October 1921 Inprekorr, i, 7, p. 57, 8 October 1921







In our first appeal about the famine in Russia we warned you not to place confidence in the humanitarian speeches and declarations of readiness to help made by the capitalist States. We told you that now as formerly world capital sees in Soviet Russia the centre of world revolution, and it will exploit the famine caused by the drought and intensified by the consequences of intervention to prepare a new onslaught on Soviet Russia. Our prophecies are already being fulfilled. While real help for the hungry is being given only to a minimum extent, while France, making a mockery of the need of the Russian people, wanted to put the work of relief in the

hands of Noulens, the organizer of the Russian counterrevolution, while the Allied Commission under the leadership of the same Noulens tried to turn the relief

organization into an espionage organization in Russia, the French Government, working behind a diplomatic screen, is taking preparatory steps to organize war on Soviet Russia. On 3rd September it asked the Polish Government to present Soviet Russia with an ultimatum under which the Soviet Government was to make immediately the payments due under the Riga treaty, otherwise Poland would sever diplomatic relations with Soviet Russia. Since Soviet Russia ceased making

payments under this provision because Poland supplied arms to Savinkov's whiteguard bands who attacked Russia, burnt the crops and destroyed railways, it was clear that it could not meet these demands of the Polish Government. France promised Poland military help and the support of Rumania. The Polish Government which rejected the French request was overthrown. Marshal Pilsudski took over the helm. It was he who organized the attack on Soviet Russia last year, and the Polish Government has now sent the ultimatum asked for by France. It went even further than the French demands by including a number of demands which from the outset could not be met. At the same time the Polish Government is beginning to organize frontier conflicts in order to create the necessary atmosphere in Poland. In Poland, where the bourgeois regime is on the point of falling, because of its own incapacity, and where one wave of strikes succeeds another, nationalist instincts have to be whipped up to get control of the masses and to suppress any revolutionary movement by the establishment of a military dictatorship. France hopes by overthrowing the Soviet Government in war or by diplomatic intimida-tion to squeeze out the old Tsarist debts from a country where the economic chaos was caused largely by French intervention.

At first it seemed that France was acting alone but the last few days have shown that that is not the case. On 7th September, four days after the French action in Warsaw of which ostensibly it knew nothing, the English Government decided to demand that the Soviet Government cease all revolutionary propaganda

in the East. It despatched a note in which, as the ECCI has ascertained, it made its complaint on the basis of forgeries manufactured by the dirtiest German gang of spies left over from Ludendorff's police and reinforced by a band of international adventurers. This English demarche means that the clique of the English war minister Winston Churchill, who has not for a moment ceased to rage against Soviet Russia, is getting ready to tow English policy out of peaceful channels into French channels, that is, into war. For the time being the English Government is using its forgeries and threats only with the object of crippling Soviet Russia in the East. But this makes no difference. The result of Lloyd George's yielding to warmonger Churchill encourages France in its criminal game. If, with French help, Poland begins war on Soviet Russia, Churchill will have the opportunity to carry England along in this policy.

Together with the representatives of the RILU, the ECCI has examined the situation closely and considers it necessary to tell you that the international situation is in the broadest meaning of the word serious. Even if the exposure of France's

secret steps in Poland and of Lord Curzon's shameless forgeries were for a time to dam the interventionist currents, the French campaign and the English forgeries have shown that powerful forces are at work preparing for further intervention.

Once again stirred up and urged on by the French imperialist bourgeoisie, munitions and transports are reaching Poland and Germany, once again in the central European States arms are being manufactured for Poland or delivered from existing stocks.

The attack on Soviet Russia is being systematically prepared. The ECCI and the RILU call on the workers of all countries without distinction of party, who would without any doubt consider it a crime to give the hungry millions lead instead of

bread, to take up the struggle against these preparations on the widest scale.

We call on you to organize meetings and demonstrations in every country under the slogans—Help for Soviet Russia—Down with the criminals who are preparing an offensive against Soviet Russia.

Stop the transport of arms to Poland, Rumania, Estonia, Latvia, and Finland.

In every country, strengthen your influence among the soldiers so that they will not let themselves be misused as cannon fodder for international capital against Soviet Russia.

Make your rulers realize that you will use every means at your disposal to counter every threat and every pressure against Soviet Russia.


Bread and peace for the hungry Russian people.


Fight to the last against any threat to Soviet Russia.





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