February 1930 Inprecorr, x, 18, p. 347, 10 April 1930


In view of the growing acuteness of the economic and political struggles of the working class and the general upward swing of the labour movement, the work of the revolutionary trade unions, of the revolutionary opposition, and of the international centre of the revolutionary trade union movement, the RILU, becomes of extraordinary importance. Hence, the preparations for the fifth congress of the RILU must go beyond the ordinary, traditional methods used for preparing congresses and should bear a specific and urgent character. The fifth congress must serve as an important landmark in the history of the international labour movement.

(. . .)

In connexion with the fifth congress the communist parties of all countries are faced with the following tasks:

1. To verify the manner in which the decisions of the fourth congress of the RILU and the sixth session of its Central Council have been carried out in practice.

2. To investigate the condition of the communist fractions in the trade unions and to establish the reasons of their continued weakness.

3. Carefully to examine and publicly discuss the weak sides in the Work of the revolutionary unions and devise methods for its improvement.

4. To verify the work of the trade union opposition and of the Minority Movement, paying particular attention to the forms of their contact with the masses and the methods of their organizational mass work.

5. Thoroughly to discuss in the party press the main problems of the international revolutionary trade union movement, allocating for this purpose a special fifth RILU congress page.

6. To initiate a discussion among the masses on all questions connected with the fifth congress, not only at trade union conferences and congresses, but also right in the factories.

7. To ensure through the activities of the communist fractions that the fifth congress shall have representatives of working men and women from the factories, especially from the basic industries (mining, engineering, transport, chemical, etc.).

8. To ensure that the preparations for the fifth congress be made with wide application of [severe] self-criticism and determined struggle against trade union legalism and opportunism in practice and a considerable strengthening of mass trade union work.

The presidium of the Comintern attaches exceptional importance to the preparations for the fifth congress of the RILU and urges all sections to do this work using the methods of international revolutionary competition.



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