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From the conversation during the meeting with two comrades of the CP of Indonesia

October 30, 1958


On the struggle against Yugoslav revisionism

The struggle of the Party against Yugoslav revisionism has been and is a stern, principled struggle. I want to inform the comrades of the CC of the CP of Indonesia briefly about this struggle. The Yugoslav revisionists are not new. They have been revisionists for a long time. The constant struggle of our Party against them bears witness to this. It began in the war years, and not in 1948. Formerly we were comrades and friends with the socalled Yugoslav communists. We even had great faith in them at first, though we rejected many of their erroneous views during the period of the war. The main aim of the Tito group has been to make Albania the 7th Republic of Yugoslavia. To achieve this end, it has been working on the sly in an anti-Marxist and anti-Leninist way.

In the beginning, the Yugoslav revisionists started their activity against us in connection with our National Liberation War. They tried to sabotage it in highly sophisticated ways. The Yugoslav revisionists strove to have our Party and our people’s National Liberation War under their complete and direct control. They manifested these aims several times in many directions. They accused our Party of allegedly pursuing a sectarian policy towards the traitor elements of the “Balli Kombëtar’, “Legaliteti”, and so on. Their aim here was to induce us to open the doors of our revolutionary movement to these traitors.

The Central Committee never permitted this, and the line of our Party always remained pure and correct. In subtle ways they also strove to stop our Party creating a strong partisan army with large detachments. They did not allow our Party, with its correct Marxist-Leninist policy, to mobilize the entire Albanian population in Yugoslavia in a total war against the occupiers. As you may know, in Yugoslavia there is a large Albanian population, exceeding one million inhabitants, nearly as much as Albania has today, who live in Kosova, the Dukagjin Plateau, the regions of Dibra, etc., all of them Albanian territories which have remained within the borders of the Yugoslav state according to the decisions of the London (1913) and Versailles (1919) Treaties, etc. The aim of the Tito group has always been to include the whole of Albania in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Although at that time we considered them comrades and friends, we had disagreements and disputes with them over their interference in our internal affairs, and especially over tactical questions of our Party and army. But since we did not know them, in our criticism we always proceeded from a position of friendship and comradeship, regarding these cases of interference as misunderstandings or as mistakes by certain individual Yugoslavs. Later, when our war assumed a greater development and our Party was becoming more tempered day by day, they organized attacks against our Party in order to turn it into an obedient tool of the Yugoslav group. To this end, in 1944 they organized a dangerous faction in the leadership of the Party, precisely at the time when Albania was on the eve of its complete liberation.

Tito’s envoy [6]

(6) [This refers to Velimir Stoinich]

here organized this faction behind the back of the Central Committee of our Party, through the traitor of our Party Koçi Xoxe, the then Organizational Secretary of the Central Committee of our Party, and after the liberation of Albania, also Minister for Internal Affairs.

This plot against our Party came out in the open at the 2nd Plenum of the Central Committee, which met in Berat, and in which the representative of the Yugoslav leadership took part. It was at this Plenum that the attack of these enemies was openly launched against the whole line of the Party, which had led and was leading our people to complete victory, and they called this line incorrect and claimed that our Party had not discharged its historical duty. At this meeting, the enemies accused the leadership of our Party of being an opportunist leadership.

Opportunists accusing us of opportunism! Their plan was to eliminate the whole leadership of the Party, its Central Committee, the comrades you see at this meeting, and other comrades not present here. But they did not manage to attain their goal. Seeing that they had failed again the Yugoslav Trotskyites decided to leave this plan for another time, when they would be better prepared.

After the liberation of Albania, through their agents, they started a frontal attack to liquidate our Party and our state of people’s democracy, to liquidate all the victories of our war. As usual, they started their attack against the Party first, by means of their agents. This time, their aims went even further: to liquidate the sound Marxist-Leninist elements in the leadership of our Party politically and physically. To achieve this, they brought charges against comrades who were heroes of our National Liberation War. Charges and personal files were secretly prepared on all of us, members of the Central Committee, to be used at the moment they deemed most opportune.

These files were kept in the Ministry for Internal Affairs by the representatives and agents of the Titoites in Albania with Koçi Xoxe at their head. After 1948, all these files were discovered in the state archives.

The policy that was being pursued then was such as to extinguish the leading role of the Party and to have the organization of the Front emerge as the leading force of the war, of the reconstruction and construction of the country, just as the Yugoslav revisionists have done in their country. This was not new either. As early as 1942, they used to say that “the role of the Party must not come into the open, but only that of the Front, so as not to frighten the people!” Thus, the Party was supposed to remain in a state of semi-legality. Efforts were made to establish “new” forms to break down the organizational forms of the Party established since the war, and moreover, to establish the control of the organs of the Ministry for Internal Affairs over the Party. Terrorist measures were used against ordinary people so as to arouse dissatisfaction.

In this way, the Tito group tried to transform our Party into a social-democratic and fascist party. Through Koçi Xoxe, Tito’s agents had the weapon of the State Security in their hands. Therefore, they started their efforts to get hold of the other weapon of the dictatorship, our army. They tried to introduce into it their anti-Marxist and anti-Soviet methods and tactics. Here, too, they managed to achieve something. They went so far as to remove revolutionary cadres from the command of the army, our glorious comrades who had been fighting to temper, strengthen, and organize it in an exemplary manner, and to put it completely at the service of the homeland and its people. Similarly, they tried to demoralize our officers, and their aim was clear: to weaken our National Liberation Army.

With the intention of liquidating the state organs of our country, too, the Yugoslav revisionists created forms of organs which in practice liquidated our government, our state planning organs, etc. They opened our borders, unified customs duties and the currencies. They did this allegedly for purposes of collaboration. With these measures they prepared the union of Albania with Yugoslavia. They worked in all directions to bring this union about.

Parallel with these efforts, the Yugoslav revisionists turned their eyes to the economic field. Their intention was to ensure that Albania emerged from the war a poor country, then they would devastate it further themselves, so that we would be dependent on Yugoslavia economically, too. Since the liberation of Albania they have literally plundered our people. Those few things we took from the bourgeoisie of the country mostly went to Yugoslavia, a good part of the meagre agricultural products went to Yugoslavia, too, on the pretext that they would allegedly help us, would accord us credits, because “we are brothers”, and a lot of other things they told us. In the economic direction, their aim was to prevent the building of industry in our country, to leave Albania in a state of agricultural backwardness. And for this they worked systematically.

In order to carry out their sinister schemes, they strove to exploit incidents for provocations on an international scale, so as to frighten us and induce us to seek their help. Therefore, they invented the legend that Albania was allegedly in danger of an attack from Greece, and on the basis of a treaty signed by our two countries, they demanded to bring four Yugoslav divisions into Albania. Their aim was clear to us; now the Yugoslav revisionists were wanting to occupy Albania with their armed forces, to liquidate the Albanian state, and to transform Albania into the 7th Republic of Yugoslavia.

But our Party destroyed this plan of the Yugoslav revisionists, too. In this, our Party had the aid of comrade Stalin. When our Party informed Stalin about what the Yugoslavs had demanded from us, J.V. Stalin responded that there was no danger threatening us at that time, therefore we should not allow a single Yugoslav division to enter Albania.

The Yugoslav revisionists also tried to isolate Albania from the Soviet Union. After the liberation of Albania, they tried in every way to discredit the Soviet Union in the eyes of our people. But they failed in this, too.

Our Party has fought all these activities of the Yugoslav revisionists against our country, heroically resisting all these manoeuvres and plots.

We even have documents, signed by the main Yugoslav leaders, in which Albania is regarded as the 7th Republic of Yugoslavia.

Following these events, the Information Bureau denounced the Tito group. All the fraternal parties know what was mentioned in the Resolution of the Information Bureau “On the Situation in the Communist Party of Yugoslavia”, about the Yugoslav revisionists, but, comrades, we have all these facts and can back up everything we have told you with documents. Therefore, it is obvious how correct the denunciation of the Tito group by the Information Bureau has been.

Following their exposure by the Information Bureau, the Yugoslav revisionists went on even more fiercely with their despicable fight against the People’s Republic of Albania and our Party. They have even continued this struggle more fiercely regardless of the joint Soviet-Yugoslav declaration of 1955, that was made on the occasion of Nikita Khrushchev’s visit to Belgrade. Since 1948, without let-up the Yugoslav revisionists have continued to send groups of diversionists into our country, to organize espionage and sabotage groups in our country, and the Yugoslav legation in Tirana has become an open espionage centre.

They have organized groups of agents against our Party, expecially to undermine it from within. Following the 20th Congress of the CPSU they tried once again to deal a blow at our Party. But our Party has gained great experience in its struggle against the Yugoslav Trotskyites.

Thus, before the counter-revolution was organized in Hungary, the Yugoslav revisionists organized the same plot against our Party and people. But our Party discovered it before they could put it into effect. The Central Committee of our Party uncovered two of its members who were later proved to have been Yugoslav agents [7].

[7] This refers to T. Jakova and B. Spahiu.

At the Party Conference of the city of Tirana, held in April 1956, the Yugoslav agents tried to plot against our Party, but their activity was discovered, they were exposed, and the evidence proved that they were agents in the service of the Yugoslav revisionists.

When the counter-revolution was being prepared in Hungary, the Central Committee of our Party was positive that the Yugoslav revisionists had a finger in it. The Central Committee of our Party warned the Central Committee of the fraternal Hungarian Party to watch out, but things there had taken another course, and what was done was done. When the counter-revolution was under way in Hungary, certain Yugoslav leaders, close collaborators of Tito, declared that the same thing would happen in Albania. But in our country they had their face smashed, and nothing of the sort has happened or will ever happen here.

Even after the improvement of relations, the Yugoslav revisionists pursued their former course. What they did was a bluff, and our Party was never taken in by it.

It has never trusted them. Nevertheless, it took steps towards improving relations, though it was sure that the Yugoslav leaders were Trotskyites, revisionists, rabid enemies of Marxism-Leninism, and this turned out to be true. The 7th Congress of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia completely exposed them. Their stand was apparent since the Moscow Conference, held on the 40th anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution, in 1957.

We are hundred per cent convinced that the Yugoslav revisionists are never going to mend their ways, and we can never trust such enemies of Marxism-Leninism, of communism. They are in the service of the US imperialists, and their mission is to destroy our socialist camp and the international communist movement.

Our Party is of the opinion that any concession to these traitors of Marxism-Leninism is a crime committed against international communism. Our Party has maintained and will maintain a Marxist-Leninist stand.

Today, the unity of our Party is steel-like. Our Party is pure, and this stems from the National Liberation War which it has waged at the head of our people against the internal and external enemies, from the struggle against the Yugoslav factionists and Trotskyites; it has been tempered in the struggle for the defence of Marxism-Leninism.

As you see, our Party has grown up and been tempered in struggle with difficulties and has achieved great successes, but it has never become intoxicated with success, on the contrary, its successes have inspired it to

march forward more boldly.


Enver Hoxha