4 March 1922


Inprekorr, ii, 2 Sonderbeilage, p. 9, 1 April 1922





Because of the great importance of the national revolutionary movements which are steadily developing in the colonial countries of the Near East, and in neutral Asia, and especially in Egypt and India, the plenary session of the Executive

proposes to all the parties of the countries which are associated with these areas the organization of a systematic campaign in the press, in Parliament, and among the masses for the liberation of the colonies. In particular the English communist party should initiate a well organized and long term action to support the revolutionary movements in India and Egypt.




The three parties which are most closely associated with Nortn Africa, Asia Minor, and India, that is, the communist parties of France, Italy, and England, should, following the example of the French party, set up a special colonial commission of the central committee for the pur-pose of supplying regular

information about colonial affairs, of establishing regular contact with the revolutionary organizations of the colonial countries, and of making this contact practically operative. The Balkan Communist Federation undertakes to concern itself with the organization of the communist movement in Turkey.




The Executive Committee proposes to all parties to make use of every possibility of publishing communist literature in the languages of the colonies and so to establish a closer contact with the oppressed colonial masses.




III. International