April 1922


Inprekorr, ii, 55, p. 437, 27 April 1922






The ECCI has attentively examined the results of the Berlin conference of the three Internationals and has unanimously ratified the understanding reached in Berlin. The Executive now requests of the Second and Two-and-a-half Internationals an equally open, clear, and formal ratification of the decision arrived at in Berlin.

But we say to you quite openly that the united front which is just beginning to be formed is in great danger. The leaders of the Second International want to crush it at birth and will leave nothing undone to reach their objective. The course of the Berlin conference proved that up to the hilt.

At Berlin the leaders of the Second International refused to agree to the immediate convening of a world congress of the entire working class. They had the sorry courage to reject the slogan of revision of the predatory Versailles treaty which weighs like an alp on the working class of the entire world. At the moment when the bourgeois rulers of the entire world have assembled in Genoa mainly for the purpose of shunting the costs of the imperialist war on to the backs of the workers, the leaders of the Second International rejected our proposal to bring together the representatives of the working class of the entire world to give expression to the will of the proletarians of all countries.

. . .

What is the united front and what should it be? The united front is not and should not be merely a fraternization of party leaders. The united front will not be created by agreements with those 'socialists' who until recently were members of bourgeois governments. The united front means the association of all workers, whether communist, anarchist, social-democrat, independent or non-party or even Christian workers, against the bourgeoisie. With the leaders, if they want it so, without the leaders if they remain indifferently aside, and in defiance of the leaders and against the leaders if they sabotage the workers' united front.

And this genuine united front in the common struggle is bound to come. It must come if the working class wants to defend its most fundamental and elementary interests against the capitalist offensive.

We appeal in particular to the non-party workers and to those who still support the Second and Two-and-a-half Internationals. We say to you:

You are not yet communists, many of you are even openly hostile to communism. The time will come when you will recognize the correctness of communist ideas. We will wait

patiently until that time comes, which will mark the beginning of the true emancipation of the entire working class. But until


.. .

we say:

Despite all the differences in our political views work together with us to organize the united front against the capitalists. . . . Either a united front of all proletarians throughout the world, or starvation and degradation of the working class. That is how the question stands.

. . .

Build the united front locally too, without waiting for the permission of the leaders of the Second International, who have been spiritually at one with the bourgeois world too long for them to be able to break quickly with it. In every factory, in every mine, in every district, in every town, the communist workers should arm together with the socialist and non-party workers for the common fight against the bourgeoisie. The communist party remains an independent party; it is convinced that in a short time all honest proletarians will come into its ranks; but everywhere the communist party is ready to fight shoulder to shoulder with any worker against the capitalists.

Once more: Demand the immediate convening of a world congress of the working class. That is the next step towards the united front of all proletarians. The Communist International solemnly declares that it will put aside anything which might prejudice the real unity of all proletarians


We appeal to the press of the Second and Two-and-a-half Internationals, and of the anarchists, syndicalists, non-party workers, etc., to publish this statement of ours in full, and we are ready to publish in full corresponding statements by the said organizations in our press. The time has come when it must be openly stated who is for and who is against the united proletarian front.




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