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Let us begin with the preparations of the

100th anniversary - next year !


The Comintern (SH) decides the year 2019 as the

"100 Years of the Comintern"

on occasion of the founding of the Comintern in 1919







Long live the 99th anniversary of the Communist International !

March 4, 2018



Long live the 98th anniversary of the Communist International !

March 4, 2017




Long live the 97th anniversary of the Communist International !

March 4, 2016



Long live the 96th anniversary of the Communist International !

March 4, 2015



Long live the 95th anniversary of the Communist International !

March 4, 2014



Long live the 90th Year of the Comintern!

Platform of the Comintern (SH)





Long live the 85th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Comintern


March 4, 2009











by Wolfgang Eggers; Chairman of the Communist Party of Germany [ Marxist-Leninist]

C P Germany [M-L]

1996 - 1999.







The Third International and
Its Place in History

 15 April, 1919







2 March 1929







Song written for the 10th anniversary of the Communist International



Hymn of the Comintern




Quittez les machines,
Dehors prolétaires
Marchez et marchez
Formez vous pour l'attaque
Drapeaux déployés
Et les armes chargées
Au pas cadencé
Pour l'assaut, avancez!
Il faut gagner le monde.
Prolétaires debout!

Le sang de nos frères
Réclame vengeance.
Plus rien n'arrêtera
La colère des masses
A Londres, à Paris,
Budapest et Berlin
Prenez le pouvoir
Bataillons ouvriers!
Prenez votre revanche
Bataillons ouvriers!

Les meilleurs des nôtres
Sont morts dans la lutte,
Frappés, assommés,
Enchaînés dans les bagnes,
Nous ne craignons pas
Les tortures ni la mort
En avant, prolétaires!
Soyons prêts, soyons forts!

Quit the machines
Go out, proletarians
March and march
Form up for the attack.
Flags arrayed
And weapons loaded,
In cadenced step
For the assault, advance!
The world must be won,
Arise proletarians!

Our brothers' blood
Calls for justice.
Nothing can stop
The wrath of the masses.
In London, in Paris,
Budapest and Berlin,
Seize power
Worker battalions!
Take your revenge,
Worker battalions!

Our best
Have died in the struggle,
Punched, bludgeoned,
Chained in prisons,
We don't fear
Either tortures or death.
Forward proletarians!
Be ready, be strong!


  Коминтерн Заводы, вставайте!

Шеренги смыкайте!

На битву шагайте, шагайте, шагайте!

Проверьте прицел, заряжайте ружье?

На бой пролетарий за дело свое!

На бой пролетарий за дело свое!

Огонь ленинизма наш путь освещает, На штурм капитала весь мир поднимает!

Два класса столкнулись в последнем бою; Наш лозунг - Всемирный Советский Союз!

Наш лозунг - Всемирный Советский Союз!

Товарищи в тюрьмах, в застенках холодных Вы с нами, вы с нами, хоть нет вас в колоннах, Не страшен нам белый фашистский террор, Все страны охватит восстанья костёр!

Все страны охватит восстанья костёр!

На зов Коминтерна стальными рядами Под знамя Советов, под красное знамя. Мы красного фронта отряд боевой И мы не отступим с пути своего! И мы не отступим с пути своего!


Original lyrics:

Verlasst die Maschinen,
Heraus, ihr Proleten,
Marschieren, marschieren,
Zum Sturm angetreten!
Die Fahnen enterollt,
Die Gewehre gefällt!
Im Sturmschtritt
Marsch marsch!
Wir erobern die Welt!
Wir erobern die Welt!

Wir haben die Besten
Zu Graben getraten,
Zerfetzt und zerschossen
Und blutig geschlagen,
Von Mörden umstellt
Und ins Zuchtauss gesteckt,
Uns hat nicht das Wüten
Der Weissen geschreckt!
Uns hat nicht das Wüten
Der Weissen geschreckt!

Die letzten Kämpfer,
Heran, ihr Genossen!
Die Faüste geballt
Und die Reihen geschlossen.
Marschieren, marschieren!
Zum neuen Gefecht!
Wir stehen als strurmtrupp
Für kommendes Recht!
Wir stehen als Sturmtrupp
Für kommendes Recht!





The Origin of the Third International

The Bolsheviks and the World War







"The Communist International had not ceased to exist and it will not cease to exist"

(Lenin ).


"The victory of the proletarian revolution on a world scale is assured.

The founding of an international Soviet republic is on the way."

(Lenin: March 6, 1919 - Concluding Speech at the Closing Session of the Congress)


"The comrades present in this hall saw the founding of the first Soviet republic;

now they see the founding of the Third, Communist International (applause),

and they will all see the founding of the World Federative Republic of Soviets. (Applause.)






V. I. Lenin

The Third, Communist International


In March of this year of 1919, an international congress of Communists was held in Moscow. This congress founded the Third, Communist International, an association of the workers of the whole world who are striving to establish Soviet power in all countries.

The First International, founded by Marx, existed from 1864 to 1872. The defeat of the heroic workers of Paris-of the celebrated Paris Commune-marked the end of this International. It is unforgettable, it will remain for ever in the history of the workers' struggle for their emancipation. It laid the foundation of that edifice of the world socialist republic which it is now our good fortune to be building.

The Second International existed from 1889 to 1914, up to the war. This was the period of the most calm and peaceful development of capitalism, a period without great revolutions. During this period the working-class movement gained strength and matured in a number of countries. But the workers' leaders in most of the parties had become accustomed to peaceful conditions and had lost the ability to wage a revolutionary struggle. When, in 1914, there began the war, that drenched the earth with blood for four years, the war between the capitalists over the division of profits, the war for supremacy over small and weak nations, these leaders deserted to the side of their respective governments. They betrayed the workers, they helped to prolong the slaughter, they became enemies of socialism, they went over to the side of the capitalists.

The masses of workers turned their backs on these traitors to socialism. All over the world there was a turn towards the revolutionary struggle. The war proved that capitalism was doomed. A new system is coming to take its place. The old word socialism had been desecrated by the traitors to socialism.

Today, the workers who have remained loyal to the cause of throwing off the yoke of capital call themselves Communists. All over the world the association of Communists is growing. In a number of countries Soviet power has already triumphed. Soon we shall see the victory of communism throughout the world; we shall see the foundation of the World Federative Republic of Soviets.



The Third International and
Its Place in History

Written: 15 April, 1919



"The Third International has been founded in a world situation that does not allow prohibitions, petty and miserable devices of the Entente imperialists or of capitalist lackeys like the Scheidemanns in Germany and the Renners in Austria to prevent news of this International and sympathy for it spreading among the working class of the world. This situation has been brought about by the growth of the proletarian revolution, which is manifestly developing everywhere by leaps and bounds. It has been brought about by the Soviet movement among the working people, which has already achieved such strength as to become really international.

The First International (1864-72) laid the foundation of an international organisation of the workers for the preparation of their revolutionary attack on capital. The Second International (1889-1914) was an international organisation of the proletarian movement whose growth proceeded in breadth, at the cost of a temporary drop in the revolutionary level, a temporary strengthening of opportunism, which in the end led to the disgraceful collapse of this International.

The Third International actually emerged in 1918, when the long years of struggle against opportunism and social-chauvinism, especially during the war, led to the formation of Communist Parties in a number of countries. Officially, the Third International was founded at its First Congress, in March 1919, in Moscow. And the most characteristic feature of this International, its mission of fulfilling, of implementing the precepts of Marxism, and of achieving the age-old ideals of socialism and the working-class movement—this most characteristic feature of the Third International has manifested itself immediately in the fact that the new, third, “International Working Men’s Association” has already begun to develop, to a certain extent, into a union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The First International laid the foundation of the proletarian, international struggle for socialism.

The Second International marked a period in which the soil was prepared for the broad, mass spread of the movement in a number of countries.

The Third International has gathered the fruits of the work of the Second International, discarded its opportunist, social-chauvinist, bourgeois and petty-bourgeois dross, and has begun to implement the dictatorship of the proletariat.

The international alliance of the parties which are leading the most revolutionary movement in the world, the movement of the proletariat for the overthrow of the yoke of capital, now rests on an unprecedentedly firm base, in the shape of several Soviet republics, which are implementing the dictatorship of the proletariat and are the embodiment of victory over capitalism on an international scale.

The epoch-making significance of the Third, Communist International lies in its having begun to give effect to Marx’s cardinal slogan, the slogan which sums up the centuries-old development of socialism and the working-class movement, the slogan which is expressed in the concept of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

World history is leading unswervingly towards the dictatorship of the proletariat, but is doing so by paths that are anything but smooth, simple and straight.

Leadership in the revolutionary proletarian International has passed for a time—for a short time, it goes without saying—to the Russians, just as at various periods of the nineteenth century it was in the hands of the British, then of the French, then of the Germans.

Soviet, or proletarian, democracy was born in Russia. Following the Paris Commune a second epoch-making step was taken. The proletarian and peasant Soviet Republic has proved to be the first stable socialist republic in the world. As a new type of state it cannot die. It no longer stands alone.

The bankrupt Second International is now dying and rotting alive. Actually, it is playing the role of lackey to the world bourgeoisie. It is a truly yellow International. Its foremost ideological leaders, such as Kautsky, laudbourgeois democracy and call it “democracy” in general, or—what is still more stupid and still more crude—“pure democracy”.

Bourgeois democracy has outlived its day, just as the Second International has, though the International performed historically necessary and useful work when the task of the moment was to train the working-class masses within the framework of this bourgeois democracy.

No bourgeois republic, however democratic, ever was or could have been anything but a machine for the suppression of the working people by capital, an instrument of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, the political rule of capital. The democratic bourgeois republic promised and proclaimed majority rule, but it could never put this into effect as long as private ownership of the land and other means of production existed.

“Freedom” in the bourgeois-democratic republic was actually freedom for the rich. The proletarians and working peasants could and should have utilised it for the purpose of preparing their forces to overthrow capital, to overcome bourgeois democracy, but in fact the working masses were, as a general rule, unable to enjoy democracy under capitalism.

Soviet? or proletarian, democracy has for the first time in the world created democracy for the masses, for the working people, for the factory workers and small peasants.

Never yet has the world seen political power wielded by the majority of the population, power actually wielded by this majority, as it is in the case of Soviet rule.

It suppresses the “freedom” of the exploiters and their accomplices; it deprives them of “freedom” to exploit, “freedom” to batten on starvation, “freedom” to fight for the restoration of the rule of capital, “freedom” to compact with the foreign bourgeoisie against the workers and peasants of their own country.

Anyone who has read Marx and failed to understand that in capitalist society, at every acute moment, in every serious class conflict, the alternative is either the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie or the dictatorship of the proletariat, has understood nothing of either the economic or the political doctrines of Marx."

(Lenin: The Third International and Its Place in History; written: 15 April, 1919)



Clara Zetkin

From the International of Word to the International of Deed


 The Communist International, No. 1 (New Series), pp. 111-126


Clara Zetkin

Hail to the Third Socialist International!


The Communist International, Vol. I, No. 3, 1919;


The Russian Revolution and the Fourth Congress of the Comintern

(November 1922)


World Wide Field of Activity of the Comintern

"The Communist International", No. 4 (New Series), pp. 18-40



19th of July 2015

Long live the 95th anniversary of the Second World Congress of the Comintern !

19. 7. - 7. 8. 1920


Long live the 95th Anniversary of the

Fourth World Congress of the Comintern

from 5 November to 5 December 1922.