This document was first published in „Albania Today“- No 5, 1984

and in February, 2010, re- published in co-production of and






Dear comrade ex-delegates to the 1st Congress of the Anti-fascist Youth Union of Albania.

Congratulations on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the 1st Congress of the Anti-fascist Youth Union of Albania!

I greet you, the ex-delegates to this Congress, as well as the representatives of the new generations who have come together with you to Helmës to take part in this great festivity. I wish I were with you there, where 40 years ago we worked for some months amongst the brave, patriotic and noble-minded people, not only of this village, but also of all Skrapar district.

I envy you the opportunity you have of meeting together at the beautiful plain of Lirëza. With my mind's eyes I see the field dotted with white tents, the «hall» of the congress which, although it was a far cry from the halls of our present sports palaces, still had a sort of strange beauty with its wooden stools and tables wafting the sweet fragrance of those mountains. However, I feel your joy and take part in it. I hope your joy will never end, because both you, the ex-delegates, and all our wonderful youth fully deserve to be joyful and happy.

On that unforgettable August day you came to your congress to report on your heroic battles and to pledge that you would carry them through to the end, to the complete liberation of the country and the building of new Albania. And you kept your word: in our free Homeland you built railways and factories, erected and ran schools, became cadres and served on various fronts for the strengthening of the Party, the people's power and the People's Army.

Hundreds of thousands of other young men and women have followed and are following now in the road the Party leads them, in the road you and many of your heroic comrades, such as Qemal Stafa and Misto Mame, Manush Alimani and Kastriot Muço, Margarita Tutulani, Ajet Xhindole and many others who laid down their lives for these happy days, have opened for our people.

The Albanian Labour Youth Union has come to all its congresses with ever new achievements in the field of industrial, agricultural, educational, political-ideological and cultural-scientific development. We are proud of our youth, always brave, persistent at work and lessons, vigilent in the defence of the gains of socialism and Marxism-Leninism. We have a youth as pure as the limpid air and the crystal-clear waters of the mountains in which you have come together. And so will the wonderful youth of Albania remain for ever, a youth morally sound, full of energy, revolutionary and immune to any illness which has affected whole contingents of the youth in the capitalist and revisionist countries.


You are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the 1st Congress of your militant organization in the revolutionary atmosphere which has enveloped the working class, the cooperativist peasantry, the youth, the women, young and old, in our country which is preparing itself to meet the 40th anniversary of the Liberation of the Homeland and the establishment of the people's power with ever greater achievements. More than ever united round the Party, our youth comes to the great festivity of the 40th anniversary of Liberation proud of their many victories, ready to engage in other and even greater battles. The Party has entrusted the youth with the historic task of carrying the revolution and socialism always forward, of defending the socialist Homeland with vigilance and even with their blood. I am convinced that you will always remain first-line fighters, closely linked with the people, brave, wise and indomitable in the faithful implementation and loyal defence of the line of the Party for the construction of socialism and the happiness of the generations of eternal youth.

Embracing you with love, I wish all of you good health, persistence at work and lessons, and happiness in life.

Long live our heroic youth and its militant organization - the Albanian Labour Youth Union!



Durrës, August 7, 1984

The 23rd of November, 1943, the Communist Youth Organization of Albania was founded (AYUA)

The photo shows the place of foundation. Comrade Qemal Stafa was elected Secretary.

He was a famous comrade who mobilized the youth in the liberation struggle.

Comrade Envert Hoxha was once leader of the „Korça – Youth“ („RINIA KORÇARE“)