February 1930 Inprecorr, x, 22, p. 409, 8 May 1930


Having heard Comrade Molotov's report on the situation in the USSR, the presidium of the ECCI declares that the new, gigantic successes achieved in the socialist advance of the proletariat of the USSR, headed by its vanguard the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, represent a great victory for the world proletariat.

(. . .)
The CPSU is firmly carrying out its policy under the most difficult conditions, in which the socialist advance encounters the stubborn resistance of all the antiproletarian, anti-socialist, and, in fact, counterrevolutionary forces at home and abroad. The Communist International takes note of the hopeless attempts of the class enemies to disrupt the cause of socialist construction in the USSR, greets the revolutionary struggle the CPSU and the Soviet Government are waging against the kulaks, against the saboteurs and against all the agents of the international counterrevolution. The presidium of the ECCI declares that the struggle the CPSU is waging against these enemies is the struggle of the whole Communist International and that it is determined to wage this struggle with the utmost persistence and ruthlessness.
The presidium of the ECCI is convinced that the correct leadership of the working class and the mobilization of all its creative forces necessary for completely surmounting difficulties will be further assured if the CPSU continues persistently its irreconcilable struggle against all hesitation and vacillation and for a clear-cut class line. All sections of the Communist International must learn from the invaluable experience of the CPSU, whose strength lies in its command of the Leninist art of leadership of the masses, in its bolshevist tenacity in the struggle against distortions of the party line, its systematic verification of the party forces and in the close unity between the party and the proletarian masses based on wide and thoroughgoing self-criticism.
In greeting the Leninist leadership of the CPSU in the name of the sections of the Communist International, the presidium of the ECCI declares that the Comintern fully and unreservedly supports the irreconcilable struggle of the CPSU and its central committee for the principles of Leninism, for the Leninist line of the party, for the complete defeat of the right deviation and conciliation and against all manifestations of radical phrasemongering which is an echo of the petty-bourgeois, hysterical demagogy of Trotskyism, which has by now definitely revealed its counter-revolutionary nature.
The presidium of the ECCI once again declares that the fight against deviations within the CPSU and in all sections of the Communist International is a matter of enormous importance and it notes with satisfaction that the CPSU has been consolidated on the basis of the Leninist line, which is the only correct line, and the defeat of all elements and tendencies threatening to weaken the fighting capacity of the party.
The success of the Five Year Plan and especially the socialistic transformation of the countryside is the true cause of the growing imperialist aggression against the USSR.
Held in the throes of implacable antagonisms which have been aggravated by the crisis in the United States, unable to prevent the spread of this crisis to other capitalist countries, imperialism sees in the successful fulfilment of the Five Year Plan the collapse of its own plans. The success of the Five Year Plan, while strengthening the positions of the proletarian dictatorship and of socialism, frustrates all the plans of the bourgeoisie to overcome the Soviet Government by economic pressure. The Young Plan, which is a plan to plunder the proletarian and semiproletarian masses of Europe, and especially of Germany, for the benefit of the imperialists (primarily of the United States) has its sharp edge directed against the USSR.


The immediate aim of the imperialists is at all costs to check the further advance of socialist construction in the USSR. This calls for greater vigilance than ever on the part of the international proletariat; more than ever before must all sections of the Communist International be on the alert.
The presidium of the ECCI again reminds all sections of the Communist International of the decisions passed concerning the organization of the defence of the country of the proletarian dictatorship—the only fatherland of the toiling masses of all countries.



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