Brief collection of


most important quotations

on the world revolution

compiled by

Wolfgang Eggers

published by the

Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)

(on occasion of Lenin's 140th birthday, 22nd of April, 2010)

We are for an international revolution !

Extend the basis and field of action of the Russian revolution by converting it into a world revolution.

The international proletariat will not be found wanting !

7th of July 1906 ( ! )

(Lenin, Volume 11, page 107 / 108, English edition)


Red, for this is the banner of the international proletarian revolution.

April 1917

(Lenin, Volume 24, page 106, English edition)


Ideas become a power when they grip the people.

And precisely at the present time the Bolsheviks, the representatives of revolutionary proletarian internationalism have embodied in their policy the idea that is motivating countless working people all over the world.

If the Bolsheviks do not allow themselves to be scared and if they succeed in taking power, from retaining it until the thriumph of the world socialist revolution.

October 1917

(Lenin, Volume 26, page 130, English edition)


(written just BEFORE the October revolution ! )

The world working-class revolution began with the arduous role of forerunners of the world revolution (Karl Liebknecht ... etc.).

The second stage was .. the protest against the war.

The third stage has now begun... (mass arrests, mutinies in the German army). We are on the eve of a world wide revolution.

We are on the threshold of a world proletarian revolution.

October 1917

(Lenin, Volume 26, pp. 74 and 77, English edition)


Every revolution, if it is a real revolution, amounts to a class shift.

The objective situation in world politics is revolutionary.

July 1917

(Lenin, Volume 25, page 131 and 133, English edition)

We were victorious because we could be and were united, and because we were able to win over allies from the camp of our enemies. And our enemies, who are immeasurably stronger than we are, suffered defeat because they were not, never could be and never will be united, and because every month they fought against us brought them further disintegration within their own camp.

March 1920

(Lenin, Volume 30, page 382)


Proletarians will march to the complete victory of the world communist revolution.

March 1919

(Lenin, Volume 29, page 94, English edition)

Lenin teaches

... that the era of the world proletarian, communist revolution has begun.

February 1919

(Lenin, Volume 29, page 100, English edition)


It was not only the Russian revolution that was concerned, but the world revolution.

Bolshevism aims at world revolution.

Our revolution is only the beginning. Its victorious end will come only when we have lit up the whole world with these same fires of revolution.

Lenin teaches that the revolution would proceed differently in different countries.

(Lenin, Band 30, page 383, 384, English edition) .


There can be no boundary line between the victories of the October Revolution and the victories of the international socialist revolution.

July 1918

(Lenin, Volume 27, page 511, English edition)

We know that revolution is a thing that is learned by experience and practice, that a revolution becomes a real revolution only when tens of millions of people rise up with one accord, as one man.

July 1918

(Lenin, Volume 27, page 510, English edition)

No revolution is worth anything unless it can defend itself. But a revolution does not learn to defend itself at onece.

October 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 124, English edition)


Bolshevism has become the world-wide theory and tactics of the international proletariat.

October 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 116, English edition)

Bolshevism is assuming world-wide dimensions, ... then bourgeois resistance would be international rather than national.

November 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 133, English version)

We are not only fighting Russian capitalism. We are fighting the capitalism of all countries, world capitalism – we are fighting for the freedom of all workers.

Long live the world proletarian revolution !

November 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 131, English edition) .


The struggle of the Russian workers has already convinced working people everywhere that the destiny of the world revolution is being decided here, in Russia.

March 1919

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 481, English edition) .


We are fighting not only for ourselves, but for Soviet power all over the world .. the example of Hungary has shown that this is not merely prophecies and promises, but the most actual and immediate reality.

April 1919

(Lenin, Volume 29, page 269, English edition) .


This revolution is a world conflagration and only the workers' government can triumph. We are not only fighting for Soviet Russia, we are fighting for the government of workers and working people generally, the world over.

December 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, pages 361 and 362, English edition) .


If we say … that international revolution is the only salvation … then we in our revolution must persue the aim, notwithstanding all difficulties and all dangers.

June 1918

(Lenin, Volume 27, page 480, English edition)


We must be one of the detachments, one of the units of the world proletarian and socialist army.

November 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 137, English edition) .


There is no other way of combating national hatred than by organising and uniting the oppressed class for a struggle against the oppressor class in each separate country, than by uniting such national working-class organisation into a single international working-class army to fight international capital.

spring and summer 1894

(Lenin, Volume 1 ( ! ), page 156, English edition) .


Lenin stressed

the need for a revolutionary war by the proletarians of all countries, against the bourgeoisie of all countries.

August 1914

(Lenin, Volume 21, page 16, English edition) .


My duty as a representative of the revolutionary proletariat is to prepare for the world proletarian revolution ... - from the point of view of my share in the preparation, in the propaganda, and in the acceleration of the world proletarian revolution. That is what internationalism means, and that is the duty of the internationalist, the revolutionary worker, the genuine socialist. That is the ABC.

October – November 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 287)


We see that the Russian revolution was in fact the dress rehearsal, or one of the rehearsals, for the world proletarian revolution.

March 1919

(Lenin, Volume 29, page 152, English edition) .


Revolutions are not made to order; but there are sure signs that the whole world is ready for great events. The Red Army reinforced by the revolutionary proletariat will help us raise on high the banner of the world socilaist revolution.

Victory or death !

August 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 44, English edition)


The victory of the communist revolution in all countries is inevitable.

March 1920

(Lenin, Volume 30, page 423, English edition)


World revolution is inevitable !

August 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 42, English edition)


This world revolution has stood up to its full stature and world imperialism will go under.

December 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 362, English edition)


The nature of capitalism and of the bourgeois society still dominates in most civilised countries and the development leads inevitably, and has been leading, to the world communist revolution of the proletariat.

February 1919

(Lenin, Volume 29, page 100, English edition)


This development of international civil war...

is the legitimate product of the class struggle under capitalism and a legitime step towards the victory of the international proletarian revolution.

February 1918

(Lenin, Volume 29, page 129 – 130, English edition)


The victorious proletariat will reorganise the countries in which it has triumphed.

That cannot be done all at once; nor, indeed, can the bourgeoisie be „vanquished“ all at once. While the proletariat of the advanced countries is overthrowing the bourgeoisie and repelling its attempts at counter-revolution, the undeveloped and oppressed nations do not just wait, do not cease to exist, do not disappear.

The social revolution can come only in the form of an epoch in which are combined civil war by the proletariat whole series of democratic and revolutionary movements, including the national liberation movement, in the undeveloped, backward and oppressed nations. Why ? Because capitalism develops unevenly, and objective reality gives us highly developed capitalist nations side by side with a number of economically slightly developed, or totally undeveloped, nations.

August – October 1916

(Lenin, Volume 23, page 53, English edition )

Imperialism is as much our „mortal“ enemy as is capitalism. That is so. No Marxist will forget, however, that capitalism is progressive compared with feudalism, and that imperialism is progressive compared with pre-monopoly capitalism. Hence, it is not every struggle against imperialism that we should support. We will not support an an uprising of the reactionary classes against imperialism; we will not support an uprising of the reactionary classes against imperialism and capitalism.

August – October 1916

(Lenin, Volume 23, page 63, English edition )

The economic revolution will create the necessary prerequisites for eliminating all types of political oppression.

National oppression cannot be eliminated without an economic revolution. That is incontestable. But to limit ourselves to this is to lapse into absurd and wretched imperialist „Economism“.

August – October 1916

(Lenin, Volume 23, page 75, English edition )


The flames of a revolutionary wildfire are leaping higher and higher over the whole of this rotton old world system.

The time is not far off when the working people of all countries will unite into a single world-wide state and join in a common effort to build a new socialist edifice. The way to this construction runs through the Soviets, as a form of the incipient world revolution.

January 1918

(Lenin, Volume 26, page 482, English edition)


We discovered the international, world form of the dictatorship of the proletariat in establishing the Soviet government. We are firmly convinced that the proletariat all over the world has taken this path of struggle, the creation of these forms of proletarian rule, the rule of the workers and of the working people in general, and that no power on earth can halt the progress of the world communist revolution towards the world Soviet republic.

March 1919

(Lenin, Volume 29, page 145, English edition)


Soviet government is a world-wide government. It is replacing the old bourgeois state.

Socialism can only develop through struggle with capitalism.

December 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, pages 360 and 361, English edition)


The Soviet government set a higher value on the world dictatorship of the proletariat and the world revolution than on all national sacrifices, burdensome as they were.

March 1919

(Lenin, Volume 29, page 148, English edition)


No matter how great the misfortunes that may be brought upon us by that dying beast, international imperialism,

that beast will perish, and socialism will triumph throughout the world.

March 1919

(Lenin, Volume 29, page 225, English edition)


It is impossible to escape imperialist war … except by a Bolshevik struggle and a Bolshevik revolution.

War of the slaves of all nations against the slave-owners of all nations !“

October 1921

(Lenin, Volume 33, page 56, English edition)


We swear:

We shall hold on, we shall stick to our post fighting with all our strength and not lay down our arms in face of the onslaught of world counter-revolution !

August 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 53, English edition)


It is impossible to end the war, the world war between the world's most powerful iimperialist giants.

This war cannot be ended without a mighty proletarian revolution, also embracing the whole world.

June 1918

(Lenin, Volume 27, page 423, English edition)

The capitalists cannot free themselves of the financial meshes , because the whole world is in debt, in bondage, and because private property has led and always will lead to war.

All this is causing the roots of the international revolution to strike deeper and deeper.

March 1920

(Lenin, Volume 30, page 393 / 394, English edition)


The motto of the rebelling workers of the world:

Victory or Death !“

And with this motto the fighters for the proletarian word socialist revolution will be invincible.

November 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 168, English edition)


The imperialist vultures are still stronger than us.

But they cannot defeat the world revolution !

November 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 150, English edition)


Imperialism will perish and the world socialist revolution will triumph in face of all odds !

November 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 150, English edition)


History certainly has strange ways: that a backward country should have the honour of leading a great world movement, which is seen and understood by the bourgeoisie of the whole world. Now that the axe is about to fall on world capitalism, there can be no question at all of any independence for individual parties.

December 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 334, English edition)


Breaking with the capitalists .. is the way of confidence in the oppressed classes, primarily in the workers of all countries,

the way of confidence in a world worker's revolution against capital,

the way of supporting it in full measure.

June 1917

(Lenin, Volume 25, page 49, English edition)


What does imperialism mean ?

It means that a handful of rich powers have a stranglehold on the whole world.

March 1920

(Lenin, Volume 30, page 389, English edition).

Even if they can crush one country, they can never crush the world proletarian revolution,

they will only add more fuel to the flames that will consume them all.

November 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 164, English edition)

The world revolution is not far off, but it cannot develop according to a special time-table.

Having survived two revolutions we will appreciate this. We know, however, that although the imperialists cannot contain the world revolution, certain countries are likely to be defeated, and even heavier losses are possible.

They know that Russia is in the birth-pangs of a proletarian revolution, but they are mistaken if they thin that by crushing one centre of the revolution they will crush the revolution in other countries.

November 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 163, English edition)


We Russian Communists so far stand alone, because our detachment has proved to be ahead of all the others.

We have cut off from our comrades; but we had to act first because our country was the most backward.

Our revolution was begun as a general revolution, and we shall tackle our tasks with the help of the workers and peasants of the world.

Capitalism is an international force, and it can therefore be completely destroyed only through victory in all countries,

not in one alone.

The workers will ensure the victory of the Soviet Republic .. and give it a chance to hold out until the world socialist revolution breaks out.

August 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 77 – 78, English edition)


The hour of reckoning with the bourgeoise of all countries is approaching !

The task before us is to overcome all obstacles in our path, however difficult they may be, and to maintain the power of the Soviets until the working class of all countries revolts and raises aloft the great banner of a world socialist republic.

July 1918

(Lenin, Volume 27, page 551, English edition)


If you are a socialist you must sacrify all your patriotic feelings to the international revolution, which is inevitable, and although it is not here yet you must believe in it if you are an internationalist.

We had to disperse the petty-bourgeois illusions that the people are an integral whole and that the popular will can be expressed other than in class struggle. If we had made any concessions to petty-bourgeois illusions …, we would have ruined the whole cause of the proletarian revolution in Russia.

We would have sacrificed to narrow national interests the interests of the world revolution, which turned out to be proceeding along the Bolshevik course, because it was purely proletarian instead of national.

November 1918.

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 206, English edition)


We must explain that the disaster, that has befallen us is an international disaster

and that there is no other way out of it except world revolution.

June 1918

(Lenin, Volume 27, page 464, English edition)

The important thing is that the working class should itself take up this work and rectify its own mistakes. If we act in this way, if every committee understands that it is one of the leaders of the greatest revolution in the world

then we shall achieve socialism for the whole world.

June 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 477, English edition)


We would win if the vanguard of the working people, the Red Army, remembered that it was there

to represent and defend the interests of the international socialism.

July 1918

(Lenin, Volume 27, pages 500 – 501, English edition)


We are free from imperialist dependence. We have raised the banner of struggle for the complete overthrow of imperialism for the whole world to see.

We are now, as it were, in a besieged fortress, waiting for the other detachments of the world socialist revolution to come to our relief. These detachments exist, they are more numerous than ours, they are maturing, growing, gaining more strength the longer the brutalities of imperialism continue. Slowly but surely, the workers are adopting communist, Bolshevik tactics and are marching towards the proletarian revolution, which alone is capable of saving dying culture and dying mankind.

We are invincible, because the world proletarian revolution is invincible.

August 1918

(Lenin, Volueme 28, page 75, English edition)


Long live the world worker's revolution !

September 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 93, English edition)


We posess the strength of mass organisation, which will overcome everything and lead the proletariat to the world revolution.

Long live the world socialist revolution !

October 1917

(Lenin, Volume 26, page 240, English edition)


Europe's greatest misfortune and danger is that it has no revolutionary party. It has parties of traitors... But it has no revolutionary party.

That is why we must do our utmost to expose renegades like Kautsky, thereby supporting the revolutionary groups of genuine internationalist workers, who are to be found in all countries. The proletariat will very soon turn away from the traitors and renegades and follow these groups, drawing and training leaders from their midst. No wonder the bourgeoisie of all countries are howling about „world Bolshevism“.

World Bolshevism will conquer the world bourgeoisie.

October 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 113, English edition)


This crisis means either that the revolution has begun or at any rate that the people have clearly realised it is inevitable and imminent.

The Russian workers will understand that very soon they will have to make the greatest sacrifies in the cause of internationalism.

Let us show that the Russian worker is capable of working much harder, of fighting and dying much more self-sacrificingly, when the world worker's revolution is at stake, as well as the Russian revolution.

October 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, pages 101 , 103, English edition)


All over the world the birth pangs of the old, capitalist society, which is pregnant with socialism, have begun.

June 1918

(Lenin, Volume 27, page 499, English edition)


The masses are surging, and there is no doubt at all that in the near – or possibly more remote – future, the socialist revolution will be on the order of the day in all countries, because the oppression of capital is at an end.

January 1918

(Lenin, Volume 26, page 464, English edition)


The outcome of the struggle as a whole can be forcast only because in the long run capitalism itself is educating and training the vast majority of the population of the globe for the struggle.

It is the overwhelming majority of the population of the globe that has been drawn into the struggle for emancipation with extraordninary rapidity, so that in this respect there cannot be the slightest doubt what the final outcome of the world struggle will be. In this sense, the complete victory of socialism is fully and absolutely assured.

March 1923

(Lenin, Volueme 33, page 500, English edition;

Better fiewer, but better“ - written on the 2nd of March 1923, one of the most important writings before Lenin's death)


Socialism is not something impossible,

but a firm worker's system, and one for which the proletariat of the whole world must strive.

July 1918

(Lenin, Volueme 27, page 503, English edition)


The cause we have begun will be carried through by the workers of the whole world.

December 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 328, English edition)


We must make every sacrifice for the victory of the world revolution, but we should realise that the future depends on us .

The chief task facing us is to fight imperialism, and this fight we must win.

Our forces must grow daily, and this constant growth is, as it was, our chief unas complete guarantee that world socialism will triumph !

October 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 123, 125 and 127, English edition)


Fraternal trust and unity are gradually being restored among the workers of different countries...

This in turn, will create conditions for united revolutionary action by the workers of different countries.

Only such actions can guarantee the most systematic development and the most likely success of the world socialist revolution.

May 1917

(Lenin, Volume 24, page 310, English edition)


Lenin talked about that

social revolution which is the ultimate aim of all the activities

of the international communist party as the conscious exponent of the class movement of the proletariat.

February 1918

(Lenin, Volume 29, page 102, English edition)

The time is near when the first day of the world revolution will be celebrated everywhere.

Our labour and sufferings have not been in vain !

The world revolution will triumph !

November 3, 1918

(Lenin, Volume 28, page 131, English edition)

Now the whole world is faced with the practical issue – that of the transition to socialism.

April 1917.

(Lenin, Volume 24, page 147, English edition)


To work, everybody to work, the cause of the world socialist revolution must and will triumph.

October 1917.

(Lenin, Volume 26, page 89, English edition)