July 1938 World News and Views, xviii, 35, p. 831, 16 July 1938

1. The presidium of the ECCI declares its wholehearted agreement with the political line of the Communist Party of China and the solidarity of the Communist International with the liberation struggle of the Chinese people against the Japanese invaders.

2. The presidium confirms the expulsion from the Communist Party of China of Chang Kuo-tao, former member of the CC of the party, who betrayed communism and the cause of the united anti-Japanese front and sold himself to the enemies of the Chinese people. The presidium is confident that the treacherous conduct of Chang Kuo-tao will meet with utter condemnation and disgust not only in the ranks of the CP of China, but also among all sincere adherents of the united anti-Japanese front.

3. The presidium of the ECCI declares that:

The heroic struggle of the Chinese people against the Japanese invaders evokes the warm sympathy of the international proletariat and of wide masses of people in all countries. All progressive mankind realizes that the great Chinese people are defending against barbarous violence not only their hearths and homes, not only their liberty and independence, but also the cause of the liberty and peace of all peoples. Should the Japanese fascist militarists succeed in subjugating the Chinese people, this would mean an extraordinary intensification and extension of fascist aggression both in Asia, in the Pacific, as well as in Europe and other parts of the world, whereas China's victory will constitute a severe blow to the plans of conquest of all the fascist aggressors. Thus the war of liberation conducted by the Chinese people is a most important component part of the general struggle of the world proletariat and of progressive mankind as a whole against the violence of barbarous fascism.

Directly following from this is the need and duty of the international labour movement and of all the forces of democracy and peace to render all possible support to the struggle of the Chinese people, while at the same time developing successful aid for the Spanish people. This international support is as yet insufficiently organized; its extent far from corresponds to the wide scope of the existing mass sympathy for the Chinese people. This sympathy should be directed towards energetic action and matters should be so organized as to achieve:

Firstly, the rendering of both political and moral as well as material aid and support to China.

Secondly, an increase in all sorts of difficulties and obstacles in the way of the Japanese militarists in the conduct of their aggression in China.

To this end, the ECCI addresses itself to the international proletariat, to all sections of the Communist International, and to all sincere adherents of democracy and peace, with the call primarily to fulfil the following tasks:

(a) To intensify in every possible way the international campaign in aid of China.

. . .

(b) To develop a wide movement of protest against the bandit drive of the Japanese fascists in China, by organizing meetings, demonstrations, etc. And directing the indignation of the people also against bribed pro-Japanese newspapers in the various capitalist countries.

(c) To organize and extend mass sanctions against the Japanese aggressor (the movement to boycott Japanese goods, the refusal of workers to unload Japanese goods and to load cargoes of munitions and other materials for Japan, etc.).

. . .

(f) In agreement with the Chinese Government to send authoritative delegations to China from various countries so as afterwards to employ them for intensifying the international campaign in support of the Chinese people.

Should the international working-class and democratic forces of all countries develop effective support for China, there can be no doubt that the heroism of the united Chinese people will lead it to complete victory over the barbarous Japanese militarists and will establish a free, independent, democratic Republic of China, which will serve as one of the most important bulwarks of peace, democracy, and progress throughout the world.



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