from you, so that not a hair on the head fell ... "

   In the morning he saw his shot. Colonel read the verdict of the Tribunal. The company commander, which served as a traitor, said: "In such a scum Nazis and counting."

   This happened early in the morning in gully. Not yet quite light. Brightly visible only undershirt and a bandage on his arm sentenced. When there was a volley, he seems to be ran, but made only one step.

   Someone shoved his foot in a hole ...


   Chapter Eight

   September morning began a gentle cool dawn. Black night sky brightened rapidly and becomes higher, it extinguished the last star disappeared balloons air barrier. Above the town was designated a little stretching from north to south, similar to the ridge trail transparent clouds.

   Somewhere on the roofs, in the echoing silence of the empty city at night talking with air defense fighters. Seemed to talk at home.

   - Good Night, - said one house female voice.

   - Probably, on the outskirts recaptured - said another house a male voice.

   - Shelled close to Isaac ... - said another house.

   - Again, you do on the third floor in the extreme light looked through the window - said the house on the other side of the street.

   - Will provide a fine today, or worse, let them know ...

   Rumble intermittently iron roofs - went from night duty posts. Senior Lieutenant of State Security, Dmitry Gladyshev at this hour on a street corner and Nekrasov Foundry Avenue took the lieutenant on duty Drozhkin.

   - So what? - Asked Gladyshev.

   - Home returned to bleed, to the very curfew ran the poor fellow - Drozhkin replied, stretching in anticipation of sleep.

   - Processing - grumbled Gladyshev.

   - He had to go to the artists, there is an entirely different thing - Drozhkin squinted. - Well, I wish ...

   Gladyshev slowly walked down the street to the house eight Nekrasov, where on the second floor - the second window from the gate - Makletsov lived.

   Especially convenient staircase seen eight home from kindergarten, which down the street Nekrasov. And yet - out of the gate on the side of the foundry, where it was convenient to shelter from the rain, and next from the pharmacy you can always call in management. And one convenient place - bath, there at the entrance all day crowded with people.

   That house eight. The second window of the gate closed curtain. Dmitry goes to kindergarten and sits down. Very well worth the bench - from the street it is not visible, and if a little lean to the right, he sees the whole street, sees the house eight ...

   In 1939, after graduating from the ten-year, Dmitry Gladyshev took the documents in the Pedagogical Institute and villages for textbooks. Three days before the examination, he was summoned to the Party of the Komsomol.

   City committee of five such as Dmitry guys went to Foundry, the Office of the NKVD. About an hour they sat at the Pass Office. Guys met. Three worked at the Leningrad plant, and two, as Dima, submitted documents to the university. All of them also did not really say in the city committee, but, in general, everything was so clear - in this big house on the Foundry they were sent not by accident.

   - Jobs, no words, honorable, - said the blond guy with the Baltic shipyard.

   - And the material should be well again form - seriously said the small, very beautiful boy.

   Gladyshev guys listened to the conversation and I was sure that with him that there was a misunderstanding, which is now clarified. And so for three hours lost, have to sit on the books at night.

   Finally they called out from the window in the wall and gave passes ...

   With two talked Gladyshev. One sat at the table in front of him and lay institute Dmitry documents. Another sat on the side of the couch. Answering their questions, Dmitri turned to one and then to another, it's confusing. And there were strange questions like, "Who are the husbands of all your sisters?" The sisters were not going to marry and more ...

   - I'm on you, Gladyshev, species have, I want to take his department - said sitting on the couch.

   - Are you the chief of department Comrade Prokopenko - said sitting at the table.

   - In general, Gladyshev, the picture is as follows: YCL sends you to work for us. Komsomol should thank for the trust. And we still have to make sure whether you are worthy of the great trust. Thou shalt be Gladyshev, Cheka. Will you defend against enemies gains of the revolution. A dangerous time has come ... - Prokopenko said, sharing phrases short pauses. Dmitri looked at him and saw only his eyes - light gray, with yellow spots around the pupil. - And as you serve in my department, I warn you all forgive but careless work!

   - We have every negligence - is a direct aid to the enemy - added sitting at the table.

   Prokopenko stood. He was slightly taller than Dmitri, his face is very young, blush on the cheeks and temples gray. Military uniforms smartly even tog, sat on it, shining boots.

   - You're all clear, Gladyshev? Why are you silent? .. However, better shut up, you have nothing to say. And filled out a questionnaire on Monday to go to work.

   Dmitry wanted to say, to explain very clearly and firmly that he is not going to work, he chose a long time and decided to just deal him to devote his life, he even got up a bit to start, but sat down again and said desperately:

   - I filed learn.

   - The whole life ahead of you, and have time to learn - strictly Prokopenko said.

   Dima did not realize a loss - as it can be, because no one has the right to force a person to do something against his will! He had already decided to say about it, but instead said vaguely:

   - I lost my father when I can not ...

   - What can not you?

   - I can not solve.

   - I'm your father and I have talked to - Prokopenko said, and his bright eyes laughed. - What could say personnel Petrograd worker, who himself served in the eighteenth Cheka? Said time is necessary, the son will work for you.

   And the service began ... Dmitry attached to an experienced worker lieutenant Gregory Borin, and together they watched one German visitors.

   In half of the ninth morning, they were waiting for him on the square in front of the hotel "Astoria" Borin was sitting in the garden in front of the German consulate, and Dmitri stood between the columns of St. Isaac's Cathedral. At eight thirty Germans left the consulate, stayed, looked at the sky, then at his watch, corrected gray hat and walked slowly toward Isaac, Crane stepping on long legs. When he came to the cathedral, Borin already met him on the other side of the cathedral. Meanwhile, Dmitry quickly walked to the waterfront and waited for the Germans there. Replacing each other, they escorted him to the Hermitage. Near the back entrance, which was used by a scientist in the palace was a niche there and they waited for the German. Borin did not lose time in vain, Dmitry told different stories from his extensive practice, taught him what to do to be on the street unnoticed, how to behave in a dense crowd, or, conversely, in the open countryside, where every man clearly.

   After work, the German was already not on the waterfront, and heading in the "Astoria" dining, cross-desert area Urickogo then folded on Nevsky Prospect and more walking down the street ... Well, Gogol work, someone will say something that every person engaged in childhood and did not call it a job, it was a game of hide and seek. Maybe that's because Dmitry first time performing a task, shy street crowd, afraid that he would see somebody of your friends. Then it passed, and Borin has taught him how very "not see" a friend, when in fact you see it ...

   On the day when the order came to manage the assignment of Gladyshev second lieutenant, he first went to watch a German without the help of his teacher.

   Coming out of the Hermitage, the German suddenly went not to the "Astoria", as usual, and on the promenade in the direction of the Summer Garden. Embankment for the observer - a dangerous place - left Neva, a rank right solid palaces and homes.Gladyshev remembered all the advice Borin and German followed very carefully - stayed near the fishermen down the ladder to the Neva river and raised again, used as the cover of fellow travelers.

   German - it was Axel - slow walking pace man, admiring the city, spent Gladysheva through the Campus Martius to the Engineer's Castle and here stopped at the tram track. He looked at the palace, while the part of the circus has not approached the first tram, and then ran in front of the carriage rails and stood on the sidewalk near the bus stop, mingling with the crowd ... Gladyshev also ran track in front of the same tram and almost bumped into Axel.

   Gladyshev walking behind a German guide to the Nevsky Prospect, where he, along with a crowd of buyers entered the "Passage". There Dmitri finally lost sight of him. He stood at the entrance to the closing and when people just stopped out of the "Passage", ran into management.

   This case, along with other operational meeting understood. Head of Department Prokopenko said that in all perfect and made mistakes Gladyshev one useful thing - forced the German show professional skills away from observation, that is to open up: now we know what he's learned and where he studied ...

   The next day Axel was taken under strict supervision and skillful, but he stayed in Leningrad only two days and left, leaving a file cabinet in Leningrad counterintelligence unfinished card, and in the personal Gladyshev - Remark for the mistake in the operational work.

   After that, it took almost two years. This story began to be forgotten. In the individual case lieutenant Gladysheva already written thanks for a great job. And so the war began ...

   Almost all the guys ... Street Weavers, which together grew Gladyshev, ran to school, played, fought, went to the front. One called, others went themselves - volunteers. A few days ago near her house in the morning Dima encountered aunt Elysees - the mother of one of his comrades, Igor. He saluted and stood aside to let her pass, but she stopped in front of him and did not answer, not looking at him with surprise, not angrily. Dima whole being understood that she wanted to tell him Igor's mother, and he wanted to get away before she says it, but she just put her hand on his shoulder and his lips alone said:

   - No more Igorka ... No ... - She rocked back, buried her back to the wall and heavily turned and went along at home ...

   At the service, just out of spite, this morning he was ordered to take an elderly man under surveillance by the name Makletsov. Gladyshev knew of him only that in the past it was a major Nepman, and now, according to neighbors, behaved very strangely, there was a suspicion that he was going through the front of the Germans ... Comrades Dmitry warned that the "object" with a suitcase in a doctoral hands worn around town, but absolutely no one meets. And what do most likely, he's crazy. And it all ended in that Makletsov entered the Pass Office of the NKVD, walked to the window attendant, put on his desk his bag, opened it and said:

   - Please take it. Here gold and different values,'m doing on defense.

   Together with the values ​​he applied:

   "Please accept my precious things gold (by weight), five paintings (unframed) and 725 rubles royal fiver my offering as a citizen and patriot of Russia in the holy cause of protection from the enemy. I ask this case did not publish in the newspaper, but give me a sealed by a receipt thereof.

   A.A.Makletsov, 1941, Leningrad. "

   Among employees this story sparked lively animation quickly overgrown with humorous details, but Prokopenko looked at this case is not fun. Operational meeting, when the turn came to the "golden history," he said,

   - I talked to Makletsova. Conclusion for me is clear: this former Nepman other Soviet power has never been and can not be. His blood flows in the opposite direction. All the logic of his life against this! In an extreme case, he - for the Soviets without Bolsheviks and the Bolsheviks - lights on. And we must not lose sight of him ...

   And now the other track down saboteurs who came out through the front, Dmitry teacher, Gregory Borin, went on the trail of a spy, and he again went to former Nepman ...

   Even the most experienced workers, sometimes, can not explain why they suddenly guessed the crowd was interested in their rights. Likely, it is predetermined by two factors: one who wants to hide in the crowd, even subconsciously doing this for what that effort, and the one who seeks him, these, even subconscious effort to notice. So it was now, when suddenly stopped Gladyshev look at the man who slowly walked down the street. Nothing suspicious in the appearance of this man was not. On his shirt was not buttonholes, such tunics now thousands of people went. Maybe he was a little slower than it should? Maybe it's the fact that a person for a few seconds longer looked at the house number eight? But who knows how many moments, people should look at the ordinary old house?

   The man passed the House Makletsova and went faster. Gladyshev came from the garden and went to meet him. Here he passed the bath and was already so close that Gladyshev saw his eyes. Coming hundred yards, people turned back and walked quickly back to the foundry.

   He stopped at the front door, where he lived Makletsov, and began to read an ad on the wall - it was an old order imposing a curfew in the city. After reading it, people resolutely went inside.

   Gladyshev moved slowly down the street Nekrasov, in her odd side, to the casting, not losing sight of the house eight. And suddenly someone threw a moment the curtain in the window makletsovskoy apartment. Gladyshev saw a man who had just read the announcement at the front.

   Dmitry called the department.

   - Team-mate for you, no, it's overclocking - Prokopenko said. - If they come apart, go for the guest.

   - Execute - Gladyshev said and hung up.

   Diary of Leningrad

   Heavy enemy shell hit a crowded tram (number motor car in 1881). In its place sits a dead guard. Tatiana Konshina. In head injured four-year girl Genia Bat. Hard hit: Deputy Director, Institute of Teachers Training Bentsianov - 61 years old, the city hospital nurse Vera Zagrevskaya - 22 years old, housewife Maria Spiridonov - 46 years, electrician Ivan Glushkov Efremovich Tonya Wetlands - 20 years, Angelina Finogenova - 17 years. And others. All quickly taken away.

   An ambulance arrived at the hospital. Here carry the wounded during the bombing and shelling. Entire Chamber of women and children. Just died 15 old student Vera Kulikov. Death has not coped with life - the girl if asleep soundly. An old nurse shed tears, said: "In the morning, all asked me to and I was not mistaken when she fell asleep, so I did not think that she died. You said first prompted me as follows, yell, shake. I am very afraid to go to sleep, and you think ... "

   In the office the hospital kept the letter to the front eleven seriously wounded boy Wali Galyshova: "Dear soldiers and commanders of the Red Army! I - Galyshev Valya, 11 years old, a student of 79 th grade school 3. My dad at the front. I went to school in the tram number 12. At this time a shell hit, then the second, all fell to the floor, I bent down, I have ringing in your ears, then felt in his right leg that is hot and saw his blood that flowed. Then he drove "ambulance" and took me to the hospital. Dad and fighters!Avenge the Nazis for me and the other guys who are here with me suffer and be crippled. "

   The hospital asked - where to send the letter, the boy does not know the address of the pope. I replied - send or give the front commander outside any military *.


   * After the first publication of this story in "Roman newspaper" I received a letter from the master of the Leningrad Sports V.Galyshova. Here, it appears, who became the boy who was injured in the tram number 12.

   I recently talked about the heroism of a soldier by the name Smile. He defended a height that went on the attack to forty fascists. Cleverly is acting machine gun, the grenades, the rifle, he held high-rise, where he found our tankers that completed the destruction of the enemy unit. Smile had several wounds. Tankers took it to the tank and taken to a field hospital. Became his record, ask the name. He says: "Smile." First scolded him for jokes, then laughed. He wrote in the hospital wall newspaper note about yourself.More than brief. She looked funny. Title: "In the battle for the height." All five lines of text. "Keeping the platoon commander order to keep the defense before last, I exterminated by the Nazis approximate account not less than seventeen pieces." And the signature: Smile.

   Unfortunately, I see it has not been possible when I was in the hospital, Smile was transferred to another, there he had to do what is a complex operation. I'll repeat that name and smile, my heart as it is lighter.


   Chapter Nine

   User Abwehr agents of recruitment of foreigners demanded to deepen the incision society, guided by a wide range of proposed candidates for recruitment as may be equally valuable and Minister agent, and the agent of a respectable hotel maid.

   In Madrid Axel agent who had access to government apartment was the barman, spacing ministers coffee and drinks. In Leningrad Axel chased a man resembling Madrid bartender.

   Once Gorin led Axel to visit the studio collaborator Nina Viktorovne Kliginoy. Beautiful, young woman with light outlook on life and morality, it is uncontrollable torpedo could be near the most unexpected purposes. Both goals - beside her.

   Nina V. was excited and a little frightened by the fact that it came to visit a foreigner. She knew that such dating gaze askance. But my God, why is it necessary to think bad? Her guests were intelligent man, a scientist who the policy would not hear a word. It was all an amazing man - he tactfully and gently asked her about her life and extremely carefully and sympathetically listened.

   The guests came with champagne, chocolates and brandy. Bear Gorin, or, as she called him, "lousy advokatishka" behaved as usual - talking dirty and telling funny jokes about Jews. And Dr. Axel told great stories of what that life kings - take it and shoot any kinoboevika. He respectfully kissed her hand and said that her humiliate people, not worth her little finger, that pride in man can not trample and that - he knows - one day she will avenge all the offenders ...

   In her snug room was half dark - only a desk lamp burned, covered with blue cloth. In radiotarelke exactly to order, barely audible humming jazz music. Gorin, drowned in a chair, pinched guitar strings and humming an old song "I'm going home." Nina V. sat next to Axel broad couch, her big eyes gleamed in the darkness, and she listened, and listened to no end.

   - Do you believe in fate line on the hand? - Axel asked.

   - I'm not not believe in anything - sadly she said.

   - So you can not ... You can not live - Axel said softly and gently stroking her hand, he continued: - I believe in fate. And the fact that people can read her destiny ... I was in a long scientific mission in Madrid. Like now here in Leningrad. In Berlin remained the woman I loved. And he lived in Berlin, my teacher, a professor, who also loved this woman. Of course, I knew why he sent me from Berlin and for such a long time, and soon learned that they were preparing for the wedding. It was not fair, but I was powerless to change the situation. Once on Madrid's bothering me a poor gypsy Give tell fortunes. I gave her a hand. She said in your heart burns evil fire, but the third day he burns in vain ... It soon became clear that three days before the meeting with the gypsy they died in a plane crash - flew to Switzerland, where they were to be married ... I know another similar cases, but it was with me ...

   - Oh, how interesting - Nina whispered V..

   - Excuse me, Nina V., you - beautiful, smart, why you allow yourself to humiliate? Gorin invited me to visit you, you know what he said?

   - But yet, I would have asked ... - Gorin's voice was heard.

   - You see, Nina V., now embarrassing himself ... And it's me you Mr. Gorin, like, you can still recover from cynicism.

   - I have nothing bad she did not do - Gorin said.

   - The trouble is, Mr. Gorin, that you did not do her any good - gently, by Axel said paternally, and Nina gratefully shook his hand.

   - Really, you can put up with the humiliation? - Axel asked, looking into his eyes Nina Viktorovny.

   - So it is all I got - the trump card passed - blithely she said, laughing, to drive lump in his throat.

   - Want, I'll tell you a way to proudly erect? - Axel continued.

   Nina V. looked at him with her beautiful eyes:

   - I want to.

   Axel was silent. He already knew the price Viktorovne Nina saw her little disturbed mind, her ambition faded, its petty, jealous anger. Of course, all this taken together, combined with its rare beauty, too, can go into business. Well, try to operate its concepts.

   - First you need to get rid of a nasty material according to ... - very seriously said Axel. - Alas, the world is such that when a person has money, he feels a great man and everyone in the world seems to him much better. Is not it?

   Nina V. wary silence, his eyes narrowing. She bitterly in his heart thought that the German wants to offer her money for a place on this couch - all men are the same ...

   - We think of you, Nina V., where and how to get money, not at all without being humiliated - Axel continued.

   Nina V. sighed.

   - But without money humiliation - it's good, right?

   - Still ...

   - Do not forget me, Ninel, then in their prayers - his voice Gorin.

   - She, Mr. Gorin, will not forget the other - preachy said Axel. - She will not forget transferred insults and humiliations, and one for them to present a large bill. And I will teach her how to do it, I swear ...

   God has been pleased with this man! Perhaps for the first time in my life so smart, such a significant man spoke to her as an equal and saw in it that no one before him did not notice.

   In the morning, sitting in front of a mirror, Nina V. long and carefully painted eyelashes, thought and remembered yesterday's conversation. It's true - she lives unworthy, and, of course, her humiliated all and sundry. He's right, this clever German ... But when it started? Who first pushed her into this life? She suddenly remembered distinctly a summer day, when the chairman of the selection committee Theatre Institute, the famous actor and director, told her: "You do not have the data to become an actress, the face - do not count." He spoke very softly, gently, and from his words sounded even more offensive. She hated it. Did not go to the performances, which he set in which occasionally played himself, he told me about all sorts of nastiness. Yes, this offense in its large bill will stand first ...

   When she signed some time recruiting commitment she thought only of that in her life there is a big secret, uplifting in its own eyes and making her life quite different.

   Past two years, including at the Nina V. studio assistant director. That number because she never performed this work. At the studio knew that there was such Kligina Nina, which can be sent home for a forgotten briefcase in carbon paper for stationery store or train station to meet and spend the hotel Moscow actor. Backbiting of storyboard invented her nickname: NPD, which meant "the lady running errands," or "lady lax rules." About her is even a ditty: "Oh, why have our Nina trehmatratsnaya couch?" Nina and cursed their gullibility, and male villainy.

   Sometimes, waking up in the morning and close to discovering a regular gentleman, she was furious. Hated myself, and it thought that one day, that same morning, commit murder. But not today, she decided grimly. This let her stay ... and it all starts again.

   And suddenly, like a guardian angel appeared that German. He persuaded her that she is much better than thinking about her her friends and even herself. He found in it and a sharp mind and amazing powers of observation and ability to recognize people. He said that it is unusually beautiful and that for him the pleasure to look at her thin face and beautiful eyes of the Madonna, talk to her, did not climb it with tenderness, saying that a smart woman, if she wants to be happy, should not be available.

   Nina V. And now began to think differently about yourself, otherwise look around, otherwise behave. She even began to dress modestly, stricter. She had a habit to wander alone through the streets and think about life. Her rambling thoughts, insults, mood Axel invested in distinct and clear words: it is not appreciated, she drags her life unworthy of the fault of a society that does not want to help her.

   All she felt like a very clear understanding, and this relieved. Gained confidence and even rigor. Axel was able to tell her that her life was something big. Clandestine activities not only raised her in her own eyes, but inspired confidence that she was a fighter for what that better life not only for themselves, but for all the others like it, trampled losers. In the depths of her soul sunk Axel promise that the time will come, it showed my account and take its rightful place in life. And those who now humiliates her, paid dearly.What was behind the words "the time will come," Nina V. did not reflect.

   Axel soon disappeared. Nina Viktorovnu long nobody bothered, not reminded of its obligations secret. And just last fall came one evening an unknown man. Nina led him to his room and heard the secret phrase: "On Sunday I was waiting for you at the Hermitage." He called Paul H. said that now she must pass the reports to him. It was a man in years, but very youthful, he moved easily and like a cat on silently. His long face with a large bony nose was sullen expression. Perhaps this is the impression created his yellowish eyes, hiding under an overhanging forehead. Whatever he may say, Nina V., his eyes remained impassive, he never smiled.

   She met with him several times. He gave her the money, which has always been the way.

   Wild fear burned her on Sunday morning when the radio announced the war.

   Ran in tears neighbor Lydia S. - grumpy woman, Nina thought that their flats enemy number one. She impulsively hugged Nina and wailed aloud:

   - What will it be, Nina, my dear? Ended our happiness.

   Nina was silent. It was very scary. She thought suddenly find that it is nothing to fear, it is even possible to enjoy - it's the Germans, the Germans began its war. Thoughts were confused. "My Germans invaded my country ... what the hell."

   She let the loudspeaker at full volume and listened, hastily dressed.

   Called her new friend, Captain Lieutenant Grushevskii, he recently told her seriously, he does not know whom he loves more - her or the sea ...

   - You listen to the radio? - He asked why that cheerful voice. - Began, Ninotchka, great battle. One good thing: these events will speed up my appointment. And you are there, in your movie, do not get lost, too, as it is written: our cause is just, and we will win.The evening will be at home? - He asked suddenly.

   - And what? - Nina asked defiantly.

   - If you do not ushlyut go.

   - No, I would not - Nina firmly snapped and hung up. Only the day before she gave Paul Genrikhovich detailed report of everything said on her couch Grushevskii.

   Phone rang again.

   Nina immediately tore up the phone.

   - What do you want? - She asked rudely, thinking that this is again Grushevskii.

   - I need Nina V., - she heard a smooth, slightly cracked voice.

   - It's me, - she said quietly, feeling that her heart breaks and falls down.

   - Speak louder, Nina V.. Are you concerned about Paul H.. Hello

   - Hello.

   - You might be tomorrow morning at ten?

   - I need to be at work ... - she began, but Paul H. interrupted

   - Come up with an explanation for the studio. Tomorrow at ten. Goodbye.

   Nina gently hung up the phone and quickly went to her room. She sat down on the couch and asked myself with horror: "What will happen now?"

   Paul H.. Anything more about this man she still did not know. Knew only that he is the chief. They met every two months lately - often. Seating was a meeting place for the yard - every time at the next corner it clockwise. Nina V. almost always late. But Paul H. invariably approached her a minute later, at a time when she was pulling out of her purse mirror, began sprucing up.

   - Hello, how are you? - He said colorless and slightly cracked voice.

   - All still - Nina V. replied nonchalantly.

   - The last time you gave me nonsense. I wish you all the best. - Smiling, he stretched out his hand. Nina V. goodbye and left in hand Kumleva report, rolled into a small tube.

   Sometimes during these meetings, Paul H. passed her money. Then he held out his hand to her in the beginning of the meeting, and she took the money from his hand.

   - Thank you, - he said.

   Money was not so hot, 500-600 rubles. But they were always welcome. Nina V. believed that money does not matter, the main thing - it is elevating its clandestine activities ...

   Diary of Leningrad

   September 19. Damn day ...

   Stonk caught on the corner of Nevsky and Foundry. Duty defense tried to drive me to the shelter, and I urgently needed to Smolny. I stopped to rush for cover when he saw one, what happened to the air-raid shelter, which hit pyatisotkilogrammovaya thing.When it came to the Smolny, the bombing still. Close above the roofs of black smoke rose. At the other side of the fire engines rushed.

   Smolny was already known that the bomb hit a huge hospital on Suvorov Avenue. Together with the employee Komsomol, which I came to know just what his name is Kostya, we ran to the scene.

   Powerful bomb hit right in the center of the building, it collapsed and caught fire inside. Inside, more than a thousand wounded ... Rescue teams worked, but I could make a hundred people with a large stone house, which hit the top to the top of the basement and burned? In the wall of the resulting gap through which the firefighters and rescue workers rushed to the burning hospital, dragged the wounded. Kostya was taken from them and dragged the wounded to ambulances or building nearby. The boy, whom I carried was completely naked, his body was in terrible blisters, he repeated endlessly: "Mom ... Mom ..." One, we have taken a break from the rescuers, he could still move his feet. We drove it carefully, he looked at us mad eyes and suddenly, as if petrified, stopped moving. Then he let go, and we moved on. Suddenly he burst out of our hands and shouting: "There Fedor" - rushed back. But immediately fell like a stone. Woman in a white robe charred, barefoot, with disheveled gray hair, standing, hands raised to the sky, shouting: "Iroda! Tyrants! Tyrants! "And at this time inside the building again that it collapsed and cracked, and there came a muffled cry of perishing in that moment people. Not just people, and wounded people who have recently thought that escaped from the hands of death. The cry I will never forget.

   Kostya got badly burned hands and neck - collapsed burning board, he was taken to the hospital. When I put him in the car, he gave the impression, abnormal - all twitching on his dirty face tears flowed, and he laughed and said: "No, no need to front ... only the front ... there you can see them ... just there ... "


   Chapter Ten

   Paul H. Kumla was the son of long Russianised German. His great-grandfather, a German Kyumel settled in southern Ukraine. Kyumeli gradually turned into Kumlevyh. By the time of the birth of baby Paul in 1894 his father Henry P. Kumla was a major exporter of grain through the Black Sea ports. He had a head office in Odessa and another office in Novorossiysk recorded by frontman. Lived on a grand scale: the house in Odessa, cottage in the resort at the seaside suburb of ...

   The disaster broke out suddenly. Father before the Christmas holidays went to Moscow to negotiate the purchase of the apartment building and never returned. Only a year later learned that in Moscow he contacted what that woman and for her family threw threw a case that has created, dropped everything. It happened in the nine hundred and tenth year, when Paul was sixteen years old.

   Business of his father tried to keep his mother and eldest son, but they were bad businessmen. And most importantly - the father was able to withdraw in Odessa bank and transferred to Moscow almost all the money. Barely a year later, the company went bankrupt kumlevskaya.

   In the thirteenth year of Paul's mother buried. Elder brother came, did not even know where to send funeral news, he led scattered lifestyle and is rumored engaged to Caucasian kartezhnaya fishing resorts. On the advice of experienced people Paul hired a lawyer, by which sued themselves Odessa home. He immediately sold it and went to Petrograd.

   For two years before that from Odessa to Colonel Peter moved family Aristarhova. His daughter Sonia Paul loved the seventh grade school. Now she was calling for a visit and threatened to take offense for life, if he stops in St. Petersburg did not have them.But he preferred hotel. He knew that Colonel Aristarkhov got a high post in the Ministry of War, and he did not want to appear in their home as poor toady.

   Aristarkhovs lived on the Neva River, near the Winter Palace. Paul and then had to wait until the protesters will, which went to the Winter Palace. Drunken people, accompanied by police, waving banners and shouting out of tune "God Save the Tsar." Has just been released a manifesto on war with Germany. Young Kumla looked at it with great anxiety - he threatened to mobilize the army.

   Aristarkhovs met him as a mother, seated dinner. Sat down in a large, bright living room, the windows sparkled Neva. Kumla, seeing his father in a brand new Sony general's uniform, stood up and said solemnly:

   - I want to congratulate Boris Nikiticha with the rank of generals.

   - Thank you, my friend, - said Arseny. - A generalship only - it is not the rank and military rank.

 - Dad, how are you not ashamed to find fault - playfully pouted Sonia.

   - Oh, you defender - General laughed. - Well, whatever Odessa?

   Kumla told about Odessa life.

   General attentively listened with great interest. When Paul was silent, suddenly asked:

   - Pasha, and yet you, as I recall, from the Germans? Right?

   - Yes, Boris Nikitich of the old colonists - Paul replied respectfully. - But I have a Russian soul.

   - Soul - it only couples - is unclear General laughed.

   Kumla breathlessly looked at Sonia, and again she liked the stately man with a dark, sharply defined face and big, strong hands. And he does not look like a German.

   After dinner General Kumleva called into his office and took with him what that strange, confused conversation - Paul knew only one thing: Russia, joining in the war, made a tragic mistake. And then to think aloud General began, as if to save Paul from the front. He seems to have invented something, but what exactly - it is not said ...

   Three days later, when came to Kumla Aristarhova General again took him into his office.

   - Well, Pasha, listen to me, - he said. - I Saved you from the front. There is an order for you - good order. You seconded to me personally. Man to man will tell you to not wonder my efforts of when I think of you, I think about Sonyushka. I have to Odessa on the both of you look ...

   A few days later Kumla put on his uniform of lieutenant. In his pocket he had a certificate of the employee of the War Ministry. But while he did not know that the order of its production in the appointment of officers and as a service certificate was false. He did not know yet what Aristarkhov general has long been a German spy, he was recruited in Odessa captain a German merchant steamer, bought with giblets for a large sum - Aristarkhov had a morbid passion for money. But besides money, and he received another spectacular career - from his supernumerary district immediately ascended to the top of the military hierarchy, subordination already worked there another high post, and too old, a German spy. Now, when the war started, they need a reliable and being away from them "mailbox". Kumla suited for this role on all counts ...

   When he was recruited and given a written, the general said he dryly

   - I hope you understand: there is a war going on, to arrange a wedding - a suspicious recklessness ...

   The war dragged on year after year. On sale Kumleva near Five Corners came what that the people he gave convolution and packets received from the General. Sometimes these people left for the general and his money. On the advice of the general he did not open a bank account and in any commercial fraud not climb - it was to protect them from someone else's curiosity. He only allowed himself to live in their full pleasure - Staff little officer from a wealthy merchant family in Odessa can afford it. Such clouds loitered in Petersburg taverns.

   December 19, 1916 was arrested General Aristarkhov. Tearful Sonya ran in the morning and told me that the night in their apartment was searched. Father cried and begged my mom all remember how much he loved her and the children, and that his whole life was just for them.

   Kumla not let her finish.

   - Why did you come here? You brought a detective! - Beside himself he cried.

   - How dare you yell at me? - Choking with grief and anger, she asked.

   - You do not know what happened! - Paul, raised his fist, pushes her to the door. - Leave now! Get out!

   Sonia was sobbing, hands covering his face, ran out ...

   Kumla few days did not go out of the house and did not respond to phone calls. Without undressing, he lay on the bed and only late at night, like a thief, went to eat at what some cheap tavern. Then back again and would collapse on the bed. Waited arrest.

   Four days went by, and he was born hope: if Aristarkhov gave him the testimony, it would long ago have been arrested. And so, maybe even cost. He was associated with only Aristarhova, those who came to him from the German side, he did not know, and witnesses of his meetings with them there.

   Shaved, taking a bath and wearing civilian clothes, he came out at dusk and headed home in the unassuming restaurant "Bristol" - where he did not know.

   The maitre d 'led him into a comfortable niche and brought newspapers. The arrest of Aristarhova nothing. But there were many posts where voiced suspicions that the Russian army had nested grand treason. Duma deputies demanded an immediate investigation into the circumstances that led to the defeat of the Russian army.

   After a hearty lunch, a little calmer, Kumla returning home. It was windy, blizzard, blizzards poignantly gushing in his face, but he took a cab, as usual, and walked. On the square in Five Corners, he immediately saw a tall man in a leather coat, a man standing outside his house, and Paul immediately why I thought that this man was waiting for him. We had to turn back, but he just hypnotized, went to his house.

   - Mr. Kumla?

   - What do you want?

   - I'm from Boris Nikiticha Aristarhova, we need to talk.

   - I do not know any Aristarkhovs - indignantly said Kumla.

   - Do not be silly - the stranger was followed. Paul picked up his pace, but the man would not leave.

   They climbed to the third floor, entered the apartment, they took the robe. Kumla not looked at his guest, he had only heard how he breathes, warming his hands in a warm oven.

   - General Aristarkhov today died of a broken heart - he heard. - With our help, of course. He had the character of only four days. And yesterday he decided to testify. Would not you like to see?

   Guest from his pocket what that paper, and then selecting the sheet, put it on the table.

   - Read ...

   Kumla unerringly found the small, sliding handwriting general and immediately saw his name in the text. Arseny wrote that his chief was a certain connected Kumla son Odessa merchant, now an officer with false documents ...

   - You understand that he should not live. - Tall Blond spoke softly, calmly and with little noticeable acceptance because people speak Russian Baltic lands. - In short, Mr Aristarhova all clear to us he was no longer dangerous. We have solved the question about you. Right now. Do you understand?

   Kumla realized that this man came to kill him.

   - But I want to know before, if you remember that the blood you German? - Guest asked, after a pause.

   - Of course I do!

   - I doubt it. Although I must inform you that due to your work with us at the front were killed more than one thousand Russian soldiers, and I would like to see every German had the right to declare such involvement in this damn war. You see, what we have got a difficult position, faced with the need to make your sentence.

   Guest stood up and walked slowly around the room. On the walls were cheap oleographs pretentious in gilt frames. He looked one, moved on to another, then - the third ...

   Kumla stood motionless on his forehead cold sweat. Suddenly he fell all over the table and sobbed, mumbling something like "ma ma and a" ...

   That evening, he signed a document where blood and swore his whole life until the last heart beat Germany to serve as her faithful son in blood and spirit. So underwent repeat recruitment Paul Kumleva German military intelligence.

   Fear Rubicon was crossed. But only now begun Kumleva important test. The October Revolution. Brest-Litovsk Treaty. Russia withdrew from the war. Lightning flashed hopes - German offensive near Pskov, then in Ukraine, and all plunged into darkness ...

   Kumla continued to live in St. Petersburg. He came up with a greyish biography and took the controller to the cinema. A salary ration cards. Broke the wall between their rooms to avoid compaction. He would not want to leave his apartment in the Five Corners area - believed to come from Germany.

   In 1932, Paul H. Kumla became deputy director of the cinema. He worked vigorously demanded good work from others, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that they held dear. Eyes he did not climb, was very modest and tried to stay in the shade.

   It existed in this lifetime is very natural. Neither his father nor his elder brother could not hear, and Kumla not looking for them, then why he was sure that they are no longer alive. General Family Aristarhova is rumored in the days of the revolution emigrated abroad. Kumla new world of Soviet life was left completely alone, and it was fine with him.

   One morning Paul woke Genrikhovich insistent call. In the cinema, it had to happen until late at night, he went to work for twelve days and usually slept until eleven. Who was half of the ninth.

   - Who's there? - He asked through the door.

   - I brought you a letter from Visbaha - he heard.

   Trembling hand Kumla hastily opened the door and saw him in Visbaha, of which it is in exchange for a life made a solemn oath of allegiance to Germany.

   H. Paul could not speak and just did everything by hand what that strange gesture vaguely like an invitation to enter.

   - Enough, Mr. Kumla - said the guest. - Turn off your emotions, we need to talk about the case, I have very little time. Please tell us what happened to you over the years.

   Visby listened very carefully, often Kumleva stopped and asked: "This is - more, please."

   Kumla told, seeing before him so familiar, though altered, but still calm, strong face, and his soul was solemn music.

   - Unfortunately, I can not spend time with you this wonderful evening for both of us - smiled Visby. - I went to Leningrad with a group of German engineers. An hour later - our train to Moscow. This suitcase your money and a little gold. Try to spend your money wisely and go back to their old habits. But Germany does not want you to vulgar needed. Look carefully at everything that is going on around, and remember: The last page of history has not yet been turned over. Wait patiently for his great hour ... - Visby got exactly thus emphasizing the solemnity of the moment.

   H. Paul stood up, too. Visby arm around his shoulders and pressed her to him:

   - You, Mr. Kumla hugging Germany mother ...

   Next came a messenger to the German intelligence Kumlevu only five years later. Again, Paul H. received a large sum. Setting this time gave a more specific - he was instructed to collect information of a military nature and identify people who are hostile to the Soviet regime. Start dating with them.

   All these years, Paul H. lived very modestly, just maybe, dress got a little better, but everyone knew that he was a man alone and he must have savings ...

   In 1939 it established a link with the German consul in Leningrad Mr. Sommer. Kumla him and learned great news - the war between Germany and Russia is not far off.

   Consul saw him very rarely. Last time they met before the war in the cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery. Kumla received from Consul names, nicknames and passwords agents who now began to obey him as a resident.

   And so the war has begun!

   Now he slept badly at night - all the time it seemed to him that knock on the door ...

   Diary of Leningrad

   After the September German offensive, Leningrad was finally surrounded and cut off from the country.

   Was at a meeting in Smolny. Comrade Kuznetsov2 - very ruthless candor. He just said that could mean for the blockade of the city. I first heard the word "blockade". Kuznetsov said some very disturbing things. But his own belief in the best, no matter what peculiar, perhaps, his character passion, assertiveness, confidence gave what he said, coloring optimism and faith. The most alarming of all, he said - it's future food supply difficulties cities and armies, besieged inside the ring.

   - We believe that the people of Leningrad and Leningrad primarily Communists, quietly meet all the difficulties and complexities of military fate of his hometown and will show examples of endurance and will to win! - He finished his speech rather short.

   Howled questions and answers.

   Q: How about those who do not wish to evacuate?

   Kuznetsov: As with military discipline violators of the city.

   - And they refer to their patriotic feelings.

   - Explain to them that the highest expression of patriotism in our environment - this submission discipline. Still do not know how to behave such patriots, when the city will be missed products. How would they then did not criticize us for poor care of them. Who is nothing to do in the besieged city, to have to go. While there is a possibility - through Ladoga and air ...

   Question: Can we hope for smooth operation plumbing? Maybe you need to procure water for fire and other purposes?

   Kuznetsov was silent.

   Answer: The failure of the aqueduct - the catastrophic disaster of it with barrels of water can not be saved. It is necessary, in general, rely on running water and so this time we went to warn the Communists working on the water supply, that the fate of the city is literally in their hands ...

   In the Kirov District Party Committee brim loaded me great facts about working men and women who, having worked for 10-12 hours in his company, go on duty in the destroyer battalions or team defense. Schoolgirls about girls who saved his house from enemy lighters. About the artist who brought to the district committee and deposited the drawings, which he did from life on the streets and while digging anti-tank ditches. He, like most of Leningrad, also dug these ditches, and in leisure time drew. "It does not matter to me here, - he said. - For the history may be useful. " I saw these pictures and I think that it was not a professional and an amateur. Drawings weak. But one sunk into my soul its plot - such will not think: deep anti-tank ditch in the foreground at the bottom of the pit is a dead woman near her - people with shovels in their hands. And the signature at the bottom: "After the raid fascist vulture. We all dug her grave. "

   I am very cold, afraid that caught pneumonia. Hotel employees called me doctor. By evening, the old man came seventy years. He immediately poured himself some water, then took what medications and sat a long time without moving. Then he carefully examined and listened to me. And all the while talking. I'll try to write in a row, as I remember:

   "I have long since retired, as you know. Now again vpryagsya. I had a son. Also a doctor. Killed at the front here, near Leningrad, in August. Grandson, medical student, went to dig anti-tank ditches - no news. His wife died two years ago - maybe it's her happiness - she died before all this. And I live here. No tears. Long gone. If this one to me - you can go crazy. But grief, how much grief around ... Once live, went to work. Did not want to take, thought - on the cards, but I do not need anything, even salary.Only work. I have a pension. Finally decided to rayzdrave - give three calls a day ... And you, my friend, soft whistle, X-ray is needed, and where it is to do now? Drugs still going to write ... "

   He wrote a prescription, and continued:

   "... Let me sit you a little, it's the last call, we must go home, and there ... I can not ... seriously ... what is choking ... You know, I would have accepted anything ... what some sleeping pills, I have ... but you know who keeps me going? Germans. I swear. I left the radio, it Volodin, son, I do not pass on the orders: could not communicate, ask nobody. Good receiver, "one six eq" - can, you know? So, once turned on and hear - Russian Germans come to us, Leningrad, be advised, it is too late, on his knees and beg for mercy, but they do not erase our city into powder and do it again dopetrovskaya swamp. I listened to it and put a sleeping pill. And that's how I go. And I will walk. Many patients. Death for war - a holiday, to prevent her from having fun - a big deal. Here I go ... "

   He left, and I was ashamed to lie. Morning I got up, dressed, and now the third day of work. Even cough less ...


   Chapter Eleven

   In the beginning of the war was not yet Kumleva operative communication with a group of Axel, he was ordered every day at eight o'clock be Ohtinskom cemetery and near the church, wait for the person with the agreed sign. One he met in July and received from him a suitcase with mine. After almost two months of this one was not, but he went there every day.

   This morning he was riding in an empty tram, sitting on the front seat for children and mechanically watched the work of Carman - woman of about forty, with a simple, pleasant face, with golden hair, vybivshimisya from under her shawl. She looked strained forward, her hand convulsively clutched whitened lever. Kumla smiled involuntarily - seen recently she took the job ...

   Old tram, swaying and rattling ringing, rolling on the sun glinting off the rails. And suddenly shot up in front of a bush fire, and the tram just stumbled upon crashing explosion. Thrown to the pavement in a semicircle bent rails. Ringing the broken glass. Kumla hurt hit his head on the fence motorman and jumped out of the tram, rushed to the nearest gate.

   Near tram crowd. The car came "Ambulance". Kumla came and saw out of the car carried counselors - her head fell to one side, hands dangling lifelessly. Front window at the tram was not, and instrument panel flooded with blood.

   "In vain spent shell" - thought Kumla and went, trying to stay close to home ...

   Passing through the gate, he walked quickly past the church and a few energetic than assumed in the cemetery, walked along the left path. Crosses, fences, benches, coquina rocks from both sides. He stood watching the funeral. Muffled knocking crumbled earth on the coffin, the woman sobbed low muffled voice - Kumla cursed himself and went back to the gate.

   Brought a new corpse. Relatives gathered around a bunch of high gray-haired woman. Black old women lined up at the church wall. Kumla stood in the crowd looked around. Moved to another corner of the church and suddenly saw a man very close to the blue book in hand. Kumla stopped at the church door and watched. Then he went up to him and asking a match, said quietly password. Man with blue book said, took a match, lit and gave a light. Kumla thanked him and walked slowly into the interior of the cemetery on the right track. Behind him walked a man with a blue book. It was Cheptsov.

   They passed a small wooden bridge, following each other, and went on together along shallow and muddy rivers, the shores of which were in the hills of graves. About large glazed iron crypt they sat on a bench in front of the tomb of the couple with a strange name Ekzemplyarovy.

   Morning was calm autumn day. Where it thundered, mangling the ground war, but here everything is buried in what is particularly thick silence. Sun, barely broke through the trees, scattered patches of yellow on the tracks, the monuments and crosses.Cheptsov past all around slow gaze.

   - I do not know where the tomb of the mother, maybe she's buried here - he said, and explained: - When she died, I was a kid, I remember nothing.

   Kumla without showing special interest, considering Cheptsov - chunky, durable, strong face. They were probably the same age. "But what is his longing for the lyrics?" - Thought Kumla and asked:

   - How to call you?

   - Nikolai Petrovich, - said cap and suddenly began to read aloud the inscription on the tombstone: - "Maria Kirilovna Pozdneva, 1884-1934 ... You do not expect myself to, I'll wait for you all ..." Ruthlessly and unwise. Huh? - With a smile he turned to Kumlevu.

   - How do you say how to say ... - grimly replied Kumla.

   - What I succumbed to the mood - said cap and said: - Well, how are you?

   - Waiting for interchanges - Kumla said.

   - In the meantime, their women under artillery fire quietly take out boxes of food, which the price - a penny on market day.

   - Fear - Kumla said.

   - What fear if they risked their lives, I've seen it myself, I'm with them and came to town ...

   - So for those boxes they deliver to their same wall - said Kumla.

   They were silent, as if listening to the dry rustle of autumn trees.

   - Must decide where to spend the night to me today.

   - Please me ... - Kumla offered.

   - It's a breeze. Thank you. But I want to try to imagine how the contact with the residents of the city. Do you have such an address ... so without much risk? But that is not ours and, of course ...

   - There is a man - said Kumla and outlined the Makletsova. - One time he can spend the night.

   - And he did not really red patriot? - Asked Cheptsov.

   - No. On the contrary ...

   - While yes - Cheptsov grinned. He looked around and asked: - There seems to secrete small people?

   - Every. There are generals.

   - Equality and Brotherhood?

   - Yes, - said Kumla, wanting to stop the unnecessary conversation, and asked: - How did the front?

   - Like clockwork. Except that I could get under their shells also why the Germans began artillery preparation ahead of time. And on this side of peace and quiet, the breakfast in the society on the basis of the brave ladies potrebsoyuza.

   The response was heard bragging Cheptsov Kumlevu.

   - Do not be fooled, it's dangerous - he said seriously and stood - Idemte, I'll show you a place where we meet in the evening.

   They came from the cemetery have been quiet, almost village street with front gardens and orchards, mugs and rare trees, crossed the tram line and came home to Chapel Baptist, he was awkward compartment in the open, and all the approaches to it were visible from afar.

   - Here ... - Kumla showed on a long bench at the entrance to the house. - I will be today at seven ...

   - If I do not show up to eight, go away, it would mean that the meeting was postponed to tomorrow at the same time.

   Kumla not particularly betrayed his surprise, but only stared at Cheptsov.

   - Willing to work alone - said Cheptsov.

   - Distrust? - Calmly asked Kumla.

   Cheptsov took him by the elbow and said simply:

   - This word in our conversations should not sound. Agreed? So, I need first and then on Nevsky - Nekrasov? What Cars?

   Kumla explained, and they parted.

   Makletsov took Cheptsov kindly fussed treat tea would fry eggs.

   - No treats do not, I for a moment trip, cases of throat - said Cheptsov. - And what about the night? H. Paul said he did not expel ...

   - Yes, of course, he said, the sacred truth - quickly said Makletsov. - Friends of Paul and I Genrikhovich friends. But frankly: Overnight difficult. Impossible. Just yesterday came from the police: for needy without registration - prison, or worse - while the military. Neighbors I know, reptiles creeping round the clock eye on my door holding.

   Cheptsov immediately began to say goodbye.

   He slowly walked down the streets of Leningrad, studying at home, reading signs and checking your memory. It was like a game: he remembered the name of the street, which was approaching, and then tested it on a plate. He has never made a mistake.

   He stopped at Kirochnaya older equipment quartermaster of the second rank. From under his cap newfound as seen military extorted graying hair, his shirt twill swell round tummy, and he walked as it is not on the military.

   - Allow me to ask for help ... - Cheptsov saluted as laid.

   Technician Intendant started, stopped, his hand was rushed to his cap, but paused halfway, he realized that a civilian in front of him.

   - Hello. What happened? - He asked politely.

   - Nothing much has happened, but do you know where what is put on there voentorgovskoe bosses? With legs lost - looking for all the secrecy in play, and I have a stalemate.

   - Where profits?

   - From Riga itself without stopping. - Cheptsov zaboristo swore and continued: - Must I come to you, to report - for me the property is listed, it is necessary to obtain a certificate, the work can give any ...

   - You're lucky I can help you. Come on ...

   - Should I also really help - continued Cheptsov, stepping next to the military. - Although I am a civilian. Even sleep anywhere.

   - It is difficult, - replied the quartermaster techniques. - Dormitories We have no reservation in the hotel only provides military commandant, and he always denies us. Would you yourself were pushed to the hotel, quarter administrator, and all there is to it.

   - But we've got me where that first formalized - outraged Cheptsov.

   Soon he had involuntarily recall how Abwehr in the classroom teacher asserted that a good legend - is the surest guarantee of success. When s finally appeared in the personnel department and Voyentorg detail told about himself, he immediately offered a job forwarder serving two army PX.

   - I do not know this work ... - Cheptsov said modestly.

   Major hoary with red, probably from lack of sleep, eyes waved his hands:

   - Yes you leave! What a job! Now all trade - soap yes tobacco, and soon, apparently, nothing will ...

   - I worked as an inspector ... - began Cheptsov.

   - Okay. Wait ... - Mayor called somewhere on the phone and asked: - Do you Glazkov gone? Bow down at my feet - I'll give you the man.

   Cheptsov walked into the hotel on Gogol Street, experiencing ever-increasing dysphoria. Now he only thought about one thing - there are no observations of him? ..

   Cheptsov turned back abruptly and went energetic step, quietly surveying the street and counter people. He missed the Lieutenant Gladyshev. They even made eye contact, and his eyes were so strained Cheptsov that Gladyshev raised his eyebrows. Cheptsov calmly walked past, thinking that if the guy doing surveillance, and he would not bat an eye. At the crossroads Cheptsov stopped and stood for fifteen minutes, carefully examining the street in both directions. Gladyshev at this time watching him, standing in the porch of a house.

   Military trucks rumbled. Under the cover Cheptsov crossed the street and turned back to the hotel. He calmed down - incredible that in the first hours after his arrival in the city, it could hang on the back of the agent. Incredible! ..

   And yet the night at the hotel he will not ...

   Late in the evening Gladyshev reported head of the department of its Prokopenko, as he put it, "empty running around."

   - He returned to the hotel, - says Dmitry. - I waited on the street. Decided - if not for an hour will go. An hour later, I go. Presented a certificate, ask who you room took an hour ago?

   - Why did you decide that he was going to shoot the room and not to visit?

   - I do not know, I decided, and all ... Well. Get help - the room took Voyentorg worker Nikolai Chernyshev. See converges. Room taken on the armor of the military commandant. Then I finally realized that I have gang "wasted effort" duty called and he told me to move on Foundry. Overall, the day was lost.

   - And the fact that he was at Makletsova? - The voice rang Prokopenko tin.

   - Maybe he's his cousin - quietly snapped Gladyshev.

   - Please speak louder. - Gray eyes flashed a wicked sparkle Prokopenko.

   - I say maybe they Makletsova relatives ... - said loudly Gladyshev.

   - Have you forgotten how it eight in front of his house? Huh? Next - what is he going to the hotel, check back? No, Gladyshev, you better tell me what you learned in Voentorg?

   - Their employees. Arrived from the Baltic. Receives a new appointment.

   - Well that's what Gladyshev - discreetly, without giving vent irritation, Prokopenko said. - Go back to "Astoria". By midnight, they had to change. Remember: each case should bring to an end.

   Cheptsov stayed at the hotel for about an hour. Then he put the key hostess said that out for and maybe spend the night at a friend today.

   Already starting to get dark when Cheptsov walked past St. Isaac's Cathedral. He was heading to the Neva, to go out on the embankment near the monument to Peter. There was an open place, and it is easily found to surveillance. But it seems that all was quiet.

   He stood at the monument, carefully examined the waterfront area and walked down the narrow boulevard along the Neva River.

   Cheptsov proceeded to the second part of his experiment - find accommodation in private apartments. The mood was great at it.

   Towards the woman was walking in a neat old overcoat and white panama hat in hand - bag for products. Cheptsov stood in her way.

   - Excuse me - he said, lifting his cap. - I have no place to stay, can not anyone help?

   Woman squinting evil, and looked at him without answering, went further.

   - I pay well, - said after her Cheptsov.

   - Yes you choke on your money - without looking back, she shouted, and quickened her pace.

   Cheptsov watched her in surprise, and a little anxious sarcastically why he wished better remember her face. Nothing, nothing, all right. If a misfire has occurred here, prosperous course of his experiment would be suspicious ...

   At parapet of the quay was an elderly lady intelligent kind, she thoughtfully looked at the purple sunset from the Neva. Cheptsov stopped beside him and began to look too.

   - Alarming beauty, is not it? - He said softly.

   Woman flinched and turned without answering, turned back to the river.

   - I beg your pardon, I interrupted - continued Cheptsov. - Excuse me ... But it's hard to keep enthusiasm for such beauty ... Although I, it should be noted, the state is not for the lyrics, and here I go, like a dream, and no end to find out what had only seen in pictures.

   - You do not Leningrad? - Asked the lady.

   - In full, I would say, in classic form, I even sleep today nowhere ...

   - What happened to you?

   Cheptsov said.

   - Force no no, do not understand how the legs hold - he said. - I forgot, as the bed looks. Without further ado - a hundred for the right to see the pillow.

   - Price fabulous that and say - woman laughed.

   - What to do? I was exhausted! Risk.

   - Remember siren Chekhov? - Friendly smiling woman asked.

   No sirens Cheptsov not remembered he had not read Chekhov. But the conversation ensued, and an hour later he was sitting in the apartment Eleanor Evgenyavna Strumilin. She lived in a wing that stood in the courtyard of a multistory building. Expensive furniture in the rooms covered with a layer of dust prints desolation lay on everything.

   Soon Cheptsov knew that she was a widow, but who was her husband, she did not want to say. Now it was not particularly important, he saw a woman greedy for money, and yet made a bet on it ...

   Diary of Leningrad

   Rode Osinovets. It is on Lake Ladoga. There recently under the noses of the enemy in a stunningly short time built a new marina. Travelled - said too loudly, got walk to Checkpoint 3 on the outskirts of town and in a wooden house sat a long time with the lieutenant. Here are heated and hiding from the rain soldiers and officers of the PPC and those who are waiting for an occasion.

   An occasion did not come. From there, the car went into the city all the time, and there - none. Suddenly raced three "nurses." Soldier came and said that on Ladoga what that calamity occurred. "War, that's what happened," - said Lieutenant phlegmatic. Just in case I went to the road. Soon came two more cars. I took. Military doctor said that their car was removed from the other direction and cast here.

   On Ladoga really was a terrible disaster. The ship "Designer" filled to capacity in women and children, Hitler attacked the plane. Bomb hit the center of the steamer and exploded inside. Hundreds of women and children were in the water. Damaged ship in pribuksirovali Maurier. Now take out the wounded. How many people died, just as yet unknown. Say - not less than one hundred and fifty, perhaps - two. But the pilot saw that the ship and all its deck filled women and children ...

   I wish I did not go to the pier. Afar heard strange sounds - not the wind howled at some giant tube, not the wires on a telegraph pole. This screaming women and children. Cried called orphaned children and mothers who have lost children. Some stood on the shore, while others were still on the floor of the sunken "Designer", they brought the boats ashore. Approached the car - sanitary and trucks - took away the wounded and survivors. Was unforgiving women and children screaming voices. Even now in the ears is this terrible scream.

   Returned to Leningrad broken, sick. Seems constantly whines heart. Is this Hitler's pilot will not be found? And not to be hanged publicly to some sort of Leningrad area? Aching heart. Scary. All I hear the cry of women and children.


   Chapter Twelve

   Money not only opened Cheptsov apartment Strumilin widow, but her husband's wardrobe. In the morning he went out in a good, old-fashioned little blue tailored suit from Boston. He wandered around the city, went into shops, offices, watching, listening, trying to make the first conclusions. Kronverksky found him on the air-raid, and he had to take refuge in the shelter of a large house. Under the vaulted ceiling of the basement people sitting on benches, on the boxes, a suitcase, brought with them, and right on the stone floor. Disturbing voices blended into a continuous hum. Somewhere deep in the basement, was crying hysterically.

   Near Cheptsov on bundles of books sitting elderly woman and a man, both in white coats crumpled, he covered his gray mane black felt hat, she was wearing a hat with a cherry on the tape. He kept jumping up, down on his haunches and looked at books and roots every time lamented that few have captured ...

   - No, no, in this case it is necessary to introduce a rigorous system - he said angrily. - I'll make a list today ...

   Bombs fell closer and nervous atmosphere in the basement quickly escalated. Close the gap suddenly into the basement, the lights went out. The tense silence. Cheptsov hand groped the wall and moved toward her tightly. Silence was broken ecstatic cry of "Save yourselves!"

   The dark basement darted rustle Cheptsov felt that now people will panic and rush to the exit, crushing each other. He held his breath, but this time there was a not very loud, but surprisingly calm male voice: "Comrades, I urge you to remain calm! Are we, the people of Leningrad, yield to the wishes of the enemy at bay and down on all fours? "Says heard not all, of the far corners of the basement came the calls:" Hush! Hush, "" Dear comrades, I urge you to remain calm! "- Repeated invisible speaker, and at this time the lights came. Someone laughed, heard the joyful exclamations and Cheptsov this time he saw the speaker. It was an old man in a rumpled white cloak. He sat down at his book and said, referring to Cheptsov:

   - Very, you know, was a critical moment. I once found myself in a similar situation - the famous stampede in Rostov summer theater ...

   - How can you compare? - Exclaimed his wife. - There's someone out of mischief thrown in the room steaming rag and shouted "fire", and now ... my God! ..

   - The same rag! The same rag! - Stubborn and angry old man snorted.

   A man appeared with a red armband, he made his way among the people, and asked: "Who called Save yourselves? Who shouted save? .. "People looked suspiciously, looked at each other. Suddenly, somewhere in the depths of the basement female voice shouted: "He screamed! He! "Cheptsov slowly stood up and headed for the exit. Flew to meet him singing clear signal of air-raid.

   Is the sense of danger came after that? ..

   In the evening, returning to Strumilin Cheptsov fingered in memory all that had happened to him for a day, and tried to understand why and when he begins feeling anxious, if danger threatens him at every turn?

   When he went to the Ohta to meet Kumlevym, happened to him a story that one might be considered funny. In a deserted alley, he went to the gate for small business. There he was detained what that people with red armbands and brought to his headquarters.

   - Yes it is not a local - Riga, - said one of them, carefully reviewing all documents Cheptsov.

   - Ask it was possible, and then rassuponilsya in five steps from the restroom - judiciously added another.

   Now Cheptsov thought that if such a trifle can arouse suspicion, here a little laughter.

   Then there was a meeting with Kumlevym there on a long bench near the house of worship Baptists. Do resident in a bad mood, he's obviously unhappy that Cheptsov act independently. To hell with him and his ambition. But here was a new incident. Woman - what is abnormal - attached: why they are sitting there, next to her church? Receiving no answer, she burst into the marketplace abuse. Kumla suddenly offered disperse immediately and meet in an hour at the main gate of the Smolny.

   Cheptsov complied, but later, when they met and came to Neva Kumleva demanded explanations.

   - The woman seemed suspicious, I could not risk any other, nor even you, - said dryly Kumla.

   - Soviet Secret Service? - Did not believe Cheptsov.

   - You make a fatal mistake, if you decide that they can not work - did not immediately respond Kumla. - One of our people fell before the war only because he allowed himself to call the machine the German consulate.

   - It can not be! Tales!

   Kumla silent. Then farewell, said:

   - I do not think it's right to maneuver your hotel, I think that you have already created the interest of ...

   Cheptsov listened to all consecutive transmission of the Leningrad Radio - news, songs, ads. He did not understand everything, but the longer sitting at the loudspeaker becoming more alarming in his heart ... Schoolgirl read his letter to the front, his father.Unsteady girlish voice she spoke adults, serious words, tells how she and her mother protect your home from the enemy lighters that she applied for nursing courses and will now be only one dream - to be in the military unit where the father is ... Here Kumla believes that he Cheptsov, made a mistake with the hotel. Maybe, but without it, he could check the possibility to get there? .. Of black paper circle loudspeaker came a muffled voice low. Woman reading her poem about hatred of the enemy, about revenge."Holy hatred" - she repeated several times. Metronome clicked. Cheptsov muffled sound.

   Entered the room hostess.

   - Why is the city so calm? What people expect? - Asked her Cheptsov.

   - We are all taught to believe ... - after a long pause she said.

   - What? In God? - Exclaimed sarcastically Cheptsov and asked seriously: - What you have been taught to believe?

   - Well, like what? That our government can not win.

   - Whose state?

   - Our, Soviet, what else ... - Eleanor E. replied seriously.

   Cheptsov as it vaguely agreeing nodded again and amplify sound in the loudspeaker. There sang what that rollicking song ...

   The next day he met with the photographer Gennadiy Ivanovich Sokolov in office Kumleva in his theater. Began checking agents.

   From the hall, where there was the film "Man with a Gun," came the shooting, shouting "Hurrah." Cheptsov could not help listening to these sounds. Before him was a thin man, looked straight at him cold gray eyes.

   - Nigh time for action. Are you ready? - Asked Cheptsov.

   - Finally it ... - On dry face flashed Sokolova shadow of a smile. - I'm already thinking God knows what - went to the business, given the signature and ... nothing.

   - What can you say about the mood in the city?

   - This is important to you? - Sokolov asked in surprise.

   - Yes, it is important ... - Cheptsov replied dryly.

   - They must be exterminated, and then there will be the mood which should - Sokolov said, never taking his eyes from the face Cheptsov.

   Cheptsov knew Sokolov - son dispossessed owner dairies, but such a charge is not expected to rage.

   - Whether it is necessary to destroy all the polls? - He asked.

   - No, - jerked his head Sokolov. - The herd has a herd! Today, they are afraid of one whip, conquer other tomorrow.

   - Herd - is something elemental, and the city ... the city looks very organized, - said Cheptsov.

   - Herd. Herd ... - stubbornly photographer.

   Cheptsov attempt to get him to really look at reality to nothing lead. Photographer thought and after a long silence, said:

   - They blinded me ... they ... Since then, they have killed my old man, I never touched their cheese, as I see, at least in the window, the taste of blood in his mouth, and I know that it is necessary to leave soon ... - Sokolov gritted his thin lips . Cheptsov suddenly remembered that he still has not decided to look at their warehouses, near the Neva River in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, and bath for Pea street, on the tenements. It's like a child when you can not see ahead of time made you gifts.

   - Order, I will start to destroy them first - he heard the shrill voice of the photographer. - I specifically have saved a few rolls of film to shoot, how they will be hanged. Wait?

   - Wait, - quiet, friendly replied Cheptsov and put his hand on fingerless long cold fingers Photographer: - And while we would like to hear from you some of what photos ...

   Meeting with Sokolov lifted mood, even a sense of danger is gone somewhere. Cheptsov not know what Kumla specially prepared for the first meeting of the photographer.

   On the same day with Cheptsov Kumlevym went on Vasilevsky Island, the priest Anatoly Vasilyevich Romodanskomu. Kumla immediately wanted to show people Axel that here we have to deal with very different people.

   House in which there was a priest, lepilsya to the wall of a small church surrounded by tall buildings. The door was opened the master himself, but did not enter Kumla, waited on the street.

   Romodansky - dense, slightly stooped old man with a white beard, a broad face - stood in the middle of the room and looked expectantly at Cheptsov. The room was dark, gleaming golden robe on icons in the corner just lit the lamps flashing lights.

   When Cheptsov said conditional sentence, the priest replied immediately, as arranged, and, turning to the images, rather prayed.

   - I hope that in your prayers you will not forget me, - said Cheptsov when they sat down to a table covered with a faded and scratched oilcloth.

   The priest sat, leaning forward slightly and hard clasped hands lying on the table.

   - I hear you, - he said at last with such politeness that it could be mistaken for mockery.

   Cheptsov knew priest named Anatoly, but why could not refer to it by name.

   - Mr. Romodansky, I come to you with good news - began several Cheptsov solemnly. - We start our holy cause, the time has come when your obligations to us must become ...

   - Wait a minute - raised his hand Romodansky - Cheptsov saw that he was worried. - First, I must say ... I'm all over obey church authorities. And they have a command of the Orthodox Church and its ministers in this terrible time was with his flock, with its Orthodox people. So I do for you I can not. And no power to decide otherwise.

   Cheptsov was so amazed to hear that did not know how to behave, what to say.

   - But you do not worry, please - the priest continued. - I will not Judas, draws sribnyk I do not need. I serve God, and this is for me the supreme law. - He rose.

   - You may regret, Mr. Romodansky, but it's too late - Cheptsov said, standing up. - Your church leadership and the more God - high, and we - next.

   - Threats do not fear. All in the power of God! - Solemnly replied the priest.

   - I wanted to say only that the patriarchs also not eternal. Not to mention their commandments.

   - My duty is to execute these commands, and not to cancel - the priest said quietly. - Goodbye.

   As agreed in advance and Cheptsov Kumla were on different sides of the street. At the Palace Bridge, they took the trolley, Kumla in motor and Cheptsov - in the trailer car.

   Coming on the forecourt, Kumla looked through the glass and winced - it seemed to him that the tram driver was the one that killed three days ago, when he rode Ohtinskom cemetery. He looked carefully - no, that was a little older, and face all wrinkled.

   - Bombardment not? - Asked her Kumla.

   - Who the hell knows his soul, - she said, without turning his head.

   Cheptsov sitting in the rear car, and keeping your mind on the fingerless hand caught fixed on him a sympathetic look and thought: how little people! But an underlying anxiety is not held, and all these people in the tram aroused in him a sense of danger.

   Descended, as agreed, on the corner of Nevsky and Gardening and went on together. "This would be a shell in this mess, and not in an empty tram" - thought Kumla, pushing into the crowd.

   Cheptsov was calm now. Meeting with the priest was not so much alarmed as surprised. Do not worry - there is a photographer. Near the mirror in the window of the barber shop, he stopped and looked at himself in satisfaction - and that of others, rather small him a suit and a gray crew cut hair samples on the head, and dark stripes on the upper lip, where there have been a mustache. A few more days, and he himself does not know, and in the Soviet counterintelligence people are working, but not magicians.

   But those who needed to know that their great city is suspicious and, apparently, a dangerous man. They, of course, were not wizards. But they worked at this terrible time and more than one person involved. At each "RAM" Prokopenko, pomyanuv disappeared voentorgovtsa invariably added: "Well, no, the city will help us ..." And now the city has seen Cheptsov shoved with Kumlevym through the crowd on Nevsky. Seen!

   And all the way Cheptsov Kumla walked in silence, and only when logged in kumlevskuyu apartment and the owner locked the door, Cheptsov said:

   - Your pop - bastard and a deserter.

   - And what? - No surprise asked Kumla.

   Cheptsov, pulling off his jacket tight, turned - the person was a resident impermeable rock.

   - He had just kicked me out!

   - I thought he was still scared of you, - said Kumla. - He was no worse than others, and gave information. One thing is for sure - we will not sell it, and when the bell will ring in honor of our victory, he will come running ... - Because Kumla spoke quietly, his words convinced.

   - And many of you who come to us after our victory?

   Kumla silent, fingers stroking his massive chin. Then he said gravely:

   - These are available. And it is natural, when the whole country is changing its skin. Besides, I live here among the people, and people everywhere are different ... - Kumla stopped, he thought Cheptsov listens.

   - Who do we have tomorrow? - Cheptsov asked, sitting down to the table.

   - Tomorrow Gorin. Lawyer. This can be useful in every way, although he breed of spineless.

   - Tell us more about it - asked Cheptsov.

   Gorin grew up in a family of a prosperous lawyer. His father was famous in important cases involving corporations and banks, he received huge fees. He owned vosmikomnatnaya apartment with windows on Theater Square, in a wealthy house. Gorins had many helpers own departure, giving in Sestrorezk ...

   Kumla knew all this from the words of Gorin. Now, this retelling Cheptsov, he asked himself again: why not Gorin became a staunch enemy of the Bolsheviks?

   - The fact - told Kumla - that, if he had the same life under the Soviets, he would have shouted: "Long live the Soviets!"

   - And how he lives now?

   - Compared with the others, I would even say - with the majority, he lives quite well. Works in several places. Gets decent. Money spent on cards and women.

   - So, he needs the money - it was good.

   - He's got much more than we give, - continued Kumla.

   - Promised ...

   - He wants to now.

   Kumla certified Gorin quite accurately, he just forgot that the luxurious life of a young lawyer and had a sip of the Soviet era.

   Received in the twenty-ninth year of his law degree, Michael Gorin soon realized that the diploma is inexpensive. But he knew that his father bought a lifetime of gold and jewels, and impatiently waited for all this will get him.

   In the thirty-sixth year of the box with the values ​​arrived at his disposal, and he plunged headlong into a wild life, gathered around him a company such as he, cynics and lovers of the sweet life.

   But once seemed the bottom box. He just woke up - life has lost all interest for him, there were no prospects ahead of lack of money. Father always said: "Destiny is usually nedodaet man." Gorin believed his destiny simply robbed.

   Kumla was sure that he was a German agent, based on the large amount of money, and a deaf ear Gorinskaya reasoning that he avenges fate. But for all it passed easily, even from the war saved him flat.

   Diary of Leningrad

   Above the town the night was a dogfight. We stood in the courtyard of the military commandant. Among us was a pilot who explained what was happening in the sky. Had to take his word, because in fact we have only seen the sky nervously run on the spotlights, and sometimes they start to sparkle and quickly extinguished silver figurines aircraft.

   And suddenly, in a single beam flashed two aircraft. They approached each other. Seemed to merge into a single point and then disappeared. Ray swung down, it sparkled figure randomly falling plane.

   - Shot! Shot down! - Shouted around.

   Who's who knocked was unclear. Soon called the commandant's office in the territory of one plant goes parachutist who calls himself our military pilot Sevastiyanov. There rushed machine commandant.

   I knew a fighter pilot Sevastianova. A few days before that, I was at a Party meeting in fighter regiment, where the party took Sevastianova. It was very exciting and fun. First, the party took Goryshin pilot, an hour before the meeting fell in battle. When the chairman asked who "for" all silently got up and stood in silence. Then he sat down. And the chairman said, "Take unanimously assume that Ivan died Goryshin Communist." Then take Sevastianova. Obviously, much agitated previous, he spoke somewhat pompously, and got him as if he were one is willing to defend the city of Lenin, to give him his life. But the sincerity with which he said it was wrong stronger chosen words or improper intonation - his adopted unanimously ...

   It was brought to his commander. His face bleeding abrasion, and all of it in the engine oil, but I recognized him immediately. Sevastiyanov already told the people surrounding him about what happened in the night sky.

   - Twice from close range I beat on it with machine guns - as a spell, you bastard! Stopped in for a third time. Closely approached - I press the trigger, and nothing - ran out of ammunition. I just wanted to die of grief! I gave an oath party! And I decided: Ruban its propeller on the tail. Added speed and p p p times! .. And again - the flies, the bastard, on as if nothing had happened. And I've seen - he stabilizer to hell. But he flew close, I looked, and fell through the wing, like a leaf from a tree down! - Initiation of a pilot suddenly went out, and he added in a low voice: - But my car is ruined. Such a thing happened. Although I do not know what's important - give it to bomb the city or ... ...

   This event served as a subject for the essay. Just "Spark" sent a telegram, asks to write an essay on "Leningrad character." Sevastiyanov - a real Leningrad character.

   Chapter Thirteen

   Glancing at the low gray sky from a deep well in his court, Gorin shivered, it was a sign: nothing good in bad weather with it does not happen.

   Nevsky in the mist. Rain, small, meticulous, did not seem to fall, but hung in the air. Admiralty spire barely visible and accurately cut off at half ...

   This day began Gorin bad. Mother did not give him breakfast, said that the house nothing but stale bread. He wanted to fucking eat. An hour ago called Paul H. and, as always, in a boorish categorically said that we must immediately come to meet with an important person "out there" and demanded "to be on the level." Gorin sometimes hates him, but he was even more afraid of him, he knows that this man is capable of anything.

   Paul H. earlier warned him that soon will have to meet with people who come from Dr. Axel. Today's meeting Gorin and evoked curiosity and fear. And suddenly he came Axel? That's him Gorin was ready for any business. But suddenly he orders make that something that will pose a deadly risk? Do not go. Categorically. In the end, what they can do with it? Until now, he regularly performed his duties, and they paid him money ...

   Gorin was Mayakovsky whole street, turned into the street Nekrasov, Foundry and then ... Or maybe he was invited to award? Or loose a lot of money to him now - war is war, and money means a lot ... Gorin thought and did not notice how he found himself near a huge house NKVD. The main entrance was a military man. Gorin, not slowing down and speeding up the steps, passed ...

   He was walking down the street Voinov, when the street in front suddenly instantly grew black green tree, and a second opal on the ground, in the air leaving a cloud of smoke. Along the street whipped the air wave on the walls rattled fragments, pieces of asphalt. Gorin darted into the first entrance, where several people were sitting on the steps.

   - Very close? - For the second time in a quiet voice asked an old man in a velvet yarmulke, but Gorin heard.

   From the street came the new explosion, air wave flung open the door, throwing the old man to the wall, he fell. Woman in military tunic helped to stand on his feet.

   - Infidels ... basurmany ... - he muttered.

   In the staircase entered policeman.

   - Citizens today no one came here? - He asked.

   Woman who helped the old man, turned sharply to Gorin.

   - Your documents? .. - A policeman approached him.

   - Yes, yes, of course, I caught a saboteur ... finally ... - Gorin said, taking documents and handing them to the policeman. - Oh, how you are alert, have helped our police ... - he said to the woman, it is called, has suffered, and he could not stop. - Well, Comrade policeman, what do you say? Saboteur? The Rocketeer? Deserter?

   The policeman silently returned his papers and headed for the exit.

   - Maybe you apologize? - Shouted after him Gorin.

   The policeman turned around:

   - Excuse me ...

   - Or maybe it was not the police, paratroopers and commandos disguised? - Gorin turned to the woman. - Read about it in the newspapers? What you then released him without checking?

   - What are you so you understand? - Asked quietly, his woman.

   - With what? With your stupidity, that's why! - Rudely replied Gorin.

   - What are you, in fact, rushes to the people? - Suddenly asked the man, sitting quietly on the stairs. - Offended, you see, the documents he asked. Just think, swell ...

   - Why curse? Why? - Asked the old man in a yarmulke.

   Gorin felt he could break, stupid crap. Jerked the door, he went out. Still smelled acidic fumes from explosives, but the shelling stopped. Clouds darkened and seemed to be brushed over rooftops, scattering small rain. Gorin came to Neve, but the other side of the river he saw where there in the mist, drowned and the dome of the mosque, near which it is now waiting for. He quickened his pace.

   A tall woman with an aquiline nose, opened the door and held Gorin room with high oval windows and antique furniture. Here were Paul H. and an unknown man with a large head cropped. Gorin stopped at the door, shuffled his feet and bowed.

   - Come on, Gorin - said Kumla. - It Nikolai Petrovich, you have to wait long.

   - Shelling delayed - with dignity posted Gorin.

   - Hello, Davies, - he said quietly and showed Cheptsov Gorin on a chair beside him. - Dr. Axel sends you his greetings.

   - Thank you ... thank you ... it also ... from the heart.

   - I will. What's new in town?

   - Worse with food - did not immediately respond Gorin. - Today I had nothing to eat breakfast.

   - In order to operate successfully, you have to live like everyone else.

   - Of course, I understand - agreed Gorin. - But I did get ridiculous - at three services I lost my card. I could not think that the stores will soon become so empty.

   - Why do not you trace it? - Asked sternly Cheptsov the resident. Kumla in no hurry to respond, and turned again to Cheptsov Gorin: - Where is your main office?

   - I thought - publishing, but there liquidated my position.

   - Where you want, but get cards. Help him - said Cheptsov Kumlevu, and he again said nothing. Then he asked Gorin:

   - You brought something?

   - There was nothing standing.

   - What are you, Michael G.? - Quiet, even voice asked Kumla. - So we can quarrel with you. Yes, even in front of Nikolai Petrovich, who then tell the doctor about it Axel. What are you, dear?

   - Yes, it is at least strange, - said Cheptsov. - Events at the very climax, and you have nothing interesting.

   - If you and I, Michael G., meet the victorious German army with empty hands, it will be on our side irreparable blunder. Do you understand, Michael G.? - "Michael G." in the mouths of Kumleva sounded like a curse.

   Gorin realized that this conversation only a preparation for what will be - it became very scary.

   - Listen, Davis, you know how to shoot? - Asked Cheptsov.

   - Well ... fired ... melkokaliberki in-dash ... - he said, eyes wide.

   - You said that you have the icon "Voroshilov Sharpshooter" - said Kumla.

   - Icon - nonsense - said Cheptsov. - We should not shoot at targets. You ready for this, Davis?

   - Yes ... ready ...

   - Do you have a general idea of ​​what we have to solve the problem? - Asked Cheptsov.

   - I have not explained - by pupillary said Gorin.

   Cheptsov got up quickly and easily approached the tall white door, opened it and looked into the hallway and shut. He slowly came back and sat down - now opposite Gorin:

   - The German army will soon take Leningrad, - he said. - Our responsibility - to help the army and here in town, backstab the enemy. For this we need loyal and brave people. You must help us find them. Do you understand?

   - Clearly, - said Gorin.

   - How many people can you give us and when? - Cheptsov stared at Gorin, waiting for an answer.

   - I would not say irresponsible ... - began Gorin.

   - And when you, Michael G., called me ten men, it was told responsibly? - Asked Kumla.

   - You have such a manner - Gorin said, - you take a man's throat, and he answers only to have weakened his throat your fingers ...

   - Shame on you, Michael G. ... - without expression Kumla said.

   - When you can answer? - Asked Cheptsov.

   - Tomorrow, - said Gorin.

   - But not later. - Cheptsov stood up, walked across the carpet around the table, looking at Gorin, and stopped in front of him.

   - What do you expect from Germany? - He asked suddenly, making emphasis on the "you."

   Gorin was silent. Cheptsov waited for an answer, thrust his hand into his pockets.

   - I'm waiting for her victory - said Gorin, looking up at him.

   - Win - German, and that - you? You personally? - Gorin seemed in the eyes Cheptsov outright mockery.

   - I hope that Germany will not pass me - he said uncertainly.

   - And if the Bolsheviks give more? - Asked Cheptsov.

   - I do not understand ... - with an offended air Gorin said.

   - Well ... well ... - Cheptsov nodded. - But why, explain why you are sure that you will not pass Germany?

   - I'm with you ... It's natural ... - haltingly about what that strange ambition began Gorin and unexpectedly finished: - I understand that I must work better.

   - That's it! That's what you and we are waiting for! - Exclaimed Cheptsov. - Germany you do not forget, but you need to work, Davis. Pa bo thief ... I was glad to meet you, now we will work together ...

   Kumla went into the hall to spend Cheptsov.

   - Knock out it at least two people - said Cheptsov.

   Kumla came back and sat next to Gorin:

   - I note, whether you look, Michael G..

   Gorin corrected gold-rimmed spectacles and raised a questioning glance.

   - Have not I explained to you our problem? Nothing, excuse me, and do not want to see Germany has not forgotten you. - Kumla spoke softly, in a friendly way, but Gorin knew the value of this softness and waited tensely, what will happen next.

   - Tomorrow, give me two people, names, addresses, brief characteristics. So far, only two, and each of them - your full responsibility. You understand that we are.

   - Well, - said Gorin, rising.

   - Wait a minute, wait - lifted the heavy hand Kumla. - Sit down. You see Nina Viktorovnu?

   - This is not necessary, - said Gorin.

   - Your girlfriend has me very worried ... - Kumla continued thoughtfully, his yellowish, crossed wrinkled face hardened, his eyes hidden in the deep dark depressions.

   - Listen to what she told me a girlfriend? - Sluggish Gorin said.

   - Do not forget that it was the agent on your recommendation. Listen, I'm afraid that it goes into the bushes. She truant. Already two times did not come to the meeting. Faking illness. It is necessary for her to talk, to clarify the situation.

   - I would not want to do it ...

   - Why?

   - If she decided to break up with you, for her first job - give me.

   - Me too - agreed Kumla. - But she knows that Mr. Axel led you to it. That is enough. And I'm for it, as well as for you - Paul H., and all. - Eyes Kumleva hiding in the deep, dark hollows, thin lips slightly disclosed. - You go to her today at the latest - tomorrow and see what happens with it. If it is confirmed that she wants us to break up, it will be removed. Got that?

   - I do not do that - Gorin said firmly, his swarthy cheeks pinkish gray steel.

   - Then I'll do it myself. To save, by the way, for you, dear Michael G.. - Face Kumleva was motionless, like a mask, just a little thin lips moved. - Yes, that's what I'll give you the address where you will be able to buy the products. Goodbye, Michael G. ...

   Gusty wind swept over the Neva, throwing in the faces of passers cold spray. Gorin walked across the bridge, stopping frequently and bannister to ride out strong gusts. His stifled offense - the most in his life, he could not stand the humiliation to which he could not answer. Today talked to him as a boy, and he himself, like a guilty schoolboy mumbled what that pathetic words, when he needed to talk to them boldly, sharply, on an equal ...

   It was dusk, and Gorin quickened his pace, almost ran.

   Street Zhelyabov tailor Smaltsova, were waiting for him, and immediately sat down. Only Dolmatov passed card in loudspeaker siren sounded.

   - Pellet under the bombs. Sounds? Huh? - Quipped Shukhmin gynecologist.

   - Game Island Bank - added a nice gentle voice teacher Dolmatov conservatory.

   - Well, I have yet to check blackout - the landlord said, getting up from the table. He brought from another room mannequin dressed in the marine jacket with one sleeve, put it next to the door and said: - Our personal security. You can start ...

   Pellet sign it smoothly, without any surprises. Gorin absently watched the game and translated a close look from one partner to another. He decided to name one of them tomorrow Kumlevu.

   He knows them for many years, from the time when his father floated value. Then lard - the most fashionable and most expensive in the tailor - he sewed costumes, and now he is "his" costumes ... Teacher Conservatory Dolmatov was then a singer, a rising star, Gorin was a pleasure to appear in public in society unmatched Lohengrin. And he loved life merry, but money on it he did not have. Lost his voice, Dolmatov began teaching vocal, often said to myself: "I drag impact laden mediocrity" - and was convinced that his career ruined envious and incompetent leaders art. Gorin was for him a living memory of happy years of success, they were both something to remember, and it bound them to this day ... With gynecologist Shukhmin Gorin sign on business - he won his lawsuit over the inheritance. The doctor was so fond of cards that people are not aware of preference, for it simply does not exist. His loved among gamblers - money he always had a lot, but he played cards does not matter.

   So who? One of them he will call tomorrow resident? Gorin with some surprise thought, perhaps, for none of them, he can not vouch head ... Soul rust - cynicism - hit them all equally, but the road is still meanness Gorin gone farthest. Now he knew it, but, of course, on the - came to the conclusion that none of his friends, who were sitting with him now at the card table, he called Kumlevu can not, he looked at them with a sense of superiority ...

   Who did he call? Or maybe refuse to call? Say that it is not for anyone can vouch as for themselves. He is ready to perform any task - ordering. He even looks a serious man, a keen sense of responsibility. They will be ordered to shoot ... And nothing when their army will have to break into the city, who can keep track of the fact that at that time did what that Gorin, and he is not a fool to do it in plain sight ...

   When he came to this decision on his soul became easier.

   - What priumolkli eagles? - He asked the commanding voice.

   No reply was too late. Somewhere nearby slammed powerful explosion rocked the house, like a ship left the floor under his feet, shifted to the side table. Standing at the door with a crash dummy fell. Gorin sat pale as a sheet, clutching the arms of his chair.Dolmatov shrank into a corner near the tiled stove.

   Another bomb fell close - again rocked the house where it was showered with glass, and the court heard the hysterical cry of "Lights! Light! "

   When things calmed down, Dolmatov said:

   - I think we will go down to the shelter.

   Why then the loudspeaker alarm does not go to metronome, and howling sound seemed to permeate everything.

   - Yes, let's go, - said uncertainly lard. - Something hit close ...

   They did not want to show each other their fright, and they laughingly began to descend.

   The inscription on the basement door, "Bomb Shelter" they seemed very funny - if you can get away from the bomb. In the basement people chest near the door - "want to have time to jump out when the fall fugaska here." Gray-haired old man, who sat in a corner and pressed against his chest battered briefcase - "keeps correspondence with the mother, who had died in the last century" ... All of them seemed worthy irony. They walked to the far corner of the basement - away from all - and sat there empty flimsy boxes.

   - Paper, pencil, and you can continue bullet - Gorin said, handing imaginary card.

   And again began to laugh.

   The wall in front of them sat an old woman. She stared at woeful cheerful company.

   - I do not know who you are, but I want you to know that your banter disgusting - she said softly. - Why is it so much fun to you?

   - And what did you already bury people, and along with our country? - Asked Dolmatov.

   - My husband was older than any of you, and the son was still a boy ... - said the woman turned to the wall.

   - I have flat feet! Do you understand? - Ridiculous Gorin said.

   - Get out of here. - Shukhmin first headed for the exit. Heavy steel door dropped them with rusty creak.

   Gorin, Shukhmin Dolmatov and walked silently along a quiet and deserted street Zhelyabov, they just forgot that anxiety is not over, and walking the streets is prohibited.

   Came out of the gate and started on their way to a little girl.

   - Where to go? Alert! - She cried hoarse voice.

   - To hell with it - without stopping Dolmatov snapped.

   - What? Hold it! - Increase the voice of the little girl.

   Gorin roughly pushed her.

   At this point, appeared before him an old man in civilian clothes, with a rifle over his shoulder.

   - What are you hooligans? - He asked. - Present the documents! Lesch, hold the rest! - He ordered someone in the dark gate, and ran out the boy, who quickly caught up with Gorin and Shukhmin.

   All led to the staircase Variety Theater, where the lobby was light. Elderly man with a long rifle to examine each document. Finally, he took off his glasses and stared at his friends.

   - What is this, comrades, you behave so? - He asked in surprise, good-naturedly. - War in fact. Hour curfew. And finally, the alarm is declared. And you people, I see cultural. How so?

   - Cultural and jostle as last boors, - said the little girl.

   - Blame. Confess - good-naturedly answered Dolmatov. - With your permission, we are here on the stairs, sit before curfew.

   Only in the third hour of the night Gorin unlocked the door of his apartment, went into the hall and cried - right in front of him in the darkness stood, swaying slightly, something white. He raised a shaking hand to the switch.

   - We had no lights on - he heard his mother's voice. - I can not sleep ... Still Anxiety?

   - Come anxiety. Long over - Gorin said irritably and followed her mother went into the dining room. Here burning candle.

   - Sit down, you need to talk - unusually imperious mother said, and Gorin obediently sat down at a corner table, looking at her in surprise.

   - I want to tell you, son ... - she said. - What are you turned away from God - a common misconception. What you are turned away from the mother - is sinful. But it's my fault! Day and night I pray for their sins. Pray to salvage the soul ...

   Gorin listened and could not believe it - he believed that the mother and can not put two words together, and suddenly the whole sermon. What does she want from him - it's even fun. No, today it all positively educate. All and sundry ...

   - But what are you turned away from his people only from their native land - such a sin can not atone. And to live with such a sin is also impossible.

   - Where the hell are you? - Gorin surprise and amazement pulled off the nose glasses, they just prevented him from seeing.

   - You think I'm blind fool? Can not see anything? Do not understand? God opened my eyes for a long time and gave me everything that I took your father, and you, too. And that God guided me tell you, stop ... go with the people ...

   - Enough! Enough nonsense smack! - Shouted Gorin. - Crazy in his old age with his priests! - He jumped up and went into the next room. But his mother followed him, stood in the doorway and raising his hand with a candle, silently watched as he tore off his shirt.

   - Anger me your not afraid, - corrosive voice she continued. - And I am afraid of the wrath of God, because your sin I'm taking over. And I pray for both of us. You that the road is closed to God ... - She was silent for a long time and suddenly forgotten tenderness said - Misha, Misha, have pity on himself and me, Misha ...

   Gorin did not realize that she was crying. For what that moment his heart ached acutely painful, but he angrily shouted:

   - Get off me finally! Hear that? I'm tired! Fuck off!

   Diary of Leningrad

   Today I saw the first partisan!

   He stood in the hallway of the Smolny, surrounded by a crowd of soldiers, and everyone looked at him as a miracle overseas.

   Slim, handsome guy. In the former athlete. Funny black eyes, soft Ukrainian dialect. It jacket of gray cloth village, greasy cap. I looked at him, trying to imagine how he was there, day after day, living among the enemy - and I can not.

   Here are his answers to the endless questions of those around him:

   - Military difficulty initially was one - no rear, no matter where you turn around, and behind the front. Accustomed to. And now there is the village where the German and the nose does not seem, and it is - our rear ...

   - We live in the land of my mother, there is no safe place ...

   - When the snow comes, it will become harder. Our commander says will help snowstorm. Adjust.

   - Feed well. Our collective farmer - a holy man, he is hungry, and feeds us. And it even robs German, and how!

   - I came for batteries for the radio and even got here Whatman for the wall newspaper, and then released on the German poster on the reverse side ...

   - Two days went. Blame myself, went through the swamp, I thought it dried out, and then gave the hook ...

   - What in Leningrad bad, everyone knows. Fascists for peasant huts boasting that strangle you to death. So farmers have decided to answer it in his own way - to send to the city by train pervoputku groceries. Komsomol honest! Products already collected!With us tying to help slip. Our commander promised ...

   - In our group of three women. In others, there are more ...


   Chapter Fourteen

   Wandering through the deserted building noticeably studio, Nina Kligina read posted on the wall orders, talking with co-workers, but all of it was like what the other and not in connection with her life. Home she did not come to the phone and kept saying to myself: "A well anyway." These words became her spell anxiety and trouble, they often expressed apathy, but sometimes and determination - that it does not go on a date with Paul H., no walks and is not afraid: "And while, anyway!".

   And how to account for the humiliation? As with other Axel promised her life? Damn all damn, if this is necessary to meet the yellow-skinned type without names, in whose eyes she read nothing but contempt and disgust.

   Gradually disappeared to all her fans. There was only a lieutenant captain Sasha Grushevskii, he was appointed commander in what that. After two days of night duty it is free and then comes to Nina unchanged with a bottle of wine and some sort of food. Says he loves her, but wants to get to the ship and to "go into a real war," writes about it all to someone reports, for which he "propesochivayut." She does not like, is bored with him, but he always sleep ... "And while, anyway ..."

   What's all the same happened that suddenly changed in her? When? Why? She tries not to think about, but knows exactly what happened after a surprise trip to summer camp ...

   Breaking out at dawn from Leningrad bus labeled "Studio" raced straight west, Tallinn. Somewhere ahead, 72 kilometer, will turn to the left, and there is a stone's throw - summer camp with the guys studio employees. Bus should take the kids and immediately return to Leningrad. Furthermore elderly driver Ignatyitch, chairman of the local committee went studio Lukyanov, representative of the Komsomol committee Misha Pronin and Nina Kligina trapped in this trip, probably because she is still in the studio there was no specific case, but someone else said that on such a trip is the woman - a lot of girls in the camp.

   While many summer camps with the Leningrad guys were on the path of the approaching war. Ignatyitch knew half an hour earlier from Leningrad plant left two buses Lepse, he wanted to catch up with them to go together. Your old bus he clocked a speed of 80 kilometers, but not yet reaching the highway, had to stop the bus ran into the tail endless military convoy trucks and tractors with implements.

   Above left behind smoky city rises a quiet morning. Right off the highway Staley boundless plain suburbs on the horizon under the dark sky strip guessed sea. Kligina mindlessly staring back and cursed herself for being in an evil hour, caught the eye predmestkoma Lukyanov: goose is good, he did the dirty hints about her moral character, and then suddenly "responsible mission team" and all that jazz. If he did not go, she would not agree to this ... And now Lukyanov, apparently completely forgot about his allusions, was with her on "you" and called it as "Ninotchka."

   The column did not move ahead. Large and loose Lukyanov got off the bus and walked along the column forward.

   - Hey, fat, harness lug gun! - Shouted to him from the truck. Lukyanov turned to answer, but this time with another car shouted: - Hey, belly! The wrong way you run! .. - The soldiers began to laugh, showing it to each other. Lukyanov turned back to the bus - after he raced ridicule and laughter.

   Kligina watching with interest is out the window, rejoiced. Lukyanov climbed into the bus, angrily ordered the driver to overtake the column. Ignatyitch groaned with displeasure, but started the engine and brought the bus from the stream. They had already passed half way to the fork, suddenly rolled forward from Narva military convoy.

   Serve ago was nowhere and instantly swirled around the bus traffic jam studio. Started swearing. Drivers showed Ignatyitch fists and threatened to overturn the bus into the ditch. Lukyanov sat hunched in his place and just do not see or hear. And then got up from his seat Kligina ...

   She opened the door, went into the midst of the crowd singing 'quickly realized who's poglavney, and went to him. It was a tank commander, Major.

   - As it happens, Comrade Major, - she began a loud and clear voice. - This bus studio, we go to their cameramen who lead the military shooting, and we threaten to overturn in a ditch.

   - Who are you facing? - Major asked sternly, but the longer he looked at the beautiful Kliginu, the greater his face went rigor. - All we'll do ... do ... - like choking, the major said.

   It was like a miracle - a steel tube to move apart, and Major, arms outstretched in front of the bus went lumen. Soon the bus, passing the fork, rolled onto the highway. Then the way was clear. Major jumped on the bandwagon of the bus and shouted Kliginoy:

   - Come on, beauty, go ahead! Shoot it better!

   When the bus reached a speed Lukyanov shouted:

   - Good for you, Nina! Let the team and on, and then my belly on the soldiers is bad ...

   Nina did not even turned in his direction and continued to stare out the window.

   Long they went without incident, but five kilometers before turning off the highway, just when they met with a military convoy came under bombardment.

   Following Lukyanov Kligina Ignatyitch and jumped out of the bus, and they ran into the roadside bushes. Only when the first bomb fell, breathless Ignatyitch said:

   - A guy that stayed in the car. Sleeps.

   Misha Pronin really like left Leningrad, lay on the back seat and slept soundly. Kligina even forgotten about it. Now she did not hesitate and ran back. At this time the German plane passed over the highway at low level flight, throwing bombs and spraying the ground with machine guns. Lying on the ground soldiers shouted something Kliginoy, but she continued to run. Push hot air threw her to the ground, and she fell face in the sand, paused, waiting for the blow. But it was not, like a hammer on an iron barrel beat up ahead on the highway, beneath the waves went land. Kligina looked up and saw Misha, who, like a hare, zigzagging, ran off the highway into the bushes.

   Planes flew. Commanders call together soldiers. With a cry of "Come on, take it!" Dozen fighters put on wheels explosion overturned truck. No one was hurt, even the wounded were not. However, in his bus Ignatyitch found two ragged holes in the body. He sat behind the wheel and started the engine carefully, but he earned as if nothing had happened. Kliginoy suddenly unaccountably fun, and she began to talk, he fled, making loops, Misha Pronin. The guy with her laugh out loud, and his face was sallow Lukyanov.

   "Poor him, or what?" - Thought Kligina and suddenly remembered about his secret, remembered Paul Genrikhovich and their fear of him, and at once all around as it turned over. "A while, anyway!" - She thought, and began to laugh again with Misha.

   When the bus finally reached camp, the children were no longer there - even in the morning increased their train. Went to the station, it was not far, just five kilometers. Circling the broken bridge, the bus got stuck in the coastal sand. All attempts to pull a heavy car, or to have failed, the bus only went even deeper in the sand. Resolved: Lukyanov with the bus driver will remain and Kligina and Misha go to the station and on the situation - or will wait for the bus, or leave with the guys on the train.

   They already were about to leave when out of the woods across the river heard the shots and bullets whistled quite close, one snapped in an iron box bus. Lukyanov quite confused, panting, wiping sweat. Kligina said that it is necessary to leave the bus and all go to the station. Ignatyitch flatly refused, and everyone knew that he would be in the car for hard nagoret. Lukyanov said that he had no walker and remains with the driver.

   When it started getting dark, Nina V. and Misha went to the station. They knew the direction and moved straight through dense spruce forest. At first it seemed that it is easy to walk, it was just frustrating that my feet slipped and sank into the dry sand. But when the darkness became thicker, they began to run across the trees, fell into the invisible ditches and pits. Bumped thunderstorm with shower. They huddled under spruce and sat a long time, but the rain did not stop, it was dripping through the branches, they are soaked to the skin. Kligina shuddered with each clap of thunder, then it started to shake. At this time in a protracted flicker of lightning they saw fleeing the forest people.

   - Oh, the Germans ... - Misha whispered.

   His teeth began tapping Kliginoy trill. Hysterics began immediately, she struggled, tried to pull myself together, but suddenly began to sob in his voice, his body jerking.

   - Nina V., hush, do not ... - Misha whispered and patted her on the shoulder. - Do not, Nina V., please ...

   Attack of hysteria gradually passed, but the despair that gripped her, did not pass. And suddenly she thought wistfully, "I wish I knew where the Germans ..."

   - Overview, Nina V., do not get lost, but you see ... you know ... that's what's scary is - Misha said, overhearing her thoughts exactly.

   She jumped up and hit the boughs again knelt.

   - Come, come, - she repeated, but did not try to climb.

   Mike helped her up and they went, supporting each other ...

   At dawn, they went to the station. Actually, no station here was not only a plank platform on stilts and her middle-sized pavilions beer stand. Around the platform, and on the rails near a grove, sitting or lying kids. Slept on the platform vpokat, huddled close to each other. And near the pavilion, huddled in a heap, the adults were arguing about what to do - wait for the train, or walk along the rails.

   Misha quickly found a counselor from his camp and learned that since yesterday evening guys here are four camps. No trains from the time was not. Decided to keep the guys on the tracks, but did not know how to deal with patients - there were about twenty.They were lying and sitting on the bare board scaffold, under the roof of the station pavilions. Kligina remained near these guys ...

   The sun rose. Strange and wildly sounded the lift. Guys who slept in groups, huddled together, began to move, jumped, looked surprised. Stocky fellow with a tie around his neck began to build in a long line of guys.

   - Auntie, can I go on line? - Asked faintly Kliginu girl with a sore face and red eyes. She began to rise, but put her Kligina and denser wrapped in blankets.

   On the lawn in front of the station heard funny childish voice. Storm apparently passed this place, and the boys slept well. Maybe they thought it was a war game they were promised. There was another signal pipe, and the guys ran to the river.

   - Drink ... drink ... drink ... - asked the sick girl.

   Kligina unknown woman took the bottle and went to the river. When she came back, asked to drink a few other guys. They quickly drained the bottle and Kligina again went to fetch water.

   The sun rose higher. Guys remember about the food, asking when breakfast.

   But there seemed to train ...

   He was already packed with children from other pioneer camps, but put all the kids and adults, and managed Kligina their patients even put. She was assisted by two women - quizmaster and cook from the camp.

   Children were not only on the benches and on the floor completely, those who are older, stood. The train moved slowly, often stayed, and then locomotive drawl boomed. In cars done more noisy - children shalili, fought, cried, asked is, called my mother yelled. Gradually absorb sound began crying. Adults could not do anything, no amount of persuasion did not help. Only sick children lying quietly on the shelves, pressed to each other ...

   The station was full of welcoming parents - mad with fear and grief, they rushed down the platform, looking for their children.

   Mother of the little Katie, crying, hugging and kissing Kliginu. Each of the parents who took a sick child, said something good, hearty, all crying.

   Before dark she wandered aimlessly through the city, and then went home and went to bed immediately. Immediately fell in the pit, but was awakened by a knock at the door.

   - Nina, to you, sorry, guests came - said through the door neighbor treacly voice.

   - Tell me, I have no home - Kligina said.

   Neighbor laughed and said to someone:

   - Hear that? She's not home ...

   "Snake damn" - thought Kligina and the next moment she fell asleep.

   The next morning she called Paul H.. He was very polite, inquired about the health and offered to meet in an hour.

   - An hour later I was on the spot - he said and hung up.

   Kligina back into the room and stood at the window for a long time. Thought to go to the police and tell everyone there is no longer just recently came to mind, but fear stopped.

   No! They will not understand. No! Psycho in jail - and the end ... But how she get rid of the devil? Send him away, and all there is to it! And if it starts to settle, intimidate police ... "Go for the last time" - she decided.

   They met at the corner of the arcade near the Duma.

   - What happened to you yesterday? - Asked sympathetically resident, but his big, rough face was motionless.

   - Nothing ... - she asked, holding up a small house bushy eyebrows.

   - Comes to you my man, he needed a night's lodging, and you do not even let him in? - Paul H. spoke seemed mouthed his big mouth, outlined on the sides with deep wrinkles.

   - I feel bad. That I have no right to it? - Large greenish eyes defiantly. She was very beautiful today.

   - Well, why are you so, Nina V., - he winced, his face a little moved. - I'm with you on a human ... You never know what can be, I understand. But three days I called you, you did not have. Or you were not the same as yesterday? - He smiled quite genially.

   - I was on a business trip, I was sent for the kids in summer camp. I'm am in the service, where they give me a salary and cards ...

   - I still think that I have, you get more - resident smiled again.

   - I was on a business trip. Returned yesterday. Tired. That's it.

   H. Paul was silent, looking at her seriously and sympathetically.

   - I'm glad that everything is just so - he said. - So, our promise is still valid?

   She nodded.

   - Well, well - he gave her a neat bundle. - Salary, ...

   Nina V. did not immediately reached out and he noticed it.

   - Take it, take it, I'm in a hurry.

   Nina took the package and quickly slipped it into a small black bag that always carried.

   - Excuse me, I'm doing - courtesy of Paul H. said, raising his hat. He did not ask her reporting and has not given a new job.

   Communal apartment door bell hung around a little list: Mikheev - 1, campfire - 2 Kliginoy - 3, Petrov - 4.

   Gorin called twice. A neighbor who knew Gorin face, muttered irritably, that should call three times and went to the kitchen.

   Gorin without knocking opened the door and quickly entered.

   Nina V. slept. Gorin turned on the light, took off his coat and sat down at the table and started banging a spoon on the saucer. Softly at first, then harder and harder. When she moved, he asked loudly:

   - Where is the wine?

   Nina V. quickly turned on the light and understanding nothing, staring, squinting at Gorin. As always, clean-shaven, ironed, he lounged on a chair and sat drunkenly grinning.

   - God, what a crap? - She murmured, and learning Gorin said quietly: - Why are you here?

   - How's that for? What is the question? I want a drink. Spend time with a beautiful woman who once loved me ...

   - Get out now - quietly said Nina V..

   - If I do not give a drink here, I'm not leaving - Gorin said stubbornly. It seemed that he was very drunk.

   - I pushed you in the neck. Hear that?

   She pulled her robe from the chair and, having covered them stood.

   - Did you hear what I said? I do not here eatery. Get out!

   Gorin stood, swaying, and reached for her.

   - Look, - she said quietly.

   - I come on business - suddenly he said soberly.

   - What kind of business?

   - That as black is white. Dr. Axel affairs.

   - Tell me what I need and get out, - said Nina and sank into a chair.

   - Nina, I'm sober as a whistle - after a pause, began Gorin. - But I'm sick of fear. Honestly, openly tell you. That's why I came.

   - Why did this happen? Sam shoved me into the pit and now come to me crying? It is better to be silent, not shame.

   - You tell me what you want, and I came to tell you that I want to escape from the ship. Got it?

   - Why would you fear this type? The Germans then stick ... - Nina V. objected not because it is actually thought she was just set at naught Gorin did not believe a word he said. And her pleasure to mock his cowardice. - What are you, afraid of the police, and the meeting with Dr. Axel - no? - She asked.

   Gorin, his head in his hands, pressed his face into the table.

   Nina V. looked at his curly head and did not know whether to believe him or not.

   - How do we live fun, Nina ... - sad Gorin said, lifting his head a little.

   - What could be better ...

   - Can makes fun all you want ... - continued Gorin. - I'll speak from the heart, as ever, can not say.

   - Well you in love once and explained. So it was not from the heart?

   - Too bad I lived, Nina. Bad - readily admitted Gorin.

   - That you understand: that say fun lived, and that - bad.

   - Yes, Nina, that's right: fun, but badly. You ask me now: why I got into the arms of this doctor, I can not answer you. If you confess to the end - for women of all happened. There they have a German girl working at the consulate. True idiot - married to a German, I'll go to her in Germany and so on ... And she ... Nimble, in short, people who want to get caught on the hook. Here you are also ...

   - I'm with you does not equal - even voice said Nina. - I believe in fairy tales that your Axel: avenge the humiliation you deserve a life, you will get it ...

   - And maybe get Ning? - Suddenly asked Gorin.

   - I do not want to live - she said wearily.

   - And I, Nina, I do. Live! Do you understand? - He whispered. - That's why I want to run away ... from them ... You know?

   - Where to? Where can you get away?

   - At least the front - seriously and resolutely said gory. - Go volunteer - and the wiser ...

   And suddenly flashed through her head that a couple would be easier to get away. Her face was different. She widened her eyes and mouth.

   - Come join undermine. Huh? - Continued Gorin. - You were a nurse with arms torn off. Huh? Nina? Solo worse.

   She pressed her lips and looking at Gorin, as if waiting for him what is the main, decisive word. But not waited and said:

   - I do not believe you, Gorin. And I would like to believe. Do you understand? You go now.

   - Where to go, Nina? Probably already curfew. Take away ...

   - Go. I do not want to know - go and everything. I want to be alone. Call tomorrow ...

   Gorin with distressed views took his hat and walked slowly to the door ...

   The next day early in the morning he called Kumla.

   - How about my order? - He asked.

   - I was at it, - said Gorin.

   - Well?

   - You can expect anything.

   - Got it, thanks - he heard in response. - I note that you have done, perhaps the most serious matter for all of our acquaintance. Thanks again. Goodbye ...

   Diary of Leningrad

   Correspond to Moscow pass on the radio. Every wire communication interrupted. Germans easily find me on the air and when I start to dictate tune their transmitters on our wave draped my native mat with a German accent and explain what they do to me when they come to Leningrad - in general, I was not any good They expect ... seriously hamper - all their verbal exercise fall in Moscow in recording hardware. Recording is made on a special plate, cut from German swearing almost impossible. Moscow art usually ask me to resend, and Leningrad technology is rapidly changing wave. But by the end of correspondence fascists again adjusted.

   - I love you, red dog, I find, no matter where you hid - German shouted and was heard as he breathed huskily.

   I also shouted:

   - And I love you and I will not look, you bastard, bastard! You will find our Russian bullet or bayonet ...

   - And we will hang your Fuhrer - added Leningrad techniques. German literally howled with impotent rage, he even switched to German.

   And yet, having heard the fierce German battle, get out of the Radio Committee on the street a few overwrought. But you see how the city and then immediately calm down.

   Calm the city is amazing. Of course, the military felt the heat of life, there is bitterness, but at the same time the city is absolutely normal life. The day before yesterday I was told that the university is preparing to mark the 50th December 5th anniversary issue of Lenin diploma of the Faculty of Law. I went to check - all true. Will report. Will be performing. Preparing an exhibition of documents.

   Leningrad Radio Committee - Leningrad my main home, my service database. This gloomy house stands in the depth short street Proletcult. On the fifth floor of his room there, reminding frontline premises. If you forget it the fifth floor and behind the walls of that great city, you can imagine that you are in a large frontal hut. Live and work there workers Radio Committee headed by Viktor Khodorenko. Chattering typewriters. Editors pore over manuscripts. Down in the studio, go issues "Latest news" program art programs. Radio works like a clock, no interruptions, except for alarms. City aware of life around the world in the first place - their homeland. Radio speaks with the Leningrad frankly, without hiding anything. Very quietly says. I think that in quiet confidence town radio plays a very important role.

   At a meeting in Smolny Comrade Kuznetsov said that no light can still be live, but without radio - it is impossible. And he called the soul of the city radio ...



   Chapter Fifteen

   Cheptsov awakened by strange sounds in front. Carefully getting out of bed, he tiptoed up to the door and pressed his ear to the crack - in front of someone walked. Also hostess like nobody. What's she doing? Flip steps proceeded to the next room, wooden bed creaked. Of course it is! She insomnia. It is necessary to hold the nerves in his fist.

   Cheptsov returned to the couch on which slept, and got under the blanket. But sleep would not come.

   Of all the people here of proven real figures to solve the main problems were only the resident photographer and Sokolov. Gornji serious test can not sustain. Presumably, the resident showed him the best ... Remembering this again led him to reflect on Kumleve. All the same, it is strange that, having lived here for so long, he does not gathered a large group of reliable people. He refers to the fact that the recruitment of new agents it was banned and he could only lead a preliminary inventory anti-Soviet people.Recruitment is the other - whether the consul, or Axel himself, in short, is not it.

   But the fact that raises serious doubts and those people whom Kumla kept on his account. He presented a fairly extensive list. Cheptsov chose three and asked him to arrange a date with them. It did not work out. Kumla one could not find in the city and from the neighbors learned that he went to the militia. Another came at the appointed time. Able to meet only with Arkady Konstantinovichem Valuev. The list Kumleva he listed as an officer of the tsarist army. General staff. His anti-Soviet beliefs characterized as longstanding and principled. Yesterday Kumla led him to Strumilin.

   It was a man in his fifties in appearance, with thick wavy hair, with a radiant smile, flowing movements with a large body of strong and soft, insinuating voice. Cheptsov seemed that the guest cunning - plays a favor and confidence, but in the case strained to the limit.

   Kumla the hostess went into another room. Cheptsov Valuev and left alone.

   - As I understand it, we created the conditions for conversation, let's not waste time, I have a sick wife at home ... - Valuev sat at the table and showed Cheptsov on a chair with the other edge.

   Cheptsov slowly sat down.

   - Sorry, but I listen to you ... - soft smile never left face Valuev, and it baffled Cheptsov he did not know how to start a conversation.

   - I've heard about your moods, Arkady K. - Cheptsov began stroking his head ezhistuyu.

   Valuev raised his bushy eyebrows and muttered:

   - I did not make out in their moods ...

   - I am interested in rather general question - continued Cheptsov. - Do you think people took Russian Bolshevik regime or he hopes to something else?

   Valuev's face became serious:

   - We must be very familiar with the life of the state and its people, to know the inside to answer this question responsibly and accurately.

   - But I beg you not statistics, and your personal opinion. Your. Private - repeated Cheptsov.

   - You see ... - on the face Valuev appeared wistful smile. - Alexander Blok once, thinking about the Russian revolution, which had just been committed, said that the concept of "revolutionary people" is not quite real. I think that the concept of "counter-revolutionary people" too unrealistic. People - it is the land itself, with its raznoporodnymi layers. If primitive respond to your question, who is not only reconciled, but professes Bolshevik regime ... and who is his only tolerates ... and who then spoiling for a fight with him.

   Cheptsov paused.

   - And you ... where? - He asked. Anything but these conversations he had not expected.

   Valuev raised his head and looking over Cheptsov said slowly:

   - I have not reconciled. - On the face of it a gentle smile, and he continued: - But it's a fact of my personal history - not more. But my wife, imagine she confesses.

   - Agree, however - Cheptsov interrupted - if such purely personal biographies, like yours, many events may occur is not personally identifiable.

   - What, sorry, the event? - Asked softly Valuev but Cheptsov saw that he clearly understood what it was about, and now just to gain time in order to better reflect the answer.

   - What? - Cheptsov leaned back in his chair. - For example, the overthrow of the Bolsheviks.

   - And if it turns more biographies of this type, as my wife? - Valuev said quietly, still smiling eyes.

   - Politics - it's not arithmetic - said Cheptsov. It was hard to talk - talk owned Valuev.

   - Tragic mistake of my youth idol Boris Viktorovich Savinkova was that he could not count ... - continued Valuev. - How many times have I heard from him these words: "the overthrow of the Bolsheviks", "overthrow the Bolsheviks." A result was that he came to this most Bolsheviks and publicly admitted his mistake life. Think how much more was such attempts to overthrow the Bolsheviks? It is time to seriously think about it.

   Cheptsov silent. He did not have convincing arguments against the position of Valuev, but one ...

   - Now a very different position - he said. - Who is behind everyone who is not reconciled, stands in a German division.

   - And it is necessary that these divisions were Russian - said Valuev.

   - Lord! What is the difference in who we, Russian, help overthrow the Bolsheviks? - Cheptsov could not hold back any longer, his present condition resurfaced. - This chistoplyuystvo Russian intelligentsia has cost Russia incalculably expensive!

   - No, no, no, - and categorically replied calmly Valuev. - German divisions will not overthrow the Bolsheviks for Russian, and because of the Bolsheviks in the Kremlin will replace German emissaries, the Russian people will not be easier. It would not have felt worse. And I'm sure you know that yourself.

   Cheptsov not conceal his indignation, Valuev watched and waited for what he would say more.

   Valuev stood.

   - I have to go ... - Again on his lips stir smile. - I then with his intransigence toward the Bolsheviks live dependent wife, and now on the cards promised cereal. Cards are sold - my duty. Hope had to deal with a decent man and that our conversation will remain between us. Be healthy. - He bowed and turned to leave.

   Cheptsov decided to hasten his return to Novgorod, he was convinced that no longer knows anything new or existing disprove his conclusions. Now he, along with Kumlevym walked to radioman Palchinskomu to request the Centre to place the transition front.

   How to draw conclusions for Axel? Cheptsov understood that his findings may have far-reaching consequences. All in all, it is clear - planned business in the city armed intervention in support of the army. He was sent to check the readiness to do so, and now have to answer all the issues of right and accurately.

   How did he respond? Readiness for action can not be considered. Ask, or even at the moment? ..

   A cold wind whipped in the face, pushed elastically in the chest. Kumla hard walked beside and lead silent. Cheptsov felt his dislike to him. Of course, the easiest way was to say that the willingness frustrated resident, who gave the wrong information. Axel said life Kumleva among the Bolsheviks - feat. But why this life was so barren crucial hour? Why this was so prosperous life? It is known that the best way to become immune to any counter-intelligence - this inaction.

   They crossed the bridge and the Palace on the waterfront came to Grand Avenue Vasilevsky Island.

   - How far? - Asked Cheptsov.

   - Twenty minutes - Kumla replied without turning.

   In the beginning, they were overtaken by the Grand Avenue air raid. Nasty sirens seemed all around the house. But the streets suddenly revived - at entrances, at the gate houses have air defense fighters on duty. Two elderly women with masks over his shoulder stopped them and forced to go to the nearest shelter. And immediately began stonk.

   They went down to the basement storey house is built, should be back in the time of Peter the walls he had thick, basement looked like a powerful underground fortress. Explosions heard muffled here, and only slightly winced earthen floor. When the bomb fell close cellar seemed swayed, and then people's faces were drawn, becomes helpless pitiful.

   Third time Cheptsov hit the shelter, and each time he had a special feeling here. It gave him pleasure to see that these people scared. The very people whom he feared and which he knew - it was his mortal enemies. Tell them now, who he is - torn to pieces ...

   Cheptsov looked at Kumleva and suddenly thought about it quite differently - because Kumla spent so much time with these people - if they have not been terrible - it among them, and he found the photographer, and Gorin, and that peremetnuvshimsya priest and Nepman that gold ransomed from the Bolsheviks. Finally, it worked itself Axel. And none other than he wrote in his memorandum that organize here a "fifth column" will be very difficult. And whether or not to opt out of this? This city must be taken by the army in direct combat ...

   The first time this idea came to him as he stood on the street in front of his five-story Zhelyabov home. It was only a part of it now belonged to his father's wealth. He returned here to take possession of all that belonged to him by right. His journey here was very difficult. It would be crazy to break the injustice head, not one step to reaching his goal. And why excessive risk? The German army still breaks the resistance of this cursed city.

   Somewhere nearby, one after another fell three heavy fugaski, basement rocked, I sat in the basement of people stopped eyes. "Yes, yes, exactly, otherwise they can not do anything," - said to myself Cheptsov. At this point, he decided to tell Axel all he thinks about the difficulties of organizing a "fifth column", but he would not say that you need to give it up altogether.

   At this time Kumla, holding hands between his knees and staring at the ground floor, was thinking about that today, not tomorrow Cheptsov goes back to the rear of Novgorod and will be there to present orally and in writing their observations and conclusions.For him, everything is simple - poporhal here as a sparrow, and please - conclusions. Cheptsov and it Kumleva already teaches teaches, as if he had lived in this town most of my life. But is it clear that there is to get to the Big House on the Foundry a breeze, and if still it is passed, then it is not necessary to teach him how to live better and how to work more productively. Kumleva particularly depressed that Cheptsov Russian - when he taught the Germans, he took it for granted ...

   When sounded a retreat, and they went out on the street smelled fire, over the market billowed black smoke. People were running there.

   Andrew Ignatievich Palchinsky met them on the ground near the open door:

   - What do you mean? I'm waiting, waiting ... Come on in, take your coat off ... - He has a pink face with small features, small sharp eyes groped guests. - I really thought ... what did not think ... - he said, locking the door to numerous castles.

   All were held in a large twilight room, the only window that overlooks the courtyard. In a dark alcove could see a huge bed. Radioman lighted a candle and placed it on the highboy.

   They all sat down to the table, but not the general conversation ladilsya.

   Palchinsky Kumla and said that now stood excellent summer fruit harvest and probably more that in grocery stores almost empty though, that the best remedy for rheumatism - steam bath ... Cheptsov silent and looked at Palchinskogo.

   Former merchant navy radio operator Andrew Ignatievich Palchinsky recruited German intelligence back to the thirty-eighth year. He wanted this, but I thought that everything would happen otherwise. This was a man discreet, small and petty canny. Before the revolution, he served as a radio operator on a naval base in Kronstadt and after the revolution remained in the same position. During the Kronstadt mutiny in the twenty-first year Palchinsky provided a link with the rebel British warships cruised off the coast of Finland, awaiting the order to go to their aid. When Kronstadt was already under fire storming island Bolsheviks Palchinsky left the radio room and hid in the apartment of his mistress. Then came Palchinsky the Bolsheviks and stated that he deliberately tore connection with the English rebels. On the joys of victory no one is thoroughly checked and turned into a party Palchinsky suppression of the Kronstadt rebellion.

   This helped him after demobilization from the Navy radio operator to get on a merchant ship, which went to overseas flights, and get on Vasilevsky Island separate apartment. For more out of caution, he did not claim ...

   Palchinsky sailed around the world and back home, engaged in petty speculation, sold at exorbitant prices every overseas junk. Saved money and bought gems. So he lived year after year, believing that life got more than good. However, over the years - it was approaching the age of retirement - it settled restless dream - to live a carefree life balance abroad. And once Palchinsky went to his last overseas flight, sewing up the collar of his jacket all their diamonds.

   The first big port where it went steamer was Hamburg.

   Hiding under the tunic radio service record book, he went for a walk in the morning in the city. Immediately went to the police and stated his desire not to return to the Soviet Union, there expose existing orders and who should pass the record book service radio steamer.

   He took the record book and asked immediately and detailed way write down everything he wants to say. When he did, he was taken to the city, to the bigger bosses. There was a framed his recruitment, he signed an undertaking, gave fingerprints. Then he was ordered to return to Leningrad, to retire and equip in his apartment of the transmitting radio. He was given a large sum of money that the outcome of the case he was quite satisfied - with the kind of money he could well live and at home.

   German intelligence did not bother him. Once a day, at 18.30, he had to include the receiver and take a series of conventional signals - that's all. May only forty-one has contacted him Kumla, and he Palchinsky again received a large sum of money. Now here came another boss. Radioman furtively glancing at Cheptsov, trying to guess what it came.

   - Help Center - said he Cheptsov.

   - Not yet. - Palchinsky showed on the clock.

   - You said: contact with the Centre and pass this ... - Cheptsov handed radioman encrypted message.

   - Right this minute ...

   The radio was fitted in a large drawer. Dumped underwear on the floor, quickly cooked Palchinsky radio to work, stuck in the window metal rod antenna and banged key. Soon, he said that the Centre promises to answer in twenty minutes.

   Palchinsky removed the headphones and asked:

   - Maybe, table cover ... vodka and cold.

   - We came to work - said Cheptsov. - Thank you.

   - Radioman all wondered when we are done with the city - said Kumla.

   - What excites you? - Turned Cheptsov.

   - Oh ... - hesitated radioman. - All are wondering how to turn a new life which will be money, and so on.

   - Do not worry, everything will be for you in the best possible way, - said Cheptsov.

   Exactly twenty minutes passed Koenigsberg radio center for Cheptsov encryption, which specifies the place they move the front line.

   Diary of Leningrad

   I have long heard about the shooting of a gang of marauders who plundered apartments left Leningraders. But there is another looting - someone has surplus food and bartered for him in Leningrad gold, paintings, porcelain and more. Why not shoot these looters? Someone explained to me that this exchange takes kindly consent of both parties and because nepodsuden.

   In the city a lot of talk about the Haymarket. They say everything is sold there. I went there today - decided to buy something from the food, I had about a thousand rubles. I know that in all respects act wrong, and I do not know if I could ever explain it so that the stranger said, "I understand you ..." Okay, go. Area where there was a trade and exchange, was quite small - around the neck which then strolled the streets and there were about twenty people, not more. An old woman in a long cloak and bonnet sold squirrel porcelain miniature: a woman in crinoline plays the harpsichord, and a man in a white wig and a blue waistcoat listens to her game, leaning on the instrument. When someone approached, the old woman quietly said: "Gollyandskaya miniature need bread."Know who these people are in the garment impossible. Well, the old lady with a miniature more or less clear, and the hero who in the jacket of thin cloth and beaver hat? Bacon, cut into small slices, he had laid out between pages of an old album with a buckle.Who chubby, just descended from the web Kustodiev, snub-nosed girl, which I bought for five hundred rubles a chocolate bar? I gave her the money and asked her where she gets it. "A lot of you will know, the guy soon grow old and not something else and die of hunger, God forbid," - she said. Of course, someone brought here prewar their stocks. But not all such thrifty! So that is where the leak. Most of all I was shocked that I saw among traders and soldiers. However, only two. One sold for money filichovy tobacco and vodka, the other kept hovering near the old lady with the Dutch miniature. I walked over and asked if he is not ashamed? He was scared at first, and then asked with a wry smile: "And you?" What could I say? Came to his "Astoria" chocolate from his pocket, unfolded it, look at it and swallow saliva. And suddenly thought: but whosoever will now? In fact have to treat? I locked the door. But as soon as the lock clicked, I suddenly realized that was happening to me - quickly unlocked the door and opened it, and even then he ate chocolate slowly slowly, but nobody came. And it was very sad, because I wanted to prove to myself that I'm better than I look. Suddenly I remembered a German broadcast in Russian, we listened to it the other day at the hardware radio committee. Which is obviously a good Russian, a little old-fashioned Russian language Leningrad advised to stop resisting and not bring themselves to shame, when necessary, on all fours, begging for mercy. Here it is - not to get down on all fours - in this sense that a quiet war, which are now all the people of Leningrad. Hunger - it's scary, it affects the psyche, he gets to consciousness, wanting to subjugate it.

   I am writing, and his mouth filled with sweet saliva, I swallow it, it appears again and again. And she was not quite sweet. Cursed be the chocolate! But still licked all the crumbs from the foil - no matter how much kept ...


   Chapter Sixteen

   On that day, when returned from Leningrad Cheptsov, Axel received a coded message - he ordered the next day by noon to be in Riga, carry a full data on the activities of his department and participate in inter-agency meeting in the "Abwehr Stelle Ostland".Axel instantly figured out what was between the lines of this encryption. Head "Abwehr Stelle Ostland", a friend of his youth, military, Colonel Lebenshyutts last week warned him that the security service is trying to DM to get their hands on the most effective things Abwehr, particularly interested in his group. However, they make reference to what that speech Reich Himmler, in which he said that all the work related with the local population, should lead the security service, not military intelligence - it is already quite duties to the army. Encryption phrase "carry a full data" means that Lebenshyutts asks his arm arguments to counter the security service. It turned out that Cheptsov returned just in time ...

   Giving orders to prepare the car for the trip to Riga, Axel returned to Cheptsov that at this time he wrote an account of his voyage in Leningrad. Axel Cheptsov prudently placed in an isolated room and his bunker for the first time forbade him to communicate with the Russian staff group. They were only told that Cheptsov safely returned and delivered valuable material.

   - Continue the conversation ... - Axel said dryly, returning to the room to Cheptsov. - I would like to clarify and more thoroughly motivate your conclusions.

   - I wrote so - Cheptsov moved to his report and read: - "" Fifth Column "in Leningrad - although real thing, but incredibly difficult ..."

   Axel at the time thought that the withdrawal Chentsova coincides with his conclusion in the memorandum and that under certain circumstances it may work in his favor.

   - Let's try to think logically - said Axel. - Why should we risk people overcome incredible odds, if the city had already seized by the throat army and it is only the term of the final assault?

   Cheptsov knew how expensive it can be worth every word.

   - The question is ... - a play he said - that our efforts have not been too scanty near that make the army.

   - Try to be logical - asked Axel. - Army performs Fuehrer order and destroys the city - why were all our efforts?

   - Is not it our responsibility to facilitate this task the army? - Asked Cheptsov.

   - But in actual fact it turns out that the army will help us?

   Cheptsov looks at Axel and silent.

   - Or maybe it is better not to dissemble, and considering all the incredible difficulty of the case, to give it up? - Axel asked.

   - Why give up? - Cheptsov said. - You just need to act more in touch with the army, and then we did not fall out of its combat accounts victory ...

   Axel looked with interest at Cheptsov - it is not as simple as it seemed - Admiral Canaris during their last conversation on the phone, too, made it clear that the group will now be useful Axel closer cooperation with the army, at least formally. Axel is now thought that this idea could be useful to him, and tomorrow, at the meeting in Riga.

   - And now let's talk just like that - I'm also, as you know, been in this town - said Axel and asked softly: - Sometimes you there scary?

   - It was ... - did not immediately respond Cheptsov and explained: - thing is certain: there was a feeling of imminent danger.

   - Exaggerated respect for their intelligence?

   - Just do not, I'm with my legend passed everywhere, like a knife through butter.

   - And what then?

   - It is difficult to explain.

   - You communicate with the residents of the city?

   - Well, of course. You sit in a bomb shelter around - they are. Meet them eyes. And suddenly begins to seem that they all look at you and understand ... And then walk down the street ... all ... look look - Cheptsov said softly.

   - Yes, they have there the atmosphere of general suspicion, and they are at each other, too, so look - Axel replied.

   And this cap, which seemed to him so strong! In fact, he is a typical Russian! All he thinks, he thinks ... emotions, words, famous Russian psychic inferiority complex.

   Cheptsov felt like Colonel thoughts and silent.

   - And their counterintelligence?

   - Once thought ... - began Cheptsov but Axel stood:

   - Good. Keep writing the report. Then you can relax. I ask my colleagues to tell you only what was real and what you seem to use when you write a memoir.

   At dawn Axel went to Riga. Sleep overcame him in the first few minutes, and he lay down in the backseat. Car strongly shaken. Axel opened his eyes, and attentive driver immediately reported where they are and how much is still left to go. Axel went back to sleep.

   Near Riga driver stopped the car and asked him if Colonel put himself in order. He turned thrifty, this corporal - he was and blacking and a shoe brush and razor, and a canister of water, and even cologne. Until the hour when high-ranking officials in Riga will in their offices, it was still enough time to do them and Axel.

   Corporal until he poured water on the hands, handed a towel and holding a mirror, Axel, bent double, thinking about what his office and difficult life - other now bask under duvets, and he's sleeping in the car washes, as a soldier, in the open field when water freezes ...

   At a meeting with the first minutes of a tense atmosphere was established. It all started with the fact that arrived from Berlin representative of Chief Directorate of Security Gettske immediately opened the card and put the question so that any action against the claims of DM could look like a nation-wide unwillingness to work under the leadership of Himmler's Reich. Or departmental interests as opposed to the interests of the Reich. And he was not talking only about the division of Axel, but also on several other sites Abwehr aimed at Leningrad.

   Colonel Lebenshyutts yet decided to lead the struggle for the interests of the Abwehr. He asked everyone to talk about what kind of work is being done in their divisions, and thus find out exactly its purpose and direction. "The main thing - he said - that today was told the whole truth, not only about our successes, but also about our difficulties." The idea of ​​Colonel understood everything and spared no colors, describing the complexity of tasks. They talked about the unreliability of Russian agents recruited by the SD of the number of Russian prisoners.

   Axel began by which he thanked fate that liberated him from having to deal with Russian prisoners, recalled how during the preparatory stage sent him captive, from which no one - literally not one! - Was not fit. He spoke of the "daunting task" facing his group that the eyes of the Russian counter-intelligence is to create an efficient inside the Leningrad military force.

   - This work has already begun? - Said the representative of the SD Gettske.

   - Just got back from Leningrad our agent - said Axel. - His predictions about the possibilities of such an organization are quite pessimistic. Nevertheless, we begin this work. We gladly accept any help and with even greater pleasure to share responsibility - he finished.

   Head of Russian agents in the preparation of "Abwehr Stelle Ostland" Osipov said that in Gatchina is a school that prepares workers for the future administration of Leningrad. Students recruited from among the prisoners. Among teachers - experienced people from diabetes. In order initial exploration abandoned school in Leningrad four students, but none of them returned. Either they are all dead or captured or have surrendered themselves.

   - Here is the eternal obscurity binds us hand and foot - Osipov said - and when recruiting, and when to send the case. We can not be confident in them, and work with uncertainty can not be eternal. We ask for help our mighty and experienced security service.

   There was quite a long silence, and then a representative SD Gettske said:

   - All the same, we must agree that your case - it's your business, and our - our.

   Interagency battle clearly won the Abwehr.

   Colonel Lebenshyutts after meeting Axel invited to yourself. They knew each other in Spain. Lebenshyutts lived on drowned in greenery Valdemarskoy street, huge, smartly furnished apartment.

   Dinner and coffee orderlies filed in the office. Huge porcelain chandelier flooded room a soft glow. In the corner, humming radio. Lebenshyutts, dressed in quilted silk dressing gown, pink, clean, perfectly completes the picture of a solid and very peaceful comfort. However, this grandeur was Axel does not like, and it is somewhat defiantly unbuttoned tunic and sinking in a leather chair, unceremoniously pulled her long legs in dim boots.

   - You is not easy? - Lebenshyutts asked sympathetically, pouring in a glass of cognac.

   - And you?

   - However - for the victory. - They drank them both at once put the empty glass.

   - It affects their morbid desire to seize all that smells of fried - began Lebenshyutts. - I called yesterday in Kiev, in the group "South", there is nothing like it. They realized what a gold pantry Leningrad, and climb here.

   - But today, they turned away, - Axel grinned.

   - Do not worry, do not be late to the cake.

   - Do you remember our conversation in Spain? Could not we take out the precious paintings? - Axel said thoughtfully.

   - Were young and stupid. - Lebenshyutts sitting in a black leather chair, throwing beautiful graying head on a padded back. - Now they are here in Riga, make a grand trick with the Jews. I did not understand what they are busy with them, arrange ghetto organized resettlement. And it turns out, only to shake all of their value, because the dead do not know where it is hidden. My men report that they are taken away valuables bags.

   - And in order for the surrender Reichsbank? - Axel asked.

   - You naive people. Suitcase - in the bank suitcase - so - that's the whole accounting.

   Orderly entered and called Lebenshyuttsa to direct wire.

   Canaris was interested in the results of the meeting. Not really hoping that they were not overheard, Lebenshyutts talked about meeting in a playful, allegorical form.

   - After all this lady up its claim to the marriage refused - he finished.

   At the other end was a long silence. But Lebenshyutts heard breathing boss and waited tensely, what he would say.

   Canaris cleared his throat and said only one word:

   - ... In vain - and hung up.

   Lebenshyutts long stood at the phone with a pipe in his hand. Canaris answer was so unexpected and incomprehensible that Lebenshyutts decided not to talk about it to his friend Axel. Both of them did not know that at Leningrad stopped the German offensive had already dictated Canaris new tactic - he did not want to take on too much, and most importantly - the sole responsibility and take steps to create the impression of full contact with the Abwehr military affairs. If victory at Leningrad will not be conquered by the spring, he even admitted to the division of responsibility invulnerable DM - security service and for this was ready to talk to her about cooperation.

   Canaris sophisticated mind was occupied not only maneuvers and tactical tricks; Admiral strongly disturbed and purely professional side of things, the prestige of his department and, finally, his personal authority infallible still ace intelligence.

   Nights he sat on the extensive reports of his reconnaissance commando centers operating on incomprehensibly vast Russian front. Particularly interested him all that was aimed at Moscow and Leningrad.

   He always had a little notebook with you book, the cover of which were written by three Gothic letters "K.L.M." - they meant uppercase names of cities: Kiev, Leningrad and Moscow.

   In the booklet were recorded contingent, one admiral clear, records of activities of the Abwehr in the direction of these cities.

   When Kiev was taken, he crossed out the letter "K", the city is now enrolled in the order of Himmler, and he already has a lot of trouble there - the death of several hundred officers in the explosion of the underground whole street.

   With regard to the Moscow direction Canaris time did clever ploy - maybe he had all realized what was happening.

   Even before the troops finally stopped at Moscow, he gave the command of the main note on the situation at the front of Army Group "Center". The note was, though belated, the truth about Russian resistance, which has been much stronger than expected. But the mistake was not counting Russian armies or military equipment, but the assessment of the moral political complex. For example, the possibility of a massive and extremely dangerous guerrilla movement was not provided.

   Part of the blame for that Canaris took upon himself, but who was the main culprit in this note is not mentioned in the end, is not it, Canaris thing to look guilty, his case to draw an objective picture of a purely military situation.

   Canaris knew that no one would dare show his note to Hitler, but it will be saved in the archive, and in which case he will be able to refer to it. In the meantime, he ordered his center "Saturn", aimed at Moscow, increased dramatically, making a total casting agents in the Moscow region with jobs and terrorist subversive.

   However, the effect of which he expected did not happen, and the deeper sank near Moscow army of "Center", the minor and even looked annoyingly individual successes of its agents in the city. However Canaris could say that in this difficult time, he did everything for the success of the army.

   In respect of Leningrad was not the case. The city is surrounded, cut off from the country of supply, and each time Hitler could give the order to take the city at any cost. He planned to capture Leningrad before Moscow.

   Now taking Leningrad divert world attention from the failure of Moscow. Anyway, Canaris has no right to consider such a course of events and to prepare for it.

   But is it just take this city? Maybe it will become a bone in the throat, which neither swallow nor spit it out? Canaris remembered Axel memorandum of Leningrad and their conversations with him. Of course, this Russian city for not just a geographical concept, but a kind of religious place, with whom they associate in its history. Just because Hitler wants to raze it to the ground. But can you do it physically? Would not there every home abroad heavy battle? Axel recently sent a coded message, in which he argued that now active in the fight against the German army is the town's population, regardless of age and gender.

   From Russian can expect anything ...

   But Canaris is a special, secret from the other alarm. His main work - a deep and thorough exploration of Leningrad and the establishment there of a "fifth column" - does not work. For several months, his men attacked the city, dozens of them throw across the front, and the result is insignificant. He did not even know what is happening there now. It has a resident for a long time living in Leningrad, but can not on their reports of an idea about life in Leningrad, about its possibilities in the fight, finally, just about how people live in this huge city is completely surrounded.

   Loss of so-called native agents Canaris not worry - the question is why such a loss. If only because the agents are thrown without adequate preparation? Of course, not only ...

   Russian intelligence and counterintelligence were more skillful than expected. Where is it? Canaris know many facts of the failure of Soviet spies for their blatant inexperience. Knew exactly - they were prepared in a hurry, take in some of the exploration for one German. Whence, then, the ability to? Whence arose that a Soviet spy during the interrogation which Canaris attended last week in Tallinn?

   Evening at a staff meeting "Abwehr team 104" Canaris welcomed Colonel Schimmel team head on his fortieth birthday and, as expected for such a case, it strongly praised. And the next day the chief of the Gestapo District Leyher Admiral invited to be present at the interrogation is very important, he said, was a Soviet spy.

   When Canaris went to Leyheru, Schimmel still did not know what we are talking about a Soviet intelligence agent who worked for two months in his Abwehr team and enjoyed the full confidence.

   Leyher - young, polite and helpful. Everything on it is brand-new and Gestapo form looked elegant.

   He was flattered that he came to him, Canaris, but he never for a moment forget who advised him to invite Canaris and what is the purpose of this invitation.

   In the cabinet introduced a man in his forties. Canaris saw swollen and saggy blue face, puffy, bruised, still young and lively eyes.

   - This gentleman was on a regular service of your colonel Schimmel - Leyher said, tensely watching admiral. Awesome boss called him from Berlin and advised to invite for questioning Canaris, then asked to tell how the boss will react Abwehr.

   Admiral face was inscrutable, he carefully examined the prisoner.

   - I find it necessary to warn that before you Leningrad KGB officer - continued Leyher. - Genuine his name we do not know. Colonel Schimmel he is known under the name Sobolewski. - The Gestapo arrested approached: - Kindly repeat what you told me.

   - I've been here all told ... - Arrested said, looking at Canaris.

   - Repeat testimony about employees "Abwehr Team 104"!

   - With pleasure. I've never seen so many fools, gathered in one place ... but not in the mind thing - they are all with no idea as we say, without a king in my head. Neither do not believe ...

   - Engage propaganda aimlessly here - quietly interrupted Canaris. - One question. Where did you study?

   - I graduated from the Leningrad Institute of breast meat and refrigeration industries.

   - This should be regarded as humor? - Asked Canaris.

   In the eyes of the living flame erupted arrested.

   - As a fact, - he said.

   When Canaris returned to Schimmel, who already knew.

   - Awesome ... awesome ... - he repeated helplessly. - I could not believe, if it were any other. Awesome ... awesome ...

   - He knew a lot? - Asked Canaris.

   - Many ...

   - You got a heavy gift to your anniversary ... - Canaris and said, after a pause, said: - From the Soviet intelligence.

   Early in the war, when it is determined the direction of the main attacks of Hitler's troops, it became clear that the most dangerous for the Leningrad KGB - on the defensive. "Our main battle - the enemy in the rear" - Kuprin repeated at each executive meeting.Had to learn to actively advancing intelligence and counterintelligence operations forward through the front line. Such a science inevitably worth the blood ...

   Hitler's troops meet at Tallinn, under Pskov under Ivangorod scouts went and disappeared, just dissolve in hot air war. Later, much later, to be known many mortal feat.

   But sometimes that is already half-forgotten chain of communication there, with that side, suddenly appeared one of those who are desperate to wait. And came the first information.

   Behind enemy lines, in the Novgorod, Pskov forests arose guerrilla units in the occupied towns and villages - the underground organizations patriots gradually groped our intelligence relationship with them.

   Through the head of the enemy tossed a permanent bridge, and every day he was wider and stronger. Army special departments became combat outposts around Leningrad our intelligence and counterintelligence. This exhibition fist forward more often and more painful bumping enemy intelligence.

   And in Leningrad Komsomol district committees crowded excited boys and girls. They selflessly dedicated themselves difficult and dangerous business intelligence and waited anxiously solutions: take or not take? In the District Party Committee received vouchers to intelligence agencies Communists - people of various professions. They were not professional scouts, and this time it was not the cause of the heroic death of many of them in the Gestapo. But are they the same with professionals become formidable intelligence soldiers.

   Work gradually unfolded, but was far from smooth ...

   In early November, the head of the Leningrad NKVD Kuprin flew to Moscow with the report.

   There was a plan of action approved by the Leningrad KGB the next six months. He entered into a common plan to fight the Soviet intelligence and counterintelligence on all fronts of the war. Daily interaction was planned efforts of Leningrad and other centers.

   With these important documents in a briefcase Kuprin returned to Leningrad. He scared a hurry, because he understood the immeasurable price every day struggle.

   The plane landed at a military airfield in the field. Remained just leap across freezes Ladoga - still light Kuprin had to fly to Leningrad, but there were none available for fighter escort. Taking advantage of his high position, Kuprin ordered violate strict instruction and fly unaccompanied. He was sent to a military plane, planted in place of the navigator, who in such a short flight and a great, clear weather was not needed.

   Germans kept the skies at Ladoga under continuous observation.

   Lone plane was immediately noticed, the air went their fighters. All the rest is done in a few minutes. Soviet fighters attacked and shot down his plane. The plane crashed into Lake Ladoga ...

   Night at the site of the crash appeared auxiliary vessel Ladoga flotilla. Divers descended to the bottom.

   The aircraft was raised and taken ashore. If the Germans knew what precious briefcase clutched a dead man, who was shot down in the chart of the cockpit of the plane!

   Paper Kuprina were immediately taken to the Foundry Avenue in control, and approved in Moscow has become a battle plan business Leningrad KGB.

   None of this Canaris did not know he knew only that Soviet intelligence was stronger than he thought.

   Diary of Leningrad

   Formed at the front which is a calm atmosphere businesslike.

   No accident so often we use now the expression "military work." Going day and night varied military work. But even here and kill ... Saw: three soldiers poked crowbars frozen ground. Asked why the trench here? "Grave" - ​​said one of them ...

   At the headquarters of the regiment were advised to go to the front and write about Starikova fighter who knocked out the tank. Advisors then why smiling. I was afraid of drawing and went to the regimental commander.

   He said quite seriously, "Oh it is necessary to write the old man, I present it to the Red Banner."

   In general, went.

   Saw him, and he, too, smiled. Growth in Starikova - on the strength of one and a half meters. Padded jacket on it is almost like a coat. Under the cap, not to valilas ears, tied a handkerchief. Nose - a button. Eyes - buttons of. The court of winter, and he has freckles all his round face. And it's three days ago he destroyed the enemy tank! Fact! Sergei Starikov Trofimovitch. So he recommended himself, and, according to fellow soldiers, so he appeared before the tank.

   About how it was the case, he told me slowly in a hoarse voice the sailor, sucking on a cigarette clumsily that he now and then faded away. Here is his story exactly:

   - I was in the outpost. Atonement for the night. Terrible cold. I went in a foxhole. Dolblyu yes dolblyu land, and hence the widening, but because of the cold does not feel. Even appeared of interest: how deeply I can crash into the ground? About tanks I did not think.

   Interesting - dig in deeper, the earth is warmer. In general, both buried in - hands on the outside can not see. But all did, as taught: pristupochku for standing shooting, another - for convenience and even climbs - like pechurochka ammunition - exactly I had two hand grenades and two bottles of flammable. Well, sank to the bottom - the legs under her arms into the sleeves. Collar up. Backs - tight to the wall. And I sit. And, frankly, dozed off.

   How long I dozed, I do not know, because I do not know how much I fussed with his digging. Woke up and heard, like as the land behind me shakes and stirs.

   Quickly get up on foot pristupochku and lean out.

   Saw ... and confused - I was rushing directly to the tank. Healthy. Earth from under it splatters. And I, like a fool, grab a grenade and not disrupting the rings, throw it. Hit, and she rolled with him, and I have a nose hear burnt oil smell. And then I dove into his trench. And sat down on his haunches.

   Suddenly zagrohochet iron as scream! Looked up, and the soul of me out - on top of the tank bottom, all in oil, and what it shines and thunders. And see, he makes me circle in one place. Thinks it means that it rubs me in the ground, like a spit foot. And then I see it I lack. I see clearly.

   And then I started thinking ...

   He twirled and descended from my foxhole. Again there was silence.

   Then I think: what will pop out of the tank, run up here and destroy me as a Bat in mink. I cautiously on foot and leaned pristupochku. Tank worth to me backwards, five steps up to it, right in my mouth burnt gases breathing.

   Then I took a bottle of flammable and threw it on the back of the tank. How come from, if a haystack, not iron! To be sure, I also threw a second bottle. So crank it up yet.

   And then he opens the door, and there just two rush to get out, interfere with each other. But their Victor Sukhanov cut from the machine. That's the whole battle scene.

   What is he saying? In defense, it is necessary to pull a deep trench profile. Required. However, I do it easier. I do the first time in my whole life on its growth have benefited. And then endured some ridicule ...



Part Two 


   Chapter Seventeen

   Strategic plan for the war against the Soviet Union, codenamed "Operation Barbarossa" emphasized the taking of Leningrad. Hitler was even then to withdraw some troops from Moscow direction and send them against Leningrad. In the "Barbarossa" was said about it: "... the north of Pripyat marshes Army Group" Center "(General Field Marshal von Bock) entering large mobile forces of the Warsaw district of Suwalki and uses made a breakthrough in the direction of Smolensk for turning large mobile forces to the north, in order to interaction with a group of troops "North" (Colonel General von Leeb) operating from East Prussia to act in the general direction of Leningrad, to destroy existing enemy troops in the Baltic States and in the future, united with Finnish and under favorable conditions, with German troops slung from here Norway, the last opportunity to finally eliminate the resistance of the enemy troops in the northern part of Russia and thus ensure freedom of maneuver for the tasks on the interaction with the German troops operating in the south of Russia. With the sudden and complete failure of attempts to resist the enemy in the north of Russia will be a question of replacing the rotation of troops to the north instant hit in the direction of Moscow ... "

   However, nothing unexpected happened, and even in the early autumn sober military experts of the Nazi general staff already knew that "Barbarossa" slips that Russian resistance has been much stronger than expected authors directive. By the beginning of winter it became clear not only to specialists. In the main Nazi newspaper "Folkisher Beobachter" published an article about the skeptics, written by the head of the press throughout Germany by Dr. Dietrich.

   "It is ridiculous skeptics ridiculous their sour faces on the background of strategic maps, which every soldier sees that our troops are knocking at the doors of Leningrad and Moscow. Funny skeptics in principle, their ridiculous sour faces on the background of national pride and confidence. I would suggest that the skeptics useful educational work: to help our organizations to calculate the rear of Russian prisoners - these services are not so strong in mathematics to quickly operate six figures, as a result of this work is still not finished ... "

   After reading the article, Axel thought. My first thought - it bad if started writing this. Or, on the contrary - it is just a sign of strength that we are talking openly about everything? Before him lay the morning received a radio message containing a brief summary of the meeting from Canaris. In the telegram nothing alarming. Axel again took a radiogram and slowly began to re-read it from the place where it was about a group of armies "North".

   "Our main goal here in its significance can be comparable with Moscow. Complete isolation goals allows simultaneous radial penetration, does not allow the enemy to concentrate its counterforce on certain routes. The current lack of direct military action simplifies the technique of penetration. We continue to deal us army peculiar means. Successful completion of this task requires tactical drastically increase the number of agents being sent. The requirement for extended time to prepare the agents will be considered as the solution of the resistance. Organization of at least one act of sabotage does not require special training, and hundreds of such acts - this is war, transferred inside the object. In the midst of this war, our special units will be able to successfully perform in their specific tasks that completes a battle worthy of victory ... "

   Axel read the last sentence twice - it's about his group. Its tasks is not canceled, and he must act.

   Blizzard howled outside the windows, from its thin, sad voice and deaf noise - goose back. Axel did not tolerate frosts, it seemed to him that the street he petrifies brain. He tried not to go out once again from his home and demanded continuously sink all furnace. He was irritated by Russian officers, when they are coming in from the cold, winter began to praise Russian mother.

   Recently, they feared his sudden irritability - Axel saw it and even more angry. He found only one explanation for his condition - no one can be calm and nonchalant when war consists not so, as it was intended and as planned.

   Today he walked home from site - what some two hundred paces, blizzard vyhlestala his eyes, frost burned face and hands. It has long been sitting by the stove and still could not get warm. Listening to the howling snowstorm, he involuntarily shivered and said to himself:

   A frost in Russia such

That tears freeze on the fly.

   Berlin passed like a soldier on the radio poems, written in the trenches near Moscow, and these two lines are stuck in memory.

   Axel leaned closer to the oven door open and unblinking, staring into the fire ...

   Front around Leningrad stood motionless, deep kerf in winter, fossilized earth. But Axel knew that for one day did not stop the offensive reconnaissance forces. Her people made their way through the front, walked along the Gulf of Finland the ice, their parachute. They had to act behind the Soviet troops, to explore, to carry out sabotage and terror. In the near and far behind the German lines worked school, prepare agents. Prisoners in their possession was enough among them could find inveterate scoundrels, criminals, for whom the feeling of home fits within the bowl of soup. Axel knew that the loss of these agents are very large, but Berlin is recommended "not to attach importance tragic loss of native agents."

   In his group no losses. Flights across the front line are made with confidence. For the second time in Leningrad Cheptsov. Zhuhin go there a second time later with Braslavsky. Today Esipov out. Of course, the situation in the city is difficult, but the difficulties and for there to be overcome.

   Axel forced himself to rise from the fiery furnace. He smelled the thick robe, pulled out of the safe record book dispatches from Leningrad and sat at the table. It was necessary to make sure once again that in the course of events he has not made any mistakes ...

   First reports Kumleva were purely informative nature - by shelling, bombing from the air, hitting the most effective, increase the difficulties caused by the ambience of the town. This information is confirmed inexorably logical course of events: Leningrad taken by the throat by the German army.

   Here is the first radiogram Kumleva received November 2, 1941:

   "Most of the population receives two hundred grams of bread a day, all the other products listed in the cards, first, scanty, second, issued irregularly or not issued. My opinion - making fake ration cards should be suspended since the end of October was re-registered all the cards. In future, frequent re-registration and the introduction of new stamps - to keep up with this, we can not. Rumors about the destruction of food stocks bombardment main town wrong. Destroyed only one of the storage of sugar and flour - Badaevsky warehouses, evidenced by knowledgeable people. Norma sugar issue is still not reduced. Since the fire two months have passed, and the bread on the norms established on October 1, issued smoothly. Our food supplies according to your instructions dispersed in two secure locations. Last month, managed to buy more than three additional boxes of canned crab, which is why it is sold without cards. Waiting for further instructions and your representatives. "

   Axel then immediately sent a telegram to Leningrad response:

   "I am particularly grateful for the clarification of the warehouses, continue to make the principle - your success is better to underestimate. Representatives will take you in the near future. "

   Radiogram Kumleva from November 5, 1941:

   "The deterioration of the food supply of the city is felt more acutely. Authorities take draconian measures against any violations of the food regime. Arrested the owner of our food base number 2. Purpose database unknown to him, he was sure that speculation, and probably in a hurry. For reasons of prudence think to move to live at number 1 food base. Already, many homes are not heated due to lack of coal, wood, electricity. Definitively established that the space set aside for hospitals Herzen Institute, University of hotels "European" and "Angleterre", Institute of Technology, as well as the Palace of Labor, many schools and hospitals. Confirmed that as a result of direct bomb hit the hospital on Suvorov Avenue, killing about 600 people. Total number of persons on the list of "Action" - forty nine. Could be more, but I strictly adhere to your instructions. I look forward to new guests. "

   November 11 went to Leningrad and Winkies Cheptsov. They successfully passed the front, and the very next day Kumla informed of their arrival.

   November 14 announced a new Kumla reducing food diet for all citizens, that in famine. Then came a radiogram from Migunova who reported that hunger greatly exacerbated hatred of Germany. Become almost impossible, even with loyal people to talk openly about their collaboration with the German army. Reported that people fasted immediately gives their appearance, it is advised to take into account when sending people to Leningrad, asked to send at least grow a beard.

   Axel replied:

   "Hunger should not be the enemy, and our ally. Food, which you have, should be the currency to which you can buy anything, including human life. Make this currency in recruiting means number one. Immediately report a buildup of forces on the list "Action". "

   Subsequent radiographs of Leningrad Axel angered by its brevity. In the telegram Migunova 22 November was just a few words:

   "Produced reduction of food standards with all the ensuing consequences." That's all.

   Then came the encryption of Canaris. Recalling the request command, the data is not satisfied the Army Intelligence, Canaris ordered to ascertain the food supply channels outside of Leningrad. Axel forwarded to it in the Leningrad Migunova, inviting him to choose a method of exploration.

   Migunova answer:

   "It's not a secret that the only way to supply the city lies across Lake Ladoga. To clarify the scope of this technology and the way to send Cheptsov pier of Lake Ladoga. "

   And again in the telegram is no word on a buildup of forces. Axel himself was fit to go through the front line, but he chose to send to Leningrad Esipova, giving him a so-called control task - to check the activities Migunova, Cheptsov and Kumleva. For messages Esipova developed a special code. For example, if in his first telegram is the word "threat", it would mean that Esipov not agree with the position taken Migunova and Kumlevym. The word "overcome" will mean that the situation is so Esipov finds it disturbing that there arrival Axel necessarily.

   But Esipov left, and reports of his arrival in Leningrad is not.

   Diary of Leningrad

   Exactly one year ago, during the military conflict with Finland, I too was in Leningrad, and also was a correspondent for Radio Moscow. Then correspondence and wrote about working Putilov, it was called "Leningrad peace." Factory work at all, the ground is shaking. Only the factory yard was a bit dark. In the foundry during melting blinding sparks. And if they write about it now?

I copy from notepad. 
deserted. Silence. Snow white, without soot. Dark bulks shops. 
rumbles through the dark court dark tank. Military representative: "My products". 
repair shop tanks. Five tanks. Fabzaychata boys swarmed mighty machine. Treated. Strangely childish voice. Together with them, older workers - very thin and weak. Lie down near the tank and run again. Went out of the shop one more tank. The boy wrote with chalk on the armor: "Vpired the enemy!" 
worth Ironworks. Dark. Smells like a conflagration. Light far into the depths. 
military representatives: "There nachtseha Skobnikov ..." How long were: rails, slag heaps, snow. In the glass the desk near the "stoves" a man sitting in a coat, hat, collar raised. Oil lamp. Reads a thick book. Or sleeping. Gone. Military representative: "I do not want to leave, can not shop without going to reconstruct it. These lives. Not afraid of death. Happy where you work. "



Chapter Eighteen 

   They sat opposite each other for the rough hewn table and ate in silence for a long time the cooled sausage, dipping them in a saucer with a tasteless yellow mustard. In the narrow room under the low vaulted ceilings of the castle was stifling, and the only window in the thick stone wall was laid plank shield. On the windowsill was a kerosene lamp, poorly illuminated the room - it ended up kerosene, and already rancid smell of smoldering wick.

   Esipov and its conductor Senkovskaja had to walk together across the front, to risk their lives, but they knew each other very little. Only now, at dinner, it became clear that Senkovskiy - from criminals, and Esipov did not know whether to be glad or sorry about this. Perhaps most important was that the account of the conductor for several well-raids across the front.

   Senkovskaja thirty years or so. Sparse reddish hair, parted in the middle neat. Face beautiful, lively, especially the eyes - gray, rapid. He sat quietly minutes, exactly what that plagued his itch - all the while twitching, shivered, touching face, hair, in a hurry to eat.Esipov - slow, stingy on the motion, with a strict poker face and staring, unblinking eyes - chewed slowly, was thoughtful.

   - In Leningrad museums have you been? - Asked Esipov.

   Beautiful yellow in the light of a kerosene lamp Senkovsky face twisted into a sneer:

   - Of all the museums I know very well there is only one - Prison "Crosses".

   On a narrow face strict Esipova frozen expression in thought, his eyes looked past the Mongolian companion, and kept asking Senkovskiy with interest:

   - So all and so, for the simple: come to this house, you pay the money, and they give you a choice for a woman?

   - Some houses have yet also order wine, appetizer ... - Esipov started and stopped, looking at the conductor - the entire dinner he asks him questions about the brothels: how they work, how they work.

   - Well, yes, yes, by itself ... - Senkovskiy assented, looking forward to new details. But Esipov silent.

   - Six times went without misfiring, today the seventh ... - Senkovskiy started and stopped looking like Esipov breaks his fingers, and waited until he stopped crunch continued: - Only the very first time a little lost: walking along the bay, all bypassed polynyas and lost their direction. Had to go to the Coal Harbour and issued us where Neva flows into the sea. Well, nothing, camouflage coveralls buried in the snow, go outside, I look - Holy Mother! - Prospect Ogo! Place me familiar. Well, go ahead. Suddenly, out of nowhere wench - such corrosive, God forbid. Who they are, ask where? Present your documents! And the form of some sort on it: a black overcoat, a belt with shoulder strap on the side. Well, I showed her the knife sample of forty-one years. Wanted her to take a revolver and holster then it is empty ... Well, arrived as scheduled.

   - What "Crosses"?

   - For what? - Senkovskiy asked, his eyes narrowed to slits. He rolled the ball on the table bread and said pointedly, with the threat: - Please note that I do not aspire to climb into your soul ...

   He paused briefly and continued as if nothing had happened.

   - What I would not like them, it is their greed. - Senkovskiy pushed away his plate with a half-eaten sausages.

   - We had no wedding.

   - But not the funeral of poor relation. - Gray eyes flashed a conductor, like a cat. - Do not go for a walk under the moon, oh do not walk ...

   - Do not you pay a little?

   - Why? - Senkovskiy shivered all over. - And just again - tomorrow and will be back tomorrow to school if you please, I'm here and they have a teacher.

   Esipov knew that his guide is listed at the Gatchina school CD, does the future hold for the administration of Leningrad.

   - Who are you going to be there ... in the city?

   - Head of the Criminal Investigation Department - Senkovskiy said and laughed.

   The door creaked opened and an elderly man in a black SS uniform said, pointing at his wrist-watch:

   - Es ist Zeit.

   - Go, go, - grumbled Senkovskiy rising.

   They went out into the street and stopped involuntarily, greedily inhaling the clear winter air and looking at the crescent moon, flying in the clouds over rare hunting castle spire. Outside the gates waiting for them rover.

   Swinging in the pits, ATV rolled along a frozen pond, past the blackened houses away, got out on the main street and turned right. A few more minutes, and Gatchina left behind ...

   Came to the area where they were to pass the front. Around was implausible silence and solitude of white, could not believe that somewhere near here, in the frozen ground, lurking whole army. Fluttering rare snow. On the white hill popped hour. He Russian sheepskin shaggy collar raised strapped scarf and belt machine pressed. Local approached carefully looked at them and said nothing, and went away again disappeared in the snow.

   - Weather - Luxury - quietly, as if to himself, said Senkovskiy and threw his cigarette butt, stepped on the path just visible: - Come on, neighbor ...

   German frontline scouts found not far from the snow swept the railroad tracks is the junction of two Russian military units it loose - where the front line was cut on thin wedge, low shrub, German scouts repeatedly penetrated the Russian rear, and even went out to the road. Senkovskiy just wanted to get to this well Roll road dump there camouflage coveralls and go straight to the city. Documents they were strong, authentic, taken from Soviet soldiers captured.

   Senkovskiy Esipov him and confidently went to the bush and took a right to achieve straight first railroad and then the highway. Ten meters from the railroad tracks, when sat in the snow before rolling through the mound, they heard Russian speech.

   - On the side of loose snow at times - said softly, his voice hoarse.

   - Nothing, ski pass, - said the young bass voice.

   Senkovskiy Esipov and heard the creaking of skiing, as people breathe. It seemed to them that go straight to them. Senkovskiy put his hand inside his jacket and pulled out a grenade.

   - How will throw, run back - he whispered in my ear Esipov and began pulling teeth check. But not pulled, froze, listening - skiers clearly left to the side.

   - God is still there - and Senkovskiy said quietly, hiding a grenade, stood up - Come ...

   When they picked up camouflage floors, ran up on the railway embankment, and without stopping, rushed into the snow on the other side, where it is not far stitched long machine-gun fire.

   - Come on, neighbor, move - Senkovskiy hissed. Stooping to the ground, he ran quickly and easily, and Esipov, trying to get to the next conductor, and then sank deeply.

   With close to the road, they lay in the snow, camouflage coveralls removed and buried them. Then fifteen minutes watching the road. Was no movement.

   - Leave quietly, slowly, just like at home - said Senkovskiy rising. He brushed the snow off and not looking back at Esipova went.

   In the cell on the side lying broken car. On the one hand it piled snowdrift, and formed in the lee of a snow cave. Here, the last time they squatted and making sure again that the road deserted, left. And once heard:

   - Hands up! - On the other side of the road stood two with guns.

   Senkovskiy put his hand in his bosom, but a short burst of machine undercut his legs, and he was swearing swearing, fell on the road. Esipov jumped into the snow and started to run, but ran into a soldier, that a sharp blow to the chin knocked him down and sat on his back and twisted his hands.

   Esipova pulled onto the road where he lay groaning and his guide.

   - Where it? - Asked the young lieutenant in a long overcoat.

   - In the leg, below the knee - someone said, sitting on his haunches beside the conductor.

   - I would not touch him, but he reached in his pocket, and there he, Comrade Lieutenant, grenade was - as if apologizing, said someone was standing at a distance.

   - Eye of you, Kazantsev, sharp, saw the grenade under his coat. Good for you. And you touched his godly might and death, no one would have sought.

   - You said yourself - alive taking ...

   - Well done, Kazantsev ...

   Drove the lorry. Esipova planted in the body, back to the chauffeur's cabin next to him got soldiers Kazantsev. Senkovsky put on canvas, and sat down beside him soldiers. Lieutenant shouted: "Let's go!" - And has already jumped on the move in the cockpit.

   Esipova interrogated on the same night in a special department of the army, which was located in the basement of a house. Major undersized large forehead, raised bed, was in mint, awkward shirt and fur vest, which did not converge on his chest and stomach, his hair sticking up in clumps, he terribly wanted to sleep, and it was worth the effort to concentrate.

   - Please tell me your real name, first name and patronymic. - For the third time politely asked the major.

   - Also, what you learned from my documents, I will not say anything.

   Major began writing his fur vest vzehala him on his head, and he pulled her angrily. Rewriting data from the document, it pushed the paper:

   - Can we talk just like that?

   Esipov intently, without blinking, looked at the Major:

   - Can start, but please note that I am not one of those people who change from mordobitiya beliefs or because of something else something like that.

   Major shook his head, and from his eyes completely disappeared sleepy expression.

   - Tell us, what are your beliefs? - He said, and immediately asked: - Are they also not be made public?

   Esipov turned his head slowly.

   - Certainly. I think your revolution and your power over criminal violence Russia and the Russian people, - he said.

   - And we are sure that Hitler returns Russian Tsar priest?

   - King optionally - stolidly Esipov said. - From the monarchy as a form of government mankind has advanced.

   - Well, you have renounced the monarchy, it's something ... - Major said wearily. - And there is not far to the recognition of the Soviet government.

   Esipov silent, only on his impassive face twitching eye tubercle.

   - Judging by the fact that your equipment consisted of one gun and money - even, in a tired voice said the major, - your task was characterized by organizational. And there is reason to believe that you are just going to organize and overthrow of Soviet power.Is that so?

   Esipov silent, unblinking look at the major award.

   - I would like to agree ... - said the major. - As a professional with a professional. I am an employee of Army counterintelligence, and if your job did not concern my affairs section of the front, I would not want to waste time on you.

   - Do you believe that will stand the onslaught of the German army? - Esipov suddenly asked, looking up.

   - Absolutely! - Replied the major, and a smile flashed across his face gray. - Moreover, we are confident that we will turn neck Hitler ... in its own time, of course.

   Esipov shook her head in his narrow eyes appeared mocking shine.

   Major waited.

   - It is clear that you were not up to me - he continued. - With your beliefs and even more with your money in our trenches doing nothing. I have my own business. Want to say something?

   Esipov silent, his eyes attentive gone sneer.

   - Where did you send me? At headquarters Dukhonin? - He asked.

   - Excuse me, did not understand. - Mayor was young and did not know what the Civil War was called headquarters Dukhonin shot. He patiently explained - I'll send you further to the rear. Although this concept in our city more than concerning.

   Do Senkovsky been shattered bone. When the surgeon cleared wound conductor lost consciousness and woke up in the House already.

   - Do not cut off? - He asked.

   - Whole, whole, - sister replied. - Do not fidget!

   In the House Senkovsky already waited special department - Major, who had just questioned Esipova and senior lieutenant Gorjainov. They sat on the sides near his bed, a senior lieutenant put on her knees with a paper folder, ready to take minutes.

   - Call your name - began a major.

   - Senkovskiy ... Michael Senkovskiy - said conductor. He wanted to raise his head, but he did not succeed. - Telling biography not in the mood - he said in a weak voice. - In the archive there is a case Lengorsuda numbered from zero two thirty one thousand nine hundred and thirty-eight. There's a full picture of me. Received seven years. Sitting in a "cross", and in the fortieth year was transferred to the Great Luke, where he eventually was released and heroic German army. Said one truth.

   - For what purpose walked through the front?

   - My role is like a Shepherd that leads the blind. Held, and good-bye.

   - Which states the number?

   - Gatchinskaya special school Gestapo. Ski instructor and conductor.

   - How much is spent?

   - This - seventh.

   - Where did they go?

   - Do not know.

   - Your school chief Sturmbannfuehrer Kraus?

   - Exactly.

   - A commander Vladimir Vladimirovich Smirnov?

   - Exactly ...

   - Describe all whom you have transferred across the front.

   The next day Esipov was delivered to the Office of State Security Foundry, where they engaged in a major Grushko.

   After two interviews Grushko became clear that Senkovskiy drove through the front of the agent what that special purpose. But what? Hope that he himself will say it was pointless. In the end, the fact that it belongs to the enemy intelligence could be considered established, and it can be judged by the full extent of wartime. Grushko but it did not suit. Recently head of the operational meeting reported that, according to Comrade Zhdanov, the enemy right now, when he failed to go to break into the city will try to backstab. Do not go arrested in these cases? Why he found nothing except a large amount of Soviet money?

   Grushko ordered to carefully inspect clothing arrested. Night phone call Grushko raised bed in the barracks. Rang from prison - when examining the lining of the jacket arrested in wool, found a note, neatly folded and enclosed in an envelope of wax paper. An hour later Grushko already considered this note:

   "Garden Street., 25. K / K 1274.12.

   Lacustrine § 6. K / K 0911.16 "

   - That's all that was on a small piece of paper.

   Sending operatives to the addresses specified in the note Grushko raised bed specialist documentation Major Surmina. Given the age of the detainee and the fact that he was a Russian Surmin offered first look at the history of these houses note, find out who they belonged to. It may be that in these houses lived what that rich people who while fleeing the revolution there hidden value, because many had hoped to return soon to Peter. Now come for this type hidden.

   Recently Grushko believed, but with the need to check the history of these houses in the note agreed. Surmin he went to the city library, where he was to spend most difficult search. Soon, however, he had already called and told Grushko:

   - Senior Archivist suggests that the letters K / K mean contraction of the words "deed of purchase," looking for the registration book on the sale and purchase of real estate.

   An hour later Surmin back in control and brought a very important reference: both of the houses in the note were acquired Andrei Sergeyevich Esipov, one in 1912, another - in 1916. These numbers in the note deed of purchase agreed.

   Esipova long gloomy corridor led by the NKVD, which seemed endless to him, although he already knew all the way through the building - the convoy order him to turn three times and finally stop it before dark tall door at number 433.

   Behind the desk stood him too familiar figure Major Grushko. Esipov met his eyes and turned his eyes to the wall cabinet, oak-paneled, in the corner on a massive safe. Then he looked back at the major and quickly looked away - why today in her dark eyes gleamed Cheka what that cheerful light, as he used to, they were quietly focused.

   Despite the seemingly indifferent Esipova Major Grushko knew that writing on paper need not be related to a person who was sitting in front of him. But could the hell and have!

   - Well, will continue to play the silent treatment? - Asked Grushko.

   - I like this game ...

   - So you're - Koloskov? Averyan Vladimirovich Koloskov?

   - So, so ...

   - A of this surname renounce?

   Something trembled in his eyes fixed arrested.

   - If I call you your real name, do you confirm?

   - Uh, well ... - replied vaguely Esipov.

   Grushko waited. Esipov silent, feverishly thinking their position. He admitted that in the hands of the investigator could get even that piece of paper, which he violated an order Axel hid in the lining of your jacket. But he did not admit that his conditional recording can be read.

   - I know your real name - raised his voice Grushko. - And not only that. Why do not you think that there are more talkative people than you? You know that we false evidence to prosecute ... more so to speak. Your surname Esipov. Right?

   Esipov silent, but prihlynula blood to his face and slowly walked away, his face again became yellowish.

   - Yes, or we will continue to get confused?

   - Yes, - said softly Esipov and suddenly raised his head and said with force: - To what I came here, I did not say a word! You should not be interested. Judge me for the work not done you can not!

   - It is not yet necessary. I ask only tell the true biography. For biography, we also tend to not judge.

   Esipov told the story of his life. Possessed that Grushko no records made and listened to him very carefully, even with some sort of interest.

   His father - a merchant and punter. Fled Russia in November seventeenth. Took with him his family. In Germany, became a merchant, engaged in the sale of land. There, in Germany, Esipov graduated from high school junior officers in high school to get the strangers was almost impossible. Finally, the service in one of the divisions of the Abwehr ...

   Grushko curiously examined the man who appeared from another world.

   When asked what he was doing here in the war with Russia, did not wish to respond Esipov.

   Diary of Leningrad

   German documents. Read them very interesting. Even just hold in their hands: it's their documents with them they lived, fought, come here to kill us. Well they have there in the documents in the letters? Here's unfinished letter home, apparently father Gunther Chakena: "Cold, penetrating to the bone, and insects in lingerie who devour you like animals - that alone is enough to make a good mood that you expect me to do, vanished forever. Your war was quite different, and probably always war fathers to their sons seem ridiculously easy. Our war god forbid anyone else. And heavier unlikely to be ... "

   From the diary of Corporal Michel Arnim (subscribe not all, very much in the diary obscenities and narcissism), "September 19. Still have a few miles, and soon we will be in Leningrad, or St. Petersburg. For several days, our "stuff" hanging over the city, and we see on the horizon the smoke trail and glow at night. How nice that our battalion in the first tier, we will enter the city first. Will not be such a fool, cook ... in Riga on September 28. Stand still. Heavy artillery fire, the officers say that it shoots the Russian fleet.Us this is not easier. It's a shame to retire from the system on the verge of production ... October 12. Russian artillery can bring to the madness. Effort day and night. And when the fire dies down, rush to attack Russian. They also attack the day and night. We accept losses. Are we stayed firmly? Prohibit officers ask about it. Now I know what a dog cold ... November 10. What the hell! If you ask me now, if I want to in this damn town? Damn him! And anyway, why we climb there, if the Führer ordered to destroy this city. Our dear Berlin never unyvyyuschy rundfunk4 said yesterday that the real war is never easy, and that only a bad soldier kisnet from the first difficulty. One night would be me on the front of this radiooratora! .. November 21. Officers say one winter and for you and for the Russian. But why then broken at every Russian soldier from sheep fur coat, and we fight for each such fur. Incidentally, taken yesterday captured Russian medic said that in Moscow in their state the date was a military parade, but here, at the front, each received half a bottle of vodka. What is not clear to me all ... January 1. Well, Christmas! Well, the New Year! Discovered today that the first of our company alive one myself. Perceive it as a precious Christmas gift ... "

   But a curious page, carved from a German illustrated magazine "Signal" for 1940. On one side of the picture: hang over Paris "Junkers". Signature: "Always on everything." On the other side - color photo: the beach of the French Riviera. In the foreground - a row of boots and piles of clothes. In the background - in the sea are worth embracing, six. Obliquely inscription by hand: "Unforgettable Clyde in memory of the unforgettable days of paradise, as they say, and our bright faces. Amen. Walter Kryugge. "

   Look, look at these six and maliciously choose which one of them "unforgettable Clyde" burned in Russian hell. And all the same to me like in this role. Everything.



   Chapter Nineteen

   Frosty night was quiet. All was still. Even suspended in still air snow dust. It could touch his hand as the curtains, and she sparkled. Motionless frozen into the sky above the casting pale green moon, and everything sank under its ghastly light.

   At every intersection and stayed Dmitry Gladyshev, startled, looked around - he had never seen their city so beautiful and so terrible. Rigorous, through the frozen Leningrad house covered with frost on the outside, and it gleamed mysteriously. One of the casting, moonlit, just the aurora borealis, which is unreal radiated light, which trembled, and gradually stir in the blue depths quenched prospectus. Starch gnashing each step could be heard so loudly that Dmitry tried not to press in the dense snow-savvy heels of heavy tarpaulin boots.

   Today, after his duty to go home - not often now drop him the opportunity, and then the house was empty. Dmitry lived in barracks. The department, in the basement, in a spacious room beds were there at any time of day is always somebody sleeping at night and half empty beds. In the center of the room crackled "burzhuyka", followed by the attendant on the furnace - stove burns quickly and as rapidly cooled until it razogreesh again, all fill swallow bitter smoke. But no one complains - in war as in war. A family home no no yes and remember zanoet and soul ...

   Sisters Gladysheva long evacuated and lived in Siberia, where they lit windows at night and have a meal - it is impossible to believe it. Mother stayed in Leningrad, working as a nanny in the hospital and live there. My father also spends the night at the factory, they have a hostel in a warm boiler. But today they come home - now the mother was fifty years.

   Dmitry persuaded his mother to go to Siberia with her sisters, but she got mad and said that he did not climb into other people's business.

   - Ride the ones sent by the order, - she said. - And that scared. And I have long Frightening - used. Let my father tell you who, when and how zaboyalis ...

   Dima long known story of how the young mother and father in the eighteenth year volunteered to defend Peter and how the train station which is the mother of a rifle, and the father yelled at her to leave. She then wore a daughter first, it is clear that the father was afraid, but back on it, the mother told me every time, as if the father then chickened out, she niskolechko: "Shoot Me, and that's it ..."

   In general, left, left, fighting ...

   Dmitri turned off Liteinyi Zhukovsky street and stopped. This street was quite different: the greenish light of the moon fell steeply on one side of her, and the other was in a blue shade.

   Ahead, on the sparkling green wall of the house, something moved. Dmitri did not realize that it was smoke, he crawled out of the tube, exhibited in the window, and crept up on the wall, quickly melting. Gladyshev was lifting up the face, and continually looking at the smoke, the window from which he crawled, as if he could see what was happening there, inside the house. He knew there, outside the window, live and fight for life. Maybe people come to watch the roof melted "burzhujku" heated, fry bread, water boils and recalls a peaceful life. Or maybe just a person can not sleep, afraid to die in his sleep, so he lit the stove to the smell of life ... And maybe people escaped home one night from the front and is now warming up to his native home? ..

   And suddenly there, outside the window, and sits at the stove warms what some bastard? This idea originated itself. Dmitri had a lot to think about it. Just yesterday, he participated in the arrest of one humble photographer.

   In the German illustrated magazine "Signal" Leningrad there were pictures of broken homes. At first they thought it was a fake, but experts have drawn the conclusion that the pictures are genuine. Moscow ordered to find a photographer. Gradually, suspicion focused on three people. Among them was a photographer Gennadiy Ivanovich Sokolov. Photo shop, in which he served, has long been closed, and the staff scattered in all directions, most went to the front. In matters of company found a certificate that Falcons drafted into the army, but found that he deserted and lived in a strange abandoned by tenants.

   He was arrested at a time when he photographed standing on the Neva warships. He threw the camera, opened fire and tried to escape, and just caught up with him, Dmitry, knocked from his hand gun pressed against the fence of the Summer Garden. A ten steps on the sidewalk was already lying face down dead Senior Lieutenant Gregory Brovko first teacher Dmitri. He shot a moment later, the photographer ...

   Captured enemy was only slightly older Gladyshev, lived with him in the same city, they went to the same streets, maybe once watched together in the movie "Chapaev". Recalling this, Dmitri again and again saw his eyes - mad with hatred and fear.

   - Kulak son, that's all the mechanics - said to "RAM" Prokopenko. Of course, that explains a lot, but would like to know about the enemy much more, and most importantly - it is necessary to understand how much time he managed to deceive everyone who was close to him.

   Dmitry has already passed the Rebellion area and entered the dark channel Nevsky. Only then did he notice that the moon goes out and the green miracle disappeared. Before it was inundated with snow dark street, flanked by black rocks homes.

   Feeling cold, he walked faster. I stepped over the low junction mound, took a few steps back ... and not the first time he had seen the dead in the streets and in homes, and now he is habitually and without much excitement looking at a woman lying, already covered with snow. She was wearing a short coat and legs in cotton trousers and boots were patched pursed. He knew that now I had to run somewhere, call: "Comrades! The street is a dead woman! .. "But no one did.

   Dmitry bent took off the face of the dead long hair and touched his forehead - it was the frozen, frosted stone. Taking a woman by the arm, he dragged her into the tunnel gate - for a night it could completely fill with snow, and then it will pick up in the morning the soldiers sanitary home team. What a strange feeling that caused him to lean her back against the wall, do not want to leave her lying. He saw her face close - seemed tired woman smiled, but it was not clear, it is old or young. Handkerchief fell, and long hair spilled over her shoulders ...

   Mother opened the door, and lifting oil-lamp, looked at her son.

   - You're all white, - she said quietly, taking off his hat and shaking off the frost. - At work you anything warmer can not give?

   - We can not, we have got to go faster ... - Dima wanted to smile, but stiff cheeks were like strangers, tears, thaw, eyes. - Now, Mom ... - He pulled off his tight, put on his jacket over his coat.

   - Vatnik leave, stove that is not flaring up.

   - Well, hello, Mom. Happy birthday to you ... - Dima awkwardly poked face in her mother's shoulder, she pressed his head down and stroked his face:

   - Skinny ...

   - Have not washed.

   - What a fool. You can forget to eat and bathe in any way! Morning is not washed, so no longer a man. Mates do not respect, at the service of spit.

   - I wash myself, my mother, I wash my word. - Dmitry hugged his mother. No, the house was as always - his mother scolded raised, forced to wash. Smelled the stove and warm rough hands mother - that they can be pressed against the cheek, pat. However, not very mother suffers tenderness.

   - Go Straight to the father ... the heat from him - she said sternly. - I see the stove ...

   Much thinner face father overgrown reddish beard. He abruptly and hoarse breathing, his lower lip trembling. Dima leaned over and kissed him on the temple.

   - Well, what, Dad?

   - Famously, son. If lying in the snow. Vodka to drink. And mothers gift ... - Father tried to smile.

   - And what happened then? - Dima sat next to his father.

   - What is that ... women work alone. Well, crane derailed. Themselves put. Heavy. Bosh ... - father spoke slowly, with stops, his eyes glistened in the light of very inconspicuous kerosene lamp hanging over his head.

   - And you've got that? - Asked the father.

   - To work, what else ...

   Mother came and sat at the feet of his father.

   - Look, look, my son, the hero - a move she said grumpily. - Crane hands raised. And brags this mess. Look, I made a present - came out what ...

   - Stop me to saw you ... - Father closed his eyes wearily. - Just me and everything. Better than would be covered more.

   Mother brought from the chest not the carpet, not a doormat - thick wool of the village.

   - Goryushko you my all my life - suddenly she said softly, hiding her husband. She rested her head on his chest, and Dmitry thought she sobbed quietly.

   - What are you, Mom? Mommy ... - he said, leaning against her shoulder.

   - That's better - father whispered.

   - Oh, the stove is ... - mother said hurriedly and went out quickly.

   The room could hear was cracking in the kitchen stove. Dima took from his pocket a tiny bundle - the rate of sugar for two days. Suddenly it seemed to him that what that smell familiar, forgotten. Father moved uneasily on the pillow.

   Mother appeared in the doorway. She was wearing her favorite dress with stripes - her father brought from Riga last year. She was carrying a tray of three large cups of steaming them. And ... unheard nor incomparable aroma filled the room.

   - This tea! - Dima gasped.

   Mother gave him a cup and sat down to his father.

   - Well, that happened ... how come ... - cheerfully start mother and began to cry, his hand covering his face.

   - Mom ... well, Mom ... well, what are you, right? .. Mom ... - Dmitry muttered, lowering his head.

   Father suddenly began angrily:

   - Oh, yeah, I swear. Shame. Hitler had wanted. That got us here crying.

   - Did you say that? - Outraged mother immediately stopped crying. - I just thought our girls.

   - A girls have nothing to mourn. They have no hunger, no war, then everything is fine.

   - You're always with them was lukewarm ... - early mother old grudge. - You all had a son and a daughter to you with no hands. I know you. The first year.

   His eyes were closed his father, only a little shaggy eyebrows twitched and his mouth slightly smiling - he reached his.

   Dmitri looked at them, drinking tea, listening as they bicker, could not help smiling, and feared that it might annoy her mother again.

   She held high scowl cup father about his mouth, and he closed his eyes, sipped tea, and, taking his hand from under the blanket, gently stroked his wife's hand.

   Dmitri suddenly what that piercing sharpness felt like he loves them as they are dear to him, as it is painful to see their emaciated, tired, dejected. Mother's eyes, blue, the mantle of wrinkles under fluffy whisk eyelashes were wet now, sunken, and there was in them something unfamiliar. "The war, of course, the war", - Dmitry thought. It was everything that was now their lives - in the icy window, tears from the heat in the metronome clicking on the radio that they again and again, as something extraordinary, talking about food.

   - With tea what happened ... - told his mother. - Before the war, Lisa was with us and said, put it in a linen pack of tea for flavor. And the last time was the sheet to get, I looked: tutu. - And she laughed happily.

   - What is it, boys, cold, - said the father.

   The mother ran to the kitchen:

   - That's stupid, actually forgot about ... The heat blow it - there could be heard the angry voice.

   - Well, how? - Asked the father.

   - Okay ... - said Dima.

   - Grab enemies then?

   - Of course, the catch. That last one took. Scum like this - Print nowhere to put ...

   - We have a factory just now too caught rocketeer night. It turned out that Stepan Kouzovlev - member of the party since the seventeenth year.

   - Come on!

   - He Kresalo for prikurki made from silicon the size of a fist and beat the same. He was on duty near the fence and lighting a cigarette, and it's caught.

   - Well, things ... - Dmitry laughed.

   - Come help Single mother - suddenly worried father said.

   Mother stood and watched in frozen window, seemed to see something through the ice, her shoulders quivering. Dima hugged her from behind and pressed his shoulder to her back.

   - Nothing ... nothing ... nothing - she repeated softly.

   - Of course, nothing, Mom ... - as quietly he whispered in her ear.

   - Spend the night in the home will be? - She asked. - Then go to bed, get up early because ...

   Early in the morning, when over the besieged city had not yet dissipated night Gladyshev out of the house. It was very znobko, and he walked fast, energetic pace. City flooded foggy haze, although frost seems surrendered. Gray dregs meet Dmitry floated one by one house and then disappeared again in the mist behind him. Seemed to be no end to the street ...

   Dmitry went on Nevsky and saw the gate, where he last left the dead woman, the truck drove off and left on the sidewalk, two women and a child who is screaming in the street. Women arguing about something. Gladyshev went faster and in a few minutes was near them. The girl stopped screaming and wailing softly without tears, her little eyes looked as still as glass.

   - Bureaucrats cursed, - complained a woman with an emaciated, dark face. - Come from cabins, deceased mother was taken away, and the girl left. Where we Denham her? Who will feed her?

   - Even with cards nothing found - in a weak voice said another woman. - And most importantly, they say: if you people take care.

   The girl stopped and looked at with fear Gladyshev. Suddenly she ran to him, grabbed his knees:

   - Uncle, Uncle, uncle! Come to Mama! - She screamed loudly.

   - Yes, let's go ... Dmitry took the girl by the hand, and they went.

   Girl soon freaked, started screaming, crying, had to take her in his arms. She was just five years old, but she seemed very heavy Dmitry. At first he tried to persuade her not to cry, but it was difficult to speak, and he stopped. The girl stopped struggling and only a tiny voice howled against his shoulder ...

   - Where to pick? - No surprise Prokopenko said when Gladyshev entered his office with the girl in his arms. Everyone who met him today, certainly asked this question people if they wanted the girl to remember address that kept repeating Gladyshev. Maybe then, ten years later, when the world, she suddenly says once that is why she is remembered Address: Nevsky, twenty nine ...

   - Nevsky ... mother died - said Gladyshev.

   - Not true! - Suddenly the girl screamed and began to struggle.

   Prokopenko, Gladyshev muttered: "The Idiot", he took the girl and began to pat her.

   - Of course, not true - he said. - Uncle does not know, and said, and I know you hear me. Agreed? We are about to with you business and primarily undressed ... - He unwound a woolen shawl, took off her coat and fur hat. - What's your name?

   - Nadia - sob, she said. Her face was blue, small, big blue eyes with wet eyelashes, a tiny little red nose.

   Prokopenko put it on your hard oilcloth sofa.

   - Feed the least ... - Gladyshev said hesitantly.

   - Come to find out where these children are held, but get a move on, we have to work with have not yet abolished! - Ordered Prokopenko.

   Diary of Leningrad

   Walk down the street Dzerzhinsky. Suddenly the front door of the big house opens and runs into the street girl in a fur coat and hat with earflaps soldier. She grabs me by the arm and dragged him to the staircase.

   - Help, Comrade Commander, - she said, pulling me up the stairs. - Fix can not, the case is severe. You do not think - we bytovichki girlfriend. Two of the deceased and relatives do not give to bury.

   - Cards? 5 - I asked.

   - Oh, no! What the hell! - She replied.

   We entered the old, probably when it is rich Leningrad apartment, all drowned in the mud, dust, covered with cobwebs. Mirrors in front muddy, broken. In a huge room on the left, in a wheelchair, sat an old woman in a fur cap. Behind her stood a little younger woman, dressed in a long cloak intercepted sash and male beaver hat. Lying on the couch who is covered blanket, and on the floor, the wall, there was a woman, covered with newspaper.

   - Well, you commander complain - the girl said.

   The eldest, the one that was sitting in a chair wheelchair, asked a drawling, raspy voice, if I understand French. Hearing negative response, she was silent disapproval, finely nodding, and said:

   - I can not let my brother - a colonel and a gentleman - was buried along with the cook. - She eyes pointed at a woman lying on the floor.

   - It is not our Colonel, Comrade Commander, he and most of the royal old man ... - she said and opened the blanket, I saw only white goatee.

   - I see you, officer, - continued the old woman, not listening to the girl. - Then you just have to give me a guarantor that his brother will be buried with dignity and certainly not together.

   - Lena, take the cook - she called my friend's girlfriend. - And we take the commander of a nobleman. Quickly, take it!

   The old woman mumbled something and was baptized by pulling out a bony hand clutch. Another woman not cried, not sobbing, and under these sounds we put the dead out of the apartment. Street girls laid tsarist colonel and his sleigh to cook for one and firmly tied up their rope.

   - Thank you, Comrade Commander, - she said.

   - And you have a lot of the day so? ..

   - This is the case for the first time. Just what is the Mohicans ...

   - What day is necessary?

   - Well, it's uneven. There was a day - remember, Len? - We then nineteen people had been brought ...

   We met. Cooking Malakhov - bright eyes - she pulled me into the story, and Lena Uvarov - dark hair - her friend and workmate for sanitary domestic squad. I dragged along with them sleigh.

   - And how beautiful people die, I want to cry, but no tears - said Varia. - Before the war, I was only one such death and knew - women parachutists Luba Berlin and Tamara Ivanova. Do not you remember? Going for a world record and hit the ground. Yes ... you know why many of Leningrad before his death wrote: who we find the diary, who - email someone - a photo with inscription farewell. Who would pass on that ... on the radio these records. Len, you have not passed? Listen, we'll bring you tomorrow, and you write off. We can not leave, the order is - donate to the district committee.

   The next day they brought me a bundle, in which there were two separate sheets and notebooks with records. Do statement:

   "Please convey to the party organization at the base of my stock Aptekoupravleniya that degeneration has not stopped my activities as a member of the party. Although I could not go to work, I carried on duty in the yard and in the shelter of our apartment building. I stopped all activity on January 4 this year Now forces finally left me, I became bedridden patients and actually die.

   Let our lives forever Bolshevik Party! Long live our great leader and commander of Stalin! Victory will be ours - our cause is just. "

   Signature likely Rodionova (but maybe Rodimtsev) NP (Or NI).

   "I lost my card, blame no one but the forces are based. Being a cripple from birth, I did not bring benefits to their homeland, and it was great for me ... With this grief-stricken in the shower and I'm dying, thanks everyone who brightened his care my aimless life.

   Igor Aleshkanov born in 1918. ".

   "Be thrice cursed tyrants, thugs Hitler! Good people, avenge us.

   Beloved Motherland will never die.

   A. Sannikov. "

   Chapter Twenty

   Freezing cold on the street, that about thirty, and in the apartment too. Wall near the window covered with frost glass glisten in the patterns of thick ice.

   Potapov now lived in the apartment Kozhemyakina professor, who in August was evacuated with his family and willingly gave his apartment NKVD. There was a lot of furniture, which is things whose appointment Potapov had no idea. He settled in the office of the owner - the room was smaller than the others, with high bookcases along the walls. Window Potapov scored carpet and blanket - this stuff was here indefinitely. He built on the sofa bed, which could climb as in the hole, as it could undress and sleep without clothing.

   Returning after a meeting with Grushko, Potapov, without removing his fur coat, walked around the office. The mood was bad. Very difficult to live under an assumed name. But if such a life is to give people easy, there would be no shortage of talent scouts.Do yourself such talent Potapov not notice. He always thought that his comrades are open daily battle with the enemy, and at this time he chases shadows.

   Bruno, of whom Potapov was sent to Gatchina, and has not appeared. Now Potapov waiting here, he works as head of department in those workshops, where the director was Bruno. Davydchenko with him returned to Leningrad. They first met and Davydchenko seemed to him quite frankly, promised to introduce it with your friends, he called them great learned men. Ten days ago he called Potapov go to someone to visit, but he did not appear in the conditional place. And no longer appear.

   Today, along with Grushko they carefully pondered the situation and concluded that Potapov did the right thing, abandoning the idea of ​​going to Davydchenko home.

   We must wait. If Davydchenko associated with hostile people, sooner or later they must be interested Potapov. He asked, "How can you expect?" Grushko, pause, replied: "Head generally believed that, once you have entered into a role you have to keep in the city, you may need your help and other operations ..."

   Potapov stopped listening - it seemed that the wall banging. The knock was repeated. Pounded hard - wait a bit and knock again. So call for help. Potapov knew there beyond the wall, the apartment is what the scientist, but never anyone here ever seen.

   He went to the stairs and pushed the next door - it was unlocked. Lighting a match after match, went down a long hallway and stared at the door. Opening it, he saw a dim oil lamp swinging spot and that is unclear in a dark corner.

   - You knocked? - Asked Potapov.

   - Yes ... I'm sorry ... - heard a rustling sound in the darkness. - Come ... sit down ... I heard you ... go ... go there ... I thought, man ... one can mount ...

   Potapov took a few steps and saw on a wide bed under a pile of clothes a man with a long gray beard, wearing a fur hat.

   Potapov goes to the old, sat out a deep armchair.

   - And I decided - you call for help, - he said.

   - Also correct ... - the old man replied huskily. He tried to get up, to see Potapov, but the head did not rise. - Yes, we lived stupid ... disunity. KOZHEMIAKIN - that's all I know ... But the neighbors ... - intermittently he said. It was evident that he has no powers, but he really wants to say. - You who are from KOZHEMIAKIN?

   - I know you still could not, - said Potapov. - I nephew Dmitry Andreyevich. They asked me to move in with them.

   - What prudent people - the old man muttered. - Well, I Bezuglov Taras Borisovich ... ornithologist, which means simply aviary.

   - Dmitry Turganov Trofimovitch.

   - A lesson ... sorry for your idle curiosity ...

   - Head of the workshop, sew linen for hospitals.

   - Good ... good lesson ...

   - Are you here alone? - Asked Potapov.

   - How does this one? Many of us on the first - the old man said and fell silent. - And yet, why go there? I did not understand but the birds.

   - Thank you, Professor. I go just like that, I can not sleep.

   - How to walk, sit better with me. Want me to tell you a story? Do not be afraid ... brief.

   - And you do not mind? - Asked Potapov.

   - No ... listen ... but I can not fast ... now ... please ... do me a favor ... turn me on my side ... I want to see you.

   Potapov fulfilled his request, he was easy as a child.

   - Thank you ... now ... dizzy ... - He closed his eyes and lay silent. - Listen ... - he began. - I knew a scientist ... We ... with him finishing university ... handsome ... Alesha ... Alexey Dormidontovich biologist ... He ... We were friends ... but the woman invited him into the house ... I did not mind ... not only interested in birds ... - He opened his eyes, looked Potapov and closed it again. - Now ... more ... It was an amazing climber ... Sly like the devil ... And he was lucky ... One day ... he said to me, anyone who wants to make a name in science ... a must read for all ... Lenin ... What do you say to that? .. But I had to hear ... as it was said ... Yes ... I forgot important. Everything he wrote and spoke about the biology ... was not without interest. He said, well aware of the subject ... So ... Ten days ago he was here ... I was sitting in that chair ... Imagine - not evacuated. Said - did not want to ... said ... ... Leningrad Leningrad will ... no matter what happens. And I said ... Leningrad Gitlershtadt call ... Do you think he cried? Began to assure that I do not understand? .. Not at all ... He said ... biological school ... they became very strong ... name names ... Then I cried ... stupid ... hysterically. That was cleaned out, and so on. Tell me ... what he wanted from me?

   - He needs allies - Potapov said.

   - Oh my God ... oh my God ... - Professor said quietly. Potapov looked at him and thought about what you can do to help this old man.

   - Who buys bread you, Professor? - Asked Potapov.

   - A girl from our home ... Kate ... She brings me water ... And you know it ... biologist face a satisfied ... he dies ...

   - I can help you than anything? - Asked Potapov.

   - Yes ... - barely audibly said the professor. - Very oblige ... please ... turn me back ... and beard ... here ...

   Potapov stood, bent over him and turned his back to the light body back.

   The old man said something silently - mouthed and silent.

   Potapov sat and waited, painfully trying to figure out that now he could do for him, but nothing came up.

   He had to go to him and try to sleep, too.

   Davydchenko appeared in the morning, when there has been hardly promorozhennaya windows blue winter day. Potapov led him into the office.

   - What happened? - He asked.

   - The thing is, - said Davydchenko.

   - But why so early? I need to work.

   - Where to?

   - For work.

   - Throw ... what else for a job?

   - I work at a garment factory. - Potapov stood. - Come on ...

   - Wow! - Davydchenko said. - Do you mean, could not stay away, and so on?

   - And what does it matter to you? - Potapov began buttoning his sheepskin and headed for the door.

   Davydchenko approached, grabbed her arm:

   - Oh, come on! .. Sit down, please. Have a serious conversation.

   - I can not be late.

   - Oh, come on, Dmitry Trofimovitch! I have a serious matter.

   - Me too.

   - So, and hunt with the hounds?

   - At least, it is clear who I am and what I do.

   - Dmitry Trofimovitch you are interested in big men. They came up with a great job. Create an organization of patriots, want to keep the historical and cultural values ​​of Leningrad.

   - Save from the Germans?

   - Did they are not interested, things to remain in place?

   - Here it is already clear - Potapov said. - What is required of me?

   - Participation and all. I myself more than I can say nothing. Since you will say others. I'm waiting for you the day after tomorrow at noon at the crossroads of the Country and the University. Do you? And we go ... I do not want to talk ... but as a friend, Dmitry Trofimovitch ... to you very seriously. You know German?

   - So what?

   - If you go ... there ... to him ...

   - Clear. And you said that you have to accept such a fool? - Asked Potapov.

   - Well, why are you so, Dmitry Trofimovitch?

   - Okay. Let's talk - we'll see. I'm late, Mikhail. Come on.

   Girls climbed the stairs with a stretcher. Apartment door was opened by Professor.

   On the street at the entrance stood sleigh ...

   Diary of Leningrad

   I just came from a wedding. The wedding, dammit! Where were the bride and groom at krahmalke in white dress. And there were guests. And we drank vodka and shouting "Bitter!".

   Malakhov of household cooking team married.

   Wedding in a city where every day people are dying of hunger. Feast or Famine?

   No! The triumph of life over death!

   Groom - Lieutenant with antiaircraft batteries - wished the wedding to be in civilian clothes, and the girls got him a white shirt. No matter what the shirt was room for three more, the groom had to roll up our sleeves in January as in July heat. Celebrating a wedding in the barracks, where the girls lived. Clean, bright room, as in a female student dormitory. The table was made of two halves of the door laid on trestles. Guests were about twenty people - girls from domestic teams and anti-aircraft gunners. All come with their bread. Vodka was the zenith.

   I sat between the mother of the bride and the battery commander Captain Savin. "May I thank God that non-flying weather, and I gave them to the wedding," - suddenly the captain said, and laughed. He pulled out a photograph of his wife, two daughters and explained: "In Perm live, there is no war. Happiness. Right? "

   Mother of the bride - travmayny motorman. But the tram is now idle, and it works in the hospital. "You're my only daughter - she said in a singsong voice. - I'm not a wedding wish that just sit on the beds and the bread was very sweet food. But once you've got the love and adorned thy fearful life among the dead, and love advice to you. Father, I will write as everything here was, and it will be even harder to beat the enemies. People say that for the time of birth and death are not chosen. And the wedding, too, must play when love came. Be happy, my lads. "

   "Hurrah!" - Shouted the captain Savin. Behind it all: "Hurrah!"

   We cry from the second floor old man ran. "What happened? What happened? - He asked. - I've got the radio does not work. War end? "

   When he learned what had happened, he began to cry. He was given a shot of vodka and a black biscuit. He drank vodka for the young, and took with him a biscuit. And when he left, we were silent.

   Groom - quite a boy, although Lieutenant - going to say. He was visibly drunk, and Savin captain looked at him anxiously. "Do not spoil the song, jerk," - he said quietly to me. But the bride did not spoiled. He said briefly: "I was walking to the war, I thought I perish, but I found her happiness. So much for the war. " He laughed and kissed his wife, not expecting, "bitter."

   Chapter Twenty-One

   Davydchenko appointed Potapov come in a day, at noon, at the corner of Country University Avenue and the streets.

   At eleven Potapov was already in place - you need to see where will Davydchenko as behave, not whether it will be accompanied by somebody.

   Potapov went to the porch with glazed door, there perfectly see the whole intersection. Was thawing, swung over the city clean, bright sky. A very few people walked slowly, not looking around. Near the wall opposite was leaning, man - rested, probably about a guy standing Announcement posts of department Prokopenko. Yesterday Potapov called Grushko to just in case sent observation.

   The street is deserted, quiet. Where is the car drove away. Passed two sailors. Potapov looked again at the guy friend of the department ... Victor Prokopenko Yartsev great basketball plays ... married just before the war ... "Ah, would spill over to him even by the word" - thought Potapov and sighed.

   Fifteen minutes before the appointed time came Davydchenko. At this moment they heard a whistling and howling somewhere close to the projectile hit. Davydchenko strongly bent down, ran down the street and ducked into the University gates. Second shell landed somewhere on. The guy from "outdoor advertising" slowly walked towards the gate, which ran in Davydchenko. Yartsev was dressed as a veteran officer - deification fur coat at the waist gun on his hip - the tablet on his head - a soldier cloth Treukhov.He went through the gate and immediately went out again, looking at the sky and listening. After a minute with him seemed Davydchenko. He asked something and Yartsev long answer and showed his hand to the sky.

   Some shells went somewhere quite far, only slightly trembled earth and heard a long rumble uncertain. Davydchenko said that a war veteran, who shook his head, pointed to the sky, laughed and left at the gate. Davydchenko moved to a crossroads, and a minute later Potapov came to meet him.

   - Let's quickly. - Davydchenko Potapov took his arm and walked quickly to the street Marat.

   Then they came thoroughfare on Ligovskiy, crossed another yard and were confused by the Tambov street.

   Dark tunnel through the stone gates broken door they entered the old house. Cranky on icy stairs up to the second floor and went into the dark corridor. Potapov Davydchenko took the hand and led groping found the right door and knocked softly. Once opened. They went into the cramped hall, on the walls, do not reach to the ceiling, a faint light penetrated. Davydchenko whispered something man opened the door and walked away. Man disappeared behind the partition.

   - Do not have to undress, come! - He cried out.

   Potapov entered. In a small room burned tin kerosene lamp shade made with homemade book binding. Face and chest of a tall man, standing at the table, were in the shade, covered only by his strong hands, relying on the table.

   - Long time waiting for you, - said the man quietly cracked soft and deep voice came out of the shadows.

   He was a man of fifty-five years with an elongated face downwards and the protruding sharp chin. Bright eyes looked carefully cold. Thick gray hair over the bulging forehead was slicked back. It was a good, old-fashioned suit of some expensive material, wide lapels crumpled bulging, and all the time he smoothed their pants tucked into boots rough. Under his jacket - military tunic without buttonholes.

   - Dmitry Trofimovitch? I, too, Dmitri, but S., - he said, extending his hand. - Hello.

   Potapov felt a strong, rigid arm.

   - Let's sit in the legs, they say there is no truth, and we both need is in it - is not it? - Gently and slowly said Dmitry.

   They sat down to the table. Potapov internally going, but it seemed that he was nervous - he really worried.

   - Davydchenko told me about you ... - Dmitry started. - We're in the same position - I do not live under your name. It's not easy ...

   - Yeah, yeah ... - Potapov said and readily added - Mainly morally, but I stopped being afraid, but when he moved on foreign passport. And only after that I began to study an engineering degree, work.

   - Your Research Institute evacuated? - All as softly and slowly asked Dmitry.

   - Yes. Completely.

   - And how did you manage to stay?

   - On the eve of the evacuation announced that I was going to battle. I'm not one of those who are considered indispensable in the institute ...

   - But you reservist? - Dmitry gently interrupted.

   - I have a white card - epilepsy.

   - Seriously?

   - Yes, I was sick - it was long ago, and now ... I can get sick ... - Because of the thick eyeglass Potapov bright eyes looked at him calmly and sincerely. Potapov looked at him and tried to understand what he was thinking, whether he believes. Everything in it was always: and softness of speech, and the cold intense gaze, and at this moment the most difficult element tested legend Potapov.

   - Do you really bought the cottage? - Dmitry asked sympathetically.

   - There I met Davydchenko - Potapov said with a sigh.

   - Yes, I know - Dmitry nodded. - By the way, what he impresses you?

   Potapov looked up at him a look of surprise:

   - Are you interested in my opinion about a man who enjoys you more authority than I am?

   - When a pitcher to collect shards, each piece is so hard to find it only right place - did not immediately respond Dmitry. - I ask not in the sense of trust. I should not even have to ask this question. I want only to know: when you go to persuade Davydchenko from Gatchina in Leningrad, that you were guided?

   - A mixture of sober mind and fear.

   Potapov carefully brushed off the table invisible speck carefully examined his fingers and only then looked up.

   - Why did you do all this? I mean everything, everything, starting with the failure to evacuate? - Said Dmitry.

   Potapov sat a long time, lost in thought, not looking at him.

   - And you do not want to be yourself and one day go to the open grave of the mother? - He asked.

   Dmitry stared at him, but Potapov does not seem to notice it.

   - Most of all I want you to believe and do not think me a fool - he continued, looking at his hands. - You ask why? In response, nothing definite can not say, but I will not lie. - Potapov paused and said with exasperation: - What is clear is that all this is not mine and I do not need. What in return? I do not know! I do not know!

   - But sew underwear for the Red Army?

   - And you order do nothing? And as if to live, Dmitry? - Potapov said very seriously. - Linen finally be useful to everyone.

   - Who - all?

   - Everyone, I perfectly understand you ... And you know why I went easy on the first offer Davydchenko. In this way, the answer to your question - why.

   - Suppose you have agreed not so easy.

   - Apparently, Davydchenko tried to increase their shares - God bless him - yes, I agreed immediately. - Potapov seemed very excited.

   - Revelation upon revelation, - said Dmitry gently. - You are recommended to us Davydchenko and its level, you know ... It seemed suspicious, as you willingly, without asking, agreed to go with him to strangers. I forbade him to meet with you then.

   - I hope, however, that your advice, he said through the door, he was not home.

   - Doo y of cancer! - Dmitry Sergeyevich escaped.

   - Now it does not matter. He explained to me, however, the goal you set for yourself, it struck me as medium-sized.

   - Yes - Dmitry agreed. - First, we want to offer them my limited uplift service - the preservation of historical and cultural values ​​of our city. You understand that we are talking about wealth, which has no equal in the world, they know about it.

   - But then why go through the front? Now why do you communicate with them?

   - Do we then provide an opportunity to attract their attention - that is the question. You just think that is at the moment going on here ...

   - You're probably right - thinking agreed Potapov.

   - We have another opportunity to establish contact with them, but to go to her, need to take risks and do not want to be too great work scheduled us. No big words - historic.

   Potapov slowly bowed his head in agreement, but said:

   - And these are not our values ​​simply declared war booty? Then we will become an obstacle for them.

   - There is no doubt the culture and civilization of this nation, - said Dmitry. - But maybe that's why need to communicate with them.

   - Go to him with this? I do not know ... I do not know ... If I had to go, I would not dare. They will ask from whom you want to save your valuables? What would you respond?

   - From the Bolsheviks ...

   - And what can they do with them? Take out they can not, and when we come to the final, and think about it will not. "So, you want to keep your valuables away from us?" - Ask them. What would you respond? Which wall to become?

   - I like that you translate it for yourself, - said Dmitry.

   - Davydchenko said to me and it is assigned this role.

   - I am ashamed to admit, Dmitry Trofimovitch, but of those whom we can confide in, no one knows German.

   - Knowledge of the language can not deprive the mind - grumbled Potapov.

   - Not a reckless step, we do not intend, - said Dmitry. - But, in principle, could you?

   - In principle - not abstract ... perhaps ...

   Dmitry suggested that we meet in a few days.

   When Potapov came out, was already getting dark. In a dark courtyard approached him Davydchenko.

   - Where are you? - He asked anxiously.

   - Home, of course. Goodbye, Mikhail, I'm in a hurry. - Potapov walked quickly to the door to the street.

   - Goodbye ... - confusion sounded behind him.

   Diary of Leningrad

   Morning found that the upper glass window in my room and even unfreeze visible edge of the roof. The night before it was felt that will thaw. Someone said - not to pamper your feet boots, and I'm almost two months have not worn boots. Decided to wear.But what the hell? Without foot bindings, only a woolen sock and do not climb. And there were three more rooms. Looked - not my leg, huge, all swollen. Poked rise remained deep pit. Long sat hunched, staring at his feet, it became difficult to breathe.Straightened - dizzy ...

   Until this morning I had to blockade unless nagging desire to eat. I learned trichotomize 125 grams and its two parts - morning and evening - I eat under the boiling water, and the third slice - day in the commandant's office, where getting yeast soup plate. I walk a lot, a lot of work, and dystrophy, it turns out to be hiding in the boots. Nothing, of course, special, but still need to get used to it.

   Sat a long time, going down to get hold of boiling water. Opened the door, entered the policeman, an elderly, rather tall, before it was probably full, but now limp on it: and the skin on the cheeks gray, and overcoat.

   He plopped down on a chair and abruptly, whistling in the chest said:

   - I beg of you ... come with me understood ... then one person ... not our dead, so ... I should draw.

   The deceased was on the third floor and there we climbed a long time, with stops breathing, as two old steam locomotive.

   I found it to a paste, saw him several times in the hotel. Someone said he was an Estonian, shipmaster, sunken on the way from Tallinn to Leningrad. Big, beautiful, fifty years, he went to an elegant black overcoat with shaped stripes on the sleeves. He lay as big and broad, but fabulously flat. He knew he was dying - lying strictly backward, and arms were crossed over his chest. Overcoat with stripes covered him.

   We started doing inventory.

   - Some Points in the box and one pair of glasses - so ... - policeman told me to, and while I was writing, said: - We have foreign people always feel more humble. Would I what that points to record, if it was a question about this man? And why not? I say - this is from our old subservience. Not weathered. Contact: purse with money. Leather. Paper money of unknown value and name - eleven pieces, as well as silver and copper coins ... How much do I now its just issued. Home care - get sealing wax to seal the living space. God willing, in this war podnaberemsya pride. Huh? Write ... small suitcase. Leather. With fresh and of underwear worn. We assume? Let's not let the unit we will suitcase ... My wife died seven days as ... No, it is now eight. She always accused me that I love with more than her. And so, it is necessary - indeed died without me - I was in the raid, street children in attics so the empty apartments caught ... Contact - Finnish knife with a sheath for it. The handle is decorated with silver and Blade what that inscription.Beautiful piece - a look ... The other day I go to the service to the apartment of one famous artist. It was middle of the room on the floor and your artistic porcelain covered carpet of bombs, says. I thought he was crazy ... And then we caught a looter - went from door to door for food and things exchanged. That bastard did not invent - an abandoned pharmacy stole wafers for pills, they are made of gelatin, and they exchanged. His room piled to the ceiling things. That he was going to do with them, I'll never know ... Contact: pocket watch with chain, possibly gold, and with a key for the plant ... Yes ... I said about you at the bottom of what you write - is that the same service you have this? Here, I think, just understood that it is necessary - will be detailed inventory ... People do not think so now, as we are in these watches with chains ... Yeah ... SVEZA I mean, his wife at the assembly point for Ohta. I want to list it in some sort of brought. Say you will have a certificate from the registrar's office or from the dispensation, and more, say you do not need anything. Since then, say, a certificate of death, and I should - where she was buried. Sons return from the war, ask - what I tell them? And have not given ... Contact: black wool overcoat, uniforms, one ...


   Chapter Twenty-Two

   This blizzard night Axel sent across the front and Zhuhina Braslavsky.

   Zhuhin went a second time and felt confident, but he and the first time did not feel special fear. He is unlikely to completely unfamiliar fear, but he was so accustomed to risk, that it was his normal state. On his personal card, in the "Special Notes", was written: "For orders X". Put simply, it meant "for dark deeds."

   In 1918, being in France, beardless cadet Anatoly Zhuhin immediately started with criminality - robbed a goldsmith. Had to flee to Germany. Here he felt freer - in the defeated country was in chaos. Young Zhuhin decided to go to the police. He disguised himself as an "eternal" unemployed while away at the labor exchange, and collected information about the mood of persons not of German nationality. Recent years, he was listed by the Gestapo and executed on his behalf many dark deeds. For large business it did not take - the Nazis did not trust such cases people are not of German nationality.

   When Axel formed his group, he asked the Gestapo man "for instructions X". Zhuhina sent. After the first conversation Axel determined the price this person and further treated him coldly, if not disgust, but also knew that his group Zhuhin may be the most reliable. The first time he walked through the front of a portable container stuffed with mines. The next day radioman Palchinsky said he had deposited Zhuhinym delivered mines. Two days later Zhuhin returned. Brought documents and personal weapons of the Soviet officer, tucked under his arm on the Soviet side. Without affectation said: "Not the most difficult thing." About Leningrad said: "Nothing big, but easy to understand." Trying to figure it Axel something significant about the atmosphere of the city came to nothing lead.

   This time Zhuhin should take from radioman mine and try to blow up an experiment mechanism divorce one of the bridges over the Neva. Tactically, creating a "fifth column" opportunity breeding Leningrad bridges viewed as a serious hindrance.

   Walked through the fields blizzard and snow after a day thaw crusted - go straight where you want, as on the parquet.

   Zhuhin walked through manual compass fear only one thing: how to avoid falling into what some pit, or - God forbid - the trench. Military intelligence officers of the German tank unit, accompanied him, assured that here at the junction of two Russian military units, and if it will go by the compass, and safely pass the German and Russian trenches. Everything went according to plan - covered snowstorm, he calmly walked to the rear Russian positions. Took off his camouflage cloak and looked bush, where his hide.And suddenly the earth went from under his feet - he fell into a deep move messages between the dugouts and your anti-aircraft batteries. After waiting a bit and making sure that it never happened, he again threw camouflage cloak over his shoulders and gently turned away guns, thinking that such a blizzard outside gunners guns do nothing. There he stopped and began to look closely where the output from the battery. Right, where was a pile of boxes, he said clearance and headed there.

   Near boxes hiding from blizzards hour. He had noticed Zhuhina. First suggested that someone comes out fighting crew, but soon realized it was not. The soldier was young, neobstrelyanny. Experienced would be too long a person called and laid way would have caused his guard bosses, and keep an eye on all this. Noticing the time, Zhuhin without thinking for a moment, rushed past the boxes on the other side of the soldier. The soldier raised his rifle and fired.

   The bullet hit Zhuhinu neck. He even ran a temper ten steps and fell flat on the ostrobugristy present.

   Jumped out of the dugouts gunners. They do not really like leaving the warm, run by a snowstorm, but the sentry shouted excitedly:

   - I say - was a bastard. Search for it! Gad was!

   - Wait wail - stopped his battery commander. - To run your reptile? There? Come see ...

   Zhuhin was unconscious and terribly hoarse. Arrived shortly special department authorized inspecting equipment and gear wounded, said:

   - There. Who hurt him?

   - Local Ahmetdinov.

   - Where is he?

   Ahmetdinov told what had happened, then commissioner of the special department found the place where Zhuhin fell in the course of communication.

   - Clear picture - he said. - Because of the blizzard he walked blindly kuvyrnulsya here, began to seek a way and ran on time ...

   From the medical unit arrived a horse and sleigh. Zhuhin became delirious - shout what that word of French, Russian and swore by. When he began to raise, he calmed down. And he died on the way to the infirmary.

   His bad crossing the front is reflected in the four lines of operational reports: "In passing the front line was seriously wounded and died unknown with bogus documents on foreman engineer troops Zolotukhin VB Noteworthy is that when killed, but money in the hundred-ruble banknotes dignity amounting to 50 thousand rubles, had no weapons or other equipment. " Against this place in the head of the state security bulletin Kubatkin wrote to memory: "Do not go if he was the same mission that Esipov?"

   Maxim Mikhailovich Braslavsky battalion commander in the dugout waiting in the wings to go up front. Host dugout treated him hot coffee, brandy and tried to call to talk - he was just curious, what kind of people are going to such a risky business? But Braslavsky replied tersely, distracting German prevented him from concentrating and withdraw into himself.

   Under Axel Maxim Mikhailovich Braslavsky great shot to fame the Silent.

   Of all the Russian group Braslavsky recognized Migunova a colonel, because he was from a family of large landowner and nobleman. Sam was the son of a highly Braslavsky military, quite a rich nobleman. Before the First World War, his father Braslavskogo prudently moved his fortune in Swiss banks, and in the eighteenth year when the whole family was in France, they have no need. Maxim Braslavsky received in France higher military education. Father with the blood he entered in the sacred thirst for revenge Bolsheviks "the insulted Russia, for the murdered monarch and his family."

   When his father died, Maxim Braslavsky moved to Germany. He believed that the world is a real anti-Soviet force only one man - Adolf Hitler. Soon Max became an employee of the Russian department of the Abwehr. One of the first, he was seconded to Axel and participated in the selection of the other members, so that everyone knew the whole story. Not that he did not believe them or people considered them useless, but he saw them as primarily wheeler-dealer who will go round, once in Russia will get to their estates and commercial buildings. Currently he is assigned the role of the sublime and saw himself in a very distant historical perspective. Since childhood, he remembered his father explaining to Repin's famous painting, which depicts members of the Council of State in Tsarist Russia. "This is the brain of Russia, - said my father. - And each one shown here - is its high intelligence and majestic bearing. " And then when his father gave the characteristics of each figure, the young Maxim listened with bated breath. He imagined himself that one of these important dignitaries, then the other. It was a game and something more than a game. Anyway, Maxim M. Braslavsky saw a very real opportunity to implement their plans. Not only on their Russian colleagues, but at the very Axel as he looked at random satellites, which he would leave at the first opportunity.

   Braslavsky held independently with emphatic dignity - no ostentatious piety of his superiors. Axel even talking to him, watching him, so as not to give rise interlocutor surprise move his bushy eyebrows or frankly smile strong corners of the mouth, sealed on the sides with deep wrinkles. He had a beautiful face with a high forehead, thin, aristocratic hands, calm, intelligent eyes. In Abwehr talked about him: "Far be gone ... if I was a German."

   Axel perfectly solved Braslavskogo ambition and not only did not condemn him for it, and talking to them face to face in every way it warmed up, expressing his respect for his scholarship and noble education. Taken in Leningrad Axel saw his boss Russian police. He told him about it today, during the last call before sending in Leningrad. And he said that only he may appoint a completely independent raid without regard to the chief resident in the city. Axel, of course, did not tell him that with exactly the same job went to Leningrad and Esipov, left and vanished into thin air ...

   At the appointed hour Braslavsky dryly said goodbye with the battalion commander and accompanied by a dedicated scout went through the front line.

   By morning, he was in Leningrad and walked along the avenue to Stachek Avtovskaya street where the house in which he had to settle. It was one of the addresses selected at one time resident Kumlevym.

   Looked strange city. It was late morning, and Braslavsky not seen on the street any person. Title loud - Avenue! It was poorly rolled and deserted road leading to the city. Right on the hillock, such as apart from each other were wooden houses suburb, to the left of the elusive horizon Staley white plain ...

   Towards raced single truck with a plywood cabin instead of the body. Braslavsky, hand, stepped into the snow machine to douse it with warmth and the smell of bread.

   City started the cemetery enclosed by a heavy brick wall. Braslavsky remember what it is called reds - when developed route, someone from abverovtsev joked: "The Bolsheviks Krasnenkoe all." Passing the cemetery, Braslavsky took several left and then sharply to the right soon - and there began Avtovskaya street. And it is also not yet been Leningrad Avtovo a suburban town, but now the city was already there, just ahead in the misty haze of winter morning blackened pipe Kirov Plant and discernible contours of urban homes. But while Braslavsky still see the street, like a village - again wooden houses with front gardens, deserted again sleepy suburbs.

   Towards Braslaw woman was - it was slow, solemn and yet frightened, though very afraid of tripping. She was wearing a coat with fox collar, intercepted rope. On the head men's hat with ear flaps, tightly knotted under the chin, causing her sallow face seemed Braslaw small and eyes on it - fabulously large. When they became closer, the woman looked at Braslavsky and quickly looked away.

   House at number nine was a small, wooden, rickety. Around the house when it was a gate, but now from them was only a stone pillar. Along the wall in deep snow trampled single track, recently someone came out of the house. Braslavsky was the trail and found himself in front of the open door, behind which was dark. He knocked on the wall, listened - no one spoke. Carefully entering the porch in the dark, he began fumbling hand on the wall. Groped for the door handle and pulled it forward - the door opened easily.

   - Hi, - he said loudly.

   Silence. The door to the next room was open - there was an iron stove burzhuyka, trumpet from her stretched out the window. All the windows are frozen, covered with a thick, wavy layer of ice. The room smelled sour, ash crunched underfoot. Bed with a pile of rags was pushed to the stove. Braslavsky, rasstegnuvshy was his wadded jacket again buttoned all the buttons.

   He sat on a bench against the wall, waiting for the hostess return. Without realizing it, he fell asleep - affected last night without sleep.

   He woke up around noon - hands and feet froze from the cold. He jumped up and started waving his arms around the room from corner to corner. Ran until it was warm. Then wanted to eat. In a special jacket pocket hidden tile fortified chocolate, but he decided not to touch the emergency reserve, and find something in the house. He searched all the corners, cabinets, desk, nightstand, even lifted the mattress, but throughout the house found absolutely nothing that could be eaten. Only in a small wooden grinder found some black pepper grains. Pulling a hidden pocket of a chocolate bar, he ate half. When he rustling foil, opened tile from under the bed and climbed two mice started running around his feet. He disgustedly threw the mouse and she plopped in a dark corner. Other as if nothing had happened continued to run at his feet.

   The hostess did not appear. We had to decide what to do. Immediately go to Kumlevu impossible. Axel would not recognize his position is hopeless, he kept saying that the documents he is so robust that it can easily get to the hotel or to require your device from the military and civil authorities.

   According to documents Braslavsky - evacuated from Riga Russian library director Berezin - Russian, from emigrants. In Leningrad, many evacuees from the Baltic states, and Axel was right in saying that the documents in its ordinariness Braslavskogo reliable.But, being a "military bone" Braslavsky generally afraid masquerade and heart felt it beneath his dignity.

   Braslavsky not know what to do. For the sixth time he was in the house at Avtovskaya promorozhennaya street, and the hostess was not all. Ambulances emerged winter dusk. Even before Braslavsky would light the fire, but the house he found nothing that could replace firewood. The house had no chair, no table, were burned even skirting cornice. He tried hard to tear off the bench was, but it definitely has grown into the wall.

   Was pointless to go to the curfew, he will not have time to get there. Braslavsky looked at the bed, piled with dirty rags, - it was impossible to imagine that you can go there. Yes, and how to sleep in a cold? He kept jumping up from the bench, began to walk quickly around the stove, crouch, waving his arms.

   He turned to the door and started - there was a woman. She looked at him wearily, without any surprise or curiosity.

   - Nadia? - He asked.

   The woman did not answer, went to the stove and touched her hand, then sat on the bed.

   - You Nadia? - Braslavsky asked, raising his voice.

   She nodded her head. This was the woman he had met on the street in the morning.

   - I am to you from Igor Nikolayevich ... - he said a conditional sentence. - Can you stay?

   - There is nothing - woman sighed. - I lost the card. Went to the store, held it in his hands, like so ... - She showed a clenched fist ... - ... was a strong wind picked me coat, dress, and I did hand ... that's it ... - She showed. - And then I look ... - She looked at her empty hand - and cards and no. Today is the third day ... Just do not eat snow.

   She spoke in an even voice, as if not yourself.

   - I can give you chocolate - Braslavsky said.

   - What? What? - She quickly lifted her head and looked at him blankly.

   Braslavsky pulled out his half of the tiles and handed it to her. She did not take the chocolate and watched with fear, with her lips flowed the thin trickle of saliva.

   - Take ... take - ordered Braslavsky and put chocolate in her hand.

   Nadia took chocolate, held it to his eyes, and suddenly clutched at him with their teeth without tearing the wrapper. Her face contorted in pain, and she opened her lips - they were covered in blood.

   Braslavsky looked at a woman with horror.

   Nadia ate chocolate and only a tiny bit of looking back on Braslavsky, hidden under rags. And suddenly businesslike asked:

   - You have a long time to stop me?

   - Do not know yet, maybe tomorrow leave.

   - Well, at least one day my yes - she said, and it is unclear what laughed. - That's just extra beds I have. Was a married, but I do it in the oven stops, even more so that my husband is still at war killed.

   - I like something I will build - said Braslavsky, absolutely not imagining how he arranged if the floor running mouse.

   - Stove to heat can be - the woman said. - But it does slazit the attic - one I was afraid ...

   Braslavsky climbed into the attic and threw out a whole pile of things: razlomalis box with old shoes, suits magazine "Niva" during the years of World War I, a roll of wallpaper, books, a hank of rope ...

   Rascal little stove heated the room. Woman breathlessly brought a bucket of snow from the street and put it on the stove. Then they drank silently greenish liquid, smelling of pharmacy.

   - How did you get chocolate preserved? - Suddenly asked Nadia.

   - Better safe than sorry - said Braslavsky.

   Woman startled, frightened look at him, but did not speak. She crawled under the rags on the bed, Braslavsky, without undressing, got sideways on a narrow bench against the wall, his head tucked under a set of "Niva". Everything that happened to him that day because his tired that he fell asleep.

   Woke up suddenly - someone groping hand on his chest. Braslavsky jumped as thrown spring, hitting his head about something soft, issued from his side, and drew a pistol from his pocket. Black shadow darted to the bed and there rustled rags. He understood the hostess looking chocolate ...

   "Obviously, gone crazy" - he thought, and lay back on the bench. But sleep he could no longer - was already a glimmer timid dawn ...

   When the room brightened a bit, the woman got out from under the rags. Silently, slowly moving it melted the stove and went out into the street in the snow. Braslavsky rose, done fast, energetic gym, warmed up a bit and began to gather.

   - When you come? - Asked Nadia.

   - I do not know. Get ... - he handed her two hundred-ruble notes.

   - What are they ... - she asked quietly. - You come ...

   At ten o'clock in the morning Braslavsky entered the dark lobby of the hotel "Astoria". Behind a glass partition candle burning out, but no one was there. Braslavsky waited. A woman came in a fur coat.

   - I would like to stay at your hotel.

   - Baits? From Riga? - Asked the woman.

   Braslavsky flinched but said nothing.

   - Only people call us out of the hotel - the woman said, and held out his hand through the window. - Let's some sort of document.

   Braslavsky gave her a brand new Soviet passport and that was "given to the Director of the Riga library Berezina NN that it works in this position since January 1941. "

   Help was valid until December 31, 1941, and has been the fourth in January 1942. When a woman is looking through a certificate Braslavsky said:

   - I'd love to extended help, but I'm afraid to go for it in Riga.

   - Yes, you should not ... - woman smiled, and only now Braslavsky saw that this was only a girl, and, moreover, very krasivenko, with large dark blue eyes, with a sweet smile.

   - On which floor you want to live? - She asked.

   - I do not care.

   He got a room on the mezzanine with a window facing the courtyard on what that hotel roof. Strange thing - heating pipes were ice and in the room was not as cold as in a house on the street Avtovskaya.

   Leaving his backpack in the room, went into the city Braslavsky. This his first day in Leningrad, he fully devoted life observation. In the evening he returned to the hotel. Behind a glass partition on duty all the same girl.

   - There kipyatochek, - she said, giving Braslaw key. - You have a piece of plate there? Okay, I'll give you a mug. Keep. Smenschitsy my back tomorrow.

   Braslavsky thanked her and walked away from the already small window, he heard his name.

   - Sorry! I almost forgot. Here we have plenty of your countrymen, I tell them your room. So do not be surprised ...

   Climbing the stairs, Braslavsky thought feverishly to do. My first thought - to withdraw immediately from the hotel and back. But it would be suspicious, and the same duty could bring the police. Could lock the door and do not respond to a knock. But it is also suspicious - can not refugee, being in a foreign country, to refuse to meet with fellow countryman.

   Braslavsky have not had time to decide how to act, - the door opened and a woman entered the room in his forties astrakhan coat, from which could be seen under the bright kimono. In one hand she had a burning candle, the other she was a little girl. She closed the door and raised the candle above his head.

   - Kungs6 Berzins? - She asked.

   Braslavsky said he really Berezin and that he would prefer to speak Russian as Latvian, he never mastered.

   - Can and Russian - the woman agreed. - Allow to sit ...

   - For God's sake, forgive me. - Braslavsky pulled up a chair and took a candle from her hand.

   She sat down, the girl clung to her legs.

   - I also Russian. But my husband Lett. His name Ozerinsh. You do not know him?

   - Very familiar name - Braslavsky muttered, frowning.

   - But it does not matter. Tell me, please, when you leave from Riga?

   - Twenty-sixth day of June in the morning - said Braslavsky.

   - Train?

   - No, my family left two days before the train, and I was in a convoy University.

   - So you do not train - the woman said softly. - Then you know nothing. Excuse me ... - She stood up and took the candle: - I was so worried ... again - excuse me. But you have to understand - I found myself alone here ... with a girl ... without means ... Well, you know. Goodbye.

   Girl curtsied and ran to her mother.

   - Here lives a Russian teacher, or she is an employee library, but also from Riga, she knows about you, - said the woman in the doorway.

   Braslavsky remembered the conversation and did not find it any mistakes. But enough for today.

   He locked the door, drink boiled water, eating chocolate, undressed and climbed into a cold bed.

   Woke up late and did not immediately realize where he was. He saw promorozhennaya window from which fluffy frost spreading across the wall. Shook his head and jumped out from under the blankets. Cold grabbed him and seemed clenched in his arms. He was making abrupt movements hands, began to jump, but the familiar warmth did not come. He dressed quickly - became a little warmer. Ate a piece of chocolate, like the rest of his drink in a mug of water, but she was cold. Shake out of ice mugs circle, and he broke it into pieces, the ice began to suck. And only then it stopped shaking chills ...

   Riga librarian, which he said the woman was waiting for him in the hotel lobby and as soon as he put on duty mug, grabbed his arm and pulled him somewhere in the darkness of the lobby, saying:

   - I need you ... so please ... need ...

   She pulled him into the hall, where before there was a cafe, and they sat down to a lonely table where columns towered useless plates.

   - God sent you ... the right word, God - the woman said, adjusting his disheveled gray hair and eagerly peering into the face Braslavsky. - Do you know? I also head of the library. Your what? What's the number? On Marinskaya? On Suvorov? At the Moscow suburb?

   - What's the matter? How can I be of service? - Asked coldly Braslavsky.

   - I have to give you just one question: how do you ordered fund? - Asked the woman.

   - So ... as ordered? - Asked Braslavsky, minute to win time and in the hope that she will explain your question.

   - Very simple - what you do with it? Burned? Hidden? What? What?

   - I just threw it, - said Braslavsky. - When I was thinking about the money, if I was leaving the twenty-sixth? And it's not so easy to burn or hide so many books.

   - Well, here! That's it! - Woman exclaimed happily. She jumped up, grabbed Braslavskogo hand and pulled: - Come on! You say this man that I did with the fund could not make!

   - Wait! - Braslavsky withdrew his hand. - Explain the last thing you want from me?

   - Oh, my God! My chief Riga accuses me that I gave the library fund in the hands of the enemy. Do you understand? Come on! I beg you! You just tell him! Come on ... - she was again missed Braslavsky's hand, but he quickly walked away.

   - How dare you? Shame on you! - Shouted after him gray librarian.

   Diary of Leningrad

   Flew from Moscow Grisha Nilov. Came to us in the "Astoria" in naval uniform. He is beautiful tunic unusual. It turns out that he is now working in the naval newspaper. I gathered a few of Moscow journalists. Grisha - red and cheerful, moving among us, sluggish blockade - brought a number of news and one absolutely incredible - the hotel "Moscow" can easily control the world of vodka and snacks.

   - What are you, edrena Fenya not even brought us a box of sprat? - Asked someone.

   Gregory looked at us and suddenly became very serious. Dumped on the table from his haversack two loaves of bread, a piece of bacon, a few bars of chocolate, a piece of smoked sausage and a ring of Krakow. Krakow, however, he awkwardly shoved into the bag:

   - That I am instructed to take one leningradke.

   In the evening we went on Vasilevsky Island. Go away, I'll always grab the sleeve - Slow down. On the way, he admitted that no one instructed him not to take the sausage, and we accept it as one of glory glorious girl he knew before the war. And this - Grisha! The first smoothie in our radioderevne! Found a house and an apartment. Call, knock, yell. Old stone house stands as a monument to the dead of the Petrine era. Suddenly, the door creaked open, and we saw that it is alive, wrapped in a quilt. Gregory called the girl's name.

   - Yes, God be with you, my dears ... - barely audible female voice said. - The Lord is with you. She went back in the summer as a nurse, and in November at her funeral brought. Are you related to her will?

   Grisha got sausage and gave the woman.

   I barely caught it.

   In the evening he went to Kronstadt, and I - in my division. I drove a volume of correspondence Chekhov and Olga Knipper Solomennikova it in our last meeting suddenly asked to get.

   Got to advanced only at night. Spent the night at the gunners. Morning at the headquarters of the division found four days ago Captain returned to NP regiment commander, came under mortar attack, was seriously wounded and died koschu day ... So they gave me this book as a keepsake from my inscription: "S.S.Solomennikovu - with thanks for clarifying the issue, what war is. Leningrad. "


   Chapter twenty-third

   Mother woke Gorin:

   - Misha ... Misha ... Come on ... come ... Lord, I just knew - she wailed.

   - Who came? Who? Who? - Sleepy repeated Gorin. He sat on the bed and began to rub his hands shaggy head and forehead.

   Entered the room and the investigator Samarin foreman of internal security forces.

   - We have a little time, please dress as soon as possible, and we will begin the search. Proceed, Sergeant ...

   Gorin finally opened his eyes wide.

   - Please search warrant, - he said.

   Samarin a warrant.

   - What are you going to look? - Asked Gorin. - Can I help you, and you will save time?

   - You know Slobonyakinu citizen? - Asked Samarin.

   - I have no idea.

   - Yesterday you received from her engagement ring.

   - Oh, is it? Yes - Gorin said. He made no attempt to get out of bed and sitting continued: - But let this citizen tells how she begged me to do something for her sick husband. I felt sorry for her. There is, of course, the fact of the crime, or, more precisely, a violation of the established order, but you must find out who is who bowed to this ...

   - Where did you get food? - Asked Samarin.

   - I have a thrifty mother - said Gorin.

   Mother raised her hands wanted to say something and closed her mouth with her hands.

   Sergeant entered with two crabs in the hands of banks.

   - There should be considered ... a store - he said.

   - Dress, Gorin.

   A few hours earlier in the management of an elderly woman came and demanded that it took superior. When she held the Major Grushko, she put on the table bank and crabs brusochek lard.

   - One bank gave her husband - she said and began to talk.

   ... Until recently, she worked in the accounting trade port. Her husband in the early days of the war he volunteered soon was seriously wounded and returned invalid. When did the great famine, she went to the markets and changed things for bread. Friend gave her the address where the gold for things could get the products. Now she came to the NKVD report that a man whom she had given her an engagement ring, a legal adviser trading port ...

   Gorin brought on Foundry and started questioning, which lasted all day.

   - Come on, Gorin, to tell the truth: from food? - Again and again asked Samarin.

   - Well, I will tell the truth ... In the house were Coy what values, and in September I traded them products.

   - Absolutely ridiculous, Gorin. And now, you're back on the value of the products changed?

   Gorin long thought and then said quietly:

   - The products supplied me a Davydchenko.

   - So ... Who is it?

   - I know it is bad, met him at my friend Smaltsova ... there is such a famous tailor ...

   - Who Davydchenko?

   - In the past, it seems Nepman ...

   Samarin recorded testimony Gorin gave him to read and sign.

   - Enough for today, Gorin. Not too many options you foraging?

   Gorin hoped that the reference to Davydchenko rescue him, or at least he will win as long as will be looking Davydchenko frozen city. Once this Davydchenko already bailed - Gorin Kumlevu called his name when he was demanded of candidates for the armed groups. And then went off ...

   When the investigator Samarin reported Grushko first results of the investigation and gave the name Davydchenko Major slapped his palm on the table:

   - Stop! Davydchenko know it from the zone Potapov. It's very interesting.

   Disassembled newly arisen situation, "lost" several options of possible developments and decided to delay Davydchenko without explaining it, but it's not an arrest. Here, much was wondering how he would behave under interrogation? Will not give his accomplices from the group which worked Potapov? What did he tell you about that company, where he was met Gorin? And finally, how it will behave when it is allowed to go home?

   Operatives led by Foundry Davydchenko foot, and he had time to think about how to protect themselves. Went shelling, shells were exploding very close, and after each stroke he looked - there are not going to escape the guards? But those silently showed him a hand - forward, forward. On the Foundry they caught a woman who was dragging on the plywood corpse, wrapped in a sheet. Davydchenko tried not to look, then quickened my pace, then slowed it, but the creaking of the plywood on the snow remained near, he saw the dead man's legs in woolen socks darned. And it hurt him to concentrate ...

   After the first general questions he asked to produce food and bread cards.

   - Do you have any additional sources of food? - Asked a young investigator.

   - No, there's nothing - Davydchenko said.

   - Are you somebody that feeds? For example, canned crab?

   - Never anyone - Davydchenko replied firmly.

   A young security officer ordered by phone lead into his office Gorin. Davydchenko calmed down a bit. Gorin he saw the last time Smaltsova. And there was nothing special - drinking vodka under the crabs and bulling.

   Gorin entered, greeted Davydchenko, they recognize each other.

   After formal relying on confrontation issues investigator read Gorin testimony that he received food from Davydchenko.

   - What can you say about this? - Asked the investigator.

   - All this is a lie from beginning to end - Davydchenko replied indignantly looking at Gorin.

   - You insist on his testimony? - The investigator asked Gorin.

   - No, - he said dully.

   Davydchenko increase and soon released, even apologized to him at parting.

   The investigator continued to interrogate Gorin.

   - Well, we write the record that you do not know where did the products. But it's easier this does not become - patiently explained to the investigator that the lawyer Gorin knew himself.

   - Speculation food to the besieged city - one of the most serious criminal offenses - the investigator continued. - You're at it exposed and confessed. You will severely punished. But you further increases their guilt, not wanting to give accomplices.

   - Can I shoot? - Asked Gorin. Features of his handsome face scary sharpened, temples appeared blue nodules.

   - As a military court decides, I do not know - said the investigator. - At the front shot for looting ...

   - In the city there were such precedents?

   - Were ...

   Interrogations were suspended for four days because of illness Gorin. He is weak, unable to rise from a sunbed began to fall into apathy. Investigator procured for him in addition to the solder plate yeast soup, but the doctor said it was not hunger, disease Gorin - nerves, it does not heal quickly, it takes time.

   Gorin has changed dramatically. Sallow face, cheeks thickets black bristles, dark circles under the eyes, swollen and deep creases at the mouth.

   Investigator came to the hospital unexpectedly.

   - If I tell a very important, if I can count on even the slightest indulgence? - Asked Gorin.

   - Confession, you know as well as I always considered by the court - said the investigator.

   - Canned crab I got from the person who, under my assumptions, is a German agent.

   - Repeat ... - the investigator said, not hiding his surprise.

   Gorin repeated and called the agent's name - Paul H.. He did not know the names.

   Later versions Gorin steadfastly held that Paul H. he met earlier only kartezhnaya table and nothing about him knew. Before the war for this Paul H. remained kartezhnaya large debt that he recently gave canned, with Paul H. tried to persuade him to spy work, but Gorin declined and promised to think.

   - How are you going to tell him the results of his thought? - Asked Grushko.

   - He said he would find me, - said Gorin.

   In testimony Gorin there has finally something that leads to the truth. In particular, Paul H.. Experience suggests that the culprit, trying to get out, can come up with anything, sometimes surprisingly plausible, but they make up a person usually fails. After some special interrogation Gorin was drawn sketch of a man named Paul H..

   Diary of Leningrad

   The door swung open without knocking, and I saw a tall military. He gave a quick glance all my little room, in which there was neither order nor cleanliness - the cleaning lady was here last time about two months ago.

   - Well den! - He said cheerfully. - Let's get acquainted, I'm from "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Markevich, Nikolai, for friends - Kohl. Look, I was told if you say every day with Moscow. Can you connect me to her and join the conversation in Moscow with one number? To be frank, it's not official.

   - I can not. I work on the radio.

   - What does this mean?

   - My conversations can listen to all and sundry. Germans first.

   - Uh uh uh uh, is not suitable. Amen. - Markevich sat on the bed and unbuttoned his coat and asked: - How are you eating your bread ration? All at once or in installments?

   - Divide into three parts. Obtained by the slice - like the illusion of three meals, - I replied.

   - I eat everything at once. At least not an illusion but at least once, but really, how does one hundred twenty five grams. You like to Goethe about that?

   - To what Goethe?

   - Yes Lord, - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe! - Markevich stood up and walked - two steps in one direction, two - in another.

   - Frankly, I know its bad. Is that the "Faust" ...

   - Great guy. You wildly formed type. Tell me, however, who made us lead a philosophical conversation about how best to eat the damn bread ration? Do not you understand? Fritz made us. Fritz. Who Goethe? Fritz, too. Hence, he is guilty? Nonsense! Right?You know what I thought? Hitler killed all these Germans and instead fattened on possessiveness and nationalism entirely new, unheard tribe animals and idiots who can shoot. Huh? Nothing teoriyka? - Markevich laughed loudly.

   So I met with Nikolai Markevich.

   I went to the bakery to take the bread for the day. Light is not lit. Through the frosted window breaks gray blizzard day. Looking closer, I see a silent place - ten people. I went, and getting hear:

   - Wow, Cave Beast.


   Got bread, took to the streets. Markiewicz says:

   - Be a witness - Hitler would pay me for this komandirovochku.

   And we parted.

   A few days later we got together the Commandant stamps yeast soup. The room where the issued stamps went boy of five, with a face cam blue. Where did he come from here, I do not know. He walked among the military and looked them in the eye, but did not ask anything. Mordashka he was dirty and terrible sadness in his eyes.

   The boy came up to us.

   - You know my theory - I eat in the morning, all at once, - said Markiewicz.

   I took out of his pocket and gave the boy a slice.

   Then we walked in silence along Nevsky.

   - Starting tomorrow, I will do as you are - I will divide into three slices of bread - said Markiewicz.

   We parted at the corner of the gardens - he went to the public library.

   - Go Goethe esteem! - He shouted, turning.

  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

   Soon after he died ...


   Chapter Twenty-Four

   Kumla got an alarm clock, as always, at seven o'clock. Lit flashlight and without dressing, doing gymnastics twenty minutes. He knew three exercises system Mueller from the book you bought back in the fifteenth year. He then began to practice gymnastics and was firmly convinced that the strength of their health owes it.

   The room is not heated. Since the autumn of his three great room windows are sealed shut blackout, and daylight is not the case. Before going to bed for an hour, he opens the transom - he decided to teach himself to live and work in any cold. Here he only sleeps in the morning, after the gym, eating a sip of alcohol and fat slice of bread goes on all day - meeting with agents, watching the city life, writes radiodoneseniya Center at the home of a radio operator. In the middle of the day and a half hour set aside to visit the food base for cast iron street. There's a warm home, a hearty meal with a glass of vodka, the ability to wash with hot water. Hike to the Vyborg side was needed not only for the food. When you go steady, measured pace of the city, you see a lot, and, moreover, it is a useful exercise - Mueller advises walk as much as possible ... Heavy Duty life Kumlevu always helps to be in shape and feel actively operating.

   Slow winter morning still not developed and the street on which slowly walked Kumla, drowning in the blue twilight. In nature, was what that immobility, probably to change. Yesterday evening sky, gray, hairy, cuddly to the roofs seemed to chill emanated from him. And today it is up. Motionless air. Trees covered in thick frost night, Kumla seen them though on the negative. And all around white - street littered with snow, frost on the walls.

   Kumlevu go to dinner with Gorin. He would have stopped these senseless and dangerous now meeting, but Gorin recruited Axel himself.

   At the last meeting Gorin suddenly asked him to add products. And when Kumla recalled that just five days ago, he had received the monthly norm, Gorin, not at all embarrassed, invited him to take part in a profitable exchange: products - values, gold, precious stones. And today, as if nothing had happened, he will come out on a date - dirty, swollen from drinking - and will complain ...

   Kumla turned from Nevsky Canal Griboyedov. At the entrance he walked Named a dead man in a light drab overcoat. A man lying on his side with his head on one arm in a thick glove, the other tucked in his pocket. Face - blue mask, eyes half open. Kumla curiously examined it, look at the dead gave him pleasure, he liked to think about it, count how many of them per day, loved to listen when others talked about this.

   Kumla approached the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. Gorin was not. He stood considering the walls painted, frosted, then walked to the Nevsky and back. Gorin's still not there. The time allotted to this date, has already expired.

   Low, just above the roofs, roared fighter. Kumla shuddered, raised his head, but nothing was out of sight, only disturbed trees silently rolled in hoarfrost.

   Kumla decisive step crossed over the bridge to the other side of the canal and left.

   Walking along Nevsky, he unwittingly slowed. With Gorin finished! If it is not taken, Kumla take action himself. Long had to clean it up. Who would suspect that he did it? During the war the shells are falling everywhere ... He remembered Kliginoy. If Gorin took it it certainly will give out, and they both describe his appearance ... Though he has changed greatly, grown beard, mustache, cheeks covered with pale.

   Since when Gorin told him that Kligina capable of treachery and Kumla decided to remove it, it's been a long time, but the sentence was never given. Kumla twice came to Nina Viktorovne home and would find. Her chatty neighbor clung with questions: Who is he, what he needed, but when it comes yet? Time is short, and he put the sentence on hunger. But now, after the disappearance of Gorin, he must be sure that Kliginoy not alive!

   At the end of the same day, hoping to spend on it is not more than an hour, he came to the house Kliginoy. The door to her apartment was opened, and quiet - no sound. Went down the hall, highlighting the flashlight. The door was opened Kliginoy too. Kumla turned off the flashlight and went. Stopped, getting used to the darkness, - weak light came through a crack in a curtained window.

   - ... Who's there? - Quiet, but clearly heard from the black corner. Kumla did not recognize the voice and stepped closer. Relit flashlight. Huge black eyes looked at him without expression. And as if she had lost face - a skull with skin.

   - Why are you not allowed to know? - Kumla asked solicitously. He unbuttoned his coat and sat down beside the couch. - Not good, Nina V.. I would immediately come. Are you sick ... or so?

   Nina V. just a tad bit turned her head, her eyes did not change expression.

   - Absolutely, I see loose ... - continued Kumla. He pulled out a small bundle, unfolded the paper and put it on the table next to the head piece of bacon.

   Kligina suddenly turned her head and looked at the fat. It was close close to her face, and she could smell.

   - Well, how do you make it to this point? - Kumla lamented. - Well it's my responsibility - to help you. How could ...

   Kligina could not tear her eyes away from the fat and frequent sips of saliva in the mouth trying to wash away the burning sensation. She suddenly got up easily, grabbed fat, grabbed it with his teeth, quickly began to tear off pieces and swallow.

   - You chew, Nina V., chew, so very harmful - Kumla said, looking curiously at her. Kligina but did not hear him and continued to swallow until you ate it all. She leaned wearily on the pillow - in her eyes there was a smile.

   It looked like she was asleep - he heard her quiet breathing. Kumla waited another ... then felt the knife in his pocket and began to gently release the blade of rags.

   In the dim light, he saw a white face and heard breathing - quiet, rhythmic, so people breathe in a dream - the poison then why not acted.

   He pulled out the knife and saw, deciding where to strike. And suddenly she stopped breathing. Then noisily sucked in her breath, as if he choked her body stirred, straightened and sank.

   Kumla waited another five minutes, covered her head with a blanket and went out ...

   By evening, noticeably warmer, the snow was rare volatile, it's nicely crunched underfoot. We had to hurry - was approaching curfew. By bulk Alexander Theatre, all entrances which were swept snow on strict Rossi Street he went to the Pea.

   Right from the Admiralty was heard approaching rumble. Kumla stopped. Hum was getting closer. Past, splash warm and fumes, raced one another three powerful tank.

   At dusk, the snow in the grid they swept like a monster, and disappeared in the mist, leaving a terrible roar subsides.

   Kumla stood looking after them and thought.

   When the war began, the most ambitious of his dream became a reality. Each message from the front of the rapid advance of German troops was for him a trumpet signal - the hour of awards for his many years of patience and endurance! For his unwavering faith in the fact that such an hour in his life comes!

   And he waited patiently ... waiting ... But what happened then? What happens now? What? If his peace he had to dirty hands today itself, no one needs to kill a woman?

   He thought about it at home, sitting at a table in front of him putting a lighted flashlight. You had to tell myself exactly what happened? Do not worry - just Leningrad failed to take in stride, and now there is an uphill battle for the city. Everything has to be thrown into the attack on the town! Everything!

   A Kumlevu has long seems that Axel there in Novgorod, does not understand does not know the situation in Leningrad and not engaged in what is necessary, sending their representatives, who all the time that you and someone checked, including his Kumleva .Instead, they must operate. The day before yesterday came encryption: Axel offers compile lists of persons who need to be addressed in the first place. Why would this work? Without departing from Palchinskogo, Kumla immediately sent an answer: "Cooking lists meaningless - a charge of involvement in the armed struggle against the German army can be legitimately charged to the entire population of the city, without regard to gender and age. Send the main organizer of the case. The decor is quite clear, it is necessary to act ... "

   Mating encryption Axel came too soon: "Your duty - to obey orders."

   Kumla not consider this telegram, as was, and put it in a safe place. It may be evidence that activation of the case he took everything I could.

   Diary of Leningrad

   Elderly fighter with a carbine barrel down behind led by 2nd Sovetskaya street German prisoner. Soldier was small, in a short overcoat, thin crooked legs, encased coils Treukhov tightly tied under the chin, funny, in frost beard protruded forward.

   I followed them from the very streets of Kherson, I was wondering how a German looks at Leningrad - got it at last! German hefty, 35 years old, in a short dark green jacket at some ginger fur and straw bots. Head scarf tied around on old wives. He was, as expected, his hands clasped behind his back, and stared at his feet. City it does not seem interested.

   At the corner of Avenue of the Soviet they stopped. The prisoner stood in the middle of the street and the guard ran to the queue at the entrance to chernevshey grocery store. He then asked that the women and returned to the German. Suddenly I saw him run after women from the queue.

   Lynching originated lightning. Women ran to the Nazis that is screaming in his face and tried to strike. He dodged as he could, but he still got it.

   The guard ran around too that he would shout, popped forward his carbine, but women did not pay any attention to him. One woman beat nazi bottle on his head. I ran over, pulled her from the prisoner, but he immediately got on the head. Even amused.

   Car drove up with three soldiers. They jumped out, ran to the crowd.

   - Well, that's enough! - Snapped one of them so that the echo peals around.

   Women stayed stopped shouting and began to disperse. Their faces were frightened and confused. Scolded the convoy commanders, and took him prisoner in his car and left.

   I went to the women. They were a bunch of tunnel gate. Silent. Exactly ashamed of each other. Seeing me, one of them said quietly:

   - And what do they ... our children ... bastards ...



   Potapov came to the safe house a little before the appointed time. Lighted wick lamp. Cold. Around the unsteady flame trembled golden glow. Mouth struggled clubs thick vapor and instantly sagged frost.

   Now Grushko should bring a management decision on the further course of the operation. Potapov offered two options: the first - through the front of the campaign carried out in reality and be drawn into the "game" of the Germans, the second - a campaign only simulate.

   Grasped the cold, in the street, and Potapov, without stopping, and walked around the apartment. Ordinary things that ordinary Leningrad apartment reminded him of his own house, but think about it now it was impossible.

   If you decide that you must go through the front, maybe it's even better this particular case. "Dying is not scary - Potapov told himself. - Scared waiting, inactivity ... - He suddenly stopped: - As it is not scary? True, scary! Very afraid to die alone from a bullet in the head in the basement of the Gestapo. "

   The lock clicked. Major entered Grushko and Deputy Head of Sagittarius. Grushko breathing hard, his face was gray.

   - Abject weakness - Streltsov said, wiping his forehead and down on the chair.

   - You better not sit down, chill ... - warned Potapov.

   - I'm ... a minute - Streltsov said, but did not get up. Grushko sat at the table.

   - Move the front will pretend - as always, slowly began Streltsov. - This shift would mean that we do draw them into more serious crime. Moreover, we all have to protect them from communication with the Germans.

   - What do you mean? - Asked Potapov.

   - We can not promote this regard, so as not to support the implementation of their criminal plans.

   - Well, you know, before that I would not have guessed. That I still have to protect them? - Suddenly flared Potapov.

   - Set aside. Emotions then - boomed Grushko and asked: - With the second channel of communication does not cleared?

   - Nothing. Arise, then sprawled ... - Potapov approached Grushko, took him by the shoulders, and he heaved himself, began to stagnate.

   - So it turns out, Potapov - Streltsov said, approaching. - We have already taken some very strong types. All Russian. Large stock of our money. How would this one has not come to your party.

   - Can not wait for this? - Asked Potapov.

   - No. First will split them to the bottom - Streltsov said, and continued: - Overall - a simulation. All do as outlined. Soldier buddy and so on. Hence, the name of that war veteran: Nicholas G. Zaitsev, Chief of Staff 401 th Infantry Regiment. Remember Me?They certainly will be checking! During the "March" will be here. Agree with Grushko about nutrition. During this time we will produce the necessary German documents.

   - Can not you stay on the Foundry? - Asked Potapov.

   - You can not. More ... - Streltsov again paced the room, creaking leather raglan. - You give the group agreed to go, but raise one question: whether to go solidly to the Germans with their intended purpose? Firstly, this was not seen political position.Secondly, the Germans did not capture all dream Leningrad values? If the leaders of groups other purposes not put up - well, and then you give in to them. But I'm pretty sure - put up! What's your impression? - Archers stopped beside Potapov.

   - Can not set - Potapov said. - In my opinion, they do not want to lose when they come to the Germans, but now play risky afraid.

   - I repeat, Potapov, find out their second channel!

   - How does the Davydchenko? - Asked Grushko.

   - The fact that it took on the Foundry do not tell anyone. Tomorrow we will meet with him - lead me to their main headquarters. He had something like them connected.

   - But he still appeared beside them?

   - I realized that this was due to the trial of a fire on the ship when he was rescued.

   - I wonder how they all eventually find themselves close to each other - said Streltsov. - Gorin had contact with Davydchenko this - with those, and someone else catches on the other. In general, you Potapov, enough work, you should not psihuete. No wonder you have worked on their appearance.

   - Yes, the person - I want to spit - grimly joked Grushko.

   - Main exam tomorrow - said Potapov. - No one knows what will they say and think that there about my personality.

   Davydchenko was unusually silent, only all the way hurried Potapov.

   They met on the Petrograd side, near the Botanical Garden, and went to the Kirov Avenue. Walked behind the mosque a few narrow streets and finally got the back door to the house, which, according to calculations Potapov should go frontage on the Peter embankment.

   The dark steep stairs they climbed to the second floor and went to the front. High molded ceilings. Oak paneling. On hangers - coat. The apartment was warm and smelled good tobacco.

   Taking off his greasy sheepskin, Potapov became thoroughly cleaned otpotevshie glasses.

   - There, there you go. - Serious and tightened Davydchenko showed a high carved door.

   Potapov entered the spacious room. Along the walls - cabinets, behind the glass - gilt spines, shaggy cuts of old books.

   Dmitry came out the other door and shook his hand Potapov.

   - I beg your pardon, I have not met, conspiracy ... - he said softly, and invited to sit Potapov. - Well, how are you? - He asked, settling into a chair opposite.

   - Any Affairs - said Potapov. - But in the city was and I stayed at the institute, my classmate, now chief of staff of the regiment, standing at the forefront.

   - You want to help him?

   - It helps, of course, is not going to, but he invited me to be fed to the front, and it can be used.

   - Excellent! - Said Dmitry. - We are just now talking about this difficult moment ...

   - But I would advise you to use your second channel - Potapov said.

   - Our leader showed great interest to you and to our negotiations - said Dmitry.

   - I see him?

   - Unfortunately, he was sick. Question about the campaign instructed us to solve ...

   Two entered the room. A tall, slender man in his fifties, with a landscaped beard and mustache on a beautiful big face.

   - Alex Dormidontovich - he introduced himself Potapov, extending his hand with long fingers. He pulled himself a chair and gently lowered himself into it.

   - Alex Dormidontovich, professor, the owner of this apartment - introduced him to Dmitry.

   The second was a little older, with a round face and a good-natured, in coarse sweater and boots trimmed with leather.

   - Anatoly - he said hoarsely, not offering his hand. - Influenza, from me to be better at a distance.

   "Yes, the world is really too small," - thought Potapov, sitting in front of professors, associate and enemy Bezuglova.

   - Dmitry Trofimovitch came to us with great news - Dmitry started. - He had the opportunity to openly go to the front. His friend - regimental commander - invited him to be fed ...

   - Chief of Staff of the regiment - Potapov said and added with a smile: - Opportunities to get to the front is not without one ...

   Landlord stared at Potapov, and this man with an overgrown person in worn boots, with unclear eyes behind thick glasses did not cause him any sympathy nor confidence.

   - Please tell me - asked him Potapov - you do not know ornithologist Bezuglova?

   - I know him - said, surprised Alex Dormidontovich.

   - He died, and this is a case where you should be grateful death - Potapov said impassively.

   - I do not understand ... - raised his face professor.

   - Bezuglov - we had neighbors - recently told me about you and how you came to him. And he could tell it to anyone.

   - Nonsense, I did not know a scientist more apolitical than Bezuglov. You only his neighbor, and I worked with him next decade - the professor said frostily.

   - Alexei Dormidontovich was instructed to draw Bezuglova - quietly said Anatoly Pavlovich and long cough. - It was very beneficial to have him, his good name ...

   - When these conditions are looking for allies, can not be without risk. Do not we run the risk, trusting you now? - The professor asked.

   - Of course, the risk - agreed Potapov. - As a risk, however, and I do too.

   Potapov understood that his maneuver ornithologist gave nothing, just maybe, caused even greater dislike of the landlord. But this was necessary, and he should continue to stick to the plan.

   - To all at once became clear, say, with the intention that I know of, I will not go through the front. I still want to live - Potapov said, and all were silent for a long time.

   - Well, you see, we need further to take risks and to trust you more, - addressed to Professor Potapov. - Yes, we believe that there should be talking about the broader goals.

   - What does it mean to "speak"? I should have a clearly articulated document - Potapov said.

   - You can say everything and verbally - casually, as something insignificant, said the professor.

   - Germans - business people - also incidentally Potapov said.

   - We'll give you a kind of power of attorney document ... for negotiations - said Alexey Dormidontovich.

   Two days later Davydchenko brought him a letter to the German command. It was short:

   "The bearer of this is a group of patriots from among the scientific intelligentsia, concerned with the future related to the new order, which carries with it the victorious German army, loyalty to which is hereby claimed.

   For obvious reasons, our signatures are absent here, but the bearer of this is authorized to characterize the composition of our group and to answer any question ... "

   The next day Potapov settled in a safe house and waited.

   Davydchenko every day in different time dropped in to the apartment Potapov. Then I went to the workshop and learned that the head of sewing shop went on a business trip to the frontline hospitals.

   Diary of Leningrad

   Again - Ladoga. Winter. Ladoga, white, boundless, sparkles in the low sun. And I see her black lead. See deposited on the stern of the ship in the dark and hear the waves of the continuous cry of women and children.

   After the terrible tragedy of the fall, I began to think that no longer need to be evacuated from Leningrad, women and children. It was a lot of talk and debate about it, but at the Smolny position on the issue of iron. I heard Kuznetsov said by phone: "Understand, if we take out from under the direct threat of at least a hundred thousand people, it would mean a hundred thousand surely saved. And each of them here tomorrow may become a victim of the bombing and shelling! Or the next day die of hunger! "He was excited and worried - probably spoke with Moscow.

   Again - Ladoga ...

   Despite the fact that a clear day, the flight, with the bread machine - there and people - there are continuous. Our "hawks" chelnochat over the lake guarding the road of life. Stopped on the outskirts Osinovtsa in the heating point, or rather, in an overheated house. Chock - rebyatnya school age and a few women. Voenfeldsher girl explains to them how to behave in the car, "should sit, huddled together, and best of all - turn sideways ahead ... stick hands in the sleeves - that's right ... No Stopping on the ice road will not be - either on small or for big business - we must endure ... In case of bombing or shelling movement also does not stop, not to raise panic. " The boys listened to her seriously, silently, as adults - these guys already Leningrad no scare ...

   And at security checkpoint is the strictest inspection of cargo arriving from there - military believes recount bags, boxes. Help drivers consider - theft cases are very rare, exceptional, but were ordinary when out for a sack of flour drivers were ready to sacrifice their lives. Sacrifice their lives to save the lives of others ...

   Moved to Kobonov. Piles, food pyramid. For Leningrad! All this bleeding Homeland drove up here, to the very line of fire. For Leningrad! It is currently under construction 50 kilometers railway line, driving up food closer to shore. Then drivers will be able to do more flights. Here, on this side of the mainland, is in general nervous tension, causes people to work beyond any forces. They understand the plight of the population of Leningrad and willing to do for the city of Lenin everything possible and even impossible.

   Learned that armored units are moved from Leningrad to Lake Ladoga through the blockade and go further south. It seemed incredible, disturbing.

   Basked in the dugout with Major tanker. "And we sat there, to no avail? - He said. - Silenok to break a little, and keep the defense can do without us. Leningrad and there we will help - in fact, wherever laid nazi, Leningrad - the joy ... "

   Here is the beginning of correspondence: "Leningrad. He has always been and remains a city warrior. In a number of other fronts of our cities and it is a common fight against the enemy. His feat is subordinate to the great plan of this great war! .. "

   Tomorrow I'm going to write.



   From foundry to Pestel Street very close, but was a long time Grushko, stopped several times and damn tired. It was sunny. Warmer. On icy sidewalks to melt near the walls of the well. On the sunny side of the house, covered with frost, were of gold, and in the shade - blue. In this light the quiet streets habitually and casually knocked on loudspeakers metronome. "Maybe raid" - automatically thought Grushko. He shuffled his heavy feet, breathing like sound, stumbled on the icy hills, and swore again walked.

   This morning the interrogation Gorin called the new name - Nina V. Kligina. Said that it was his old friend and that once saw her with thus Paul H., who, in his opinion, is a German agent.

   In the dispensation was nobody. On the door hung a piece of paper, it was reported that The passport live in the stairwell on the fourth floor.

   You had to climb. Grushko sat on the windowsill between the first and second floor and sat a long time, gathering strength. He constantly had a headache, and that something strange was happening to the eyes - suddenly seemed turbid wave eroded. And now ... He closed his eyes and sat for a few minutes. Then he began to climb. Standing on each floor, sat on every window.

   On the door was written in chalk: "Come - open." The passport - a girl with a transparent, waxen face - long read document Grushko and only then began to talk. Yes, she knew Kliginu. No, not personally - I just knew that they live in the house beautiful kinoartistka. Indeed, it is very beautiful. But the evil - one day she sent her to hell, and it is unclear what, she only asked, in which she starred films ...

   The passport got thick houses book, flipped through and said:

   - Kligina died three days ago, now the whole apartment is empty.

   - I need to inspect her room - Grushko said.

   She began rummaging through drawers and handed the key:

   - I give without a receipt, return immediately.

   Grushko asked permission to leave the key somewhere downstairs.

   - No, you can not - she said flatly. - Then wait for me, I'll be an hour in the dispensation. Yes, things do not touch, it is necessary to issue under the act, if that ...

   Grushko slowly descended, passed on a snowy path. Heart ached dully. In the third, he stood for a long porch, panting, eyes closed, then went upstairs.

   Doors to all rooms large apartments were opened, and the hallway was fairly light. Grushko went ahead - to the kitchen. Looked into the open doors of the rooms and went to one where the walls were a lot of pictures from popular movies and over ottoman - large portrait of the famous artist. "Look, Tenin" - automatically thought Grushko, looking around the room.

   Black paper curtain peeled back in the corner, and the gray light illuminated the room. It was spacious, the little things. Huge couch. On the contrary - the mirror in an oval frame in the corner - cupboard and a small table by the window.

   Needed to start the search. Grushko sat on a chair near the couch to gather strength - it was much easier to sit down than up. He opened the closet - smelled perfume, swaying colorful dresses - and immediately closed: clear eerily recalled his house. Never after leaving his wife, he was not at home ...

   Reopened. Examined the clothes even pockets, shelves, drawers underneath. Then he began to scour the room methodically, step by step. On the shelf was a stack of magazines and "Old friends" Herman - flipped.

   All were examined. There was one ottoman. I had to shake up the bed. Then he went to the wall, stuck his foot behind the couch, put his hands on the wall, and she suddenly went easily through the dark parquet. Dust, old shoes, rags, boxes. And in the corner, on the floor, where it was the head, lying oilcloth notebook, rolled into a tube and tied with bandage.

   He went to the window, pulled the paper curtain, and it fell with a terrible noise crispy. Was light. Opened notebook. The first half was pure, and started recording from the middle of a pencil. He read at random:

   "Weakness suddenly pulled hard. Morning found that you can not keep. I screamed, but Lydia Stepanivna heard. Maybe she was already dead. It's good that there is ice on the windows, and otkovyrivaem suck. Forces leave. Only have time to write down the most important thing.

   I betrayed their homeland ... "

   The passport was sitting in the dispensation. She looked at him suspiciously and strictly. Grushko not stand it, smiled

   - Leave everything as it was, do not worry ...

   - If I do not worry about how it will be? People back then ...

   - From the light?

   - From each room there is a living, you'll see.

   - Your lips would be ...

   Back to go easier. Always, when you go home or to make the case go easier. Why is that? And this nice girl - sitting here hungry and worried that people will return home alive, and she would be something wrong. Grushko regretted that he did not have kind words for her.

   Back in control, he immediately began to read oilcloth notebook.

   "I betrayed their homeland, did it easily and without experience. In traitors I recommend attorney Gorin, dirty and corrupt people. It all happened because I lived without thinking about where to live and why. Sometimes I feel sad happened fun, happiness was never. Is it in the very, very childhood. And what I did to deserve this? Born beautiful - that's all my rights ... "

   Gorin again brought in for questioning. He habitually sat on a chair in the middle of the room and looked expectantly at the Major.

   - Tell Gorin about your espionage connections.

   - Then I can not be useful to you.

   - I have to remind you, a lawyer, that evasion investigation truthful testimony does not diminish your guilt.

   - And yet ...

   - When you broke with Kliginoy?

   - Similar victory and retreat, I did not record in memory. In any case, a long time.

   - Who you met her?

   - This does remember?

   - Who introduced you to her?

   - Certainly know somebody familiar with, such a product is usually passed from hand to hand ... Who is it? .. Sorry ...

   - Answer the truth: what you were recently at Kliginoy?

   - Even if it was ... so to speak ...

   Grushko closed eyes with his hand, pounding in my temples, swam before his eyes bleary circles.

   - I claim you, Gorin, charged with trying to deceive investigation.

   - I'm telling the truth.

   - Now I'm calling to confront Kliginu.

   Gorin threw back his long matted hair and sat up straight.

   - You had hoped that Paul H. killed her after your intelligence? Answer!

   Gorin was silent.

   - Why would you recommend Kliginu foreign intelligence agent?

   - And why do you blindly take her testimony at face value?

   - Because, unlike you, it shows the truth.

   - Is it true women of this kind ...

   - Would you recommend it to foreign intelligence that is what?

   - For what?

   - During this ... its variety? See here. Learn handwriting?

   - Yes. Handwriting Kliginoy.

   - Read aloud here ... Well this place?

   - "... Recently came Bear Gorin. Parasite! Grieved that we had got into a messy, and I called to run to the front ... "

   - Enough. You only came to her this? Well, during the confrontation we will update. Last question: your suggestion Kliginoy run was sincere?

   - Yes.

   - When you were recruited?

   Gorin realized that abut meaningless, and told him everything.

   Diary of Leningrad

   Agreed with Vsevolod Vishnevsky his radio address on Moscow. All that evening in my hotel prepared text. Interesting and he a strong man. Amazingly his ability not formally, but through the heart of any chain lock on any of the events themselves.

   Work on the text occurred since: Wisniewski paced the room and with pathos dictated and I wrote. Here is the record:

   "Homeland dear, listen! Listen! I speak from besieged Leningrad. But still do not know who's now besieged Leningrad or German group "North". But more on that later ...

   Leningrad Front cranked tightly in the holy land here. Comrade Commander, can not worry: this front took on their shoulders heroic soldiers and sailors Balts. What are we talking about? Another step back is not done - it's the heart and blood oath. A forward - ready. Ready, Comrade Supreme. Plan, schedule date and time.

   All the world was. Everything. Backed away from Lithuania itself, across the Baltic. Clutching their homeland hands, nails tearing, teeth dug, the blood came from, but ... Who was in Tallinn, who knows when we departed, when indulged in, saying goodbye to the fallen, to fall back. I was there. I can say one thing: the hour is near when we will go forward, and the enemy will move back inheritance. No, do not walk backwards, and in wild horror run, because they can not dream and our devotion, our endurance, our stubbornness, our ability to fight to the death. Recently I participated in the interrogation of highly renowned German tank officer. Hauptmann. In our captain is. Blue eyes purebred Aryan. In the bag photos taken by him in Paris and Warsaw. I wonder how he landed in captivity, and such renowned thoroughbred. His tank set fire anti-tank riflemen Kostya Fedorov. From the first shot ignited. Sparingly. Our famous Hauptmann jumped out of the tank and run. But here, in his trouble, sat on patrol sailors of Marine Guards. One of them - the foreman of Article Gurkin as lynx, rushed to Hauptmann, and the end of the song. Hauptmann sitting in our office, in a Leningrad Palace, and answers questions, and all looking at us with an expression: do not hit me, I'm ready for everything. And by the way, his neck - Cross of Valor highest level. Ask him: how do you see the next day war? Responds immediately: scary. Why? Spring, said we bent to the limit, now keeping, and melt strength. Spring unfold - and then fell silent ... Hauptmann. I ask: what then? Silent. Then he says: then begin our retreat. I said to him: then, I say, do not begin your retreat, start your end. So I ask, who is now under siege: us or them?

   So be it, dear comrades. Moscow has already demonstrated a perfect example. We're ready to add. Willing to have their say on behalf of the Leningrad front, from the revolutionary Baltic. In counterstrike we put the sacred memory of all that we have experienced. In our impact will be the name of every soldier and sailor who had fallen in the dark days of the retreat. In our suffering will hit every inch of his native land, caught in a damn full! This will impact all of our inescapable love Leninist Fatherland! All our hatred for fascism! Remember this, gentlemen Hauptmann and field marshal! Business, in general, is so: you started this war, we will continue, we'll finish it in Berlin, in the den your! Wait!

   We here recently with our entire country celebrated the New Year. Well drank, of course, as it should and how it should be. And they said toast. Each toast was like a vow:

   - For the complete rout of the enemy!

   - For great our victory! "

   Wisniewski stopped in the middle of the room and said:

   - Amba. Everything. What do you say?

   But I could not say. At this point, one after the other three powerful gap so rocked a hotel that had fallen off the table mug.

   - Does not it too shapkozakidatelskih? - I said cautiously.

   - Nonsense! - Instantly ignited Wisniewski. - Toss your hats - this one is the threat of idiots. And believe firmly believe in victory - is another. And believe it is necessary not only to himself, but loud and everyone to know about it and who should rejoice, and to whom it should be - afraid. Got that?

   Crashed again a few breaks.

   - Let them shoot, let ... - continued Wisniewski. - And we'll leave the text unchanged. If you want to know they are in order and shoot us your texts under surdinochku taken. Everything.

   Again the gap.

   - This funeral salute they produce themselves - said Wisniewski. - Only the bombers can not afford to shoot in the city of Lenin! Yes, they sang their already! Now go to our songs! Our!

   Chapter twenty seven

   Frosty morning was quiet. Orange spot sun hung low over the city, the shadow of the sun was not. In frosty silence with equal pauses crackly shells exploded, they fell somewhere very close.

   Braslavsky was, clinging to their homes, and when I saw that on the other side of Nevsky woman waving his hand and shouts something. He turned and saw the inscription on the wall: "Citizens, during shelling this side of the street is most dangerous."Braslavsky woman nodded and forced himself to move slowly through the Nevsky, where there was a woman.

   - Life is inexpensive to you? - She asked.

   - Dreaming ... thanks ... - Braslavsky said grimly.

   It was thought that they are prevented what that flagrant trivia. Hungry, mad woman on the safehouse. Sociable Rigans Hotel. All those pesky little things prevented his sublime sense of self that was the beginning. Yes, he is in Petrograd, yes, he does his important work ...

   At that moment, when he passed the streets Zhelyabov over his head with a crash and someone tore howling plain gray sky, he clearly saw the wall of the house on the other side of Nevsky vognulas inside and slowly began to crumble quietly, breaking the string. At the same time incomprehensible elastic force Braslavskogo raised above the ground, rolled onto his back and threw the tunnel gate.

   When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a piece of brick, which, like a top spun with a grunt at his feet. Then shard stopped circling and quickly began to sink - snow around it melted. Braslavsky watched in horror: the thought that this stone could kill him, stupidly knocked in the head. He understood that we should at least move over, crawl, but could not move and his eyes off the stone. And as it happens in a dream, unable to move, to move away from danger.

   And why such a terrible silence? He took his head and cried out in pain.

   He sat in the snow in the middle of the yard, where he was thrown air wave. Dropped slowly from the top yellow dust, and snow on the eyes yellower. And a semicircular gate Braslavsky seen in a cloud of smoke and dust on Nevsky flashed people. But why such a terrible silence?

   He got on all fours and tried to get to his feet. I could not. Face in the snow fell and lay motionless for a long time - the whole body was constrained pain. Then he crawled over to the wall and holding her, tried to get up - feet are not kept, he fell to his knees, resting his head against the wall. So he rose and fell several times and finally kept his feet firmly against the wall. At this time, including the world of sounds. On Nevsky flew voices there someone swearing loudly. Twice shook the ground - again somewhere down the shells.

   Break away from the wall could not Braslavsky - once tottered feet. Strange worked consciousness - it only has fixed his pain - there were thousands, everywhere in the body. Fingers of the right hand did not move, as if numb. Braslavsky scrutinized them would move, but they did not move. Tried to lift a head - a sharp pain pierced his neck slightly to the right, you can turn and left, just put constipation.

   He ran past the girl, she looked fearfully and slipped into the goal. Soon she brought two women from the street with a stretcher.

   - Are you hurt? - Asked one of them. The other at this time, putting a stretcher to the wall, began to feel unceremoniously Braslavsky. Her every touch makes him a wild pain, but he knew what to do.

   - No ... no ... - muffled he muttered, feeling that the lips do not obey. - Do not ... I'll sit ... pass ... No ... No ...

   Women quietly consulted among themselves. Braslavsky, gathering all his strength, said clearly:

   - Do not ... will soon be ...

   Women are gone. The girl stood beside him and watched adult eyes.

   - Uncle, help you go? - She asked, looking into his eyes. She was ten years - twelve.

   - Do not ... Go ... I'll ...

   Girl trampled on yellow snow and went into the house. Braslavsky, sliding back against the wall, sat down on the snow and lost consciousness from the terrible attack of pain.

   He woke up from the cold. His head was clear. Again began to rise, holding the wall. It seemed that the pain has decreased, but the body did not want to unbend. When he tried to straighten up, returned the old, unbearable pain. He waited for the attack.

   While he was busy at the wall and he was able to finally get up, have already begun winter dusk fast. Braslavsky quite clearly that severely wounded that he was in danger, that if it does not go away, it simply will soon freeze. He remembered the address where to send - Hay area, two. It is quite near. And remember the name: Mikhail Davydchenko ... must go ... I must go ...

   Now only remained steady pain in the spine, it flashed there as soon as he tried to lean on the leg. Accustom themselves to the pain, he slowly walked slowly, holding the wall.

   Making small careful steps, Braslavsky finally moved on Nevsky, and then stopped and leaned against the wall, resting. A very few people did not pay any attention to him - because then everything went ...

   More than two hours it took him to get to the house where he lived Davydchenko, and it was still up to the second floor.

   Davydchenko long stood at the door, listening to the rustling on the stairs. After a visit to the NKVD, he still could not get over it and was afraid of everything.

   Noises stopped on the landing, but once the door someone knocked weak and very few punches. Davydchenko held his breath. Knock was repeated, and Davydchenko seemed that the door someone moaning.

   - Who's there? - He asked through the door.

   - I need a ... Mikhail ... - strangely slowed deaf unfamiliar voice answered.

   - It's me, what is it?

   - I'm from your sister ... Polina Mikhailovna ... ...

   This password invented Gorin when passed Kumlevu Davydchenko name and address. But he then Davydchenko did not know.

   - I have no sisters, say who you are? - Asked Davydchenko. Man on stairs groaned again.

   Davydchenko long stood at the door, listening to the rustling on the stairs. The man then scratched at the door, then groaned, and then all was quiet. Davydchenko waited a bit and went back to bed, pleased with himself ...

   In the morning, leaving the apartment, Davydchenko saw on the stairs of a dead man. He was lying on the stairs upside down, face down, caught foot railing. Davydchenko flipped him onto his back and stared at the long face. No, he did not know him.Checked his pockets. In one certificate found in the name of Berezina - Director of Russian libraries in Riga. Of internal jacket pocket he pulled out two thick wads of cash. In a strange pocket, which was on the back of the jacket, found three chocolate bars with unfamiliar labels. All this Davydchenko carried to the police and told about the dead - away from sin ...

   Diary of Leningrad

   They lie on the street, already powdered snow and trails near them make a bypass loop. Live and learn to pass not to watch.

   Driven, driven. Barely wander, stagger, but a terrible pull the load. Sledge, on boards, sheets of plywood. One woman was carrying in a polished wooden case clock tower, and the man's face, covered with black hair, was behind the glass of the dial ...

   A live live. Who can - works. Who can not - try not to die. Protect their homes - in order to live in them. What else?

   Yesterday I came back from the girls 'cabins' Lena Uvarov and Varya Malakhov. However, Varya wife already. Laughs: "Husband see visually, but from a distance."

   "Everything we carry so we carry nothing new ... - says Lena. - Here we have convened a meeting of the spring. When all thawed, imagine what will happen? "

   We talked about all sorts of things. About God and if it is, it should be judged for what he made on the ground. About Charlie Chaplin. "That's a comedian - you can die," - said Varia. Lena suddenly asked: "You know in verse?" - And gave me a blue school notebook: "Read ..." And both, as if on cue, got up and left.

   Lena turns out, writes poetry. In the notebook was four poems. Subscribe one.

   I DIG GRAVES BLAST so many dead at the hands held, as I had been brought them to the cemetery, What if I sobbed about each, I would from a lack of tears, probably died.

   But the weakness is not clear to us with a girlfriend, and we silently drags dead.

   We only consider them carefully to count the enemy put them in the end.

   Once in the lair of the enemy will break our Living with the dead in the same order, from the walls of their hatred explode And only then all the dead dwell in paradise.

   When the war victory is complete, all people love to reveal the heart.

And we have a song Lady s dream ... 
And in the morning again ... dig graves explosion. 
Lena Uvarov 
Chapter Twenty-eighth 
evening in a secret apartment went operational meeting: discussing a plan for completing the transaction. Streltsov, Potapov, Grushko Prokopenko and sat at a table, on which much bloating, burning stearin captured two bowls. When we started to talk and argue loudly, tossing and flames threatened to go out, and then covered his Grushko his big hand. But the room was quiet again, and became audible as crackling bowls. 
Now it was necessary to formulate precisely what tomorrow will tell Potapov in the group of "patriots intellectuals." He prepared a favorable option Grushko Germans greeted the group and want to contact her. But Streltsov disagreed.

   - In response they want to strengthen their activities, and the result is that we provoke them to do that. It can not, - he said.

   - But they do not have time to do anything, - said Potapov.

   In the silence that somewhere far away and muffled pulled projectile.

   - All day strike the area of ​​Labor - Prokopenko said quietly. - Just do not understand what they found there.

   - Bombardment still blind - Grushko said.

   - So, what did I tell you? - Asked Potapov. - How do the Germans expelled, forgetting to shoot just in case?

   - Leave Potapov, jokes - Streltsov said. - Need a middle ground, need a twist to their hands dropped.

   - What if Potapov generally failed to move the front? - Suggested Prokopenko.

   - This should have thought before - said Potapov. - They have a simple question arises: where I have so much time hanging out?

   All thinking.

   - The full net can not come, because we need to get them a second communication channel - continued Streltsov.

   - Received from minus Potapov, they just turn to the second channel - his voice Grushko.

   - But they will do so without the participation is not justified their hopes Potapov - Streltsov said.

   - We learn by questioning - Grushko said.

   - And if you do not know?

   In the silence he could hear the creaking of leather coat Streltsov and again - distant dull explosions.

   - I still do not understand ... - Potapov said. - Why do we even protects them from thought to act? Did the Germans and their letter that they sent me with him through the front - this is not an action?

   - And yet this is not the action - Streltsov said. - It's just a willingness to act, and it is important that follow thereafter. I think we should proceed from the German cooked us a letter. Germans and welcoming and at the same time do not give any bills and ask for nothing. Thus, the step has been taken in vain, but that did Potapov deserves if not helpful, or at least respect for his bravery. Think about your story this scheme - said Streltsov Potapov and addressed Prokopenko: - Are you all ready?

   - The entire group is still under our supervision, and my guys tomorrow "lead" them to a meeting with Potapov - tinny tenor Prokopenko said. - We have to "RAM" one question: what if somebody of them will leave before the end of the meeting? Take?

   The question was not so simple.

   - I think so ... - broke the silence Streltsov. - If you will leave the main - not taking. The second channel it. But look, do not lose it. Others taking.

   - In my opinion, I ventured in vain, on the side of our initiative reacted incredulously, cautious, and as a result - with indifference ... - so Potapov began his story on a hike across the front.

   The whole group gathered again at the apartment of Professor, but this time attended by the head - Kuzma Kuzmich Nadein.

   Potapov while holed up in a safe house, for all the band members conducted strict surveillance, and all that was possible for everyone to learn. The most dangerous figure appeared Nadein. He lived under the name Urazov, but the group never knew his name, but only the name - Kuzma Kuzmich. Still in his early twenties, working in the north, Nadein was one of the active participants in the struggle against the Trotskyites Leninist line of the Party on the alliance between the proletariat and the peasantry. Later he moved to Leningrad, and November 7, 1927 was one of the organizers of the demonstration against the Trotskyist party. When the Trotskyist opposition was crushed, Nadein disappeared, and where he was at this time, until set failed. In Leningrad, he reappeared in 1935, but under the name Urazov. He took a modest position in the regional Board of Education and began to cobble together a counter-revolutionary organization. His people committed arson new ship. They were convicted, but Nadein remained in the shadows and brought out by hitting their Davydchenko connected.

   Today he came in after all and sat in a niche near the stove. Through the frosted windows flooded the room bright golden light of the winter sun. Day in the morning was very clear, and it was feared that German air raids begin, and then the meeting could be broken. However raids why it was not, and in anticipation of the meeting, and only talked about it.

   But as soon as Kuzma Kuzmich came all silent and intently listened to the story Potapov. Anatoly Pavlovich just sat with an expression of what that strange irony on his face. He was the most obscure figure of the group. In tsarist times, he was an officer, but after the revolution has not served either in white or in the Red Army, then worked as a road master, the assistant manager at the hospital, recently was a tour guide in Peterhof. Senior tour guide there, in Peterhof, served Dmitry Zamyatin.

   This last was a member of an underground organization Savinkov, but somehow escaped the dock, which in 1925 got this rather act more in Leningrad counterrevolutionary organization SRs ...

   The moment came when Potapov finished the story, pulled out his German letter and handed it to Alex who was sitting opposite Dormidontovich. But he is not revealing passed it Nadeina.

   Kuzma Kuzmich skimmed letter.

   "Gentlemen, - it said. - In this situation it is essential to bring together all forces that can contribute to the strengthening of the new order. In this regard, we welcome you and hope for your cooperation. Colonel Kraft. "

   Nadein gave the letter to Alexei Dormidontovich came out of the niche, and standing in the middle of the room, said a sharp, clear voice:

   - You said that the Germans until the end you would not believe, but what they then let you off?

   - This question can be answered only they - Potapov said, eyeing Nadeina. It was a man in his fifties, with a large head covered with gray crew cut thick hair. He wore blue cloth tunic with pockets, breeches and high hunting boots. After hearing the answer Potapov, he said:

   - Yes ... the whole truth ... surely we could only learn from them. - He went to the door and there said: - Excuse me, I'm once ...

   At the front door slammed muffled, and the room was established painful silence. Potapov glanced at his watch - until the task group had twenty minutes.

   - I am disappointed not less than all of you ... - he began.

   - Tell me, please ... - interrupted Anatoly Pavlovich. - How does our land ... on the other side?

   - Oh, my God, does it matter? - Said Alexey Dormidontovich, he was very disturbed by the departure of the head.

   - And one more question ... - continued Anatoly Pavlovich. - They're still going to take Leningrad?

   - Colonel Kraft, handing me a letter, said: "See you soon."

   - Thank you - bowed Anatoly Pavlovich. Potapov looked at him and tried to understand why he got into this group? It is yet to be seen.

   Diary of Leningrad

   Today, accompanied by Smolninski airfield Lily and Boris. Finally began to evacuate their theater.

   I sit in the same room, and they already go ... in Moscow! It is difficult to imagine that people live like that differently than we do here. Weakness. Head ... Yes, friends departure.

   List departing claims Smolny. Norma cargo per person - law. One elderly, as I learned later, the famous scientist chemist, brought a lot of extra weight and another dog, emaciated setter. The young soldier, son of a chemist, all persuaded his father to leave the dog and a part of things. But he stubbornly repeated: "No, Rex and take a suitcase with clothes. Else - throw if you want ... "

   Among the passengers more women and children. Two were pregnant, they accompanied a woman in an overcoat, the doctor probably.

   Waited a long time. Already and could not talk. I kept thinking about her, hence they seemed closer, right on the doorstep ...

   Flew the plane. Became loaded. Woman doctor explained the pilot what to do if the air delivery. Pilot hesitate: "I know it has been."

   Head landing chemist told to remove the dog from the plane. Chemist became its pull. She seemed to understand - broke, huddled behind boxes and growls.

   Brought a sick boy - crying. Dog growls, barks ... Pilot said: "Leave the dog, take off."

   Began to say goodbye. Lily cried. Boris impervious.

   I'm happy for them, so happy!

   Rushed roaring fighter escort. Plane waddled rolled out on the runway.



   Chapter Twenty-ninth

   Since early December Kumla lived on cast iron street Vyborg side.

   This short street ran along the railway and hence probably got its name. In the olden times of peace here drove wagons with cargo for the next plants here and then whistled small trains, the repulsive cars, clanking fangs and honked horns hitch couplers. In small wooden houses, near which lay the track, did the people who serve this branch and worked on nearby plants. But now almost all the houses were empty, plank paneling stripped away, has not been preserved, none of those little tree that when it leaves rustled in the cozy palisadnichkah. Not escaped the voracious stoves even cars, forgotten on the rails, they are left alone iron skeletons with wheels, swept snow.

   A few days ago here, to Kumlevu, moved out of the city and the Winkies Cheptsov - live in the city, not paying attention to themselves, it became impossible. Kumla realized on the - dangerous place ... It was reliable. The house stood across from the gloomy hospital building near the plant, which lasted for some sort of work. On this street marginal people were more frequent than in other avenues in the city center, and the appearance of the street strangers nobody caught the eye. I was Kumleva attorney living in a relative's house, he gets a card at his residence - all right. Guests have reliable documents, but still anxious when all three of them spend the night under the same roof. Needless waiting around was oppressive, depressing. Dried endless conversations about strategy and tactics, for which Kumla saw only his desire to justify their passivity interlocutors.

   Short day has already begun.

   "Surely it will aimlessly?" - Thought Kumla.

   He was sitting at a makeshift table, putting ourselves big knotty hands. Face still, as always, but the nodule, shudders at the temple, gave irritation - nerves he also passed. Dark eyes of deep sockets nemigayusche looked at one, then the other of his accomplices. Cheptsov sat across the table and ate up intently crabs scraping knife out of the box last pieces. Winkies breakfast before and now fiddling with the stove, saying he loves it since childhood.

   The morning was frosty, clear, low sun looked at two small frozen window, filling the room with soft light. Winkies dispersed stove vengeance, she buzzed with frenzied fire - wood Kumlevu not sorry, this good, he scored the entire attic. But the supply of food melted in his eyes, and ahead - no options. Absolutely nothing. Would not have to carry canned across the front.

   - I should still say - broke the silence Kumla - that our supply of food is not infinite.

   Cheptsov finally put his box on the table.

   - It's not very tactfully, Paul H., - he said. - Maybe you think I'm to blame?

   - You did not understand me - slowly, with impassive face Kumla said. - I'm always thinking about business. You can not tighten it all ...

   - Offer the three of us to go on the attack against Smolny? - Cheptsov asked, glancing at Migunova and inviting him to join in the conversation. But Winkies silent, he fed up with this endless dispute.

   - I agree: none situation for armed action - continued Kumla. - But we have explosives, mines, we have three healthy, strong men, we can do a lot - for example, to leave the city completely without water and light, blow up bridges! We must do it, and then you go through the front. Sure, I guarantee you will be welcomed there as heroes.

   - I do not need fame, and a reasonable deal - sluggishly responded Cheptsov.

   Colonel Winkies sat before the stove on a fallen stool and gazed thoughtfully at the raging flames. He agreed with Kumlevym - thirst for revenge Bolsheviks called him to action, and he was ready to do what Kumla offered. But it is too long the Germans not to know their painful intolerance of anything that is not specified in the plan, instructions or anything else which an official document.

   - I'm only against the initiative - the Winkies said, staring at the flames. - It is necessary to send a telegram to Colonel Axel detailed. Describe the situation and offer a diversion option.

   - Oh, no! No! - Exclaimed loudly Cheptsov and Winkies turned his thin, dark face. - You astonish me - continued Cheptsov, tone down. - It's all unreal, one must be aware of everything that's going on here ... - Cheptsov most afraid that crazy, as he believed, could support the idea of ​​a resident, and then - a cover, while unlikely to jump from here. He had long since come to believe that their commercial houses, to his bath not prudent to go ahead of the German Army, and behind her.

   - Do not you know - sorry Migunova he said, - that the war, the whole war as a whole, entered a completely new phase? Will be revised again its entire strategy, including our strategy for action! At this point it is our duty to be available to commanders. No radiograms not replace live testimony. We need to go back! ..

   However Kumla Winkies and sat down to the table to make the text and Cheptsov had to join.

   Radiogram 23/17 000m:

   "The situation created in the city, eliminates the possibility of the main task. This is the conclusion we came to was unanimously: Based on the circumstances in the city is now impossible to find the necessary number of faculty and dedicated people we. Food supply, corresponding to this problem, no. The real strength - is the three of us and the radio operator. We repeat: the food at the end. Given the technical resources at our disposal, we can do a lot in the second razdelu7 what ask for your consent. If necessary, one of us can come for a detailed report. We are waiting for an immediate response. "

   Kumla wearing a military coat and wrapped his wide belt, pulled his fur hat and deeply uncomfortable stepping neraznoshennymi boots, out of the house. His shadow flashed across the frozen windows muffled slammed the gate, and there was a deep silence.

   - Rabid right, one wants to blame the city - said cap, going to the window. He saw in the thawed crack removes Kumleva, dark building hospitals, and slightly to the right - snow space, there was near the front, and behind him - safety rear. He is not a coward, but he was tired of being here all the time face to face with death.

   - Do it, you know, you can understand. He stayed here all my life, and it now every day of delay - a great misfortune - Winkies said soothingly.

   - The war did not start for him ...

   - But not for you and me ... - Winkies considered himself as belonging to the Russian emigration higher moral rank. Cheptsov with his materialistic desires - is the lowest. Migunova clear that he now thought convincing argument for himself: to hide behind the army is very convenient. But in the end, Cheptsov now does not mean anything.

   - Why did they die, but do not rise? Why? I think all the time - quietly, like himself, asked the Winkies. - History has witnessed food riots.

   - Yes, yes, yes! And while the army did not tumble down the city, he will resist! This is perfectly clear! Maybe this is not understood in Berlin?

   Migunova not want to argue, he prevented a stove, a full hot coals, and headed for the wide bed in the corner.

   - You attribute resident subtle experiences been waiting for it, you know ... - Cheptsov stopped him. - But no fault there's been waiting for such as our resident, Germany was misguided in regard to the strength of red Russia? Not his fault if we sit here and wonder why the city is dying, but does not rise?

   Cheptsov in something was wrong, but said nothing of the Winkies.

   Kumla was sure Axel immediately approve the proposal for diversionary strike - which meant that all the events now dramatically accelerate, the situation will become even more acute, and it is for this to be ready. And he is ready. But today he had to make a very important thing for yourself.

   Makletsova values ​​- that's what he's thinking, getting on a snowy path to the street. He knew that a small suitcase, standing under the bed Makletsova, conceals a fortune. Makletsov recently ill. Whatever happens, whatever turn of events, it is always wealth, this should not be an abyss.

   On the Foundry burned house. Flames raged in the windows on the second floor, but no one paid any attention to it. A very few people, pale, emaciated, walked slowly past, without turning his head. Kumla stopped, watched and waited, that people still stop, at least one person. But no one stopped, and he went on. To meet him in the street Nekrasov flew red fire truck, fire jumped on the move ...

   Claus. Drifts in the whole street. Whitened trams in the snow. People drag sled with firewood, with belongings. Towards Kumlevu, toward the bridge, carried the dead. He saw the coffin on a sledge from plywood and stamped "1st Class" and could not help grinning.

   In the beginning of the street Nekrasov, near the front door, lying close to each other three dead - two men and a woman. One of the men was in a coat and hat, and the other - naked, they can be seen, brought out of the house - home team pick ...

   The room was Makletsova same cold as outside. Curtained windows are not, outside the glass bottom is broken, and between frames piled snow. On the table - a piece of bacon. This brought Kumla week ago. Makletsov lying on the bed under a pile of clothes. Kumla approached and greeted. Makletsov tried to say something, but it was impossible to make out. He evidently did not recognize the guest. "How can a man change so much this week!" - Kumla thought, watching him with interest. Makletsova face was small, dried up, his eyes completely failed in the black hole. He was breathing very often and silently, wincing slightly hooked nose. Kumla repeatedly called by name, but Makletsov not heard, it seemed that he was not breathing. Kumla shined his flashlight under the bed - a suitcase lying against the wall. He lay down on the floor and got it. At this time Makletsov moved his head, muttered something, and suddenly became vytaraschivat eyes in deep sockets, they're deep, like bulged. He froze. Not breathing anymore.

   Kumla waited a little. Dead silence. He wiped the edge of the blanket bag. Salo pocketed. Locked the door from the outside, put the key in the crack under the door into the room and left.

   The suitcase was not particularly heavy, but Kumlevu was hot mouth poured hot steam, he unleashed earflaps.

   At this point, it saw Gladyshev. He orders Prokopenko was to find out what Makletsova.

   - Forehead rub with white whole - shouted Dmitry Frostscale war veteran.

   Kumla understood nothing, but nodded just in case.

   Gladyshev took a few steps and suddenly stopped in his tracks: "I know this man! I know! "He stood without turning, and seemed to back felt like a man with a terrible removed, covered with frost face. Gladyshev hand darted to his tunic pocket, he pulled out a cardboard box shabby order with verbal portrait of a German resident.

   Yes, it is! Gladyshev momentarily turned, looked at the receding, stood sideways, squinting after Kumlevu and pondered what to do ... For a few moments he thought frantically and went almost ran after. My first thought - to catch up and grab. But he knew it was the easiest way to ...

   The distance between them decreased slightly, and it was moderate step. Gladyshev knew that he should not lose sight of the enemy, must determine where it will go.

   Easy to say. And if the road bridge and not a soul on it, and get behind the whole bridge is impossible?

   The burden of time Kumla stayed put the suitcase on the ground and looked around. Dmitry has fitted very precisely, as soon as the resident began to lean to put a suitcase - in the gate, the entrance, the ledge.

   They walked along the waterfront Vasilevsky Island - too difficult place for Dimitri. He remembered how he once walked along the Neva River in German who discovered him and managed to escape.

   Kumla turned on 9 th line. Gladyshev was far behind when Kumla entered the gate of the house number 54. Gladyshev stride, but he had no right to go in there at once the object of observation. The latter could be wrapped in a porch or at the gate, only to establish whether there is tailing him. The idea that he misses the enemy deprived Gladysheva caution, and he hurried after Kumlevym.

   In the courtyard was empty. But traces on virgin snow boots were the first from the gate entrance. Stepping into someone else's footprints, Gladyshev back on the street. Call was nowhere. Can not leave - even for two or three minutes.

   Need to find a position and watch.

   Across from the gate stood a snow-swept street car. It was a decent position. But the yard could be another way, and then you can wait here until the end of the century. The enemy could not leave the house and through another door, back door or through the window. And in this case he Gladyshev, will, like a fool, sitting outside an empty house. And still there is a chance ... Just make sure it is necessary to give a signal to the control. But on the street - not a single living soul. And not ask each call ...

   Dmitry beat a path for a snowdrift in a single step length and went without a moment to stand still. But how cold it immediately grabbed his face and legs. Gladyshev tightly tied under the chin flaps earflaps, knocked frost with collar and long ter mitten petrified face bashed on the nose and cheeks. He quickly stepped down, almost running, but my legs have gone. He stopped and quickly wiggle your toes, this time again grabbed the face ... But no one came by ...

   Kumla sitting in a warm kitchen at Palchinskogo and depart from the cold and fatigue. Included radio was on the table - a radiogram passed half an hour ago, waiting for a response.

   Kumla undressed, took off his boots, his face red with white spots - rubbed goose fat. Palchinsky in a thin wool sweater and slippers, boil the kettle, collecting cups on the table.

   - It's time - said Kumla.

   Radio operator tapped key Center said prearranged signal "listen" - there was no answer.

   - Where stacked mines? - Asked Kumla.

   They got dressed and went into the living room. Kumla flashlight. Palchinsky veil lifted - under the bed lay a familiar suitcase Kumlevu mine that autumn brought across the front Zhuhin.

   - Here's another - Kumla said, stuffing a suitcase under the bed Makletsova. - This is a very sophisticated device, but you dare open.

   Palchinsky carefully lowered the veil.

   - Do not worry, we will learn the technique, it is useful - said Kumla, lighting angles, antique furniture, window boarded up with plywood.

   Returned to the kitchen. Palchinsky again tapped call. There was still no answer.

   - Yes, I have PE, Paul H., - said Palchinsky, pouring boiling water into a large cup. - Yesterday evening comes, it means ... fifty years. Dressed soundly. I did not want to admit, but he went so brazenly. Submitted: Kuzma Kuzmich, Mol. Everything said about you know. I ask: what is it, what is it? And he says, you know Pilyugina?

   - Who Pilyugin? Where is he now? - Asked Kumla.

   - He was in Kronstadt, as I do, and replaceable radio operator knew, of course, that I worked for the rebels. We worked together. Only he knows it. Sometimes met on the street, greeted ...

   - Well, more ... more ...

   - So, I ask what he wants from me? He says very little - it has a ham radio transmitter and you have tapped ... Only one radiogram radiogram Germans and all. And for me it is - a big winner. If I refuse, he goes to the Foundry ... I said that in the past do not worry - the authorities know about it long and forgiven. But promised that I would think about his proposal. Appointed to come tomorrow at one o'clock.

   - Fool! Why do you have got? - Jumped, shouted Kumla.

   Pale, flat face covered with red spots radioman.

   - I would ask - he began, but Kumla already took himself in hand, he stood up and walked across the linoleum in thick socks. - Do not you know that now you need to relocate here?

   - And what could I do? Than I to blame? - Palchinsky said.

   - It's time - said Kumla.

   Radio operator put on the headphones, tapped call and Kumla realized in his eyes, that is the answer. Radioman wrote something quickly and handed the paper Kumlevu.

   "The answer will be tomorrow" - he read ...




   Formed a chain of people, tightly interrelated. Gladyshev froze on the street, waiting to come out of the house Palchinskogo Kumla. Kumla Axel waited for an answer. Axel is in snowbound, charred Novgorod awaiting a decision by Berlin - a problem that arose suddenly, was very difficult.

   After reading the telegram from Leningrad, Axel in the first minute was immediately ready to agree to their offer diversions. But caught himself: "Before deciding to check who, but you can like it or not is your decision," - taught Canaris. Word of mouth passed a cautionary tale. Canaris offered once to take what is an important decision, and fast sycophants immediately declared him a genius. But then again Canaris analyzed its proposal on the formula "Who else could it please" and through complex reasoning came to the conclusion that the decision may love ... the enemy against whom it was directed.

   Who else might like big diversion in Leningrad? Fuhrer? He certainly would welcome any subversive blow to the city, which he promised to raze. Higher army command? Of course, yes. Every additional blow to the object, is the aim of the army - the army assistance. Can only be against the security service DM - this throat all that is done under the name of the Abwehr. However, they are by and large the war must take diversionary attack on Leningrad under a plus sign.

   More ... How to react to this Russian? The question may seem absurd, but ... Winkies recently reported from Leningrad, Leningrad radio that very skillfully uses the dramatic situation in the city, became extremely anti-German sentiment. In this regard, he even offered to move then capture radio from second to first place for the "fifth column".

   Commander of Army Group "North" General Field Marshal Leeb hair removed because of illness. But has come a rumor that Hitler after the resignation of von Leeb throwing pencils in it and called it stupid Baba, who climbed into the general's pants. Axel was the commander of a week ago, and he was perfectly healthy, Axel subtly mocked for what the Abwehr in no hurry to fulfill his promise to help the army in Leningrad. He demanded action, not talk. Now if he remained at his post, he would have approved unconditionally subversive blow to Leningrad.

   Look at it as a new commander - is unknown, Colonel General Küchler Axel did not know ...

   One could argue and analyze the situation with as many diversions, but Bismarck teaches every discipline begins with awareness of their subordination to a higher boss. Axel flipped Leningrad proposal in Riga, Colonel Lebenshyuttsu, and in Berlin, on Tirpitsufer, the headquarters of the Abwehr. And waited for an answer ...

   From home, where Axel lived in Novgorod, to the barbed wire fence he had trodden "own path in Russia" ... He put on his overcoat lined with wolf fur, warm hat, feather gloves, boots with fur and left the house.

   As he walked through the garden, frost is not felt. But it was enough to get out on the mound, where the snow-white expanse opened with a black stripe distant forest seemed cold with all this vast plains pounced on him. And nothing was saved - breath away, burned face. Tangled in a long overcoat, Axel escaped from the hill and through the garden went on a city street. There was no wind, and he calmly walked up to the junction. Next he never went, did not advise workers of the Gestapo. A month ago, in the city center in the morning picked 18 th Army officer with a knife in his throat. Yesterday shot at the commandant of the city, when he went to the apartment at night.

   Axel caught up with messenger communication unit:

   - You are urgently requested to call Riga ...

   This, of course, Lebenshyutts whiz - he has always been famous that could turn quickly, the officers' school was not in vain called Lightning.

   Axel picked it up, gave his name and heard a familiar voice Lebenshyuttsa.

   - You must excuse me, but from your radiograms I do not quite understand what you want from me? - Not healthy Lebenshyutts began, and his voice Axel felt what that tension.

   - I need advice. I'm subordinate to you, - said Axel.

   - Recognition of the important but belated. I see: the Moscow fashion has reached you.

   - What other fashion? What are you talking about?

   - Oh, you do not know? - Ironically Lebenshyutts said. - In the area called it became fashionable when it comes to responsibility, to seek mates to share with them this responsibility.

   - Hey, Carl, I need not your responsibility, and your approval.

   - That's what I say - Lebenshyutts said.

   - I do not understand you ...

   - Much more important is that you do not understand Russian. On them and you should complain to the admiral.

   - Thanks for the advice. Reserve the last hope that you are drunk. - Axel furiously threw up ...

   Dmitry Gladyshev stood frozen tram car - decided that there would still be warmer. Indeed, the scorching wind did not penetrate there, and for a while he felt a great relief. But warmer still was not. All metal and even wood seemed absorbed and condensed in itself impossible cold, just touch and you pronizhet spark cold.

   Dmitry cleared a piece of glass with a knife - in a good gate and were visible through them - part of the yard, where the staircase. Glass all the time delayed the icy crust, and it was necessary to continually clear. And yet in the tram better. You can walk, even run along the car. But how much effort a hungry man to endlessly engage in such exercises? Dima went and looked into the hole, running, squats and leg banging on foot again clings to an ice glass.

   An hour passed.

   Dmitri went over in my head all the ways in which he could inform yourself Prokopenko, but nothing came up.

   Frost ... In the eyes decreases hole in the ice box ...

   And there is a frost ... He did not want to think about it, but clearly, as in life, saw the inner eye woodpile from the dead, and inadvertently flashed through my head that it was the day before yesterday ... Prokopenko woke him up at six this morning, said that we should go to his father the factory - now will have a car. He did not explain, but Dmitry understand - what is the father ...

   Drove an hour and it seemed - all day long. In passing on the utility missed pass, said that it is waiting for the foundry Party secretary.

   Finding himself in the yard, Dmitry stopped in amazement plant operated plant lived. Heard the rumble working shops.

   Huge door of the building, which was by Dmitri suddenly screeched moved, and it became clear improbably blue space and shop it around placers Electric blue lightning. Artisans screaming rolled out of the shop with a cart of shell glasses. Guys stuck truck, she raced along the rails across the yard and rolled into the open door of another shop.

   In the foundry Dmitry met Party secretary - an elderly man in a military uniform, but with no insignia on his collar.

   - Worse your father - he said. - But mother forbade bother. And it was here yesterday, begs to carry him home. My opinion - the mother's request to be executed. We will give the car people ...

   Dmitry was party secretary for the endless corridors and stairwells transitions. Secretary and then stopped what you people, but he was throwing on the move: "I'm busy," and they moved on.

   When they descended the stairs, he stopped.

   - I am your father thirty years there, - he said, faintly revealing pale thin lips. - All covered with it ... we will come an hour ... his name ... - His voice trailed off as he helplessly then hunched his shoulders and clumped down.

   In the room where they finally came, it was warm and smelled strongly of drugs. Father lying on a cot - a small, unknown. It seemed shrunken, in a grid of wrinkles, face overgrown with gray stubble. Her eyes were closed eyelids darkened, small, gnarled, dark hands lay motionless on the blanket, stretched along the body.

   - Unconscious ... - said what that woman in a white coat.

   Dmitry bent.

   - Dad ... Dad ... - he called softly.

   Father lay motionless.

   - Father, I ... - said Dmitry louder.

   And suddenly the old man ever parted slightly and he clearly said:

   - Home ...

   Dmitry held him in his arms like a child - in a padded jacket and blanket, he was terribly easy. Help - two boys artisan sat next to the driver. One kept looking back, as if he really wanted to help, Dmitry, and then poked his head against the back of another, who was sitting on his lap.

   Hospital mother was on her way to the house. She did not ask, she sat next to her son.

   They made the house of his father, mother raskutala, put him to bed. Melted plate books, put the kettle on, got out of the chest bag with dried raspberries and brewed.

   Dmitry held his father's head, and she began to drink with a spoon it. He did not unclenched his mouth, his lips were still.

   Dmitri suddenly felt that he wants to turn his head to his mother, and helped him. Father opened his eyes and said distinctly:

   - Ol ... You guys ...

   Those were his last words ...

   The mother did not cry, did not scream, she sat beside him on the bed, not exactly knowing what happened. Then silently, quietly and slowly began to do all that is necessary in such cases to the deceased: laid eyes on coppers, obmyla and began to dress.Dima pulled out of the closet is the new black suit with the Order of Lenin on his lapel. They put it on the table and then sat outside all evening and all night. And in all that time did not say a word to each other.

   And in the morning, still in silence wrapped him in a sheet, laid on the sled, lung, strangely flat, and drove.

   On the outskirts of the town stood the hut with a roof torn off - just four brick walls. Around several rows lay dead Leningrad. Here they waited patiently for the engineers to come and start ammonal blow for them giant grave.

   They put the father closer to the wall ... It's all or not? ..

   Dmitry was dragging a sled behind and still could not reach the consciousness of what happened ... But sled fought on foot ... and he was just there ... Consciousness does not want to accept that there was left to my father, and it was as if two minds: one cold and strange, it is remembered every detail, and another - his own, from his heart ached and it fearfully shy away from the truth ...

   It was just two days ago ...

   Dima as if awakened ...

   Thrusting his gloved hand inside his jacket coat and hat with ears blindfolded, with his collar turned up and shook her scarf on top, he was on his knees inside the car, on the bench. At one time it seemed to him that such a provision should be cold feet smaller, but very soon he realized that it was not. Just now beginning to stiffen the legs from the knees and slowly blurred dumb pain throughout the leg - miss a minute and then, straightening the leg, though yells. He looked into the hole, continuously moving his shoulders and knock boots dangling. With feet that what happened - if they did not have nakrucheno two woolen socks on thick woolen socks. He felt cold feet as if his feet were bare. Several times they stopped so that did not seem to have the patience to bear it, but he moved his feet, moving his energetic, non-stop, and then the pain has receded slightly, but his legs were getting heavy, straight iron.

   It was necessary to walk a bit. He looked into the hole, got up, and if it had not grabbed the seat, it would have fallen on the floor of the car rippled. Legs are not kept. He waved his hands, grabbed the top straps and stood swaying, moaning in pain - hot needles pierced into the soles of his feet and entered deeper and deeper, they have already penetrated the ankle bone ...

   He looked straight ahead, and suddenly it seemed to him that the hole in the ice that is flashed. Hanging on the belts, he brought his face to the window - the man walked across the yard to the street slowly and quietly, without feeling, apparently, no alarm.Dmitry very clearly saw all his stalwart figure in a fur coat, in high boots, seen framed fur earflaps triangle person from whom uniformly separated puffs of steam. And suddenly something hit in the head was hot and dizzy. But Dmitry stepped to the door of the tram. He immediately fell to his knees and groaned. Now it seemed to him that he stepped foot on a hot stove, the pain was unbearable.

   And yet he got out, pushed away from the tram and went lurching and swaying from side to side on the cast-iron legs and gritting his teeth in pain.

   Resident went farther. Dmitry wanted to add a step, but fell to his knees, face in the snow. He barely got up on his hands and crawled on all fours. Feet dragged as strangers. The entire weight of the body lay on hands. Gloves flew, but the strange thing - hands do not feel cold.

   The dark figure already melted into dusk fast gustevshih and Gladyshev still crawling. His consciousness is beginning blur, but he still crawled about ten meters, until the forces have left him and he fell on his side. Consciousness then back to him, then vanished.Suddenly he clearly heard the sound of the motor. Opening his eyes, he saw the car and get out of it in a long military overcoat.

   Gladyshev struggled cried. He shouted, but his voice is not heard. He shouted: "Comrade! Comrade, "but it turned out he only deaf" about as well as "about" as well as a well. " But the military heard this strange cry, turned and walked.

   - What is it? - He picked Dmitry and lifting, leaned his back against the wall.

   Got out of the car driver, also came.

   - Goner, see ... - he said quietly, Dmitry distinctly heard it, shook his head, and at that moment his mind clearly and quickly earned.

   - The enemy ... the enemy ... more ... - he said quite legible.

   - Where is the enemy? Oh, is there? Well, nothing, nothing, we had straightened out - the military said, as the doctors say with a sick child.

   Gladyshev became convulsive movements to unbutton his coat. Fingers did not obey. He laid the fist under the button and the last effort pulled his hand. Buttons flew off to the side. Gladyshev began to tear the valve on the shirt pocket, but it is his strength is not enough, he just poked his hand in his pocket.

   - Here ... writing ... - hardly he said.

   Military bent unfastened flap pockets and took out a service certificate Dmitry. He looked up, read a little book and showed the driver.

   - Then something happened - the driver said. - Let ka SVEZA it on Foundry, who knows what.

   Dmitry wanted to tell them that it is necessary to pursue the enemy, but they did not listen to him more, and began to drag picked up in "emku." When the driver took the legs, Dmitry screamed wild pain and fainted again.

   When he awoke, he saw Dmitry close close over a person and head of the department Prokopenko blinked. It's incredible! All these terrible hours he only thought that he should contact Prokopenko. Only to contact them! .. Gladyshev opened his eyes - Prokopenko not lost.

   Who is behind your head said:

   - He opened his eyes.

   Prokopenko stooped even lower. Gladyshev saw his anxious eyes.

   - What's the matter? What happened? - He heard a familiar voice.

   Dmitry eyes welled with tears - hot, salty.

   - I missed ... - hardly he said.

   - Who?

   - That ... sketch ... resident ...

   - I'm not mistaken?

   - No ... Just ... Missed ... I do not know ...

   - Where did he go?

   - He was on the ninth line of Vasilievsky ... house ... fifty four gates ... and just to the left ledge at home ... locked ... He was there.

   - Fifty-four?

   - Yes ... exactly ...

   Prokopenko disappeared. Gladyshev saw the face of an elderly woman in a white cap.

   - It does not hurt? And so? - She asked softly Dmitry. - And here?

   Gladyshev shook her head. He had not seen or felt that at this time she clenched her hands feet his feet.

   - We must hurry. Call techs ... - someone said the woman.

   - Where do you want it? - Said a voice from afar Prokopenko.

   - In the hospital ... - woman said something else, but could not make out the words, Dmitry.

   Above him again face appeared Prokopenko:

   - You Gladyshev, do not worry, everything will be okay. I'll keep an eye ...

   At this time, Dmitry raised. Medics put him on a stretcher and carried. Whence then reappeared Prokopenko side, he said:

   - Return on Vasilevsky, now go ...


   Chapter Thirty-first

   Operations such as these start from afar and are usually deployed slowly. Well, Potapov froze in someone else's apartment. Gladyshev Makletsova walked away, then for Cheptsov - nothing exciting. Grushko tinkering with Gorin, who interrogates him straight day from morning till night, trying to get him to tell the truth. Prokopenko and his staff go after those who caused suspicion. It often happens that go to waste. What's heroic? Head of Department and his deputies read the statements, hundreds of pages a day, present at the interrogations, questioned themselves, hold meetings, listen to reports on the progress of operations, there are dozens of such operations, and one should be speeded up and the other cover as aimless, go on Front themselves report their affairs in Smolny, where they then blamed, then support. And so, day after day: daily hard work.

   In the quietest in the slowest operation yet once there comes a point when things just break away from the place and time due to being on a minute. In our history, a time came when called Gladyshev Prokopenko address on Vasilevsky Island.

   Less than an hour, as the house fifty four 9 th line was blocked operational team led by Prokopenko ...

   Radioman Palchinsky Kumleva issued immediately and said that he should come here in the morning. But Kumleva address Chuguna street at the first interrogation he did not give.

   Kumleva decided to take the morning when he comes in response to a telegram to the Centre.

   Prokopenko rushed to the hospital, find out what Gladyshev. Huge hospital crowded. Dmitry was lying in the hallway among others. Continuously heard the cries and groans of the wounded. Dmitry knew frostbitten feet. As a child, it was a time when he was with the guys in the ski trip. Well, my mother was wiped snow, and the end of it. But now that it's not like, nothing hurts, it just does not feel his legs. Only that it examined again. Several people in white coats were arguing and shouting even, but Dmitri did not understand what. He fell asleep and was awakened by voices Prokopenko:

   - How you doing?

   Prokopenko face was close close.

   - One out there on Vasilevsky, already took the morning we take the point. So do not worry, everything is going as it should. You're done! And you we're not give offense.

   Prokopenko lost.

   The corridor was tall gray-haired man in a flowing white robe, and behind it - a group of doctors. Gray-haired woman in a white cap told him something on the go. The tall man paused, pulled back the covers and bent over Dmitry feet.

   - Why have not reported about it before? - He said, straightening up and barely holding on to the waist.

   - I thought ... we were advised ... - early gray-haired woman.

   - I do not care what you thought, with whom advised! In operating!

   Dmitry shifted to a gurney and taken. At the turn of the corner came Prokopenko.

   - Guys, wait a minute - he said medics. - Dmitry, can you hear me?

   Dmitry nodded, struggling holding tears again prihlynuvshie to the eyes and throat.

   - I'm going to take the lead. Got that? Take. This is your doing, Dmitri. Just yours! Got that? And all will be well. Do not worry. Go to the courses, you will become an investigator, and do not want to, come back to their favorite stories. All the guys say hello pass. We'll be ...

   While Prokopenko was in the hospital, in an ambush on 9 th line and the lieutenant came Grushko Markov. They took their place in the entrance of the last house on the 9 th line.

   Frost the night even more.

   Rushed Prokopenko:

   - How you doing?

   - All is calm. Waiting ... - Grushko said. - Chill dog!

   - Canine? Say, too, - high, clear voice Prokopenko said - he spoke in a voice that was very excited or angry. - Now my guy in the hospital legs consuming. He can say, decided surgery - this turnout covered. Damn! It is necessary to be so lucky and not so lucky! The guy is gold. Well, what would you do? .. - Prokopenko sighed. - I'll come to him in the morning, I say to him? He just three days ago ... SVEZA father says bosses - give military orders. What should I tell him? About the Order? Yes?

   Grushko silently walked through the entryway.

   - What's his name? - Said Markov.

   - Gladyshev. Dmitry Gladyshev.

   - A A A A, belobrysenky such party in his recently taken?

   - Yeah, yeah. Seems dawns - full attention ...

   Kumla appeared on the other end of the 9 th line at eight forty two. And immediately went to meet him, Major Grushko.

   They just met at the gate by the house radioman. At the same moment, came out of the gate and Potapov Samarin.

   The operation ended ...

   Chapter Thirty-second

   Front around Leningrad was stationary, but non-stop battle for the city continued. Spring defense of the city was squeezed to the limit. At one point - about plant typewriters - became Leningrad Front Street. In autumn, when the enemy troops broke through here in the main Nazi newspaper "Volkischer Beobachter" was printed a picture of this place with the caption: "Our heroic soldiers took Leningrad by the throat."

   They gathered to strangle Leningrad, but the city was intercepted predatory hands and squeezed them with an iron, ruthless force. In mid-January 1942 the front near Leningrad visited Deputy Head of "Abwehr 2» German military intelligence and counterintelligence Colonel Erwin Stolze. The result of his trip was the memo addressed to the Chief "Abwehr 3" Lieutenant General Bentivini. Among the causes of "reigning in the army near Leningrad spirit of apathy to the high ideals of the war in the East," the colonel pointed to a "long-standing city's proximity to the front lines soldiers became psychologically harmful. Mistake was his former command authorization to establish military cemetery in the vicinity of the front. Sitting in the snow, in the cold, with affordable cemetery behind and in front of the enemy in inaccessible landscaped urban areas - a factor not inspiring ... "

   In the final section of the note Colonel E.Shtoltse suggested strongly reinforce "harassing the enemy and encouraging German soldier" sabotage in the Middle Russian rear and in the city. "Abwehr 2" engaged in sabotage, so that Colonel proposed measures only in their specialty.

   Employees of the special departments of the Leningrad Front soon felt this pressure. Almost every night is one, then the other part of the front shootings occurred: the Germans were distracting artillery and mortar shelling our positions, and at this time somewhere nearby walked across the front of their saboteurs. This tactic was used consistently, from a purely German belief in the sanctity of any instruction. Saboteurs were caught, special department produced the first interrogations and sent spies into the city.More work in the house and on the Foundry ...

   In the NKVD did not have enough skilled workers, and Potapov back in control. He was appointed Kumleva interrogation, and although the whole day the resident did not answer a single question, Potapov was pleasant even only one opportunity to speak with the enemy as it should speak with the security officer Nikolai Potapov. He enjoyed just walking through the gloomy corridor office building, talking with friends about the most ordinary things, just to be among them in the barracks, where every minute rattled the phone and someone called "upstairs".

   In the second hour of the night he went to the hostel and found there a complete rout. Burned pipe "stoves" collapsed on the bed, the room filled acrid smoke, everyone jumped up and, like ghosts, in a smoky haze were busy trying to put in place the pipe.

   Stove filled with water. Opened the door to the hallway and on the yard - smoke stretched lazily on the frosty street. When Potapov finally reached his bed and undressed, he was called to the telephone.

   - Do not lay down yet? - Asked Grushko.

   - Do not have time - stove repaired, pipe fell ...

   - Come to me.

   He dressed quickly and stepping over the step, and did not seem to feeling tired, went up to the top. But on the second floor had to stop, it became difficult to breathe. "Perhaps we should not rush," - he said to himself, and went slowly.

   - There is news - met him Grushko. - Your Kuzma Kuzmich shook shook Prokopenko guys, and you know where he brought them? On sale Palchinskogo. The first time he went there in the evening, and the guys missed it, brought to the gate, and there he was plumb gone. But soon left. The next day he again there, and there - ours. Palchinsky flatly denied his acquaintance with him. Need full-time, let's help. They now bring ...

   Led Palchinskogo. He sat in the middle of the room, looking at Grushko sore eyes - radio operator did not sleep the second night, all to think and decide what to say in interrogations. That he was a radio operator enemy resident, he admitted it and he reckoned. But is not that enough to be shot?

   He's had to tell a lie, showing that Kumlevym was recruited shortly before the war, and was in a constant state of fear. Now he only thought that can Kumla in response to talk about his current role in the Kronstadt rebellion and expose how old German agent.Then it is certain death.

   Palchinsky sits right, not taking his eyes off Grushko, he is confused and does not know what to say. He feels that there is room in someone else, but is afraid to look to see.

   - Who Kuzma Kuzmich Nadein? - Asked Grushko.

   - I already told you ... I do not know ... I do not know is ... - Palchinsky replied, shaking his head negatively.

   - And you did not see him?

   - Little did anyone see ...

   - Okay. Help you ...

   Grushko ordered Nadeina lead. Potapov shifted on the couch closer to the closet - with light.

   Nadeina planted against Palchinskogo.

   - Do you know this man? - Asked Grushko.

   - Yes, it Palchinsky citizen.

   - You can see it today for the first time?

   - No. I see it a second time.

   - He says he does not know you. Palchinsky you know this man?

   - I do not know ... I do not know ...

   Grushko still hastened to confrontation and not thought it properly.

   Nadein, considering that it has been issued Palchinsky, the investigator was going to tell all he knew about the radio operator. And suddenly he sees that in his arrest Palchinsky clearly not at fault and did not even gave him why he came to see him.

   - Ought to clarify - Nadein said. - In name, this man I do not know.

   - Why did you come to him twice?

   - I would not want to answer this question, but since our meeting ended without results, I would say: I was told that a citizen can purchase Palchinskogo fat.

   - You are not telling the truth - said Potapov.

   Nadein turned his head, learned Potapov and looked at him.

   - That's what I thought so - he said softly, without surprise.

   - You Palchinsky was thus the second channel of communication with the Germans, were talking about in your group. You did not believe me and immediately decided to use the second channel. Palchinsky why he came to you?

   Radioman few moments thought frantically, turning his head to one and then another of those present and said, referring to Grushko:

   - Yes, he came to that.

   - Fool - coolly threw Nadein.

   He was taken. Palchinsky looked from Grushko, the Potapov, if he wanted to ask something.

   - In your position, Palchinsky, best - telling the whole truth to the end. - Grushko moved to the radio operator stack of paper: - Sit down at the table and write everything you know about Kumleve. And do not forget about yourself.

   Soon after Palchinsky gave their testimony, the house on the street was surrounded by cast iron. Operation can not be postponed until dark, and, moreover, Palchinsky reported that Cheptsov Winkies and from hour to hour must go back.

   Operational team blocked by House Polustrovski Avenue and the streets of Lithuania, as well as from the railway.

   Cast iron street was deserted in the afternoon. People were seen near the hospital building and further, plant, and here, near the house where he lived Kumla, only an occasional lonely passers-by. But it is strongly complicated secretive environment at home - those who block house with sides, I had to wade bellies hiding behind snowdrifts and the neighboring houses.

   Winkies and Cheptsov Kumleva waited and were very concerned that he has not returned yesterday. Decided that he had to spend the night at the radio operator.

   It was ten o'clock. If Kumla now will not bring order Axel start sabotage tonight they go through the front. Skiing prepared under mattresses are clean camouflage cloaks. Yesterday all day develop a route - how much can they pass along the Great, and then Central Neva, near the Old Village will go on the ice Gulf shall flee away from the coast, then to leave him already at the location of the Finnish and German troops. And because they are resolved, the mood was both elated. Cheptsov fried bacon, pulled out of the cupboard vodka, and they drank to the success of the campaign.

   - Paul H. And our all waiting at sea order - laughed Cheptsov. - Give me another one ...

   At twelve o'clock, ten minutes, when all the participants in the operation took place, on the street corner of Lithuania on cast iron and went Potapov Grushko. Both of them: one large, with broad shoulders, the other - puny in glasses - looked like serviceable suburban peasants from the Karelian Isthmus - a sturdy polushubochkah jerkin in patched leather boots on his head - Finnish Treukhov. Do Grushko was holding a thick alder stick. To meet them from the prospectus came Polustrovski Prokopenko. It was a resident of the city - in a coat with astrakhan collar and a leather hat with doodles. Their movement towards each other was calculated by the minute - when Potapov and Grushko rolled to the house on the cast iron, Prokopenko will only approach, but then he too will turn to home. And after them there will rush all the other participants in the operation.

   When a knock Winkies went to open. Cheptsov cleared the table food.

   - Who's there?

   - We need a Paul H..

   - He's not home ...

   - What have we brought food? - Asked at the door a deep male voice.

   - Open - whispered Cheptsov. - He waited for food.

   It was a very tense moment in the operation. If the door is not opened, the house would have to be taken by storm, this was done.

   But the door opened ...

   Potapov Grushko and went into the house and stopped at the door of a peasant, took off their caps. Strong smell of fried bacon.

   - Where is the boss? - Asked suspiciously Potapov and looked around the room. - How could he leave if there was a condition that we would come ...

   - And you he did not commit? - Asked Grushko dissatisfied and alarmed. - How so?

   Questions were necessary only in order to properly orient. Prokopenko was approaching the door.

   Throwing back the floor jerkin, Grushko raised courier:

   - Hands up! Quickly!

   Winkies rushed to the bed where lay the gun under his pillow, but it was ahead Potapov. Cheptsov raised his hands and stood with his mouth open. Prokopenko ran, followed by two more operatives. Migunova kept Potapov and Grushko ...

   Included new people on a snowy street made its way to the house the prison car ...

   German agents were taken to the foundry and began to interrogate. Winkies silent. He only gave his name and said he does so to the end of his journey is reflected in what some archives.

   - I would ask not to delay the case ... - he added, his head bowed, silent. His gaunt face thoroughbred with deep wrinkles, with tightly clenched lips expressed extreme determination.

   Cheptsov slightly regained consciousness and began to speak. Nobody has yet asked him questions, but he said loudly:

   - I hate long Bolsheviks, and your revolution, and all that it has given birth! Live to see the spring, and you strung up on poles! - He said, choking on every word. - The German army had already squeezed his fist, you pronounced the death sentence! For it is worth dying for. I'm sorry ...

   - Well ka enough spiel! - Grushko slammed his fist on the table. - Indications give you?

   After confrontations with Kumlevym and Palchinskim Cheptsov became testify. He really wanted to live, this Russian, who came to his native land to sow death, then to rise above the half-dead Russian ...

   Axel very soon realized that there was a failure in Leningrad. He immediately radioed the incident Canaris, but no explanations or conclusions in his report was not. He knew that the chief of the Abwehr not be particularly impressed by what had happened, regular reports on the affairs of the group had to prepare him for this.

   But Canaris, more than anyone else, you need a smart answer to the question: why the success of Madrid's "fifth column" was not repeated in Leningrad?

   What is the reason for the main? Axel would first like to recall that he wrote about custom Leningrad patriotism in his memorandum as early as thirty-ninth year. But he put in the first place is still not it. Here is a thought Canaris that the Russian Bolsheviks mutilated people, broke down his psyche, stripped of his individuality, collectivism destroyed directorial personality. Chef once said it all Axel, and although I must confess, Colonel did not understand all practical meaning of this conclusion Canaris, it did not have significant value. It is important that in the beginning of the analysis of the current situation Canaris come upon his own thought.

   Next we have to talk about patriotism and the Leningrad special about special love for this city all Soviet people. And, of course, be sure to remind himself that Axel wrote about this in his long-standing memorandum.

   It should be emphasized that the blockade and its consequences have not broken residents and skillful propaganda of the Bolsheviks used all the difficulties of life for the population to gain hatred of the German army. Then lead recruitment into armed groups "fifth column" was almost impossible. Almost? Simply impossible, and all ... One can think about the rough and stupid propaganda department at Leningrad Goebbels: composition primitive leaflets stupid ticket to the ball in "Astoria" on the occasion of the entry of the German troops. Now it sounds to Goebbels simply scandalous.

   Quietly and slowly Axel pondered his position when he finally came out of Berlin answer concerning sabotage attack on Leningrad.

   "The proposal in time. This action must be in close connection with the actions of the army, by itself it does nothing. "

   Four days later, Axel received a telegram, which offered him to transfer the property and staff groups "Abwehr team 104" Colonel Schimmel.

   After a week in the morning Axel walked into the office Canaris, holding a folder with the most thorough and detailed analysis of the Leningrad operation.

   Canaris, as always, Axel met as if they had seen yesterday and today its officer went on what the service is ordinary matter.

   - How do you feel? - He asked, inviting Axel sit.

   - Excellent. If we talk about purely physical condition.

   - How was kept cold?

   - Poor. But always remember that our soldiers are still heavier than it helped.

   Canaris nodded. Axel put on the table folder:

   - Here all the data ... analysis ... conclusions.

   - Fine. I invite you to observe and - said Canaris and began to look at their hands.

   Axel was about to get up, but Canaris detained him and looking black eyes narrow on the folder, asked:

   - There is about the last sentence of sabotage?

   - No, not a word, I decided to ... - Axel started.

   - You decided right - interrupted Canaris and moved to his folder. - Go rest. All war is still ahead. I will call you ...

   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

   Heinrich Himmler - Adolf Hitler

   From personal notes addressed to the headquarters of the Führer marked "One copy of" 8.

   "January 29, 1942.

   I write to you, while still under the impression of meeting you and your words that the elimination of millions of an inferior race that breed like worms, never pay for the war spilled noble German blood.

   How this high and faithful love to the nation how high sense of responsibility for its destiny. But your words - and the key to the action of all of us. Meanwhile, it is simple, the underlying basis of the concept is not yet available to other people occupying high positions in the Reich. Dropped by your words that "the Abwehr did not cope with many of their problems," summed up the protracted conversations and perplexities about our methods of work in the East.

   The main trouble I see Abwehr stereotyped thinking of its leaders. As you have started a new era of history can not make the past as a model for this. We say - partisan gangs in our eastern rear polls should destroy. Abwehr, referring to his successes in France, sending in their people in gangs, which should gradually (hist wait!) Expanded the gang inside. Instead of acting in the style of the era - the stencil. Very vividly seen in action at the front of the Abwehr group "North" with the main objective - Leningrad.Jodl, on behalf of your high, in October 1941 issued a special order to the commander of a group of "North", which determines the fundamental nature of all of our actions ... "

   (Apparently, Himmler refers to a document that represents so much interest for us that the author finds it necessary to bring it fully.

   With 123

   Supreme command of the armed forces number 44 1675/41 mysteries. Chancellor. Chief of Staff (Department of A / I operas.) Ch. apartment, the Fuhrer 7.X.41


   Fuhrer again decided that capitulation of Leningrad, Moscow and later should not be accepted, even if it would be offered by the adversary.

   Moral legitimacy of this action is clear around the world. If explosions in Kiev time bombs pose the greatest danger for the troops, then an even greater extent to be reckoned with this in Moscow and Leningrad. That Leningrad mined and will defend to the last man, reported Russian radio itself.

   Be expected from the great dangers of epidemics. Therefore, no German soldiers should not enter into these cities. Who leave the city against our lines to be driven back by fire.

   Small unguarded passages that make possible exit to evacuate the population alone in the internal regions of Russia, to be welcomed. And for all other cities should operate normally before their occupation that they should be reduced to ruins by artillery fire and air strikes, and the population turned to flee.

   Unacceptable risk the life of a German soldier to rescue Russian cities by fire, just as it is impossible to feed their populations due to the German homeland.

   Chaos in Russia will be the greater, and our management and use of the Occupied Eastern Territories, the easier the more urban population of Soviet Russia will run into the interior of Russia.

   This will Fuehrer should be brought to the attention of all commanders.

   On behalf of the Chief of Staff of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces Jodl.)

   "... So, neither of which the surrender of the city can not walk and talk. German soldier had nothing to do in the city. Unacceptable risk the life of a German soldier to save these towns from the fire. Do not feed their populations due to the German homeland.All is clear. However, I have exact information that the same last October Abwehr von Leeb has promised to help his armies uprising in the city and then set up for this special service. Why is it done? Refer to the success of the regiment "Brandenburg 800" - again and again past the stencil. But objectively, it turns out that this is done as opposed to deliberate tactic of war. Moreover - except in the case of success, giving the city the power of the rebels, it is not meant to save the condemned your city and its population and to shift care of them on the shoulders of Germany, complicate the whole thing in the north east? Finally, as to link with your idea about the price of German blood and worms inferior race? .. "

   Further part of the letter is no longer relevant to our topic, and we now know one important: they thought then of Leningrad, which prepared him to destiny ...

   Diary of Leningrad

   Smolny worker told me a wonderful story. Together with AA Kuznetsov and PS Popkovym9 he went on the cutting edge. From the observation post commander of the regiment, they searched the front line, and then in the dugout talking with regimental commanders. Before leaving at the division commander drank "Voroshilov normal," pickled snack cracker and talked about the heroism of Leningrad.

   Popkov said that he reported about the architect Nikolsky. Hungry, sitting in his apartment and draws frozen projects arches, which must be set on the outskirts of Leningrad. Under these arches will take place after the victory, returning home, our victorious troops.

   - And he accidentally ... wrong? - Said Kuznetsov.

   - No ... - replied ass. - He has been our people say, a man in full uniform, well, a little swollen. He made almost ten projects - because he does not know what the entrance to the city will build its arch, and he needs to know exactly to link architectural arch with the place.

   Suddenly, Kuznetsov said very seriously:

   - And in fact, where the arch will need? Enter the city where returning troops?

   - Do you happen ... not what? - Laughed ass.

   And then everyone started laughing.

   It was at Pulkovo. Behind the visible Leningrad.