November 1937 Inprecorr, xviii, 48, p. 1145, 6 November 1937

Twenty years ago the Russian workers and peasants, under the leadership of the Party of Lenin and Stalin, overthrew the power of the capitalists and landlords and established the proletarian dictatorship, the power of the workers' and peasants' Soviets. The twenty years of Soviet power and of the construction of socialism are a tremendous victory not only for the working people of the USSR, they are also a mighty victory for the workers of all countries, for the peoples of the whole world....

In an unceasing struggle against all the enemies of the people who strove to bring about the restoration of capitalism in the USSR, in a struggle against saboteurs, wreckers, kulaks, Trotskyist-Bukharinist spies and traitors, the Bolshevik Party won new victories on the front of socialist construction. From a poor, backward, agrarian country, the Soviet Union, under the wise direction of Stalin, became transformed into a foremost industrial country, its industrial output occupying first place in Europe and second place in the world. Through the difficulties and dangers which arose in the way, the great Stalin led onward the land of the Soviets and brought its people to the final and irrevocable victory of socialism in the USSR. . . .

And ever new millions of people throughout the globe turn their gaze towards socialism. They see that the workers and peasants of the USSR have been victorious because they have been led by the party of the Bolsheviks, which has been guided by such giants of revolutionary thought and deed as Lenin and Stalin. This party led them to the victorious uprising in October, 1917. It gathered around itself the working class which won the leadership of the peasantry. The working people of the USSR have won victory because the working class established the proletarian dictatorship, and made use of it to suppress the resistance of the counterrevolutionary classes, to strengthen the defensive power of the Land of the Soviets, to bring about the victorious construction of socialism.

Could not, however, the working people in the other European countries have followed the same victorious path as the one along which the Bolsheviks led the workers and peasants in 1917? Remember, workers, the days at the end of the imperialist war. Millions of the working people had arms in their hands. The wave of the revolutionary movement rose high in the capitalist countries. Germany and Austria-Hungary were in the throes of revolution. But the reactionary socialdemocratic leaders, who at that time exerted decisive influence in the leadership of the proletarian mass organizations, led the workers along the road to defeat. They came to the aid of the bourgeoisie, who were terrified at the scope of the revolutionary movement, so as to put a brake on this movement by means of temporary reforms. Together with the bourgeoisie these leaders stifled the proletarian revolutions in Europe, carried through a coalition policy with the bourgeoisie directed against the interests of the working class. By this policy they split the working-class movement, weakened the proletariat and its power to influence the peasantry and the hard-working people of the towns. They enabled the fascists to organize their forces with impunity, and called upon the masses to retreat before fascism, and ended by capitulating to it.

Now the workers see into what an abyss the policy of the reactionary socialdemocratic leaders has led them. Fascist dictatorship has been established in a whole number of capitalist countries....

Twenty years after the imperialist war, mankind is again on the eve of a still more horrible world imperialist blood bath. Trading on the tolerance of the bourgeois-democratic Powers, the fascist scoundrels have already hurled a quarter of mankind into war.

And only the Soviet Union rises aloft like a beacon pointing a way out of this abyss to the proletariat and the whole of the working mankind. The brighter the star of socialism gleams in the USSR, the more do the ruling classes rage against the land of the Soviets, against the working-class movement, against any urge towards liberty on the part of their own peoples. But the more solidly the working people throughout the world rally around the USSR. The victory of socialism in the USSR imbues the masses in the capitalist countries with the flame of ardent enthusiasm. It increases their readiness for the struggle. It gives them confidence in their own victory. It calls the workers of the capitalist countries to muster their forces into a united workers' front. It tells them that unless they unite their forces, the working class will be unable to rally behind them their allies, the working people of town and country will prove unable to bar the road to fascism, will fail to prevent war breaking out, will be unable to overthrow once and for all the accursed yoke of capital.

The Spanish people are fighting a heroic struggle in a common front, not only against the fascist rebels, but also against the coalition of fascist States which have hurled themselves against Republican Spain. Inspired by the victories of the working people in the USSR, the Spanish workers and peasants are fighting for a new type of democratic republic wherein the proletariat is the leading force of the nation-wide struggle, where there will be no place for fascism, where its economic basis has been uprooted, and where the material guarantees have been created for the defence of the rights, liberty, and interests of the people.

The four hundred millions of the Chinese people are engaged in the courageous defence of their country against the invasion of the Japanese fascist militarists. The example of the socialist revolution which liberated the peoples of the USSR from the yoke of foreign capital, strengthens the national consciousness of the masses of the people of China who are hammering out a nation-wide fighting front against the Japanese usurpers.

By the powerful People's Front movement the French people are extending the democratic rights and economic gains of the working people, beating off repeated attacks of fascism.

The movement of the People's Front is developing in other capitalist countries as well. Even in the countries of ferocious fascist terror, Germany, Italy, and Japan, the forces of the anti-fascist struggle are steadily maturing. Developing an increasingly resolute mass struggle against fascism, the working class are advancing at the head of the toiling masses to the overthrow of the capitalist system. . . .

The struggle of the Spanish and Chinese peoples for liberty, independence and peace is the vital concern of the international proletariat, of all peoples. Not a single worker, not a single toiler, not a single democrat can fail to assist in bringing about the victory of the Spanish and Chinese peoples. This victory will be a victory of the cause of liberty and peace, a victory of the whole of advanced and progressive mankind. There is no more urgent task facing all sincere supporters of democracy and peace, than in every way to contribute to the defeat of German and Italian fascism in Spain, and of the Japanese fascist militarists in China. The German and Italian interventionists and the Japanese usurpers have placed their own fate at stake here. Let their bloody adventures in Spain and China be the beginning of the doom of fascism throughout the world. Remember, working people, that it depends on the outcome of the struggle in Spain and China whether the fascist cut-throats succeed in driving mankind into a new world-imperialist slaughter. Following on the onslaught on Spain and China, fascism is preparing new foul deeds against the peoples. A menace hangs over the peoples of Europe, of Czechoslovakia, Austria, Belgium, the Balkans, and other countries. German fascism is sharpening its bayonets against the French people. The peoples of Asia and the countries of the Pacific Ocean are menaced by Japanese imperialism. From both the West and East, the fascist cut-throats are preparing an onslaught on the great land of socialism, the fatherland of all working people.

By defending Spain and China to-day, you defend the cause of world peace, you defend other people against the fascist onslaught, you defend yourselves, your homes, and your children against fascist brigandage.

Workers and working people, do not believe the hypocrites and impostors who tell you that they are saving the cause of peace by their policy of 'non-intervention'.

With the aid of this policy they are carrying through the blockade of Republican Spain and China, supporting Franco, assisting the fascist aggressors, and encouraging them in the kindling of new imperialist wars.

Demand of all the Governments of the bourgeois-democratic countries that they carry on a resolute struggle against the fascist aggressors.

Demand that all the necessary pressure be exerted to curb the instigators of war.

Strengthen your fraternal alliance with the USSR for the supreme defence of the cause of peace, of the cause of the liberty and independence of the Spanish and Chinese peoples.

Close your ranks into an indestructible united front in each separate country as well as on an international scale. Do not allow the reactionary leaders of socialdemocracy any longer to sabotage united action by the international labour movement in defence of the Spanish and Chinese peoples.

Build an international fighting front against German, Italian, and Japanese fascism. Drive the foul, spying, Trotskyist agents of fascism out of all working-class and democratic organizations. The rooting out of this traitorous gang is an inseparable component part of the victorious struggle against fascism, of the struggle for the cause of peace among the peoples.



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