(Article published in the newspaper «Bashkimi», June 3, 1979.)

All the honest and progressive people throughout the world, see in Albania a living example in which a small people, completely surrounded by capitalism and the bourgeoisie, stand unwavering, invincible and building socialism with their own forces




In the great struggle for the freedom of the Homeland and for social liberation, the Albanian people have clashed with rabid external and internal enemies. In this struggle they have had to bear in mind and to achieve two main aims: to ensure a leadership loyal to their interests and to achieve their unity. Without achieving these two aims they could never have taken their fate in their own hands. How did the Albanian people achieve these two capital aims? With foreign aid from abroad? No! They achieved them guided by their own great experience over the centuries and enlightened by the universal and immortal teachings of the theory of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.

How many wise and outstanding men, how many heroic fighters, ready to sacrifice themselves for the freedom of the Homeland, this small country of ours has produced! The valiant deeds of our people have astounded mankind at various times. The wisdom of the outstanding men of Albania has contributed to the treasure-store of world science and knowledge.

But despite the efforts, despite the great sacrifices of these men, the people for whom they gave everything did not properly achieve these two aims, which represented their permanent salvation. Nevertheless, the toil and bloodshed of our forebears was not in vain. This blood which was shed on the soil of the Homeland strengthened the foundations of Albania, while their wisdom left indelible traces in the subsequent generations. They left us a great lesson: He who fights together with the people and for the people will triumph, not as an individual, but the people, the whole nation will triumph.

The voice and the work of the great men of Albania, their powerful call has been: Albanians unite! While the screams of our enemies have been: Albanians divide! The great imperialist powers have always spoken in this language, because in this way they would be able to dominate and oppress us, would be able to enslave our nation in their own interests.

The fine and patriotic men of Albania sought unity for the liberation of the country, for the defence of the language and the Albanian alphabet, against the Ottoman occupiers and Phanariot Patriarchy. They went from one country to another in the hope that abroad they might find defence and support for the rights of the Albanian nation, for the cause of its independence and freedom, but they found no support anywhere. Their only reliable support was the people, but their unity was not complete because there were social forces from the ranks of the wealthy, the feudal lords and the bourgeoisie who were in the service of the foreigners and opposed this unity. Nevertheless the contribution of the Albanian patriots was valuable. The seed which they planted did not rot. The day was bound to come when this seed would sprout through the earth, to grow powerful and flourish.

Not just the words and thoughts of our forefathers, but their rifles and pistols, too, never rested during their whole lifetime for the freedom of the Albanian people. The foreigners and evil people within the country who sowed disruption, claimed that a small country and a small people like ours could not exist without the aid of a great power. But the good people, who fought with the sword, the rifle, and the pen, thought otherwise. And they were quite correct.

Unity! cried the old man of the Northern Alps, Baca Bajram, strong as the lofty mountains of Albania, which gave him birth. Unity! cried Avni Rustemi to the people, because the beys want to enslave and subjugate us. Bajram Curri knew what he was saying and thinking when he wrote to Lenin, «You will save Albania for us». Avni Rustemi, that young man, knew what he was doing when he fired his pistol at the traitor Pasha in the middle of Paris. That revolutionary democrat knew what he was doing when, in the Parliament of that time, he called on them to stand in memory of Vladimir Ilich Lenin, that great man of Russia and all mankind.

And the day which these martyrs were waiting for came. The seed spread by the good, wise and great men of our country sprouted in the Albanian soil. The seed had to be clean, had to be washed in order to sprout strong and healthy, so that no gale or tempest could flatten the crop. For this objective the Albanian people had to follow their centuries-old tradition of the fight for freedom and for unity, and also to follow the great theory of Karl Marx, and Vladimir Ilich Lenin, to follow the example of the Soviet Union, led by the Bolshevik Party and Stalin. The Communist Party of Albania, the leader in the struggle of the Albanian people, had to emerge from the working class and the bosom of the people.

After 1912 a number of parties were created in our country, but irrespective of the fact that some of them were guided by fine aims, they had no basis and no clear program. Life demanded profound social changes and the objective conditions for this were becoming better prepared each year. But the subjective factor was lacking, the leadership was lacking, and for this it was not sufficient to have a group of people with certain progressive ideas, but it was necessary that there should be a party which would represent the future and progress. This party could not be other than the party of the proletariat, of the most advanced, strongest, most organized class, the one most interested in the revolution, of that class which had its own scientific theory, which led it and its allies in the fight for the revolution and national and social liberation.

For the formation of a genuine party of the people, just the good desire of a few persons is insufficient. It requires the preparation of a suitable terrain, requires the drafting of a program, which will represent the interests and the aspirations of the working people, based on the pure ideals of these people. The formation of such a party requires boundless loyalty to the people, so that their hopes and noble sentiments, their valour and desires, are never betrayed.

Bajram Curri and Avni Rustemi did not create any party to which they could give a name, as did certain intellectuals, unclear and vacillating elements of feudalism and the bourgeoisie. These intellectuals who posed as if it was they who carried out the Revolution in 1924, created several parties on the example of the parties of the European bourgeoisie. Whereas Bajram Curri and Avni Rustemi, before they created any party, created the political organization «Atdheu» and later the «Bashkimi» Association in Vlora with their branches in all parts of the country. These associations had as their aim precisely the achievement of that unity of the poor youth, of honest and courageous people who had to hurl themselves in the struggle to win the genuine freedom and independence of the Homeland and social rights.

At the most difficult moments which the world and the Homeland were going through, the Albanian communists were nurtured with the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, and in the heat of the war formed the Communist Party of Albania, which was to become, and did become, the true leader, loyal to the end, of the working class and the Albanian people.

With the Marxist-Leninist ideology which inspired it and with the militant progressive spirit of its own people that characterized it, the Party hurled itself into the fire for the most sacred cause, to carry out the revolution in order to achieve the objectives of our grand-parents and parents who had fought to see Albania free, independent and democratic. At this period the situation had altered. By now the October Socialist Revolution had triumphed in the Soviet Union. The great example of the Soviet Union illuminated the road for the Albanian communists, who showed our people, not just in words but also in deeds, with fighting and bloodshed, the only road to salvation: the road of unity and resolute struggle against foreign occupiers, who had trampled on our country, as well as against the internal enemies, who collaborated with the foreigners.

The Comintern, the Communist Third International, which Lenin and Stalin led, advised the Albanian communists to find the right road of the struggle, that road which the Marxist-Leninist ideology showed them. It taught them to link themselves with the working class, to go among the masses of the working people, to gain strength from them, like Antaeus, and in the appropriate concrete conditions, to create their communist party. Precisely because we followed this road, we Albanian communists triumphed.

The nazi-fascist occupiers were afraid of us. They knew that the Communist Party which had been created would never leave them in peace. The gentry, as the people call them, who were always comprised of the bastard offsprings of the Albanian nation, who have supported the foreign occupiers in the interest of their own class at all times, and not in the interest of Albania, felt the great danger threatening them, made common cause with the occupiers, and together with them, took all measures to defeat us. Thus the fight against the Communist Party began.

The Party issued the call: We must create the National Liberation Front to unite the whole people! And this is what was done. The Front advanced and triumphed, because it had deep roots among the people, because it had at the head the wise, reliable, strong Communist Party unafraid of the demagogy and lies, of the tanks, artillery and machine-guns of the enemy.

The «Balli Kombetar» also called for unity, although for other aims, but, as we all know, it sank into the swamp.

The Party gathered representatives from all the strata of the people, in heroic Peza, and put before them the need to create the Front, which would be a great political organization led by the Party, with a broad program, in which people of every political conviction or religious belief, without discrimination, could take part provided they were united for one aim, in order to fight the enemy with every means, with the gun, with the pen, with open and secret resistance, without wavering, without losing heart. The Party expressed the aims of the Front and its tasks for total war against the enemy, openly and clearly.

At this historic meeting, the organizational forms of the National Liberation Front, which was to spread over the whole of Albania, languishing under the foreign occupation, were decided. The Conference of Peza also set the councils of the Front the task of supplying the army and the National Liberation War with everything necessary, and gave these councils the embryonic form of the People's State Power, which was to be developed and perfected later as the state of the dictatorship of the proletariat. The enemy used every means, from slanders and lies down to arms, but the Party, the National Liberation Front and the united people smashed them to smithereens.

Why did they smash them to smithereens? What was this phenomenon which was taking place in this small country? It was the phenomenon which proved that even a small country, with a small, pure and honourable people, but firmly united, arms in hand, and guided by great revolutionary ideas, could preserve its great, centuries-old traditions, could fight and win freedom, independence and sovereignty, could carry out the revolution and establish the People's State Power. This was the triumph of the freedom-loving ideals of our forbears combined with the great ideas of Marxism-Leninism. The revolution in Albania triumphed because it was the Communist Party of Albania which placed itself at the head of the masses of the people and brought about their powerful unity.

The elements of the «Balli Kombetar», that traitor organization of collaborators sold out to the occupiers, tried to distort, to confuse, to damage and to defeat the National Liberation Front. But in vain. From the historic day on which it was formed, the Front, led by the Party, became the great broad organization of the Albanian people, became a means of uniting, organizing and educating the people politically. The secret of the overwhelming strength of our people and their triumph over the enemies lay in their monolithic unity. Relying firmly on these vigorous forces, our Party was to perform miracles, to lead the revolution successfully from the democratic anti-imperialist stage to the stage of the socialist revolution, the stage of the dictatorship of the proletariat and the construction of socialism.

After winning its freedom, our country again went through difficult days. Countless efforts, mighty battles and wise actions of our heroic Party were required to overcome the difficulties. The energies of the people, united in the great organization of the Front and in all the other organizations of the masses, had to be mobilized. Within two years, without assistance from anyone, we managed to rebuild all the objects destroyed in the war, which killed 28,000 of our finest comrades, and devastated the whole country. The damage suffered during the war was colossal, but the new Albania did not lose heart, because it had a mighty people, just as the Party and the ideology which guided it were mighty, too.

The unity of our people was tempered in stern struggle with the foreign and internal enemies, with the remnants of them, who tried to raise and re-establish capitalism. With the end of the war, those imperialist powers which, up till yesterday, were allies in the fight against fascism, turned into dangerous enemies who worked to overthrow our People's State Power. However, they were quite unable to conquer the Albanian people, the Albanian working class, and its glorious Party of Labour.

The construction of socialism and the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat became a great reality in Albania. The construction of the foundations of socialism in accordance with the teachings of Lenin and Stalin commenced. The teachings of these two leaders of the world proletariat assisted us in our road. As long as he was alive, the great Stalin gave us every possible assistance. The Khrushchevite revisionist traitors and all the traitors of Marxism-Leninism throughout the world threw mud at him, but they cannot dim the glory of his name. Joseph Stalin, the centenary of whose birth we shall celebrate this year, was a great Marxist-Leninist, a loyal pupil of Marx, Engels and Lenin, was the teacher who enlightened the Albanian communists and people and gave them strength, and contributed a great deal to ensure that the new Albania would advance fearlessly and proud and overcome every enemy that it would come up against.

External enemies and internal enemies, open enemies and disguised enemies, were to emerge continually to hinder our course. The Party knew how to uncover them one after the other, to expose their plots against socialism and the freedom of the Homeland, and render them powerless, because it was a party of the working class, a party which loyally followed Marxism-Leninism, a party which relied on the broad masses of the people.

Hence, without a Marxist-Leninist party, without a clear minimum and maximum program, without uniting the Albanian people both in the war for the liberation of the Homeland and in the construction of the country, victory would have been impossible. Only Albanian blood was shed to liberate this small country. Only Albanian sweat was shed to rebuild, after the devastation of the war, and to build socialism in this small country.

There were and still are people who allege that Albania existed thanks to the aid of the Soviet Union and other former socialist countries, thanks to the aid of the Titoites, when it is known that the latter not only did not assist us, but on the contrary, robbed us of everything they could. It is alleged also that Albania existed thanks to the aid of the Chinese! This is another lie. We accepted the credits which they accorded us, thinking that we had to do with Marxist-Leninists, although these credits represented no more than a very small percentage of the investments which our people have made.

With the credits they provided, the pseudo-socialist states, which have been exposed one after the other, and in this the Party of Labour of Albania has played an important role, had imperialist aims. But these sinister aims were uncovered by the Party of Labour which put a stop to their game and left them smarting. We have no debts to anyone, we have repaid the credits we received, and only a few things still remain to be sent back to them, therefore let them shut their mouths. Their «aid» had evil aims. Through this «aid» they wanted to make Albania their tool, to make it a neo-colony. But they did not succeed with us. The Party of Labour of Albania has never betrayed its own people, its ideology, Marxism-Leninism, and that is why it has triumphed.

The Khrushchevites, the Titoites, the Chinese, the «Eurocommunists» and others have betrayed Marxism-Leninism, have become lackeys of the bourgeoisie, but irrespective of this, Marxism-Leninism is and will remain the invincible doctrine of the proletariat, which will light the way for millions and millions of mankind who have risen or are rising in revolution to destroy the decayed society of capitalism.

Albania is small, its people is small in numbers, too, but their example is great, because they defend a great cause. Someone abroad raises the question: Where do the Albanian people find this great spiritual, economic, cultural and military strength now to withstand the furious onslaught of capitalism and modern revisionism, American imperialism, Soviet and Chinese social-imperialism, and so on, the hatred of fascist dictatorships and foreign reaction, who are trying to damage and destroy them? They have found this strength not in the support of some great power, but in themselves, in their manly, patriotic feelings, in the Marxist-Leninist ideology, in the correct line of the Party, in their steel unity with the Party, and in the support of the genuine communists and the proletariat and peoples of the world. It is precisely these factors which make Albania fearless of anyone.

All the honest and progressive people throughout the world see in Albania a living example in which a small people, completely surrounded by capitalism and the bourgeoisie, stand unwavering, invincible and building socialism with their own forces.

At a time when the great world crisis has engulfed the capitalist, imperialist and social-imperialist countries, when the prices of all things necessary for the people are rising, when millions of workers are thrown out of their jobs, our country is successfully building socialism. Here a powerful industry, an advanced agriculture, and a profoundly humane and pure culture are flourishing and developing. Our culture not only serves the progress of the country but also makes its own contribution to the great treasury of world culture.

In our independent and sovereign country, man lives free and does not hold out his hand to beg from anyone. The Albanian has never held his hand out to anyone, he has been capable of earning his bread honourably, by the sweat of his brow. It is not in our nature to be beggars, but in the nature of those who are sold out to capital. We have held out our hands to others seeking sincere friendship, but never for charity. Just as they were capable of shedding their blood for the liberation of their land yesterday, our people are capable of shedding their sweat for the construction of socialism today.

The earthquake which struck a few weeks ago was the heaviest earthquake known to have struck our country. Whole villages were destroyed. We shall cope with this damage with our own forces. Within five months, all the devastated villages will be rebuilt more beautiful than what they were, they will be new socialist villages. In order to express their gratitude to the Party for its parental care, the peasants who suffered damage in the earthquake say: the Party was here besides us before our neighbours could get here. All Albania to a man rose to its feet to overcome the difficulties which were created. This is what always occurs amongst us when the need arises. One for all, and all for one. Thousands of people have gone, and tens of thousands of others have expressed the desire to go to work to liquidate the grave consequences which the earthquake caused our brothers and sisters in the damaged zones. On our roads and railways one sees endless lines of trucks and trains transporting building materials. Right from the first day, the people who suffered this calamity, especially in the North: in Shkodra, Lezha, Mat, Mirdita, Kruja, Dibra, Puka and Tropoja, were never short of anything. People were housed in tents with lightening speed and they never found themselves hard pressed even for sugar or coffee, let alone for bread, meat and vegetables, of which they had more ample supplies than before.

There are others who are begging aid all round the world. Ten years have gone by, and they are still not building those villages and zones which were ruined by the earthquake. Of course, we regret the suffering of the population, because we know that they are not to blame for this situation, but the blame lies with the social and state system which exists there. In the socialist system, every misfortune is overcome together and rapidly, while in the capitalist system man suffers not only at the moment when he is struck by a natural calamity, but his whole life.

Our great organization of the Democratic Front has had, has, and will have very great importance for the construction of socialism. The Party which leads and inspires it, equips the members of the Front with the lofty patriotic virtues of our people, with the teachings of the Marxist-Leninist ideology. The Party of Labour of Albania works to ensure that the Front will always be strong and active, just it has been up till now, and in the future, too, it will continue its struggle to carry out successfully the tasks which the Party sets for the complete construction of socialism, for the protection of the freedom of the people and the independence of the Homeland, so that Albania will always be a sovereign country with full dignity and respected by the other peoples.

The Party teaches the communists that they must stand, as always, in the forefront of every work and every effort, and display vigour and self-sacrifice in the performance of tasks. Being members of the Democratic Front of Albania, they must be among the most outstanding militants, display political maturity and modesty in their attitudes, love the people and be closely linked with them, preserve the unity of the Party with the people, strengthen the organization of the Front, and all the other organizations of the masses, which are levers of the Party and enliven and give vitality and force to its great activity and thought. The more the directives and the problems which the Party puts forward are discussed in the Front, the more criticisms are made of impermissible laxity, harmful habits which exist or might emerge, alien manifestations, liberalism and bureaucracy, the stronger and more stable socialism will be in Albania, and the stronger our Homeland will be.

This is why the Party gives such great importance to the organization of the Front. The course which the Party has set for this organization is a glorious one. The Democratic Front of Albania has passed through many difficult and historic stages and has carried out its great tasks with honour. From now on, too, it will certainly continue to be a major political organization of our people, led by the Party of Labour of Albania.

This document was first published in „Albania Today“ , 1979 - No 4

and in February, 2010, re- published in co-production of

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