November 1934 Communist International, 5 November, p. 804. (Rundschau, iii, 58, p. 2569, 8 November 1934.)

The danger of a new imperialist war menaces the toilers of all countries. The capitalist world is feverishly arming itself, preparing more and more new hitherto unknown weapons for mass extermination. But war can be postponed only by uniting all the forces of the proletariat into the united front for a decisive struggle against capitalism, for the power of the working class. It is possible to prevent war, a new blood bath of the toilers, only by the workers making a clean break with the compromise policy of the social democracy, only by a victorious fight for the dictatorship of the proletariat.

In order to find a way out of the crisis in which the capitalist world is writhing, the bourgeoisie are still further increasing the robbery of the workers, farmers and peasants of the colonies and the economically weak countries. They are trying first and foremost to crush the working class, to deprive it of the last vestiges of democratic rights, to cut down the beggarly wages still more, to worsen its situation still further, to destroy its revolutionary vanguard. Fascism has come to power in Germany and Austria, it is in power in Italy and Poland, it menaces the toilers of all countries. As the storm detachment of the bourgeoisie against the working class, fascism is trying in the first place to organise an attack on the shock brigade of the world proletariat, the Soviet Union.

But the proletariat and the toiling masses can beat back the attack of fascism only if the proletariat establishes the fighting unity of its ranks, and, together with all the toilers, carries on a decisive struggle against capitalism. . . .

For the proletariat there is no peaceful path to power. There is no peaceful path to socialism.

True to its historic mission—the preparation of the masses for the winning of the state power by the proletariat—the Communist International calls on the workers more insistently than ever to join in the united front for the organisation of joint actions by all workers against fascism and the war danger. It calls on the workers of all countries to unite under the tested red banner of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, under the banner of the Communist International for the overthrow of the power of the bourgeoisie.

The idea of the storming of capitalism is ever more maturing in the consciousness of the masses. The social-democratic workers are breaking away from reformism and from compromise with the bourgeoisie, and are taking the path of the class struggle. In February this year the heroic workers of Austria, rejecting in practice the social-democratic policy of class collaboration, took up arms to bar the path of fascism. But they were defeated, because the socialdemocratic party, which led them, [had disarmed them politically,] had not prepared them for the decisive struggle and did not lead them to the attack on capitalism. In France, in the days of February, the working class gave the first rebuff to fascism by the general strike. But their fight against fascism, which is attacking, will be the more successful the more quickly the proletariat rids itself of democratic illusions and the more quickly it unites under the banner of communism.

In October the toilers of Spain, led by the working class, took up arms in defence of their bread and freedom, and to beat back the attack of fascist reaction. The workers of Asturias entered on the fight for the power of the workers and peasants, under the leadership of the communist party.

The workers in the social-democratic parties are more and more beginning to break with the policy of collaboration with the bourgeoisie; together with the communists, the social-democratic workers are beginning more and more to take up the struggle against fascism, capitalism and war.

Brothers, workers!

The Communist International proposed to the Labour and Socialist International the organisation of immediate joint actions of the communist and socialist parties in all countries, for the defence of the fighting Spanish people. But at the moment when the government artillery was bombarding the mines of Asturias, burying alive the mine workers who had taken shelter there, at the moment when the military aeroplanes were bombing the towns and the villages of Spain from the air, when every day, even every hour, cost the lives of thousands of heroic workers and peasants of Spain, together with their wives and children—at this moment the official leaders of the Labour and Socialist International postponed for three weeks the discussion of the question of joint activity on formal grounds!

The Communist International is continuing its policy of the united front. Workers of all countries, show your solidarity with the fighting Spanish workers! Come forward like one man against the Spanish bourgeoisie, who have called up all their forces in order bloodily to crush the working class and the peasants.

The Spanish workers, who have entered into the battle against capitalism, are our class brothers. The workers of Asturias, who have raised the banner of struggle for the power of the workers and peasants, are our brothers.

Their cause is the cause of the whole of the world proletariat.

Class brothers! Comrades!

Exert every effort to establish, as soon as possible, the united front of the working class for the struggle [against fascism and imperialist war,] for bread and freedom, for the struggle for power, for socialism!

Social-democratic workers! Workers of all political views! Unite under the banner of the Communist International! March along the revolutionary path on which the October revolution of the proletariat of Russia was victorious, along which alone the working class may conquer!



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