29 January 1927

Inprekorr, vii, 13, p. 255, 1 February 1927


The United States army is occupying Nicaragua. North American imperialism is discarding its democratic mask, and openly and cynically proclaiming its intention of turning the countries of Latin America into colonies. It took possession long ago of the natural wealth, the industry, and the transport of Central and South America, and brought their governments into industrial and financial dependence.

(. . .)

The workers and peasants of Mexico were the first to come out against United States oppression. Moved by steady mass pressure, the Mexican Government proclaimed its country's right to dispose of its own oil resources, in reply to which the Washington Government threatened military intervention.

The example of the Mexican people is drawing the other peoples of Central America into the struggle against North American imperialist exploitation. The people of Nicaragua rose against their 'President' Diaz, the creature of American capital. The United States fears a second Mexico. It intends to cut a canal through Nicaragua and wants therefore to bring the entire country into subjection. The occupation of Nicaragua on the pretext of protecting the lives of American citizens is also designed to intimidate Mexico.

To the protests from Latin America and from large sections in North America the Secretary of State, Kellogg, replied that intervention was necessary for the fight against bolshevism and the Third International, to save civilization. The whole world is laughing at the Philistine who conjures up the bolshevik spectre to conceal the robber plans of Yankee imperialism.

The Communist International has always fought imperialism, not excluding the strongest and most shameless of the imperialists, the United States. It calls on all anti-imperialist forces to support the small Nicaraguan nation.

(. . .)

The League of Nations reveals itself once more as defender of the interests of the big imperialist Powers, and is silent. The Second International is also silent.

The struggle of the peoples of Latin America for independence (...) is only a part of the universal struggle of the oppressed peoples against their imperialist oppressors, in which China, India, and Central America occupy the central positions.

(. . .)

The proletariat of North America must protest against American imperialism. The workers and peasants of the entire world must demonstrate their solidarity with the small Nicaraguan people.

Down with United States imperialism.



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