20 November 1926 Inprekorr, vi, 143, p. 2506, 23 November 1926

The anti-imperialist revolt is spreading; from China it has reached Java, where the oppressed and exploited masses have risen against Dutch imperialism. An armed rebellion has broken out in western Java.

. . .

The Dutch Governor-General has declared that he intends to crush the revolt mercilessly.

The struggle for freedom in the Dutch colonies is not a new phenomenon. The population has never come to terms with imperialist rule.

. . .

Recently these struggles have assumed an organized form under communist party leadership. Under proletarian hegemony, a united front has been established to liberate the country from imperialist rule. This united revolutionary army includes the overwhelming majority of the population, proletariat, peasantry, intellectuals, and petty bourgeoisie.

Dutch imperialism has replied with measures of brutal repression. The communist party was the first victim; it was declared illegal, and its press forbidden; its leaders have been arrested or driven into exile. The revolutionary unions have been dissolved, meetings prohibited, newspapers shut down. The mass nationalist organization Sarekat Rajat has been declared illegal.

Nevertheless the rising wave of mass revolt has not been held back. The will to freedom cannot be defeated.

. . .

The Indonesian people are rising against inhuman and intolerable conditions. Dutch imperialism, armed to the teeth, will drown this freedom movement in rivers of blood if the Indonesian revolutionary movement is not supported by the workers and the oppressed peoples of the entire world. The Communist International greets the Indonesian revolutionary struggle and will support it to the utmost.

Workers of the world . . . organize mass demonstrations to show your sympathy for the Java revolt and to protest against imperialist terror.

. . .

Demonstrate outside the Dutch embassies and consulates and demand freedom for the Indonesian people and the withdrawal of imperialist armies from the colonies.

Oppressed peoples of the world! The Indonesian rebels are your vanguard ... do everything you can to support them in their fight.



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