November 1927 Inprekorr, vii, 108, p. 2337, 4 November 1927

The great experience of building socialism in the Soviet Union will make a deep mark on the consciousness of the world proletariat; it will help them after they have overthrown the power of capital to advance along already trodden paths which the revolutionary proletariat of the Soviet Union opened in the face of tremendous difficulties with the strength of their muscles and with their hearts' blood. But what is most instructive for the world proletariat is the glorious Leninist party of bolsheviks, the iron cohorts of the CPSU, under whose leadership the proletariat and the working masses of the Soviet Union won their victories in the civil war and on the economic front. It stood at the cradle of the Comintern in 1919. It lent its great experience and traditions to the revolutionary struggle. All sections of the Comintern use it as their ideological model. Without the CPSU and its rich experience the road of the world proletariat to victory would be more difficult and more painful.

The international working class can now sit in judgment on a decade of proletarian dictatorship and a decade of the bourgeoisie's efforts to stabilize capitalism.

When the ruling classes flung you, proletarians in the imperialist countries, into the trenches, when the vermin crawled in your bloody wounds, when you were hanging on the barbed wire or were convulsed by poison-gas attacks, you were told that that was the last war, to be followed by an age of peace and justice. Now you see that your sufferings and sacrifices were in vain. Never has mankind stood closer than it does today to frightful wars. . . .

Most threatening of all is the danger of a new counter-revolutionary war of the imperialist Powers on the Soviet Union. The capitalist world is drawing its sword against the country of proletarian victory, of socialist construction. It wants to destroy the strongest fortress of the world proletariat, whose existence ties its hands because it adds strength to the class struggle of the proletariat. The spectre of world bolshevism and the fear of proletarian revolution have so far held the ruling classes of all countries back from a new world war. Were it not for these fears all the destructive forces of capitalism would be unleashed.

The existence of the Soviet Union means that capitalism can no longer be securely stabilized. In no single country will the workers let themselves be curbed, as international capital would like to curb them. For the existence of the Soviet Union shifts the balance of forces between capital and labour throughout the world.

The living embodiment of the great October revolution, the Soviet Union, stands on guard over the world proletariat's struggle against its oppressors. It is the most powerful instrument of liberation that history has ever placed in the hands of the oppressed and exploited classes. . . .

From the raid on the Soviet mission in China the threads of the counterrevolutionary conspiracy against the Soviet Union led from Peking to London, and to the raid on Arcos. The hand of the white guards who shot down Voikov was guided by the wire-pullers in London. The campaign to sever relations between France and the Soviet Union was and is one of the links in the chain of war being prepared against the Soviet Union.

If the capitalist world were to succeed in destroying this shield of the world proletariat in its fight for liberation, this proletarian fortress in the fight against the world capitalist offensive, mankind would witness a more frightful reaction than ever prevailed in even the bloodiest suppressions of rebellious workers. That is why the world proletariat, the oppressed and exploited of the whole world, must pledge their lives to the defence of the Soviet Union. . . .

They must stand together and make a defensive wall around the Chinese working masses. They must remember that the defence of the Chinese revolution and the Soviet Union is at the same time self-defence of the proletariat against the capitalist offensive. . . .

Proletarians of all countries! Defend yourselves against the capitalist offensive. Rise up in revolutionary struggle against your class enemy. That is the best way you can defend the Soviet fortress of the world proletariat. . . .

Oppressed peoples of the colonies! The ten years of the October revolution have brought a practical solution of the national question on the basis of the complete equality and fraternity of the peoples inhabiting the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union is today the model of the future socialist States of the whole world in which there will be no place either for economic or national oppression. Hold fast in your mind that the October revolution was, is, and will be the revolution of all the workers, all the oppressed, all the exploited. Its ten years' existence is the greatest victory over world imperialism. Rise in fraternal unity with the proletariat of the capitalist countries against your exploiters. Break the chains and fetters in which world imperialism has bound you.

Workers and peasants of revolutionary China! Hold high the banner of revolt against the imperialist robbers. Make use of the experience of the Russian October revolution to organize armed defence against the counterrevolutionary forces of the Chinese bourgeoisie who are acting in alliance with world capital. Strengthen your revolutionary peasant organizations. Set up strong illegal communist party organizations everywhere, and your victory is assured.



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