This document was first published in „Albania Today“- No 6, 1984

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Dear comrades, mothers and sisters, former delegates to the 1st Congress of the Antifascist Women's Union of Albania,

I congratulate you whole-heartedly on the occasion of the marked day of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of your 1st Congress!

You, the representatives of the women of the whole of Albania, who came from the flames of partisan battles, from the underground fight and from the free towns and villages, came together in the town of Berat 40 years ago in order to confirm once again with your own powerful voices your determination to loyally continue through to the end on the road illuminated by the Party and to proclaim the objectives of your revolutionary organization: the complete liberation and the construction of the Homeland ravaged by the fierce war against the foreign occupiers and local traitors.

At the call of the Party you, the fighters of the front line, the long-suffering but heroic Albanian mothers and women, rose against centuries-old oppression and fought side by side with your husbands, sons and brothers in the great National Liberation War. This legendary war, led by the Party, which overthrew the old world and brought freedom to the people, liberated the Albanian women too, made a reality of the behest of the daughters fallen at the alter of freedom, Zonja, Margarita, Bule and Persefoni, Shejnaze, Mine Peza and many other women and young girls, made a reality of the ideal of all our mothers and sisters who, in the midst of the savage terror and violence of the enemies, opened the doors of their houses and turned them into shelters for the freedom fighters, took up arms, filled the partisan ranks and threw themselves into the fight against the nazi-fascist occupiers and the traitors to the country.

The holding of the 1st Congress of the Anti-fascist Women's Union of Albania after the proclamation of the Provisional Democratic Government, which legitimized the equality of women with men in political and social life, had importance not only for the women but also for the whole people. This Congress was the first national assembly of the women in our thousand-years old history, in which your voice resounded with great strength.

After the work of the Congress, you comrade former delegates went off like sparks all over the Homeland in order to put into practice the decisions that were taken there, to throw the masses of women and girls into the war for the complete liberation and the reconstruction of the country and for the building of a new society. With the all-round support of the Party and the state you rose powerfully against the centuries-old darkness and illiteracy, overcame the stumbling-block and cleared all brambles, and marched ahead on the illuminated road which the Party showed, became fighters of the new life and drew the masses of women on to the front of production and socio-political activities. Your personality was raised in step with the gigantic strides of our socialist society which left the centuries behind, because you have the teachings of the Party in your minds and hearts, because the behest of the fallen has remained sacred to you.

Today, after 40 years of struggle and magnificent efforts for the construction of socialism the Party takes legitimate pride in the Albanian woman who militates, thinks and pours her sweat on all the fronts of work and production, in industry and agriculture, in science and culture, putting all her forces to the new and happy life which we have built with our own efforts. In the struggle for her further emancipation, the Albanian woman is affirming her personality more and more in every field and sector of the political and social activity of the country. With her work and capacity not only is she taking part in the construction of socialism and the defence of the Homeland, but she has also become a wonderful mother and educator of the coming generations with the teachings of the Party.

Dear comrades,

A few days separate us from the 40th anniversary of the Liberation of the Homeland, for which old and young have mobilized themselves to receive it with as many achievements as possible, therefore we must heighten the militant spirit at work for the attainment of the tasks set on all fronts of life.

On this joyful occasion I send you my warmest congratulations on your celebration!



Tirana, November 3, 1984

At the Women's Union Meeting


Tirana, 4 November 1984

40th Anniversary of the First Congress of Anti-Fascist Women's Union of Albania

Enthusiastically Celebrated the Greeting of the Beloved Leader of the Party and People

Comrade Enver Hoxha

Is Welcomed With Great Joy

[ Excerpts ]

The inhabitants of the City of Berat received on 3 November, with enthusiasm the former delegates to the First Congress of the AWUA that held its proceedings 40 years ago.

Together with the former delegates, present to attend the celebration of this anniversary were also the members of the political bureu and secretary of Central Committee of the party, Comrade Lenka Cuko, the alternate member of the Political Bureau of the CC of the party Comrade Foto Cami, the president of the General Council of the AWUA Lumturi Rexha, the Minister of Light and Food Industry Vito Kapo, the Minister of Education and Culture Tefta Cami, the Minister of Agriculture Themie Thomai, and others.

A grand popular rally was organised in the main square of the city.

Admidst the great joy of those present, Comrade Lenka Cuko read out the greeting of the beloved leader of the party and people Comrade Enver Hoxha addressed to the former delegates to the First Congress of the Anti-Fascist Women's Union of Albania, on occasion of its 40th anniversary.

The greeting of Comrade Enver Hoxha was listened to with great attention, it aroused deep emotions and was received with enthusiastic acclamations “party, Enver, we are always ready”, then in her speech Comrade Lenka Cuko brought the greetings of the Central Committee of the party.

Merkpeech was often punctuated by ardent applauses and acclamations for the glorious party of labour and our respected leader Comrade Enver Hoxha.

On behalf of the presidency of the General Council of AWUA, the president of this Council Lumturi Rexha spoke.