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23 October 1956

60th Anniversary

Counter-revolution in Hungary


We commemorate the victims of the



we honor all heroic fighters,

who defended communism in Hungary

against fascism and social fascism.



Long live the communist Hungary

in a

Communist world!







On the Counter-Revolution in Hungary - 1956


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As was becoming apparent, Hungary had many weak points. There the party had been created, headed by Rakosi, around whom there were a number of veteran communists like Gerö and Münnich, but also young ones who had just come to the fore, who found the table laid for them by the Red Army anni Stalin. The «construction of socialism- in Hungary began, but the reforms were not radical. The proletariat was favoured, but without seriously annoying the petty bourgeoisie. The Hungarian party was allegedly a combination of the illegal communist party (Hungarian prisoners of war captured in the Soviet Union), old communists of Bela Kun and the social-democratic party. Hence, this combination was a sickly graft, which never really established itself, until the counter-revolution and Kadar, together with Khrushchev and Mikoyan, issued the decree for the total liquidation of the Hungarian Workers' Party.

I have been closely acquainted with Rakosi and I liked him. Rakosi was an honest man, an old communist and a leader in the Comintern. His aims were good, but his work was sabotaged from within and from without. As long as Stalin was alive everything seemed to be going well, but after his death the weaknesses in Hungary began to show up.

Thus Hungary became the field for intrigues and combinations between Khrushchev, Tito and counter-revolutionaries (behind whom stood American imperialism), who eroded the Hungarian party and the positions of Rakosi and sound elements in the leadership of the party from within. Rakosi was an obstacle both for Khrushchev, who wanted to put Hungary under his control, and for Tito, who wanted to destroy the socialist camp and had a double hatred for Rakosi as one of the «Stalinists» who exposed him in 1948.

Possibly the leadership of the Hungarian party, under Rakosi and Gerö, made economic mistakes, too, but these were not what caused the counter-revolution. The main mistake of Rakosi and his comrades was that they did not stand firm, but wavered under the pressure of external and internal enemies. They did not mobilize the party and the people, the working class, to nip the attempts of the reaction in the bud, made concessions to it, rehabilitated enemies like Rajk, etc., and weakened the situation to the point that the counter-revolution broke out.


(Enver Hoxha,THE KHRUSHCHEVITES, Chapter 9)



in German language

1956 - 2016

50 years ago

23 October 2006


– the Hungarian counter-revolution

– evil product of modern revisionism and imperialist anti-communism


written by Wolfgang Eggers



Anti-Communist Propaganda of the Counter-Revolution 1956



Propaganda poster of the Counter-Revolution




















where they burn books, they will ultimately burn people as well." (Heinrich Heine)





Nazi Book Burnings in 1933


Budapest - Book Burnings in 1956







No matter how much statues the Nazis have smashed down.

In the end, Stalin proved to be invincible !


The German Nazis "at work" in the Soviet Union




The Hungarian fascists and social-fascists "at work" in Budapest



There is no difference !




You can destroy Stalin Statues but not Stalinism !!!



































destruction of the Stalin monument:



The boots of Stalin ...







Burning pictures of Rakosi























Burning the red flag








4 April 1945


„Április 4. a magyar nép soha el nem múló hálájának, forró szeretetének, a baráti és szövetségi hűségnek ünnepe, felszabadítója, példaképe, függetlenségének oltalmazója, a béke legfőbb őre és legerősebb támasza a Szovjetunió, a dicsőséges szovjet hadsereg, népünk és a haladó emberiség tanítója s igaz barátja, a nagy Sztálin iránt. Április 4. nemzeti ünnep, Magyarország legnagyobb nemzeti ünnepe, a magyar felszabadulás, a megbonthatatlan szovjet - magyar barátság napja"







Thousands of Communists

killed by the counter-revolution















































































First picture ...


.... Second picture

































































































































Monument to "Liberation" in 1956














































































































































































































Counter-Revolution and Church










































after 1956 ... and before 1956











































before 1956 ... and after 1956:









... before 1956 peacful construction of socialism in Hungary ...








... workers at power in Hungary ...





... liberated Hungarian peasants ...




in the spirit of Lenin - victory of the Hungarian Revolution in 1919




today: Ronald Reagan - statue in Budapest



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