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21st of January 1924

21st of January 2018




At 6:50 in the morning of January 21, in the village of Gory near Moscow, Vladimir Il'ich Ul'ianov-Lenin was struck by a quick death.



January 27, 1924




love and study Lenin, our teacher and leader.

Fight and vanquish the enemies, internal and foreign

-- as Lenin taught us

Build the new life, the new existence, the new culture

-- as Lenin taught us.

Never refuse to do the little things, for from little things are built the big things

-- this is one of Lenin's important behests.

J. Stalin





Nothing can defeat Leninism,

Lenin's revolutionary heritage

- no violence, no betrayal, no demagoguery.

Enver Hoxha




Messages of Solidarity


Message of the Comintern (SH) on occasion of the 94th anniversary of comrade Lenin’s death day

January 21, 1924 – January 21, 2018

94 years ago, Comrade Lenin died.

We greet all comrades of the world and we encourage you to faithfully keep high the glorious banner of Leninism.

On 21 January 2018 we would like to honour Lenin's fight, exactly 100 years ago, in particular, his struggle to consolidate the alliance of workers and poor peasants immediately after the October Revolution.

All previous revolutions have taught that their victory can only be achieved in the alliance between workers and peasants. Workers' uprisings failed because they were not supported by the peasants. And conversely, peasant uprisings failed because they were not supported by the workers. Without an alliance of workers and poor peasants, the victory of the October Revolution would have been impossible. And just as impossible will be the victory of the world socialist revolution without the alliance with the poor peasants.

No liberation of the poor peasants without the workers; and no liberation of the workers without the liberation of the poor peasants! This Basic Law of World Socialist Revolution is already anchored in the Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels:

The liberation of the world proletariat from the yoke of the world bourgeoisie can not be achieved without at the same time liberating the entire world society once and for all from exploitation and oppression, from all class differences and class struggles.

Lenin has shown us that the course of the world socialist revolution presupposes a new grouping of global class forces, that the world proletariat will march towards the world socialist revolution in close alliance with the poor peasants around the world, and that the world proletariat must neutralize the middle peasantry, while it has completely to subjugate the world bourgeoisie (including the expropriation of national and international agricultural capitalists).

The ground issue is one of the fundamental questions of world socialist revolution. Of central importance not only to the October Revolution but also to the world socialist revolution is Lenin's "Decree on Land." As Lenin himself writes:


The October Revolution swept away the remnants of serfdom in all spheres of social life: landed property, estates, women's inequality, national domination, the privileged position of the church etc.

Much force cost Lenin the solution of the food question, especially immediately after the October Revolution. Kulaks and speculators hid the grain in the hope of strangling the October Revolution by starvation. The question of nutrition was also of great importance for the November Revolution in Germany, whose 100th anniversary we are celebrating this year.

Anyone wishing to win the world socialist revolution must also ensure that the great proletarian world army has enough to eat and drink. The fight for the world socialist revolution is a fight for bread and protecting water resources, and the fight for bread and water resources is a fight for world socialism. The world-revolutionary struggle will not be decided without the strong alliance with the poor peasants in the fight for solving the food question.

We recommend that all comrades study the works of Lenin on the alliance with the poor peasants, especially between October 1917 and February 1918. For this we have selected the most important texts of Lenin and published them on this website.

In addition, the Comintern (SH) has today adopted her new "World Decree on the Land all over the World".

In this sense:

Comrades ! Let us struggle commonly for the fulfillment of the great legacy of Lenin.

Long live immortal comrade Lenin, the 3rd Classic of Marxism-Leninism!

Long live Leninism – an infallible signpost for the world socialist revolution!

Long live the October Revolution !

Long live world socialist revolution!

Long live the alliance of the world proletariat and the poor peasants !

Long live world proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the only authentic defender and follower of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism:

Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!



Comintern (SH)

Wolfgang Eggers

21th of January, 2018











in English language






About the Peasants in the October revolution

Collection of writings (October 1917 - February 1918)




How to Organise Competition?

December 24-27, 1917



Third All-Russia Congress Of Soviets Of Workers’, Soldiers’ And Peasants’ Deputies

January 10-18 (23-31), 1918



Extraordinary All- Russia Railwaymen’s Congress

January 5-30 (January 18-February 12), 1918


in German language




Wie soll man den Wettbewerb organisieren

25. - 28. Dezember 1917



in Arabic language


- كتب وكراسات مستقلة:


لينين - مهمات الاشتراكيين الديموقراطيين الروس



الرأسمالية في الزراعة



الى الفلاحين الفقراء





خطوتان الى الأمام خطوة الى الوراء





ما العمل؟






الاشتراكية والحرب





الإمبريالية اعلى مراحل الرأسمالية




الدولة والثورة




مرض اليسار الطفولي في الشيوعية





مذكرات لينين حول الحروب الأوربية ماضيها وحاضرها







تطور الرأسمالية في روسيا




- المؤلفات الفلسفية:



المادية والمذهب النقدي التجريبي



الدفاتر الفلسفية (2)



الدفاتر الفلسفية (3)


- كراسات وكتب مجمعة من اعمال متفرقة:


حول عمل الحزب بين الجماهير



بصدد الجملة الثورية



عن التحرر الوطني والاجتماعي



حول الصحافة


النصوص الكاملة حول الاستقلال الذاتي السياسي


مسائل بناء الاشتراكية والشيوعية في الاتحاد السوفياتي



لينين وبناء الجيش



مصادر الماركسية وأقسامها المكونة الثلاثة (مجموعة مقالات)




في الأممية البروليتارية



إستيقاظ آسيا



المهام المباشرة أمام السلطة السوفياتية






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Lenin still our contemporary.

He is among the living.

He is for us, as a living, not as a dead.

So,- Learn from Lenin.