This document was first published in „Albania Today“- No 3, 1984

and in February, 2010, re- published in co-production of and









Today my mind and heart is with you, the valiant, patriotic and hardworking people of Përmet, with the former delegates who the people and the Party chose 40 years ago to go to Përmet on a lofty historic mission, with the former heroic partisans who turned Përmet into an impregnable fortress in those days. On this occasion I greet you from my heart and invite you to cheer again as on 24 of May 1944:

Long live the historic Congress of Përmet! Long live our beloved Albania! Long live our glorious Party!

The new life we are building and enjoying, socialism which marches triumphantly in Albania, the high presige and authority which our Homeland has everywhere in the world, have their foundations in the great popular war led by the Party, part of which was the 1st Anti-fascist National Liberation Congress of the Albanian people, the name of which will be always connected with the name of your town.

It was here, at the martyred Përmet, which was burned down three times by the fascists and the Germans, but is now free, at the Përmet of the men who fought with the rifle and the pen, of the outstanding Frashëri brothers, Sami, Naim and Abdyl, that the legitimate representatives of the Albanian people who came directly from the bloody battles for the liberation of the Homeland, endorsed and proclaimed world-wide the will of the people for the formation of the Albanian State of the People's Democracy and gave it its legitimate Government.

This extraordinary victory, never achieved before in the centuries-old history of the Albanian people, crowned definitively the far-sighted and all-important policy of our Communist Party, which linked the struggle for the liberation of the Homeland closely with the struggle for the overthrow of the old state power and the setting up of the new state power. At Përmet the people came to power, became masters of their own destinies, opened up a new epoch, the epoch of socialism. Through the historic decisions of the Congress of Përmet and exercising its sovereign right, new Albania liquidated the bitter past of the kings and feudal lords, tore down and threw into the Vjosa River the enslaving treaties and agreements entered into the past, said «stop» once and for good to the ambitions of those who wanted to wrest a slice off Albania, said «stop» to those who wanted to play the policy of the spheres of influence, to cause turbulences and hostilities amongst the peoples, at the expense of Albania. In new Albania such things would never pass, because it had its people as its own masters, had its own glorious party at its head, had brought its legitimate, valiant and revolutionary sons and daughters in command.

With deep emotions and legitimate pride, from the distance of 40 years now we see that everything that was decided and begun in May 1944 at Përmet has been carried out, defended, and further developed day by day with consistency, wisdom and heroism. All this has been achieved with much sweat, through great efforts and sacrifice, without stretching out our hand to anyone, without disturbing anyone and never allowing anyone, internal and external enemies, big and small imperialist, social-imperialist or chauvinist powers to violate the victories achieved, to swerse us from our revolutionary road. The 40 years that have elapsed are, in this sense, a glorious school of our triumphant revolution as well as a great guarantee that just as today, we, our sons and daughters, all our wonderful people will march in this way tomorrow and always in the future.

Therefore, comrades, my dear fellow fighters, former delegates to the 1st Anti-fascist Congress of Përmet, let us strengthen and carry forward the great and immortal work we began on May 24, 1944.

It does not matter that we are gray and wrinkled all over. We remain young, because we live, work and rejoice the eternal youth of the Homeland, because our ideals and work are and will be always new, because socialist Albania is and will remain always young!

Greetings to you all!

Congratulations on the celebration of the historic Congress of Përmet!

Long live our people!

Long live our Party!



Tirana, May 23, 1984