6 November 1931 Inprekorr, xi, 105, p. 2353, 6 November 1931


Seeking a way out of the crisis, the imperialists have in fact already started war in the Far East. . . .

The French imperialists have given their blessing to the Japanese occupation of Manchuria. The League of Nations, which in Geneva, under the leadership of England and France, is presenting a pacifist comedy, has come to an understanding with Japan about the division of the spoils and flooded the world with assurances that there is 'no war in Manchuria at all' and is organizing the partition of China. It wants to turn China into the jumping-off ground for military robber expeditions throughout the entire East and into one of the many deployment centres for the coming war against the Soviet Union. American imperialism is seeking persistently for its share of the booty. The Kuomintang and Chiang Kai-shek, who as lackeys of the imperialists allowed them to fire on the anti-Japanese demonstrations, cannot and will not defend China's independence.

The occupation of Manchuria is not a war against Chiang Kai-shek and the Kuomintang; it is the beginning of the war against the working masses of China and against the Chinese revolution: it is war against you.

Organize revolutionary mass defence against the instigators of the new imperialist war. Give active support to your Chinese brothers in their fight against the Japanese occupation, against the League of Nations, against the treacherous Kuomintang, against Chiang Kai-shek, and for a united independent Soviet China.

The imperialists are bent on finding a way out of the crisis at the expense of the Soviet Union. The military and political preparations for intervention against the Soviet Union, which do not cease for a single day, have now been supplemented by

a financial blockade. The organization of the anti-Soviet front on the broadest possible basis is the subject of all the secret conversations in Paris, London, and New York. The war which has begun in China is a further step in the direction of war against the Soviet Union.


Working people of the world!


Defend with your life the Soviet Union, the only fatherland of the workers of all countries. Use every means at your command to protect the victorious construction of socialism. . . .


Capitalist or revolutionary way out of the crisis. These are the only alternatives placed before you by history. . . .

The social-democrats have inscribed 'Save Democracy' on their banners to conceal with this slogan the slogan of saving capitalism. Tear the mask from the faces of these murderers of workers, who hide their treachery and their crimes behind high-sounding phrases.

Do not let the 'left' demagogues once more break your will to fight... split your forces and disarm you in face of the enemy, as they did in the memorable years 1918 to 1920.

Social-democratic workers. The fate of the unity of the proletarian ranks depends on you. . . .

Only the communists, relying on the experience of the October

revolution, will lead you in the decisive class battles to victory.




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