April 1930

Communist International


April 1930




Inprecorr, x, 21, p. 387, 30 April 1930


The maturing world economic crisis is laying bare more and more the contradictions which are tearing the capitalist world asunder. The boastful claims of the bourgeoisie and their social-democratic lackeys concerning the inexhaustible forces and the organizational and creative power of capitalism are collapsing. The

bourgeoisie stand impotent before the crumbling of the world capitalist system. But they have still the power to condemn millions and tens of millions of workers and peasants to starvation and death. In all parts of the world, in the home countries and in the colonies, the bourgeoisie are striving to escape from the crisis by worsening the conditions of the toilers. While the financial magnates are making huge profits out of the crisis, the workers are being thrown out of work in hundreds of thousands. Twenty million unemployed, victims of the crisis and of capitalist rationalization, are tramping the streets of the cities; while in the country districts large masses of peasants, ruined by the agricultural crisis, are being sold up by the finance-capitalists and forced to join the army of unemployed and paupers.

The fascist terror rages more fiercely than ever. The capitalist governments, which means also the social-democratic governments, brutally attack the workers and peasants and put them to death by trial and without trial. They shoot down strikers, demonstrators, protesting peasants, and colonial slaves. Everywhere their first aim is to destroy the revolutionary vanguard of the working class, the communist party. Workers, can you not see the leaders of the Second International and of the Amsterdam International among the executioners who shoot down and bludgeon the workers in Berlin, London, and New York, in South America, in China, in India, in Indo-China, and in Africa? In the imperialist countries the rivalry in armaments is becoming more frenzied. While ordinary production is being curtailed, the munition industries are working at high pressure in all capitalist countries. The so-called peace treaties are nothing but a skein of lies to hide the preparations and the regrouping of forces for new imperialist wars. There is not a part of the world where the struggle for world domination between the USA and Great Britain, which is the pivot of international contradictions in the capitalist world, has not reached an unparalleled degree of intensity as a consequence of the economic crisis. There is not a place in the Pacific where the interests and appetites of Washington, London, and Tokio are not in irreconcilable conflict. The London Naval Agreement is a new instrument of war, and everyone of the parties to it is hastening with every effort to utilize it for its own war aims. In the present circumstances, when the struggle for markets is more fierce than it has ever been, the Young Plan serves to hasten a new military clash between imperialist groups. The danger of war arising from French and Italian rivalry in the Mediterranean is so imminent that even the imperialists and the leaders of the Second International can no longer conceal it. . . .

The bourgeoisie believe that a new imperialist war is the only way out of the present crisis of world capitalism. But the activity of the international proletariat and the growing might of the Soviet Union hinder the imperialists from carrying out their plans for dividing up the world. The world bourgeoisie hoped to destroy the Soviet State by a political and economic blockade, by sabotage, violence, and threats, but their calculations have been upset by the successes in socialist construction achieved in the Soviet Union. . . .

It is precisely for this reason that the imperialist organizers of war are brandishing their weapons more violently and provocatively against the Soviet Union. It is precisely for this reason that the ruling imperialist cliques appoint such governments in Poland, in Rumania, and in other countries which are subservient to them, as are unreservedly prepared to supply cannon fodder for military attack on the USSR. It is for this reason that the social-democratic slanderers and provocators, who, confounded by the tremendous successes of socialist construction in the Soviet Union, hide from the workers the active preparations for war that are being made against the USSR and behind their backs take an active part in the preparation of this war. . . .

Proletarians of all countries!

The Communist International calls on you to signalize May First, the day of international proletarian solidarity, by mass revolutionary actions, by mass strikes or demonstrations, according to the circumstances. It calls on you to rally to its banner for a determined struggle against the growing capitalist offensive, against the monstrous increase of exploitation, against the distress of unemployment, against the brutality of fascism, against the new imperialist wars which are approaching. The Communist International calls on you to increase your fighting preparedness, and to stand firmly in defence of the Soviet Union against the imperialist cliques and their flunkeys in the camp of socialdemocracy and social-papalism, who are feverishly preparing for their attack upon her.


Take advantage of the situation created by the economic crisis: support with all your might the millions of unemployed and strengthen thereby the army of the proletariat. Organize your forces for the overthrow of capitalism, for the social revolution. Rally around the Communist Party!

Poor farmers and all the toiling masses of the villages!

Only in a fighting alliance with the revolutionary proletariat will you succeed in throwing off the increasing oppression of the capitalists and the landowners. March under the leadership of the proletariat to the victorious struggles for socialism. Learn from the fighters in the October Revolution, learn from the collective farmers in the USSR!

Oppressed nations of the colonies!

Unite in a revolutionary struggle for the overthrow of the power of the imperialist bandits and their feudal-capitalist allies in your country! Join closely with the revolutionary workers of the capitalist countries!

Toilers and oppressed!

Remember the horrors and sacrifices of the imperialist war. Imperialist wars are stealing on you once more. Rouse the revolutionary consciousness of the soldiers and sailors! Prepare to convert imperialist war into a civil war of all toilers against your own bourgeoisie. Organize your forces for the defence of the USSR!

Soldiers and Sailors!

Down with brass-hat discipline and barrack-room slavery!

Fraternize with the workers. Firmly remember your duty in war time to turn your cannon and machine-guns against the exploiters.