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Long live the

105th Birthday of

Comrade Enver Hoxha

( October 16, 2013 )


Message of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of the 105th anniversary of comrade Enver Hoxha

Today, we happily celebrate the 105th anniversary of comrade Enver Hoxha. More than a hundred years have passed by since the glorious 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism was born. During these 105 years, the communist movement had to face many serious problems and obstacles, but it also accomplished many glorious victories against all kinds of enemies whose objective is to prevent world proletarian and labouring classes to put a definitive end to exploitation and oppression. The names of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism are deeply linked with all and each one of these victories, as their immortal teachings must always lead the toiling classes in their quest for the achievement of a classless, stateless and propertyless society. As the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism, comrade Enver led working classes to many of those socialist triumphs and he is one of the greatest anti-revisionists of all times, who spent his life waging a fearless struggle against all kinds of revisionisms, from Yugoslav/Titoist and modern revisionism to Maoist/Chinese neo-revisionism and its reactionary “third world” theories, etc.

Comrade Enver was the leader of the Albanian National People’s Army which liberated the country from Nazi-fascist imperialist occupation and allowed the building of a new socialist Albania. Albanian communists had to triumph over occupiers’ almighty forces under extremely difficult conditions, but this never discouraged them. At the leadership of Albanian armed exploited and oppressed classes, they accomplished their final purposes without ever resorting to opportunist positions thanks to the clever revolutionary strategy and tactics of their leader Enver Hoxha, the architect of victory.

Later, after the death of comrade Stalin and the embracement of revisionism by the CPSU, it was the PLA with comrade Enver at the head that led a relentless war against Khrushchevist and Soviet revisionism, with socialist Albania becoming world’s main revolutionary center. Even before this, the Albanian Marxists-Leninists guided by comrade Enver had already valiantly unmasked Titoist revisionism and prevented it from transforming Albania into a Yugoslav neo-colonial satellite. And after the Titoites, also Soviet, Chinese and other revisionists and social-imperialists believed that it would be an easy thing to put small socialist Albania under their oppressive and exploitative sway, but they were profoundly mistaken. Far from surrendering to their social-fascist pressures, Albanian working classes led by their proletarian communist party with comrade Enver at the head heroically denounced and defeated all them, thus permitting that Albania could remain genuinely socialist, independent and free from bourgeois, social-fascist, capitalist, revisionist and neo-revisionist diseases, in what was a true embarrassment to world imperialists and social-imperialists, who wanted to convince world workers that there was no other alternative besides being exploited and plundered until the bone by the bourgeois class.

And unfortunately for world capitalists, besides being a state of proletarian dictatorship led by an authentic Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist party, socialist Albania counted with one of the most brilliant communist leaders that ever lived as head of state: comrade Enver Hoxha. This also explains why, since the middle 50’s, while the other false “socialist” countries refused Marxism-Leninism, liquidated proletarian dictatorship, restored capitalist exploitation and bourgeois class tyranny, eliminated socialization of economy and of means of production and established social-fascist repression, comrade Enver’s Albania always remained faithful to the teachings of the Classics during socialist construction, as a guiding light of communist dignity amidst the dark sea of revisionist and social-fascist degeneration. Small socialist Albania could have never been able to successfully defeat all types of internal and external enemies and to resist the powerful capitalist-revisionist encirclement if it was not a genuine proletarian dictatorship led by a truly communist party of Leninist-Stalinist type. In the accomplishment of all this, comrade Enver played a most important role. After all, we can never forget that while comrade Enver was alive, no enemy could ever touch socialist Albania, no enemy could ever detach it from its Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist path. Capitalists-imperialists and their revisionist agents inside and outside Albania had to wait until comrade Enver’s death in order to be able to penetrate and destroy the world’s last proletarian dictatorship and socialist state.

Not only was comrade Enver an outstanding proletarian soldier, organizer and strategist, but he was also a genial Marxist-Leninist theoretician who wrote an uncountable number of books, documents, articles, texts, etc. dedicated to anti-revisionist struggle and to the consolidation and development of the invincible science of Marxism-Leninism in the conditions of encirclement by capitalist-revisionist world. And the lessons and teachings put forward by comrade Enver are not only applicable to Albania, but they form a universal whole that constitutes a weapon so valuable that we can say that, nowadays, without comrade Enver’s teachings and without his recognizance as the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism, the victory of socialist revolution is impossible. Revisionists always tried their best to denigrate comrade Enver’s teachings and to make him appear in front of workers’ eyes as “sectarian” and “dogmatic”. This tactic has long been used by opportunists of all colours in order to demonize genuine communists, but comrade Enver always persisted in telling the truth to world workers, always persisted in describing things exactly like they were without subterfuges. In his works, comrade Enver assumed his duty as a communist to call things by their names. Of course, Enver’s principled positions and sincere manners caused a lot of annoying among not only to the capitalists but also to the reformist hypocrites. For example, when comrade Enver pronounced his historical speech in the Meeting of 81 communist and workers’ parties in Moscow on November 16 1960, the revisionists openly expressed their “shock” towards comrade Enver’s brave unmasking of the anti-socialist course that Soviet leadership and its neo-colonial satellites were adopting. They were (and still are…) also very displeased by the fact that comrade Enver openly and proudly defended the immortal revolutionary legacy of comrade Stalin from revisionist calumnies. And as if this was not enough, comrade Enver also didn’t hesitate in tearing opportunist lies about “peaceful road to socialism” in pieces by reaffirming that or socialist revolution is made through violent armed means or it will not be made at all. Among others, French revisionist leader Maurice Thorez and his colleagues arrogantly affirmed that “we are not used to the kind of language utilized in the speech”. Of course not, how could French opportunists ever be used to the truthful language of Marxism-Leninism? They were not used to it at that time, they are not used to it nowadays and they will never be used to it. And Walter Ulbricht, that social-fascist pig, affirmed to be “consternated” by the speech. But comrade Enver was never bothered by such “consternations”. At that time and always, he and the other Albanian Marxists-Leninists made proof of unbeatable Leninist courage and defeated all attempts by the modern revisionists to make them abandon their Marxist-Leninist positions through “ceasing polemics”.

And the same would happen some years after, when comrade Enver and the Albanian Marxists-Leninists finally managed to unmask Maoism’s totally anti-communist nature and openly denounced it, exposing the trickeries used by Chinese revisionists to deceive world toilers by presenting themselves as “true communists”. Thought his writings and actions, comrade Enver showed how their fake “anti-revisionist combat” was a mere pretence. They were the representatives of Chinese bourgeoisie which was preparing China’s ascension as a new imperialist superpower. Just like had occurred with the Soviets, since the moment that comrade Enver perceived the true reactionary nature of Chinese revisionism, this was rejected entirely and firmly. The denouncement and combat against Maoist/Chinese revisionism is one of the great merits of comrade Enver, who never hesitated in staunchly defending communist principles even against the most powerful anti-socialist enemies.

Both during and after comrade Enver’s lifetime, anti-communist ideologues of all types did their utmost to discredit socialist Albania, to present it as an unspeakable “communist tyranny”. For instance, Yugoslav revisionists affirmed many times that comrade Enver’s Albania was a “Stalinist hell”. But they were never able to mislead world labourers because reality is what it is, independently of the desires of the anti-communists. While in Yugoslav “Titoist paradise” workers continued to be brutally repressed and exploited by the new privileged social-fascist bourgeoisie which sold the country to imperialism, thus suffering all kinds of evils, inequalities, hardships, poverty, unemployment, etc. which are inherent to capitalism, in Albanian “Stalinist hell” workers enjoyed from an extraordinary and unstoppable amelioration in their living conditions while they were constructing a truly socialist society which was greatly prospering in all aspects while being free from the greedy claws of world imperialism and social-imperialism, without exploitation neither oppression and in which proletarian democratic dictatorship was real and was being more and more perfected thanks to the Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist headship of the PLA and of its leader Enver Hoxha. And the same could be applied to comparisons between Enver’s socialist Albania and any other capitalist or revisionist state.

No matter how much anti-communists insist in their lies, the truth is that comrade Enver’s name will always be synonym of Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist purity of principles, of communist temerity and fierceness. The capitalists, imperialists and revisionists have always attempted to obliterate Enver Hoxha’s revolutionary proletarian teachings and legacy. But just like they failed in the past, they will also surely fail in the future. We, Stalinists-Hoxhaists, are against personality cult. However, we also know that there are certain individuals whose exceptional contributions to the cause of communism must be evaluated through a correct measure and must be given the due value. Such is the case of Enver Hoxha, the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism.

For all these reasons, comrade Enver’s infallible and immortal teachings are an authentic guiding light for all those who follow the path towards world socialist revolution, world proletarian dictatorship, world socialism and world communism based on Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism. In truth, to uphold and defend comrade Enver’s revolutionary and proletarian legacy is to also uphold and defend the revolutionary and proletarian legacy of all Classics of Marxism-Leninism as a whole.

Long live comrade Enver Hoxha – the glorious 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism!

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live world proletarian and socialist revolution!

Long live world proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the only authentic defender of comrade Enver’s revolutionary and proletarian legacy!








Message of the Portuguese Section of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of the 105th anniversary of comrade Enver Hoxha

On this 105th anniversary of comrade Enver Hoxha, the Portuguese Section of the Comintern (SH) gladly pays tribute to the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism. For us, Portuguese Stalinists-Hoxhaists, comrade Enver’s teachings will always be absolutely essential to prepare Portuguese workers to become a valiant detachment of the future world proletarian red army and to successfully accomplish proletarian dictatorship and socialist revolution in Portugal and all over the world.

Indeed, nowadays more than ever, comrade Enver’s legacy appears to us as a proof that imperialist oppression and capitalist-revisionist exploitation are not inevitable. On the contrary, they can be entirely and definitively eradicated through construction of socialism and communism. Nowadays, Portugal is a neo-colony of world finance capital and corporations. Portuguese workers are suffering unspeakable hardships at the hands of the imperialists from “European Union” and from all over the world. The country is now on the verge of bankruptcy, with its reactionary bourgeois government intensifying fascist-like repression against all those who dare to complain about the miserable salaries, terrible working conditions, prohibitive food prices and the widespread poverty that can be noticed throughout the country. This not to speak about an extremely high unemployment rate that menaces every toiler and is used by the capitalists as a pretext to justify the tireless exploitation they exercise upon laborers more and more. Thanks to the pro-capitalist politics of the counter-revolutionary “EU”, Portugal is now a country virtually without heavy industry of means of production and whose agriculture is also paralyzed. The parasitic capitalist “service sector” is largely predominant, with the country being reduced to an amount of shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and beach bars. This only serves the interests of European and world imperialists-capitalists, which demand the destruction of Portuguese productive sector with the purpose of being better able to colonize the country. In such circumstances, socialist Albania of comrade Enver must appear to Portuguese proletariat as a contrasting example of a truly independent and socialist country where exploitation of man by man was abolished and which was able to reach outstanding development and prosperity relying solely on its own forces and without any kind of enslaving “credits” or “aids” from world imperialists.

Unfortunately, the name and work of comrade Enver are still largely unknown to great numbers of the members of Portuguese working classes. On the contrary, the influence exercised by revisionists and neo-revisionists of all hues over them is significant. Besides the usual Trotskyist and Maoist groups, there is the Portuguese “Communist” Party, an heir of Krushchevist revisionism, which still holds an enormous sway over Portuguese proletarians. The anti-communist and revisionist nature of the P “C” P was denounced by comrade Enver himself in his books. Indeed, comrade Enver – as the great proletarian internationalist he was – always showed solidarity and sympathy towards Portuguese exploited and oppressed classes. In the 70’s and until the middle 80’s, during times of the PCP (Reconstructed), before this party was degenerated and liquidated by traitors, comrade Enver and the other Albanian Marxists-Leninists had many contacts with Portuguese Marxists-Leninists and they encouraged the country’s proletariat to fulfill its historical role and to free itself from all bourgeois, revisionist and neo-revisionist influences. Later on, the PCP (R) was annihilated and the same happened to socialist Albania. Thus, the task of construct a socialist Portugal in a socialist world remained undone. But now, the Portuguese working classes have their proletarian vanguard back again thanks to the Portuguese Section of the Comintern (SH), which bases itself on the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism and which will use comrade Enver’s invincible teachings to show Portuguese proletariat the way towards complete liberation from exploitation and oppression through accomplishment of a communist society under the steeled leadership of the Comintern (SH).

Portuguese exploited and oppressed classes!

Comrade Enver shows you the path towards your liberation!

Comrade Enver's immortal teachings are the antidote to capitalist-imperialist-revisionist exploitative domination!

Support the Portuguese Section of the Comintern (SH)!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live Enver Hoxha – the glorious 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism!



Birthday Greetings from the

comrades of the

Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH)

Mesazhi përshëndetje me rastin e

105 Ditëlindja e Enver Hoxhës

(Nga e anëtarëve të seksionit shqiptar të Internacionales Komuniste (SE)

Më 16 tetor mbushen plotë 105 vjet nga lindja e shokut Enver Hoxha. Këtë datë populli ynë me tradita të shkëlqyera revolucionare e ka përkujtuar e do ta përkujtojë gjithnjë. Sepse 16 tetor për popullin tonë do të thotë dashuri dhe respekt i pakufishëm, dashuri të pa përshkruar për këtë bir të shquar revolucionar që u bë fanar ndricues i popullit për lirinë e vërtetë të atdheut dhe për ndërtimin e plotë të shoqerisë socialiste, ku banda tradhtare me Ramiz Alinë në krye e tradhtojë! Populli shqiptar sot kërkon nga komunistët të krijojnë një parti të vërtetë revolucionare, marksiste-leniniste (staliniste-enveriste). Shqipëria ka plotë parti borgjeze e mikroborgjeze, por këto parti sado që të përpiqen nuk mund t'i zgjidhin problemet e medha e të shumta që ka populli, pikërisht sepse nuk kanë një ideologji shkencore sic e kanë komunistët. Mbi bazën e ideologjisë borgjeze nuk mund të ndërtohet një politikë e drejtë në shërbim të popullit e Atdheut. Nuk mund të frymezohet e të organizohet sic duhet populli. Por kjo gjë nuk mund të behet dot as nga partitë e tipit eurokomunist, revizionistë e oportuniste. Kjo gjë mund të arrihet me kusht nëse komunistët zbatojnë me korrektesi e vendosmeri ideologjinë e tyre komuniste. Kjo ideologji na orjenton drejt, na jep forcën dhe aftesinë që t'i kuptojmë e analizojmë drejt situatat dhe të përcaktohet ajo vijë, ato detyra dhe ajo rrugë që garanton suksesin. Ideologjia marksiste-leniniste (staliniste-enveriste) na jep metodën materialiste dialektike dhe mënyrën e analizes klasore të ngjarjeve a fenomeneve. Po të mbështetemi fortë në karakterin shkencor të kësaj ideologjie si dhe në përvojë historike shqiptare dhe në atë botërore na jepet në dorë celesi i zgjidhjes të cdo problemi, kur ajo veq zotërohet e zbatohet drejt. Eshtë detyrë e komunistëve që të mbjellin dëshirën e pasionin për t'u studiuar kjo shkencë shoqërore me qëllim që kjo shkencë të terheqë pas edhe masat e gjera të popullit, sidomos të rinjtë e të rejat. Kjo shkencë jo vetëm na jep forcë e na orjenton drejtë në labirintet e jetës, por na jep edhe kenaqësinë shpirtërore, sepse si cdo shkencë tjetër edhe kjo të tërheq për te zbuluar të vërtetën, të rejat e zhvillimit shoqeror.Për ta studiuar drejt duhet t'u drejtohemi burimeve bazë, veprave të klasikëve të marksizëm-leninizmit si dhe atyre të shokut Enver Hoxha. Ajo që duhet të kihet parasysh është se gjatë këtyre 20 vjetëve e kusur, është se e keqja na ka ardhur nga krerët oportunistë që militojnë në udhëheqje të njerës a tjetrës parti pseudokomuniste. Pa u pastruar lëvizia komuniste nga uzurpatorët pseudokomunistët e oportunistët, nuk do bëjmë dot as një hap përpara. Prandaj sigurimi i një udhëheqjeje me komunistë të vendosur e të formuar me dijet më të domosdoshme marksiste-leniniste eshte detyra jonë më kryesore dhe e nevojshme. Ka kohë që qarkullon ideja se kjo punë do të zgjidhet po të bashkohemi në një parti tjetër, por një version i tillë është shumë i dyshimtë. Një bashkim i tillë nën udhëheqjen e elementëve të infektuar me pikëpamje jo komuniste, nuk ka garanci dhe mund të përsëritet përseri e njëjta farsë të ''bashkimeve'' të viteve të kaluara. Në këtë cështje parimore e tejet te rëndesishme duhet të kemi parasysh e të zbatohen me rigorozitet mësimet e Leninit dhe ato të Stalinit. -''Nuk mund të luftosh për revolucionin proletar dhe ta mbrosh atë, -thotë Lenini, -duke mbajtur në radhët e tua reformistë e menshevik''. Ndërsa Stalini thekson të njëjtën gjë duke u shprehur se:''Partia forcohet duke u pastruar nga elementët oportunistë. Burimi i fraksionizmit në parti janë elementët e saj oportunistë''. Po aty, ai thekson gjithashtu se:''Teoria e ''mbështetjes'' së elementëve oportinistë me anën e luftës ideologjike brenda partisë, teoria e ''likujdimit'' të këtyre elementëve brenda një partie të vetme është një teori e kalbur dhe e rrezikshme, që kërcenon ta hedhë partinë në një paralizë dhe dobesi kronike, që kërcenon ta lërë partinë në mëshirën e oportunizmit...''. (J.Stalini vep. të zgjedhura botimi shqip, 1979, f.96-97). Pikërisht se është ndjekur një rrugë e tillë gjatë këtyre viteve që lam pas, jemi këtu ku ndodhemi sot. Nuk mund të hecet më, në rrugën hiq e mos e këput.







The statement of the Georgian Section of the

Comintern (SH)

on the occasion of 105th anniversary of the fifth classic of Marxism-Leninism,

comrade Enver Hoxha.

The former US state secretary, Condoleeza Rice, repeatedly repeated that it is "idealist". The present US state secretary, Hilari Clinton, also repeatedly repeats that it - " idealist". The Georgian reader will easily remember, how many time the present president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili and members so-called "its commands" repeated the same.

Whether truth all it? Yes, all is plain truth!

They really are "idealists"!

And after on parliamentary elections of 2012 the Georgian voters a kick in back have banished down with these "idealists", one philosophising ideologist of puppet political party of Georgia ("United National Movement") - George Baramidze, has started to assert that they, except "idealists", are also " libertarianists".

And it - also plain truth!

The professorate of philosophical faculty of Tbilisi state university all this time was engaged in "the affairs" - they philosophised, "did not interfere with a policy", that is, "in another's affairs".

It - also plain truth!

And what we have made - some members of the Georgian Section of Comintern (SH)?

We have begun... to read.

For example, we have opened old "Encyclopaedic dictionary" and have tried to comprehend value of terms "idealism" and " libertarianism".


"Idealism - an antiscientific philosophical direction which, contrary to materialism, recognises idea, spirit, consciousness primary, initial, and the nature, a matter, life - secondary, derivative... The Marxism developed in uncompromising struggle against all forms of idealism... In the modern capitalist countries the idealism acts as the ideological weapon in struggle against progressive social movements and scientific, materialistic outlook". (Encyclopaedic dictionary, vol. 1, 1954, p. 661).


"In the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, libertarianism is defined as the moral view that agents initially fully own themselves and have certain moral powers to acquire property rights in external things. Libertarian philosopher Roderick Long defines libertarianism as "any political position that advocates a radical redistribution of power from the coercive state to voluntary associations of free individuals", whether "voluntary association" takes the form of the free market or of communal co-operatives." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libertarianism).

We will not penetrate into subtleties of this "current", but we will shortly list some conclusions known " libertarianists" which will give the chance to unprepared readers to understand an essence of the statement of the aforementioned Georgian philosophising politician.


1) Libertarianism it is opposite to democratism as no majority has the right to solve even for one;

2) at libertarianism are not punishable crimes without victims;

3) the libertarian constitution to be located on one sheet of paper;

4) any forms of slander are admissible;

5) libertarianism encourages immigration;

6) libertarianism abolishes any form of the labour code;

7) libertarianism does not forbid purchase, the use and sale of drugs;

8) at libertarianism formation cannot be the general. It - a private affair of children and their parents;

9) libertarianism does not punish the person propagandising nazi sights.

And all is only short list of libertarianism sights...

Here we also began to be perplexed: really our university professors do not know, or they so engaged in by the "affairs", what for similar trifles at them to time does not remain? Or, maybe, they simply do not consider it necessary to react on similar, being put into words Nitsshe, "untimely" questions? And the last: it can be unanimously agree all of them with opinion of ruling class of bourgeois?

Everyone can be, especially after the Georgian people with self eyes saw shameful prison stories with brooms, that is that means in practice "idealism" and "libertarianism"... By the way, the American owners of our Georgian "idealists" also did not sit without affairs - they continually had similar prison stories that in Iraq, in Abu-Grejde, in Estonia...

But our reader will ask: and all it in circulation our section on the occasion of 105th anniversary of comrade Enver Hoxha?

We will answer shortly:


Comrade Enver Hoxha was not an idealist, it was the materialist. Comrade Enver Hoxha was not libertarianist, it was marxist, and in a consequence became the fifth classic of Marxism-Leninism !


Read the titles of comrade Enver Hoxha!


Arm with revolutionary knowledge for their application in practice - in revolutionary struggle!


World capitalism and its last phase - imperialism - has come in inevitable and deep crisis which only also will be aggravated, reaching new world war, can be even before atomic warfare as about it it is perspicacious comrade Enver warned! And only having united under a banner of five classics of Marxism-Leninism, under a Comintern (SH) banner, it is possible to avoid such pernicious for a human history of consequences and to achieve a historical victory of proletariat over world bourgeoisie"

Nearly have not forgotten: in newspapers, magazines, television and the Internet our readers will often meet representatives of a shameful award of slanderers (=libertarianists!) - from nazi Goebbels to Edward Radzinsky any the scribbler... They - bright examples of "struggle" of slanderers against giants of thought, against Classics of Marxism-Leninism.

Looking through the multiton paper for recycling of their pity vain attempts, as the answer we paraphrase one known saying:


"Slanderers come and leave, and Classics remain"...

Long live a great name of comrade Enver Hoxha!

Long live the immortal doctrine of the five Classics of Marxism-Leninism!

Long live the great historical struggle of proletariat for socialism and communism!



Poem on comrade Enver Hoxha

created by the

German Section of the Comintern (SH)



Er stand einst vorm Rednerpult,

seine Reden wurden längst zum Kult.

Reden wie sie im Klassiker Buche stehen

und das albanische  Volk konnte ihn verstehen.

Wenn er hob die Faust,

ja dann wars für Revisionisten und Titoisten gleich ganz aus.

Mit seinem proletarischen Verstand,

war er Stalins linke Hand.

Enver Hoxha, unser Mann,

Weltrevolution  schreitet voran.

Enver Hoxha, unser Mann,

Weltrevolution  schreitet voran.

Er hatte viele Sympathien,

noch nie gabs einen so wie ihn.

Ganz Albanien  stand hinter ihm,

auch hier bis nach Berlin.

Trotz Jubel, Trubel, Heiterkeit,

zum Kampfe war er stets bereit.

Mit roter Steinadlerfahne in der Hand,

ja da starb er auch für den Klassenkampf.

Enver Hoxha, unser Mann,

Weltrevolution  schreitet voran.

Enver Hoxha, unser Mann,

Weltrevolution  schreitet voran.

Enver Hoxha, unser Held,

Rätedemokratie  wie sie uns gefällt.

Enver Hoxha, unser Held,

Rätedemokratie wie sie uns gefällt.

Enver Hoxha , unser Held,

Diktatur des Proletariats  in die ganze Welt.

Enver Hoxha, unser Held,

Weltdiktatur des Weltproletariats  in die ganze Welt.



Greeting message of our Russian comrades




In commemoration of the 105th anniversary of the birth of the ardent revolutionary, a convinced Marxist-Leninist Comrade Enver Hoxha, the website: www.enverhoxha.ru sends fraternal greetings to our comrades of the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists).
Our co-operation prospers and has gained strength in the field of the common struggle in defense of the ideas and doctrine of the leaders of the world proletariat and all the oppressed toiling masses, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and Enver Hoxha.
The strength of Marxism-Leninism lies in its objective reflexion of social development. This circumstance forces all class enemies, all forces of world reaction, imperialism and revisionism of all branches to conduct rabid fierce struggle against our proletarian doctrine.
Our response — a joint action against all the machinations of our enemies, the uncompromising struggle for the revolutionary transformation of society, based on the immutable principles of Marxism-Leninism, for the triumph of socialism and communism on a world scale!

With militant greetings, Comrades!

Long Live Enver Hoxha — the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism!

Long live our proletarian internationalism!

Long live the world proletarian revolution, carried out under the banner of the invincible ideas of Marxism-Leninism!



in solidarity and with the support of the website: www.enverhoxha.ru

and comrades.




В ознаменование 105-ой годовщины со дня рождения пламенного революционера, убежденного марксиста-ленинца товарища Энвера Ходжа сайт www.enverhoxha.ru шлет братский привет нашим товарищам из Коммунистического интернационала (сталинско-ходжаистского).
Наше сотрудничество возникло и окрепло на ниве общей борьбы в защиту идей и учения вождей мирового пролетариата и всех угнетенных трудящихся масс Маркса, Энгельса, Ленина, Сталина и Энвера Ходжа.
Сила марксизма-ленинизма в его правоте, в его объективном отражении путей общественного развития. Именно это обстоятельство заставляет всех классовых врагов, все силы мировой реакции, империализма и ревизионизма всех мастей вести оголтелую жесточайшую борьбу с нашим пролетарским учением.
Наш ответ — это единые совместные действия против любых происков наших противников, бескомпромиссная борьба за революционное преобразование общества на незыблемых принципах марксизма-ленинизма, за торжество социализма и коммунизма в мировом масштабе!


С праздником, товарищи!

Да здравствует Энвер Ходжа — 5-ый классик марксизма-ленинизма!

Да здравствует наш пролетарский интернационализм!

Да здравствует мировая пролетарская революция, осуществленная под знаменем всепобеждающих идей марксизма-ленинизма!


Сайт www.enverhoxha.ru и поддерживающие его товарищи




Greeting message of our comrades from China

September 22, 2013









归来吧,亲爱的同志! 十月十六日拂晓, 朝霞喷吐,染红天际。 七十六年青春,七十六岁高龄。 你为了世界人民的解放, 战斗终生,日夜不息。 你给我们每个人以希望, 我们从你的教导中得到勇气。 十月十六日拂晓, 朝霞映红天际。 归来吧,勇敢的同志! 这是全世界无产者的呼声, 这呼声不愿意跟你分离。 这是斗争和激战的歌声, 歌声在全球飘扬, 这是无边的企盼和无穷的希望, 一齐迸放。 归来吧,伟大的同志! 你是光明,你是自由, 你是幸福,你是希望, 你是领袖,你是信仰。 你是欧罗巴不熄的火炬, 你是亚得里亚不落的星辰。 你办公室的灯光还没有熄灭, 你的生命已经和劳动人民融在一起。 你正在和我们并肩迈向共产主义, 一同开始这新的征程…… ----------发自微信

Comrades, I am a small drop in the ocean, because the majority is imbued with a bourgeois, petty-bourgeois and revisionist ideology. At 14 years old, I joined the League of Communist Youth, having had the idea and felt the urge to study communism. In college, after facing a brutal social reality and the words of University professors that awakened me, I began to explore the truth of life and society. Earlier last year, I started reading slowly some writings of Marxism- Leninism. Due to academic pressure, I did not read many books of communism. I once had contact with the Maoists, took a look at Maoist books, but their theories and actions only caused more confusion in me. I came to realize that the Maoists were not true revolutionaries, as beside some superficial slogans, they do not have the ability to do real things. Until I saw a site in English with the works of comrade Hoxha and I had a sudden impact, I saw the true international communist soldiers under the radiant shining light of truth and pointing the path forward, and then I found the way to be followed. But now I'm suffering from erosion coming from revisionist and bourgeois ideology, which keeps away the content of Marxism-Leninism. Now, I cannot hold in China and in the East Hoxha’s flag as the Comintern does, I can do things that can only be a first effort to collect some of the published works of comrade Hoxha, they should be documented and then sent to you. Later, I will strive to learn English and try to translate the works of comrade Hoxha to Chinese language. Due to limited capacity, I can only do this now, these are some of the most basic tasks, but in the future we will work hard to learn from you, even if we pay it with our blood and our lives.


Chinese songs dedicated to comrades:

Facing the sun through the clouds,

There is a brave and vigorous eagle.

She is not afraid of the overthrowing monsters,

She is not afraid of landslides or tsunamis,

Flying high above the Adriatic Sea.

Ah, the hero of Albania,

My dear comrades and brothers.

Zhi Jian Yue Yue, moving heaven and earth,

The more dangerous and red heart of Shanhai,

My dear comrades and brothers.

Through the clouds, the night sky,

There is a bright light.

He is not afraid to destroy the mist,

He is not afraid of stormy seas,

Shines high on the European continent.

Ah, the hero of Albania,

My dear comrades and brothers.

The brighter the light, the heavier the clouds,

The brighter the light, the more violent the storm,

My dear comrades and brothers.




Excerpts of the

Greeting Message of the comrades of the Iran

For celebrating the 105th birthday of comrade Enver Hoxha on October, 16

After being the young commander of anti-fascist partisans in Albania during people’s war, comrade Enver Hoxha led socialist construction under harsh conditions. The international solidarity in favor of world revolution and the vigor that was brought to it thanks to comrade Enver Hoxha must be valued throughout the period of socialist Albania and also nowadays. The teachings of comrade Enver Hoxha allow us to prevent the inevitability of the diversion lines of revisionism and neo-revisionism that drive many communist parties into deviation and isolation.

And today, we can proudly say that the Comintern (SH), through revealing the lines and activities of the social-imperialists, of the imperialists and of their servants is causing a great impact against them. In the opinion of comrade Enver Hoxha, anti-fascist and anti-imperialist Iranian people occupied a special place in the struggle against the imperialist and reactionary forces of the Shah and of Khomeini. Besides these programs and opinions, comrade Enver Hoxha wrote a book entitled "Reflections on the Middle East" in which, among other things, he explains many questions concerning Iranian people. In addition to this, during the times of Enver Hoxha, Radio Tirana in Persian language was carried out by comrades Ashkipe and Mira and played an important role in the struggle of Iranian people against reactionaries. This international role remained very strong and influential around the world. It contributed greatly to awaken and reinforce the labor movement.

We terminate this letter by greeting the Iranian people and all other peoples of the world in this honorable day in which we celebrate the anniversary of the fifth Classic of Marxism-Leninism - comrade Enver Hoxha. The struggle of the proletariat must be based on the teachings and tactics of Enver Hoxha that were enriched in the Marxist-Leninist struggle against modern revisionism and also against all other types of revisionism and neo-revisionism. This will certainly be an enormous step forward towards revolution and also towards the destruction of capitalism-imperialism and of counter-revolutionary blocks.







(sent from our Chinese comrades on 13th of October2013)




























Arab comrades have written on occasion on Enver Hoxha's 105th birthday:

،في مثل هذا اليوم من سنة 1908 ، ولد "أنور خوجة" الرئيس و السكرتير الاسبق لحزب العمل في ألبانيا و ظل كذلك منذ نهاية الحرب العاملية الثانية الى أن فارق الحياة سنة 1985 ، أدرج اسم "خوجا" في صلب  الخلافات التي شهدتها الحركة الشيوعية العالمية  ابتداء من منتصف خمسينيات القرن الماضي، خصوصا حول الموقف من "جوزيف ستالين" ، فقد دافع عن هذا الاخير بقوة موجها سهام نقذه لكل من "الخروتشوفيين" السوفييت و "الماويين" في الصين ،فاعتبر كلا الاتجاهين منحرفين عن الماركسية اللينينية 

و قد شنت الامبريالية العالمية و القوى الدينية هجوما مستعيرا لا يزال مستمرا لحدود الساعة متهمين اياه باشاعة الديكتاتورية ونشر الالحاد في ألبانيا





Enver Hoxha - Archives

in Farsi language

آرشیو انور خوجه به زبان فارسی


in Arabic language

- أنور خوجة


in Chinese language






in Albanian language


Songs and Poems on

Enver Hoxha





in English language

Enver Hoxha

Collection of





On Kosova

collection of writings and quotations





"Our younger generation marches along the revolutionary road of the party"

Gradishta - June 1968




25 years of struggle and victory on the road to socialism

November 20, 1969

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4




Study Marxist-Leninist theory linking it closely with revolutionary practice


(speech on 25 years "Lenin-Party-School")







Contribution at the meeting of the Political Bureau

of the CC of the PLA

April 24, 1982




From a contribution at the meeting of the Secretariat of the CC of the PLA

April 26, 1982




Speech delivered at the 4th Plenum of the CC of the PLA

September 24, 1982



Address to the electors

Delivered in the electoral zone No. 210 of Tirana.

November 10, 1982



From a conversation at the daily meeting with the secretaries of the CC of the PLA

January 21, 1983





From the contribution at the meeting of the Secretariat of the CC of the PLA
May 9, 1983





From the closing speech at the 7th Plenum of the CC of the PLA

September 21, 1983




From a conversation with a group of workers from various sectors of the economy

September 30, 1983






This is one of the last writings of comrade Enver Hoxha

– dated from December 30, 1984






in Portuguese language

Albania challenges Khrushchev revisionism


Works - Volume 19

thanks to: enverhoxha.ru 






in Spanish language

Las tramas anglo-americanas en Albania

Memorias de la Lucha de Liberación Nacional



Gracias a: www.enverhoxha.ru





in Russian language


Speeches, Conversations,


1969 -1970

thanks to: enverhoxha.ru 




in Greek language



Aπό τη μπροσούρα:

''Ενβέρ Χότζια, Λόγος μπροστά στους εκλογείς''.

Eκδοτικό «8 Νοέμβρη», Τίρανα 1982.



Χαιρετιστήριο με την ευκαιρία 40-χρονων της Απελευθέρωσης της Αλβανίας

— 29 Νοέμβρη 1984 —




in German language

Ernst Aust

On Enver Hoxha

source: preview of the CC of the KPD/ML

selected speeches and articles of Enver Hoxhas

printing house Roter Morgen - November 1974




70th Birthday

of comrade Enver Hoxhas

message of the CC of the PLA

from: "Albania today" No. 6 - 1978



70th Birthday of comrade Enver Hoxha

Big celebration in the

Car- Tractor-Combine


from: "Albania today" No 6 - 1978






- great Marxist-Leninist thinker and revolutionary

Foto Cami

from: "Albania today" - No 6 /1985


Part 1

Part 2



The progress of the country is not to be divided from the development of science and technology

Speech delivered on the 8th Plenum of the CC of the PLA

(24. - 25. Juni 1980)

from: "Albania today"; No. 5 /1980


Part 1

Part 2



Words and deeds are indivisable from the heroic past of the Albanian people

May 24, 1977

Message to the citizins of his home town Gjirokastra

from: "Albania today" - No. 5 / 1977





The Meeting of Peza

- an event of great historical significance

September 16,1942

Part 1

Part 2




The CP Albania was created on a solid ideological and organizational basis

commentar on the book of comrade Enver Hoxha

"When the Party was Founded" (memories)

Jorgji Sota

from: "Albania today", Nro 5 / 1981


Enver Hoxha's

Closing address

at the 8th Congress of the PLA


40 Years under the unfolded banner ofMarxism-Leninism

40th Anniversary of the foundation of the PLA

from: "Albania today", No 5 / 1981





Opening Address

Anniversary meeting of the General Council of the DFA for the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the Democratic Front of Albania

19th September 1982
from: "Albania today", No. 5/1982




We continuously strengthen the party and we realize with her at the top all the tasks for the future prosperity of our socialist fatherland

Talk of Comrade Enver Hoxha with some of the main party - and state cadres in the districts of Korca and Pogradec

Zeri i Popullit - August 8, 1982






The tragic events in Chile

A lesson for the revolutionaries all over the world

" Zeri i Popullit " - October 2, 1973

English language

Albanian language

German language

French language

Spanish language (p.890)

Russian language









75th Birthday

October 16, 1983


I am 75 years old now, but I will live longer. I will live longer because you give me strength, the work of the Party gives me strength, and you are that force of mind which helps us to co-ordinate our work and reach the right conclusions. You must not think we are Zeus' mind. You exist, therefore we exist. You have elected us and we must perform our duties to the letter, as long as we breathe. The closer the leadership to the people, the better it listens to the people, the closer are its links with them, with their problems, because we have and will continue to have problems and difficulties, the more invincible it becomes. That is why this unity, the Party-people unity, must be continuously steeled.

I like to stay longer and talk with you. I am very pleased with your visit, not only because you came here for my birthday, but also because you informed me about your wonderful work. However, I am also pleased with your congratulations on my birthday.

I wish I could always be near you in all your joys.


And you are always with us, Comrade Enver.


Yes, with my heart I am there, with all the children who are born and grow up in creches and kindergartens, who learn at schools, with those

who are treated and healed in hospitals. I am happy about all these blessings which the Party has created and which will increase in the future.

You congratulated me, and I, too, wholeheartedly wish you all :

May success attend you in your work!

May you always be merry and happy!

Defend your country, under the leadership of the Party !

The Party will always be with you and will support you, because you are the great support of our Homeland and our nation.

I once again thank you for your congratulations on my birthday and hail your victories, which rejoice me and give me fresh energies.

Hence, forward comrade workers and cooperativists, young men and women, specialists in production, workers of culture, forward comrade communists, to new successes in accomplishing the current tasks and those which the Party will set us in the future!

Best regards to all your workmates.

I wish you happiness in life and in your families!

May success attend you!

Long live our people!

May they advance continually!

Long live our Party !

May it become ever stronger!

Let us raise a toast to the Party and to your health, dear comrades!







The 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism

and the Foundations of Hoxhaism

published by the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of the 105th Birthday of comrade Enver Hoxha

October 16, 2013