16 December 1926

Protokoll, VII Plenum, p. 871

[The resolution was put forward by the ICC and passed unanimously.]

Having examined the statement of comrades Brandler and Thalheimer of 20 October 1926, in which they request the annulment of the fifth enlarged Executive's decision condemning the political errors of comrades Brandler and Thalheimer and excluding them because of their fractional work from activity in the KPD and the Comintern, the International Control Commission proposes the following resolution to the seventh enlarged Executive of the CI:

'While adhering to the condemnation of the political errors of comrades Brandler and Thalheimer formulated by the fifth enlarged plenum of the ECCI, the seventh enlarged Executive observes that in the period since the fifth plenum comrades Brandler and Thalheimer have undertaken no fractional work, and have thus kept to the statement they made at the meeting of the ICC that they would refrain from any fractional activity.

Consequently the enlarged Executive resolves to annul paras. 2 and 4 of the concluding section of the relevant resolution of the fifth enlarged Executive, in so far as it refers to comrades Brandler and Thalheimer, and to give them the opportunity of working in the Comintern. The question of using them for work in the German party is left to the discretion of the CC of the KPD.

As to comrade Radek, this decision does not apply to him, since he has not ceased his fractional work since the fifth enlarged Executive.'

This resolution was accepted unanimously by the ICC.



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