This document was first published in „Albania Today“- No 6, 1984

and in February, 2010, re- published in co-production of and

Enver Hoxha - 40th anniversary of the 29th of November, 1944




29 November 1984



Ah, my beloved Homeland! Seventy-two years have gone by since the proclamation of independence. For 40 years you have been living and advancing in socialism, liberated forever from oppression and exploitation, from the intrigues and villainies of foreign occupiers and the internal enemies. All through the centuries, you, my Albania, have experienced endless sufferings and hardships. Your life has been filled with bloody wars, which have been waged in every corner of your territory, in the mountains and on the plains, in the castles and the humble cottages. You shed your blood, my people, in order to live free and independent like the mountain eagle that you were, with your freedom-loving spirit and dauntless character, with your clear mind and wisdom, your great, courageous and generous heart, your desires and ardent aspirations. You were never afraid to fight against the enemy and slavery, never intimidated by occupation, despite the trickery, the burnings and killings which the enemy engaged in; you never bent the knee to foreigners or accepted betrayal, but always stood proudly and fought back. In your belt you carried the silverchased pistols, on your shoulders rifles, in your hands the drawn sword and you fought furiously. Attacked from all sides, you were often defeated, but never conquered, my Albania and my people!

It is hard to find in the world another small country like our Albania, with a people such as the Albanian people, who have fought so much, who have dared so much, who have displayed such great courage and wisdom, who have smashed all the enemies and emerged proudly in history, who have emerged free and sovereign, and have seized power through the strength of their own arms, without seeking or enjoying the aid of anyone else. The most ferocious enemies have attacked this valiant people and sought to wipe them from the face of the earth, to eliminate Albania from the map of the world, to partition it and divide it amongst its neighbours, the rulers of which were agents of Great Powers. But in vain. Albania and the Albanians fought and triumphed, they were, are and will be immortal.

Ah, my Albania, my people, history speaks of these great merits. Now history speaks more loudly, but it has spoken in the past, too, although the foreign enemies have done their utmost to stop anyone from hearing your voice. Nevertheless, this voice could not be smothered, because the echo of the Albanians' wars reverberated from the mountains, spread through space and told the world how a dauntless people, with Skanderbeg at the head, became the terror of the Ottomans. While Europe trembled before the Turkish sultans' hordes, in the mountains of Albania a people, led by a hero who defended the Homeland and Europe from invasion, fought and resisted. My valiant people, you shed torrents of blood but no one was grateful to you, and despite this, you were not discouraged, because life had taught you that you must take your fate into your own hands and defend and liberate your Homeland.

Many enemies have violated our mother soil — the Romans of Caesar and Mark Antony, the Ottomans, the Serbian hordes, from the time of Stephan Dusan to the Karageorge-vices, the Greeks of Venizelos and Zographos, the Italians of the First World War and those of Mussolini, the Austro-Hungarians of Francis Joseph and the Germans of Hitler. But you, the Albanian people, faced up to all these invaders emerging after each occupation more united, more rejuvenated, more determined to refuse to bow your head to anyone.

The archives of the chancelleries of the states of Europe have been filled with documents which testify to your struggle, to your valiant deeds and your ardent aspirations for freedom. But these archives are not open, to this day they remain closed. The archives of Istanbul, Belgrade and Athens, Italy, Austria and France remain closed. But, my heroic people, your majestic history has been written better and more clearly than in the memoranda of foreign chancelleries with your blood and sweat and you yourselves have sung about it generation after generation. Your songs faithfully describe your great history, your customs, habits and costumes; they are hymns to your valour, endurance, loyalty and nobility, to your life in its harmonious development.

Thus you sang them to yourselves, to your blood, to your immortality. These songs inspired the generations that came, armed them with love for the Homeland and for freedom, told them of the courage, determination and dauntless spirit of their forefathers, told them that their freedom, honour, language, customs and culture could be defended only with blood and sweat.

Your songs evoke the aid which you, the Albanian people, have given other peoples in the course of history. They are songs to Skanderbeg and his valiant Albanian fighters who assisted Hunyadi, who assisted in the liberation of the Kingdom of Naples; they are songs to your sons who went and fought as far away as France with Marshal de Querc; they are songs to the valiant fighters of this land who assisted the revolution for the independence of Greece, Where has the Albanian not fought for freedom, not displayed valour, not displayed vitality and wisdom!

From your ranks, my people, great men have emerged, men who have fought with the rifle and the pen, who have inspired the generations and imbued them with patriotism, with their sense of freedom. These men have dreamed, worked and striven for the Motherland to live free, for the Albanians to gain learning, to assimilate knowledge and build the free Albania, unhampered by chains or by foreigners, in which the Albanian language would flower, «our language so beautiful, so pure», so tuneful in the songs of the inhabitants of the highlands and the plains, of the courageous women and the girls and boys. How greatly that language was loved and valued by the outstanding patriots of all periods, especially those of our National Renaissance, who, with their keen minds, desired that this language should be written and taught in the Albanian schools and that these schools should wipe out from amongst the people the ignorance, the influence of languages of countries which oppressed us, should wipe out the ignorance of the Middle Ages and religions which poisoned the spirit of the Albanian people. These pioneers of the Albanian language sacrificed themselves on the altar of the Homeland, their blood became a beacon-light, their work took root, grew up and developed amidst storms, amidst the suffering and poverty. From the Albanian schools, which were opened through the efforts of these outstanding patriots, emerged people who collected the songs of our history and the customs of the people, which strengthened the determination of the Albanian to liberate himself, which gave us light and the strength of knowledge, until in the end, you, my beloved people, overcame all these hardships.

History had taught you that those peoples who do not fight are eliminated, therefore, you, my people, fought for freedom, for your language, for your customs, for your sacred soil, and you were not eliminated, but triumphed. Centuries went by in ceaseless wars in which you suffered death and destruction but you did not yield and were not quelled, and eventually, on November 29, 1944, together with your freedom you also won power, became masters of your own fate and emerged in the light for ever, because at the head of your struggle you had the heroic Communist Party, to which you, the people, gave birth and which you defended and nurtured with the blood of your finest sons, so that it would grow strong as the moments and your future and that of our Homeland required. This was a well-earned victory.

Rarely has any other people deserved such a victory as you deserved it, my people, because you have been strong, courageous, and optimistic and you have always loved life. You brought forth noble sons and daughters, fiery-hearted, eagle-eyed and strong as the rocks of the Alps, who fell upon the enemy like thunder and lightning. Such were your sons and daughters who led you in battle with songs on their lips together with the war cries, of whose history, battles and sacrifice you, my valiant and great-hearted people, sang.

Not just one or two, or a few thousand individuals, but a whole people were inspired at every moment, in every period, at all the troubled moments of history, by your glorious past, my Homeland. Never was the head of the Albanian confused in storms and blizzards. Never were the Albanian people conquered, but they forged ahead through the storms and conquered the enemies, however mighty, ferocious and well-armed they were.

You, my dear people, were not barbarians, others behaved like barbarians towards you; you, my people, were not without culture, others wanted to impose their enslaving culture on you. You had not only strong muscles, but also keen minds and great hearts, and that is why the invaders could neither assimilate you, nor wipe you out. The enemies have left nothing unsaid against you, but life, struggle, history, has proved them wrong. You have been superior to your enemies from every standpoint.

Your whole life, my people, has been revolution, even when you were starving, naked or dressed in rags, with your bodies bleeding from wounds, but fiery-spirited and unbowed. At no time has your life been meaningless, but on the contrary, every year, every day of your life, has been filled with struggles and strivings for freedom, justice and economic and social development and progress. This way of life has always kept us vigorous, and the Party of Labour has always had this on the order of the day. The Party has made the revolutionary traditions of our people an inseparable part of our life: the outstanding dates, events and figures of the people are celebrated, sung and written about. A marvellous situation has been created everywhere, the political enlightenment and outstanding patriotism of the people are immortal. As a result of this sound state of affairs Albania is advancing and building socialism successfully, people are conscientious in work and in action, fighters for the great cause of socialism and communism, and young and old love our heroic Party wholeheartedly.

All the blessings which we have created and are enjoying during the years of socialism stem from the National Liberation War of the people led by the Communist Party, which has always been enlightened by Marxism-Leninism — its unerring guide. Guided by this ideology from the time of its creation, the Party was able to imbue and temper the new man of socialist Albania with the patriotism of centuries, to unite and mobilize the whole people in the sacred war for freedom, to lead them on such a course that, besides winning their freedom, the people took power in their own hands, established the people's state power and set to work to make our beloved Albania a flourishing garden, the free country of free people.

We fought and triumphed, the whole of Albania was raised to its feet during the National Liberation War. All our villages became nurseries of partisans. The whole people was able to unite firmly around the Party, drove the barbarous foreign invaders from our soil once and for all, overthrew the power of the feudal lords, beys and capitalists, and punished the traitors as they deserved. Many of the finest sons of this people fell with honour on the field of battle, but they became torch-bearers and today all over Albania their remains rest in monumental cemeteries to which the people go continually to pay the greatest homage, because the blood they shed cemented the foundations of the new Albania.

All the foreigners who visit our country bow with respect before the graves of our heroes and say with conviction and admiration that these people have fought, have shed their blood and that war has been waged on every inch of this soil.

After Liberation you, my people, continued the struggle heroically. The Party led you in even greater, even more difficult battles, the battles for socialism which you had to win through toil and sweat, through knowledge and determination. Day by day, you are working, triumphing and advancing without laying down the rifle and without bending the knee to old enemies or to new ones in all kinds of disguises.

The Party, the people and socialism, filled Albania with great factories, combines and hydro-power stations, made the plains flourish, beautified hills and mountains with terraces, planted forests up to the Alps, and developed the livestock farming and agriculture of which Naim sang with such passion, filled the country with schools, cultural and scientific institutions, wiped out the illiteracy, the darkness and backwardness of the past, and brought the light of learning, development and scientific progress everywhere. Socialist Albania today is the only country in the world which is building socialism entirely with its own forces, without accepting credits from anyone and without being indebted to anyone, a country without taxes, without inflation and unemployment, a country where schooling and the medical service are free of charge. Every corner of Albania has been transformed to its foundations, the life of our long-suffering people has changed radically and has become secure, enlightened and prosperous. Above all, during this whole process, the Party united all the people more firmly and made them conscious of their great and decisive role in history.

This beautiful Albania which you, my Party, have built amidst so many storms, struggles and intrigues, this happy life which we enjoy today, this new man whom you formed, are your glorious works which you achieved through the strength of your people, through your determination and maturity, and through your mind enlightened by Marxism-Lenin-ism, without holding out your hand to foreigners. Not only has the aid of foreigners been very restricted, but as experience has proved, although provided under the disguise of proletarian internationalism, in essence it had an enslaving imperialist character. Believing that it did not have an enslaving character, the Albanian people and the Party of Labour of Albania accepted this aid in order to set the country on its feet again. But when we saw that with the aid that they provided the Titoites, the Soviet revisionists and those of the countries of Eastern Europe, and Mao Zedong's China had ulterior, hostile, enslaving aims, or intended to turn Albania into an appendage dependent on them, so that it would lose its freedom and independence, we tore the mask from them and told them bluntly and clearly that socialist Albania, the Party of Labour of Albania and the Albanian people were not for sale for a handful of rags, or for a few rubles, dinars or yuan, just as they had not sold themselves to the Anglo-American imperialists for their handout of rags or for their pounds sterling and dollars.

For 40 years on end, my valiant Albania, you have kept the honoured flag of Marxism-Leninism flying, just as through the centuries you have kept the flag of freedom flying, the red flag with the two-headed eagle, to which you added a five-pointed star, the star of freedom, the star of socialism and communism.

Not for one moment during the 40 years of life in socialism have you, my people, with the Party of Labour at the head, allowed the new perfidious and powerful enemies to conquer you. Once again you drew the sword, which was now keener-edged, tempered in the fires of repeated battles, and forged on the anvil of history. With this sword you, my Party, mercilessly struck down the imperialists and reactionaries, struck down the modern revisionists of all hues, and compelled those secret revisionists, who, for their own hegemonic aims, seemed to be, and from time to time posed as if they were, Marxist-Leninists and our friends, to throw off their disguise. With these stands and your lofty example, you, my Party, performed your internationalist duty and, at the same time, told others that the struggle against the revisionist currents must not cease, that there could be no agreement or compromise with them, because they were renegades and traitors. The word of our Party, its clear thinking, its courage and determination, shone forth and became beacon-lights for the peoples and revolutionaries in the world.

You, my socialist Homeland, led by the Party of Labour, waged this heroic struggle with astonishing vigour, and your powerful voice was listened to because you rose resolutely against Titoism which was unmasked in the eyes of the whole world as an ideological and political agency of American imperialism and world reaction. Over a long period you have always struggled and raised your voice against American imperialism and all the reactionary bourgeoisie of the world which seeks to keep the peoples and the proletariat of the whole world under its heel, and in the same way you have raised your voice against the Soviet social-imperialists who are struggling for world hegemony, to oppress the peoples by threatening them with the force of arms, and atomic bombs. Later your powerful voice was raised to the skies of this troubled world against the practice and theory of Mao Zedong and the entire Chinese leadership which betrayed Marxism-Leninism and set out on the revisionist course to make China an imperialist world superpower.

Infuriated by the just stands, the determination and the courage of a small people and a valiant Party, the imperialist and revisionist enemies left nothing unsaid against us. They speak and write angrily and with evil aims, «What is this people, what is this Party which is making such a clamour, what are these stubborn creatures who are not afraid to oppose powerful states?! They must be crushed, they must be liquidated, they must be brought to their knees, starved into submission through blockades...» However, they are gravely mistaken, as they have always been mistaken, because they have not known and have not wanted to know the history of the Albanian people, the manly character of the Albanian, have not wanted to recognize what lofty meaning the freedom, independence and sovereignty of the Homeland has always had for the Albanian. As the capitalists, imperialists and reactionaries they are they have thought and still think that nothing can withstand their economic and military strength and their ideology. But, you see, the peoples, whether big or small, have the strength to resist enemies. The peoples who fight always triumph; the enemies are quite unable to destroy the Marxist-Leninist parties which stand unwaveringly on their principles. Marxism-Leninism, which guides the proletariat, the genuine communist parties and the peoples who are demanding liberation and their rights, is invincible.

The struggle against Soviet revisionism and all modern revisionism is one of your most brilliant epics, my Party. This heroic struggle is an honour and pride for you, the working class of Albania, for you, the Albanian people, for you, our socialist Albania! All the states of the world, of whatever regime, all the peoples, all the political currents, friendly and hostile, cannot but admit that you are completely free, independent, and stand as firm as granite.

Our socialist Albania, you withstood the furious waves of enemies and did not yield. Your just, courageous, revolutionary, Marxist-Leninist stands have made numerous friends and admirers from all countries rally round you; even though you were small, the world proletariat looked and looks to you with hope and trust, because in your course and determination it sees its great ideal, Marxism-Leninism, the struggle for the revolution, the struggle for the overthrow of the reactionary forces which oppress and exploit it, accomplished and invincible. You have told and tell the proletariat and the peoples the truth, and the truth has extraordinary importance. The truth gives you vigour, does not allow you to fall into the abyss and break your neck, illuminates the way, opens new paths, causes mighty forces to emerge from the bosom of the people to overcome all the enemies, all the difficulties, and all the intrigues.

With their stands and opinions, socialist Albania and the Party of Labour of Albania have given and give heart and confidence to all and tell the proletariat and the peoples: stand as we stand, fight as we fight, because you will triumph as we have triumphed and are triumphing. Our victory is certain, our victory is a common victory, therefore, we must close our ranks in the heat of the war against enemies. Open fire on the revisionists, betrayers of the working class and the peoples, open fire on the imperialist plans of big world capital, because only in this way can the freedom, independence and sovereignty of the Homeland be won, and the revolution develop and triumph. All the talk about taking power by means of reforms is poppycock. The bourgeoisie and capitalism can never agree to allow the working class, the most advanced class in the world to which the future belongs, to take power. On the contrary, every day the enemies of the peoples and the proletariat are preparing sugar-coated poison pills and forging new chains of enslavement, therefore, only by fighting against the old system of the power of capital can the peoples and the proletariat triumph step by step and take power into their own hands. The Party of Labour followed this course and thus the Albanian people were liberated, and so socialist Albania has been built and is advancing.

In all your actions, heroic Party, you have had a lofty aim, and have always proceeded cautiously but without fear. Your stand has never been one of crawling, you have never been opportunist, but neither have you been sectarian, you have always marched forward on the Marxist-Leninist course. Your sole aim throughout has been the good of the peoples. You have sincerely loved the genuine Marxist-Leninists, have defended them to the end, and will always defend them in this way. You have always stated your opinions openly, gently when necessary, but you have raised your tone when this has been required. With those who have made mistakes, you have tried patiently to correct them, have advised them wisely, and at the same time, you have listened attentively to any valuable advice and have learned from it. You have supported their correct actions, but when they have been wrong you have criticised them. This is the course you have always followed, but when the cup has been filled, and you have been convinced that there is no way other than that of struggle, you have not been afraid but have declared war on enemies and have never ceased this struggle.

We have never retreated or made any concessions to enemies. History has taught us this, we have learned it not only from our own sufferings and hardships but also from those of all the peoples of the world, from their countless struggles during the centuries.

Marxism-Leninism has opened our eyes with the conclusions drawn from the analyses which it has made of the development of society through the class struggle. It teaches us that the class struggle is the motor of society, which keeps you alive, gives you strength, gives you victory. If you extinguish this struggle the bourgeoisie and capitalism will strangle and enslave you, and our people have never liked slavery. On the contrary, our people have always fought against the grip of slavery. Therefore, our Party has never ceased the class struggle, either internally or in the international arena, and never will cease it, even for a moment. For 40 years on end our people and Party have resolutely opposed and combated everything old and conservative, opportunist and liberal, all those who have tried openly or secretly to divert us from our correct course, we have fought any force or ideology which has aimed to infect the consciousness of our people, to hinder our march towards better days, towards the present and the more secure future. We have always kept the class struggle ablaze, and it is precisely this great and revolutionizing motive force which has made our small Homeland unshakeable «either by the cannon, or the bomb», as the folk song says, that is, either by revisionism, capitalism, or reaction.

We have many friends and admirers in the world. Our friends are all the peoples of the world who have a great love and respect for Albania, speak with admiration about our country and our socialist reality, and want to know where we find this strength, because they still do not understand how this reality has been achieved. Therefore, it is our duty to make the victories of the Party of Labour, the Albanian people and socialist Albania known in all their aspects to the peoples, to explain them not only with the present, but with all the glorious past history of the Albanian people. These victories are like a steel chain, the links of which are the revolutionary events inseparable from each other, which represent, at different stages, the permanent ideals of the freedom, independence, democracy, and unity of our nation, of our well-being, culture and ceaseless progress. We must explain to our brothers and admiring friends that this chain of the life of the Albanian people has achieved unprecedented toughness at the present day, thanks to Marxism-Leninism which we are trying to understand profoundly in all its aspects and to faithfully apply its principles in the conditions of our country and the international situation.

We have not permitted the principles of our foreign policy to be subordinated to the momentary changes in the world situation. We always take the international political and economic situation into account, but in our relations with other states, in our stands, we have always been guided by the Marxist-Leninist principles because they are the key to the correct understanding and assessment of world events, circumstances that arise, the intrigues and aims of imperialism towards the aspirations of the revolutionary forces, the peoples and the proletariat of each country and the whole world.

Because of all these things, when the red-letter days, the 28th and 29th of November, draw near, socialist Albania celebrates in the full meaning of the term. Everywhere there is rejoicing over the work, the achievements and the fine new life. The whole people sing about and rejoice over the great victories that have been achieved in all fields, the new socialist life, the security and great and clear prospects for the future.

I feel boundless satisfaction when I see on the TV, hear on the radio, or read in the papers about the great construction work that is going on all over the Homeland, about the triumphs and successes which have been achieved, one. after the other, in all fields. It warms my heart when I see our tireless and skilful workers and specialists building dams, constructing machinery, and setting modern plants and combines in action with competence and skill; when I see the cooperativists in the plains, the hills and the mountains, carefully cultivating the crops and getting yields of world level; when I sec the great army of our new socialist intelligentsia, the pupils and students, bending over books, or in laboratories, working on sketches and designs; when alongside men, everywhere, I see the Albanian girls and women whom the Party drew into life, working and singing, producing and managing, and raising healthy happy children, the future of the Homeland. The whole of Albania is in movement, in development, in consistent progress. Today every inch of it is the scene of construction and creation, and a school, and a barricade insurmountable to the enemies, and a stage where our people, the creators of everything, sing to the Party, their life, to freedom and socialism.

The people themselves, with the Party at the head, have created such a situation, that is why when they are working and rejoicing, especially when they come to celebrations, our people express with astonishing force the fine pure feelings which inspire them to even greater deeds.

For us, the soldiers of the Party, there can be no greater satisfaction than this, when we see you, our people, masters of your own fate, happy, contented, and free in a sovereign and independent Albania, in an Albania transformed into an impregnable fortress, and with ceaseless socialist development. The satisfaction and pride which we feel is the fruit of the great victories we have achieved, of our uninterrupted efforts, of our permanent concern to ensure that our Party is always at the head, as our tested guide.

We have lived through the past 40 years as revolutionaries know how to live, build and defend. In these years of the epoch of the Party our dear Albania has been transformed to its very foundations, has known that growth, that renewal, that all-round development which it had not experienced for whole centuries. Everything about it is new and healthy, its appearance and content, its life which is flourishing and gaining new dimensions, the new man endowed with the lofty virtues of the communist ideology, happy and proud about what has been achieved, convinced and conscious about the continuity of our course, of our efforts, our honour and prestige.

During the coming decades the people and Party, firmly united, as always, will do even more for this dear land, for this country of eagles. Hence, let us guard what we have achieved as the apple of our eye, let us go on consistently to develop it further, to leave the coming generations an Albania ever stronger, always red, like the undying flame of the hearts and ideals of communists and partisans, an Albania which will live and progress through the centuries. I am convinced that the people and the Party will raise our triumphant flag higher and higher, will raise the honour, prestige and name of socialist Albania higher and higher in the world.

To our beloved socialist Albania, to our wonderful heroic people,

Greetings on the occasion of the November celebrations!