15 December 1927 Strategiya i Taktika Kominterna, p. 205

To all workers, to all the oppressed, to all soldiers of capitalist armies!

In Canton, city of glorious revolutionary combat, the workers and peasants have seized power, and the banner of the Soviets, the red flag of revolution, has been raised over the capital of South China. The unparalleled courage of the Canton workers is of profound and universal significance.

All the forces of counter-revolution united against the workers and peasants— foreign imperialists, the bloody warlord-executioners, the counter-revoIutionary bourgeoisie. These forces are waging a furious battle for Canton. They have surrounded it and cut it off from the rest of the world. The bourgeois press reports that red Canton has already fallen, that the mass execution of workers and communists has already begun but that the workers' revolutionary detachments, the Chinese Red Army, have broken out. If this should turn out to be true, then the counterrevolutionary victory at Canton cannot be lasting. In Kwantung province the Soviet power is holding out strongly in five

areas. New battles are inevitable. The movement is growing, despite partial defeats.

The bourgeois counter-revolutionaries will be defeated. The imperialist robbers will be thrown out of Chinese territory. But at the moment the heroic Chinese revolution, the revolution of workers and peasants, stands beneath their axe.

Hasten to its help! Hasten to the help of the Chinese Soviets! Do not let a single soldier, a single sailor, a single gun or bullet be sent to strangle the Chinese revolution. Refuse to load ships with war supplies. Mobilize your forces. Demand the immediate withdrawal of imperialist troops from China.

Long live Soviet power in China!

Long live the international revolution!



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