November 1936 Rundschau, v, 49, p. 1985, 5 November 1936

The nineteenth year of the proletarian dictatorship was a year of intense struggle by the Soviet Union for peace for all mankind. Everywhere fascism is stirring up the flames of war. The more the fascist aggressors seek in predatory wars a way out, the clearer becomes the leading role of the socialist land in defence of peace. The increasing insolence of the German fascists and the provocations of Japanese imperialism throw into relief the unshakeable and consistent peace policy of the Soviet Union. On the Soviet frontiers stands the invincible Red Army, the army cut in Stalin's stamp, the faithful guardian of the Soviet country, the true shield of the peace of nations. Today the whole world realizes that the Soviet Union is the most powerful bulwark against war and fascism. . . .

Old Russia was the gendarme of Europe; the peoples of the Soviet Union have changed their country into an unconquerable citadel of socialism, freedom, culture, and peace. And that at a time when the countries of the old bourgeois democracy are sliding down into fascism. Remember, workers, the hard lessons of the defeat of the German and Austrian proletariat. Remember that the peoples of the Soviet Union won their tremendous historic victories because at their head stood the united and resolute party of bolsheviks, the party of Lenin-Stalin. This party has always fought mercilessly against opportunism. It cleared out counter-revolutionary Trotskyism, which had become the direct assistant and agent of the fascist bourgeoisie. Under the leadership of this party the working class rallied firmly to its side the overwhelming majority of the Soviet people. This party offers the proletarians of the whole world an example of bolshevik organization, enhanced by iron will and a clear understanding of the great goal of this fight. The peoples of the Soviet Union triumphed because, despite the sabotage of the reformist leaders, it had the support of the international proletariat.

You, workers of all countries, must take to heart these lessons of the great socialist revolution. They impress upon the workers the lesson that the road taken by the Soviet proletariat is the best pledge against fascism and imperialist war, that only the unification of all the forces of the proletariat, only the united front of the working people and of the democratic forces in the anti-fascist struggle, is able to close the road to fascism. For you, heroic proletarians of Spain, this means that unless fascism is completely crushed, the Spanish people will not be able to carry through the democratic revolution and prepare the final victory of labour over capital. . . .

Everywhere in the capitalist world the fascist bourgeoisie are pushing forward their offensive against the masses, against their organizations and democratic institutions. Having defeated their own peoples, German and Italian fascism are proceeding to attack the peoples of other countries.. . .

Fascism seeks war, for peace would mean its decline. Italian fascism has defeated the defenceless people of Abyssinia. German fascism lowers over Austria, Danzig, Memel, and over the frontiers of Czechoslovakia and Alsace-Lorraine; it is mobilizing its forces for a surprise attack. Supported by imperialist circles in England and tolerated by the cowardly 'democrats' of France, German fascism, which has armed the executioner Franco, is trying to crush the popular front in Spain, after which it would turn on France. The heroic defenders of Madrid are giving their lives in defence of democracy in Europe, in defence of all mankind against a new imperialist war. . . .

The Spanish people must triumph. The international proletariat and anti-fascist democracy must ensure this victory by active support of the Spanish people. With greater energy and determination than ever before you must work for united action by all the forces of the working class, the working peasantry, and the democratic intelligentsia; for this unity . . . will rally all the democratic forces of the world solidly to the side of the Spanish people. . . .

Under mass pressure the leaders of the Labour and Socialist International and the International Federation of Trade Unions have announced their readiness to support Republican Spain. But why do they reject the proposal made by the French Communist Party to convene a conference of all labour organizations in defence of the Spanish people? In so doing, are they not making it more difficult to mobilize the masses against intervention by the fascist governments? Are they not making it more difficult for the workers to fight the hypocritical policy of 'non-intervention', which serves as cover for fascist intervention? But the determination of the workers to unite will overcome these obstacles. Everywhere the united front in defence of the Spanish people is growing broader and stronger. Despite all prohibitions, millions of social-democratic workers are coming out, side by side with their class brothers, the communist proletarians, for the cause of Spanish democracy.

'The Liberation of Spain from the yoke of the fascist reactionaries is not a private concern of the Spaniards, but the common cause of all advanced and progressive mankind.'

May these noble words of the leader of the working people of the entire world, Comrade Stalin, become a call to action in the most distant countries and the farthest corners of the world. May the help given to the Spanish people by the working people of the Soviet Union serve everywhere as an example of true proletarian solidarity. May the resolute actions of the Soviet Union against intervention by German, Italian, and Portuguese fascism find support among the millions of working people whose thought, feeling, and will it clearly reflects.

Working people of all countries! Follow the example of the Soviet proletariat; give effective help to the Spanish people. By mass action against the criminal intervention of German, Italian, and Portuguese fascism, put an end to the despatch of arms to the rebels. Force your ruling classes to raise the blockade of the Spanish Government. Against Germany, Japan, and Italy, which trod underfoot the freedom and independence of other nations, they never imposed such a blockade! The Spanish Government of the united popular front must be assured of all the material means to defeat the fascist rebellion.



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