July 1919

Beschlusse des ersten Kongresses, p. 100

To all! To all!

A monstrous crime is being committed, compared with which all misdeeds which the propertied classes committed during the war grow pale. The English and French imperialists are encircling the Hungarian Soviet Republic from all sides, in order to drown the Hungarian workers, the Hungarian socialist revolution, in blood.

The Rumanian feudalists are inciting the troops, deceived by the nobility, against Hungary. From two other directions the Czechoslovak and Yugoslav Governments are moving against Hungary, spurred on by the same French imperialists. The Hungarian Soviet Government had agreed to accept the most severe peace terms and to satisfy all the unheard-of demands of the reactionary Rumanian and Czechoslovak Governments. And still the reactionary armies of these Governments are continuing their offensive against Hungary.

The meaning of these events is clear. The Hungarian Soviet Republic did not and does not want war. The Hungarian Soviet Republic is carrying out the will of the Hungarian workers. The Hungarian workers overthrew the power of the capitalists—that is their only 'crime'!

The advance of the imperialists against socialist Hungary is taking place with the open sympathy and fairly certain support of the social-traitors who call themselves social-democrats. The conference of the yellow 'international' meeting in Amsterdam uttered not a single word of protest against the predatory campaign against Hungary.

The Executive Committee of the Communist International appeals to the Czechoslovak, Rumanian, and Yugoslav workers and soldiers. Comrades, stop playing the part of forced executioners of the Hungarian workers! Stretch out a fraternal hand to your brothers, the Hungarian soldiers and workers. The workers of the entire world turn away in contempt from those who at this great moment fail in their duty.

Workers and soldiers of France! The bourgeoisie of your State are most to blame for the hangmen's campaign against the Hungarian Soviet Republic. Raise your voices in protest! Wrest power from the hands of the greatest evildoers the world has ever known. Strike from the hand of the murderers the knife they have drawn against our brothers, the Hungarian workers.

The class-conscious workers of the entire world are proud of the heroic deed of the Hungarian workers who established a republic of labour in Hungary. To you, Hungarian proletarians, surrounded on all sides by enemies, the communist workers of the world send ardent greetings. In the year and a half of their dictatorship the Russian proletariat have often been in as grave a position. And still they surmounted all difficulties. We are firmly convinced that you will steadfastly withstand the present test.


Down with the international robbers!

Long live the Hungarian Soviet Republic!




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