August 25, 1942

(Selected Works, Volume I, pages 39 - 42)



... has one mission, and one purpose: to unite the entire Albanian people around this paper, to unite everyone who is honest and anti-fascist, regardless of religious beliefs, political groups, and various trends. “Zëri i Popullit” is determined to make war on the occupiers.

Why has “Zëri i Popullit” appeared?

To provide our people with a road to salvation, to show them who has trampled the Albanian people underfoot, who brought these countless woes upon them, desolated our country with smoke and flames in 1939, reduced half of Albania to ruins during an entire year; who has left our people without food, taking all the products of the country and all the grain, who has taken away the olive oil, the wool, and the petroleum that flows like water from our soil, who has left the peasant without bread and salt.

All these evils have been brought about solely by the occupier and Italian fascism, and by the war which is nothing but the off-spring of fascism.

By means of “Tomori” [2] and of well-paid hacks, headed by that jackal Hilmi Leka [3], the Italian fascists are trying to convince us that we should be content with our lot, for it is war time, but these well-fed gentlemen forget to say that it is not we who brought the war, but the Duce and the fascist occupier.

The Albanian people sent no special invitation to the hangmen of Rome. Indeed, the occupiers must have very clear memories of how the Albanian people farewelled them in 1920 [4], or have the Duce and the hacks of “Tomori” forgotten these things?

Who spilled our people’s blood and drove them into fratricide? The fascist occupiers. Having seized our land and trampled underfoot all the rights which we had won with great bloodshed, they have now armed and mobilized the most degenerate section of our people into their militia, carabinieri, and police force, and set them to track down the sons of this people, the cream of our youth, and the fighters who are shedding their pure blood for one sacred aim: for an independent, free and democratic Albania.

Entire towns and villages are red with the blood of our sons; in Shkodra, Durrës, Tirana, Korça and Kruja dozens of boys have fallen as martyrs under the bullets of the enemy and the bloodhounds of the fifth column.

Today, young Albanians in hundreds are languishing in the dungeons of the traitorous executioners of the Albanian people and the Albanian race. Hundreds of the sons of the eagle are exiled among the harsh rocky islands of fascist Italy.

Since fascist Italy first set foot on Albanian soil, our people have not had one day of peace, but they have known how to fight. They have stood like men, and

when some have fallen they have understood why. The victims, the prisoners in the jails, the internees and the partisans in the mountains testify how the people hate fascist Italy.

This newspaper, this true tribune of the Albanian people, will tell our people about these things.

Zëri i Popullit” will denounce the number one agent of fascism, Mustafa Merlika. “Zëri i Popullit” will denounce the agents of the fratricidal war.

Zëri i Popullit” will mercilessly denounce the fascist demagogy of “Tomori” and its hacks.

Zëri i Popullit” will rally all the virile energies of the Albanian people, the energies of all those who have understood once and for all that, “Freedom is won,

It is not donated.”

Zëri i Popullit” will be a tribune with its columns open to all the fighters for freedom without distinction as to class or religion, to all those Albanians who want to help us with deeds, and not with idle talk, in the true liberation of Albania.

Zëri i Popullit” will be the genuine tribune of the Call to Arms for the National Liberation War, in which our war against the bloodthirsty occupiers will be described and read about. “Zëri i Popullit” will be the tribune where the people will learn the truth as it really is, the naked truth.

Zëri i Popullit” will tell our people where our friends are, in Albania and abroad.

We know that in their fight for freedom, our people are not alone, but have many strong and resolute friends throughout the world.

All the freedom-loving people of the world, from heroic China to the heroic people of Yugoslavia and France, are with us.

The three great allies are fighting today for one aim: to crush fascism.

The Soviet Union, with the Red Army of workers and peasants headed by comrade Stalin, leads the way as the vanguard. Then come the two great democracies [5]:

Britain and America, two great powers with colossal economies, which are preparing for a second front in Europe [6].

Some time ago 28 countries adhered to the “London Pact” [7] which guarantees the people freedom and collective peace, guarantees the people the final wiping out of bloody fascism.

Zëri i Popullit” will be the tribune of the unity, in which our fight for freedom and the fight of the freedom-loving peoples of Europe will be reflected.

This is the one and only aim we have with “Zëri i Popullit”.

First published in Works, vol. 1. “Zëri i Popullit”, N° 1, August 25, 1942


[1] Organ of the CPA, founded on decision of the CC of the CPA, and directed by comrade Enver Hoxha.

[2] Fascist daily paper (March 1940 — September 1943).

[3] Director of the “Tomori” fascist paper, and minister of culture in the quisling government of Mustafa Kruja.

[4] This refers to the war of the Albanian people against the Italian imperialists in Vlora in 1920. The war ended with the victory of the patriotic forces, which drove the occupier into the sea and liberated the Vlora city and its hinterland.

[5] A denomination for Britain and the USA, which were fighting against the fascist states, to make a distinction between their bourgeois democratic order and the fascist political order in Germany, Japan, Italy and elsewhere.

[6] It had been decided that the second front would be opened by Britain and the USA in 1942. But the US and British governments were not as good as their words. They opened this front only in June 1944.

[7] The “London Pact” was signed in May 1942 between the Soviet Union and Great Britain on an alliance in the war against Hitlerite Germany and its satellites in Europe as well as on postwar cooperation and reciprocal aid.







Enver Hoxha