Inprekorr, iii, II, p. 75

15 January 1923




French capital is getting ready to commit a new and unprecedented crime. It is now hurling its battalions across the frontier in order to plunder Germany. Mankind is once more trembling on the brink of a new war, a prospect which means further tremendous sacrifices, greater famine, the annihilation of the proletariat, destruction, decline, and death. The victors in the world massacre, who brag so loudly of their culture and justice, are now themselves tearing off their hypocritical masks and appearing frankly as thieves. The German proletariat is being broken under the hatchet of Entente capitalism. To make sure of their victory, the bourgeoisie are putting the French proletarian fighters in chains, killing and

robbing them in Italy, throwing them into prison in England, organizing pogroms in Czechoslovakia. The whole of central Europe will be given over to devastation unless the criminal policy of the financial barons is successfully countered.

Workers of France! Soldiers of the French army! It is your duty now to do everything you can to stop Poincare's Government from starting a new conflagration that will lay Europe in ruins. You must not let the Paris usurers trample down your German working brothers under the gendarmerie's boots.

Your enemy is in your own country. The executioners of the working class must not be allowed to stain your proletarian honour. Do not let yourselves be degraded into wretched tools of Poincare. Do not become robbers of the German people.

Carry the living word of the living truth to the masses! Stop capital by strikes and demonstrations. Go to the limits of your power and strength.

Workers of Germany! What awaits you? A sea of suffering, a double oppression, starvation and decay. The bourgeoisie are not even able to assure you your daily bread. They are doing business with their French colleagues at your expense, at the expense of the working class. And this is what they will go on doing.

Unite then in a single powerful proletarian front for the fight to win a workers' government. Through this workers' government organize a defensive struggle against the foreign robbers. Stretch out your hands to your French brothers, who are ready to fight shoulder to shoulder with you against the criminal French bourgeoisie.

Carry among the masses the slogan of union with Soviet Russia. Only in that way shall we be able to hold down the enemy.

Workers of all countries! Working people of the countryside! You are all in danger of being dragged into a new massacre in the interests of capital. Against your governments put forward your will to defence, your will to struggle against capital, to struggle for your workers' power, for the European union of socialist republics.

The bourgeoisie are ready to begin a new fight for the division of millions of profits, to do to death millions of the working masses, to tear them to pieces and cripple them. Unfurl the mighty banner of the universal war of all the exploited against the exploiters, the financial barons, the diplomats. Tear the hypocritical masks from the faces of those leaders who want to pacify you and reconcile you with the bourgeoisie. Organize mass actions, organize a mass onslaught on the bourgeois




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