Algerian anti-imperialist liberation war

1954 - 1962



(collection of quotations in English language

arranged by Wolfgang Eggers)



to the

of the National Liberation Front of Algeria

Algiers, April 19, 1964

first published in German and English translation of the Comintern (SH) on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the Algerian war of liberation on November 1, 1954

[from: Enver Hoxha, Volume 26, page 320-321, Albanian Edition]

Dear brothers in Algeria,
On behalf of the Albanian people and the Central Committee of the Party of Labour of Albania we send hot revolutionary greetings to the first congress of the National Liberation Front of Algeria, to all the brave fighters and friends of the Algerian people.
Under the leadership of the National Liberation Front, the heroic fighters of the Algerian people have defeated the French imperialist yoke, won national independence and created conditions for turning Algeria into a happy country.
At the same time the armed struggle of the heroic Algerian people has become an excellent example for all peoples of the world who suffer from the wild rule of colonialism and imperialism. It is also a victory over the traitors in the liberation struggle of the peoples that hinder their fight or spread illusions about imperialism that this would allegedly have an interest, by itself, in ending the times of their colonialist and imperialist oppression, to put aside their clubs of their subjugation and to give back freedom and independence to the people.
The Albanian people has, just like the brother people of Algeria, led a long and hard struggle against foreign invaders and domestic reactionaries. Our armed liberation war was heroic and victorious,too.
On the occasion of your first congress, we express our deep conviction that our friendship with the people of Algerian is invincible. We know that the life of the Algerian people will become beautiful and happy, if they defend their revolutionary achievements by smashing all the conspiracies of the imperialists, as well as destroying the agencies of the neo-colonialist system of the modern revisionists. The freedom and sovereignty of the heroic Algerian people is indefeasible.

I wish your Congress luck!
Long live the unbreakable friendship between the Algerian people and all peace-loving peoples!

First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party of Labour of Albania

Enver Hoxha

Published for the first time by the newspaper "Zeri i Popullit ", no. 94 (4876), from April 19, 1964


translation from Albanian to English

by the Comintern (SH) on November 1, 2014