May 1927

Inprekorr, vii, 57, p. 1219, 3 June 1927

The heroic example of the workers and peasants of China is arousing the broad masses of the colonial peoples; the echo of their struggles and victories rings out in Indochina and Indonesia and the Indian Empire. The vampires of the imperialist capitals, the financial and commercial magnates, the potentates of heavy industry are trying to salvage the sources of their shameful profits. To the revolution of the colonial peoples demanding the right of self-determination they reply with war.

Despite the contradictions of interest which divide them, the imperialist States are trying to forge a united front against the danger which threatens them all, the colonial revolt.

(. . .)

The weight of anger of these stock-exchange sharks is, however, concentrated on the Soviet Union, which hovers before the oppressed nations as a shining example and remains the irreducible fortress of all the exploited and oppressed of the earth.

In the night of their slavery the Soviet Union has lit the great torch of freedom.

(. . .)

World imperialism, and British imperialism especially, can no longer tolerate the existence of the only workers' and peasants' Republic, whose example is a constant summons to the oppressed working masses and the enslaved peoples to follow the same road of emancipation.

(. . .)

To defeat the Chinese revolution, to subject the colonies to still greater exploitation, to stifle the workers' movement, reduce wages, and lengthen the working day, in order to squeeze still greater profits out of all who labour, imperialism must destroy the fortress of the proletariat, the workers' State. The reactionary Baldwin Government is aiming for war against the Soviet Union. By a series of outrageous provocations (...) it is trying to involve the Soviet Union in war.

The proletarian State contemptuously avoided the obvious trap . . . and has shown the whole world that it is pursuing a policy of peace. That forced British imperialism to throw off the mask and itself to assume responsibility for the rupture 01 diplomatic relations.


This action by Great Britain reveals the great danger threatening the world working class; it requires it to mobilize all its forces against war and for the defence of the proletarian State.

(. . .)

British imperialism will undoubtedly get from Hindenburg's Germany, in the name of the League of Nations, permission to send troops and arms through Germany to attack Russia. By persistent labours it has surrounded the Soviet Union with a ring of vassal States in which military dictatorship and terror against the workers and peasants prevail. Thanks to the coup d'etat financed by London, Poland and Lithuania have governments which are obedient to Chamberlain, and Rumania has too, thanks to Mussolini's good services.

(. . .)

But imperialism cannot arm for war without a fight against the working class and its organizations. War against the Soviet Union is a class war, a war against the proletariat. The great imperialist States know that the world proletariat stands guard over the Russian revolution, that it will fight against the war, that it will defend, not the fatherlands of its exploiters, but the fatherland of the working class and the exploited. Imperialism knows that it can count on the support of social-democracy, as it did in 1914. But today in every country there is a communist party to expose the treachery of the leaders of the Second International

(. . .)

a communist party which will do everything in its power to turn the imperialist war into a war against imperialism and into a social revolution. That is why the armaments drive is accompanied by a general offensive against the working class and its class organizations. (. . .)

The capitalist regime necessarily gives rise to war.

(. . .) The fight for peace which is not at the same time a fight to lead the masses into revolutionary struggle against the capitalist regime is only a deceptive illusion and can lead only to a bloody morrow.

Workers, peasants, oppressed peoples!

(. . .)

Rub the sleep from your eyes, get over your discouragement, turn on those who spread pessimism in your ranks and undermine your strength. War is near. Only by mass action, by huge protest meetings, by powerful demonstrations and protest strikes, by energetic mass battle will you be able to break the capitalist offensive and force the imperialist jackals to retreat.

Defend the Chinese revolution, prevent the transport of troops and munitions.

Build of your millions an indestructible barricade to defend the threatened Russian revolution.

(. . .)

Soldiers and sailors! Sons of workers and peasants, do not forget that you belong to the class of working people. Fraternize! If you are ordered to act as the hangmen and traitors of your class, remember that you have only one banner to defend, the red banner of the international working class.



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