Enver Hoxha welcomes the Member of the Congolese Government - Alois Mudileno Masengo
October 1970



The Marxist-Leninist party assures freedom to the people and independence for the homeland by relying on the masses.

Conversation with a delegation of the

People's Republic of Congo (Brazzaville)

October 17, 1970


[ Translation from the French text

by the Comintern (SH) ]

We consider your visit to Albania as an important event and we hope that it will serve to reinforce relations between our two countries and that it will help us knowing each other even better. During our friendly visits it is possible to share our points of view relatively to all the major problems, relatively to juridical issues, but also relatively to the international matters and to the social movements in our nations, etc. Sharing experiences with our friends is very important and necessary for us Albanians.

Throughout our historical past, just like you, we have also suffered terribly in the hands of the foreign invaders and imperialists who aimed at keeping us at the lowest level of development with the purpose of oppressing and exploiting us more easily.

The history of our country taught us that - in order to ensure people’s total freedom and nation’s complete independence - it is necessary to base ourselves on the working masses, because they are the ones who possess the strength, they are the only ones who are able to provide revolutionaries with fair thoughts and judgments, the working masses have the key to progress and to authentic freedom and democracy. That’s why it is so crucial to know and to understand the necessity of having close links with the masses of the people.

We are conscious about the fact that we have made and will continue to make great efforts in benefit of our country’s freedom and independence, because the imperialists and their lackeys feel a dreadful hate towards us. In order to grant victory in a total and definitive manner, it will be necessary to wage battles which will be even harshest than those we have waged until now. There are issues – like the struggle against imperialist and capitalist oppressors, for example – which unite our nations even more. This is a subject of great importance.

We should orientate our efforts with the aim of supporting all those who – for the reasons we already know – are kept poor, without culture or political education. It is indispensable to educate the working masses in order to develop the nation and to make those masses understand that the revenue coming from their sweat and labor must belong exclusively to them instead of enriching the capitalists. From this, we still have to take important teachings and we still have to make synthesis in order to clearly find the way to ensure people’s well being.

Our Party is called Party of Labor. It could also be called communist, just like happened during our national liberation struggle. But after our Liberation, Albanian people faced great perspectives not only in what concerns socialist construction but also relatively to the creation of a new man which will accomplish that construction. That is why we thought about calling our Party as “Party of Labor of Albania” after the liberation of our country. This change took into consideration the nation’s social composition which was also reflected within the Party. This was also approved by all those who – shortly before the Party’s foundation – did not know clearly what communism and revolution were. And this because all past reactionary governments launched campaigns to denigrate our ideology. But thanks to its persistent work, our Party has managed to make the working masses understand what communism really is. In this country, they constantly see the struggle and the efforts of the communists who are not the representatives or the sons of the capitalists, but on the contrary, they are the sons of the people who fight for the interests of the working masses with all their forces and who don’t hesitate in spilling their own blood, if needed.

Immediately after its foundation, our Party called the people to struggle against the invaders and to seize power in order to accomplish not only economic reforms, but also all other kinds of reforms with the purpose of overthrowing the feudal-bourgeois superstructure, in order to fight in favor of that radiant future which appeared clearly only after the people took power – and this because solely in these conditions it is possible to achieve reforms. We took power even before the end of the Second World War. After our victory, we put all these reforms into practice, we eliminated foreign concessions, we controlled foreign commerce, etc. I think you are also trying to find a manner to liquidate foreign concessions.

We are engaged in this series of reforms, but we do this without copying the others, naturally. We are building socialism based on our own concrete conditions, step by step and always with the goal of making the working people understand that everything we do is for its well being and for the nation’s bliss, because we don’t have other purposes besides these ones.

After the Liberation and the establishment of people’s power, we did not immediately order the peasantry to collectivize agriculture. We could not strictly follow what was done in Soviet Union where Kolkhozes and Sovkhozes had been implemented, because we thought that our people did know nothing about those forms of organization and could not follow us. Therefore, we decided to accomplish the Agrarian Reform because the people had always fought for a small piece of land. Our country’s conditions were such that we had too little land for too many people. And even the land that existed was on the hands of the feudal lords. Consequently, we had to give the land back to the peasants. In what respects to this matter, we followed the teachings of Marxism-Leninism which advises us not to tell the peasants about collectivization immediately, because they will need time to understand what collectivization truly represents. It was thus necessary to give the land to the peasants, to teach them Marxism-Leninism, to explain them the reasons of our struggle and after this we resorted to persuasion with the aim of making the revolution move forward. And this is what we have done. Since the beginning, we provided the peasants with the lands taken from the hands of the feudal lords, of the riches and of all those who collaborated with the occupiers. The Albanian peasant dreamt about that land, he had fought for it shedding his own sweat and blood. We also helped him by giving him advanced agrarian instruments provided by the state, so he did not need to work with instruments made of wood. And the Albanian peasant fulfilled this task with a lot of zeal in benefit of himself and of the power that represented him. Later, thanks to a persistent educative work organized by the Party among the peasantry, the peasants understood by themselves the necessity of socialist construction in the countryside and also the necessity of the collectivization of all land and means of production.

In order to build socialism, we relied on the young people who are the most active and most revolutionary force, because they accept what is new in an easiest and quickest manner and they deeply understand Marxism-Leninism which helps them seeing their own future.

Relatively to the party cadres, initially this was a great concern for us because we had a lot of obstacles to be surmounted. But we solved this problem with courage and determination thanks to our most reliable men who proved that they deserved to be installed in the key posts of our government.

As our comrades have already told you, we have also created our own legislation. We have showed you all our work in this domain, so you can know exactly how we did. We may have committed some errors, but we always managed to fix them and we have adapted ourselves to the different stages that our country has faced. Moreover, we will continue rectifying our actions each time the new conditions of socialist development demand it. Life teaches us that it is necessary to fix mistakes in all domains and relatively to all issues that do not correspond to reality anymore. If we would have made the things we are doing now in the legislation field, twenty years ago, we would have committed a very serious error.

When there is some problem, we analyze it in a very calm manner and we take our decision by determining if that will be good to the people or not. This is also how we judge and act when we have to approve a law that must synthesize the reality and must answer to a concrete situation. That law must be a mean to solve contradictions so they will not aggravate even more. Wherever there is a revolutionary regime, there must be also a revolutionary law.

This is how we act and until now no obstacle or difficulty ever stopped us moving forward. Communists are never downhearted or intimidated. We still have many difficulties to surmount, but we will surely surmount them all. You will perhaps say that there are still an-alphabets in your country. We don’t know what is the level of instruction in your nation, at which stage are you in this domain or what are the difficulties that you must face, but from our experience we can affirm that we had to surpass a lot of obstacles. At the Liberation’s epoch, more than 80% of our population was an-alphabet. In the beginning, the alphabetization was a very hard task, because we lacked schools, teachers and the material base of our learning system was very fragile. But through our inflexible will, we have accomplished this task relying on our own strength. Today, there is a school in every Albanian village, and these schools don’t have just one teacher, but they have 5 to 8 and sometimes even more. Nowadays, the 8-year school is obligatory for everybody and we are struggling so that high school will also be obligatory in the near future. Today, we have also our university that prepares many high cadres who will help satisfying our necessities in all domains.

The Party teaches us how to mobilize all our forces in order to make the country move forward. However, we must face various challenges and problems. We had plenty of them with the Yugoslav revisionists and, after them, with the Soviet revisionists, who have acted against our country. Today, you also have Soviet revisionists with you in the Congo, but taking into account our own hard experience with them we have to tell you as comrades: Be aware! They are as dangerous as the other imperialists. We are telling you this because we have already suffered in their hands and we could prove this to you through many examples. The Soviet revisionists are disguised capitalists. They betrayed socialism.

The Soviet revisionists provide “aid” to other countries, but they do this from imperialist positions, while a socialist country is always inspired by Marxism-Leninism and by fair internationalist reasons when helping the others. Our attitude is on the antipodes of that adopted by the imperialists. It is true that the aid coming from true friends is always valuable, but despite this it can never be determinant for a country’s independence and economic development. Our people has a say: “One cannot live from borrowed bread.” This means that it must be a country’s own workers who have to accomplish the task of promoting its development through their own sweat and labor. And this independently from the aid a country might receive from its friends. The history of the Liberation struggle in our country proves just this. Comrade Stalin’s Soviet Army has become famous during the Second World War due to its sacrifices and noble achievements, it has proved its own internationalism and it defeated the Nazi invaders. But if we had decided not to fight by ourselves, if our Party had not been strong and unbreakable, we could have never accomplished victory and we could have never liberated our nation.

In Greece, there was also a powerful communist party which managed to assure strong positions within its own country during the war. But due to the multiple trends that existed within the party and to the mistakes committed by its leaders, this party lost the positions it had once conquered. There are some who claim that Greece did not win its own war because Stalin’s Red Army did not come to help the Greek communists. But the truth is that the Red Army also never came to Albania and this did not prevent us from liberating ourselves through our own forces. If not, our country would have also been invaded by new occupiers as happened with Greece, which was invaded by Western imperialists, the British and the others. The friendly aid provided by comrade Stalin’s Soviet Union wouldn’t have any results and we wouldn’t have achieved our current development level if we had not worked by ourselves. With this I want to say that an aid is just that, a mere aid. What is truly determinant for our countries is not friends’ aid, but the relentless work and the struggle that the people led by its revolutionary Marxist-Leninist party wages to defend its victories and to construct a happier life.

We sincerely hope that Congolese people will quickly develop their country, that it will reject all backward remnants and all imperialist influences and that it will highlight not only the major values of its own national culture, but also the major values of other peoples’ cultures, because this is very important.

Based on the limited knowledge that I have about your nation’s history, I know that your people possess a very ancient and vast culture. As far as I know, Bantu people are great people who lived over a very large territory and followed ancient traditions. With a veritable revolutionary spirit, a deep love and persistent efforts for cultural development, you will be able to elevate your culture’s values to a superior stage. Even if the colonizers left untouched some works coming from your people’s ancient culture, they have done this with opportunistic intentions and never aimed to emphasize their immense value.

According to a legend from our people, when God created the world, Albania - our small country – was provided with much more mountains and rocks than plains, but when our people - led by the Party of Labor - seized power, it discovered great richnesses. In order to exploit these richnesses in benefit of our country and our people, one of our major problems was the safeguarding of the people’s power and unity around our Party. Without this unity, it is impossible to consolidate power, it is impossible to construct a bright future. And this unity can only be accomplished through basing ourselves on the teachings of Marxism-Leninism applied in agreement with our country’s particular conditions.

It is necessary to always take into account that Marxist-Leninist principles must be correctly understood by the working masses in every situation. It’s true that when one is engaged in efforts to put a principle into practice, it is possible to discuss the better manner to assure its correct application. If there are some moments when we focus our attention in the principle’s application, we can never forget the debate whose objective is to ensure that the principle is thoroughly applied. It is very important that those who are responsible to put the principle into practice are themselves convinced about its fairness, because they will have to apply it uncompromisingly. Just like happens with any other subject, our Party demands an iron discipline also relatively to this issue. Party militants must know how to lead the working masses correctly and clearly in every situation. It is indispensable that they must be always aware of the accomplishment of each task, that they carefully perform every decision. Someone who acts differently will inevitably lead to the Party’s disintegration and then it will happen what already happened in the revisionist countries whose parties are completely degenerated.

Nowadays, in the factories and in other institutions and workplaces, we are starting to discuss the next 5-Year plan. This will be a great 5-Year Plan, because it will include very important works involving factories, production units, etc …

In the context of this plan, we have predicted the construction of a series of establishments utilizing raw materials which exist in our country: copper, chrome, ferronickel, oil. Currently, we are striving to find new sources of oil.

During this 5-Year Plan, we will also pay special attention to the ideological education of the working masses.

We hope that this will not be the last time you visit our country. And we assure you that our comrades will also visit you.

Since the beginning, the PLA has recommended our comrades to provide you with all the elucidations you need.


We thank you very much for your warm welcome and for your explanations and encouragements. We were very impressed by our visit to this country. We are astonished by everything that was accomplished in Albania during these 25 years of freedom. I grant you that the People’s Republic of Albania is regarded in high esteem within the Congo. And finally, I can only assure you that our two nations will move forward side by side, just like happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future.


I also want to express you our deep love towards the Congolese people and to ensure you that our nation and our people will always support your righteous struggles and efforts.

Let me thank you for your visit and for your kind words about Albania. Bon voyage and goodbye!

The end



Enver Hoxha