October 1927

Inprekorr, vii, 99, p. 2129, 11 October 1927


The reactionary campaign of the Conservative Government and of the block of reactionary trade union and Labour Party leaders against the communist party and the revolutionary elements in the British labour rnovement has resulted in a growth of communist party influence accompanied by a certain decline in membership. The organizational consolidation of the growing influence of the CPGB, the further expansion of the party, and its transformation into a real mass party leading the struggle of the British workers, are possible only if the fight against the Conservative Government and its agents in the unions and in the Labour Party is waged still more vigorously.

The last trade union congress in Edinburgh, which in face of the danger of war broke up the Anglo-Russian committee and approved the hangmen's war on China, and the Labour Party conference in Blackpool have exposed the reformist leaders of the unions and the Labour Party as outright agents of British imperialism. Against them the most energetic and relentless struggle must be waged.

All the efforts of the agents of British imperialism in the labour movement, who are trying to establish peace in industry at the expense of the workers, in order to make things safe for the Conservative Government in its preparations for war on the Soviet Union, and to ensure its victory in the wars which it is now waging against the British proletariat, the Chinese people, and the colonial and semi-colonial peoples, will prove fruitless. The British labour movement is growing and developing despite the efforts of the lackeys and agents of imperialism. New labour struggles will soon break out.

It is the task of the congress to prepare the communist party for the leadership of these new struggles, fully aware that the leaders of the General Council and the Labour Party will play an even more openly treacherous part than they did in May 1926.

(. . .)

The young British Communist Party is called on to take the lead in these forthcoming battles not only against the ruling classes but also against their lackeys, and to ensure the victory of the proletariat.



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