4 November 1932

Inprekorr, xii, 93, p. 2977, 8 November 1932



The proletarian dictatorship in the Soviet Union has been in existence for fifteen years. Fifteen years ago a new epoch in the history of mankind opened — the epoch of the proletarian world revolution. Socialism, the dream of the best and noblest
minds, for which the First International stood, and for which thousands and thousands of the best representatives of the working class went to their death, is today being established in one-sixth of the earth.

The successful conclusion of the Five Year Plan in four years is a tremendous asset to the cause of working-class emancipation throughout the world. The mighty Soviet Union stands as an invincible fortress of peace against predatory imperialism,
as shock-brigade of the proletarian world revolution against fascism, reaction, and unbridled chauvinism in the capitalist countries.

. . .
Compare the results of fifteen years of working-class dictatorship in the Soviet Union with the fifteen years of bourgeois rule and social-democratic policy.
Which road was the right one? Which road was cheaper for the working class?
The one taken by the working class and peasant millions of Russia under the leadership of the Leninist bolshevist party, or the one to which you in the capitalist countries were enticed by the social-democratic leaders?

It is true that in the Soviet Union the proletariat in power is approaching its lofty goal through a series of difficulties and sacrifices. But what a gulf there is between the temporary deprivations of the Soviet workers, which make for more rapid
material and cultural advance, and the unnumbered sufferings and sacrifices demanded of you by your capitalist masters, the capitalist State, the socialdemocratic leaders, to save capitalism, which condemns tens of millions to unemployment, starvation, and death.
Yes, the proletariat in power in the Soviet Union is paying dearly for the economic and cultural backwardness inherited from the bourgeoisie and the landlords.
The cause of socialism would make still more rapid progress in the Soviet Union if you would set out firmly on the road of revolution by chasing the socialdemocratic leaders out of the ranks of the working class. There is no treachery, no
scoundrelly betrayal of the working class, which the social-democratic leaders would not deliberately commit to save capitalism.
Who thought up and supported the idea of civil peace during the imperialist slaughter?

The social-democratic leaders.
Who, together with the imperialists, with the Industrial Party, prepared for intervention against the Soviet Union, organized acts of sabotage and wrecking in the Soviet Union?
The social-democratic leaders.
Who acted as watchdog of capitalist rationalization? Who expelled revolutionary workers from the trade unions for striking against capitalist exploitation?
The social-democratic leaders.
Who is clearing the road for fascism?
The social-democratic leaders.
Who opened the road to the fascist generals in Germany on 20 July?
The social-democratic leaders.
Take note, workers. The social-democrats promised you peace. Together with the bourgeoisie they thought up fairy-tales for the masses about the League of Nations as an instrument of peace.
In reality the League of Nations was exposed long ago as an instrument of war. In reality the first fires of a new imperialist slaughter are spreading in the Far East. In reality the governments of the social-democrats MacDonald and Boncour, actively supported by the Second International, are strangling the Indian and Indochinese workers and peasants. In reality social-democracy supports the bloody wars in the colonies.

. . .
Workers, peasants, oppressed colonial peoples! On the fifteenth anniversary of October the Communist International turns to you, countless victims of capitalist slavery and imperialist robbery, with the appeal to unite your forces in irreconcilable struggle against imperialism, against colonial slavery, against the bankrupt capitalist system.

. . .
Only under the leadership of the communist party will you win success in your fight. Only with your active participation, with your mass support will the communist parties strengthen their bolshevist positions in the factories and the mass organizations, and be able to lead you to decisive class struggles and historical victories.



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