9th of November 1918






on occasion of te 100th anniversary of the German






On the international significance of the November Revolution

in Germany

9th of November 1918 - 9th of November 2018


The first imperialist world war produced the first international proletarian revolution, which began in Russia and continued in Germany.

The November Revolution became the outpost of the October Revolution.

With the November Revolution, Bolshevism was transformed into World Bolshevism, that is, "as a tactic for all" - as Lenin put it.

If this tactic of the October Revolution would be correctly applied to the November Revolution, the November Revolution would have been as invincible as the October Revolution.

Formally, both Russia and Germany were a national revolution, but by their very nature these revolutions went far beyond their national borders, they were part of one of the same revolution, the world socialist revolution.

The significance of the November Revolution in world history is that it provided evidence that the October Revolution had spread beyond its national borders, ushering in the world socialist revolution that we will victoriously bring to an end. At the same time, the November Revolution defended and consolidated the October Revolution, thus placing it at a higher international stage of development, namely as the basis and lever of the world socialist revolution.

After 100 years one can understand the November Revolution not otherwise than as the spreading of the October Revolution on German soil. Without the October Revolution, there would have been no November Revolution. The October Revolution gave the November Revolution its practical internationalist character, making it a significant part of the beginning world socialist revolution. Under conditions of today's globalization every revolution has (more or less) a growing "domino effect" within the whole world imperialist system.

In this assessment of the November Revolution, the Comintern (SH) differs from all other parties in the world. Our assessment is based on the dialectical recognition that the world socialist revolution has a common international content and different national forms, that the world socialist revolution is the chain with chain-links of socialist revolutions in all countries of the world. This global development process emerges from the decay process of world imperialism in the individual countries.

Our assessment is based on Marxism-Leninism, according to which the imperialist chain could nowhere else break away, than first in imperialist Russia, that is, at its weakest link. Consequently, the imperialist chain could only be further torn apart on its second weakest chain link, that was, in imperialist Germany. Through the (albeit failed) breaking away of this second link of the imperialist world-chain, the November Revolution turned into the new main chain link of the world revolution.

At any rate, this was the opinion of Lenin, who even went so far, as to consider a victory of the November Revolution in highly industrialized Germany would mean a sufficient precondition for the development of world socialism (!)

Is it possible to assess the international significance of the November Revolution higher than Lenin has done it ? Surely not.

And if the November Revolution had triumphed in all countries which had lost the First World War, then this victory would also be a driving force for the socialist revolution of the working class in those other countries which had won the war.
The world revolution transforms the war between the imperialists among themselves into the global civil war against the entire world imperialism, and thus everywhere into a war against the internal enemy - against the socialist revolution of the working class in one's own country.

The stronger an imperialist chain link, the harder it is for the world proletariat to crush it. But if it succeeds in defeating it, then this will increase the probability of the entire world imperialist chain bursting into pieces, and thus in consequence, makes the victory of the world revolution inevitable.

The socialist revolution in the victorious countries would have become the final main link in the world socialist revolution. And that will inevitably result in the establishment of the socialist world republic, for whose victory Lenin had fought all his life and what we continue to fight for today. This situation repeated itself only once in the history of the world revolution, namely with the victory of Stalin in the Great Patriotic War.

The Comintern (SH) has dialectically linked the principles of the development of world socialist revolution with the principles of the collapse of the imperialist world chain. The links of the world socialist chain emerge from nothing but from the smashed links of the world imperialist chain.

It is the characteristic of the world socialist revolution that it can not completely free itself from all its various national shells until it has secured its world-wide victory.

At first, the national form of the November Revolution, in which the world revolution had developed, dominated. However, through today's globalization, these former national characteristics are more and more disappearing. The world socialist revolution assimilates its different national forms more and more until they have become conform to it. In this way, the German November Revolution of today will be not the same as 100 years ago when it failed.

After a hundred years, the November Revolution will increasingly take on an international form. The transformation of the defeat of the November Revolution into a victory will take place at a time when globalization has already turned against world imperialism itself, and where, therefore, the decrepit world-imperialist chain is crumbling within itself and much easier to be completely crushed. This is that the bourgeoisie could still prevent 100 years ago.

The stronger world imperialism becomes in the course of globalization, all the more enslavement of the peoples. And vice versa, the globalization strengthens the anti-imperialist struggle of the exploited and oppressed peoples to the same degree of the decay process of world imperialist chain-links.

Each bursting away of the next weakest link of world imperialism corresponds with the liberation of all those peoples, who were enslaved by these weakest imperialist countries. The international significance of the November Revolution is therefore also that German imperialism lost its colonies. Although the German colonies were immediately annexed by the victorious powers, the November Revolution provided at least a respite to the peoples who had been enslaved and exploited by German imperialism. The November Revolution has given an impetus for the national liberation struggle against the former German colonialists. Under the present conditions of globalization, the world socialist revolution will shatter not only the entire imperialist world chain, but all the chains of colonial and neo-colonial enslavement of peoples. Only through globalization does the movement of the world proletariat fuse with the liberation movement of the peoples into an invincible movement to overthrow world imperialism. And despite its defeat, the November Revolution has contributed to this unstoppable unification of world revolutionary forces.

Without the victory of the world revolution, without the victory of world Bolshevism, Lenin taught, socialism will inevitably be strangled by world imperialism. World history has proved him right. But the world revolution not only learns from its victories, but above all from its defeats, and that is also true of the defeat of the November Revolution in Germany. Learning from the defeat of the November Revolution, this will be one of the decisive pre-conditions for its victory which will come inevitably.

Wolfgang Eggers

February 22, 2018






The day of the revolution has come. We have enforced peace. Peace has been concluded in this moment. The old has gone. The rule of the Hohenzollern, who have resided in this palace for centuries, is over. In this very hour we proclaim the Free Socialist Republic of Germany. We greet our Russian brethren, which have been ignominously chased out four days ago ... The day of liberty has begun. Never again a Hohenzollern will enter this place. 70 years ago at this place Friedrich Wilhelm IV was standing, and he had to take off his cap to honour the 50 corpses, covered with blood, of those who died fighting at the barricades in the defense of the cause of liberty. Another defile passes here today. It is the spirits of the millions who have given their lives for the sacred cause of the proletariat. With a split skull, soaked in blood these victims of the rule of force totter along, followed by the spirits of millions of women and children who were depraved in the cause of the proletariat. And further millions of blood-victims of this very world war follow them. Today an incalculable mass of inspired proletarians stands at this very place, to pay homage to the liberty newly gained. Party comrades, I proclaim the Free Socialist Republic of Germany, which shall include all tribes (1), where there are no more servants, where every honest worker will receive his honest pay. The rule of capitalism, which has turned Europe into a cemetery, is broken ... We have to collect all our force to establish a government of workers and soldiers, to create a new stately order of the proletariat, an order of peace, of fortune, of liberty of our German brethren and of our brethren all over the world. We stretch out our hands to them and call on them to complete the world revolution.

Karl Liebknecht (Spartakusbund)

Proclamation of the Free Socialist Republic, November 9, 1918




from the




"I. As Immediate Means for Making the Revolution Secure.


The disarming of the entire police force, of all officers, as well as of the non-proletarian soldiers.


The seizure of all supplies of arms and ammunition, as well as of all war industries, by the workers' and soldiers' councils.


The arming of the entire adult male population as the workers' militia. The formation of a red guard of the workers as the active part of the militia, for the effective protection of the revolution against counter-revolutionary plots and risings;


Abolition of the commanding power of the officers and non-commissioned officers. The substitution of the voluntary discipline of the soldiers for the old brutal barrack discipline. Election of all superiors by the rank and file, with the right to recall these superiors at any time. Abolition of courts-martial.

The removal of all officers and ex-officers from the soldiers' councils.


Substitution of authorised representatives of the workers' and soldiers' councils for all political organs and authorities of the old regime.


Creation of a revolutionary tribunal to try the men chiefly responsible for the war and its prolongation, namely, the two Hohenzollems, Ludendorff, Hindenberg, Tirpitz, and their fellow criminals, as well as all conspirators of the counter-revolution.


Immediate seizure of all means of subsistence to secure provisions for the people.


0n the Political and Social Field.

Abolition of all separate states; a united German Socialist Republic.


Removal of all parliaments and municipal councils, their functions to be taken over by the workers' and soldiers' councils and by the committees and organs of the latter bodies;


Election of workers' councils all over Germany by the entire adult working population of working people, of both sexes, in cities and rural districts, along the lines of industries, and election of soldiers' councils by the soldiers, excluding the officers and ex-officers. The right of workers and soldiers to recall their representatives at any time;


Election all over Germany of delegates from the workers' and soldiers' councils to the General Council of the workers' and soldiers' councils; the Central Council to elect the Executive Council as the highest organ of legislative and executive power. For the present the Central Council is to be convened at least every three months - the delegates to be re-elected each time -for the constant control of the activity of the Executive Council and for the establishment of a living contact of the bulk of workers' and soldiers' councils in the country with their highest organ of government. The right of local workers' and soldiers' councils at any time to recall their representatives on the Central Council and send new ones in their stead in case the former do not act in accordance with the will of their constituents. The right of the Executive Council to appoint or remove the people's representatives as well as the central authorities of the land.

Abolition of all class distinctions, titles, and orders; complete legal and social equality of the sexes.


Radical social legislation, reduction of working hours to avoid unemployment and to conform to the physical exhaustion of the working class occasioned by the world war; limitation of the working day to six hours.


Immediate, thorough change of the policy with regard to food, housing, health, and education in the spirit of the proletarian revolution.


Further Economic Demands.

Confiscation of all crown estates and revenues for the benefit of the people.

Annulment of the state debts and other public debts, as well as all war loans, except those subscribed within a certain limited amount, this limit to be fixed by the Central Council of the workers' and soldiers' councils.


Expropriation of the land held by all large and medium sized agricultural concerns; establishment of socialist agricultural cooperatives under a uniform central administration all over the country. Small peasant holdings to remain in possession of their present owners, until they voluntarily decide to join the socialist agricultural cooperatives.


Nationalisation by the Republic of Councils of all banks, ore mines, coal mines, as well as all large industrial and commercial establishments.


Confiscation of all property exceeding a certain limit, the limit to be fixed by the Central Council.


The Republic of Councils to take over all public means of transport and communication.

Election of administrative councils in all enterprises, such councils to regulate the internal affairs of the enterprises in agreement with the workers' councils, regulate the conditions of labour, control production, and, finally, take over the administration of the enterprise.


Establishment of a Central Strike Committee which, in constant cooperation with the industrial councils, shall secure for the strike movement throughout the country uniform administration, socialist direction, and most effective support by the political power of the workers' and soldiers' councils.


International Problems.


Immediate establishment of connections with the sister parties abroad in order to place the socialist revolution upon an international basis and to secure and maintain peace through international brotherhood and the revolutionary rising of the international working class."




"On the instructions of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party, I open the first international communist congress. First of all, I ask all those present to pay tribute to the memory of the best representatives of the Third International: Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. (Everyone stands up.)

Comrades! Our meeting has a great world-historical significance. It proves the collapse of all illusions of bourgeois democracy. After all, not only in Russia, but also in the most developed capitalist countries of Europe, as, for example, in Germany, the civil war became a fact.

Lenin, opening speech on the First Congress of the Comintern







(also called "SPARTACISTS" or "INTERNATIONALE group")

 collection of quotations

on occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the German Spartacus League ("Spartacists")

1st of January 1916 - 1st of January 2016

arranged by Wolfgang Eggers



(collection of quotations)




Auf, auf zum Kampf zum Kampf - Hannes Wader




The Kaiser goes: the generals remain

Theodor Plivier


(On the November Revolution in Germany)





Oi! Oi!

November Revolution


Liebknecht und Rosa stand firm and proud out in the streets.
Watching the upper class Noske, Friedrich Ebert and their flaking   just want to scream.
oppressed just can't stand this greedy bourgoisie, can't stand them at all.
You feel the proletarian  anger in your mind, peoples want to see the world capital fall. 

Oi! Oi! November Revolution , the strengh and truth
Oi! Oi! November Revolution the working class youth.
Oi! Oi! November Revolution reality crew,
Oi! Oi! November Revolution the chosen few.

World bourgoisie thinks, workers and farmers are parasite, the scum of the earth.
 But your class pride will never go away, working class'll never crawl in their dirt.
 Also Kieler Sailors  represent of the culture -  the proud working class.
So listen now you fucking (world)imperialist brats, you may kiss your own ass.

Oi! Oi! November Revolution , the strengh and truth
Oi! Oi! November Revolution the workingclass youth.
Oi! Oi! November Revolution reality crew,
Oi! Oi! November Revolution the chosen few.

The reality speaks another truth - specially just for you.
 world war  earn much money without to work, you know that  is true.
November Revolution  is the truth, the pride & glory - as the worldproletariat you're the voice.
You know the socialist world revolution must  live - that's your only choice.



The World November Revolution - now and forever !


The November Revolution is  the voice of a generation
We've heard too many about Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg in every nation
The November Revolution gonna hit the streets
works and doing of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg is what we needs
workers of the world'll be knocking down the world capital`s doors
capitalist and imperialist systems and leaders of all countrys are whores

November Revolution - Now or never - the Comintern(SH) gonna strike back
socialist November Revolution- Now or never - Liebknecht and Luxemburg are on the attack
November Revolution - Now or never - workers of the world gonna strike back
proletarian November Revolution- Now or never -world proletariat and farmers on attack

the proletarian November Revolution  is a call on our class brothers
Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha are classics, not others!
revolutionary class war , not others
Together workers and farmers  can make a change
sometimes the class war is strange
The time has come to take some action
workers and peasants make some correct connections
Tomorrow nothing will ever be the same
world proletariat and peasants smash the imperialist game

November Revolution - Now or never - thecomintern/SH gonna strike back
socialist November Revolution - Now or never - Liebknecht and Luxemburg are on the attack
November Revolution - Now or never - workers of the world gonna strike back
proletarian November Revolution - Now or never -world proletariat and farmers on attack

the second November Revolution're not just gonna watch imperialism the world destroy
CPG of Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg, the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin forever oi oi oi!
the World November won't let faith decide
CPG of Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg, Comintern of Lenin and Stalin forever, class pride world wide!!
workers of all countries  gonna take the world in your own hands
the world imperialism send his conter-revolutionary gangs
Decide ourselves, what's happening with our production means
socialist world November Revolution, it seems

November Revolution - Now or never - thecomintern/SH gonna strike back
socialist November Revolution - Now or never - Liebknecht and Luxemburg are on the attack
November Revolution - Now or never - workers of the world gonna strike back
proletarian November Revolution - Now or never – world proletariat and farmers on attack

November world revolution - Now or never!!
the revolutionary CPG of  Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg  forever!
red world November  -Now or never!!
workers and farmers of the world united forever
prolerarian red world November - Now or never!!
Marx,Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha forever!
socialist world November - Now or never!!
Bolshevism all over the earth forever!
socialist red world November - now or never!!
Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxembirg and the revolutionary CPG forever!!

red world November - Now or never!!
socialist world November - Now or never!!
  proletarian world November - Now or never!!
November world Revolution - Now or never!!







German March Revolution