April 1919 - April 2019

100 Years

Black Sea Munity


The Epic of the Black Sea Revolt

Andre Marty



He Who Sows the Wind
Shall Reap the Whirlwind

As a result of the Black Sea Revolt, French imperialism was compelled to relinquish its stranglehold on the October Revolution.

The importance of the Black Sea Revolt also consisted in the fact that, under the influence of the great Socialist Revolution, the masses of sailors, soldiers and workers rose in France - not only against the criminal designs of the French imperialists, but also against the official Socialdal Democratic leaders who had prostituted themselves to the bourgeoisie since 1914.

But it must never be forgotten that this great victory of the proletariat and the people of France, and of the international proletariat, was really the victory of the Bolshevik Party.

Andre Marty

André Marty as machinist of the French Black Sea Fleet (1919)



Аndre Marty


I’ve considered, I shall not shoot,
I am a sailor, but I still refuse,
For on my brothers in revolt over there
I shall not shoot, it is unworthy of me.

We salute you
Brave sailors of the Black Sea!
We salute you
Little white collars covered with glory.
We salute you
Enemies of capitalism
Which thought that, by counting on you,
It could murder Communism!


Demand your immediate return home!

And if your leaders don’t agree to send you back home, then organise your own return! Go back home and work with all your strength at the great task begun by the Russian Revolution, which will guarantee to the proletarians of the whole world, together with freedom and dignity, a greater well-being and happiness. Long live the soldiers’ and sailors’ soviets!

Do not believe that in Russia there is nothing but anarchy. Those who have claimed that have told a shameful lie. You must once again learn that in our country there is a fierce struggle for the freedom of the oppressed classes. Tell them that our ideal is the highest and noblest which there can be. Dear brothers, remember your own Great Revolution.


"André Marty" - Soviet Shipbuilding Plant

(named since 1925)