4 December 1921

Inprekorr, i, 38, p. 339, 20 December 1921


The Executive Committee in its session of 4 December unanimously adopted the following draft prepared by a subcommission concerning the introduction of membership dues for the Communist International:



The ECCI resolves that all members of the Communist International shall pay international membership dues.



The yearly dues in each of the sections affiliated to the Communist International shall be fixed at the average monthly dues of the respective section.



International membership dues are to be paid quarterly in four equal instalments against the issue of a special international dues stamp. The dues stamps are to be printed by each section according to a uniform design decided upon by the ECCI and counter-stamped by the national section.



In all affiliated parties working legally the dues stamp is to be pasted in the membership book. On moving from the territory of one section to that of another, the rights accorded to a member by the statutes of the Comintern will be granted only upon proof of the payment of the international dues.



The international membership dues are to be transmitted to the ECCI through the central committees of the communist parties. The sections are obliged to settle their accounts quarterly, at the latest before the end of the next quarter. Neither groups nor sections have the right to charge expenditure made for or in the name of the Comintern against the international contribution. The international contribution
must unconditionally and in all circumstances be paid by the sections directly to the Comintern.



The Executive Committee of the Comintern is obliged to submit accounts to the world congress, after a previous audit by the control commission.



The purpose of this decision is threefold. The international contribution will help to cover the increasing expenses of the central apparatus of the Comintern.



It will enable the materially better situated sections to support the weaker ones. This applies especially in cases of important political and economic actions.



It will also aid materially in establishing a more intimate contact between the Comintern and the individual sections.
The Comintern is no loose structure of affiliated sections, but the unified party of the communist workers of the entire world. This unity, of course, is expressed primarily in its policy and in the co-ordination of all proletarian action.


It should, however, also be manifested by every communist being materially bound to this international party by the link of his individual membership dues.


Therefore this decision is not only an organizational, but also a political measure.



The contribution shall come into effect on 1 January 1922.





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