26 September 1925 Cmd. 2682, p. 18

The organisation Department of the E.C.C.I. at a recent session, discussed the position of organisation in the C.P.G.B. and was pleased to record that the influence of the Party is making rapid headway amongst the masses of workers. Particularly was this shown during the recent industrial crisis and in the strikes and lockouts of the last few months. The growing influence of the Party was also reflected, to a satisfactory extent, in the discussion and decision of the Scarborough Trade Union Congress.

At the same time, however, it is distinctly noticeable, and our information confirms this, that the fundament organisation of the Party is inadequate. This fact may be primarily attributed to the numerical weakness of this Party. The first task is of course to transform our gains into actual party membership. This is the way to the mass Party—the most important task of the CPGB. We note with pleasure your arrangements for Red recruiting week and hope that all sections of the Party will rally round your slogan of 'Double the Factory nuclei' and 'Double the Party membership'.

But we believe that even with the united and limited membership further organisational progress can be made. Great tasks await the Party. The class struggle in Britain threatens to spread as a result of the decay of capitalism and the British Empire on one hand and the rise of the revolutionary spirit amongst the masses on the other. If the Party is to fulfil its historic mission its apparatus must be constructed in accordance with the demands. We consider that the greatest drawback to proper organisational work in the C.P.G.B. is the lack of an Organisation Department.

The lack of this department, with a full time paid officer in charge, makes it very difficult for the C.P.G.B. to carry on systematic work. The absence of such a Department leaves the task of assisting the Districts in their day to day organisational work more to chance than definite plan. The absence of an Organisation Department is perhaps responsible for the non-return of Questionnaire we sent to you.

In our opinion it is essential that the Central Executive Committee should form an Organisational Department with a paid chief. The Organisation Department should have control over a number of instructors whose duty it would be to instruct lower Party organs and exercise control of same.

Further the first task of the Organisation Department should be to set up corresponding organs working under its direction and control in every District Committee of the Party. These should instruct and direct the work of the local organs and control same reporting regularly to the Central Committee.

In the past the Party has rightly concentrated its Party fraction and Minority Movement work upon Metal, Mining and Transport Unions. The time has now come for a further development and recent events have proved that we must spread out our work to cover the Textile and Seamen's industry. We welcome the initial attempts in both these industries and would urge you to give even greater attention than at present.

Another matter which should take your attention is the practice of differentiating between Trade Union nuclei and Trade Union fractions. Some British comrades explain that the two terms are necessary because a nucleus is a number of INDIVIDUAL members organised in another working-class organisation whilst a fraction is a number of REPRESENTATIVE members who, in addition to their Party obligations, have a FORMAL responsibility to the workers who elected them.

We see no reason for calling Communist comrades organised within a local trade union section a trade union NUCLEUS, whilst the Communist comrades in district or national trade union executives are called trade union FRACTIONS. For Party reasons Communists in all trade unions (and other non-Party organisations) must be organised into fractions. In their organisations they carry out the decisions of the Party and are responsible to the latter for this. Communist comrades with a seat in the Executive of a non-Party organisation are at the same time members of their fraction. They are responsible for their work solely to the Party.

The fact of the confusion between these two terms necessitates certain explanation being made. This will be the task of the Organisation Department and the Industrial Department of the Party.



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