October 1930 Inprekorr, x, 88, p. 2151, 21 October 1930


At the twelfth KPD congress in 1929 Thaelmann said: 'Defence of the Soviet Union must be made the central axis of the revolutionary policy of the workers of all countries.' The USSR, said Heckert, was not only the ally of all workers, but their fatherland, 'to whom we dedicate ourselves to our last breath, our last drop of blood'.
In October 1929 Inprekorr reported a proposal for the establishment of an 'International federation of workers to render technical aid to the Soviet Union'.

The thirteenth anniversary of the October revolution falls at a time of tremendous successes for socialist construction in the Soviet Union and of severe crisis, increasing irresistibly in depth and extent, of the capitalist world economy. It falls at a time when class contradictions in the capitalist economy are growing immensely sharper, as are the contradictions between the imperialist States and the workers' fatherland, the Soviet Union.
On this anniversary the working masses of the whole world draw up the balancesheet of the struggle between capitalism and communism. For thirteen years the bourgeois and social-fascist prophets have foretold the decline of the Soviet Union, the breakdown of its economy.

(… )

In the Soviet Union we see flourishing progress, while capitalism is going through its most severe crisis.

(. . .)
This anniversary is a day of revolutionary celebration for the proletariat of the whole world, on which they recall the achievements of the proletarian dictatorship, which fill them with fresh courage, fresh strength for the fight to overthrow the
capitalist class, fresh belief in socialism.

(. . .)
The thirteenth anniversary however falls at a time when it is by no means enough to proclaim solidarity with the workers' State by demonstrations of sympathy alone.
More than ever the fate of the working class of the whole world is bound up with the cause of the October revolution, for good and ill—every victory of socialist construction is a victory for the world proletariat; every blow against it is a blow against the vital interests of the workers of all countries. The powers which threaten socialist construction in the Soviet Union, which try to disorganize it by means of espionage, sabotage, and boycott, and to destroy it by war, are the same powers which organize one attack after another on the existence of the workers in town and country in the capitalist countries and the colonies.
That is why defence of the Soviet Union coincides more than ever before with defence by the workers of their own vital interests. Defence of the Soviet Union means defence of the proletariat against the capitalist starvation offensive, against wage cuts and unemployment, against the terrorism of fascist dictatorship.



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