Dzień wyzwolenia Auschwitz, 27 stycznia 1945 r., Jest teraz Międzynarodowym Dniem Pamięci o Holokauście.

Armia Czerwona wyzwoliła ocalałych z Auschwitz



Upamiętniamy ofiary obozu koncentracyjnego nazistowskiego faszyzmu.



Pravda of May 7, 1945

Pravda today released a statement by the Extraordinary State Commission to uncover and solve the atrocities committed by the Nazi invaders and their accomplices over the heinous crimes in Auschwitz.

It is impossible to read this document without shuddering and uncovering one of the bloodiest atrocities by Hitler's criminals who have made Auschwitz camp a gigantic factory for the systematic extermination of innocent people. The Nazis used all their methods of mass murder: poisoning in gas chambers, burning, artificial infection with infectious diseases, executions, beatings, exhaustion, overpowering, hunger, all kinds of "medical" experiments on living people. All of this is not new to fascist enemies, all of which has been used by them in dozens and hundreds of other camps. But in terms of the extent of the killings, in their technique, in their cruelty, Auschwitz left behind everything that was known before and that aroused the justified anger of all freedom-loving people.

In Auschwitz, the Nazis killed over four million people - Soviet citizens, citizens of Poland, France, Belgium, Holland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Hungary and other countries, including women, the elderly, children. Here the delusional plans of the cannibal Hitler for the physical destruction of the European peoples were massively implemented in the immense reality. It was a gigantic "experimental laboratory" of fascism, a prototype of fate that he had prepared for all peoples of Europe and all of humanity, a living embodiment of this "new order", which was designed according to the plans of Hitler's criminals from formerly flourishing countries one million inhabitants had to make cemeteries.

The Auschwitz camp was uninterruptedly like an extermination machine, a functioning conveyor belt of death. 3-5 railroad trains with people arrived daily and were killed in gas chambers daily. Then 10-12,000 people were burned. Chimney crematoriums smoked day and night. The killers in doctor's coats "experimented" with thousands of people: they performed forced sterilization, vaccinated cancer, typhoid and other diseases and experimented with new toxic substances. Tens of thousands of people worked in the swamps - they built a military facility. They were attacked by dogs, beaten with sticks and butts, they starved, suffered death after complete exhaustion, so that they were either simply shot later or drove to a hut with the inscription "Badehaus" and suffocated in the gas. The Nazis wiped out the intelligentsia with particular anger. Thousands of prominent figures from science, art and culture found martyrdom in Auschwitz.

The executioner Himmler was responsible for this genocide. He came to Auschwitz in person, inspected the camp, familiarized himself with the methods of mass murder, taught and encouraged the executioners. At his command, the Auschwitz camp was expanded and equipped with a new "destruction technology". The correspondence between the warehouse management and German industrial companies about the manufacture of cremation ovens, gas chambers and other Himmler equipment fell into the hands of the Extraordinary State Commission. There is hardly any clearer evidence of the active criminal participation of German industrialists in the atrocities of the Hitler clique! According to the government's guidelines, a system of incentive bonuses for killing prisoners was introduced in the camp, and the murderers were asked in advance to obtain such bonuses in the simplest and safest way - to shoot suspected prisoners if they tried to flee. For example, the Reich government implemented Hitler's program, a program that can be expressed in his own words: "We must use all means to ensure that the world is conquered by the Germans." The destruction of entire nations was a means of realizing this delusional program, and Auschwitz was the result!

The Red Army's great liberation mission manifested itself in saving millions of people from the fate of Auschwitz prisoners. The Red Army saved humanity from the fate of the four million people tortured by fascist monsters in Auschwitz. If the Red Army hadn't driven the Germans out of there, the pipes of the Auschwitz crematoria would continue to smoke, trains with new victims would still arrive from all over Europe, boxes of powder from human bones and bales with female hair would continue to be in German factories delivered and labeled "Aus Auschwitz." Had the Red Army not defeated the main forces of National Socialist Germany, it would not have destroyed its war machine and, together with the armies of our allies, would not have defeated the fascist beast in its cave, Hitler's villains would have covered all of Europe and then the whole world. “Factories of Death”, modeled on Auschwitz. If there are people in some places who tend to forget it, let them read the testimony and memory of those who have experienced the horrors of Auschwitz and escaped a painful death only as a result of the rapid advance of the Red Army.

"The rescued ex-prisoners owe their lives to the brave Red Army and ask the international community and all governments to take note of them and thank them on our behalf."

The peoples of Europe see the Red Army as their liberator and savior - after all, anyone who fell victim to the Nazis would sooner or later expect the fate of the Auschwitz martyrs! In the Red Army, they see a guarantee that criminals will be tracked down and punished, that not a single fascist villain from the organizer and "chief cook" of the Auschwitz camp - Himmler's chief executor and ending with the usual cobbler of "bonuses" for murders - will do justice and punishment escapes retribution.

The State Commission’s report, which contains rigorously verified data based on documents, material evidence, and testimony from thousands of living witnesses, is a shocking indictment of the criminal government of Hitler and the NSDAP robber party. This charge is particularly loud and threatening now that the Hitler State is going through its last days, when it collapses and falls apart under the blows of the Red Army and the armies of our allies.

The Hitler bastards - criminals from Auschwitz, Majdanek, designers of "gas chambers" and "gas baths", inventors of "cyclones" and "modern" crematoriums - should not believe that they can escape retaliation for their atrocities. They are sought in every hospitable "neutral" country, beyond the mountains and oceans, on all uninhabited islands, at the bottom of the sea, everywhere! If we read about the horrors of Auschwitz today, all of humanity will deeply reiterate the words of the historical statement by Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill about the Nazis' responsibility for the atrocities: "The three Allied Powers will certainly end up doing so find the world and hand it over to their accusers so that justice is served. "

Justice is done! The horror of Auschwitz, like all crimes committed by Hitler's villains, will not go unpunished. The guarantee and conscience of our people, the will and conscience of all freedom-loving peoples of the world!


We thank Stalin and the Red Army for the liberation of the survivors of the Auschwitz concentration camp!






























Śmiech przez łzy : z cyklu "Wspomnienia i refleksje"

Goldring, Henryk



I was a doctor in Auschwitz












The Camp-System


Auschwitz I

was the main camp; it was a Class I concentration camp, which was opened in June 1940 in the barracks of a former Polish Army garrison. The first prisoners were mostly non-Jewish Polish political prisoners, but a few Jews were also imprisoned there.

Auschwitz II

was the death camp where over a million prisoners, mainly Jews, were killed, mostly in gas chambers; today, it is the world's largest Jewish graveyard, the place where the ashes of innocent victims were scattered over the fields, thrown into the rivers, or dumped into several small ponds sixty five years ago.


Auschwitz III

was a work camp where prisoners worked in the factories of the I.G. Farben company, along side civilian workers who were not prisoners. 

The Auschwitz main camp, the Birkenau death camp and the Monowitz labor camp were liberated by soldiers of the Soviet Union in the First Army of the Ukrainian Front, under the command of Marshal Koniev, on January 27, 1945.

The photo above shows a few of the survivors in the main Auschwitz camp, standing near the "Arbeit Macht Frei" gate. One prisoner has his arms around the neck of a Soviet soldier who is wearing a fur hat. This photo was staged in early February, 1945 after the liberation, as the liberators did not have cameras with them.

On January 18, 1945, the three Auschwitz camps, called Auschwitz I, II and III, and the 40 satellite camps had been abandoned by the Germans. The gassing of the Jews at Auschwitz II, also known as Birkenau, had stopped at the end of October 1944. The evacuation of the Birkenau survivors to other concentration camps in the West had already begun in early October. Anne Frank and her sister Margo were on one of the first transports out of Auschwitz, which took them to Bergen-Belsen, where they both died of typhus. Aerial photos taken by the Allies showed that the roofs of crematoria buildings Krema II and Krema III at Birkenau had been removed in November 1944, so that the cremation ovens could be removed by cranes.

After the three Auschwitz camps were liberated, the survivors were on their own. Unlike the concentration camps in Germany, where the liberated prisoners remained in the camps as Displaced Persons and were cared for by the Americans or the British, the Auschwitz-Birkenau prisoners from 29 countries were released to find their own way home. Primo Levi was one of the survivors who wrote a book, later made into a movie, about his long journey home to Italy which took him many months. He describes how the Jewish prisoners were greeted with hostility in every country along the way. Binjamin Wilkomirski also describes this in his book, Fragments: "And the people outside the camp, in the countryside and the nearby town -- they didn't celebrate when they saw us."

According to Danuta Czech, who wrote a book entitled "Auschwitz Kalendarium," the total count from the last roll call on January 17, 1945 was 67,012 prisoners in all three Auschwitz camps.

According to Otto Frank, the father of Anne Frank, the prisoners were given a choice between staying in the camps until the Soviet troops arrived or going on a 50-kilometer fast hike through two feet of snow to the border of the old German Reich where they would be put on trains and taken to camps in Germany. This was a "death march" with those who couldn't keep up being shot and left alongside the road, including SS guards, according to a survivor. Those who were too young, too old or too sick to march were left behind. The VIP prisoners, a group of famous scientists and intellectuals, were also left behind.

Elie Wiesel, the most famous survivor of the Holocaust, was in a hospital at Monowitz, recovering from an operation on his foot, when he chose to join the march out of the camp, and eventually ended up at the Buchenwald camp.

In his book entitled "Night," Elie Wiesel wrote the following regarding his decision to join the Germans on the march out of Auschwitz:

The choice was in our hands. For once we could decide our fate for ourselves. We could both stay in the hospital, where I could, thanks to my doctor, get him (his father) entered as a patient or nurse. Or else we could follow the others. "Well, what shall we do, father?" He was silent. "Let's be evacuated with the others," I told him.

Around 60,000 prisoners chose to go with the Germans and many of them didn't survive the march. Those who couldn't keep up were shot and their bodies were left in the snow. Many more died on the trains taking them to Dachau, Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen or Mauthausen. Otto Frank chose to stay in the camp and he survived.

There were 611 children in the Birkenau camp who stayed behind when the camp was evacuated on January 18, 1945. According to Danuta Czech, the evacuation began in the early morning hours when 500 women with children were escorted out of the camp by SS guards. They reached Wodzislaw on January 21st. The men arrived the next day and all were loaded onto open box cars and taken to Germany.

The prisoners at Monowitz and all the prisoners in the sub-camps marched to the four concentration camps at Gleiwitz near the German border, arriving on January 21st. They were then taken on trains to Buchenwald, Dachau, Sachsenhausen or Mauthausen.

There were 4,428 women and girls and 169 boys who stayed behind. Around 2,000 prisoners were left behind in the men's camp at Birkenau; there were around 1250 men in the main camp who did not join the march out of the camp and 850 who chose to stay behind at Monowitz.

Auschwitz was not the first Nazi extermination camp to be liberated. That distinction belongs to Majdanek, a camp that was located in a suburb of the city of Lublin in eastern Poland. The first gas chambers to be seen by anyone in the outside world were at Majdanek, which Soviet soldiers entered on July 23, 1944.

The first report, given by the Soviet Union, was that 1.7 million people had been murdered at Majdanek in 7 gas chambers, using Zyklon-B. At the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal, the Soviet Union charged that the Nazi war criminals had killed 1.5 million people at Majdanek. Later, it was learned that 4 of the Majdanek gas chambers had been used for disinfecting the clothing, which had been brought to Majdanek from the three Aktion Reinhard camps, called Treblinka, Sobibor and Belzec. The official web site of the Auschwitz Museum now says that it has been established that 59,000 Jews were murdered at Majdanek.

When the soldiers of the Red Army of the Soviet Union arrived at Auschwitz on January 27, 1945, they were expecting to find more gas chambers; the gassing of the Jews had been common knowledge since June 1942 when the news was first broadcast over the radio by the BBC. What they found was the ruins of four large gas chambers where around one million Jews had been gassed. The Nazis had attempted to destroy the evidence of the genocide of the Jews, but had left behind at least 1,200 survivors at the Auschwitz main camp and 5,800 survivors at Birkenau, including 611 children, who were able to tell the liberators about the monstrous crimes that had been perpetrated at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Before the Nazis abandoned the camp, they burned some of the camp records and also set fire to the clothing warehouses and some of the barracks at Birkenau. The prisoners had named the area where the warehouses were located "Canada" because of the riches contained in these buildings. The warehouses and the barracks were still burning when the Soviet liberators arrived a week later.




Treatment of Soviet POW's - captured by the Nazis


15,000 to 16,000 Soviet soldiers died in Auschwitz





















Pusta puszka po gazie cyklon B







Siebtausend Kilogramm Haare wurden von den Deutschen von 140 getöteten Frauen für den Versand nach Deutschland vorbereitet.
























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With the liberation of Poland by the Red Army, the fascist mass murder in the Auschwitz concentration camp also ended.