4 September 1924 Inprekorr, iv, 117, p. 1538, 9 September 1924

The British Government, which is a Labour Party Government with a leader of the Second International at its head, is preparing armed intervention in South China with the object of overthrowing the Government of the Chinese nationalrevolutionary Kuomintang Party. The consul of the British Labour Government has transmitted a Note to the Chinese National Government, according to imperialist custom. The Note threatens the Chinese population with shooting if the Chinese National Government defends itself against the revolt of the merchants, who were aided and provided with munitions from the British port of Hong Kong. The leader of the revolt is a Chinese merchant, an agent of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Bank, which belongs to British shipping interests.

Before the eyes of the entire world, of the international revolutionary workers' movement, the MacDonald Government is destroying the basis of the national liberation movement of the long-suffering Chinese people. Sun Yat-sen, the tried leader of China's revolutionary party, who overthrew the despotic Manchu dynasty in 1911 and is now head of the Government of South China, has stated with full justice that the imperialists have assumed the role of the fallen feudal despotism. The imperialism of the pacifistdemocratic MacDonald does not serve Chinese interests, but only those of the English financial system and the Chinese feudal counter-revolution which has tormented China for more than a century.

Comrades! American imperialism is taking the offensive against North China, while English imperialism advances against South China. Herriot's French Government is sending warships from Saigon to Tientsin and Shanghai. The lesser imperialists are attaching themselves to these stronger Powers. Thus world imperialism has organized a conspiracy against the Chinese liberation movement, against the working masses of China, which is being put into operation by the MacDonald Government.

The ink has not yet dried on the MacDonald-Herriot declaration at the London conference which proclaimed the opening of an era of peace and disarmament, and already these Governments are sending warships to massacre the working millions of China.

Workers of England!

You cannot allow British imperialists to shoot down, in your name, Chinese revolutionaries, as they did in the summer in Hankow and Yangtse-kiang, when English hangmen shot the leaders of the railwaymen's union and the dockworkers. You cannot allow a Government which calls itself a Labour Government to encourage feudal reaction in order that British banks and British colonizers can get their profits more easily.

Comrades! English workers!

You must make the Trade Union Congress now meeting in Hull intervene to stop the blood-bath in China. You must raise a mighty protest against armed intervention in South China and stay the hand of the imperialists who are training their guns on the centre of the Chinese nationalrevolutionary movement.

Long live the Chinese national-revolutionary movement!

Down with the imperialism of MacDonald and Herriot !



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