Inprekorr, iv, 99, p. 1267, 1 August 1924






After four years of war and six years of fruitless conferences on the division of the spoils, the victorious imperialist robbers are planning to squeeze out of the German proletariat the profits of their robbery. American capital is once again joining the old European robber band.

. .. After four years of a fruitless reparations war, America, the most frightful and furious of the belligerents, is again entering the European scene. Once again the working millions are to be mowed down by the tanks of hunger and the poison gas of pacifist illusions. This is the 'new method' of reparations policy.
The old fascist war method, which culminated in the occupation of the Ruhr as a solution of the reparations problem and as a means of strengthening capitalism, did not stand the test. It frightened the invader with the spectre of communism in
Germany, brought down the franc, furthered the decline of world capitalism and the destruction of the European market, and so brought about an economic and to some extent even a political crisis in America.

The world war ended with the 'peaceful war' of the Versailles treaty, which was followed by the Ruhr war. After the Ruhr war, the 'peaceful war' has begun again, this time in the form of a systematic, elaborate, considered squeezing of the German
proletariat according to the Morgan-group plan which goes by the name of the Experts' report. Anglo-American capital needs Europe as a market, as a colony; with this in mind finance-capital thrusts the Labour Government forward as a screen and
turns to 'civilized' and 'peaceful' methods, recommended by the best experts, of throttling the proletariat.
International social-democracy, the trusted servant of the hangmen, comes to their aid. Ten years ago it voted the war credits; everywhere it supported its national bourgeoisie; it supports the Versailles treaty, dictated to the defeated peoples, and set its signature to it; in all countries it promotes efforts to restore capitalism at the expense of the proletariat; only on the surface did it fight against the Versailles treaty, against its robberies, against the Ruhr occupation. And now it is the first to sing the praises of the Morgan-group plan.

. . . This is being done in order to bind the revolution in the chains of pacifist-democratic illusions. In every treachery to the
working class the Amsterdam International was a loyal ally of the Second International. Even its left wing did not utter a single word at the Vienna congress about the need to liquidate Versailles. The Dawes plan was subjected to formal criticism, but at the joint conference of the two Internationals it was stated to be 'the only possible solution'.
What is French imperialism after? It wishes to establish the political and military hegemony of France on the European continent for ever. It wants to perpetuate the Versailles treaty; it wants to perpetuate the enslavement of the German proletariat; it wants to arm for a new war. It wants to squeeze the blood out of the veins of the German proletariat, and the marrow out of its bones, to ensure the payment of reparations. . . .
What is English imperialism after? It wants to frustrate and break French hegemony in its own interests. MacDonald is carrying out the programme worked out by the Conservative Baldwin for the construction of an air force, and reduces the
old military budget by a few miserable pence. The allies, France and England, can neither get on together nor part. For the present they are avoiding war, because neither has its armaments ready, and above all because America has not yet decided which of the two hostile imperialist groups it will support. . . .
Germany is to be turned into an international colony, a field of exploitation for the robbers of all countries. All the bourgeois German parties are wholly in favour of the Experts' report. . . . The London conference imposes crushing taxes on German
industry, but these are to be shunted to the last penny on to the German proletariat, the urban middle classes, and the working peasantry. That is why all the German bourgeois parties are in favour of the report and only seem to be carrying on a struggle against Entente capital. The social-democrats and trade union bureaucrats—traitors by profession— have again offered their services to world capital and are helping to establish the
dictatorship of American imperialism throughout Europe.
The London conference means for the German proletariat a twelve-hour day, the dismissal of half the railwaymen, a steep reduction in the number of public employees, work to the point of exhaustion, insane taxation, higher tariffs, higher fares and prices. The German workers will become the white slaves of democracy, coolies of pacifism, involuntary strike-breakers for the whole world. . . .
The London conference may lead to a new attempt to build an imperialist united front to exploit Soviet Russia and to introduce imperialist supervision of Germany's trade with Russia. . . .
Down with the international stock exchange and its branch, the Second International!

Down with the Versailles treaty!




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