14 March 1925 Inprekorr, v, 36, p. 543, 17 March 1925

The news of Sun Yat-sen's death will be received with sorrow by thoughtful workers throughout the world. Sun Yat-sen died at the moment when his life's work was beginning to bear fruit.

Slowly but surely the movement of the revolutionary proletariat is growing stronger, and is uniting with the national emancipation movements of the oppressed peoples against imperialism, which will only be successful if they develop hand in hand with the international proletariat fighting against imperialism.

The national emancipation movement of the Chinese people is of the greatest world-historical importance. With the utmost attention the Communist International follows the struggle of the Chinese people: it knows that the Chinese working class, which has only just begun to tread the path of history, has a great future before it.

Faithful to Lenin's legacy, the Communist International teaches the workers of all countries to support all the forces of the national-revolutionary movement of the Eastern peoples, particularly in China. The Executive of the Communist International will do everything in its power to explain to the broad working masses of all countries the significance of Sun Yat-sen's work. It is convinced that all sections of the Communist International will give support to the Kuomintang party, which will carry Sun Yat-sen's cause to a successful end, and it does not doubt that the communist party in China, too, which is co-operating with the Kuomintang party, will be equal to the great historical tasks confronting it.

The independence and freedom of the Chinese people will be secured, despite all the efforts of imperialism.

To the eternal memory of Sun Yat-sen!

Long live the workers and peasants of China!



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