15 December 1926

Protokoll, VII Plenum, p. 839

The seventh enlarged plenum of the Executive takes cognizance of the report of the ECCI on its activities, approves the activities of the Executive, and expresses its

confidence in it. The enlarged Executive confirms the correctness of the ECCI line in placing the great question of the international unity of the trade union movement in the foreground of its work.

The Executive has fulfilled the revolutionary duty of the Communist International in conducting international solidarity action for the general strike and the miners' strike in England.

The correctness of the Executive's tactics towards the Anglo-Russian committee has been proved by events. It would have been a great mistake to have shifted responsibility for sabotaging the international solidarity action and the British miners' strike from the shoulders of the reformist traitors on to the shoulders of the communists by breaking up the Anglo-Russian committee.

The Executive has quite rightly recognized the world-historical importance of the great Chinese revolution and has called on the proletariat to struggle against intervention by the imperialist Powers.

The enlarged Executive approves the measures taken by the Executive to prevent the fractional struggle being carried over by the opposition in the CPSU into other sections of the Communist International.

The enlarged Executive observes that the Executive correctly appraised the situation in Poland in connexion with the Pilsudski rising, and rectified the opportunist errors of the Polish party.

Energetic support for the German party in its struggle against the ultra-left fraction is also approved by the enlarged Executive, which at the same time notes that the Executive and the German party have succeeded in exposing the counterrevolutionary character of the ultra-left leadership and winning back many honest working-class elements for the Communist International.

The enlarged Executive notes with satisfaction that the Executive has made substantial progress in carrying out the decision of the sixth enlarged plenum on the collective leadership of the Communist International (permanent presence of the representatives of the most important parties in Moscow; active participation by the parties in the work of the Executive; steady growth in the politicalization of the ECCI's work; the weekly publication of the periodical Communist International as central organ of the ECCI). The seventh enlarged plenum calls on the Executive to give the greatest attention in its future work to eradicating fractionalism in the Communist International. The next practical step on the road to bolshe-vizing the Comintern sections must be the defeat of fractionalism, the creation of internally united Communist parties cut from a single block.



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