22 February 1922


Inprekorr, ii, 2 Sonderbeilage, p. 12, 1 April 1922



The meeting of the enlarged ECCI sends the Red Army of Soviet Russia its warmest congratulations on the fourth anniversary of its existence. The revolutionary vanguard of the proletariat of all countries looks with pride on the brilliant acts of heroism which the Red Army has performed in indescribably difficult conditions. For the first time in history the working masses can regard the victories of an army as their own vic-tories. The Red Army defeated the internal enemies of Soviet Russia one after the other. By a series of powerful blows it accomplished the miracle of hammering into the imperialist Powers of Europe and America, infinitely superior both technically and numerically, the lesson that the Russian bulwark of the world revolution cannot be subdued by arms. But this unexampled triumph over the power of world imperialism is not the work of guns and bayonets alone. Behind the ranks of the Red Army march the invisible millions of Russian workers and peasants, and millions of workers of all countries.

The alliance of the revolutionary vanguard of the international proletariat with the international army of Soviet Russia is a fact of real and tremendous importance; it is not only a political but also a military factor of the first rank. It is this alliance which struck the sword from the hands of the kings of finance and industry of France and America.

Now slowly, now quickly, in almost invisible undermining work, in spontaneous mass outbreaks, in organized actions, along a thousand ways, but steadily and irresistibly the world revolution is advancing. It counts on the Red Army, on its

revolutionary spirit, its steadfastness, its unshake-able strength. On the fourth anniversary of the Red Army, the delegates of the sections of the Communist International attending the meeting of the enlarged Executive vow that they will devote their entire strength to extending the alliance between the revolutionary vanguard of the world proletariat and the Red Army, and to making it closer, so that the day may soon come when the red army of the next European Soviet republic will march side by side with the Red Army of Soviet Russia.


Long live the Red Army!





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